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Wimbledon Draw 2017: Federer Opens Against Dolgopolov

Hey guys, the Wimbledon 2017 draw took place earlier today, and Roger will start his campaign next Tuesday against Ukrainian Alexandr Dolgopolov most likely on Centre Court. You can see his projected opponents below:

Federer's Projected Opponents

  • Round 1: Alexandr Dolgopolov
  • Round 2: Dusan Lajovic
  • Round 3: Mischa Zverev
  • Round 4: Grigor Dimitrov
  • Quarter Final: Milos Raonic
  • Semi Final: Novak Djokovic
  • Final: Andy Murray

Full .PDF draw.

Thoughts on the Draw


So first up is Dolgopolov, everyone seems to think this is a tricky match but I'm not sure. It might have been three years ago, but Dolgopolov has a poor record against Roger and hasn't played since he retired in s-Hertogenbosch after he hurt his ankle. So he's not coming in with much in the way of match practice or form. On his day he can certainly produce flashy winners, and I watched his match vs. Stan at the French where he was competitive, but I like Fed's chances to come through without too much hassle. Not unthinkable the Dog can get a set but unlikely for me.

Round 2 is then expected to be Dusan Lajovic, he got two matches in at Eastbourne this week losing to Isner after beating Chardy. The grass isn't his preferred surface and the qualifier Tsitipas faces him in the first round so he probably has a shot to come through. However, I think the Serb will probably have a bit more experience that gets him over the line, and from there I think Fed takes him down in straights.

Into Round 3 and Mischa Zverev is the projected opponent along with Bernard Tomic. Tomic has a pretty good record at Wimbledon so I'd predict him to come through as he beat Zverev in Eastbourne this week. All depends on how motivated he is though as if there's a bit of drizzle on an outside court you can see him losing interest. Again Fed should be able to handle either man based on form and how he's played them in the past.

Should he make it, Manic Monday could see Fed face off against Dimitrov. The Pussycat Dolls fan has been on a bit of a barren run since Melbourne, so perhaps he's due to have a good performance, but his form doesn't look great. He certainly has the tools to play well on all surfaces but for one reason or another hasn't been able to string it together. However, his draw looks very manageable with the likes of Schwartzman, Sela, Baghdatis in that section; with Isner the only one you could see causing an upset so I think he comes through and will certainly be a threat.

As for the quarters, it's Milos Raonic or Sascha Zverev. Raonic has had a bit of a weird year so far and I'm not sure if he has enough match wins under his belt to factor. He does have the serve which can make the difference, and I imagine he will face off against Zverev in the 4th Round. Both of those guys have wins against Roger on grass, but he'd have to be the favourite pre-tournament against both of them.

Semi Finals is then Djokovic who's got some wins in Eastbourne and should win the title and then it's Murray (who is supposedly struggling with his hip) or Nadal in the Final which is a long way off so there's no point looking that far ahead.

So final thoughts? The draw looks very manageable, and I'm looking forward to Tuesday, but just so you are aware, it's all subject to change ๐Ÿ˜› and I imagine it's going to look a vastly different landscape after the first two or three rounds.

Projected Quarter Finals

  • Murray vs. Wawrinka
  • Nadal vs. Cilic
  • Federer vs. Raonic
  • Djokovic vs. Thiem

Interesting First Round Matches

  • Wawrinka vs. Medvedev
  • Thiem vs. Pospisil
  • Cilic vs. Kohlschreiber
  • Kyrgios vs. Herbert
  • Verdasco vs. Anderson

Let me know your thoughts on the draw in the comments. Is it simply a good draw because Federer's in the draw? I think so ๐Ÿ™‚


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. I’d actually like to see him play Mischa again, provided he wins of course; that was a fun match with some actual tennis skills beyong ball-bashing – volleys, in and out from net, angles, shots…

      1. LOL. Fans or not, these two guys are not masochists! Especially at this year’s Wimby, the last player you want to face is Fed. As a fan of both Roger and Milos, I don’t have much optimism for Milos if he does get to the QF.

  1. The draw on paper look tricky but I will watch match by match how roger play only one thing I want is nadal not in the final

  2. I dont Federer see having a problem with this draw, I dont see Federer being too concerned about who is on the other side of the net as its pretty on his racket tjis time around.
    Bit of a nervy feeling about the first week matches (a lot can happen) people/bookmakers expecting Roger to make it an 8 this time. But I am really hoping that Federer keeps that one match at a time and point by point mentality and gets through the first week smoothly.
    The funny part is that when Jonathan talked about the predicted opponents could be subject to change the slots I looked at immediately were the SF and F opponents ?.
    I have can sum up my predictions/rather feelings for this year’ wimbledon.
    1. A new champion emerging probably beating federer , Djokovic / Murray crash early, dont see Nadal making it beyond QF for now.
    2. Cilic and Murray battling it out in semis. Federer wins the finals in 4 sets
    3. Federer obliterates everyone to clinch his 19th grandslam.

    P.s its just been that kinda year,crazy early losses or an unprecedented run towards the titles.

    Just hoping Federer plays well in the earlier stages and doesnt get to ahead of himself.

    1. I think Cilic will have a good run. I was worried about Cilic the most before the draw. Nice to see Federer avoiding him.

    2. Cilic getting a few mentions after Queens. Been a pretty consistent slam for him as well. But losing to Fed last year kinda sums him up…

  3. I like the draw too. Hope he takes care of his early rounds – its been that kind of a crazy year. He should fare well moving into the second week. Would like to see him play Raonic again! ?

  4. No Muller, no Cilic, no Querrey, no Nick and no unknowns! All winnable if the focus holds! Agree re The Dog, hasn’t had much form this season at all…
    I fancy Tomic to beat Mischa and Struff cld trouble Milos in 1R! So yes, it cld all change! One match T a time!

    Biggest question is everyone else’s form on grass! .. Novak vulturing Eastbourne doesn’t tell us much! Rafa losing exhos to Berdych? Murray with a hip issue? All meh at this point! I think Stan might do better than ppl think, altho v v tricky 1R!
    It is one of the most balanced draws for a long time altho U cld argue that Rafa has a tough section.

    Rog is right that the confidence players are therefore the ones to watch! Himself included!

    Best of 5 always so so different to best of 3.
    Let’s see! 8th ? Please!

    I am there Mon and Tues so will hopefully see top 4 all in action to assess!

    Thanking You in Advance for all yr write ups!

    1. I reckon if Stan gets through first couple of rounds he will be a contender. Still maybe not got that feel and finesse on grass though. Plus depends on his knee…

  5. Good draw overall, and not just from Fed’s perspective. It will be very interesting to see if we get Andy/Stan, Rafa/Marin, Roger/Milos, and Dom/Novak in the quarters. Even though Fed beat the younger Zverev comfortably in the Halle final I’m not sure if I’d rather see him play him or Milos.

  6. Agree that the draw seems fairly balanced – each quarter starts heating up in r3, which is really what you expect in a slam. Delpo could have had a little better luck.

    You don’t want our guy to get exhausted early, but you – ok, I – also don’t want him to sail through unchallenged, & this looks like a draw that could deliver that.

    I wonder about the effect, if any, both on others & on him, of his being so explicit about his intentions. No ‘hey we’ll see’ this year, it’s ‘I’m in it to win it’. As somebody else said, Hope that doesn’t get in the way of the point-by-point, free-playing mentality that was so successful for him at AO.

      1. Kokkinakis just got a win at Boodles. I know it is an exhibition, but from what I saw he was playing quite well.

  7. A nail biting time has begun. Deep breathing, meditation…whatever it takes.

    Have fun, Susie. A fan report is expected!

    Too many variables. Too hard to predict. Gettin my pvr ready.

  8. Fed’s draw is pretty neat. Everything else until Semi-s is a ticking time bomb.

    “One match at a time!” – RF

  9. Yes, doable draw! I like it. Thanks for the excellent analysis, Jonathan. You’ve done a great homework.
    Though brutal or cakewalk, it doesn’t matter, I still get stressed out. It is Wimbledon! Just impossible not hoping for no.8 after those painful 3-4 years. Otherwise, I would blame his no-curl hair.
    Anyway, hope he goes out to play freely with his magic hand and wand.

    1. Only Federer cannot even he gets no.8
      Murray can if he gets the title
      Nadal can if he gets the title
      Novak can but with some help

  10. A doable draw with some potential banana peel -3rd round onwards. On paper he should reach semis but we will never know. 2 Zverevs in his section, goshhhh i just can’t. One match at a time.

  11. I want to feel what I feel in the australian open. One match at a time feels…. Although I think the tricky part will be from quarter finals until the finals..

    it’s not started yet but I feel butterflies in my stomach while writing this one…


  12. I reckon it’s not a bad draw. Would be perfect is he gets Thiem instead of Raonic/Sascha. But hey a tough quarter might just be what he needs for whatever is to come in semis. I don’t like how people say Dolpo is tricky. How is he tricky when he has taken a set off Roger in all of their meetings, and the score lines are quite one-sided too. Plus he’s been out of form.

    I like Nadal’s draw too! I can see a couple of people taking him out before quarters! This guys Wimby losing streak must continue for the sake of humankind!

  13. Good morning to all, ladies and gentlemen.
    I fell upon the text below, written by somebody called Sergio Silva and found it nice… Along with deep breathing and meditation, here is contemplation .. until Sunday July 16 included ? Let’s hope for it.

    The coin has flown and he gently walks towards the baseline.
    If we listen very carefully we can hear the sound of the fiddles tuning.
    He stares across the court and time stops… Silence. Da Vinci’s gaze across a canvas.

    A thundering hit announces the commencement.
    How simple is the touch of genius which makes backhands, forehands, serves, volleys,
    all the instruments of a symphony
    come together in a simple ever rememberable tune.

    We smile and feel at one with all that surrounds us.
    His victories give us pride,
    His battles show us life.
    His defeats show us humility
    And the incessant will to keep up the fight.

    In sports, we find life at motion
    Set to rules of human form.
    In nature’s study, we find science,
    And in nature’s wonders we meet art.

    The beauty of tennis shines presently upon us
    through ร  radiant beam of light.

    Ladies and gentlemen,
    yours to behold.

    Roger Federer – Tennis artist.

    By Sergio Silva

    1. Thank you for sharing!! let’s go Roger.
      Only found this share today as our Roger won his 20th Grand Slam. Amazing ๐Ÿ™‚


  14. No-one seems to count on Kyrgios, which surprises me. Don’t be too astonished if he takes out Murray in the 3rd round…
    As for Roger’s draw: I like it that he’s got to be focused from scratch with Dolgopolov being his opponent.

  15. Murray is taken out by Nick Kyrgios in the 4th round

    Nadal is taken out by Karen Khachanov in the 3rd round

    Djokovic is taken out by Delpo in the 3rd round

    And Fed…. of course…. 93/19/8

  16. Can’t complain about the draw. The tournament seems pretty wide open. I only hope that all the hype doesn’t suffocate Roger. Stay aggressive and play freely, that’s all I can ask for.

  17. I like the draw. Not a lot of jobbers there but not stacked either. Don’t want to look too far ahead but I’m fairly confident here.

  18. -Time to cut to the chase.
    -Fess up.
    -Put your cards on the table.
    – Man (or lady) up


    Even against Nole and Rafa if it comes to that?

    Even though Wimby will be slower than AO?

    Is he gonna do it?

    What say ye?

    I say yes.

    How about you guys?

      1. Yeah. I think jMac said the faster courts at AO this year passed Wimby for speed, giving Roger a better chance than here. JMac still picks Fed as the favorite.

        But maybe he’s wrong in the court speed.

  19. 2017. So far, a story about the resurgence of Roger & Rafa. One, by their own admissions whilst having a friendly hit with kids at the inauguration of Rafa’s academy last fall, that seemed remote…
    Federer. Nadal. Tennis Gods each of them. But put together, Federer & Nadal, it becomes something so much more special, and precious.
    If I come across as advocating for 2008 becoming 2017… Simply put, it’s true.
    So, they’ll probably both lose in round 1.

  20. Roger Federer to win Wimby 2017. BOOM. Called it. Nailed it. BOOM ๐Ÿ™‚

    But…. it really bothers me that A LOT of people are saying that Roger will win Wimby for sure (done deal).
    Yes…. I CAN SAY IT ๐Ÿ™‚ OTHERS CAN’T ๐Ÿ™‚ Not the likes of Peter Fleming, JMac, Sue Barker and other jumpers on RF-bandwagon like them. When they say it…. they are jinxing him. And please let them stop doing that. It is annoying and I will get them if Roger loses ๐Ÿ™‚ We true fans can say it…they can’t…

    1. Oh and…. a totally Swiss Final coming up. Stan the Man is not letting this one go. He knows what is at stake. That he can do something Roger, Rafa and Novak couldn’t do… Watch him make the Final where he will give it his all. On the other side will be Roger. Or Novak, because as we all know, he will struggle in all his matches except when he faces Roger… then he becomes his Satan all self….

      One more thing… I think Roger will be like Seve said about the AO 2017 Final. Seve said Roger just didn’t want to lose. Now that there is no more “Wimby will be his 18th GS”- pressure… I think Roger will play very freely. He will try to win Wimby and not his 19th GS. That is a whole other mindset.

      Go Roger ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. All work and plans since last years fall, has been dedicated to health, to do his (so far) ultimate best this time. Oh, we support…. ?

        Go Roger ??

      2. I don’t know why, but I’m still convinced Stan’s going for Wimbledon this year. Seems counterintuitive, but there you are …

      3. Alison, of course he is going for Wimbledon. A career slam is possible, and as a bonus, he will get the World No. 1. So, yeah, he has decided he is going for Wimbledon this year, as opposed to not going for Wimbledon. ๐Ÿ™‚

      4. Hey all, I really hope Roger treats Wimby like he did AO. Just play some matches… see how far you come and then…. lift up the Trophy ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

        Please let this be true…

      5. Stan the Man has just been knocked out in his opening match, so no Career Slam this year for him.

      6. Yup…. Stanislas lost…. Sigh….. So…. now what?? Andy or Rafa in the final??

        Come on Roger….

  21. Nobody’s taking Sasha Zverev seriously enough. He’s Federer’s biggest threat in the bottom half. Raonic is a stumblebum who behaves like everyone’s whipping boy; Djokovic has mentally lost his way, like Pinocchio in Stromboli’s funhouse; Isner, Dimitrov, Thiem and Del Potro are busy making careers for themselves as born losers. Beware Sasha Zverev, he has a lean and hungry look; such men are dangerous.

    1. “Djokovic has mentally lost his way”………. No he hasn’t. No…. he hasn’t.

      And what about Cilic?? That will be the danger man….

  22. Seems courts are slower Dustin Brown says courts and balls are slower! So much for grass courts…just clay
    with some vegetation!!! Take care Roger and be lucky x

  23. Really good draw – big shot to win the 19th, Federer is definitely the favourite. This year the King of Clay will be very dangerous as well, his knees look to be in better condition. The QF will be epic against Zverev.

  24. Nadal seems to think courts are slower…judging by the score line today.

    Well, Rog still did well at IW and Miami and those are not fast courts.

    1. Those were best of 3 so you’re comparing apples with oranges. At Wimbledon, Roger won’t be able to exploit some natural advantages on grass, which is just too bad.

      Just hand it over to Nadal or Djokovic already for fucks sake! I’m not even going to fucking follow.

  25. Roger won today despite Dolgopolov’s early retirement. Not sure what to make of his form. He had couple of 15-30s on his own serve. Not enough 40-0 games. But hopefully that will improve in the next match.

    Not sure about the court surface. Slow – like Indian Wells? It can’t be any slower than that, can it? Plus the weather has been somewhat damp so that could explain it also.

    Not worried too much about it to be honest. Too early, anyway.

  26. Watched Novak’s last two presser bits on Wimbledon’s app.

    I have to say he seems way more chill and relaxed. Like a normal mature grown up. Definitely different from the “trying too hard to be awesome and loved” guy I’ve always seen.

    Hope he can keep the perspective that seems to be grounding him.

    Hope he stops the “throw up” cheer.

    Also hope he loses to Roger.

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