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Wimbledon Draw 2015: Federer To Face Dzhumur in 1st Round

The 2015 Wimbledon draw has just landed and as we already knew Roger will be getting his tournament underway on Tuesday 30th June. The Swiss kicks things off against the man he beat at the French Open last month – Damir Dzhumur.

The draw sees Roger in the same half as Murray & Nadal along with Berdych who is his potential Quarter Final opponent. You can see the full list of projected opponents below along with a printable .PDF draw.

Federer's Projected Opponents

  • 1st Round: Damir Dzhumur
  • 2nd Round: Sam Querrey
  • 3rd Round: Jack Sock
  • 4th Round: Feliciano Lopez
  • Quarter Final: Tomas Berdych
  • Semi Final: Andy Murray
  • Final: Novak Djokovic

Full printable .PDF draw.

Thoughts on the Draw

Federer Wimbledon Draw 2015

So the one match that's set in stone is Roger vs. Dzhumur on Tuesday and as far as first rounds go this is a very steady start to the tournament. Roger handled this guy comfortably on the clay of Roland Garros so on the grass of Wimbledon I expect a similar story. Dzhumur proved he can play in Paris with some nice shots but with no heavy shot to really the force the issue I struggle to see how he can do much damage. He also chose to play an outdoor clay challenger in Moscow after Paris meaning his only grass prep was over in Liverpool at an exhibition tournament.

Round 2 is probably the most interesting match of the first week for Federer as Sam Querrey looks likely be to the opponent. Querrey is playing in the semi finals of Nottingham today so could head into Wimbledon both in form and feeling confident. The American has a decent grass game winning Queens a few years ago so could put up some resistance but I think Fed will be able to exploit his movement and find his weaknesses too easily. Querrey doesn't have the clutch sort of game required either as highlighted when he lost to James Ward in the Davis Cup last year on home soil.

Round 3 could be against Jack Sock whom Roger played for the first time in Indian Wells earlier this year. I'm not 100% convinced Sock will make it though and I'll pick one of the Aussies (Duckworth or Groth) to come through into the third round.

The fourth round is seeded to be against Feliciano Lopez but he hasn't won more than 1 match in a tournament since Indian Wells back in March! My pick to make the fourth round here is Roberto Bautista Agut; he's not been playing great either but over 5 sets I think the solidness of his game will prevail against some of his projected opponents.

Into the Quarter sees Berdych as the seeded opponent and on paper it looks like he'll get there; there are no massively tricky opponents for the Czech and only the 4 Frenchmen look capable of causing an upset; Mahut, Mannarino, Monfils or Simon. Take your pick in any.

Friday 7th of July will be semi finals day and Murray could be the man that gets there. Murray has had a very good year so far winning 2 clay titles and Queens last week; his game suits grass too so I think he's pre tournament favourite. Murray doesn't have it easy though with a couple of dangerous players in his section including Troicki and Dolgopolov plus Nadal who is a bit of an unknown. Whoever comes through that could have to face Djokovic in the final but the Serb also has a tough looking draw in paper with Kohlschreiber first up along with Wawrinka, Raonic, Anderson, Cilic and Nishikori all potential opponents of his.

As usual one match at a time but I think Fed has a nice looking draw regardless of which players come through and if he's got his head screwed on a deep run is more than likely. Djokovic has it toughest on paper and I think Stan's draw is looking pretty rosy; not sure he has the fleet of foot or net game to deliver on grass but when you strike the ball that well its not unthinkable he can make the latter stages.


I was all set to predict Bagdhatis would have a decent run at SW19 but I've just seen he's retired injured in the semi finals of Nottingham πŸ™ question marks over him now but if he takes to the court I think he can make a run to the fourth round.

  • Brown to take Nadal to 5 sets
  • Troicki to take out Nadal
  • Ebden to take out Isner
  • Tomic vs. Djoker 4 setter
  • Wawrinka to make the semi finals
  • Winner of the bottom half semi final to win the title

What do you guys think of the draw? Let me know in the comments πŸ™‚


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Well done Wanda! Not an easy path to the final, but Fed has the weapons to ein it on grass #GoRoger

  1. My first grass title, right? I’m watching Fed’s Wimbledon walking tour live so I’ll write later!

  2. I think Fed’s opponents (on paper) get progressively stronger, so it’s a good way to play himself into the tournament, but it’s no easy draw I find. Sock can play on grass for sure, Berdych always plays against him, and muzza for me is also favorite going in. Anyway, no one said winning a slam is easy, so we’ll see πŸ™‚

    I predict either Wawrinka flunking early or see him do something big, Novak to not make final, Karlovic to give muzza a run for his money, and if Fed makes final i see him winning it πŸ™‚ Fingers crossed for #18!

    1. I wanted Andy on the other side of the draw, so he could take out Novak. Now we can at best have a Fed-Muzza SF πŸ™

    1. Agree totally on 1st sentence. People talk about cakewalk draws, difficult draws etc. but we’ve all seen a ‘difficult’ draw fade away to nothing, and those apparently ‘easy’ draws throw up a ‘hot’ player.

      I’ve already read those stats – of course we all know a lot of them, but, like you, I’m very happy to feast on them all over again. Just proves that he’s The Champ whichever stat is picked. πŸ™‚

      1. Yes thanks – a joy to read even though most are familiar.

        So far as GOAT is concerned it is currently make or break for Nadal. Unless he has a revival off clay then its argument over and he will be forever known only as the King of Clay – which title he is welcome to.

        The draw is a reasonable one – gives Fed every chance but we will have to see what he makes of it. If he gets there I hope he beats Murray in semi and someone (probably not Djokovic maybe Raonic?) in final

    2. Fed plays Kohli 1st round in Halle and it’s an easy draw in a 500 tournament.

      Djoker gets him and it’s a tough old draw πŸ˜†

      Too many numbers to remember where Fed is concerned. Factual articles way better than David Foster Wallace rip offs though πŸ˜†

      Cincy 2012 didn’t drop serve once. Too good.

    3. It’s hard to claim something easy or difficult until the matches have actually been played. For instance Djoker looks to have a tough draw on paper but things could easily open up and could be a different story and vice versa. In the end, you gotta win 7, best of 5 matches regardless.

  3. Wait, Troicki to take out Nadal? That buffoon got hammered two weeks back.

    I would think Belluci would stand a good chance. He plays fast and aggressive. He’s a lefty. Might be like the Klizan- Nadal match at Basel was it?

      1. Maybe hits a bit harder than the others (saw him live at geneva and it was clearly the case), but he’s def a clay courter through and through. Somewhat decent on hard courts, but not a bug threat on grass imo.

        And his only titles won were all on clay πŸ™‚

    1. I think that’s Jonathan throwing up some ‘unusual picks’ as he likes to do πŸ˜†

      Belluci is mainly a clay courter, but he certainly does plays an aggressive game. However, after one (or maybe two) sets he’s usually f***ed. πŸ˜†

    2. Don’t underestimate Troicki, if he can hold it together and not choke then he’s dangerous πŸ™‚

      Bellucci is an out and out clay courter, not been past the first round at Wimbledon since 2010. Although Nadal lost to some journeymen last few years so not impossible.

  4. Since I’ve got a Wimbledon win in my pocket, I’m feeling positive for Fed’s chance πŸ˜‰

    The whole draw looks pretty balanced. I’d have liked to see Muzza in the other half but I think it’s a decent and certainly doable one for Fed. Hope he won’t spend too much time on the court in the first week. Allez for #8-18!

    Thought few French guys were injured? Are they all playing?

    1. Yeah Wanda, I was a bit surprised to see Tsonga – I thought he wasn’t going to be well enough for Wimbledon. With Monfils you never know – perhaps his adductor injury wasn’t that bad? But you can be sure that there’ll be another injury waiting just round the corner for him when he starts to fling himself around again. πŸ˜†

  5. Not too excited about Roger’s draw, I mean look what happen at USO’14 and RG’15. On paper he looks good to reach at least semis or final but fell flat against eventual winner. Good draw doesn’t mean much until final shot, I am taking one match at a time here. I have a bottle of good Shiraz that I hope to pop it open when Roger wins his 18th. Don’t take too long Rog, wine doesn’t last that long. Please win your 18th GS pleaseeeeeee

    1. πŸ˜† 1 match at a time but here’s a bottle of wine for when he wins Wimbledon I prepared earlier.

      Have you got a bottle of Vodka if he loses first round?

      1. Ha ha ha I am contradicting myself so badly. Vodka for 1st round loss, please don’t let that happen πŸ™

    1. Hahaha, this was awesome, but only because it was Roger. I’ve seen two other Periscope videos and they’ve been pretty useless. Maybe it’ll catch on, who knows these days!!? But I hate the video quality and the rectangular video cut.

      1. I was a bit renitent to play the grumpy guy, but here goes: why, oh why, do people film things with the smartphone/tablet/whateverdevice vertical? This:
        a) is bad framing for 99% of subjects
        b) uses a tiny bit of the viewing area on a monitor, be it 4:3, 5:4 or even worse, 16:9.
        Don’t people watch movies?…

    2. The replay works fine for me? Just open it in Chrome and hit play. Will be available for 24 hours.

      @Gaurav I can see Periscope revolutionising the porn industry. And the rectangular video cut is because the phone is in portrait, unless you carry it in landscape there is no way around that.. and when you are switching between front and rear facing cameras makes it even trickier.

  6. Unfortunate for Kohli to get Djoko in 1st round – gods certainly not smiling on him atm πŸ˜‰ But not an easy 1st round match for Djoko either – especially 1st match on the lush – and slippery – grass on Centre Court!

    Doesn’t seem too bad a draw for our guy I agree – pretty fair really. Should they both meet in SF, Murray’s a challenge of course, but if Rog be efficient as he was last year, seems doable to me. Like Gaurav, I too am an eternal optimist when it comes to the champ. πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah no luck for Kohli last 2 tournaments on the draw. Djoker likely too solid though but could be interesting if PK get’s in the groove.

    2. How does Kohlschreiber, ranked 33, end up with Djokovic in the first round? Are you kidding me? No.1 vs No.33 in the first round?

      And Mannarino, ranked 34, gets Berrer, ranked 139? Really? Just because poor Kohlschreiber was ranked just abouve Mannarino?

      Do they use any standards of sanity when making these draws? First, they turned the surface into a fucking joke? Now, the draws are an even bigger joke.

      Fuck you Wimbledon!

  7. When Fed avoided the big 4 at the French, it was a sign of things to come at Wimby. But it’s still a pretty comfortable draw for Roger overall. If he is ready to get the win here, doubt the draw matters that much. Last 3 slams shown Fed getting hit off the court comprehensively to end his run and at SW19, matches more on his racquet. But in saying that, would really like to see Fed’s FH make a return, I feel as he’s missing such a weapon to make an impact when he is up against it by the top guys and it’s going to be vital to beat Murray and Djoker.

    Will be interesting to see:
    – Murray/Nadal
    – How Djoker bounces back, took the loss quite well and despite the tough draw he’s still a bet to make the final and it would be annoying for him to lose slam finals back to back again
    – Can Stan make the semis? Got a good route but I pick Raonic or Kyrgios to be there
    – Potential Fed/Murray semi could be match of the tournament, would love this one to happen

    Is this Fed’s last chance to get no.18 in the bag? I’d say so but I don’t think fans should be overtly devastated if it doesn’t happen. Just glad to be watching another championships with the Maestro in the center of it all, time to BEL18VE.

    1. Kyrgios to make the semi finals? Seems unlikely I think based on last few weeks, hasn’t he quite tennis three times then changed his mind? πŸ˜†

      1. Who knows, still immature in so many ways but he’s been pretty consistent in the slams and got the power for grass.

      2. Power doesn’t always mean success at Wimbledon though. I guess main thing for him is first serve + forehand clicking then he’s tough to break.

        Gotta improve backhand as Murray exploited that on clay.

    2. Fed’s FH needs to make a return for the whole fortnight if he’s to get anywhere. Just watched the last few games of last year’s final, and it was really disappointing.

  8. I see Murray as the favourite this year. Everyone in Fed’s half. Who knows, always big upsets here lately. Djoker out early?

    1. Djoker bounces back quite well from FO woes, don’t see how it’s any different this year and avoided the top guys on the other half. Would be surprised if he doesn’t continue to the final for another straight year.

    2. Any one can lose early I think Fed, Murray, Djoker. Don’t see one being more vulnerable than the other. Likely won’t effect Djoker, look at some of the FO losses Fed had – ones he should have won and that beatdown in 2008 – still did well at Wimbledon.

  9. Would somebody like to explain the out of the blue Murray hype to me please? He hasn’t been in any of the odd maker’s books for the last year or so and come Wimbledon, he’s ‘favourite’ to win it? I don’t get it. Is this the case of the British media doctoring up a hype or is he that big a threat this year? I agree he’s been the second best player this year (maybe with Fed a close third), but nobody’s outright considered him a favourite. This just seems way too doctored for me.

    On a side note: I love his Unicef adverts. “On the floor Liam of One Direction”. HAHA.

    On a side side note: Were a Murray- Federer final to happen, I hope the winner doesn’t expend all his energy in that very match. That would be a shame.

    1. Oh and I just realised that Dustin Brown is in Nadal’s projected second round!? Anyone remembers that medicinal beat down at Halle? If either gets through their first rounds (which is a big ask given the two’s history), that might be a fun match. Another Kyrgios/ Rosol-esque Nadal defeat.

    2. Correct me if I’m wrong here but Murray hasn’t lost to anyone but Djoker since March. He made the AO final and had a very strong clay season and comes into Wimbledon with the consistency he lost last year and a tonne of confidence which is very dangerous. Murray on paper will have to beat Nadal, Fed and Djoker back to back to win the title which is gonna be a huge task but I do think he is in the form to do it. A lot of people are putting Murray ahead of Djoker because he is a better grass court player and are probably unsure of where his head is at after the French.

      Also that Brown/Rafa match you refer to at Halle is not totally reliable because Nadal didn’t even turn up, just came for his appearance fee and left after he won the French. I think he makes quarters and loses to Muzz. Then again, he lost early this time at RG and had more time to prepare on the grass and troll everyone to the title.

    3. Murray has been in very good form so I think the favourite tag, or close to being favourite is justified. Note he’s not the favourite at the bookies though, just a few people think he has a shot.

      Played well on clay, looked good at Queen’s – it’s a pretty good recipe for a run at Wimbledon.

      I wouldn’t say the Brown match is unreliable though, Brown is an accomplished grass courter and his style of play very dangerous on the surface. Pity he’s playing Lu in the first round who knows how to get it done on this surface too.

      1. Yeah. Brown’s style suits grass well but playing Nadal in a best of 5 format is a totally different ball game.

      2. Brown may have beaten Nadal the last time they met. But don’t forget, that was on grass. No way he beats Nadal at Wimbledon.

      3. Never say never about Brown, Sid πŸ™‚ If he catches fire on grass, he’s a very dangerous opponent ^^ I agree Dull is the clear favorite, but Brown could get the job done imo

      4. You’re missing the point, Simon. If it were grass, I would’ve gone with Brown.

      5. Ppl are forgetting it is going to be vvv hot next week. Courts already v dry, and will get drier, more high bouncing! Serve will be crucial and game changing, short points key and volley invaluable. Baseline grind will be v tough.. Except for You know who…Nadal… Think he will make QF. But Muzza to beat him. I think top 4 will make SF’s. The rest of the field hv been iffy of late, prone to injury etc. I am however taking Fed one match at a time!

      6. As long as Murray does not enter moaning mode, he should go through a couple of rounds…

    4. murray has, I think, been the second best this year, and clearly so as well. He has the masters 1000 Djokovic doesn’t, has turned up and pushed no 1 at both majors as well as Miami, and tbh has found title winning form. You could argue Stan on the basis of his French run, but. Think Murray takes it. Fed…well, he’s played fairly well this year, but didn’t really challenge at either major, and don’t bite my head off, but the titles he has won are slightly less prestigious ones. It feels like the kinda year top 8 players have, not top 2.

      1. Now we are going too far. Murray has had a good year so far but that’s it – it’s nothing out of this world. And yes he has the Masters 1000 that Djokovic didn’t play.

        Kinda like the year a Top 8 player has? πŸ˜† you are smoking some strong stuff man.

        1000 match wins in Brisbane + title, beat Djokovic in Dubai + title, make final in Indian Wells, win Istanbul, make final in Rome, win Halle and we’re in June.

        When Berdych, Nishikori, Ferrer and Raonic start doing that it will be kinda like a year top 8 players have.

        Djokovic has been the best player so far this year. Unquestionable, but for the chasing pack it’s hard to separate Fed, Murray and Stan. Fed has more titles, Murray has been more consistent at slams and won a M1000 but Stan delivered on the biggest stage.

        I think I’d actually pick Stan as 2nd best so far this year just for his French performance alone. It pretty much erases early losses at some other events. Semis in Melbourne too. Winning at RG is massive.

      2. I was referring to the titles he won alone, Jon. I didn’t say he deserved top 8 this year. The finals of those two masters say otherwise, my point was that merely the top 4 tend to win the 1000s. This year, we have an anomaly in that Djokovic has more or less clean swept them all.

        As for 1000 match wins, that’s not really relevant to this particular year’s performance. As I said, in terms of level, I’d put fed at third. And yes, Djokovic didn’t play, but everyone else did, which again emphasises Murray was second in the world for that tournament.

      3. Sorry for the late reply. But trust me I am really outraged by the comment. I am so outraged I was speechless and O RLY is the only thing I can say right now. Go Fed!

      4. While I disagree with John that it isn’t exactly the kind of year a top 8 would have, I have to agree that it certainly isn’t a top 2 kind of year.

        Now, what do you have to say about that, Karen? πŸ™‚

      5. Now, *that* I agree with. And I think Murray will probably be getting the No. 2 spot back before the USO.

      6. It’s not about Fed giving up the ranking, it’s if he will be able to defend his Wimb final, Rogers cup final points and Cincy win points? And even if he does, Murray has a tonne to gain. Even if he does pass Roger in the rankings, not a huge deal.

      7. Yeah, Murray will probably pass Roger barring some superhuman second half of the season from Roger. Certainly not a top 2 year. I may have overstated, guys. It’s not that I haven’t loved his play, which has been great, it’s more that the bigger the tournament this year the more I’ve felt Roger had little chance or disappointed. Looking at the GS in particular. But that changes with Wimby. I pick Roger vs Murray semi, and the winner of that takes the crown. Roger is where he has been in the race to London. 4th, but only on account of Stan pulling off the big win.

    1. Saw that one Wanda: Roddick is a lovely/genuine guy – that 2009 Wimby loss was gut-wrenching, but there’s no bitterness at all. And he talks sense too. Really looking forward to his commentating – reckon it will be informative, entertaining and amusing – wish they’d get rid of the asshole McEnroe – he really p***es me off.

  10. Thanks Jonathan for the quick analysis of men’s draw. My view is that it is a fair draw all around as far as Big 4 is concerned. Although Andy might have to play Rafa in R4 or QF, if Rafa gets there, Rafa now is not what he used to be. Andy was impressive at the Queen’s. Rafa still the mental edge over Andy at Wimbledon. However, if he loses tamely like he did at Madrid. That will confirm without doubt the downward slide of Rafa. No one seems to mention Ferrer in Andy’s quarter, who is completely off radar. Could he do something Verdasco did last year? On balance, Nole’s first round match will be a bit of challenge – it will not be walk over for him, assuming that Phillip will play in the same as he did against Roger at Halle. I will expect Phillip to take at least one set off him. Nole is clearly hoping that he will play into form after first three rounds. It could work, as neither Phillip nor Tomic is mentally strong. Roger’s challenge could come early against Querry, whose hitting at the Queen’s was very impressive and had a lot of power. There he went for lines regularly and found them on many occasions. Roger will need to dictate the play. If both Andy and Roger make to semi, on paper it seems 50-50 match. However, if Roger takes one of first two sets, Roger will have an upper-hand. The only scenario that I can envisage that Andy wins is that he manages to take a 2-0 lead.
    Other slams all have had winners other than one of Big 4 (AO Stan, Cilic USO, Stan again for FO), whereas Wimbledon has not had that for a long time. Is anyone capable of spoiling the party? No one in Roger’s quarter catches my attention.
    Allez Roger for 8!

    1. I would like to see Murray vs. Nadal on grass, Nadal owns him at Wimbledon historically.

      Interesting question too about a winner outside the big 4. Hard to pick who it could be…

      1. The weather cld heavily work in Rafas favour but ATM based on confidence I choose Muzza to beat Rafa but tough one

    2. I think if Nadal gets that far then it’s really more of a lottery. He’s obviously more vulnerable early on. If they meet, I’d say Nadal. I just don’t think they will meet.

      1. Agree John, and somehow, somewhat i have feeling that Tennis’s God made this special draw, which IMO, favor Nadal. look it, from this view, if he get past the first round, i think the toughest match he would face next is Andy, i don’t think Ferrer would reach and even Troicki.
        if Andy Meet Nadal, its lottery and i would give edge to Nadal on this one, then Semi anything could happen. That’s if the draw hasn’t open up with some major upsets

    1. Please no! She always chooses Roger and is always wrong! πŸ˜› Don’t jinx Rog’ here!! πŸ˜‰

      *Just joking Katyani* πŸ˜‰

      1. I agree with, Simon. I swear to God, if she makes any kind of prediction…

        And I’m not even joking.

      2. Is there a recorded instance of her choosing Roger and it working?

        Maybe Dubai this year?

    2. Katyani is probably fed up with people (I’m looking at you Sid πŸ˜‰ ) having a go at her. She has faith in the champ, and there’s nothing wrong with that…doesn’t make any difference who says what – none of us has a crystal ball, and our predictions, crappy or otherwise, do not affect the outcome. πŸ˜†

      1. Yeah, that must be it. I plead guilty of being responsible for someone else’s inability to be a sport.

      2. Can’t blame her, man. Sometimes you just don’t really wanna get into arguments.

        “I try to be a good sport, but sometimes I’m baseball.”

  11. I decided on the FO final day that I will follow Jonathan for wimby2015 in my tiger-predictions. And as usual Jonathan, you have made some interesting predictions. I have kept ALL of them – Troicki takes Nadal, Ebden beats Isner, Stan makes semis and winner of the bottom semifinal ( AND YOU KNOW WHO’S THIS πŸ™‚ ) wins the title. Let’s see…

    1. Thank you, Wanda, for a timely reminder for why we love his game – a sheer poetry in motion with a fitting music πŸ™‚ . Agree completely – I watched it before and am just happy to watch it again and again πŸ™‚ .

    Silide 2 – Champions’s Little Chat at the photo shoot
    Petra: Novack, tell me how you won the match in final, you didn’t cheat, did you?
    Novack: Oh, no no no, Petra, I just … won it. OK, I played a little my jelly leg routine in the 5th set and had Roger fooled. That was not cheating, was it?

  13. Hi guys, video 3 of my series is out – ‘Roger Federer’s Top 20 Points of 2005’. There’s a horrendous mistake I made though, left a Safin point in there somehow! Hope its not a sign of things to come!

    Hope you guys enjoy, share and subscribe if you haven’t already πŸ™‚

    1. How ridiculous defender Fed used to be…
      Such a great job finding these epic points. Thanks Conal, keep going!

  14. What’s the deal with Ferrer? Has en elbow injury apparently but only withdrawing now and because he didn’t do it before 12, Kohli stuck with Djoker in the 1st round?

    1. Wow thanks Alysha! I picked Ferrer to make the 4th rd to play Nadal in the tiger mobile challenge! Could have been a costly mistake if I didn’t change my predictions πŸ˜€

      1. Yeah that section a bit wide open now, Nadal’s path gets just a bit easier should he make it past his first few matches.

    2. Oh, beat me to it Alysha. A shame for him (would have been his 50th consecutive), but real bummer for Kohli. I think they would have put Isner in for 4th round otherwise. As it is, LL has gone in. Spanish conspiracy?! πŸ˜‰

    3. Alysha,
      Big thanks for the info.

      I put Ferrer up to QF against Murray, since Nadal predicted to lose to Troicki (I trust you with all my heart Jonathan, hahaha).

      Finally on that side is so empty. Fognini?

  15. News flash!!! Roger Federer is not winning Wimbledon 2015. So, calm the **** down everybody.

    1. Why? Cause it’s “not grass”? We haven’t seen a single match play yet… Fed is tied 2nd or 3rd favorite to win, now let’s leave it at that, and let him play the matches.

    2. Safest way of thinking about it, Simon. No expectations minimises the pain of disappointment. But I find that I still have expectations when I tell myself not to. I’d be disappointed if Roger lost before the semis. And I think he’s got a good shot at the title.

  16. Sid, that was a very sick statement to make. Federer is winning Wimbledon this year, we have been assured πŸ˜‰

  17. Nadal is not beating Andrew, Son of Judi.

    He will be having the falling shorts of the victories.

    Don’t know if anyone will beat the Son of Judi.

    1. Once Nadal is in the second week of a slam, can’t predict what he’ll do but Murray would be the favourite going into that QF.

  18. Very interesting draw. Novak/Kohlschreiber obviously – apparently Kohli just missed the #32 seed by a few ranking points. If he had played anyone but Fed in Halle, he’d likely have won, & therefore have had enough ranking points to have been seeded, & been therefore protected from other seeds in the first round. On the other hand playing Fed on grass is problably the best prep he could have, though it’s a pity he didn’t get more matches in. But Alexander Zverev, of all people, took down Novak in their exhibition; should one infer Novak is not at his best, or infer nothing because it’s an exho? Still I find I can’t predict against Novak in that first match.

    Didn’t realize that even this late after the draw, Ferrer could have made his announcement a little earlier & the seeds would still have been recalibrated – double pity for Kohli if so.

    Niemenen and Hewitt playing each other in the first round of the last Wimbledon for both? Wow.

    The youngsters the ATP profiled last week seem to have got some formidable opponents in the first round – Elias Ymer, for example, gets Ivo Karlovic. Ouch! Kokkinakis might make a couple of rounds; I have Zverev going through too.

    I kind of wanted to end up with an all-Swiss final πŸ˜‰ – but couldn’t quite do it. Stan’s usually down after a high in any case.

    Naturally I have Roger going all the way. The year’s not over yet.

    1. Meant also to say that Murray looks in fine form and also…. relaxed. We’re seeing lots of photos of him smiling. I’m taking that to mean he’s in a good place mentally.

      Also, as someone else said, I’m a bit surprised none of the French guys has withdrawn yet.

    2. Unless there’s some mitigating circumstance I don’t know about, I think it was very poor to withdraw just after the deadline for the OOP πŸ™ I’d wondered if Tsonga might pull out and Kohli get his place instead, but hadn’t expected Ferrer.

      1. Kohlschreiber should’ve been given Ferrer’s place in the draw regardless of the OOP deadline. Rules need to be overlooked.

    3. I would imagine behind the scenes they decided to keep it as is. Really it would cause quite a lot of disruption to swap the draw etc. around. I’m pretty sure most guys would have preferred it kept as is. Unless you had a shocking first round draw πŸ™‚

      I wouln’t read anything into the Boodles, it’s an Exho.

    4. Well, I missed the mark on Kokkinakis, though he did manage to take the first 2 sets to tiebreaks. AFTER the fact (of course), I read he’s been battling some nasty stomach-bug type thingy.

      Djokovic had an easier time of it than we thought he might.

      And my goodness, I certainly didn’t see Liam Broady coming through!

      Quite a few 5-set matches already. Prime Wimbledon.

  19. Wow, Djokovic’s interview and talk about Stan and connecting to him after the final was won was he saying something about the rest of the top 3???? His statements were quite funny.

    1. What the fuck does two gentlemen wearing leather thongs and whatever else they do, has anything to do with gay pride? These are just demented fucks who want to rub it in your face.

      1. Totally agree with that. On the same note, we are expected to say “Happy Holidays” not Merry Christmas…because it might affend someone.

    1. His coach Boris Becker had told Five Live: “There are moments when he looks up and he needs assurance that what he is doing is right. And then we have our ways about it to tell him it’s good or tell him it’s bad. And then it’s up to him to change it.”

      Not sure what part of that cannot be construed as illegal coaching.

      And Djokovic clears any doubt we would have, “I mean, there are special ways of, I would say, communication.”

      Yeah, we get it, Novak. I wasn’t wrong when I said that Becker was a huge part in Djokovic winning Wimbledon’14.

    2. Why are people giving Becker the time of day I’ll never know, just wants to stir the pot whilst he can.

      1. And Kohlschreiber just lost 0-3 to Djokovic. Oh, well. It’s a pity he got this draw because I really dig his game style.

    1. Agree April, you can’t help thinking that Ferrer must have known well before he pulled out – at the very least the timing seems deliberate. I’m pretty sure if the seedings had been recalibrated, Nadull would potentially have been facing Isner in 4th round. πŸ™

      1. I thought the way it was done was to replace the injured seed with No. 33? In that case, only Kohli gets moved, and LL gets to face Djokovic. Not too difficult to rearrange, surely?

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