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Wimbledon Draw 2013: Tough Run In For Federer

Hey everyone, as I'm sure you all already know the draw for Wimbledon is out and with Nadal been seeded 5th it's made it very tricky for both Federer and Murray who both landed in the Spaniards half. After getting a good draw at the French Roger has drawn the short straw here and will have to face Nadal in the Quarter Finals should they both make it that far which is never an easy proposition.

Pretty much every article I've read on the mainstream tennis sites is what a terrible draw this is for both Federer and Murray – but really we expected it, it's obvious and who cares?

There's nothing we can do about it so I'm not going to waste my team complaining about it. Yes it's tough but at the same time it also makes it pretty interesting as this is potentially the earliest ever in a slam Federer and Nadal will have met. Maybe that works in Roger's favour? Nobody knows!

I'd of course much preferred Nadal to be seeded 4th but what can you do, he's clearly the second best player in the world on form right now but the rankings say different and that's what we have to stick to. Ferrer has been solid for a long time, he's accumulated ranking points and avoided injury so he's rightfully the 4th seed.

I don't think there's much point dwelling on the draw, after all Fed had it easy in Paris and looked what happened, the draw is just a sheet of paper, all that matters is what happens on the court, everything else takes care of itself.

View the Full Draw Here.

Federer's Potential Opponents

Federer Wimbledon Draw 2013

Up until the Quarter Finals Roger actually has a pretty nice draw, he's facing competent grass court players but there's nobody who you can say yeah this guy can defeat Roger if he hits top form. He'd have to play a real clown match to lose early here I think.

  • 1st Round: Hanescu
  • 2nd Round: Dutra Silva / Stakhovsky
  • 3rd Round: Fognini / Lukas Rosol
  • 4th Round: Almagro
  • Quarter Final: Rafael Nadal
  • Semi Final: Andy Murray
  • Final: Novak Djokovic

Like I said, this is a nice run in up until the Quarters for Roger and he should make it without too much trouble, there's just no real big match players in there that have imposing games. Janowicz is lingering but he's too unpredictable and I figure Almagro would beat him anyway.

After Hanescu in the first round I guess he will play Stakhovsky who also has a fairly nice game for grass but is too inconsistent, I think he can be a test though and will construct some nice points so Roger will have to be focused to make sure he gets it done in straights.

I can't see Rosol replicating what he did at Wimbledon last year so no doubt Fognini will be who he meets in the third round and Roger defeated him in straight sets in the second round in 2012 so I'd expect a similar outcome.

In the fourth round he could face Almagro who has a fairly big game but hasn't really done well on grass before. He has weighty ground strokes but I don't think he can string enough together to cause Roger too many problems. Almagro is good when he's blasting away on clay, but can he handle variety and the bounce on grass? I'm not so sure.

Then of course it's the Quarters where things get interesting which I'll discuss a little below.

Predictions vs. Hanescu

Federer Hanescu

First up for Roger is Romanian Viktor Hanescu whom Roger holds a 5-0 lead in the H2H against with their last meeting coming at Indian Wells in 2010. Hanescu is a veteran but I think he's a dangerous player because he has a decent serve and a good forehand so you can't take him too lightly.

Of course I think Roger wins in straight sets but it won't be a cake walk and he will have to play solidly throughout which is a good first match for him. He's coming in confident after Halle and has already been practicing in SW19 for a couple of days so should be raring to go. I'll go for a 6-2 6-4 7-5 victory.

Will Roger Beat Nadal if they Meet?

This is a real tough one but I think Federer has a good chance, it won't be easy and you never know what to expect from Nadal so it's exceptionally difficult to call. If it's under a roof then the Roger's chances increase significantly so a rainy Quarter Final day would be nice :D.

I guess you have to make Nadal favourite based on past meetings in Grand Slams but it's 5 years since they met on grass so there's little indication of what will happen on a quicker court.

Of course they both have to make it too, sometimes Federer plays poorly when Nadal is looming in the draw and there's a few guys who can cause Nadal problems in his draw should he face them like Isner, Paire and Wawrinka.

The main thing is that Fed MUST conserve energy in the early rounds to get past Nadal, to win the title he'd have to beat Nadal, Murray and Djokovic which is a crazy feat.

I mean even for Prime Fed that is a tough ask. So there's basically no chance he does that if he is dropping sets for fun in the first week, he has to win easily and build momentum for the later rounds. If he does beat Nadal there is the chance he zones in for the semis and final though which could be pretty special.

Elsewhere in the Draw

Elsewhere in the Draw

Elsewhere in the draw there's nothing really much to report, Djokovic has a nice draw and he should be able to make the final without too much hassle. Although Mayer could be a tricky first round opponent with his variety and awkward game.

There's a couple of interesting first round matches with Wawrinka facing Hewitt which isn't easy for Stan; Verdasco vs. Malisse could easily go 5 sets and it'd be good to see James Ward win his first round because he would play Murray in the second.

What do you think of the draw? Content with it? Think Roger has a shot at #18?


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. How can Novak Djokovic be the true GOAT. Yes hes a good player, but can i remind you when the tennis channel had a vote on the top 100 players in 2012, Djokovic only ranked a mere no.40. Even Nadal was higher at no.6. The no.1 and the greatest of all time was of course Roger Federer the true GOAT!!! When Djokovic has more Grand Slams and more records broken than Federer, then come back with your facts to compare, until then please dont make false statements!!!

      1. Tennis channel ranking don’t mean shit. Who voted on tennis channel Fed fans? LOL

      2. For Nole….The voting was done by a panel of experts which included former GS legends male and female. Also other major sporting greats ie Jack Nicklaus and other personalaties. So if their combined knowledge and deliberance dont mean s##t to you, then keep deluding yourself that Nole is the GOAT, if that makes you feel better then so be it. But find yourself the GOAT Nole fan website to dedicate your comments their instead of doing it here on PeRFect tennis. Thank you.

    2. Did you take a wrong turn, hit the wrong button or can you not find a blog for the fans of Nole? Fed is the one and only GOAT

    3. [Ladies and Gentlemen, Wimbledon trophy belongs to Nole! True GOAT! Move over Fed.]
      [Tennis channel ranking don’t mean shit. Who voted on tennis channel Fed fans? LOL]

      Obvious troll is obvious. Nothing to further entertain here.

    4. Jonathan, I think we have an intruder πŸ™‚
      I hate to burst your bubble, but I can name about 10 people at least who are better than Djokovic. For example, Roger Federer:
      Djokovic Federer
      Weeks at #1. 87 302
      GS Titles 6. 17
      Roland Garros? No. Yes
      AO/USO/Wim. 4/1/1. 4/7/5
      YE #1. 2. 5
      Yep, stats don’t lie. Sorry bro πŸ˜‰

    5. I understand the intruders here, after all the best blogs are dedicated to the best tennis player ever!


  1. I’d rather see Roger face Nadal earlier in the tournament, than in the final (if he had to play him), cause the courts are a bit faster, and probably there will less pressure on Roger (if they meet). I just hope Roger shows up for that (potential) QF, and doesn’t let Federror out, because it would be disgusting to see Nadal whip the floor with Roger in 3 sets at Wimbledon.

  2. I was pissed at first when I saw the draw, but I’m not dwelling too much on it now.
    “the draw is just a sheet of paper, all that matters is what happens on the court, everything else takes care of itself.”
    Truer words have never been spoken so with that I say Allez les Suisses. πŸ˜€

  3. Sure it was expected but I never thought it would be this bad…

    This is a tough draw no doubt about it, maybe one of the toughest for Roger and at a slam where he has a chance it is hard to have hope.

    Maybe this is a god send. Roger never takes advantage in an easy draw and always does well in hard ones? Just the way he works for some reason. However, the last few slams always points to quarter final matches where his form takes a dip and I just can’t ignore that. Nadal being in that QF match is even more annoying to say the least.

    Despite winning Halle, I think it’s just too soon for Roger to all of a sudden win a slam. He still hasn’t got enough confidence to take out all three of them. Last year, yes he lost Halle, but he had 4 titles then. He only has one and hasn’t beaten a top 10 player since January. I don’t know guys, but I just don’t see Roger coming out of that Fedal QF and that means that now he will be squared even with Nadal on grass and will see Ferrer of all people over take him? Just nonsense.

    I just know Nadal will be out for blood this Wimbledon and I think he is winning it this year. I normally take it one match at a time for Roger but it’s just too hard to ignore his path. So yeah, I think he makes the QF.

    It all depends on his matches prior to that QF I guess, he has to get the job done efficiently and he has to win the first set against Nadal if he is to win that match. If he wins the Nadal match, well then the rest is up to him because there is no doubt in my mind he can beat Murray and Djokovic on the grass with that sort of boost.

    Keeping my expectations low but. I always have hope for Roger against Rafa and it just never works out and I don’t see it being any different this time I’m afraid.

    I would just LOVE if Roger won his 8th slam on the TENTH anniversary of his first Wimbledon and also to match Nadal but some things are not meant to be. Say I’m not a true Federer fan that doesn’t have the same optimistic outlook as the rest but I’ve been stung too many times by Nadal when it comes to Roger. I’m only being realistic by what I see now, maybe their forms will tell us more in a week.

    I will always have hope though for sure and so we start with the first round. Let’s see what momentum Roger can build and then when it comes to that dreaded QF day we will be able to see a lot more clearer.

    Good luck Roger, bring the magic, you’re going to need it!

    1. Yeah I think he hasn’t got enough matches under his belt just yet, I think it depends on how the first week goes though if he can compete for this one. Has to win comfortably and save energy, if he keeps increasing the confidence round by round then he’s in with a shot.

      1. Very true. If he doesn’t defend Wimbledon, he’s dropping to 5 and he’s losing Olympic points. He can gain at Montreal but then has to defend again at Cincinnati…Do you think he’s staying at 5 for US Open? If so, he’s destined to get another gloomy draw for the slam we are all holding out hope for.

    2. Totally agree Alysha, very good post and well written, as you I don’t thin Fed can win Nadul, but there is always hope, lets wait and see.

      1. Cheers Mike. Yeah unlike others, I’m not looking forward to a Fedal QF but Roger has the potential to beat Nadal on grass so we have that. His form in the first few rounds will tell us more. Would be huge if he could pull it off though!

      2. Well I’m not looking forrward to it as such, but will be interesting either way. Just gotta hope he can do it πŸ˜€

  4. I think it depends entirely on which Roger shows up – as you say, what happens on the court. Yes, I think he has a chance. Yes, I think it’s a tall ask. Yes, I think he thrives on those, though not infallibly, as he did – really though, it’s been 7 or 8 years since those days.

    I’m actually not convinced Nadal is 100%. He’s been unbelievable on the clay, but he pulled out of Halle before even showing up there. I think it’s going to be very interesting to see how he moves on the grass.

    I think it was you Jon who talked about the family & the rest of the team seeming really up and happy and expansive at Halle, and I think Roger does better when his family is in that space, so I’m really hopeful they’ve brought that ‘tude with them!

    1. [I’m actually not convinced Nadal is 100%]

      After all these years, you still want to be fooled by that? A few months ago, he came back from an “injury” and won 7 of the 9 tournaments. The man plans his tournaments and avoids head to head games whenever he wants to. Since his 2011 AO loss to Djokovic, he has played him just five times, all on clay, for a 4-1 record. He clearly avoided Djokovic during that period. What is Nadal’s H2H on clay vs. Djokovic and Roger combined? And what is it on all other surfaces against these two? Nadal plays 5 or 6 clay tournaments a year. Add to that the fact that he usually disappears during the non clay part of the year. That tells the story.

    2. I have no idea what to expect from Nadal. He maybe not 100% but then again he might be in peak condition. So difficult to tell with him.

      This will be a test for him, big time.

  5. Nadal always gets stronger with every match in slams so the way I see it the earlier the better! Allez!

      1. Your first statement is true. Your second is not. He has won Wimbledon twice and made it to five finals in all. There is nothing uncharted about it πŸ™‚

      2. Sid, I told you Dull was waiting in the quarters! Murray would prefer Federer in the semis though not Nadal so I don’t know if this one was rigged or not.

        Also I’d rather these two meet in the quarters than the final as the grass won’t be as worn out.

      3. Yes, yes, you were right, Alysha. I just didn’t think they would make a seven time winner and current champion go through the ignominy of having to deal with a, technically, top 4 opponent and two time champion.

        Agreed that earlier the better though before Nadal has mowed down all the grass with his running around πŸ™‚

      4. Oh and uncharted reminds me I still have to finish 10 chapters of Uncharted 3 at crushing level so I can move to “The Last of Us”. Anyone here a PS3 fan? πŸ™‚

      5. Roger is the underdog either way against Nadal, no matter what round they meet in. Fingers crossed London is in rain for the entirety of the tournament.

  6. Hi Jonathan, I really liked your post. I also agree with everything you mentioned. Roger had any easy draw at RG and yet he lost in the quarters. This draw is supposedly tough but he can pull it off if he plays a good but not too long match against nadal and wins. After all, we can’t just say oh he has to beat nadal, murray and djokovic. What if one of them loses early? It really depends on everyones performance in the first week. Oh and BTW Roger defeated murray and djokovic back to back last year so this year he has nadal to get through as an extra. Hopefully it rains the entire two weeks πŸ˜€ but yeh, don’t count out Roger just because he has to play Nadal. Everyone is afraid of that match up and nothing else, people just need to wait and see what happens.

    1. For Sid.. Yes i am PS3 fan and Uncharted is a fanstatic game. All 3 of them are good. I cant remember which one was Drakes Fortune. That one is cool !! πŸ™‚

      1. Drakes Fortune is the first one. The boss fight is a bummer though. I played it after the second and third. It’s hard to pick which one is my favorite but each has several epic chapters. You’ve got to get “The Last of Us”. It’s already out but I’ll be starting it sometime in September. Best game ever in the history of gaming! πŸ™‚

      2. For Sid… Just wondering how come you played Uncharted from part 3 to 1. I mean i know each game has a different story. But you would of had the story and chapters in sort of order. Its like playing God of war backwards and missing the entire back history. Saying that Uncharted is a great game with exellent action, story and gameplay. I difinately agree with you it is a awesome game.
        ps Jonathan apologies for blogging about PS3 games instead of posting and disscusing about GOAT. Serajul

      3. Well, you were partly right Seraj…I went 2, 3, then 1. Sort of made playing 1 a bit interesting.You’ve got to play The Last of Us.

        I’m sure Jonathan won’t mind a little bit of discussion on the GOAT (Game of All Time) πŸ™‚

      4. Not has a console or played any games since I had a PS2 about 10 years ago! Had a few goes on Fifa at my mates but gets boring after 2 games πŸ˜€

        My favourite game of all time though is Deus Ex. Way ahead of its time.

      1. Bloody hell i read your post wrong Sid i thought you played each game backwards ie 3 to 1. Its me am reading English like Arabic. Left to right, what a numbty i am sometimes. Lol πŸ™‚

  7. Maybe an epic quarter final if ever like the Agassi-Sampras match in USO 2001? That’s what i would like to think. πŸ˜€ I only saw the highlights but all sets that goes 7-6 or 6-7 and no break of serve? crazy.

    Who knows, this may spell doom for his chances appearing for another final.. on the other hand it might be a blessing in disguise and if ever he gets through them all, most of them are the elite of the sport he can have his bragging rights. I mean Nadal, Murray and Djokovic respectively standing in his way that takes a lot. Talk about earning it to be the undisputed King of Grass.

    1. If Roger is to win this, gotta do it in 3 (sounds crazy I know) maximum 4 sets. Don’t see Roger winning in 5 against Nadal in this stage of his career. Now or never to get another slam win over Rafa.

    2. Yeah, most important thing is that he keeps plenty energy for second week. No tough 5 setters like the Benneteau one. But then again that didn’t really effect him. Suppose grass is the least physical of the surfaces. Ah I dunno anymore πŸ˜€

  8. Yeah I guess there is some truth in what you’re saying regarding the draw taking care of itself – Fed got a HIGHLY favourable draw in Paris yet played atrociously against Tsonga. But this is legit the worst possible draw any Fed fan could have hoped for – it just seems too uphill a battle for Roger to climb. If Fed fails to defend his title (which seems likely), and loses at the quarterfinal stage, he will lose a whole bunch of ranking points, not to mention the automatic loss of Olympic points from last year. Yikes. And slipping further down the ranking will increase his chances of meeting the big guns earlier on in future tournaments, not to mention making qualification for the WTF a more ardous task.

    As for the Wimbledon victor, I pray neither Nadal nor Murray holds aloft the trophy. My pre-tournament favourite is Murray – IMO his only threat is Nadal. A teensy-weensy part of me (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) actually wants Nadal to beat Fed, and then dispatch Murray in the semis to prevent him from winning. I will simply not be able to stand the jubilant uproar that will UNLEASH in the UK should Murray clinch Wimbledon. The British press will NEVER EVER SHUT UP about it; everytime they refer to Murray, it will be as the ‘newly-crowned Wimbledon champion’. URGH. They already brand him the ‘Olympic champion’ ad nauseum. NO MORE. Let them wait another year to end their drought! Obviously (and ideally!), I would prefer for Fed to knock both Nadal and Murray bowling-pin style – who knows, maybe the maestro has one last great run in him!

    1. [Fed to knock both Nadal and Murray bowling-pin style]

      Hahaha! I’d say take it even further and knock down the 4-7-10 split (Djokovic-Murray-Nadal of course)!

    2. Ludwig I would rather have Murray. If Dull wins Wimbledon he’s on 13 slams. No Fed fan wants that.

      If Fed doesn’t win I want Djoker or some unknown to take the trophy.

      1. As I mentioned sometime back, Dull can possibly win at least two more French Opens. He has until the end of 2014 to somehow win three of the other slams to tie Roger. Winning Wimby will put him in a good position to do that. After 2014, the only thing Dull will/can win would be the French Open.

        In short I’m saying Dull has five more shots at getting three non-clay slams. If he can win beyond that, then either he is too good, or he is getting the “right” kind of help, or the rest of the field refuses to man up πŸ™‚

      2. LOL “either he is too good, or he is getting the β€œright” kind of help, or the rest of the field refuses to man up”

        All angles covered! He better not win Wimbledon, I’d hate it.

  9. I’d just like to mention that if Roger did play a 4 and a half hour match the day before london olympics final, he would have beaten Murray. Also, if Djokovic didn’t play Ferrer the day before the US open final he would have beaten Murray. Lol, just saying if its meant to happen then it will happen for Roger.

    1. Possibly true Maria. I think it the Del Potro was both a physical and mental drain so that cost him. Although Murray was playing well in the Olympics so difficult one to call.

  10. At this point in time I find Wimbledon completely unpredictable. For different reasons, each top player has his pros and cons. It’s a wait and see for sure.

  11. Worst draw ever for Fed πŸ™ Never seen such a tough draw in the history of tennis. If everything goes to plan(it usually doesn’t, but assuming the top seeds reached the quarters at least) Fed will have beat Nadal, Murray and Djokovic win his 8th Wimbledon! Insane! Usually he would have to deal with 2 of them, but now it’s all three if he wants to successfully defend his title!

  12. Its been so many years after Wimby 2008 and many of us still believe in Fed`s “best chances to win a slam ” on his beloved grass:) Everyone tends to easily forget that the stats 2:1 on this surface is verry misleading. Just because he faked an injury after Soderling intimidated him on RG 2009 and Rosol had the balls to beat him with just heavy hitting doesn`t mean that Fed had any chance should they met those years. The stage, the surface even the whether will not play any role for the outcome of eventual quaterfinal meeting. I hope many realize that this meeting will most likelly not happen. Fed is too scared to ruin this so important h2h stats on grass and its important that he keeps the numebrs as they are till he retires. We won`t have the chance to see him standing to the final as he did in Rome just to see him been crushed to pieces due to his loser attitude than skills. I would love to see him tank the match to Rosol or Fognini who with no doubt will perform better than Fed who eneters the court with the thought of a loss…instead of how to improve his performance and lose with dignity and..why not even win. Wish him a long career but its hard to watch tournaments where you know your player is giving his best to avoid his “neesis”. This will be the end of the quaterfinal streak he has unfortunatelly and most of the fans another opportunity to blame it on his age:)

    1. Already writing him off before Wimbledon has started lol.

      Come on man, your comment is a joke. Tank to Fognini or Rosol? Who will perform better against Nadal than Fed? lol.

      Wait and see what happens. Not doubting Dull plays on his mind in slams but this could be different.

      1. Sorry to hear that you are not agree Jonathan but i am waiting for years for signs that Fed can cope better with Dull but they never came. This is so far his worst year on tour since…..and i do not expect to get any better:) do believe Fed will be a schoolboy should they meet here and better avoid the mental concequences. Its tough for us, the fans to take any more losses with such disinterested play that he shows last 2 times.I do not expect him to win but if he looses after playing at his best and some pride i would love to see him loosing as long as he improves his performance.

      2. I understand where you are coming from. All the signs point to Fed pussying out vs. Dull but this is grass. 2008 is a long time ago. I think we have to back him and see what happens.

        Writing him off before the tournament might let you say I told you so afterwards and not feel bad about thing should he lose but as a fan I’m not going to do that. If he faces Dull here I’m backing him till the end.


    2. Goran, man, I’d really like to invite you to have beer with me. And once you’ve had enough beer, I’ll give you a good whooping with my Pro Staff 90 πŸ™‚

      Just kidding! But really, if the QF streak were to end, wouldn’t age have something to do with it? Yes, others have won in their mid 30s but those day tennis still remained more a game of skill than endurance. Isn’t it a miracle that he still performs at very high levels except when it comes to that bad cross court match up with you know who?

      1. Hi Sid. I truly do not believe that if quaerfinal strea ends on this Wimby will be due to Fed`s age. The guy has won anything when Dull ws out of play for kake injuries. He makes probably less than 10% of his income on playing tennis and still he`s quite capable to beat anyone on a quick hard courts but not on Wimby , not vs Dull.There might have been a huge chance of him winning if only Fed could sleep much lower in the ranking to meet him in the early rounds when grass is still fresh:)We need to stop with the bad match-up excuse and the age….Dull is consistently beeting him since he was 17 (leave doping aside:). We all see he tanks matches to avoid him even on grand slams or when he shows up his poor mentality fails him not the high topspin balls.
        Lets do a beer :)Any time travelling to Holland soon?

      2. Even better. You buy me beer and I give you a whooping πŸ™‚ Sometime in 2015 for sure!

        You got it all wrong my friend. Experts agree that the lefty buggy whip forehand is the single most important reason Roger’s single handed backhand breaks down. And I’ve said this so many times, it’s not easily dealing with that with the most unforgiving racquet anyone uses on the tour.

        Look at where the game is now. Look at how defined Djokovic, Nadal, and Murray are. Endurance is a huge negative for Roger at this age. We really need to do the beer thing so I can talk some sense into you πŸ™‚

      3. Sid this is a blog that we all adore and what makes it interesting to read besides the wonderful posts of Jonhatan is that fans can have different opinions. This is no place to get angry at s.o. you don`t know, “give him enough beer and whip/whoop him with your pro racket”.Fed is what bring us together while taking s.o.`s opinion as an almost “personal issue” is nonsense. I am joking offcource:))))

        Here is an excerpt from an article from 2011 that is still valid today:

        “So here are the numbers: in 25 matches that they have played against each other, Nadal has won more than twice as many as Federer (their head-to-head is 17-8), but he has only had eight more break points than Federer. The conversion rate, though, is significantly different – Nadal has won 22 more of those, and is about 23% better than Federer at converting them. In non grand slam matches there’s little to choose, but in the majors it’s another story altogether: the difference in break points earned is negligible, but Nadal is about 50% better at converting them than Federer, which is a stat that should worry Federer. Two of Federer’s worst conversions were at huge stages: at the 2007 French Open, he went one for 17, while Nadal grabbed four out of 10 and romped to victory. In their epic at Wimbledon in 2008, Federer took just one out of 13 beak points, compared to Nadal’s four out of 13.
        The break-point stats
        Matches Nadal won/ lost Nadal BPs Converted Percentage Federer BPs Converted Percentage
        All matches 25 17/ 8 230 101 43.91 222 79 35.59
        Grand Slams 9 7/ 2 110 49 44.55 108 32 29.63
        Non-Grand Slams 16 10/ 6 120 52 43.33 114 47 41.23
        Add that to the number of times Federer has won more points than Nadal and yet lost the match – it happened in Dubai in 2006, in Rome (2006), and at the Australian Open (2009) – and there’s reason to believe that Nadal’s looping topspin forehand to Federer’s backhand isn’t the only reason this is a difficult match-up for the Swiss; at the clutch, Federer has consistently come out a distinct second-best.”

        Here is another old article:
        Federer’s relatively poor break point conversion against Nadal
        Much has been said about the tactical aspect of this “rivalry” (e.g. Nadal hitting deep topspin balls to Federer’s backhand which has led to numerous talks about Federer having to improve his backhand) and also quite a few about Federer and Nadal’s mentality when it comes to face each other. It is about this latter aspect that I want to discuss here.

        Taking all of their matches into account, Federer has saved 112 of 196 break point opportunities (57%) whereas Nadal has saved 122 of 191 (64%). I guess that a 6% difference might not sound like much to you but it’s a lot in tight matches, like most of the encounters between them have been. But what’s probably more surprising is the fact that Nadal has overall had only 5 more break opportunities than Federer in 21 matches and yet he’s managed to win the double of matches as Federer (14-7 in the rivalry).

        If we talk about GS, the difference is a lot more pronounced. Federer has saved 53 of 95 (56%) whereas Nadal has saved 60 of 93 (71%) and even more telling is the fact that in spite of the fact that Nadal has had 2 less break point opportunities than Federer in 8 matches, he’s managed to win 6 matches and Federer only 2.

        Critical GS finals between these two were probably RG 2007 in which Federer broke 1 in 17 chances and Wimbledon 2008 where he broke in 1 of 13 chances. As you probably know, Nadal won both of those matches in 4 and 5 sets respectively.

        This leads me to think that the mental aspect is very strong and perhaps crucial when it comes to explain why Nadal has such a strong record against a player that might be regarded as the GOAT by virtually everyone if it wasn’t for him.
        Furthermore, it probably indicates that Federer’s biggest weakness when confronting Nadal might not be his backhand but maybe -just maybe- his relatively weak mentality (in comparison to Nadal’s). Of course, Nadal has always proven to be an extremely strong player in the mental department. In spite of not having an awesome serve, he’s second behind Ljubicic in the past 12 months in the break-points-saved list (Federer is in the ninth position) and also second in the break-points-converted (Federer is 46th, shock!) list so his amazing breaking point saving capacity against Federer maybe isn’t that surprising after all.

        bp saved bp faced tournament
        4 7 miami 2004
        4 9 miami 2005
        4 13 RG 2005
        2 5 Dubai 2006
        7 14 Monte Carlo 2006
        6 9 Rome 2006
        8 12 RG 2006
        1 3 Wimby 2006
        1 2 TMC 2006
        6 8 MC 2007
        5 7 Hamburg 2007
        6 10 RG 2007
        7 11 Wimby 2007
        1 1 TMC 2007
        1 7 MC 2008
        11 17 Hamburg 2008
        9 17 RG 2008
        9 13 Wimby 2008
        9 16 Australian Open 2009
        4 4 Madrid 2009
        7 11 Madrid 2010
        112 196 Total

        0 0 miami 2004
        6 13 miami 2005
        6 12 RG 2005
        0 3 Dubai 2006
        14 18 Monte Carlo 2006
        6 10 Rome 2006
        7 10 RG 2006
        4 10 Wimby 2006
        8 11 TMC 2006
        3 3 MC 2007
        6 11 Hamburg 2007
        16 17 RG 2007
        5 8 Wimby 2007
        1 4 TMC 2007
        1 5 MC 2008
        3 7 Hamburg 2008
        3 4 RG 2008
        12 13 Wimby 2008
        13 19 Australian Open 2009
        0 2 Madrid 2009
        8 11 Madrid 2010
        122 191 Total

      4. Goran,

        We disagree here all the time. We take subtle digs at each other. We roast each other. But we are all good sports. We are self deprecating at times too. I’m sure everyone else agrees with that. I was joking.

        I started reading your post and by the time I reached the “beer” and “whooping” part, I lost all interest. Maybe I’ll start taking your posts seriously, once you start taking things…a little less seriously?


  13. Wow! Tough break. We go form having the easiest draw to having the toughest! Either Rafa or Roger is going home too early IMO. It’s gonna be tough: If Federer loses in the QF, he’ll drop to #5 ranking and will probably be there for USO, uh oh!
    Federer needs to eliminate Rafa: he hasn’t at a major since 2007, which doesn’t bode well for us! However, the last time was at Wimbledon. It’s gonna be tough, and I don’t know if Fed WILL win a 4/5 setter, but he CAN! I THINK EVEN PRIME FED WOULD OF STRUGGLED HERE!
    Rafa, although a fighter, has it just as tough! So we have to beat Rafa/Murray(who is actually good on grass)/Djokovic(waiting in the final— rested and read to beat the winner of the Murrray/Fedal SF). I have faith in him, but the draw is a joke for everyone but Djokovic. The sure are making #18 hard for Fed….

    * Roger beat Rafa/Djokovic/Murray all in the same tourney before at the World Tour Finals 2010. We Better hope it is under the roof πŸ™‚

    1. Now that you mention it (roof), predictions are this is going to be a rainy tournament πŸ˜€ a lot of rain delays and hopefully when Federer plays Nadal, that roof will come into play. Hehehe

      1. Now there’s a high chance that the retractable roof will be a factor. This year’s RG had a lot of rain delays!

        Off topic: Roger’s outfit for the US hardcourt swing is already this early in Nike UK? includes the disappointing USO polo πŸ˜€

  14. Your cool attitude to this worst possible draw for Fed made me feel better, so thanks Jonathan. One match at a time, Allez Roger!!

    I’ve landed on UK. Got a ticket on Wednesday 26th for the Court 1, what is the chance of seeing Fed’s play, any ideas? The last time I had a seat in the Centre Coutrt he played on Court 1 πŸ™ Wish me luck!

    1. Hi Wanda… I hope you have a really good time at Wimbledon. I hope you get to see Roger as you never know what can happen πŸ™‚ . Anyway Enjoy !!! have some Strawberrys and cream and a Pimms. Cool πŸ™‚ Serajul.

      1. Thanks Serajul! Hope I can see him πŸ™‚

        You know what, it would be great if we all ‘PeRFect Tennis’ Fedfans could get together somewhere to see our Goat’s match some day…that would be really fun!

    2. Lucky duck you are Wanda. Would be a dream come true to see Roger at Wimbledon, his sacred turf! Also be really cool if we all got to see him together, willing to pay my ticket from Australia lol? πŸ™‚

      1. A meet and greet Roger Federer and fellow fans at Australia? Yeah!

        Our country might be near Australia, but I’ll loss a good chunk of money for tickets πŸ˜€ (Airlines and Arena)

        Wanda, enjoy your time at Wimbledon!

    3. Ah cool, well I think you have an outside chance of seeing him. Likely playing Stahkovsky, and with Murray potentially playing James Ward, Fed could easily be on court one.

      Haha I agree with Wanda, Alysha has to invite us to Australia Open, I need some sun around January time so would be nice timing.

  15. The draw is pretty bad. On his day Fed can beat Djokovic and Murray but he is owned by Nadal. I see no way how he can beat him. It’s mental and it hurts (Look at Indian Wells and Rome Federer looked like a ball boy against Nadal). There is no really big hitter on Nadal’s path. So he will make the semis. But he has to go through Murray and Djokovic to win a possible #13 GS. That’s good sb has to protect Roger’s legacy.

    1. Good to know you leave out the facts man. Indian Wells Roger was clearly hindered by his back and there’s no competition between them two on clay. Grass is a whole different ball game.

    2. We haven’t seen them play on grass in 5 years Michael so I think it’s difficult to call. Nadal maybe favourite but we have no idea of what to expect. So used to seeing them on clay, if Fed plays attacking he can hit through the court.

  16. Ah well this is very interesting. Federer and Nadal have both got incredibly difficult paths to take if they’re to win. I know he’s 31, and against Rafael Nadal he has a mental weakness, but I see this as an incredible opportunity for Roger to, win Wimbledon for an 8th time, beat Nadal on the grandest stage and then potentially Murray and Djokovic immediately afterwards, but also to clearly reaffirm himself (which of course he already has done many many times) as the king of tennis (he’s already the undisputed king of grass). To my way of thinking it’s the winner of Wimbledon that takes it over all the others.
    Should he do it, this would almost certainly go down as his greatest single triumph yet. Of course, given the task ahead of him, he’ll need to be at his godly best to win because he’ll probably have to go through the 3 other members of the big 4. Crazy excitement!

    1. Indeed Theo, I agree, forget the H2H and that fact Dull has won 8 of their slam meetings, that’s all in the past, it won’t be easy but Fed deffo has a chance.

  17. Off Topic…
    I’ve been reading tweets regarding Roger, Wimbledon and other related news and have you guys come across that “Not Roger” character? Not a fan of him/her. That account should be closed.

    1. You talking about the PsuedoFed account on twitter? Yeah the guy is annoying but should be taken into good humour. There’s a parody account of Nadal and Murray too which are quite hilarious so don’t worry too much!

    2. Ah yeah PseudoFed can be pretty funny, just take them with a pinch of salt. I think he’s passed his sell by date now though, was better when it first came out.

  18. OlΓ‘ again!

    I’m very excited about one thing: Hope my old friend Rogerio Dutra Silva can realize a life dream and play against his idol in the second round, he deserves this gift!
    About the rest of the draw, welll … it will be difficult to Rogi to get the number 18, as usual another tough run, unless he is very, very motivated and consistent!


    1. OlΓ‘!

      Ah yeah that would be interesting. Can he beat Stahkovsky though who is competent on grass with a big ish serve?



      1. I’m pretty sure “Little Roger”(her nickname here) will play with heart and soul, but if Stahkovsky is fit, Rogerinho’s dream can turn to a nightmare!
        ALLEZ Roger and Rogerinho πŸ˜‰

  19. Can’t take Nadal seriously whatsoever, anyone read his press yesterday?

    He said Rosol probably would’ve beaten him last year IF he was healthy? But he is humble no?

    If Roger can beat Nadal in the QF, it will already be a victory in my eyes at least.

    1. Oh boy, he just can’t get over Rosol now, can he? What a sore loser. This guy is worse than Serena Williams when it comes to handling defeats.

      If Roger can beat Nadal in the QF, he would be playing at such a high level, that he should be able to win it all. I mean, imagine his morale and self belief if he were to win that.

      1. Can’t imagine Federer fans if he were to beat Nadal here. Only thing is, Murray will be waiting in the next round. Will Roger be physically/mentally drained from a Nadal victory?

        Murray will be crossing his fingers that Federer wins the Nadal match, there’s no way I see Murray winning against Rafa.

      2. [Will Roger be physically/mentally drained from a Nadal victory?]

        That victory will charge him up like nobody’s business!

    2. Yeah I saw Dulls comments, saying he put himself through too much. The poor soul. Not sure why, last time I heard he was complaining about tax laws in the UK so why bother playing Wimbledon if you’re not right?

      I agree with Sid too, beating Dull at Wimbledon would super charge him I think. Unless it’s like a 5 set epic that goes deep, then it might be difficult to recover from. But if he wins quickly then he’s rising for sure.

  20. Hi Jonathan

    Well it’s nearly time for the off and I know Fed as a tough draw but as the saying goes cometh the hour cometh the man – so lets hope he brings all his magic to the court especially on quarter final day (and hopefully tomorrow when I’m watching him) as we all know anything can happen in this game and any of the top four can slip up (just hoping that it is Nadal that does the slipping) Enjoy your day on Wednesday Jonathan

    1. Hey Trudi,

      Have fun tomorrow when you watch him. Hoping the sun is shining, even though you have the roof. It should be a fun match, Hanescu will play quite aggressively I think so should be some nice points.

      I’m there Friday, but coming down on Wednesday.



  21. Hi Jonathan,
    Planing to go London this week to watch some first rounds matches, any idea how the queue works?! Ans is there a chance πŸ™‚
    It’s my first time there

    1. Hi,

      Well if you want to get Centre Court or Court 1 tickets then you have to camp out the day before. I am going to watch Fridays play but I will be camping on Thursday to get my tickets.

      So if you want to watch Tuesdays matches on centre or 1 you will need to arrive Monday morning to camp.

      If you just want outside courts then you might be able to arrive really early on Tuesday morning and still get them.

      It’s always busy, apparently they have already closed the queue for Mondays play as it’s too full!


      1. Thanx Jonathan, will go for outside courts then πŸ™‚ can’t camp πŸ™

  22. Lost for words really but its really up to Roger now to step it up against Nadal. I think he has a decent shot as grass does not have high bounce as compared to clay. He needs to have quick matches in a first few rounds to have a decent shot. He has to believe in his game on grass to be beat Nadal.

    1. Hey Dippy,

      True, second to an indoor court this has to be his best shot (USO hard courts are an unknown since they never played on them) so he definitely has a shout.

      Gonna be interesting that’s for sure, allez Roger!


  23. Hey all… I was watching a re-run of the 2012 Wimby on tv. At the time bcos i was soooo happy when Fed won the Murrays speach didnt affect me. Now when i watched back i actually felt really sorry for him. But i have to admit i did have teary eyes when Fed lost to Nadal at the Austrailian Open especially when Fed said ” God its killing me!!” But even though i dont like Nadal i really liked when Nadal gave him a consoling hug while Fed was crying. This is the only time Nadal showed class and proper sportmanship. After that Nadal was back to his normal self and celebrating with his Uncle N#bhead.
    I really hope if there is a Fedal QF that Fed shows him who is the real king of grass!!! But i know it will be tough match and ” for sure” Fed needs to bring his A game.

  24. Nice to see some Fed fans being positive! The only good thing I see when Roger is facing Rafa is that, if he wins, it will be one of the best days ever! And even more so in Wimby! Go Roger!

  25. Roger will surprise everyone at Wimbledon this year.

    I’ve been commenting on this blog for over a year. All good things must come to an end. It’s been a pleasure!

    It’s a great blog, Jonathan! Keep up the good work!


  26. Nothing counts when it comes to roger – rafa match. This year roger still have to defeat a top 10 player. So do u expect roger to defeat rafa in their meeting ( to defeat 1st top 10 player and I.e rafa) ??- tough call….
    It’s a tough draw for rafa too. The winner of Wimbledon 2013 wll be nole?? I just expect this but not a deal.
    It is nearly 5 years that roger faced rafa on grass. There are only 2 ways roger can win against rafa —–

    1) fed vs rafa match should be on a rainy day and on a closed centre court (roger leads rafa 4-0 in indoors) ,
    Roger doesn’t like to disturb his only best head to head record against rafa.
    2) rafa shouldn’t reach quarterfinals either by losing early or by retiring from tournament due to an injury.

    Murray looks hungry but will loose to nole if he reaches final , we could also see nole vs rafa final where nole will take the revenge beating rafa.
    I wish roger to have all the luck on his side on the day he plays rafa.
    All the best federer .

    1. He defeated Tsonga at the Australian so that’s his only top 10 win to date.

      I agree though, it’s a tough call.

      The roof closed would help but I disagree he needs thats to win, for Fed to beat Dull he has to serve and volley on his first serve and just use the variety he is blessed with. The guy has the most versatile groundstrokes in the game, has to use that to his advantage. He needs to keep Nadal guessing and use the backhand slice down the line a lot, if he plays that well he can probably come in behind it and put the volley away as the ball will be travelling upwards.

      Anyway, 5 matches till the quarters, too early to talk about this one!

      1. My 2nd point went straight into darcis mind , now federer doesn’t have rafa in his mind.
        I bet federer will win against murray.
        Who could be federers quarterfinal opponent? ??

  27. 111 comments? Are you kidding me? I have not touched my laptop for two days and I have to read this all first???

  28. Hey guys, I haven’t read all the comments yet, but I have some things to say. I will say in it parts, so that it will not look that long !!!

    – Draw from Hell? Yes, it is !! Serena picked up one impossible draw for Roger. And how did he return the favour? By giving her a Vika/Maria-SF so she would not have to worry about those two. Really, Roger is way too nice.

    – This draw is difficult for two people only, Roger and Rafa. Novak has a cakewalk. But so did Roger at RG, so it is not nessecary a good thing. Novak had a cakewalk draw at AO and Stan the Man almost spoiled it for him.

    – If Roger beats Rafa, then Andy, then Novak, he is and will always be remembered as the Goat. Beating THE top 3 at age 31 when they are 5 and 6 years younger…. no debate about beeing or not beeing the Goat. How bad he will do after this, no one can take away that he did beat those 3 at Wimby.

    – This draw is not tough for Andy at all. He has only 2 of the 4 to play, while Roger and Rafa have 3 of the 4 to play.

    – This year Wimby will be Andy’s.

  29. – If Roger cannot win Wimby, I don’t want Rafa to win it, because he does not deserve it. But…. if Rafa wins Wimby, beating Roger, Andy and Novak… then yes, let him have the title. Roger and Rafa are the only ones with this tough draw. I don’t want Rafa to win, but if he can beat the 3 best, he will have deserved his win.

    – If Roger wins Wimby after beating Rafa, Andy and Novak, he WILL be the greatest of all time. If Rafa wins Wimby after beating the big 3, he will NOT be the greatest of all time, he will just be the guy who showed that it was a good and wellthought plan to take a 8 month break to work on every aspect of the game and come back winning everything.

    – If Rafa wins Wimby, he better have a good explanation how it is possible to get into 10 finals, winning 8 of them in less than 6 months.

    – Rafa has played more matches this year than Roger, Novak, Andy and Ferrer. Losing only 2 matches. This must stop sometimes right? Even his body aka knees have to say, give me a rest, I cannot do it for so long.

    – As much as I love Roger I don’t think he will defend the title. If he keeps his QF streak alive, I will be happy.
    If he BEATS Rafa, that will be enough for me, even better than winning the title.

  30. – I am really sorry that Roger will get to number 5 (or hopefully only number 4) after Wimby. But the rest of the year is not over yet. He will not end the year as number 5. He will make sure of that.

    – A bad thing about beeing number 5 is that as much as we are shocked with this draw, it will also mean he has to play 3 of the big 4 at USO, so we better get use to it.

    – I know Roger will never retire too soon. He has already said that he knows of guys who have retired too soon and are regretting that decision. So he will retire when he thinks there is no “hope” for him. He does not want to retire and regret it.
    Also, although he does not say it, he wants his legacy to be left almost unbeatable.

    – Now that he knows Rafa is getting closer, he will make sure that Rafa does not win. You saw his fighting abillities at Halle. He will beat Rafa by fighting. By winning his 12th GS Rafa did Roger a HUGE favour. Roger wants to win GS now even more.

    – All Roger fans are realistic. They want him to win, but they know it will be nearly impossible. He has guaranteed three 5 setters or atleast three 4 setters to win Wimby. And with his 31 years, he gets tired after two 5 setters.

    – By the way I am really getting annoyed with this, Roger has a greater chance when the roof is shut or when it has rained….
    Now, suddenly people, also his own fans, forget that his 7 Wimby did not all come from a closed roof.
    He did win almost all of them when the roof was still open.

    Even that Sue Parker (?) from BBC said that last year at Wimby final, Andy was in the first set in the driver’s seat, then the roof closed and Roger won. That is so unfair to Roger. Andy won the first set, but Roger won the second set when the roof was open. Suddenly they forget that and act like Roger can only win with a closed roof. Why? Even his own fans say that and pray for rain the coming two weeks. Why? Roger does know how to play in an open court.

  31. – But…. Somehow, I think this will be Roger’s time to shine.
    This is his opportunity to get passed Pete. This is his opportunity to show something that no one has ever done: beat the 3 best players in the world to get a GS title. This is his opportunity: THEY are coming to beat him on his backyard, his favourite surface. This is his opportunity to get so ahead that he will not be surpassed in the next generations to come.

    – And lets be honest, even if he did not win this year so much, he could have reached almost every final of the tours he entered this year. That was how good he was playing, even with a hurtfull back. Like he already said, he was not playing bad, the others were just playing better. Now, this is his chance and I think on one hand that he will beat Rafa at the QF but will lose to Andy at the SF, but on the other hand I do have this feeling that he will win Wimby.
    “Destiny” is giving him a great opportunity: Show the world WHY you are the best, WHY you should be considered the one and only Goat, WHY you deserve your legacy.
    And Roger will take that chance “Destiny” gave him.

  32. You know, I am not setting myself up for a disappointment or I am going to get mad or upset when it will not happen, but I get this feeling that Roger will win Wimby.
    I think he will get passed Rafa in 4, Andy in 4 or 5 and then Novak in 4.
    No, I am not drunk or thinking Roger is 23 and unbeatable…… but somehow….. I think there is a reason for all of this. “Destiny”. He got Rafa in the QF, Andy did not get Rafa at the QF. There is a reason for that. Not Rafa in the SF or Final, not Andy in the Final, not Novak in the QF or SF.
    Somehow…. I think…. “Destiny” is up to something.
    Yes, I was wrong with “Destiny” and Dimitrov at Wimby, but….

    I am not getting my hopes up or thinking that he will definitely win, but….. there is a reason for all of this, just right now at Wimby.
    We will see, he can lose in the first round or befor QF, but I have two hopes for him, getting his QF-streak and defeating Rafa. The rest is a bonus.

    Go Roger Go, you can do the impossible.

    1. Oh katysni, give us break to read all this πŸ™‚
      Anyhow, I could see your point about “destiny” thingy but that could work for Rafa as wll πŸ™‚

      1. Dude, I don’t do short and to the point (with the exception of this comment) !!!
        That is why I wrote it in parts. You can read it in a couple of days !!!

    2. Katyani, I like how you split these up into (almost) manageable chunks πŸ˜€

      You make some good points. Guess we will find out how most of them pan out in 2 weeks time.

      Nadal out of the equation now, so anything can happen!


  33. Dear Friends,

    DID I SCARE EVERYBODY WITH MY LONG COMMENTS??? A whole day, no comments at all……

    You know, you can just tell me to write less, don’t have to ignore the site alltogether……

  34. Wow, only just got home from work hoping to catch the end of Roger’s match to find out that the sneaky Swiss already got the job done. Looks like a GOAT approved performance to me, very nice!

    Also caught photos of the revealed Nike jacket/blazer- Nike has redeemed itself for now…

    Onto the second round we go!

  35. I know it was just the first round but if Fed can maintain and improve each round. Then it will be a very intresting when it comes to the Fedal match. Fed was on court 1:08 mins which is impressive. I hope Fed doesnt go hot and cold in the upcoming matches. The ball is rolling in the right direction. Come on Roger 1 down 6 to go!!!:)

  36. The only thing that can make up for me missing Roger’s match is watching Nadal lose in the first round.

    Anyone else watching Darcis? Doing a great job out there, although we all know that taking sets off rafa in the first few rounds don’t mean anything until the match is actually over…

    1. What the hell? Two sets down? Don’t know who this Darcis guy is, but he is playing really good.
      Now Rafa has to go to the distance. Second time Rosol? Rafa is nervous.
      Wonder what excuse Uncle and Nephew will come up with if…….

      1. Spot on Katyani, if Kneedal loses there already will be comming up excuses. But seeing Uncle N#bheads face is priceless!! Hears hoping not far now Mr Darcy is 5-3 up. πŸ™‚

  37. Second tie break, second set for Darcis!It’s getting interesting now
    Watching Nadal lose in the first round is enjoyable indeed, but at the same time I want this Nadal to get through! Playing on grass Roger would have a great chance to beat him and then get some momentum to win the 8th.

    1. Nah Nadal is not making it to Roger. Say bye bye to the Fedal QF everyone. Over before it began lol. Just shows Nadal from this moment forward that Nadal gonna struggle on non-clay surfaces.

  38. Now that Rafa is in trouble, the commentators say he might have knee problems……
    Already making his excuses ready. Where were his knee problems when he was in 9 finals winning 7?
    This is the reason why I don’t like Rafa and never will. Roger never grabs his back or acts like he is hurting.

    1. Whilst I hate to admit it, Rafa isn’t 100%, limping around the court, not bending low on the knee. I think those 40 matches have finally caught up. Doesn’t matter, Darcis is 4 games away from handing Nadal his first R1 loss in a slam. Allez!

  39. Wow kneedal is losing 2 sets love and he just lost his opening 3rd set game. Come on Mr Darcy please just hold your serve from now on. It could be another big upset on the card.

  40. Just gotta hold here Darcis man c’mon! Hahaha oh wow, even Lukas Rosol (who lost earlier today) on twitter is supporting Darcis. Guess someone had to carry on what he started…

    1. Rosol hates Dull. Love how he didn’t pussy out against him and basically conveyed he disliked Nadals style just with how he played. Epic.

    1. Hi Elvis…. If i can use one of your sayings ” Nadal has just left the building” “Thank you very much, uhh uhhh hahh” πŸ™‚ wooohoooo. Man u should of seen Uncle N#bhead squeming in his seat. He needs to go and see Dr Fuentes associates to top up the juices as Nadal clearly didnt have enough in the tank!!! And on the way he needs see the tin man and borough his oil can to put life back in his knees!!!

  41. You know, even I can see that Rafa is limping, but some of it is also a little bit over”acting”.

    I do have to say this, I am really impressed that he did not call for a trainer.
    Has given a little bit up, not a lot.

    BUT……. the first thing that came to my mind when I saw he was losing was…..
    AGAIN….. he is deniying Roger the chance to beat him on Roger’s favourite surface and to make the H2H somewhat better.
    This way the H2H will never improve in Roger’s favour !!!

    1. Nadal knows it’s better to get out now rather than put his knee through more stress and get out in the next round, or even worse…lose to Roger.

      H2H so unbalanced. Rafa never giving his end of the bargain to meet Roger on surfaces other than clay.

      1. Yes, Alysha, but it is SO UNFAIR. I knew Roger would beat Rafa in the QF. I have wrote that here, I thought Roger would lose to Andy the next round, but he would defeat Rafa.
        Afterall, this is Roger’s best surface.
        Now Rafa is not even giving him the chance to beat him and to get the H2H (that is ridiculous clay) more even.

        It is so unfair of Rafa, he was in the third set giving up, despite the knee problem.

      2. Rafa got outplayed pretty much today though. The grass is fast and just shows he isn’t the complete player everyone thinks he is.

        Just remember how the script goes:
        When Rafa falls, a certain Roger Federer rises…

        Too soon for Rafa to go on another 7 month vacation for the knees no?

  42. BUT NOW…..

    I do hope Roger keeps his concentration. After Rosol beat Rafa last year, Roger almost got beaten by Benneteau. Hope that that does not happen with his second match.
    Hope he does not let this Rafa loss effect him too much and keeps his focus.

    Now…. Roger really has a good chance….

  43. Man makes 9 finals and wins 7 of those. Yet people claim he was injured during this match? I’m surprised he didn’t call for his usual MTO.

    1. Tough to call. Yet again he played too much. Incapable of learning. Nobody expected this though. He was one of the favourites for the tournament.

  44. My 2nd point went straight into darcis mind , now federer doesn’t have rafa in his mind.
    I bet federer will win against murray.
    Who could be federers quarterfinal opponent? ??

  45. Sid….conspiracy theory just for you.

    Do you think Rafa was meant to lose before the QF?? You know why I ask?
    Last year, the Great Uncle Toni was a nervous, almost having a heartattack, guy who was jumping out of his skin when Rafa was losing or about to lose.

    This time, a player, older, ranked 135, beat or was on the verge of beating him….. and the Great Uncle Toni was relaxed as hell……

    No, they were planning this….. they knew Rafa’s knee was not good, so they did not want him to lose to Roger……

    And not only Roger, they are also deniying the new improved Andy the chance to beat Rafa.

  46. Dear Jonathan, can you ask the BBC, John Mac Enroe, Sue Parker and the whole country to stop making Andy some kind of God??? He is still 16 GS short of beeing treated like a God !!!

  47. Guys, there is this GIF of Roger vollying at the net. Just saw it on his site. First set, first game he won.
    He comes to the net. Hanescu playes it and Roger casual playes it back !!!
    I saw the point for the first time and even I was like “stop it Roger, you cannot be this good” !!!

  48. Oh Jonathan, you foresaw Stak from the get go. More than a test…zoned in big time on Fed! Sigh…
    The draw never usually goes to script but it never strays this far away from it! Just amazing how it changes in a mere 3 days. Hope you enjoy Wimbledon either way but for most Fed fans I’d say it’s WimbleDONE.

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