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Zverev Takes Down Federer to Win Second Masters 1000 Crown

No Montreal title for the Fedmeister as he came unstuck at the hands of Sascha Zverev who powered to a 6-3, 6-4 victory at the Coupe Rogers on Sunday.

The 20 year old showed off his power hitting from the baseline to fire off 20 winners and win his second Masters 1000 title in 68 minutes and also draw level with Roger on 5 tour level titles this season.

Quick Match Recap

Fed Montreal Final vs Zverev

Federer won the toss and elected to receive. Zverev moved up to 40-15 but Roger reeled off two brilliant shots to make deuce. Zverev held in part thanks to a good challenge on a ball that clipped the line that otherwise would have given Roger a break point.

A double fault in Roger's opening service game saw him pegged to 30-30 and the Zverev then fashioned his break point. Roger held but couldn't hold Zverev off for long as he was broken to 30 to fall 1-3 behind.

Zverev was able to consolidate for 4-1 and although Roger held his next two service games Sascha served it out to 30 to take the set 6-3.

Into the second set and a change was needed from Federer as Zverev was dominating from the baseline. A love hold from the Swiss put him on the board and he began to vary his play on the return which gave him three break points in Zverev's opening service game. However, he couldn't find a way through with Zverev coming up with some timely big serves to level at 1-1.

Roger then found himself in trouble of his own having to save break point en route to leading 2-1. Zverev levelled to love and after Roger held for 3-2 things went downhill as he stood like a statue on the return, didn't bend the legs on the serve and looked hampered with what I assume is a back problem. With how Zverev was playing he needed no second invitation and took full advantage, breaking to lead 4-3 and coasted over the line to bag to his second Masters 1000 title.

Match Stats

  Alexander Zverev Roger Federer
Aces 6 2
Double Faults 1 2
First Serve Percent 69% (41/59) 51% (27/53)
1st Serve Points Won 80% (33/41) 70% (19/27)
2nd Serve Points Won 61% (11/18) 58% (15/26)
Break Points Saved 100% (3/3) 67% (4/6)
Service Games Played 10 9
1st Serve Return Points Won 30% (8/27) 20% (8/41)
2nd Serve Return Points Won 42% (11/26) 39% (7/18)
Break Points Converted 33% (2/6) 0% (0/3)
Winners 20 8
Unforced Errors 19 18
Net Points Won 70% (7/10) 64% (9/14)
Return Games Played 9 10
Total Service Points Won 75% (44/59) 64% (34/53)
Total Return Points Won 36% (19/53) 25% (15/59)
Total Points Won 56% (63/112) 44% (49/112)
SABR 0 0


Thoughts on the Match

Fed Zverev Montreal

So not a great final this one as it looked like Roger got injured early in the second set. The match started on an even footing but it was Zverev who got the upper hand early to take the first set with Roger struggling to make any sort of impact. The second started in brighter fashion for the Swiss when he began mixing up his return position and taking pace off but he clearly tweaked something after the first couple of games and then it was all she wrote.

I first noticed something was up due to his upright stance on the return with zero leg bend. We then got the old man slice serve for the remainder of the set and that was that. So not good viewing from that point onwards, a pretty good week overall with some decent matches but a disappointing final if you're a Fedfan.

Of course, take nothing away from Zverev, another great week for him to back up his win in Washington. He could have been out in the first round had Gasquet hit through the ball but he won a 49 shot rally to fend off match point and kicked on from there. I don't think he had to find his best level today but he was relentless from the back of the court in the first set and struck the ball sweetly off both wings to put all the pressure on Roger who was never really in the match.

Anyway, what do you guys think? Should Fed play Cincy? There was no mention of an injury in press which is what I thought would be the case as he'd never mention it so soon after the final. Roger said he will be travelling to Cincinnati tonight and will decide if he is going play in the next few days as he has some ‘aches and pains' after switching to hard courts. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Is *anyone* going to be playing Cincy?

    I did wonder whether there might have been some injury problems earlier this week …

  2. Roger should miss Cincinnati. The US Open is way more important, he can’t risk his health.
    This injury reminds us that he’s not 25 any more, so we never know what will happen in 2018. Djokovic, Wawrinka, Murray will be back, Zverev and the youngsters will be stronger and stornger.
    This might be his best, last big chance to win Slam No.20. Probably the last GS that he starts as the favourite.

    1. Yes, and he’ll be a year older. He could play well in Australia if Djokovic, Murray, and Wawrinka are coming back from injuries and still not playing well. He played so well for the 1H17. It was great to see his wins over Nadal. Made the old rivalry relevant again.

  3. No way.

    The grass season is over, the hard has begun and he’s learned all he needs to learn about his body (yup- he’s still fragile in the back department).

    And he learned all he needs to about how a slow, windy, unkind, unmerciful, grind it out court in Canada can jack up his 36 year old frame.

    Even if he was healthy Cincinnati would just be the court the USO never is and there is too much to risk (as if he hasn’t risked enough).

    Stay home, hopefully heal in time to have a practice, and be grateful that Arthur Ashe doesn’t play like Canada instead of wishing it was Ohio.

    And what everyone else said.

  4. Also – Fed fans on Tennis Warehouse forum were saying something was wrong w his back during Hasse even last night. Folks said his stance looked weird and his first serve numbers were un-Fed like.

  5. Agree, something went wrong at 3-2 in the second set. He played on because he does not default. I am sure he won’t play Cincy, if he is not fully fit. At this stage I think the focus should/would be on US Open.

  6. I always thought that he shouldn’t have played Montreal. But now that he did, he was hoping to win it. Now that he didn’t win it, he shouldn’t push his luck in my opinion and just take a break.

    Ideally, he should have skipped Montreal and win Cincinnati. But now with this injury thing (is it the back?!), he should just rest and get ready to travel to New York.

    All this hype of the Number 1 is what pushed him to play here. He should have just rested, play Cincy, win that, play New York, win that and it would have been done.

    Now, he’s injured and he feels like he has to chase the Number 1 instead of letting it come to him in due time.

    In any case, not all is lost. Just be smart now and don’t over do it. The last few games were horrible to watch – no fight, no movement. I’d be shocked if he decides to play Cincy now.

    But who knows. I’d rest if I was him. His 36 years old body is not so young anymore. And he needs to be at 100% going into NYC.

  7. So sorry not so much that Fed lost but about his injury. I never really felt that he looked as fit as
    We saw him earlier at Wimbledon . A wonderful year for him and his fans so we can only hope
    that if it is his back that it clears up soon…..better the back than the knee! Good win for the
    Young man .

    1. Agree with you completely. The injury is more worrying than the loss. Zverev is a wonderful young player with the right mix of talent and work ethic. Federer needs to recover fully to play well in slams. Get well soon, Roger.

  8. I am not so sad about the loss more about his back. Hope its nothing serious, yeah sometimes back does flare up for no reason. Honestly no point playing at Cincy, just rest and focus on USO. He should have enough info and matches under his belt by now.

  9. Super disappointing end to an exciting tournament. I hope Roger doesn’t pull a 2013 and keep playing when his body is telling him otherwise. Zverev played a good tournament and cleaned up the double fault tally in the final. Sasha on the way to the top very soon.
    If this is a back issue, is worrisome. If Mirka says, lets pull the plug, then that’s the end. Fed said he feels he has already squeezed all the juice out of the lemon.
    The story of the tournament was Shapovalov. He announced he has pulled out of Vancouver. Damn, wanted to see him play. On to USO qualifying?
    And everyone, quit saying he shouldn’t have played Montreal. It’s his career after all.

  10. Well, we knew he would need another gear, and he just didn’t have it. Meanwhile Sascha DID find another half-gear or so, as Sue said cleaning up his DFs, running stuff down, constructing points. I think Fed talking about ‘deciding if he’ll play’ Cincy is as good as acknowleding he’s hurt. Hate to see him not play a tourney where he’s had so much success, but as others have said we definitely don’t want a repeat of 2013, or even 2014 at WTF. Crossing fingers he is able to recover as quickly as he did for Davis Cup that year. Hoped for a more exciting final, but I guess they can’t all be classics. Zverev clearly has a heck of a career in front of him. Didn’t realize Shapovalov was going to have to play USO qualies, I thought with these results 2weeks before, he’d get in to MD on points. The cutoff must be earlier than I thought.

    1. 6 weeks before the tournament is cut off pre slams. I thought Shapo was already close to Top 100, didn’t realise he jumped 76 spots after Montreal.

    2. “Crossing fingers he is able to recover as quickly as he did for Davis Cup that year. ”

      Ah, I think that was his slowest recovery ever from the back, wasn’t it? I’m sure he said something about having expected to recover from it sooner, like the usual couple of days.

      1. Ah, didn’t remember that Alison. That would be good, if it’s a “usual” thing that usually rights itself in a day or so. Then he still has a week before USO. Still, you hate to think of him pushing it…

  11. 🙁
    On the second set, it was apparent that he seemed injured. Even on the first set, something seemed to bother him but one couldn’t really tell what did.
    Hope he skips Cincinnati, in order to be at the best form possible in the USO.
    He seemed definitely injured. I think it was his back because of the odd serve and the “somehow” upright position when facing Sascha’s serve.
    Although, I think that his knee was alright.
    A bit worried right now but I hope a little rest can be the recipe.

  12. I’ve felt like Fed was never at his best all week to be honest, I saw all the matches but the Hasse one though and apparently that was his best one. Injury has me concerned and I’d rather he skip Cincy at this point – he’d put himself well in contention for Number 1 if he won the US and it’s all about the grand slams now, not the Masters or the stats. But Fed knows his body and if it was just a small thing that bothered him and feels fine then eh, I guess. I just don’t want him to overdo it.

    Honestly, I think Fed would have lost regardless. He was, imo, pretty poor in this one from the off, not really doing much and allowing Zverev to play the match more or less on his terms. He was sloppy when he needed to be clutch and just wasn’t coming up with the goods. To take nothing away from Zverev, but you’d think if Fed was at the level he has been recently he;d force Zverev to dig as deep as possible at least.

    That said, I think he may have found a way to win the second set if he took those break points. That was the most disappointing thing. This year he has found a way to win one of those, here he dumped a return into the net and gifted another one and then it was all Zverev.

    1. Impossible to say really whether he’d have won if he wasn’t hampered. Made some inroads early in the second with some mix up play but that’s it. Joining the dots on what people are saying looks like he was dealing with an niggle all tournament then back flared up even worse in second set.

  13. Apparently he told Zverev at the net after match point that it was his back. Zverev asked him what was wrong and he said his back, but asked him not to talk about it.

  14. I don’t think Fed looked like his old self in this entire tournament especially on his serves. His first serve % has been terrible and surely indicates that something is wrong. I thought he was taking it easy in the earlier rounds, but even though he served well in the semis, he did not get into his usual service rhythm this entire tournament, especially in the finals. Even if it is a minor injury, the best option is to skip Cincy and rest up and prepare well for US Open. The nextgen will start beating Fed and others consistently soon enough, but for this year and next Fed should just focus on slams and a few other key tournaments but nothing back to back to keep healthy. Just sucks to watch him lose especially without putting up a fight 🙁

    1. Yeah someone posted numbers in live chat about first serve all tournament, hasn’t been recording great numbers. Although he did say that in press as well in earlier rounds.

  15. If he wants to have a good run at US Open, the sensible thing would be to skip Cincy. But it comes down to what his priority is at the moment. Does he feel that he has a realistic shot at US Open, or is the no. 1 rank his first priority now? If he’s going to Cincinatti it hopefully means it’s not too bad. Certain weather conditions like high humidity can sometimes make back/joint problems worse. Maybe he will feel better after spending some days in Cincy.

    1. Didn’t know humidity made joint problems worse? Can see the cold impacting which is why he wore a vest plenty times in the past. Was 20 degrees yesterday though.

  16. This was the exchange I saw reported on several sites at the net:

    “Federer responds to Zverev at the net (in german):

    Zverev: (Didn’t understand)

    Federer: Yes, it’s the back

    Zverev: I’m sorry

    Federer: No problem. Don’t talk about it.”

    1. Thanks for posting that. Here’s hoping it’s a temporary thing. Maybe he needed to train and practice more before Montreal. Let the back strengthening exercises slide? Too much chocolate gateau?

    2. He said he’d done quite a bit of fitness work in Switzerland before going to Montreal. 10 days off after Wimbledon then back to fitness, So looking at about 10 days of work pre Montreal. Not the worst prep.

  17. The one person who shouldn’t care about being number 1 is Roger. He has been there for 302 weeks and out of the big 4, Djoker has been there 223 weeks and Nadal 141. Being healthy and winning slams are way more important.

  18. I will be scared whenever he goes with beard and he performs poorly especially in the finals. Hope he shaves for Cinci if he plays and for US open. The last time he does that was I remember ATP world tour finals he won against Djoker in the round robin but lost in the finals with the similar score. I just had a feeling and scared to see him losing when ever he comes with beard.

  19. Well, that’s just how it is. You can’t win them all, you can’t be always at 100%. The body fails, the mind fails.
    The positive is that in spite of not being in full form, in spite of playing after holidays, possibly without much practice, still Roger made another M1000 final. And he lost against a strong younger player. There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with this, just our never ending greed! And even that is acceptable…
    (Two weeks ago I got an ache in the low back in the middle of the practice and, guess what? No more body bend to help serve. So, I know what it is like to have some part of your body not fully operational. The whole game is jeopardized. Now extrapolate that to top level play…)
    So, the bottom line is “It’s OK”.

  20. I think he get injured well before this final, but the pain went crescendo and managed to reach the final, he was clearly not playing to his best, and we all noticed that as FedFans. I think he should skip Cinci, he won it 7 times, he does not need at this stage of his career and go straight to the US open.

  21. He has to be fully fit before he can play anywhere, that’s obvious.
    He hasn’t really looked happy or goofy or dorky all week and the beard makes him look old.
    Hopefully we’ll hear soon how he is.
    Fingers crossed any injury is minor and heals quickly.

  22. He better not play Cincy. That will 100% ruin his US Open chances of even participating. I don’t know why he even chose to play Montreal – planning to play back-to-back Masters 1000 tournaments in same month of a Slam doesn’t make sense at his age. He should have just taken an extra week of rest and played Cincy. Ah well too late now of course. Keen for the Cincy withdrawal announcement so his spasms or whatever will go away in time – 2 weeks in def plenty time him to heal – remember his back problems in WTF 2014 and he recovered in one week didn’t he? Two weeks will surely be enough.

  23. The only match he looked himself was Polansky. He looks in a fowl mood when his back is bothering him. So, perhaps it was an issue for days and then 2nd set it really went out.

  24. Roger pulled out of Cincy. In retrospect he got 5 matches in – the same probable amount he would have gotten if he chose only to play Cincy.

    I don’t think his confidence will take a huge hit. Clearly, he got injured so now he’ll have the time to recover. Nadal will be Number 1 for a little while and that’s ok. It’s all about the US Open anyway.

    He got to a Masters 1000 final so I am sure when the body adjusts fully to the hard courts, he’ll do better.

    1. Yes, the No.1 ranking is/should be a byproduct of the real focus: more slams. In fact, 2 slams is still extremely amazing, but the way he has been playing this year, with all the flow and smartness and aggression and improved BH and never-say-die confidence, he’s got us fans greedy for more. An injury seems to be such an unkindest cut at the moment, in what has always been a trophy-hunting part of the season for him. Rest up and take care; and come back all cylinders firing.

  25. I remember that when Roger’s first trainer, Peter Carter, tragically died in a car accident, Roger was in Canada (Toronto). It was on Aug. 1, 2002.
    The funeral took place on August 14, 2002 (just 15 years ago today).
    We know the role P. Carter had in RF’s career.
    Maybe this sad anniversary may have impacted Roger on top of a physical issue as he played last week in Canada again ?

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