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World Tour Finals 2017 Groups Announced

The Nitto ATP World Tour Finals draw took place this morning and you can see the groups in the table below. Roger is in Group Boris Becker along with the heavy hitters Zverev & Cilic and last-minute qualifier Jack Sock.

I think the groups are fairly balanced but if you look at the type of opponent Roger can struggle against then they're both in his group in the shape of Cilic and Zverev. Group Pete Sampras is arguably the easier of the two with Thiem who's hardcourt form is a shambles, Dimitrov who still isn't pulling off big wins consistently and Goffin who has one eye on the Davis Cup. Based on that Nadal should be coming through the group easily if his knees hold up. I think Fed will too but it might not be plain sailing.

Group Pete Sampras Group Boris Becker
Rafael Nadal Roger Federer
Dominic Thiem Alexander Zverev
Grigor Dimitrov Marin Cilic
David Goffin Jack Sock

What do you guys think of the groups? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Sock should be a walkover but Cilic and Zverev will be tricky if they both turn up. I would like to see Nadal actually struggle out of the group stage, face Fed in the SF or final so he can get his own ass whupped for one final time this year. Then we can all laugh at Nadal and his fans when he receives his questionable player of the year award ?

    1. couldn’t agree more. What a stupid thing to do to risk injury to get to #1. Its better to let it go to WTF and if you get the #1, everyone will say you deserved it and if you didn’t, everyone will be like you tried your best.

      But now, everyone will laugh at you cuz you are no #1 and got crap beaten out of you or you didn’t play cuz you were “injured”.

    2. Nadal ends the year as #1, he deserved it. That being said, Roger Federer is a clear favorite, and I don’t worry about both Zverev and Cilic.
      Zverev is in terrible form, and Cilic is playing bad since Tokyo (broken 5 times by Fucsovics in a 3 sets match.

      I think Nadal will struggle with his knee and lose either in RR or semi final.

      Dimitrov could do well, but don’t count out Goffin if he is fresh (both will be no match for Roger though).

  2. if nadal is full recovery his group is not easy too much he should go to semi , roger is tough with those big hitter but i think all of them is not strong as del , tsonga , birdbrain roger should win and go to semi if he not play badly like us open

  3. Fed will beat the kilt out of every one of them…he is on fire right now.

    The only one I can think of who can cause prob this year is Delpo and he isn’t even on the list so happy days !!

    I think Dull should have been disqualified for playing Paris just to get the #1 ranking.

    Heck he should be docked points.

    I think they should bring a new rule that if you get injured due to your own fucking stupidity, the points from the whole tournament should be taken away.

    Fed did the right thing and didn’t play Paris because he was concerned abt his body.. I bet if #1 ranking wasn’t on the line Dull wouldn’t have played either. The fucker had pulled out of Basel because he was injured. Why would he risk injury when I am sure he knew well he wouldn’t have lasted the whole tourney.

    Anyway….Fed’s gonna with the WTF for the upteenth time and we are all happy about it. πŸ˜€ !!

    1. The problem here is, if the shoe was on the other foot and Fed played Paris to secure #1 then withdrew with injury, you wouldn’t be berating him would you? πŸ˜€ . You’d say ah Fed was smart, securing number 1 in this manner it’s now very much fait accompli!

      1. I doubt Fed would ever do that. I can’t believe being a Federer fan you think “if Fed did the same thing” knowing well Fed wouldn’t.

        Basically Fed wouldn’t enter a tourney if he isn’t confident of lasting till the final.

        But if Fed did actually do that, I would have said it was stupid thing to do. Its not like Fed to stoop to that level just for #1. Everyone is talking more about the year Fed has had rather than the year Dull has had so Fed is #1 in most ppl’s eyes anyway.

        From Dull’s point of view, he can’t argue that Paris is more important than WTF. He too should have skipped Paris and played WTF in better health. But he knows that WTF is top 8 players and he might just not win a single match and if Fed then wins everything, which Dull knows he is capable of doing, Dull wouldn’t have gotten #1 ranking. Instead he knew he was going to play a qualifier in Paris to secure #1. Basic maths and I see why he did it, but he has to openly admit why he did it.

        You won’t convince me Dull didn’t “cheat”. I am more anti-Dull than Fed fan though I am not sure actually.

      2. Well, Fed wouldn’t have entered the Rogers Cup if it weren’t for the #1 ranking looming nearby. It turned out to be a bad decision that ruined his chances at the US Open.

      3. Take the rankings out of the equation, by his own admission, Roger did literally that in New York this year. He claimed often that he never believed he would get very far injured as he was.

        All you’re doing is using the most flimsy principle that most people would eschew to be the best in the world at something and using it to justify your hatred for someone you already hated anyway.

        It’s absolutely a joke that you think only despicable people would do that – but hey, I’m not here to judge, I don’t particularly like Nadal either. Hate him all you like, but there are hundreds of better reasons to do it.

  4. I actually thought that Nadal was doing everything possible to lose against Cuevas, no matter how badly Rafa
    seemed to play the other guy was just a little worse. I wonder if seeing his draw at WTF his knees will feel better! Love Federer in a kilt x

  5. I still think Nadal will pull out. And the addition of Carreno Busta will not exactly make the Sampras group look more fearsome.

    1. Yes I am thinking Nadal will pull out, if not before the tournament starts, then after one or two matches. And as usual, Federer got the much much harder group.

  6. Agree that the groups are pretty balanced. Sasha is not playing that confident and Fed ruined Cilic at Wimbledon. Sock is hot so have to be careful. Go FED.

  7. I think that Fed can pass this group undefeated. I don’t think Sock is a match and Cilic seems too inconsistent. Zverev also doesn’t seem to be in great shape. I think the battle for second place in Rafa’s group (if Rafa plays) will be interesting, somehow I have the feeling that Dimitrov could be a dark horse here…
    I won’t predict a final because I would say the final will be a FEDAL with Fed winning, but we still don’t know if Rafa will play.

      1. Glad Delpo is not playing, saw enough of him over the last two months. Sock absolutely deserves to be in this, he persevered. Fed should be able to dominate by taking time away and hitting his spots.

      2. And did Delpo win a masters vs Krajinovic or anyone for that matter? I’m not trying to have a go – I like Delpo a lot – but it’s not like he’s had a stellar year getting to hundreds of finals. He’s done well because the media spotlight is always on him and he had one good major run in New York. Ultimately, the points don’t lie – Sock has accumulated enough and deserve some to be there.

      3. Delpo didn’t win a masters, but he is a bigger challenge to a player like Fed or Rafa if we compare him to Sock. Sock is only there because of draw luck in Paris.

  8. I still can’t get past Fed in a kilt.
    Was it possible for him to look any more stylish?
    Suited the rest of his outfit too.

  9. Wow a rapid post! As fast as BBC, Jonathan πŸ™‚ And love the pic of him in kilt! Did you watch the exhibition?
    Hahaha, G-Sampras and G-Becker, hah? Why? Anyway, yeah, with big hitters…kind of glad no Delpo’s there. So I think Fed will be playing both Sundays. Allez!

  10. So, he’s playing Sunday afternoon. I assume that means his other matches will be the evening ones, which is a pain, because I was hoping I might be able to pick up a ticket for an afternoon match πŸ™

      1. Can’t stay out that late at the moment, unfortunately – especially if it’s a long match :(. And afternoon RR tickets are historically easier to get hold of.

      2. Can’t stay out that late at the moment, unfortunately – especially if it’s a long match :(. And afternoon RR tickets are historically easier to get hold of.
        Dimi/Domi tomorrow might be interesting, though.

  11. Love the matching kilt. Another thing to take into consideration is the event itself. We’ve seen a few players overwhelmed by the whole thing and end up not playing well. Fed and Nadal, it’s no big deal. The rookie players for this event might not do so well. It also depends on who has enough gas in the tank.
    Please, please tennis gods have an fast low bouncing court.

  12. Hello all,
    In the first group named Sampras…
    Will Nadal’s knee be fragile as glass ?

    Dominic, be sharp as a laser beam.
    Go Thiem !

    Grigor, ready to take offΒ  ?
    Play and win,Β  Dimitrov !
    David, isn’t a Davis Cup final enough ?

    In the second group called Becker…

    Alexander, as tall as a London double-decker,
    You should strike your forehands like a woodpecker.

    Marin, just be aligned with Greenwich. Allez Cilic !

    Jack : winning Paris was a shock.
    Now, let’s rock around the clock, Sock.

    … Finally, our favourite Roger Mc Federer,Β 
    the Scottish tartan suits you well.
    In London, good chances to be crowned the Master.
    Meet friends and don’t drink too much ale.
    This is champagne your clan will always prefer…


  13. Well,
    If the Cilic I saw in Basle turns up he will be slaughtered by Fed.Jack Sock seems to me not much more than a journey man.Zverev could be a problem but I don’t think he is in form.The only threat at all is Dimitrov but even he not much.I really think Fed has this.

    1. Maybe, but we’ve been overconfident before – US Open, anyone? I don’t think we should be counting our chickens before they’ve hatched: he could get injured, and Nadal could swipe the whole thing. Or someone else might do rather better than expected …

  14. Newbies don’t hv history of doing well, and Sock’s BH will be exposed by Fed’s fast play. He lost a set to Krajinovic and Shld hv lost to Kyle… Cilic rapidly becoming the twitchiest man on Tour, and Sascha is tired whatever he says. Fed’s form surely too much? I think Rafa will play but Goffin and Grigs shld fancy their chances. Allez Rog, this is on your gifted racquet!

  15. Ps the exho was fab! Fed is such an exho pro, and his game just so entertaining anyway. Nice to see Muzz back even at 70% and their friendship looks so strong. Loved it all! Thks guys. Go kilterer!

  16. Honest opinion, Fed has a tough draw with Cilic and zverev. But with a good condition he will be alright.. sometimes its okay to have a tough opponent before semis/finals like in shanghai where he face delp potro. its boost his confidence.. .

  17. Dear Always Lamenting FedFans (ALFF) and Jon as a Leader πŸ˜‰
    Completely disagree about your assessment of the groups. FedFans tend to always see Roger having toughest draw and I’m wondering why you don’t look things from another side. Do you think, guys drawn in Roger’s group are happy to be there? 1 of two advancing players is Fed, so there’s only one place to fight about. Cilic, Zverev and Sock are about the same level. Whoever has better day, will win.
    There is no clear leader in the other group, with Rafa either not playing and being replaced by PCB or playing but not in big shape. Dimitrov is maybe the leader here and then Goffin and Thiem – both able to win any match in the group.
    If you assess Thiem’s potential looking on his latest results, your conclusion is logic. But maybe you don’t know about some things. First Thiem played the whole hard court season with open wounds on feet (yes, yes, he is that kind of a player, he would not ask for MTO or “2 small white pills” like some others. πŸ˜‰ He should have skipped Paris for that reason and if you have seen his last matches, he was not able to move properly because of pain. His hard court game has improved a lot in 2017 but just this “injury” and maybe some mental problems didn’t allow him to show his A-game on hard courts. Still he could defeat in-form Isner in Prague, where his mental position was better and he played his best game of the year always in the biggest events (slams). I would not be surprised to see him advance to SF. Rather on second than first place. I’m rather happy for both Fed and Thiem, they must not meet in RR. Zverev gets another masterclass from Fed and I don’t see him advancing. If I could choose the opponent for Roger in SF, it would be /Rafa/PCB or Goffin. Thiem in good form and no pressure on him is the most dangerous. Next Dimitrov, but not Fed’s level, making maybe the match to be a battle with long rallies in first set, but then fading.
    My prediction is: Fed wins the group 3:0 with ease, then plays Thiem in SF and this can be tough. If he wins, then Dimitrov in the final with Roger winning without a doubt. If Rafa plays, he may not advance and if he advances, he loses SF to anyone from Fed’s group.
    London is maybe not the fastest hard court, but it’s indoors and fast enough for Roger to use all his strengths πŸ™‚

    1. Fair enough, you’re entitled to your opinion, and we as a community do sometimes fail to see every angle. There is, however, only 1 in form player aside from Federer in this tournament – Jack Sock. I don’t think much of any player outside of Federer here, simply because few of them have indoor pedigree in their history. However, give me a break – the hard hitters are Cilic and Sock, Zverev is a big server, Thiem I’d say is a hard hitter, but in what universe is he in any type of form right now? He’s been on a constant bender since Clay, barely registering anything of note other than to spectacularly lose to DelPo in New York.

      I have plenty of respect for Dimitrov for his style and Goffin for his doggedness, but neither has firepower, which means Rafa has to have an off day to lose to them, or be shit indoors, which happens almost all the time. Cilic can and has beaten anyone on his day. I don’t think Federer will lose, simply because he’s the best on the planet in these conditions right now – but to disparage his group is nonsense. Rafa has a tougher draw, I agree – because he’s shit enough to get sucked into it on this surface, not because, player for player, his group is tougher – which it isn’t.

      1. Good discussion, thanks to PRF for bringing it up, and thanks to John, who brings a well said opinion of which I also share…
        It seems that the “rule” is to make best conditions to the first ranked’s? Better match-time on day, lighter opponents. No doubt for me that Roger got the heavier and more boring (well Sock not boring) power players.
        Maybe this time to keep Rafa for a possible 5’th clash Ro/Ra..? (Money money money)

      2. John, I do respect your opinion and maybe we both are right, only looking from different angles πŸ™‚ Still I think, in current conditions (Roger healthy, fir and in good mood, even if not wearing kilt ;), fast surface and indoors) any draw would be good enough for him. And in this kind of tournament you must defeat 5 of 7 rivals to win, so if you are thinking of winning, does not matter, whom you have to beat first πŸ™‚
        Muser, do you think, money rules here to the extent, to have draws fixed? Or only provoking? πŸ˜‰

      3. Good comment, John.
        Two points on which I don’t completely share your view though.
        1.In judging the toughness of a particular group at the WTF, I believe you should not make abstraction of the peculiarity of the surface, and the record (pedigree as you call it) these players have on that surface.
        2.Judging from Nadal’s most recent WTF results in 2015 and 2013 season (he was absent in 2014 and 2012), only Djokovic was good enough to prevent him from winning the title. Everyone else lost to him (mostly in straight sets), including the 2013 version of Federer. Compare Nadal’s results with Cilic’s record in WTF (he lost 5 out 6 matches in his RR’s matches in 2014 and 2016, and only could win against a depleted Nishikori) and you can see what I mean.
        Powercombined with good movement will do it, without you’re condamned.

  18. It seems to me that, in comparison to Nadal, Roger always gets the more difficult draw and the most awkward times to play. He is often on court last or near last and therefore has to hang around to wait for others to finish. I don’t really understand this as surely the tournament director would want him to play more comfortably right to the final, if only for spectator attendance reasons. I read somewhere that this is for TV reasons and that most folk will be home and watching later and that most want to watch Federer. That doesn’t seem fair on the star player.
    Key is if he gets his service to work. If that is working, he should win. If not, then it is watching behind the couch again.

    1. Poor Fed πŸ˜‰ Should actually be about Top200 since long years, ha, ha, ha … if I was him, I would choose chess or snooker πŸ™‚

    2. I think that’s nonsense here Sheila. Fed starts Sunday so gets a day off before the semifinals if he qualifies, that’s a bonus. It’s laughable when people say Fed is hard done to by the scheduling πŸ˜†

      1. But OTOH there’s no guarantee he wouldn’t play the second semi, is there? Depends on the opponent.

      1. What were they doing, handing them out pre the tournament, though? They used to present the awards after the singles matches, on court.
        Oh, I know. Maybe it was a certain Mr Murray taking forever to finish his matches last year which did it …

  19. Our Roger has had the most amazing year. Who would have thought a year ago we would see Fed with this much success and three awards to boot. Love the comeback award, lol.

    1. Grisha seems to be the second-best entertainer after Fed πŸ˜‰ All the “family ” sticking together lovely with some characteristic constellations. Zverev always close to Fed, Thiem always close to Rafa πŸ˜‰

    1. It’s a stupid system for Professional tennis. It’s good for recreational tennis where it has been uses for probably a decade or so.


      1. Many have still heads in XIX century. Let’s go back to wooden rackets (so much technology in rackets these days, including digital) EyeHawk? No way – let’s umpires guess or cheat and have stupid debates with players. Tiebreaker? Devil’s invention. What a nice thing to have Isner-Mahut record beaten every year.
        In recreational tennis (do you play recreational tennis?) tournaments for time and organisation reasons sets are sometimes started at 2:2, which is actually the same as in Milan, but if time allows, normal sets are played.
        In recreational tennis you can set different rules for every tournament or a single match.
        Did you watch Milan? Do you think, it’s maybe good for young? Well, what’s good for young today, will be standard tomorrow. You may dislike it of course.
        I hope, ATP starts continues the experiment, starting maybe with challengers or ATP 250 tournaments. The young ones showed in Milan, how fast and aggressive tennis can be, if every point matters more. Because this is just the clue of the new system. Every point meaning more.

  20. I always feel slightly uneasy until the match starts. Sure Fed is favourite but against big hitters on
    their day we know anything can happen. So C’mon Roger be ready to go x

    1. Who’s a big hitter? Sock? Sock had unlimited luck to meet in Paris only completely exhausted guys. Sock is the one, who can hit the ball deliberately to the opponent”s body (learned in doubles) but a real doubler never does this – if not because of playing fair but because of being scared to be shot another day himself. But against Fed he will not dare and not have opportunity to be at the net. Who want’s to have additional emotions, may imagine, Sock to be Delpo or Rafa. Bu he isn’t.

      1. Welwellwell – only followed on live scores. It seems Sock had many heavy aces, and the match was rather tight except for the first game’s break? But I don’t doubt that our hero was better, just it seems a little too tight for my comfort???

      1. Did you watch Milan? 90% of shots of all 8 players there were big hitting. Faster and harder than Sock’s production. Fed was in EASY MODE – tougher matches before him. If he was not a bit lazy when almost breaking at 5:5 in second set, would have held my prediction (6:4, 7:5)
        @Muser – it was by no mean a tight match. Fed was playing all the time on first gear, only enabling second (still 3-4 more to use), if there was opportunity to break.
        Sock is a paper tiger. His path in Paris was: almost lost to Edmund, defeated in-poor-form Pouille, tired old Verdasco, old tired Benneteau and had big troubles to overcome Krajinovic. What’s worth such a title? To play golf with Isner was a better plan for Sock.

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