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What Would You Ask Roger Federer in a Press Conference?

Post your question and be in with a chance of winning a copy of Roger Federer: Phenomenon. Enthusiast. Philanthropist.

I have a question for you guys:

If you were to sit in a press conference with Roger Federer and can ask him just one question – what would the question be?

Do you have one that immediately springs to mind? Post your question in the comments below.

Your Chance to Win a Copy of Roger Federer: Phenomenon. Enthusiast. Philanthropist.


If you post your question in the comments you'll automatically be in with a chance of winning a copy of Simon Graf's book Roger Federer: Phenomenon. Enthusiast. Philanthropist. which I posted about in June after it was translated into English after selling like hot cakes in Switzerland.

Simon, who works for Tages-Anzeiger will pick his three favourite questions and they will each receive a copy of his best selling book Roger Federer: Phenomenon. Enthusiast. Philanthropist.

Depending on the type of question and if it's not time-sensitive he may even ask it the next time he's in one of Federer's press conferences later this year!

Competition Rules

  • The closing date is midnight on Sunday 21st July 2019
  • You can post as many questions as you like 
  • Winners will be contacted sometime during the week commencing 22nd July and the book sent out when you send me your delivery info

So, get your thinking caps on and see what killer question you can up with!

Update August 8th 2019 – Winning Questions

Simon has picked his three favourite questions:

  1. Ghada Edan – If you could change the result of one match in your history, what would it be?
  2. Suhas – What is the secret behind ‘moving on’ from tough losses? Not just matches but even within the match when you lose important points? How do you mentally train yourself for such situations?
  3. Shmeltz – You’ve participated in 156 singles finals during your career, and won 102 of them. What did you do with the 54 runner up trophies? do you keep them?

Thanks to all who entered!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. What is your favourite experience that you have had while at a tournament that is not actually related to tennis..

  1. Don’t stop fighting ! You have to win in/at US OPEN !!! GOOD LUCK! PROFESSOR, University Politehnica Timisoara Romania, Liviu Eduard Mirci,very, very sad you lost in Wimbledon 16th of July 16,20 local time,

  2. What goes on in your mind when you lose a match after having matchpoint/s, especially on your own serve, and how do you recover from the disappointment?

  3. 1. Do you think you wold have won more slams had you used the bigger raquert from the beginning of your career?
    2. What is the one thing that impresses you in a younger player ?
    3. Do you think the courts should play differently at all slams,rather being slowed down gradually at all events?
    4. Which player from the past do you think could do well in the era of Federer,Rafa and Djokovic?

  4. Rog, how much of your shot making is prepared in advance of the shot or improvised at the last moment. What was going through your mind on your match points? Did you ever think about a big second serve?

  5. Over the years you have become a phenomenon, many people watch tennis because of you and many young players started playing tennis because of you. How do you think your retirememt one day will affect the tennis world?

  6. Roger how come that you at all times keep your inner game in alignment with the game you produce on court?

  7. It’s been said,and I understand why,that your fellow professionals play tennis,and you play something else! How did your tennis style and array of shots evolve? In the 80s I knew an international ( south African) squash player called Graham MacDonald who’s style was reminiscent of yours!!

  8. I’ve already got this book, and it is a very interesting read indeed. A lovely prize for the lucky winner!

  9. what motivates you to never give up and always keep calm all these years on court and off court.

  10. Roger, would you mind taking a DNA test? I just want to know for sure that you’re actually human.

  11. Roger, what is foremost in your mind when you play? Is it to win the match or come up with a game that showcases your artistry as a player and tennis as a game of art?

  12. When your father gave you a tennis racket for your birthday. You started to get into tennis. Did you at any point think tennis is not for you? Just curious.

  13. The great Michael Jordan once said, that there were nights when he knew that no one could stop him from scoring. I imagine that sometimes you would have a similar experience on the tennis court, when you feel unstoppable. What does it feel like when you know you are in the zone?

  14. Has becoming a father improved your level of tennis? Has this translated to being more patient in a match, more determined?

  15. I’ll ask him about his mono illness, there’s few information and I heard he said it affected him for 6 months.
    Also, about his racket and why he waited to change it when it was too late.

    1. Also, I’ll ask him about his technique, if it was intentional or just developed like that over the years.

  16. Are you conscious, that you were the better player in the Wimbledon final and that you still have everthing it takes to beat Novak in a Major? If so, with which mindset will you serve against Novak the next time you hold matchpoint? 🙂 Roger, forever the GOAT, your fan since 1999

  17. Actually, I wouldn’t ask him anything. I’m still in full depression after that Sunday thing.

      1. Yesyes. And how about this: he’s still playing – in a short time we can enjoy his super tennis art again.

  18. How do you feel about your children watching you play? Does it gives you support or does it increase the pressure upon you?

  19. Roger, which language do you speak with your parents? And with your wife? And with your children?

  20. Roger, after many years of tough losses, you finally found the key in 2017 to turn the tables on Nadal. In recent years, Djokovic has arguably taken over Rafa’s place as your toughest rival, and his mental strength in decisive moments seams to be your new kryptonite. What will you do to overcome Novak’s unique match-winning talent in the slams to come?

    1. Roger, you are given the option to swap one of the grand slams you won for one where you lost in the final. Would you accept the swap, and if so, which titles would you swap?

  21. One player remains to be selected for Team Europe for this year’s Laver Cup in Geneva. If captain Björn asks you, who would you rather have: Novak or Stan?

  22. Roger, without meaning any disrespect to Mr. Nadal, who is a phenomenal player, do you think it’s fair to say that his Grand Slam accomplishments are somewhat diminished because 12 of his wins are from just one tournament?

  23. Stan the Man anytime! When Joker played in doubles with Roger he served right in the middle of his back. To me it looked on purpose as there was such a delayed reaction on his part of being sorry…same in Winbledon final he slammed a volley right at his torso and never said he was sorry. The next game Roger looking angry won the game to love if I recall. It almost looks like he want to injure Roger so he is out of slams to pursue his quest to beat his records.

    1. Before 2019 Wimbledon he answered this already – US Open Final 2009 against Del Potro. But I guess that after this devastating loss against Djokovic on Sunday Roger might change his view on this one.

  24. Roger, are you aware that you represent so much more to all of us than “just tennis”? Are you conscious of the fact that you represent all that is good and decent of humanity; that you are a role model for ALL people?

  25. What are your thoughts on the 12 game tie breaker at Wimbledon? Is it right or should you have played it out entirely?

    1. He answered this question at the press conference after the match he says it doesnt matter to him at all. For me I hated the 12 all cut off.

  26. Name one lesson learned from the first editions of the Laver Cup that you think could have a positive effect on the sport in general, if considered at other events too?

  27. How do you manage the rigors of staying fit to play tennis and have time for your Foundation? And what progress has been made in Mali with all the work you do there? The children are so fortunate to have you!

    1. I has already answered that question once in an interview, he rather been remember a a filantropist than his tennis

  28. A question which will help many many young players, not just tennis but any sport
    What is the secret behind ‘moving on’ from tough losses? Not just matches but even within the match when you lose important points? How do you mentally train yourself for such situations?

    1. Roger – if you could have dinner with someone who you have never met, woman and man, dead or alive but not an athlete who would it be? what is your reason to choose these people? what would be the first question you ask him and her?

  29. 1) Did your mind go back to US Open 2011, when the game went to ‘deuce’ at 8-7 in the 5th set in Wimbledon 2019?
    2) What were your immediate thoughts after Rafa bagelled you in the 3rd set and won a one-sided final at Roland Garros in 2008?

  30. How much does a private tennis lesson will cost me ? Before and after you retirement. From a fan since august 2008 (approx)

  31. How do you deal with social platforms and do you take time to read what is written about you by your fans, for example on blogs, like PeRFect tennis (in English) or other ones in Swiss German, German or French ? If so, do the comments help you to analyse your matches, and cheer you up when you see so many people support you over the planet ?

  32. You never look out of breath. Do your doctors say you have an exceptional heart and  unusual lungs ? May we ask you what is your resting heart rate and what is your average heart rate after a rally, for example ?

  33. We know you are interested in arts. Who are your favourite artists (painters, sculptors,  architects…) ?

  34. You once told you might have chosen to be a musician now if you had the choice of something else but tennis star. Which instrument? Or singer maybe? Which kind of music?

  35. Novak tells he visualizes/meditates on winning before going to court. Have you ever considered something in that playfield of mental training?

  36. You’re breaking more and more records each time you play, how important are the records for you? Do you keep track of them?

  37. Roger, despite your four children and such a busy schedule, you always look so rested and calm. What are your strategies to get a good quality sleep the night before a match?

  38. When you get the time, where are you going to go on your first “road trip” and will you take the whole family or just you and Mirka?For how long would you go?

  39. With your charity worldwide, are you extending your charity organisation to the South Pacific regions?

  40. Have you ever been so depressed after losing a match that you really found it difficult to recover from it even after months from the event?

  41. Do you realize how many people adore you? Are you aware of the extent of their love and their respect for you? Does it bother or overwhelm you in any way?

    1. And also do you realise how much anguish it causes to so many people when you lose, or how much delight it creates when you win for your “invisible” supporters all over the world?

  42. I would ask considering all the many questions you have been
    asked stupid or otherwise, does one stick out in your memory?

  43. “Hi Roger,
    A question I believe no one has dared to ask… 😉
    (As of 17/07/19) You’ve participated in 156 signles finals during your career, and won 102 of them. What did you do with the 54 runner up trophies? do you keep them?”

    Glad you posted this one and upgraded the original idea to a contest. cheers! 🙂

  44. I read Kyrgios was supporting you very fiercely during the Wimbledon final, and so this question came to my mind. If you could replay those match points, would you resort to something less “Federer-like” to surprise Nole and win the match by playing an underarm serve?
    And related to this, how important is to you to be coherent with some behavioral and technical standards you set for yourself? Is it more important than winning titles?

  45. At the Wimbledon final against Djokovic, why did you use slices so much when you defeated Nadal with backhand flat return and deep top spin?

  46. There are already so many books about him, but I would ask him if he would ever write a biography himself.

  47. Sunday’s final loss, if anything, was a wake-up call for me. Am I a fan of Fed because of how he made me fall in love with tennis or it is just because he’s the best and a winner? Would I still be proud of Roger even if Novak surpasses him in slams? Do I put too much of my joy and happiness on the line over a tennis match? Yes, it hurts. Yes, it might cost Fed when all is said and done. But I am a Federer fan. Not a “GOAT fan”, not a “2017 Fed fan”, but not a “2013 Fed fan” either. I take every good year and highs since I became a Fedfan in 2011 (2012, 2014, 2017 comeback) as well as the lows ( 4 Slam final loses against Novak, 2013, 2016). Because my love for Federer doesn’t vary nor is defined by perfection, but by example. Treating triumph and disaster both the same.

  48. 1. What is your favorite outfit you wore? Or what time period?

    2. How did the girls react when they found out they were gonna be big sisters in 2014?

    3. Do you believe that having a two-handed backhand would have seen you come out on top more against your rivals? Would you have won more slams with it?

    4. Looking back on your 20+ years on your, what is one thing you haven’t done that you still dream of doing?

  49. I posted this already but I don’t see it, I’ll try again.
    I saw Kyrgios was supporting you fiercely during last Wimbledon’s final. So I thought about this: if you had the chance to replay the match points against Nole, would you do something “out of character” and less “Federer-like” as serving underarm to win?
    And related to this, How important is to you to respect your style of playing, your coherence and your impeccable behavior as a man? Is it more important than winning?

  50. Why do not you hit the forehand with the same power and acceleration as you did with the previous 90-inch racquet?

  51. Which racket model would you use if you were to play for a charity event once you have retired, the one of 90 or 97 inches?

    1. And who’s having fun of trying to make mischief? Ah oh, it’s a joke, rightful provocation, whatever.

      1. I would ask the same Nadal and Djokovic. Not a joke. Doping is not a joke. It’s quite serious thing. No clue to ask Fed or other big ones about things I know by heart. And who knows better about doping than the Holy Trinity?
        Nobody would reply in a presser, so maybe in 10-20 years now in memoirs (like Agassi did)?

  52. Very late for the party and I don’t know if anybody has already asked – here’s what I always wondered.
    Hi Roger, do you know the PeRFect Tennis blog and have you read the posts and comments?
    You wouldn’t ask that to him, would you though, Jonathan?!

  53. How do you maintain the motivation for your training schedule in between tournaments, as well as the sheer joy of playing that you radiate when you step onto the court (particularly at Wimbledon but also in many other places)?

  54. Bonjour ROGER

    Quel bonheur de vous voir jouer, continuez et battez-vous.
    Vous avez un jeu exceptionnel d’une beauté incomparable,.
    Nous avons terriblement souffert avec votre Epouse Mirka pendant Wimbledon, comment avez-vous pu réaliser une telle performance, vous nous avez régaler, un seul petit regret que ce trophée ne vous ait pas été destiné, vous le méritiez largement.
    Ne parlons pas de votre match contre Nadal, surment l’un des plus beaux de votre carrière face à ce joueur tant apprécié aussi.
    Bientôt vous fêterez votre anniversaire, alors profitez bien de votre Epouse, de vos Chers Enfants, de vos parents, et, revenez nous en pleine forme Cher Roger pour nous donner du bonheur comme rare sportif nous en a donné.
    Vous êtes en sportif de très haut niveau exceptionnel plein d’humilité BRAVO MONSIEUR FEDERETR.
    France Serge Bensa

  55. Are you religious and if so, does religion help you go into a match or make the good decision during a match, at a moment in your career or for your fundation ? (If you knew how much your fans pray for you !)

  56. If you could swap bodies with any other tennis player, past or present, and play as them in a tournament, who would it be and why?

  57. 1. What long ranges goals do you have for your foundation?
    2.Speak about the impact education has on the children your foundation serves.
    3.What other countries might end up apart of the Roger Federer Foundation?
    4. What inspires you the most when you visit the schools in Africa?

  58. 1. What is the one match you wish you could have won against Rafa? Against Novak? What is one win you felt fortunate to get against Rafa? Against Novak?

    2. Being as open and honest as you can, would you rather have Rafa or Novak finish on top of the slam leaderboard if you cannot hold onto the lead?

    3. Just for Brad, do you like RF 2.0 or Fedfan better as a nickname?

  59. Roger, I am not going to ask you about tennis, but as your ‘,shortish’ but biggest fan, this is my question, would you and your family like to visit a small Ski Town, Kimberley, BC in Western Canada in the sameCanadian Rockies for an East Indian dinner prepared by a 77 year old East Indian/ Swiss/Canadian lady. Leibe Grusse. Eileen Gross.

  60. Hey Roger, when are you going to do next #askRF session? There are so many questions waiting for you 😘

    1. Oooh wow Katyani – BRAVO – 😊❤️🤩 – if and if and if and if and if and if and if – and so on – and if so – and if we had the same courage, millions would ask the same – meToo

      1. Watch it Muser… after Mirka… Roger is mine and mine alone 🙂 🙂 🙂


      2. Hey Sweetie, he is mine, too, if you don’t mind. Will you kill me, really? 😆
        You better watch out Sue though 😉

      3. I surely understand you all 😆, esp. Katyani ❤️ – share share share…or not – but still – well passion is beautyful

    2. You are all pathetic. Ready to give Roger another twins? You should organize a rosary circle and bet there to get 50 years younger.
      No, Roger would not marry any of you, even being 50 years older and never having married before.
      Do you have mirrors home?

      1. Dude… or dudette… relax… chill… it’s a joke…we are all joking…humor much?

  61. Probably not the best place to put this, but I didn’t really want to go back to the previous post to put it there! They’ve been holding a Real Tennis champion of champions tournament (probably the RT equivalent of the World Tour Finals) in the Real Tennis court at Hampton Court Palace this week, and I went along to see one of the matches. It’s a bit like playing squash on a completely enclosed and slightly oddly shaped tennis court with various structural alterations in the form of roofs so that it’s very difficult to judge where the balls are going to get deflected and bounce off. Scoring is more or less the same as in “Lawn” tennis except that the score is called with the “new” point first rather than the server’s score first, which makes it tricky keeping track of the score. It’s very fast, and it’s difficult to sustain long rallies as you can in tennis, which is a bonus for me! I hadn’t realised that they were streaming all the matches on YouTube, so you can take a look if you’re interested. It goes on until Sunday, and further details can be found here:

  62. So far in your career what has been the best moment and what has been the worst and what was it that made the difference between the two?

  63. Are you taking solace in your faith and your family after losing what seems like the most crushingly heartbreaking loss possible?

    Because for me as a fan, – as embarrassing as it is to admit- it’s been a wake up call to find my joy in eternally valuable things things like Christ and my family to get over this!!! (And I’m still sore).

    So do you ever think you – and we- can lose perspective and put too much of our hope in what isn’t essentially just a ball game played with sticks?

    And if so, how do you regain perspective?

  64. What do you think is the right sort of age to encourage young people to play tennis,why do you think this?

  65. Why do you think young players today are seemingly not able to play at a consistently high level as yourself,Djokovic and Nadal have done for many years now?

  66. What is your best advice from your vast experience – for improving the physical and psychic education and the chances of best possible development of the youngsters of today – in tennis, and/or in other sports? – (Thanks Annie, for the inspiration)

  67. 1 – Roger, the way we see how tennis has evolved, from the times when you were player to now, things have changed. How do you see tennis in the future? What are your thoughts?
    2 – Roger, if you looked back at time, when you were young, did you think back then that you could make such a lengthy and successful career? You are almost 38 years old and you are still playing great. Have you imagined playing tennis at the highest level even at an age like that?
    3 – Roger, if you had the opportunity to replay/rematch the 2019 Wimbledon final, would you do it or not?

  68. Roger, we all saw the SABR being used with success and I think it was a great innovation you brought to tennis. I know talking about secret weapons is something that spoils the effect, but do you have something new in the oven?

  69. Roger, when you lose some people actually suffer much more than you, do you realize that you are an athlete this kind of suffering from your fans is something that keeps you motivated?

  70. Can you use your tons of money to build a time machine and re-play those MPs in the 5th until you win?

      1. Disagree. His career is all in all most admirable. He has enough trophies to maybe show that love for the playing is worth more than all trophies in the world. He’s admired by his peers, by great artists, and so called normal people too. What more? Yes consistently continuing the solid love and persevering, in spite of all disappointments, where this last admittedly was one of the harder. So much more meritorious to overcome it by imperishable love and look forward with joy to the next challenge! Roger is world number one in doing that! ❤️

    1. With these tons of money (too much to be deserved) Fed could do a lot of more valuable things than winning another slam. Yes, he does some charity. Like certain Microsoft founder. It’s well known, charity brings even more money. You spend millions for charity and you get more millions back like it was a commercial investment.
      Fed has fought all his career for the best players to get tons of money. Meanwhile young or less talented can hardly afford to participate in all tournaments they could. This circle is closed. Big3 takes 90% of the money going trough official and unofficial channels (under the table). They don’t pay taxes, sitting in Dubai or Monaco or similar. From Big3 only Nadal has no residence in a tax paradise. From the next (Thiem and more) only Thiem pays taxes in his home country.. Only to have another tons of money, which is not really necessary.
      In this terms I hate Big3 and I want them to disappear from tennis. And I don’t want to see another Bigxxx coming. There are enough talented and hard working nextgens to win majors if the Big3-oligopoly goes away. It’s time now. If not, you will start to lose very soon and retire in the “too-late” version. Don’t be so greedy. It’s not love for the game. It’s love for money.

      1. “It’s well known, charity brings even more money. You spend millions for charity and you get more millions back like it was a commercial investment.” That’s another conspiracy theory: Could you please explain how giving away billions is a commercial investment (Bill Gates for example)?

        “If not, you will start to lose very soon and retire in the “too-late” versión”. Roger will answer you that he has been hearing that for more than a decade and yet there he is.

      2. Roger has one or more residence(s) in Switzerland. How do you know he’s not paying taxes there? And -Some time ago I heard the Federers are giving money to better conditions for upstarting talents in Switzerland.
        Yes, it’s true he spends a lot of money on himself, his houses, his family, his team – and his foundation. I never saw him so happy as in the video from his visiting the schools in Africa. I don’t believe this comes from greed. – Yes he’s still winning trophies and has won more than perhaps any other. Does this come from greed? Maybe, some greed of honour (the money he got and still can get is more than sufficient). But don’t tell me he doesn’t work for it artwise.
        The story about his working for more money to the players I have heard otherwise. So I don’t believe you directly. Please come on with more real evidence, if you want to convince anybody, – or what is it you really hate? His losing Wimbledon? That we love him no less? That we ignore your suspicion of dope? That we don’t convert to your hero Thiem?

      3. @Pablo
        My learned profession is economy (not economiics), so I know a lot from enocomic history, including current times. I’m not charity police. I have read (cannot recall where, maybe it was Forbes or Fortune) an article about Gates and& Co. It’s the same with all charity (if not anonymous). Making charity (what’s the hell the right of rich to tell which poor needs the aid the most?) is 99% PR. This way you make your brand stronger and get new money from sponsors. Don’t tell me, Team8 is charity agency. Another aspect is very simple. Giving away billions for charity leads to tax advantages. What you spend for charity, you get back (plus PR effect) from the tax authorities.
        I’m doing some “charity” too, but strictly anonymous. Nobody knows, who i the spender. Nobody knows, for what I’m spending. I don’t deduct my “charity” expenses from my income. Ask Federer and others , if they would still do the charity without big noise in media.
        Federer showing happy smiles from Africa where he spends money to build up “new societies” there and “new elites”, will be similarly good for Africa like the “charity” of Monsanto. I don’t believe, Federer’s or others’ but Federer makes it more colorful) is genuine. Some of you, whatever Federer makes, is genuine. Now I can ask – how do you know? You don’t know, you believe. Some believe the Earth to be flat or some Gods to physically exist (they are all human inventions and not for good goals but for wars, exploit a.s.o.
        Want know more? Read more or ask me as I could write a book about “charity”. Al Capone was one of first big modern charity guru. Others go his way.

      4. @Pablo
        Roger will answer you that he has been hearing that for more than a decade and yet there he is.
        A decade. Yes. Using different tricks with manipulating and arranging draws and tournaments. Abusing privileges for oldies. Having big unofficial and official influence in ATP via Team8.
        A decade and enough.
        Yes young are still failing to beet them all, but more and more have positive record against them. Some have even positive record on them all.
        Their time is gone. They billions (as really great players) to the history. Let them start in qualies 8if they are so good, they certainly will be able to com from qualies, unseeded, to win every slam 😉

      5. @muser
        Read Swiss media. Federer is not a hero there. Partly just because regular Swiss citizens dislike him beeing so rich (and this is Swiss mentality – best tennis player should by no mean earn more than the best doctor or professor or engineer).
        You can read such comments in masses under every article or news about Federer.
        Having many residences in Switzerland (what a humble guy – Switzerland, Dubai, luxury apartments everywhere where he plays) has no meaning. His tax reaidence is Dubai (of of many others). The difference is, Federer is rich enough to have there also a physical residence (one of so many) to leave there a part of the season, when he can train under better weather conditions. How many young or regular players on tour could afford that? So chances are not even at all.
        Not greedy for money? Why does he take appearance fees which are a lot higher (ask Krajicek, tournaments director in Rotterdam or others), why the idiotic deal with UniKlo – the only sense of it being money – now and forever.
        That’s what I hate, nothing more. But it’s a lot. He is experienced enough, not only in tennis but in making money. For himself. He has enough for good life of his 10 future generations., But you say, he is humble and certainly give it all away to poor in Africa. He makes big business. Also with Vogue and similar things. I cannot write here longer stories, but I could.

      6. Way to derail a thread PRF.

        I agree with some things, there’s certainly a PR and tax element to charity but as usual, you take it too far with lots of nonsense bundled in.

        He’s a Swiss tax resident btw.

      7. @Jonathan

        Yes, it’s my fault to go too far and to provoke. Sorry.

        How do you know, Roger i Swiss tax payer? Secret sources at ATP?

      8. Because his company is registered in Switzerland. He’s certainly a Swiss tax resident. If he was all about the money then he could easily have relocated elsewhere and paid far less. Of course, the argument on the flip side is that going to Monaco, for example, would hurt his image so paying a bit more tax is worth it for public perception etc.

        The truth is, nobody knows all the motivations behind the charity and all the other business goings-on. Prob a mixture of altruism and business savvy but I don’t really care. I think the RF Foundation is fairly open with its expenditures and seems to have done plenty of good work. If you want to criticise charities look at the bigger ones that are completely crooked from top to bottom. The % of every $1 donated that actually goes to the cause is dreadful. I never donate to charities where you can’t see any sort of impact. The only one is the Air Ambulance. The money keeps the thing in the air and who knows, you might need it at some point.

        All the stuff about the crooked big 3 is nonsense. Look at Fed and Butorac on the player council, they were pushing hard for better conditions for lower ranked players.

      9. @muser
        “That you don’t convert to my hero, Thiem?”
        OK, this is provocation and I like to be provoked (just as I like to provoke myself).

        You are not expected (some maybe even not welcome) to convert.
        Proselytes are not welcome neither in old and in new religion.

        You should stay with your’s.
        And there is no Thiem religion. Partly because of his missing God-like ego. Partly because he is Austrian. And I’m not religious at all. Also not against Thiem.

        I’m even not expecting any religious tennis (?) fan to acknowledge fats.
        Facts are::
        2019 Thiem is 4:2 against Big3 (including 2:0 vs. Federer), all in big tournaments and on big stages.
        2019 Zverev is 0:1 against Big3 (don’t count Hopman exhibition)
        2019 Tsitsipas is 1:3 vs. Big3

        These 3 seem to be the most probable next Big3 (many things changed in this aspect since I started my blog).
        Zverev has lost his thread this year but he will be back maybe 2020 or earlier. Tsitsipas is maturing and will stay for longer on the top.

        Thiem is going closer to Big3 and wants (does not mean, he will be able to make it) to pass 1 or 2 Big3 members in Race-to-London ranking, just when Big3 are still playing great, not after they retire.

        BTW – I was wrong about Roger paying taxes in Dubai. But I just read, FORBES calls Wollerau a “lax-on-tax” village. So Fed is trying to avoid taxes to some extent. Wollerau is an internal tax paradise. Of course not so tax-free as Dubai or Bahamas.

      10. @Jonathan,
        I know about bigger charities, that’s why I called Gates.
        You say, you don’t spend to RF Foundation. So you have some doubts too, right?

        About where Fed pays taxes, you don’t know (like me) but I can accept your way of thinking.

        I don’t know details of Swiss tax system, but I guess there is (like in EU) a company tax and personal income tax. So the taxes for company and personal income tax for Roger are different things. Having a company he can of course use some tricks, moving incomes and expenses between personal and company account. Godsick will know, how to do it to minimize Fed’s tax. To create own agency was for a reason and this reason was money.

        I don’t want to say, Fed is doing unusual things. Most do the same. But I dislike it whatever the name of the person and no sense to talk here about Nadal 😉

        No more Wollerau? Hahaha – looks like he was a fugitive for some reason. Maybe not taxes 🙂

        The only thing provoking me to such posts are numerous post of other uses, idolizing and idealizing Fed. This is (false) religion and you cannot discuss with believers.

        OK, I’m closing the thread on my side 🙂 Sorry for having disturbed your blog’s life 😉

      11. Like Tony Godsick is going to be a Swiss tax expert lol. A prime example of a little knowledge is dangerous here. He’s going to have local accountants and his income is of a size that requires having an auditor.

        Federer is a Swiss tax resident, you can’t not be one if you spend more than 30 days in the country,

        And you can’t exclude Nadal here, he stopped playing in London a couple of times because of HMRC’s rules on endorsement deals.

      12. “I agree with some things, there’s certainly a PR and tax element to”. Jonathan, Gates is precisely the best example of someone who is clearly not benefiting economically from giving away a fortune.
        I know about bigger charities, that’s why I called Gates”. PRF You can’t possibly think that Gates is giving away billions and billions of dolars because somehow he will get back more money due to the PR effect. That’s complete and straight non sense.

        You are not the only one who works on economics/finance related fields. Anyway to understand this you don’t need a PhD you just need to have common sense and know how to be properly informed.

      13. In all honesty I think that discussing other people’s money, taxes and so forth is a bit degrading. As long as there is nothing illegal there, I couldn’t care less about how much money a sportsman makes. Plenty? Good for him. Not so much? Find another way or settle with what you get.

        I would just pass a shy judgment about the way the prize money is distributed: I think that it’s too uneven; a player outside the top 200 (give or take a few tens; I don’t know enough on the subject) is unlikely to make a living out of playing tennis as a professional, let alone travel with a battalion of coaches, nutritionists, nail clippers and so on. Roger has pointed this out a few times, which, coming from a “reasonably” wealthy player, says something. But even if he stayed silent about that, it would be his choice.

        But hey, this is a liberal economy: what is paid and received is what the involved parties agree…
        We can go on and on about this, sure. In the end it’s about setting looser or tighter rules and everyone can come up with sensible arguments in favour of each “extreme”.

      14. @Pablo,
        Common sense + PhD works better than only one of those. Every farmer in the world has a lot of common sense but will hardly invent a gunpowder.

        I don’t use my PhD as argument. I’m quite well informed about big charities by articles in highly reputable sources like Forbes or The Economist.

        Moreover – my assumption is, someone who have “earned” so many billions, is per se a big thief. He spends not the money he deservedly earned, but money coming from exploitation.

        Gates is pensioned since years only very busy with giving his fortune away (what’s his moral right to decide, where the money goes???) and still every year his fortune gets higher.

        Actually he spends nothing (or stolen money).

        Stop please to call my posts “non sense”. Use arguments – factual or logical.

        I need common sense in my daily life’s decisions. I need more to create a new theory of economic development.

      15. @Pablo,
        Once more – I hate celebrities as incomparably disgusting parasites. BILLY THE GATEKEEPER, developer of worst ever OS, is present in almost in every home (if it’s not another one – Steve Jobbs), just a parasite I cannot live without, but Thanks God, I must not see his face, when Windows opens 😉
        There are other parasites, I can’t live without – on my skin, in my guts. The same fortunate circumstance – I must not watch them day-in day-out 🙂
        As for common sense, my university professor and mentor used to say “you can learn on own failures, but what are universities for?
        So I decided to add university to the bunch of the sources of my knowledge, first of all ability to think.
        And yes, I’m still erratic in almost everything I do. But I have tools to improve. Very many have nothing (I don’t mean you, of course, only your opinion).

      16. @Jon
        Forbes says, TEAM8 is registered in US. Just moved yesterday to Switzerland? Federer is co-founder, which is rather symbolic role. Team8 probably pays taxes in USA, not in Switzerland.

      17. @Jon
        What’s next?

        Residence changing seems to be Federer’s non-tennis business. Lots of celebrities pay eagerly some extra money to live in ex-Federer-residence.

        He sells his name (well, some call it brand).

        One day 5-10 millions appearance fees in tournaments are gone, so to not get poor some day Fed must think about new kind of “appearance fees”. He appears in a residence, lives there for a week (only virtually) and sells it as as “Federer residence”, earning some additional millions (Forbes says, the Valbella deal brought him 5 millions).

        Role model – how to prepare for retirement 😉

  71. Does your mind ever wonder during a match? Something like… I wonder what’s for dinner tonight

  72. Having accomplished incredible things so far, what’s your goal? what would be the achievement with which you would finish your career happily? if you have not already done, of course. Thank you very much Roger, we enjoy very much with you.

  73. Ok so I am still recovering from Roger’s match points. My computer mouse, pad all going kaput as well as my external drive! Had to transfer everything to a new computer and still managing that challenge too…however it’s so much harder to recover from his loss though. So here are more questions:

    1. Have you ever been to Bad Ragaz in Switzerland as they have a world renowned and award winning Spa-Sports-Athlete-Medical clinic and if so, what is your feedback on experience and treatments and if not, why not? Mirka would certainly love it!
    2. Since the Wimbledon final I was wondering if you could do something different at double match point leading 8-7, 40-15 what would you do differently?
    3. At what age did you know you wanted to be a professional tennis player?
    4. Will you ever be a tennis professional TV commentator?
    5. Will you ever open a RF Tennis Academy?
    6. Do you play tennis at home with Mirka and the children?
    7. Who encouraged you to play tennis as a career? Your mom? Your dad? Both? Being a ball kid? When did you know this was going to be your career?
    8. If one of your children had talent playing tennis would you go on tour with them?
    9. If tennis had not been your career, what other passions do you have and what field might you have pursued?
    10. Which tennis player do you think your game most resembles to or iis it unique or perhaps a blend of many?
    11. What was the trigger, motivation and vision you had to start your foundation?
    12. What are you most proud of?
    13. Which countries have the best opportunities for juniors to develop their full potential?
    14. What was the first winning cheque amount you received 21 years ago and what was the first thing you did with it?
    15. Do you cook at home? What are your go to foods?
    16. Do you have a special nutrition you follow when on tour (and what foods are on and off the list) and does it change during the quarters-semis and final?
    17. Will you ever write an auto-biography?
    18. They say the first child looks like the mother and second like the father. As for temperament it can be the reverse. Since you had twins twice, the girls would look like Mirka and the boys like you. Who is most like you; Leo?

  74. Here it’s still Sunday July 21st…had computer issues to send all the questions earlier…please accept them…thanks!

  75. And last question as it’s 8:15pm on Sunsay July 21…
    Do you ever wonder why you are one of the most beloved athletes on and off court in the world?

  76. If your could combine 4players past and present to create the perfect player, which would they be (incl what killer skill they possess ) ?

    1. Maybe this time preparation for stopping to play ATP and exhibitions instead? With well organized exhibitions he can still make lot of money doing what he can the best. Playing tennis and making money.
      Excellent idea.´
      And coming close to the idea I have presented here and there since some years. Federer never retires but simply goes for kind of Kramer Circus or Harlem Globetrotters and forgets the ATP Tour, where he is going to win every year less and finally nothing.

      1. Can be of course a stupid rumor of course. But also a kind of probing, how the tennis world would react.

        I would see this as developing the RLC idea. Good one. There are still so many countries (including mine), where Roger never played. REven in this role Roger can feel stadiums all over the world for long years. Still able to show his magic tennis (and still making good money) but without competition.

        Or imagine Big3 plus maybe Murray and Wawrinka playing such an exhibition tour all over the world, involving some local players. What a big job to make tennis popular in so many parts of the world. Federer Circus (like Kramer Circus) but for another reason.

        No conflicts with ATP calendar.

        Perfect way to stay in tennis (if he would like it for longer) but full relax, no more heartbreaking losses, only wins (another kind of).

  77. @Jon
    I know, the blog is about Federer. My is about my life’s passions including tennis, including Thiem, Federer and others.
    I have opened a section called “THOUGHTS ON LIFE”. Nobody interested, so I lost motivation to find time in my busy life to post there articles. Maybe you would have more luck (if interested of course?)?

  78. Hey Sweet Dolores, hope you read this. I just wanted to wish Roger’s biggest (and oldest haha) number 1 Roger Federer fan in the whole universe a very happy 94th birthday 🙂 Hope you have a lovely day with your family. And I hope Roger knows how much he means to you 🙂 Wow… 94…. start beginning to plan your big bash next year Dolores 🙂

  79. Oh, Thank You dear Katyani for your lovely note…and thank you, muser, too. Much appreciate your thoughts. yes, 94 today, am wishing for Roger to get his 21st GS, would love to see him kiss the trophy.
    Am puzzled, how did you know it’s my birthday today?
    I was going to send greetings to Jonathan, to inform him of my wishes I have, you got a head of me.
    Thank You, again.

      1. Thank You, Wanda, for your birthday wishes to my 94th. Yes, am thinking of Power of Positive Thinking, for Roger’s GS #21, all Fedfans will unite in celebration.

    1. Haha Sweet Dolores, I won’t forget you or your birthday 🙂 Afterall… you are Roger’s biggest and most important fan 🙂 Next year the big…. 95 🙂

    1. Me, too, Sue, and Thank You for wishing me a H. B. Am thinking positive for all Fedfans to celebrate Roger’s upcoming GS #21.

    1. Still gutted.

      Feeling a bit scarred by this – like I never have before.
      2 weeks on.

      Just keeping remembering… “2 CPs on Fed’s serve”.
      ….Can it really really be he didn’t win??


  80. Ah well Alb and Sue, me annoyed too. Just hoping for more positive effects on Roger. This would be to admire as much as, well more than a cup. Hmm this w-cup? Well any cup

  81. Dear Alb, Sue and muser. I also still can’t believe and even less accept what happened in Wimledon. The only thing that could compensate this would be a back-to-back victory in Cincy and US Open (The GS where Roger has the longest streak of not having won there…). Best wishes to you an all the other Roger Fans here !

    1. Fully whole heartedly agree. That USO needs an immediate update from Roger. Definitely needs to compensate for the Wimb19 shocker.

  82. Perhaps it is really time to let this go.
    I am sure Fed has.
    Worrying about the past won’t help winning matches in the future.
    Optimism is the new order of the day(allegedly) but to be sure pessimism never achieved anything much.

      1. ‘I knew the mountains would make you well’.Quote from Heidi.Rather appropriate😀

  83. Dear Annie, totally agree.
    I’ve been pretending to have moved on and been happy that how Roger played so well and so proud of him, blah blah, blah. I admit though this blue grey feeling still stays deep inside me – yeah just as Alb “like I never have before”. Especially after reading that Roger cried in the locker room. This was the toughest loss. Actually felt nothing like Wimby 2008, AO 2009, or USO 2009/2011. I’m old enough to know it’s a game of tennis. But it wasn’t until SF win vs Rafa or even 5th set in the final, I realised how much I wanted this win for him. Or perhaps it was for myself…?
    But letting it go and moving forward is only the way. And Fed is master of doing that. Yes, it is really time.
    Glad I have this blog.

    1. I didn’t know about the tears in the locker room,but Fed is a pretty emotional man,underneath the
      controlled persona when playing.Tears are cathartic and release tension,I am sure he felt better later.
      Djokovic and Nadal have also lost close finals as well.Although I do not like Nadals style of play and
      irritating mannerisms ,he also must have felt pretty wretched after losing in the semi to Fed.
      It is all swings and roundabouts with the big three,I think.

      1. Losing having two championship points on serve isn’t the same as simply losing in 3 or 4 sets…

      2. @Alexander
        Is it better to lead by 6:2, 5:2 and lose the match? Happened lastly to Krajinovic against Zverev 😉

        Take a different point of view. There was the other partner. Known to be one of best returners. Add this to all the emotions out there.

        Roger was for sure not so disappointed by losing this way but by feeling, this could have been his last opportunity to win a slam. COULD HAVE BEEN! Nothing less. Nothing more.

  84. Thanks to all who entered, I will be announcing the winners shortly. A little behind the suggested schedule in my post but Simon is on holiday so will choose his favourites when he’s back!

  85. Just hope he’s ok ! All that matters we should all read Jergen Klopp article on sport it will help he is the manager of Liverpool
    Football team by the way!! Sure Roger has .

  86. Today, August 1, is the Swiss National holiday. It is also the 17h anniversary of Peter Carter’s death.  I suggest to  have a thought for him. 😟

    ButteRFly, on holidays, in the mountains.

  87. FBF, what a combo of events on the same day.

    A few random thoughts….is anyone watching the tennis in DC? Notice the stands are mostly empty? What I did notice is the seats are those horrible plastic folding chairs that you would find in a school auditorium. The rest are bench seats. Neither great for an aching back.
    Did you know….Rogers Cup is actually the “Canadian Open”? It is the third oldest tennis tournament next to Wimbledon and USO, founded in 1880″s.
    I bought a burial plot the other day. The cemetery was called “Pleasant Valley”. It is now called “Rolex Rolling Hills”. I chose that one because it had free wifi for it’s guests. 🙂

    1. I’ve watched a few Washington matches. Yesterday’s match Kyrgios vs Tsitsipas was quite entertaining. There was a bit of everything:
      -A Nick start at 100% throttle
      -A mental meltdown in set 2 (surprise, surprise) triggered by a totally unnecessary rant because of some audience noise when he was serving for 3-1 and ended up losing the set.
      -2 racquet abuses, including one that flew low over a camera (but no broken frames; Japanese build quality at display)
      -A soap opera starring Tsitsipas, shoelaces, his father and Nick playing the occasional shoe delivery boy. Hey, Cinderella, have you found the perfect fit yet?
      -A showcase of aces and missile services in set 3, with no player being able to set a toe on the return after telling the other “hey, I can serve faster than you”.
      -A slow serve that caught up Tsitsipas standing way too far back.
      -Two no-look volleys in a row.
      -A spectator asked to pick the service type at the last match point.

      I really don’t have a clear reading on this. On one hand it’s refreshing to watch some entertaining and out-of-the-box gameplay, especially when it yields points. On the other, and this has been said a million times before, Nick must revise his attitude on court. Throwing gear around, risking injuring other people and giving away points by not making an effort is a lack of respect towards the opponent, to say the least.

      1. There is only one explanation, Rui. NICK is uNICK 😉 And let him be as is. He can only get involved if there is guarantee, if he wins, its a big upset and big theater. For this he cannot play seriously everything to avoid to high ranking and have a chance to get big opponent in first or second round (which the later will not like for sure).

        No clue in debating , where he could be, should he take tennis serious. Remember his love is basketball and it’s maybe his only training. He learns more from Harlem Globetrotters than from any coach 😉

        To deliver shoes to His Majesty Greek History and then to defeat him has some value for everyone (Tsitsipas excluded, hahaha …)

  88. Happy to see Nick win. He gave the fans an entertaining week with everyone not knowing what was coming next. The players seem to get along with him as well. Maybe this is the beginning of more serious play….or maybe not.

      1. I don’t believe, any serious player will ever come along with Nick deriding him. Nick does not use it as a tool to win points, but rather for fun, but this can hardly be funny for his opponents.

        But there is some solution. Others should add a special lesson to their training “Playing Kyrgios”. Some try to do similar things when playing him, but they need to make it part of their training program or they will be never so good as Nick in making theater. This way they could suffer more than being ridiculed by Nick, additionally deriding themselves .

        It’s not going to be easy for players to accept his style, when losing. because of being distracted.

        Similarly I think, most players are not happy with Fed’s fake shots, having the same effect . Remember the hot debate about SABR?

        And in fans’ view – I can like to watch Kyrgios playing this kind of tennis against everyone, but not against Thiem or Federer.

        I guess, you all are not very happy, if Kyrgios lands in Fed’s section of the draw. (chance to lose in second, third round.

  89. Hey all, how are you guys doing?? I just can’t get over it. It still hurts sooooo much. I just cannot get over this one…

    It is not even about winning GS nr 21, but…. how long has he and we all heard about Roger winning most of his slams in a “weak” era when Rafa and Novak were (in their words) babies. Now…. he had the opportunity to beat them BOTH back to back in great matches, winning them while they both were incredible strong… at age 38. THAT is what I wanted more for Roger than “winning the GS”. That he and we all could finally say, you see, Roger is the Greatest of all time, because he beat the two other greats at age 38 when the other greats were also strong (not injured or tired) and were also winning slams…
    I wanted Roger to win soooooo badly so that finally he could shut up all those people, all those haters and naysayers…. not with words but with letting his racquet speak…. sigh…. but unfortunately…. sigh

  90. By the way, do you remember Igor Andreev match ? It was the first time when I wondered if watching RF is good to my health 🙂 11 years since ….I cannot believe.

  91. Yes, Roger has the strange ability to drive his fans really mad! But, come on, relativize it. After all, it’s only sport, regardless of how passionate one is about it. It’s made for enjoyment and distraction from all the other nasty uninvited crap that we have to deal with everyday.
    No one’s life depends on it. So, Roger lost. Life goes on the next day, just as on the day before. You will still eat, drink, piss, dump, have sex, tidy up your bedroom, argue with traffic lights, and so on and on.

    1. Hello all !
      Here is a short poem I wrote to encourage Fed ahead of the Hard Court Swing (and his birthday).🕯🎂

      Roger and the figures of happiness

      3 as your rank in the world
      8 as your lucky figure
      Free as the wings of a bird
      Height as supreme as your serve

      1 as your place in our hearts
      0 as the “love” of your sport
      3 as a win in Cinci
      21 as a New York glory…

      All the best, Rogi !

      PS : RF will be ranked number 2 ahead of Cinci  if Nadal does not reach the final in Toronto. Chum Jetze !

  92. Simon has picked his three favourite questions:

    Ghada Edan – If you could change the result of one match in your history, what would it be?

    Suhas – What is the secret behind ‘moving on’ from tough losses? Not just matches but even within the match when you lose important points? How do you mentally train yourself for such situations?

    Shmeltz – You’ve participated in 156 singles finals during your career, and won 102 of them. What did you do with the 54 runner up trophies? do you keep them?

    Congrats to all winners and thanks to all who entered. I will email the winners shortly.

  93. The results are already in, but here’s a question for Roger I wouldn’t have thought of (until the last 24 hours):

    Roger, are you going to return to the ATP Player Council?

  94. I have emailed the 3 winners twice now but had no responses… I will set a deadline then they go to first come, first served 🙂

    If you are a winner and see this, email me!

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