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Wimbledon 2015 Chat Thread

Hi guys, I'm down at Wimbledon for a few days this week so it's highly unlikely I will get chance to do my usual Federer match recaps; à la Madrid (dare I mention that 😆 ) I've created this post as a chat thread for discussion of Roger's first round match against Damir Dzhumur + hopefully his second round on Thursday 😉

I'm back later in the week and will be doing a recap on Saturday. Roger kicks off his campaign tomorrow as the second match on centre and I'm hoping for a nice straight sets win. Live chat will be open as normal and depending on data connection in the Grounds I should be able to join in for a bit too.

Allez la suisse!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Oh wow, you’ve got a ticket or joined the queue? Hope you will get to see Fed!
    Good luck and have a great time there 🙂

  2. So jealous that your going to see him enjoy your day. I am there on friday looking forward to t and hoping to see stan the man as fed not playing

  3. Have an awesome awesome time! Although your trips away might be cursed what with Madrid and Wimbledon ’13. But you also went to Halle once where he won the title so I’m sure it’s not a real curse!

    I am lucky enough to have Centre Court tickets for tomorrow. Won the ballot yonks ago so had no idea who I was getting until the schedule came! Can’t believe my luck.

    I’ll put the photos on my google drive and leave a link in the comments here the day after so I can share with my fellow FedExpress passengers. Because Fed at SW19 is pretty much the holy grail I know.

  4. Didn’t Fed’s lose in the second round last time you went to wimby?? Oh well, second round exit it is then… 😉

  5. I’m having flashbacks to 2013 J, hope it doesn’t have the same ending 😛 Just kidding, hope you have a fantastic time and have lots of stories to tell us! You too Susie, I know you are also lucky to be attending.

    Enjoyable first day of Wimby in a while and never have I seen such mammoth matches being played on day 1. I think the extra week is already showing in quality, will see what consequences it has on the hard court season though. Big story of the day was obviously Hewitt, sad he couldn’t come out alive but he went down in typical Rusty fashion, one of the last few old school grass court players that was left. He will be missed!

    Also here is the link to Fed’s interview with Amanpour for CNN if anyone is interested

    Excited for Fed to kick of his campaign today, Allez!

    1. Thanks. Yeah Susie is going, said I’d meet up with her but dunno if I’ll be allowed on the members terrace

      And thanks for sharing that link, I’d seen people talking about it but couldn’t find it.

  6. Thanks Alysha for the link. Well Sid, we’ll blame every on Jonathan. BTW, who is winning this year?

    To all the fans at Wimbledon, I’m green with envy. Have a great time!

    1. Great minds Wanda – just came onto the site to post this exact article. I liked: ‘…what I find most admirable in Federer’s late career is simply the vision of freedom it implies. The idea that you can make your own way. That you don’t have to give up what you love simply because you’re told to. ‘

      But here’s an earlier Telegraph article which is nice too:

      1. Funny thing that they mentioned Taylor Fritz. I watched his match against Feliciano Lopez in Nottingham R2 and also his interview on the ATP site. I really liked the boy’s posture, very focused and sensible, no star pose whatsoever despite the growing hype around him, which he acknowledged in a not-too-detached-way-such-that-it-could-be-taken-for-false-modesty. Let’s see what the future brings him and, most important, what he makes of it. Ah, and he looks a lot like my eldest son!

  7. Having watched the first set, seems Fed’s forcing some extra power into his groundstrokes than usual. Booming forehands!

  8. Why the fuck is the site going full Gaytard?!? I want to find the dumbfuck who is putting pictures on the home page, and I want to kill him.

    1. You mean Wawrinka’s pic, right?… Gosh.
      I rubbed my eyes repeatedly just to make sure I had not entered a fake website, but no, it was ATP alright. Someone was given a wild card to put whatever he/she pleases on the site and the supervisor, if any exists, is nowhere to be seen…

      1. People want to check scores, read about Wimbledon, not watch a nearly nude Wawrinka. The fuck is wrong with these demented fucks?

        I’m going to write to those assholes and find out who did it. Then I’m going to find out where the motherfucker lives, and I’m going to put a bullet in his head. What is that was a legitimate threat?

    2. Uh-hu… While you’re at it, mind putting a bullet in the heads of the designers who put this new website up? The old one was so much better…. Or at least less bad xP

      1. But seriously, I am at work, and I go to once in a while to check Federer scores. I open the home page, and the fuck, a nude Wawrinka. Have those idiots even thought about that?

        I mean, seriously, use your fucking heads. Why not just change the name of the website to, huh? That way people know when to visit it.

        There’s a time and place to put those pictures up. This is not the place. This is not the time. This is Wimbledon.

    3. Odd certainly Sid, but your reaction seems excessively violent. 😉 Would you have been so concerned had it been a picture of an almost naked Ana Ivanovic? 😆

      1. My problem slamdunk, is not about the picture as such, but where it’s being displayed. If I open a web browser at my work, which I do to check scores, and the first thing that pops up on the big screen is that of a nearly nude Stan, what the fuck?

        Besides, it’s too gay, to be on

        Oh, an almost naked Ana? She is my favorite player, I mean because she is so hot. But then again, there’s a time and place to plaster pictures like that. Not on Please.

      2. Nothing to do with gay or straight, and really I thought the Stan pics were very well done – much like the Aga pics of a year or so ago. However I agree with Sid (!!!!!) that the front page of the atp site is not a very felicitous place to put them. Have a link, by all means – but people ARE checking scores from work, and some workplaces are less than understanding about what may show up on a page incidentally.

    4. Glad Fed never done that. Imagining is one thing but seeing it? Whoa…Stan’s BH is just as beautiful with the famous shorts on.

  9. Well it was a display of ultra aggressive Roger today. Looks like he was in a hurry – finished just 1 hour and 8 minutes!

  10. Ahah! A super fast effort. That is why I missed all but the first and last three games. I dozed off watching the match and when I woke up, I couldn’t believe that he was two sets and a break up! Though I was pleased at the score line I was disappointed to have missed seeing it. It sounds as if our man played well.

  11. Great play from Feds and very little energy expended – didn’t need to get out of 1st gear; what more could we want? 🙂 Querrey will be tougher, but honestly don’t see anything to trouble our champ.

  12. Such a very solid opening match here but the henley is just so awful- in what world does Fed not wear a collar to Wimbledon? Onto the next one! I hope those who attended the match or matches later this week are having a lovely time.

    1. I agree too. Thought it was only me 😉 – I’ve seen comments elsewhere about how good it looks, & wonder if we’re following the same tournament. Though I also agree with the sentiment that Roger could wear white trash bags & look good.

      So glad about the solid match part though!

    2. I like the collars, but I have to say I like the shirt – he looks pretty good to me. But then, Jonathan would say my fashion sense is suspect! 😆

  13. Jonathan,
    Jack Sock is losing his first round as you predicted (no seeded opponent for Roger until R4)
    You put Federer as a winner right?

  14. I missed the match, but I just saw the highlights. And I just have to say. WOW! I don’t think I’ve seen Federer look that imperious in any first round match. This was an incredible highlight reel. The game just seemed to flow.

    1. Oh come on, it’s Dzumhur. People don’t even know his name, let alone spell it. Let’s not get too carried away. It’s not like he is going to win it all anyways.

      1. Yeah, that’s why I added the caveat, “In a first round match”. I’m only comparing across first rounds. Has nothing to do with later rounds.

  15. Hope guys out there watched him in full flight yesterday had a great Fed experiences 🙂
    Can’t wait reading the fan stories, please!

    Disappinting Andy Roddick didn’t commentate for Fed’s match. Anybody heard his commentary last two days?

    1. I heard somewhere else that Andy’s not commentating until the second week. 🙁 This is a pity as we’re going to have to put up with McEnroe (really irritating, wish he’d stfu), Timmy (sort of OK), Castle (bleh), Lloyd (meh bleh).

      Watched the match twice now. I know Dzumhur (sp.?) is a fairly low-ranked player, but it’s fun to watch Feds gliding round the court just the same eh Wanda? 🙂

      1. Yeah the guy hit some astonishing passing shots but Fed was just too good, was joy to watch 🙂

    2. McEnroe is annoying but does usually come up with 2 or 3 sort of gems that nobody else has even thought of so kinda worth having on. He made some good points in Brown vs. Nadal.

  16. Roger was off the block smoothly. May this continue all the way. Comparing to the other three of Big 4, Roger was clearly the best, with Andy struggling to hold his serves. Tomorrow, Roger will have a rally contest with Querrey. Hope that Roger will not give Querrey too many sit-up balls for him to hit.
    Wanda, Roddick will start commentating in Week 2.
    Allez Roger!

  17. This is the first chance I’ve had to report back after seeing Roger on centre court yesterday and I don’t know how Jonathan gets those reports up so quickly.

    Anyway it was a great day. Centre Court was like a Cathedral with the faithful having made the pilgrimage to witness the messiah in action. Between cheers a lot of the match seemed to be watched in an awed hush. As remarked elsewhere it was pretty straightforward brilliance. I’ve seen him live before – including the Murray near whitewash at ATP finals and also one and half sets of the 2012 Djokovic semi final but this was still special. I think it was partly because I kept thinking it might be my last chance to see him live so I was just trying to savour every moment.

    From a genius point of view the main thing was the incredible racket head speed he generated when he attacked which you don’t always get on TV. Serving was great (I think he was on for an all ace game at one point?) and he seemed to be very confident and skilful on the volley which bodes well.

    Sadly (and happily) it was all over in a flash and at one point I was rooting for Dhuzmer to win his serve just so I’d get a chance to see Roger serve it out from our end.

    I don’t want to tempt fate but I cant see anyone troubling him until Berdych. I watched Querry in the Nottingham final and although he’s had some good results recently he was still hapless. OK I’ve tempted fate – sorry.

    I left after Murrays first set – I was sharing the ticket with my daughter – but saw both Pospisil’s and Coric’s fifth sets on outside courts which were great drama. Very good to see Coric who was suffering from terrible cramp beat Stakhovsky.

    Day off tomorrow and I’m now back to watching the rest of the tournament on TV -I hope he can get to the semis and give Murray a run for his money.

    1. Thanks for that Ian – your observations about the crowd’s ‘awed hush’ has been echoed by other fan stories I’ve heard recently. The champ is revered wherever he goes. Glad you had a good time and got to see him in action. I saw him at WTF in 2011 – so long ago. 🙁

    2. Lovely that you had a great time watching Fed but hope it won’t be the last time, Ian. I am one still hoping to see him there one day after many attempts and failures.
      Thanks for writing!

    3. Haha love the parallel to Wimbledon being a pilgrimage to see the Messiah. Great stuff, you are incredibly lucky to see Fed play at home on CC, nothing else like it in this sport.

    4. Yeah I echo Ian’s thoughts. Just a shame it was over so fast! Murray Kukushkin sent me to sleep, the Kazakh should have won the second set.

    1. “Wimbledon ball boys and girls have the speed of an athlete, the neatness of a gymnast, and the intelligence of a games player.”

  18. Thanks Ian for the report. Roger live, nothing like it, no matter who he plays. Pospisil is fun to watch, lots of emotion.

  19. I agree with you Sid, the way Wawrinka’s pic jumped out at me when I opened, I quickly closed the page, before someone thought I was watching porn. And when I opened it again, I minimised my screen so that the next pic will come up at its own time. LOL!
    Brace up guys, I think the atpworldtour will soon put up Berdych’s naked pic very soon, to me he looks better, more like zotar.
    I just wish they gave Wawrinka a full tan before he took that pic…probably woulda looked sexier.

    Now to tennis folks, prediction, Federer vs Querrey. This is hoping Querrey chokes early!
    Come on Fed!!

    1. Under a different perspective, the Wawrinka photo is quite good. I very much like the lighting, the view angle and the relative position of his legs/arms. The set conveys a very strong sense of motion and could even be used as study material for those wanting to learn how to hit a backhand on the run. (I mean a one-hand, because the two-hand, bleurhg!).
      If I tried to stretch my backhand half of what Stanislas is able to achieve, the arms would detach from the shoulders and be sent flying in opposite directions. Then, I would be also lucky if I were able to return home hopping on one leg…

    1. No way! I just saw it. Nah, that did not happen. No, it did not. Nope. It must be fake. Definitely.
      Back to medication.

  20. If any you folks aren’t watching the Nadal v Brown match, you should! Absolutely RIDICULOUS shot making from the German, I’ve never seen a more entertaining set of tennis my whole life! Don’t watch a highlights reel, try to find the entire first set because every single shot that Brown executed turned to gold!

    1. Brown is amazing!!!

      By the end of set 3, volley point from him is around 43/65 and Nadal is 1/1
      (And I remember someone said Nadal has one of the best volley, hahaha.. Well his volley percentage is 100% though)

      1. Agreed. Today, we saw the better volleyer lose at Wimbledon. What a travesty!

    2. That was a good match indeed. But, BUT his Halle match against Nadal- now that was a highlight reel.

  21. Holy fucking cow! What just happened? Is that what you call, a GOAT? Going out in Rounds 2, 1, 4, and 2, in four years, at Wimbledon? Seriously, how can you even make the GOAT case for Nadal? Even on his weakest surface, Federer wasn’t this bad.

    1. Agreed. Case is being closed in a brutal fashion! But would have never been open without massive doping anyway.

  22. Aww, guys, don’t be so hard on Nadal 🙂
    His name was just there to sell some tickets 😉
    Okay guys, Federer vs Groth? What do you guys think? Another very heavy hitter .

    1. Groth gonna dish up a old-school S&V show. Will be rhythmless match for Roger who must concentrate on getting the ball back in play and use the slice to give Groth no look in the rallies.

    1. Yes nice article and you do definitely get the impression its no more mr nice guy and he’s got no intention of rolling over for Djokovic and certainly not anyone else. Last year he went in with a hope but this year there is an arrogance about him and his play. Some of the shots he was going for against Querry, and often pulling off, were almost embarrassing like he was saying – yes I really am that good – look. So he wasnt just playing Querry but putting on a performance for the rest of the field. Anyway it might not come off but you need a bit of aura to win a slam and I think thats what he’s working on.

      1. Agree Ian/Alb (and Bodo) – he really does look very determined – I liked your ‘yes I really am that good’ Ian….he really *is* that good as we know. I like Querrey though, such a nice guy – that ‘you want to go over and give him a high five’! Hilarious. 😆

    2. Too early to be drawing conclusions, we’ve had a 5ft nothing guy with no weapons in round 1 and then a player with a big game but no mental strength 🙂

      Fed has looked good for sure but very early days. Groth could be tricky.

      1. Groth is going to hog the front court. I just don’t see him go with any other strategy.

  23. So, 11 grand slams have been played since Federer won his last slam, and 5 slams since Nadal won his last. Definitely looks like this will be the first year since 2004 when Nadal doesn’t win at least one slam.

    1. Well he only has one more chance this year. I can think of a fair few players this year though on hard courts that are in front of him. But he has mounted some of his best comebacks in New York though so we shall wait and see.

  24. Nadal, with the horrendous game of his, was destroying the center court litterally. So good for the courts that he is out of the tourney. But why putting n10 on center court ? Maybe they knew it was his last match :))

    1. It doesn’t matter what ranking the big 4 get, they are the most popular players on tour and hence are the most in demand and will always be guaranteed CC or no.1

  25. A very good and convincing win, though the 1st set was a bit tense due to his average 1st serve % and Querrey serving lights out. Nevertheless, Roger has given Querrey arkward balls to hit. As I expected, Querrey cam out firing boms in the first two sets and hitting big. Once Roger’s returns improved, there was only one winner. In that show game, Roger hit two brilliant points, including the tweener lob, just hilarious 🙂 .
    On the next match, I’ve never seen Groth play. His strengths are said to be similar to Querrey’s but not as good as Querrey, then I believe that the outcome ought to be clear.
    2 down 5 to go.
    Allez Roger!
    On Rafa’s loss, I am not surprised but felt sorry for him. I think he is done.

    1. I think Groth is more dangerous than Querrey in a one off match basis. Querrey going to be more consistent over the course of a year but Groth can hit bombs and on grass his bulky frame doesn’t hinder him massively as the rallies are always pretty short. Should be an interesting one.

  26. Fab game by Fed today wish I could have been there but tomorrow I will be and will see the lovely Stan. Amazing match by Mr Brown he so deserved the win. Hopefully Fed can make light work of Mr Groth Allezz Roger and Stan – all Swiss final would be nice

  27. Felt sad for Nadal.

    Great champion/athlete getting humbled so consistently on the premiere tourney of the game is not fun to see for me.

    But I’m very glad for Fed that he doesn’t deal with Rafa and is one GS safer from seeing his record threatened while he still plays.

    1. Nadal being schooled at Wimbledon by people like Dustin Brown who are rewarded for aggressive play will always be amusing but seems as Rafa has hit rock bottom. Got no excuses this time.

      Seems we’ll never see Fedal at Wimby again.

      1. Ok, let’s not make this into something it isn’t. Brown is the ultimate kamikaze player on grass. His style is completely anti-tennis, it’s horrible. He beat Nadal though, so I’m going to give him a pass.

    2. Browns game is ideal for grass, nice to see attacking tennis prevail. All about the baseline grinders now with Nadal one of it’s chief exponents so hopefully Browns win gets other players believing that style can win big matches and also kids watching. Pity 99% of all surfaces have been slowed beyond recognition.

  28. Querrey started off serving really well
    It couldn’t have lasted one could tell
    And that crazy tweener from Mr. Fed
    Sent Mr. Querrey off, straight to bed

    Then came roaring Dreadlocks Dustin
    With most of his shots landing just in
    Mr. Rafael Nadal had a perpetual frown
    Done and dustinned by one Mr. Brown

      1. It’s Dustiny! Nadal was Dustinned to lose.

        Ok, that was too corny. 🙂

    1. Will you shut up, already? You are spoiling my reverse jinx seems to be working so far.


      1. Sid!! You know you’re not supposed to admit the reverse jinx before the fat lady sings, right?

  29. Commiseration to Nadal fans. On an optimistic note, his loss would be vindicated by a deep run by dreadlock say the into the semis. He is after all “an unusual player’ in the words of Nadal before the match. In the meantime, allez Roger!

  30. WOW! What a day at SW19. Even Querry wanted to hi-five Roger after that tweener-lob. I mean seriously, what was that? Hard to see that being beaten as THE shot of the tournament. Sam I thought came out to play in the first set but after Fed got the break and pulled away from the dock, another masterclass was in session. Would like to see him serving a little better and tuning the FH but so far so good, will be interesting to see the matchup with Groth who matched Fed pretty well in New York, will only be tougher on the grass.

    Only DREDDY could outdo Fed though. It was a S&V schooling of the very best. Some of the drop volleys he was handing to Rafa time and time again were unbelievable. His 1st and 2nd serve were almost the same speeds and his return winners mind blowing. We knew Brown could do this, but I’m fascinated by how he wasn’t intimidated by Nadal over 5 sets- he took no time between points, rubbed his celebration in his face after each marvel of a shot he played and didn’t back down and that’s what it was going to take to get the win. It’s just really nice to see people like him be rewarded playing that style of the game and I wonder what else we could’ve seen from him if the surfaces hadn’t been slowed down elsewhere.

    What do you say about Nadal though? Not taking away from Dreddy but this match just demonstrated the utter decline of Nadal’s FH over the past year- non existent is putting it lightly. Rafa has no confidence after a disappointing clay season by his standards and it would seem if all those “injuries” finally catching up with him. Looks like this will be his first year going slamless. Nadal been making the comeback train each time so what’s the difference this time around? Rafa hitting 30 in a year or so, but still has time to achieve more. I think if he is really willing to accept this stage of his career a few changes need to be taken and that includes saying goodbye to Uncle Toni.

    1. This game reminds me of the Arthur Ashe-Jimmy Connors Wimbledon final (1975 I think). Ashe completely threw off Connors with junk ball. He consistently kept the ball out of Connors’s comfort zone.

      Sort of like today, with the variety of shots Brown was hitting. The difference being, Ashe played like a pusher, while Brown took it to Nadal. Good to see tennis like this every once in a while, especially when the Vermin gets smoked.

      Look’s like at Wimbledon 2016, there will be a qualifier to decide which player outside the top 100 earns the right to play Nadal in the first round. Last I heard, there were 500 applicants. 🙂

    2. We keep saying how important confidence is, & I think that’s what we’re seeing, is that without the confidence, people beat Nadal who otherwise wouldn’t. Now, what has caused that confidence to crash this year, when he’s successfully come back from injury before, without any apparent break in said confidence? Dunno. Wonder if something is happening behind the scenes we’re unaware of.

      1. Having now seen some highlights, including most of the 4th set, (in Russian no less), looks like Rafa has just not got his range – he’s wide, he’s long, he’s into the net. Kind of like Roger when he changed racquets. I thought there might have been something about a new racquet for Rafa too – something about the metrics? – if he’s using a different racquet for practice & play, that could definitely be a problem. On the other hand Toni apparently said something like ‘changing racquets is a possibility’, so I dunno.

        Huge credit to Dustin for keeping his energy & attack high, especially at the end – letting the ball go on match point on Rafa’s serve, only to have it curl in; then starting his own service game with a double fault. We’ve seen people fold from that position, & he didn’t. He really played the angles & ran balls down from the first point. He was certainly helped by Rafa’s not getting balls back that he would have normally, but he was fully present to take advantage. Really well done imho.

      2. There is no way he would use a different racquet for practice than the one he uses in matches.

        I think he tried one for a clay tournament earlier in the year, had a looser string pattern so was meant to help with even more top spin as his forehand was playing up. Changed back immediately though.

      3. Well, that’s what I thought – but what about the… unit?… that collects metric data? Is that still on board but just not transmitting during actual matches?

      4. That Babolat play thing is just marketing, he’ll be getting a hefty $$$ bonus for ‘using’ it. Only reason it is on his racquet is to help sales; it doesn’t effect playability. And I don’t see how at this level the stats it provides can really make a difference to a players game.

        Nadal switched frames for Monte Carlo for a racquet that would give more spin / power. He said in press the gaps between the strings are larger so I would guess it was 15 x 19 string pattern rather than 16 x 19 he always uses.

        But he changed back to his old one not long after which he used at Wimbledon.

      5. OK, thanks Jonathan. I thought it would affect playability by affecting weight & balance.

      6. There you go. Just another step in the process of making the game of tennis more mechanical. As if it already isn’t with all the baseline bashing.

      7. Jonathan, I wonder if his switching racquets/strings has got anything to do with his poor stroke production, starting Monte Carlo. You said he switched back before Wimbledon. That’s not enough time for a turnaround.

        Maybe in a month or two, he will be more comfortable. Did he miss a trick, and cost himself a chance at winning another slam (French particularly)?

      8. @Thinker – it probably would to a degree if it was retro fitted to a racquet but this Babolat Play thing is in the butt cap as standard I think. Think I read the ProDrive with it in
        weighs the exact same as the oriignal.

        In fact thinking about it – I wonder if Nadal even uses it at all. His
        racquet is meant to be slightly different to the retail one. So did they produce a new batch to his spec with the sensor in or did he just put up a screenshot saying he is using it lol. False advertising.

      9. @Sid he decided to change because of his poor hard court swing in the USA. Used it in MC and Barcelona but switched back for Madrid, Rome and FO as he hadn’t had enough time to get used to it. Says he will switch at end of year.

        Exact same as Fed – trial it when training in non tournament weeks, try it in competitive play for 2 tournaments then switch back and lose early at the next slam.

      10. Very interesting all this. I thought he really was using it (or at least had been at one time) because of the very specific comments from uncle Toni in the article I referenced. Or maybe that was just Toni saying this is how the data COULD be used. I’m really puzzled as to how they could make it weigh the same. Don’t see how it’s possible unless the Play unit weighs zero, which doesn’t match the laws of physics; or unless they changed the weight of other parts of the racquet to compensate – and that WOULD affect balance. Not a lot; but possibly enough if you’re dealing with “a few points one way or the other” – you keep reminding us how small the margins are they’re dealing with at this level.

        Does sound like some racquet change issues of some sort going on – really just like Fed, as you say.

      11. I don’t think it would be difficult to make it weigh the same if they’re fitting it as part of a brand new frame. Just remove existing dead weight in the handle and replace it with the sensor that weighs the same as what was removed.

        The only issue is if you’re adding it onto an existing frame like some of the other sensors out there. In which case it adds weight.

        Nadal either has had his existing racquets newly built with the sensor in identical to his old spec, or he’s not using it officially at all. I’d go with the latter.

  31. I was watching the first set of the Brown-Grand Vermin match, and after 7 games, the average time taken between points were 15 seconds for Brown, and 26 seconds for Nadal. Why did they let him get away with it?

      1. Indeed, Ali did act frailly,
        Scared by the Spaniard being uncivilly.

        He sat in his chair stilly,
        And watched Nadal carry on evilly.

        There, I did it! I’m a motherfluffin’ poet! 🙂

  32. I can’t seem to keep up with all the tennis. Great win for Fed.

    It’s sooo hot here, my tv shuts itself off.

      1. In the 30’s. Some areas 40. Bloody hell, the tv died right in the middle of Wimbly.

    1. I’m calling bullshit. It’s all going to come to an unceremonious end. Even if by a miracle he makes it to the SF, Murray will school him.

      Don’t get your hopes too high, Alb. You’re gonna end up hurting yourself.

      1. Why do you think Murray is going to school Federer when they haven’t played this year? So I am calling BS as well. Also I don’t belive in jinx.

  33. I am not a fan of Raonic but losing against the australian immigrant thug?Horrible.I dont know why Fed support such a disgusting player…

    1. I’ve said this before, Federer has kind words for this thug simply because Federer doesn’t want to rile up the cockly Kangaroos against him. Kyrgios calls himself a Federer fan, yet on and off the court, his behavior would put Nadal to shame. Kyrgios is the Serena Williams of the WTA.

      The guy is just an overgrown weasel. A few inches shorter, and he would struggle to be in the top 200.

      1. Yeah. Really hoping kyrgios gets chopped before the quarters. His treatment of those umpires was deserving of fine/ points/ ejection. Don’t know why Wimbledon has to put up with that kind of thug behavior. Tough guy threatening some middle aged umpire.

      2. He’s just a brainless teenager schmuck. A few months ago he refused a meeting with Michael Jordan on the grounds the he (Nick) was not worthy of shaking hands with MJ. Whaaaaat? Does this even make sense?… My parents educated me that one should never refuse someone’s invitation because by default it’s a sign that he/she appreciates our presence.
        That response backfired big time on him; I just don’t think that many people were aware of it…

      3. I’ve been embracing a wait & see attitude re Kyrgios, but I’m dismayed at the direction he seems to be choosing. Agree completely that he shouldn’t be given any free passes with respect to rules violations. I’m not positive I’ve heard of an actual threat from him – though he does seem to be intentionally testing some boundaries – but certainly actual threats are unacceptable and must be penalized immediately.

      4. I think it does make sense, quite refreshing he turned it down.

        A lot of players can’t wait for the photo opportunities like that, look at Djoker and One Direction meeting all the time at tournaments, it’s all pre planned marketing shit. NK blanked One Direction at the Aussie Open so another win for him there.

        You should never turn down an invitation because it shows they appreciate your presence? In relation to Michael Jordan – I doubt he even knew who NK even is, it will have been Nike’s doing.

        And in general – if you get an invite to a wedding from someone you barely speak to or haven’t seen in years – do they apprciate your presence or are they just looking to tick another item off their Amazon Wedding Wishlist? 😆

      5. I really hope that disrespectful behaviours on court won’t be given any tolerance. Sports are not just entertainment: its actors are inspirational models to many children and teenagers, for the good and also sadly for the bad.
        What do you reply to your 10-year son when he says “Hey, (insert player name) spat on the referee’s face and he makes 10 million a year. Why can’t I do the same?”

        At the very least, we should try to keep tennis a thug-free zone, since most other sports seem to be lost causes…

      6. They appreciate your presence. Ok, I’m sure the other sort exists too, but I’ve had some wonderful meetings with friends I hadn’t seen in years, just because circumstances took us far apart.

      7. In my example I’m looking more at the NK MJ relationship – they don’t know each other. They are loosely connected by the same sponsor.

        Take it down a level and if Nick Kyrgios was MJ’s acquaintance from years ago or even say a distant cousin that has no contact with him and he gets an invite to MJ’s wedding would that invite be born from appreciating his presence? I doubt it

      8. I think declining to meet with MK if fine, and he is well within his rights. But calling an umpire a, “dirty scum”? Arguing with an umpire about a call he made, which by the rules cannot be overridden by anyone, not even God, then telling his that, “that’s the rules”. It’s a long list of evils, and he is only 19! Plenty of potential this thug has, I’ll tell you that.

      9. To me it seems kind of like Dimitrov declining to play WTF as an alternate because he’s not good enough. Well actually, you were good enough last year to be an alternate, and you missed an opportunity to at least practice with the very best in the biz because of – what? – hubris?

        I suspect MJ does know who NK is, if only through Fed; and NK, as a self-professed basketball nut first, definitely knows who MJ is. I see it as a missed opportunity, but also recognize he gets to decide how to live his life. Just sorry to see him apparently deciding he likes the Tomic route.

      10. A TV commercial is on at the moment with 7’s Wimbledon coverage: NK’s headphone. They put a few tennis rules no the screen, such as no racquet abuse, then show footage of how NK abuses his racquet. At the end of the commercial, big words on screen “play by your own rules”. Explains NK’s on-court behaviour very well.

      11. Kyrgios is copping quite a lot of criticism down here, deservedly so lately and its reignited the Tomic hate too. Local Journos and Sports pundits and public feedback are very anti all over the media last night and today. Of course we all love winners and see ourselves as larrikins on some level, so some slack is cut too. When I saw that ad for Dre headphones I thought he is just living up to and promoting the persona they are pushing for him to sell more stuff. Guess we will have to see how this develops as he continues deeper into the Tournament but to me, it’s trashing everything Wimbledon stands for. The AO kicked Mac out once and it would do Nick good if this happened to him.

        The Fanatics over do it as well and should be allowed only at Davis Cup where their Aussieness may be of value….but Wimbledon, just imagine the final if they were there?Hopefully the seat price is a deterrent if this should arise.

        Groth and Kokkinakis are pleasant and respectful but the “sorry mate” uttered by Groth did get annoying. He looks like a giant Lleyton doppelgänger. I just cannot understand why the powers that be don’t jump on these clowns, or fine them big time. To be fair Tomic is ok on court demeanour wise, seems to have Tony Roche trying to help him although he is not at Wimbledon as his wife is unwell I read, and apart from criticising Tennis Australia, Rafter and Tiley, consensus is its his Dad’s bad influence and the lack of funding for the sister that is driving his recent outburst in the press conference yesterday.

        It’s tough when they can play and are exciting talents but alienate a lot of people big time in their quest to be edgy and have swag! Also the majority of players are not like this and Nick is 20 now – Thiem, Coric, Zverev etc don’t do this and it could well end up like Clownfils if he is not reined in soon. Nick is getting borderline dangerous on court with his antics. The years fly by and without the discipline and work the talent may never be realised.

  34. In his last match Roger showed us – and the unfortunate Querry – what he was like at his best. The beautiful game. Definitely high fives all around.

    If Roger remembered who he was, Dustin Brown forgot who he was and his own lowly pedigree, to play a match of inspired recklessness against Nadal. Seeing a range of journeymen routinely take apart the Spaniard in successive years at Wimbledon makes you wonder how the dirt-baller was ever able to win the tournament. Somehow, a proper order has been restored. If only there were a Brown to now take care of Murray’s relentless pushing and grinding. I have had enough of the defensive game ruling the roost. Of course, that’s what doping has done to the sport.

  35. Disappointing for Watson. Awful result that Williams once again gets through a match she shouldn’t have won. Someone needs to boot her fat arse out of the tournament already.

    1. For starters, she shouldn’t even be allowed on the tournament after the sorry figure she cut of herself last year…

  36. One of the most interesting matches I’ve ever seen. Brown clearly had a definite plan. Not to give Nadal any rhythm at all. He kept on going for retrun-winners, drop shots, half volleys and net approaches even if Nadal got plenty of points from those. Abosolutely NO RETREAT game. Perhaps he had no other option – there’s no point in rallying with that guy. But Brown did it 100% fearlessly. Almost every point got exciting! What a match! Hats off….

  37. I don’t think that Nadal enjoys playing tennis. He never did. All that shows is a painful stress to win,win,win, no matter what. No joy, no fun, no passion, just liters of sweat.
    On top of that, even this does not seem to originate from his own free will. He was an hyperactive child and his parents put him in tennis to allow him to release the steam. The result was a player that was never pleasurable to watch; a walking package of obsessive-compulsive behaviour: arranging his bottles in a row, scratch the crotch, loosening the thong, scratch nose-eyebrow-ear-nose-eyebrow-ear.
    That is pathological and I’m not kidding. It’s a well documented psychological disorder.

    1. Interesting Rui about his not enjoying tennis. I don’t think we’ve heard him talk in interviews about how much he loves the game, like for instance a certain RF – and we’ve talked before about how “joy” is one of the things that HE brings to the table. Certainly Rafa will fight to the death, and as you say must win win win, but – joy?.

      Suspect some of that comes from his uncle’s methods too. Wonder if he HAD joy & it got snuffed out in service to the fighting gladiator spirit?

      1. Or, it occurs to me, maybe he take a fierce kind of joy in the fighting gladiatorial spirit itself – rather than in the tennis.

      2. I suspect for most tennis players – especially at club level – the main pleasure lies in the score and winning, and not the niceties of the game. Who wants to play great shots and not care about losing? It explains the legion of club pushers out there.

      3. That is absolutely correct, Richard. 9 out of 10 players I play at club level show no joy when playing, continue to have poor form after years, make no effort to change it, and are simply focused on winning matches. In other words, world class pushers. There is no such thing as nicety, courtesy. Bad line calls are rampant. Club tennis players are true assholes.

        Oh, the stories I can tell you about these motherfucking pushers.

    2. Could there be anything sadder than two fans at the airport looking delighted to be in Rafa’s orbit and he looked shell shocked and distant , almost catatonic! He needs some peace and all he gets is relentless pursuit by fans wanting selfies. I wonder how they stand it really , especially after a career shattering loss.

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