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Wawrinka Defeats Federer to Win Monte Carlo

Not the fairytale end Fed fans wanted as Wawrinka cemented his place as the Swiss Number 1 with a convincing 4-6 7-6(5) 6-2 victory at the Monte Carlo Masters.

I expected Fed to win this one comfortably but in a subdued final he made too many errors and looked flat throughout. Stan took full advantage and hit some meaty blows off both wings to run away the worthy winner.

Hard to say why Federer wasn't able to lift his level when he needed too but I think he was lacking a bit physically today. Slower out the corners and not able to dictate play with his groundstrokes. It reminded me a bit of the French Open 2010 match vs. Soderling, similar conditions against a similar player = same result.

The Tsonga match was a tough one which I thought Djokovic would be able to exploit by lengthening the rallies. Of course he couldn't but Stan was able to do just that winning the vast majority of rallies over 6/7 shots.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Wawrinka Monte Carlo 2014

Both players started this one slowly making sloppy erorrs and by the 5th game they had both saved break points. Roger was the first to capitalise on his opponents mistake as he broke then held for 4-2. Stan then had 0-30 at 4-3 but he made a succession of errors and Fed held for 5-3 before going onto serve out the set 6-4.

The second started poorly for the Swiss Number 2 as he was broken in his first game due to Stan hitting big. However he failed to consolidate as Roger broke straight back hitting a sweet passing shot in the process.

Both players then traded holds and aside from a number of 30 all type games and a minor rain delay the set was uneventful. In fact the highlight was probably Roger's love hold to force the tie break where he hit a sweet drop volley.

The tie break was ultimately one sided as Stan got himself an early minibreak and didn't lose a point on his serve en route to leveling the match by taking the breaker 7-5.

1 set all meant this was a total shootout and unfortunately Roger faded badly, falling down a double break giving Stan a 4-0 lead. Stan looked imperious on serve thereafter and he served it out to 15 with none of the nerves we saw from him in the Australian Open final.

Match Stats

  S. Wawrinka R. Federer
Aces 5 3
Double Faults 2 1
1st Serve % 58% 67%
1st Serve Points Won 43/54 (80%) 51/69 (74%)
2nd Serve Points Won 22/39 (56%) 15/34 (44%)
Break Points Saved 1/3 (33%) 4/7 (57%)
Service Games Played 15 15
1st Return Points Won 18/69 (26%) 11/54 (20%)
2nd Return Points Won 19/34 (56%) 17/39 (44%)
Break Points Won 3/7 (43%) 2/3 (67%)
Return Games Played 15 15
Winners 33 21
Unforced Errors 34 38
Net Points Won 19/30 (53%) 26/36 (72%)
Total Service Points Won 65/93 (70%) 66/103 (64%)
Total Return Points Won 37/103 (36%) 28/93 (30%)
Total Points Won 102/196 (52%) 94/196 (48%)

Federer Interview


Thoughts on the Match

Stan wins Monte Carlo

Overall a good tournament but a little disappointing it resulted in another final loss. 3 times this year he's fallen at the final hurdle so it is looking like a bit of a habit. Hewitt, Djokovic and now Wawrinka.

I thought Fed would be fired up to try win his maiden Monte Carlo title but he looked anything but that today. No real impetus in his game and the only signs of life he showed were when he was shouting at the lines.

I don't think Stan was that fired up either though really, it was a bit like how I imagine a fight between the Klitschko brothers to be. More of a knock about with Stan winning the more important points.

Hard to pick a key moment in the match as the 2nd set felt like both guys were going through the motions. Stan reeled off some solid shots in the tie break to win it and the third set was a procession.

One break would have been recoverable but to lose your first 2 service games in a final set is setting yourself an impossible task. I'd be surprised if any player has come from 2 breaks down to win a final set in a final?! Graf once did it against Novotna in the Wimbledon final but on the men's side I doubt it has happened.

If you look at the Stats too, although not easy to separate them, it's clear Wawrinka played the cleaner match, after breaking back in the 2nd set Roger didn't see another break point come his way and his W:UE ratio needed flipping around for him to have a chance of winning.

Fair play to Stan though, he's beaten Nadal in slam final and now wins his first Masters 1000 title, so not the shock of the century to see him beat Fed on his best surface. It will be interesting to see how he does at Roland Garros now as he is a danger to anyone in the draw.

As for Roger, I am guessing he exceeded his own expectations by making the final but should be a little disappointed to miss ticking off another box on his resume. He didn't look too fussed in the trophy ceremony however so hard to really sum up how he was feeling. He never got invested in the match or summoned his best tennis to make me think he was going to put it all the line to win.

Like I said above it reminded me of the Soderling match at the French in 2010, the dull weather, wins the first set but then tails off and a similar flat performance. Having watched his post match presser he sounded very groggy, played a lot of tennis lately so could be one of the reasons. I'll predict this was his last appearance in Mickey Carlo πŸ™‚

Next up is Madrid assuming Mirka doesn't give birth close to the start date and it's usually a good hunting ground for Roger. It's at altitude so plays much faster than most other clay courts on tour and should make good viewing. If only it was blue πŸ˜‰


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. ItΒ΄s been a while, but finally the second win came πŸ™‚

      On to the match. I like you Jonathan thougt he would win this one, I was so sure he would win alone because of they know each other so well and I thought Roger would be the one who took advantage of that. But IΒ΄m also happy for Stan and his succes becuase his aggresive game style is just amazing to watch. And how far can he take it? He was defintley the better player of the tournament and could he win the French Open? Nadal is still the favorite but Stanimal is up there in the bunch in my opinion.

      But Roger was never really playing his absolutley his best during this tournament. He peaked against Tsonga and still that wasenΒ΄t his best. In this final he never peaked, his serve was spot on and kept him in the match but his winners/errors ratio was the stat that showed it wasenΒ΄t his day. But still thereΒ΄s many positives to take from this tournament. The main thing is, except the final, that heΒ΄s getting back the clutch game. When it is needed he can step up playing some really amazing tennis despite not having played well the whole match, and that is a sign of great confidence.

      So IΒ΄m not to bummed out about this, but yes Jon this was probaly his last showing in Monte Carlo, it would have been great with a win but that it was Stanimal who took it is the second best πŸ™‚

      1. Because of the way he has been managing his schedule resent years, and because he needs to think about which tournaments to play in the future because of age, family etc. Then I think Monte Carlo is an obvious choise for him to skip and maybe put in some serious training sessions instead. Especially if he also plays Miami besides Dubai and IW like he did this year.

    2. I’m back after a few days off πŸ™‚

      @Aimilios – I just can’t see Roger playing it, clearly not a big deal for him as he’s skipped it so many times.

  1. It’s such a shame roger lost. He is now 1-3 in finals which has been an issue this year. Against hewitt he had like 10 bp and really couldn’t convert and against djokovic he had won the first set like yesterday and then wandered off. I hope he fixes this soon otherwise it’s going to get harder to win 5 titles

      1. I have missed that, but I could live with 4 titles and one of them Wimbledon πŸ™‚

      2. I’ll take 3! FO wimby and US πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰ and if he’s feeling generous, WTF as well πŸ˜€

      3. I’m not a greedy fan. I want just one title, Wimbledon. Roger will win an eighth title. You heard it first from me πŸ™‚

        He simply needs to schedule well, and stay healthy. The way he is playing at the net these days, he will have a ball on grass.

      4. As bad as this sound, if Roger is to win 2 titles more this year, please let it be Wimby and DC. Then finally the writers will be off his back about not winning DC.
        And this year, oh my God, he sooooo much deserves Basel and WTF.

        By the way, this year Wimby will be exciting. It will be between Roger and Novak and their coaches. Didn’t they hire Edberg and Becker kind of “especially” for Wimby???

    1. There’s plenty of opportunities! Halle, Wimbledon, Cincinnati, Basel and Paris-Bercy are tournaments that Fed’s chances are a notch higher than normal. Even Madrid coming up actually, he’s played well over the years there and no Novak and a Rafa with question marks over him aid Roger’s chances significantly. Wawrinka’s playing Portugal as well I think the week before so maybe he’ll burn out?
      The way Fed’s playing at the moment it’s only a matter of time before he’s in the winners circle again πŸ˜€

  2. good match from Stan, Roger couldn’t elevate his game, but I fell as though Stan still had some under the pedal, was not playing at his best either.

    Congrats to Stan though, worthy winner as Jonathan said.

  3. I agree Roger seemed flat throughout, like his heart wasn’t really in it. I saw no aggression in him throughout the match. Stan was very nervous to begin with, then he was also a bit flat before getting it all together to beat Roger. I was looking forward to this match, thinking it would be really fun and sure Roger would get it, but as I was watching it occurred to me that neither of these players probably really wanted to play each other under the circumstances. I would guess they both wanted to win but didn’t want the other to lose, if that makes sense. In the first set Roger even confirmed that Stan was right over a line decision, which you don’t often see. So I think a lot of things were going on with Roger: first, he has many other things on his mind right now with the baby due (listening on my iPad with earphones you could hear a baby crying in the crowd and at this moment something as trivial as that could have distracted him); second, he didn’t expect to find himself in the final as the decision to take the WC was very much last-minute anyway, so his preparation can’t have been great; third, and some of you may think this daft, but I seriously think Roger could have been inwardly torn between wanting to win himself, and wanting Stan to get his first 1000 (how many does Roger have after all); fourth, the fact that neither Mirka nor Stefan were there to support Roger as far as I could see, but Stan’s wife (unusually) was, might have made Roger decide when he started to lose that this one was meant for Stan. I think against any other player he would have put up more of a fight in the last set as he has done in other matches. And last, as you said Jonathan, he did seem a bit groggy in the presser, said he was tired and needed to sleep, and stifled a sniff or two. I wonder if he was coming down with a cold? If so, not feeling his best he might well have decided to let Stan have it and save his energy for Madrid, no? Of course, unlike certain other players, Roger is unlikely to mention any illness.

    Anyway, a great result for someone who didn’t even expect to be there. I’m not worried about the 1-3 loss ratio, and I’m pretty sure that next time he and Stan meet Roger will win. He is the better player after all.

    And a huge congratulations to Stan. I’ve always thought of him as a bit of a workhorse, but he is definitely adding more dimension to his game these days. That, together with greater mental strength, could easily see him challenge a slightly past his best Nadal I think. Certainly taking Roger’s scalp should put an end to any lingering doubts some might have over whether his AO win was valid.

    1. true story! and Roger was applauding 2-3 times at good shots from Stan, something I have never seen him doing before, only Djokovic…

      1. Can you all imagine how much difference a year can make?? Now even Stan has more chance to win RG than Roger and is the favourite before Roger πŸ™‚ But…. Roger will win it πŸ™‚

  4. Cementing his place as Swiss #1? Well, only in the 2014 ranking…, but not in the mindset of the Swiss public. If it wasn’t for our Old Rogerhand, we would already be out of Davis Cup, instead of still dreaming of that title. It was a strange match for me as a Swiss fan, and it seemed the same for the crowd as well as for the players. The only reason it would have been nice to see Roger win was to collect the MC trophy, but honestly, I was really happy for Stan in the end. He needed this one to step out of the shadow of Roger, and to confirm his win in AO. From now onwards, I feel that Switzerland has two great tennis players in the ATP, one is a living legend, and the other one is the hot player of the year, breaking into the stronghold of the Big 4 and maybe even going all the way to #1 this year? And since Wawrinka was calling out on Nadal for taking a false injury timeout, he is my hero! Still, if the two Swiss face again in the FO final, I’ll root for Federer πŸ™‚

    1. [He needed this one to step out of the shadow of Roger

      Yeah, sure. He waited ten long years to do that. Some stepping out of Roger’s shadows he did. You cannot be considered the Swiss No.1, without beating the Swiss No.1 at a slam. Get it? πŸ™‚

  5. I am still a little sad that Roger could not get a W here. Only consolation, it was a last minute decision and he manage to go all the way to the final. Agreed that he was a bit flat which I think 3 tough matches in a row must have taken a toll. Post match interview, he sound like he is having a cold or something. Another factor is he is playing a fellow swiss and a good friend. Very tough emotionally and psychological. I will try to see the positive side of it. Gosh when is Mirka due to deliver, the suspense is killing me πŸ™

  6. Watching live at MonteCarlo, was disappointed the way Roger faded in 3rd set a bit like how Tsonga faded in his 3rd set against Roger. However have to be content that it probably even exceeded Roger’s own expectation that he went that far, I myself had no expectation and was fully prepared that I would be watching a Nadal Djoker final (luckily didn’t happen!!!!) In fact I cannot be more pleased with Stan, he really played better and had been pressing Roger the whole match with all the 15-30 and 30-30 and it’s a credit to Roger that he hang on for that long.
    The thing that concerns me a bit is whether Roger has the physical stamina to last through 2 weeks of a Slam and be in peak condition? I know that the masters are consecutive days and he had tough opponents but it does worry me a bit seeing how he faded in the 3rd and he admitted it as much in the press interview.
    btw i think a few years ago Roger was leading Tsonga in a match (probably not final) in either Toronto or Montreal (?) 5-1 in the 3rd and end up losing!!! so there….

    1. Yes I had that thought about Tsonga coming from behind 1-5 in the final set beating Fed in Canada, but it wasenΒ΄t in the final πŸ™‚ So the search continues…
      You where there for the final? Not the best match from either player but there still was a lot of great tennis, and being there to witness that all swiss final is historic, that must have been soething.

      1. yes i went there as a last minute decision, well, right after Roger announced he would play! πŸ™‚ It was a surprise and not part of my planning for this year’s tennis watching and frankly I didn’t even know what to expect with both Nadal and Djoker in the draw. It was epic to see that Tsonga match when Roger dig really deep and he was two points from losing (at 5-6 down 0-30) and then some of the tennis played between Djoker and Roger was just phenomenal (Djoker despite his wrist injury actually played quite OK in the 1st set). And to witness an All Swiss final is just unbelievable! I really felt Roger missed his chance to win it in two in the breaker and thereafter I felt Stan was the clearly stronger player and really deserved to win.
        And judging from the reaction of Roger at the net he wasn’t too upset, in fact he was all smiles and smooshy with Stan there! I guess he’s more frustrated with himself why he couldn’t lift his level but then he played A LOT of tennis in the past 8 weeks what with Dubai, the American double, Davis cup (which was tough) and this. So as a Roger fan I am just happy to see him healthy again and moving and dancing around court. After 2013 anything now is a plus!
        Another bonus is that he now has 600 extra points and even if rumour had it that Mirka may be due in May (hence Roger may miss Madrid and /or Rome where he has 600 points to defend) he at least can hopefully hold onto the no.4 ranking before RG which is important.
        But hey, now talks about Stan being a favourite at RG! and that’s all very possible that he can do something there ….

      2. Thanks for the on-site comments! Did you find it particularly crowded? Roger said something about there being particularly a lot of people, and just wondered if they have problems with crowd control here – maybe physically less space overall – ? I seem to be remembering him saying this is a place it’s harder to bring the kids, but maybe I’m making it up in my head.

    2. That match with Tsonga where Roger was leading and lost was 5 yrs ago. That was the first tournament Roger played after Mirka gave birth to the twins. Roger wasn’t even scheduled to play here and took a WC. When he took a WC, his “fans” told him why because Djokovic or Nadal was going to win. Now that Roger made the final and lost, he is a loser. Roger having stamina problems at age 32 with over a 1000 matches played, really. This obsession with winning MC is a fan obsession, not Roger’s. Who would have thought after winning 17 GS, 302 weeks #1, WTF 6 titles and never retiring from any match for 16 yrs. Also climbing back to #4 after being ranked #8 would be Roger be considered a loser just because he didn’t win Monte Carlo.

      1. It’s called hate. They can’t stand that a 32 y.o, greatest of all time, which doesn’t have anything else to prove still poses a threat to their dear peak players πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ Let them hate, and let’s just point and laugh when they retire in 2 years πŸ˜›

      1. I prob will, but only if my friend tags along πŸ˜› But if there is no money to spend… hahah!

  7. Yep, Stan the better player. Right from the start the match was flat emotionally. Bit like a Serena/Venus match ( thanks to Mike Dickson of the Daily Mail for that analogy).
    Most of first set decided by errors not winners, and the longer the 2nd set went on, the more I feared for Fed. Didn’t ever catch fire, and Stan got steadier and stronger and smelt the win! I do think Fed wanted to win, but couldn’t quite get his body to the starting line today, and was more inhibited than Stan was in the situation. BH deserted him at moments and Stan read his serve too often. Very very hard to play a friend or family member! And even Stan looked slightly embarrassed at the end. Nice hug from Roger. Think he was almost surprised he reached final and despite his reassuring words that he Wld be back in 2015, I don think he will be unless it’s for a swan song!

    Also, Fed really doesn’t like cold, damp conditions. The court was sticky, dug up in places (hell, he fell over!) and very very slow, Stan got to everything without any real effort. Get Roger to the fast warmth of Madrid fast Plse!

    Not happy about the lack of wins from finals but at least he is giving himself the opportunity, clay season very much up in the air. Stan def a fav for the FO, given the issues around Novak, and Nadals lack of confidence (come on!), but with the day off format and warmer, faster conditions, let’s hope Fed can get to the business end too.

  8. Thought it would be a great match with two most elegant players of the circuit battling against each other. But it was a pretty ordinary display, especially from Fed. Won the first set by making less errors and then never looked as if he is going to win! The third set was really dominated by Stan, and his shots in the first four games proved why he is a big threat to everyone. He just looks unbeatable when he plays like this. I really can’t see Nadal winning FO if he faces Stan in the way.

    Decent tournament from Fed though. Lost to a better player in the final. All the best Roger for upcoming events.

    1. I think it is quite interesting that Feds match ups versus the double handers always look better, as he is always the attacking one, and they defend consistently making for better contrasting rallies and usually a winner ending the rally. Two attacking players can cancel each other out which is effectively what happened in the first set, rallies usually ending on an error. The other problem with yesterday which Fed alluded to in his presser is that they know each other’s patterns of play too well. Not really any surprises.

      Final thought, didn’t think Fed psychologically Cld get Stan out of his mind at the other end of the court. Wld hv been easier if Stan had worn a Nadal mask!!! Haha! Roll on Madrid and Mirka, you can have the baby now Plse! That Wld be good!

  9. He did sound a bit stuffy in the presser, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that were a factor. A pity he couldn’t pull out the win, yes, but I think his stated objective of seeing where his game is on clay must have been met. I hope someone is keeping track of variations in the racquet (I’m sure they are) – on this day, you played with these tweaks, these string settings, the barometric pressure was this, your serve stats were this, your UFEs were this. On this day, you played after dark, with these racquet tweaks, these settings, etc. He could keep tweaking forever; time, I think, to nail down the basic configuration, & make needed adjustments for different conditions with string tension.

    On the whole, as others have said, he’s made phenomenal progress, and while I would have loved to have seen him add this title for the first time (& didn’t it look like the princess was rooting for him?), & would have preferred to have seen him find his reserves even in defeat, making the final in the first place can’t possibly be seen as anything but a success.

    Family time, Roger. Tea with honey & lemon. Our best to Mirka.

  10. Disappointing that he couldn’t se this through to win the tournament after it had opened up for him. Though his form is generally a lot better this year which is great to see, it would be nice if he got into the habit of winning tournaments.

    A third set fade doesn’t bode well for Grand Slams where his age and lack of stamina has always been my biggest concern.

    Still, he is being very competitive generally and could yet challenge at GS’s this year if the draw is kind and he can produce his best.

    1. [A third set fade doesn’t bode well for Grand Slams]

      Agreed. That’s why I think Wimbledon is Roger’s only chance this year. In fact, I’ve already declared him the champion, if he stays healthy.

      1. Not to mention actually being there in the first place. I do hope he doesn’t have to miss RG: I don’t think this year’s draw will need any more thinning out.

  11. Have you read his sunday’s interview after the match ?

    Clearly, Fed said : he needs to recuperate…
    Don’t forget he played 33 matches (28 victories) since the beginning of the year. That’s a lot !!
    Yesterday, Stan was fresher and that is why he could rise his level and not Fed. That is sport….

    Hopefully, Fed stays injury-free for the rest of the season to have other opportunities to win titles because he is still very competitive….

  12. Well, as usual, I didn’t see the match – just stood in the kitchen trying to watch the 3rd-set livescores, not a pleasant experience :(. But I called it right: Stan to win in 3 sets, based on reports on the way he’d been playing earlier in the tournament, and that I thought Fed had overdone it – if Novak had been fit, I’d expected Roger to run out of steam against him: instead, he did it a round later.

    My feelings going into the match were mainly wondering how it was going to turn out with the two friends playing each other – was it going to turn out like one of those disappointing Williams sisters matches we used to get where neither really seemed to be too keen on beating the other one? Was Stan still fairly much mentally incapable of beating Roger? I doubted it. Plus I don’t think Roger had actually played against the new version of Stan before, had he? But mainly I was concerned that Roger had overreached himself: after all, he probably entered thinking he’d get through a few rounds before going home, and then he ends up still there on Easter Sunday, in the final. Given that he’s supposed to be cutting down his schedule, and he’s played Brisbane, 2 Davis Cup ties and now this in addition to his original schedule, I hope it’s not going to backfire on him: after all, he said that he overplayed in 2012 and therefore needed to take things easier in 2013, and look what happened *then*. And yes, we thought in his interview after he beat Djokovic that he sounded as though he had a cold, so that may have had some effect on his play yesterday.

    Oh well, he’s got some useful ranking points out of it, and they may partly make up for any he has to miss out on, depending on when the baby(ies?) arrive(s). I hope he manages to have a decent rest, and that this doesn’t take too much of a toll on him.

  13. “I wasn’t able to do that after Geneva. I feel that I’m tired. My body feels strange and I need to sleep.”

    Hoping that’s not a sign of anything any more serious.

    I am of course also wondering whether it was the wisest course of action for Roger to be quite so pally with Stan that they went out to eat together the evening before, and all that. But I guess that’s Roger for you …

      1. Although I’m sure some coaches would hold that it is totally the wrong thing to do πŸ™‚

  14. Great write up and everyone so insightful with their comments. I am feeling a little better after reading the comments. Yes, Roger sounded tired and under the weather in the presser. True, a lot of tennis so far this year. An extra 600 points certainly won’t hurt. Although, still difficult to see 4 finals and only 1 win.
    Hopefully Roger will get a good rest before Madrid. Only 2 weeks away.

    1. Roger played top ten players in all 4 of those finals. He is back ranked 4. I bet Murray fans ain’t happy. I bet any 32 yr old or older player would die for Roger’s results and ranking. I look at the haters getting mad because Roger is still playing and he has a family being the oldest of the top ten players. Nadal, Djokovic, Wawrinka and Federer comprises the top 4 players who is the one on the outside looking in? Murray. Their arrogant fans didn’t expect Stan or Roger being there. Good times are ahead for tennis. No gimmies and players are going to have to earn their rankings.

    2. Didn’t someone say that it was only 450, due to the arcane scoring system and him having to drop the finals points from Brisbane, or something? (Good grief, can you imagine if last year he’d been in a position to drop *finals* points?!)

      1. I hadn’t seen that but it does make some sense – it may be 450 pts NET, because having played a non-mandatory M1000 (Monte Carlo), Brisbane may now become “extra” and non-countable. So he gets 600 for MC, but the 150 from making the Brisbane final are no longer counted. I can never remember offhand how the actual rule reads, but that sounds possible, and I think I noticed Brisbane in the “non-countable” section when I was looking the other day.

        Great point about being in a position to toss finals points gaily away, tra-la!

    3. Players count their best six (6) results from ATP World Tour 500, ATP World Tour 250 and other events (Challengers, Futures, Davis Cup, Olympics) toward their ranking.

  15. Quick edit: Federer’s worst surface, not best!

    Well disappointing end, but much happier he Lost to his friend and teammate Stan than to say, Nadal. 4 extra wins and beating Djokovic are good takeaways from a last minute decision! And 9 of the past 10 tourneys have been SF or better! Consistency is there for sure, just needs that final gear, which I think is possible!

    Did you know this is the first time since 2006 Roger has made 4 finals in the first 4 months of the season?! Not bad at all for the Maestro! I know we want him to win titles, but making all these major finals is such a good sign compared to last year. Back in top 4, playing confidently against the best(6-3 vs. top 10) and 28 wins(had that in Hamburg last year) are definite 2014 achievements already! Onward to Madrid! πŸ™‚

    1. We’re getting spoiled again, really, aren’t we? It’s almost as if people are forgetting that 2013 actually existed πŸ™‚

      I’m not over-impressed with winning 1 out of 4 finals, but most of them have at least been against players ranked higher than him, or players against whom he’s had problems in the past.

    2. I meant clay is Stan’s best surface, probably reads like I’m still talking about Fed πŸ™‚

      Decent stat on the finals, needs to start winning some.

  16. I agree with so many of you. Fed certainly did not play like he did against Steph. I do think Fed had better and harder players to play during the tournament. Stan had a break so Fed had a tough tournament. He had just played Tsonga and Joker. Stan was just really really lucky. Obviously Fed was not feeling his best. You could hear it in his voice during the interview. Fed is a better player don’t forget the Davis Cup when Stan almost gave the team changes of winning away.

    1. Stan wasn’t just really, really lucky – from what I heard, he’d been playing very well all tournament, which is why I suspected he’d have the upper hand.

  17. Hello Jonathan,
    I agree with all ratings except the WINNERS TO UNFORCED ERRORS RATIO.
    Only 2.5 stars ? Why ?
    When compared to Stan’s ratio, Roger’s was bad. So Roger played worse than Stan. AGREED.
    But how did Roger compare to his previous round victories ?
    Did he play better than the semis and quarters ?
    WINNER TO UNFORCED errors ratio does NOT answer this question. It is actually misleading.

    Like i said about a month ago, the % of winners, % of unforced errors and % of forced errors give an accurate comparison of Roger’s matches with his previous round matches. The winners-ue ratio does NOT.

    How to get the % of winners ?
    Calculate the total number of shots played by Roger in the match = Average rally length * total points played in the match
    % of winners = Number of winners / total number of shots played in the match.

    I am guessing that the % of winners is better in the final than his previous round matches.
    and the % of UEs is lesser in the final than his previous matches.
    So that would mean that Roger in fact had played better than his previous round matches BUT LOST BECAUSE THAT WAS JUST NOT ENOUGH to beat Stan.

    1. A few corrections in the formulas
      1) Total number of shots = Average rally length per point * Number of points played in the match

      2) % of winners = Number of winners / total number of shots played in the match * 100

      I also forgot to say that the ‘total points played in a match’ statistic is in the ATP match stats.
      However, the ‘Average rally length per point’ stat is hard to find.

      Do you have access to these kind of advanced statistics ?

      If not, the only other way to find the total number of shots played in the match is to count them manually which would be really cumbersome and impossible.

      In a nutshell, all i am trying to say is


      1. Hmm… I might agree with Simon. The opponent makes a huge difference in what you’re ABLE to do… & not all of that shows up in the stats. (For example, if your opponent is running after every ball and getting to some of them, your winners number is going to go down). As you say, it’s hard to get the total shots played; so, having said that – here’s a look at some numbers, with winner & UFE percentage of POINTS played (not shots); which would indicate that though his UFEs actually didn’t get much worse after a certain point (though ~ 20% of points played seems higher than we’d like) , his ability to produce winners definitely did:

        Match………..tot.pts..1st srv %…winners…..ufes…..Winner % pts…..UFE % pts……% ratio

        …..Hmmm. Well. The “% ratio” is his winner ratio divided by his UFE ratio. That looks like he got steadily worse over the course of the tournament. But how much of that is a natural consequence of playing more challenging opponents in the later matches? Not sure we can answer that. I do like the idea of taking into account total points played when looking at winners & UFEs.

      2. Well – blast. % ratio not showing up. It’s wider than the display box. From top to bottom should read

    2. Disagree. gameplans vary, and differ from game to game. We know that against Djoker, Roger can’t just blast winners from nowhere, therefor he has to play more secure, but work angles etc etc.

      And I honestly don’t see the point of saying if it’s better or not than last match: If he wins good, if not it’s not going to make him win it to play better than last match. You want to see who is the better player of the day, not if he’s improved.

      1. Agree. These statistics are pointless. You match certain statistics against certain opponents. On one night, you may have a 2 to 1 W/UFE ratio. The next, you might actually play better and that ratio could be 1:1. It depends on the opponent. Against a certain lefty opponent I play sometimes, for example, my key statistic is the percentage of his first serves I return. Note, I said return, not win, because I know that getting a certain percentage in would mean I will have enough chances to start the rally.

        You can’t just compare stats with the prior match to gauge improvement. You could compare stats vs the same opponent. But then again, the surface makes a huge difference.

        Do I think Roger played bad? Nopes. I think he played timid, for whatever reason. Don’t forget that both his losses to Stan have come at Monte Carlo. It has got to do something with the surface. Not to mention this time Stan came in as the AO champ.

        Sorry, Sakthi, no disrespect, but that’s not how you judge progress.

    3. @Sakthi – I don’t have access to any statistics, just the ones we all get on TennisTV or on the ATP website. I like W:UE ratio, gives a quick snapshot of how Fed plays as when he hits a + ratio, he 99% of the time wins.

      And I agree with Simon and Sid on calculating improvements match by match, not a big enough sample.

  18. Credits to Wawrinka though, Roger certainly did not play his very best, but Stan did give him tons of pressure on the backhand wing. I think Roger needs to further work on his backhand this year with his brand-new racquet. I really believe that he can generate a bit more clout on his top-spin backhand, while he is playing a bit conservatively with his backhand, in a bid to grant him a greater margin for errors I guess. Still a long way to go for Edberg surely!

    Surprisingly though, Roger soothed us that he may participate in Monte Carlo last year in his speech in the prize-giving ceremony. Hope he would not smack our wish into smithereens!!

    All the best in Madrid!

  19. Given that we don’t have much Federer fodder to talk about except speculate about the birth of the imminent child(s), I was thinking I’d mention the first time I saw Federer play. It was surprisingly in 2008, back when I was in grade 12 and was back home from boarding school in January in order to prepare for the final board examinations. I was at home and the first match that I saw was Federer play Djokovic in that lousy semi final. I don’t think I knew who either player was, except for having a vague inclination that a guy named Federer was the top dog in tennis followed by some pretender called Nadal. I should mention its my first memory of having watched a tennis match on TV, so either this was the first time that I was seeing tennis or had seen tennis prior to this, but hadn’t found anything worth remembering and had duly albeit conveniently relegated the memory into the part of the brain responsible for forgetting trash.

    Now usually if I’m a neutral supporter, I invariably end up supporting the underdog (Djokovic in this case), but surprisingly I found myself being depressed after that nerve-wracking 3rd set tiebreak. I remember it very clearly indeed- there was something about this Federer guy, something about his game, his shots, his movement (remember, I knew zilch about tennis) that really spoke to me.

    The other match I remember was the Nadal Tsonga semifinal (if I’m not mistaken it was after the Federer semi and not before), which to this date was one of the most fun matches I have ever seen. I didn’t even know either player and there I was enjoying watching the Spaniard get his ass handed to him. I just didn’t enjoy the boring one dimensional play, the unnecessary ‘vamoses’ that were unexpectedly squeakier for a professional sports player who looked like he munched on tacos and steroids for nutrition.

    So on just one day I was sold and my allegiances made clear. Was it unfortunate that I’ve been a Federer fan from the point when his career took it’s first lull? Perhaps. After my exams in May (uptill which I had no further time/ knowledge about any tournament not labelled a Slam- they were rarely publicized on TV in any case), the next tournament I remember seeing was the French (depressing) and Wimbledon (after which I cried- man tears mind you, and wrote to Federer in the comments section on his website). So yeah, maybe not the best time to have joined the Federer band wagon, but do I regret it? Not for a millisecond. I have admired the man in more ways than one, emulated him on the tennis court (to laughable degrees of success) and have been put through a roller coaster of vicarious emotions… for nothing till this day, nothing, seems able to evoke the kind of feelings and loyalty than this man’s tennis. The comparison isn’t even close.

    Without knowing, Federer’s had an impact on so many people’s lives and I just wanted to call out to that and acknowledge my gratitude. Too often has his image on the telly been at the receiving end of some choicy abuses when he’s happy tossing away yet another of those break points. I’m surprised he hasn’t come out of my screen and punched me in my face. Instead, he would just conjure up some magic and create his next one.

    So if anyone remembers their first ‘Federer’ moment, I’m sure a lot of us would love to know.

    1. Gaurav what a lovely, lovely post. I can’t remember any one particular “first” Federer moment. I just remember generally watching him play when he was very young, long before he was famous, and thinking that he had a rare talent and could go very far if he could just control his feelings and his tendency to give up, lose confidence, if things started to go wrong. I think that tendency stopped him from getting to the top when he should have – but I’m now expecting him to be the oldest player to win tournaments instead of the youngest πŸ™‚

      1. Cool story Gaurav.

        My first experience of Fed was at Wimbledon, probably 2001 early rounds where I believe Becker said he could be the dominant player of the next decade. (Not so clueless after all). That got me interested. Then I saw him take out Sampras and lose to Henman, which I was happy about at the time πŸ™‚

    2. My grand father watched the wimby 2008 final, so I tagged along. Same as Gaurav, zero tennis knowledge. Was a badminton player then. I’m Swiss so obviously cheering for the great man πŸ˜› I was really impressed by the guy’s skill and unpredictability. Apparently I made my grand dad laugh when I asked “does the spaniard do anything else other than run?” (I was 14 at the time I think). Same still goes 6 years later πŸ˜›

      Since then I started watching more and more, until now where I try to watch every single one of his matches πŸ˜›

    3. What a neat idea Gaurav! I don’t remember precisely, but it was one of the first years he played Wimbledon, and I think he was playing Pete Sampras – not sure if it was the year he lost to him, or the year he beat him. What I remember is being just slack-jawed at how he absolutely floated over the court. He reminded me of Borg. (I know their games are quite different, but the movement was reminiscent of Bjorn, whom I had adored.) I remember saying something like, “We’re going to be seeing quite a lot of this young man!” – guess I had that right!

      Later – could even have been a different year – I read an interview with Mirka where some journalist made the Borg comparison, and she said, augh, don’t say that! He’s impossible when you say that!

      I miss her interviews. A thoughtful, insightful & strong-minded, no-nonsense lady.

      1. Hm, not sure what I was thinking then. In any case, early 2000s I should think. Maybe 2001 when he made the QF.

    4. Casual commenter(?) here! I remember when I officially became a FedFan:

      Wimbledon Final 2007 – Federer vs Nasal

      I had some vague knowledge of tennis before that. I think that I was convinced that there was only one tennis tournament in the world called Wimbledon (this is what happens when you grow up in the UK) and I knew that this guy called Federer was the tennis king. So I’m watching this final waiting for Tennis King Federer to crush this weird kid with long hair called Nadal… and it’s not happening. This annoying kid keeps coming back and rattling Federer and has all the momentum behind him. And that’s when I realised that I wanted Federer to win. Badly. I didn’t want him to be knocked off his perch by anyone (especially Wedgie King). And when you realise that and then watch Federer finally win in the deciding set, it’s the best feeling in the world.

      Of course, it was kind of bad timing to become a Federer fan then, what with 2008 round the corner and all the ups and downs that came after but I didn’t know that back then. And even if I had, I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. πŸ™‚

      1. Haha!

        Do you guys know what Nadal usually orders at the Chipotle Mexican Grill? Take a guess! A Wedgie Burrito! πŸ™‚

    5. I wrote a long (20 minutes or more, maybe) – and quite impassioned by my standards – reply to this a couple of days ago, hit Post and only then realised that my broadband had disconnected itself. Poufff! The post vanished into thin air, and I’m sure I can’t repeat it now. Grrrrrr … Only thing I can remember is that I can’t be sure when I first saw him live: looking back at old Wimbledon programmes, I was clearly there on certain days when he was playing – might still have been the juniors – but as I didn’t mark the programme with who I’d seen that far back I can’t be certain.

  20. Hey Jonathan!
    Roger seemed to have completely run out of steam in the third set. But he never really looked in control, despite having won the first set. Stan looked like the better player, but only because he was the worse of the two. Pretty low quality match. Roger’s comments after the match, of being tired and his body feeling “weird” made sense after so much tennis this year. I hoped he’d won it, 1-4 in finals this year (and 1-4 in MC finals too?) looks so unlike him. I’m not sure about the Hewitt match, but against both Stan and Djoker the tie-breakers did him in. His tie-breakers used to be extremely solid, so that is a bit of a negative right now. But probably one of very,very few. I hope he manages to get across the finish line the next time, fingers crossed!
    Meanwhile, waiting for the announcement of the arrival of new baby Fed πŸ˜€ Hope Rog gets to play at least one of Rome and Madrid, preferably Rome (better prep for RG?). But I really wouldn’t care if the baby decides to time it’s arrival to make Roger miss both since it’ll bring with itself a helluva lot joy than any trophy ever!

    PS- Did anyone else feel that Djoker took a leaf out of Rafi’s book? I mean all that drama during/after Roger’s match, all that talk about not playing for an ‘indefinite period of time’ in the post match conference and all the people putting asterisks against Roger’s win. Then he’s fit enough to play Madrid? :/

    1. I’ve wondered about Djoker too. If the wrist problem was that minor the amount of strapping he had on his arm, plus painkillers should have been enough to see him through without the histrionics. Still, will give him the benefit of the doubt. I just wish players would shut up about their various discomforts and just get on with it (or not). Still waiting for Fed to tell us he was starting a stinking cold in the final!

    2. @ Rita, I would’ve given him the benefit of doubt too had it not been for a certain someone who has made me very skeptical about injuries. As for Fed, I didn’t know he had a cold! And I too wish certain players would stop mentioning every little discomfort. I don’t believe anyone goes through the whole season without having some niggles here and there, but there are people who don’t mention them after every loss.

      @ KFedFan, the ‘lying cheater’ title is reserved for el numero uno, and long shall he possess it. Nobody is in even slight competition.

      1. “As for Fed, I didn’t know he had a cold!”

        Various people, me included, thought he sounded like it from his SF presser onwards. He doesn’t usually talk like that.

    3. Hey FedFan,

      Good point on the breakers this year, poor record compared to usual. Faded in most of them. What is his tie break record in 2014 anyone know?


  21. After a few days of mourning, I’m actually wondering if losing this final sets him up better to be hungrier for a slam.

    But what I do I know? He’s won a few slams after having won a few other tourney’s too. But maybe considering the determination and grit and drive he needs at this stage its better to come to the tourney’s burned by coming so closeand therefore hungrier?

    But again, what do I know? (hint: nothing)

  22. 3rd final loss, all of them in 3 sets. Did Fed lose his killer instinct?? it seems to me that he did;

    i’d really like to hear your opinion about it, J. …

    1. Well Fed doesn’t have the killer instinct really so he hasn’t lost it as he never had it IMO. Fed is like an artist, not saying he can’t grit out wins too but Dull is a player who has that killer instinct in finals, he senses the moment to pounce pretty well. Fed is a more moment of magic, win points with dazzling shots type guy, not ruthless. Nadal is more like play like shit for 3 points but get to break point then win a 40 shot rally to take it.

  23. Thanks, Jonathan, you summed up extremely well. I am so disappointed and saddened with the final. Very annoyed with Stan, who ruined my, otherwise, peRFect Easter weekend πŸ™ .
    Just could not understand why Roger was so flat, unlike in the matches against Tsonga and Novak. Agree with Alison, I felt a bit uneasy before final when Roger said that he would go out with Stan in the night before final. Yes, I should be accused of being spoiled of thinking that Roger should win everything. But this one was Roger’s steak on his dinner plate, which was being snatched off. He should be annoyed, rather than showing a big smile at the ceremony. At the Brisbane final, that was different, when he expected Lleyton to beat himself but was surprised it did not happen.

    1. First of all, Roger didn’t expect Lleyton to beat himself in the final in Brisbane, so I don’t think it is cool to accuse a Roger of that. This time last year Roger couldn’t even compete well physically, now you are mad because he didn’t win. Also Roger’s goals are not everyone else’s goals.

  24. Ahah! So roger’s not the only one who’s good at bed sports!! πŸ˜€ Novak’s getting a kid! Think he’ll name him Roger if it’s a boy? πŸ˜›

    1. Congrats to Nole & Jelena. I think he’s going to wish he’d held off making the announcement – either she’s just one of those women who doesn’t show, or she’s not terribly far along.

    2. Hey Simon, if this is true, than kudos and congrats to Novak.
      Showing that you can have it all. A succescareer as a tennisplayer and beeing a husband and dad at the same time.
      He and Roger and Stan and more players showing that you can do it all and have it all.
      Some have like hundred years a girlfriend but are so scared to marry….

      Maybe Roger and Novak will call each other for play dates for their kids???

    3. BaaHaaaaa! had to lock the conversation thread for the article about Djokovic announcing that Jelena was pregnant because of the stupid comments that people were posting. People think because athletes live their lives in the public eye, they have the right to be nosy. This is the reason way Roger doesn’t want outsiders to know when Mirka is due. Social Media while good somehow, is the tool of the devil.

  25. Yeah Simon, I didn’t c dt coming at all. Unless Jelena planned the pregnancy which I think she didn’t then it’s safe to say Djokovic may miss some tournaments by the end of the year. Gluck to him, this is the best ttime to have the wedding.

    1. Sorry KFedFan – no offense dude.

      Just teasing a little. It’s just that your posts strike me as a little …um … slightly, sorta, just a tad …prematurely confrontational.

      I’ll brace myself for impact now.

      1. Confrontational? Some people are still whining about Brisbane. This thing about Monte Carlo is nothing more than Fed fans putting pressure on Roger to win a Masters events that has been dominated by Nadal along with Rome. Roger said he didn’t put check marks next events he hasn’t won. Roger has never showed any desperation about certain tournaments. Please tell me I’m wrong about the desperation by Fed fans for Roger to certain tournaments to outdo Nadal.

        Confrontational? No. Calling out questionable agendas.Yes. I knew Pablo was fake. What makes you think I’m a dude?

  26. KFedFan, your sentiments to and view on Roger’s performance on the MC are at least slightly unusual. I am proud to say that I am one of passionate Fedfans for 10 years. ‘whining’, ‘putting pressure’, ‘desperation’, etc, are not words I use to describe Roger’s performance as a fan. I for one feel strongly, that the MC as well as Brisbane finals were very winable matches. You might disagree with me, that is fine. True, Roger cannot win them all. Still, I feel that he should have given a bit more fight and won them for himself, his family and his fans like me and like many others at this blog. I see myself neither whining nor ‘putting pressure on Roger’, a ‘desperation’ is plainly ridiculous. I feel that Roger should have won some of these finals out of love, nothing like what you see in a strange way. I love Roger as a tennis player, as a professional and as a person. Why should I ‘whine’, ‘put pressure’, ‘feel desperate’, if he lost? What agenda? What arek you talking about? Are you sure that you are a Fed fan? though you call youself that?

    1. Roger plays for himself and does not know you or anybody on this blog. The matches were winnable. Why because has a winning against both Hewitt and Wawrinka. Roger put up plenty of fight and didn’t win. Roger didn’t do enough to win those matches and also you assume Roger was trying to win them in the first place. I say again Roger’s goals aren’t always your goals. Roger doesn’t care about trying outdo other players so fans to can crow on the internet. I saw both finals in Brisbane and Monte Carlo. I am a Fed fan, but not a delusional one. I think I hit a nerve. wink, wink. It’s ok to root for Roger, but Roger takes a loss and moves on.

      1. While Gang is being overtly passionate, and perhaps a bit harsh in saying that Roger didn’t try enough. But you, KFedFan, are being plain ignorant when you say, “Roger plays for himself and does not know you or anybody on this blog” πŸ™‚ It’s the fans that ultimately make him rich, and famous, and everything else.

        Do you think Stan’s goal or winning a Slam weren’t his fans goal too? Roger must’ve achieved everything he imagined he wanted to, and then some, but he understands that it’s fans that make him popular, and will continue to have expectations.

        Let me ask you a question. Why does Roger always remain clean shaven? Does he do it for himself? Or his fans? I’ll leave that as an exercise for you. Think about it. When you finally find the answer, you will know what I mean πŸ˜‰


      2. If Roger didn’t put in the work to become a great player, these “fans” wouldn’t care about him. Also part of being a fan is taking the good with the bad. You guys don’t own Roger and he is not your property. So if Roger doesn’t do what you want, you are going to disown because fans made him rich?

      3. Roger understands that it’s his fans that make him popular and of course he wants to please them.
        But in which manner do these expectations affect each other and relate to each other ? Is it Roger’s interviews that boost the expectations of his fans or is it the fans’ expectations that boost Roger’s goals expressed in his interviews?
        At the start of the year Roger said he hoped to win 5 tourney this year. By saying such a thing publicly he not only puts unnecessary pressure on himself but also creates expectations with his fans that he perhaps can’t make come true.
        I assume Roger’s main competitive aspiration remains adding another slam title to his trophies though, and not winning 5 titles this year.
        To put himself in a position to make his wish come true, Roger needs to carefully prepare himself for the slams in the best possible way. Whether that includes winning other tourneys is up to him to decide.
        Some people will emphasize that Roger Federer absolutely needs to win lead-up events (Brisbane for instance) because winning tourneys creates confidence and allows winning more victories. Although this principle is generally true, it may not necessary apply to Roger Federer. I think he is of a breed that is able to pull it off without having to win tournaments in the lead-up.
        In any case at age 32 Roger needs to carefully pick the tourneys he really wants to win and avoid overcharging his body. In that sense the expectations he created for himself and his fans may not be very realistic.

      4. Disagree, wilfried. Roger is very much an in form player. 2012 wimby didn’t come from nothing: end of year hat trick in 2011, winning dubai, IW, mardrid, halle. french open 2009: beat Nadal at madrid. Only excpetion is maybe USO 2008, don’t remember hm winning much then. But I feel as though Roger defo is a form player, he can’t find a win out of the blue.

      5. KFedFan, now you’re being plain naive. First of all, I never said that we own Roger or that he should do what he tells us to. I turned a Roger point at the lowest point of his career, Wimbledon 2008. I turned a fan after his loss, not before seen. So don’t preach me the “good and bad” lesson πŸ™‚

        Actually, you are wrong when you say, “you guys don’t own Roger”. That’s how fans connect with players, or teams, or anything for that matter. They feel ownership.

        I think it’s pointless trying give you an explanation. So, zip it up for a while and let fans vent it out for a bit πŸ™‚

      6. “Roger didn’t do enough to win those matches and also you assume Roger was trying to win them in the first place.”

        Well, isn’t that what most pro tennis players tend to do? I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to get at here: are you suggesting that Roger went “Here, Stan, I don’t really want this one: you have it”?

      7. Wow KFedFan, I thought I was protective about Roger and ready to give a piece of my mind to fans who write bad things about him, but you…. you are from a whole different level πŸ™‚
        Relax girl. Again…. we are all on the same side, we are all Roger’s fans…..

  27. Thanks Sue, I quote from that interview with Roger……. Watching is the greater ordeal than to actually stand on the court, racquet in hand and play.
    Therefore KFedfan, Roger cares about us even though he can’t put names to faces πŸ™‚ , he knows how we feel πŸ™‚

      1. Speaking of fans who haven’t moved on. There is a clown fan of Djoke who thinks Roger didn’t win MC because he beat Novak. It is a curse because Roger has beaten Novak in the semis in other tournaments then lost in the final. Also Novak fans like to blame the crowd when he loses to Roger. I guess when you crave popularity it makes you psycho. His fans thought it was Novak’s birthrate to win MC. His fans are so jealous of Roger. So cheer up Fed Fans, MC was not a total loss because Roger has what Novk craves.

  28. And Dull is out!! Beaten by Almagro of all people! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ too good! I’m starting to like this clay season πŸ˜€

    1. I can foresee the excuse: too much wind. Cause apparently in 44 previous matches in Barcelona there never was any wind πŸ˜›

      1. Interestingly Simon, ALMAGRO talked about being able to get in better positions esp. when the wind was in his favor, but Nadal didn’t mention the wind at all (at least in the partial comments that are up on the Barcelona site).

    2. Haaaahaaaa! That’s what happens when Nadal uses the clay season to pad his ranking. Once Nadal loses his dominance on clay, he will be under more pressure to produce on other surfaces.

      1. Or maybe he is planning on focusing on the non-Clay stretch this year? Remember he has no points from Wimby last year. So he can regain everything he has lost on clay so far, and then some.

        This is just a lull. He is not in decline. He was on a tear. So, it’s just a rest phase. Don’t be fooled. Nadal has a solid half a season of great tennis left in him before his real decline begins. He can choose where he wants to spend that time.

  29. Anyone see similarities with Roger’s situation?

    Last year when he lost, “lower” ranked players got the believe that they could beat Roger as well, looks like it is now happening to Rafa……. looking forward to the excuses πŸ™‚

    Congrats Nico, hope you win the title. Just be aware of Nishikori. Man, he is playing great…. But hope you win Nico.

    1. Very definitely. Playing too much in the previous season, exhos instead of training blocks in the off-season, getting beaten by players he shouldn’t have, back problems … but to carry the anology further, you ought also to expect Rafa to come back from this, so no point in getting over-excited …

  30. But this is good right??? Afterall, when Rafa falls…… Roger rises. Come On Roger. It’s Go Time. Rogi Time πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  31. For Jonathan,

    First of all Thanks for your last 3/4 post. I read them but did not have time to comment. Cheers mate! !
    Anyway I am a lot happier since Nadal losing to Ferrer and today losing to Almagro. Both on clay which makes me more lol. Even though Federer didn’t win MC I am really happy since he made the final and only decided to play last minute. Awild card put to ggood use.
    Hopefully Roger can show his consistent tennis and play well and go deep in Madrid Masters. It is already a very good start to the season. Go Rogeeeeeerrrrrrr !!!!!!

  32. This news had made my day until I discovered I forgot to press the final place bet button when I put a small bet on Almagro earlier today πŸ™ It seems I’m just not destined to make money out of Nadal’s woes. The odds will never be as good again from now on.

    Never mind. Good news anyway.

    Interesting that Novak, in his efforts to emulate Roger and gain some of his popularity, has even gone as far as getting pregnant! Got a long way to go to catch up with Roger though – in every field πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Rita, maybe he thought Roger won 2 GS when Mirka was pregnant, so maybe if Jelena is also pregnant???
      No, I am just kidding. Maybe they wanted to and the time was right. I like Jelena, she really is the rock behind Novak like Mirka is behind Roger. Hope she has a good and painfree pregnancy and delivers a healthy baby.
      Ofcourse hope the same for Mirka too πŸ™‚

      Come on Rafa…. time to propose to Ciska. She has also been waiting for years and years….

      1. I don’t know anything about Jelena, Katyani, not even what she looks like. I quite like Novak I must say, but do think he tries a bit too hard to be liked. I was of course joking btw about his trying to emulate Roger in the baby department πŸ™‚

    2. Hi Rita…. I know what you mean iv done ot a few times when I am betting online. Anyway like yourself I am happy that Nadal has lost. I don’t know but I have a funny feeling that at this year French Open Nadal may lose in the 3 or 4th round. I really hope so as I want a different winner , preferably Federer. As I am sick and tired of the moonballing, arse scratching Nadal winning. Anyway until then I just happy Federer.Is pplaying better and hopefully he can start winning the final match and the trophy to be the champions one instead of the runner up trophy. Not that long now for Madrid masters.

  33. Yayyyyy! Nadal lost, been waiting for that. Actually he should have lost earlier to Albert Ramos cs he played sensationally. But it was coming. Can anyone get his hands on any post match presser of this match please….
    Guys, I’vebeen thinking, does Roger have an inside chance of finishing world no 1this year? It looks doable winning the next two slams and a couple masters πŸ™‚

    1. The field is opening up and many players have a chance to step up. The rest of the season is going to be exciting.

    2. I figure Stan has a decent chance to get to nr one, but Djoker is really going to get close now πŸ˜€

    3. Utch, I can’t find a full presser, but the barcelona site has a few quotes (in Spanish):

      He says in part:
      — β€œHe jugado mejor que Γ©l los dos primeros sets, pero no he aprovechado mis oportunidades. En el segundo, especialmente, he tenido muchas cuando lo tenΓ­a todo mΓ‘s controlado, pero no las he materializado”
      ***I played better than he did the first two sets, but I didn’t take advantage of my opportunities. In the 2nd, especially, I had many when I had everything better controlled, but I didn’t realize them.***

      — β€œEsto es deporte. Unas veces se gana y otras se pierde. He cometido errores inesperados como el servicio en blanco que he perdido cuando mΓ‘s necesitaba servir bien al final del tercer set”
      ***That’s sport. Sometimes you win and others you lose. I made unexpected errors like the love service game I lost when I most needed to serve well in the 3rd set.***

      — β€œ41 partidos seguidos es una gran marca. No estΓ‘ mal, le costarΓ‘ al que quiera batirla”
      ***41 matches in a row is a big number. It’s not bad; it will cost the person who wants to beat it (ie it will be hard to beat).***

      –β€œ Lo nuestro es sΓ³lo un juego, lo realmente importante es lo de Tito Vilanova. Quiero enviar todo mi Γ‘nimo a su familia en este momento tan triste”
      ***Ours is just a game; what’s really important es what happened with Tito Vilanova (former football coach, still in his 40s, who just died of cancer). I want to sent all my spirit to his family in this very sad moment.***

      In another article on the same site, Nico talked about being completely outplayed in the first set, but then being able to hit the ball harder (???? can I have understood that right?) and being able to get in better positions, *especially when the wind was in his favour*.

    4. Roger didn’t think getting back to No. 1 was a realistic option because he wouldn’t be playing enough tourneys compared with everyone else (although isn’t he on a par with Nadal for this year?). But certainly getting higher in the rankings ought to be.

  34. I think Ferrer shows fellow Spaniards that they can get away with beating Nadal and it won’t mean disrespect and hey, they r doing it now on another level.
    Hmm, I shall call this ‘the uprising’

  35. Hi all! Just wanted to brag: i saw Monfils in a great match today and afterwards Dimitrov beat Stakhovsky!
    Allso from the romanian soccer legend Hagi!

    A good day!

    1. Tilas, so cool that you’re there! & got to see some good matches! And the Dimi autograph, wow!

      What’s the facility like there in Bucharest?

    2. Hey Tilas, you know what I saw?? All the girls lined up with big yellow tennisballs waiting for Dimi to smile at them and to come for an autograph πŸ™‚ Please tell me you were waiting somewhere else πŸ™‚

      1. @Thinker
        The tennis garden is really nice and taken care of. Many people with years of experience are handling the courts, BUT the structures are old and need renovating ASAP!
        More and more fans are coming and it was an awesome atmosphere! (Monfils’ tweener was epic!)

        I had no chance against the ocean of little girls!
        I had to hunt him down (still had to get past some girls) when he walked out of the press center. He was like right in front of me. I said thank you, he said your welcome and then accidentaly stepped on my foot. πŸ˜€

    3. Tilas, that’s awesome! You go an autograph! By the way, don’t mind me asking. Who’s Dimitrov?!?

      1. Curent world no. 14. I see a bright future for baby Fed. And I saw him live and he put on a really good show.

        PS: i allso appear for 3 sec on atpworldtour in a video of meet the fans πŸ˜€

      2. LOL Sid.

        Tilas you are now uber-famous. If they make a sequel to the film Wimbledon I can see you getting a starring role πŸ˜›

      3. WOooWW! Had no ideea that there is a Wimbledon movie. Just watched it last night.
        Decent acting… and I loved the interior monologues as he was serving.
        Its been ten years since that movie. Time to make another GS movie with me in the leading rolle!


      4. There you go. I’m in the first 3 seconds on the left side, with my back facing Dimitrov… 2 sidesteps later i turned around and BOOM, I was in front of him (they don’t show that part in the video).

        Behold my 3 seconds of glory:*/Tennis/Media/Videos/Uploaded/2014/4/26/Bucharest-2014-Saturday-Fans-Feature.aspx

        If the link doesn’t work the video is called: Bucharest 2014 Saturday Fans Feature.
        Enjoy πŸ˜€

        Good luck to Fed in Madrid!

  36. Hey guys, I have been reading some articles where fans (also Rafa’s own fans) say that:
    – he looks tired,
    – he lacks confidence,
    – he is like a shadow of his former self,
    – he looks spent,
    – that it is so sad to see,
    – that he may even retire at the end of this year if he loses more,
    – that he should consider retirement to preserve his legacy,
    – that he should consider retirement before losing to players he use to beat in his sleep…

    Sounds familiar??? Roger heard it all and went through it all last year, but he got the greatest gift slash revenge of all: he believed in himself and his game.
    Now they are doing the same to Rafa…. Don’t they know… this is just a Rafa-dip. The dude will be back.

    I absolutely don’t want Rafa to undeservedly win it all, but I don’t want him to retire either (without beeing punished, if you know what I mean). This is Roger’s time now, but Rafa will be back….

    Come on Roger… so many are believing that they can beat Rafa…. so can you !!!

    1. Of course he’ll be back, I have no doubt about that, any more than I had when Roger hit his slump. In fact, I probably have even less doubt …

      1. Hey Alison, I cannot believe I forgot the most important point. Like last year when fans told Roger to get rid of Annacone, now his own fans are telling Rafa to part with the Great Uncle Toni πŸ™‚ Seriously, so many similarities…..

        But, I have no doubt that Rafa will be back. I think he will take 6 months or more off to “rediscover” his love for tennis, rest his body, train and practise like hell while all the others are getting tired from playing and then he will bounce invincible back. Ofcourse he won’t have to “create” a knee injury, because now he has the best excuse of them all: mental tiredness and lack of confidence.

        If only he had a bit of Roger’s dignity…..

    2. Nope, Roger went thru it first in 2008! Not last year! People have short memories. Rafa has played masses of teennis since his comeback and has reached a lot of finals. He is weary, and his confidence is low after some thrashings. WTf, AO, Miami. And his age is about when mental fragility can set in after years of success. See a lot of parallels with 2008 when critics first laid into Roger! With age comes the sense of mortality, and with that comes mental doubt. Fascinating season in prospect!

      I am also keen to see what happens to Novak’s concentration with regard to impending fatherhood. Not everyone’s reacts like Federer. He may be the type who finds it harder to get motivated.

      Murray clearly struggling with motivation. Has climbed his personal Mt Everest and now no longer has that motivating voice of Lendl in his ear. Clay is his toughest surface and rumours abound that the back is still an issue!
      He will of course he seeded higher at Wimbledon ( prob 4/5 or 6) given their independent seeding procedure.
      Fed needs to get to 3 in my view pre Wimbledon to counter Stan’s surge, but on grass Fed much stronger.

      I can see Nishikori in top 10 before Dimitov if he carries his Barcelona form forward, and a definit threat for RG.

      All that said, would I bet against Nadal over 5 sets at RG taking the title? Probably not!

      1. I hadn’t realised how bad the 2008 situation was until I was reading Jon Wertheim’s book about *that* final the other day. Totally disrespectful of Fed and preparing to write his professional obituary, from what I gather.

        Murray ought to benefit hugely from Wimbledon’s seeding formula – as he should: won everything on grass last year, not to mention Olympics (I assume that counts) and RU at Wimbledon the year before. Did he play Queens? Roger ought to benefit reasonably well, too, although mainly from his 2012 results, so only at 75%?

        I still refuse to underestimate Rafa’s chances of winning RG this year: he may be trying to lull us all into a false sense of security πŸ™‚

      2. Hey Susie and Alison, great and true comments !!! One thing I cannot understand is the “Murray-situation”. Why? Why can he not get motivated? Did Roger lose Olympic Gold Medal so that Andy can waste it on never getting the Golden Slam?? If Roger had won it, he would be untouchable. But Andy?? I mean come on, all he has to do is win AO (which will happen some year) and RG, once, just once. Just once and then he will have something that not even Roger or Novak has.
        What more motivation does he need??? In my opinion such a waste of time him winning Olympic Gold.

        I did say this would be Andy’s year…. but dude, when will you start???

        Oh…. and…. you heard it first from me: Roger will win Rio 2016 Olympic Gold Medal on….. clay !!! πŸ™‚

      3. @Susie, yeah Feds decline started in 2008 just people forget, he lost to a lot of players outside the top 10 that year. Same happening to Nadal now.

        Disagree on Nishikori though, he has talent to win a slam but no weapons which will work against him. Same as Ferrer. Would be a miracle if he wins a slam.

  37. Ok, so what’s going on with Nadal? Quite a slump in the most important time of the year for him. What are the thoughts?

      1. What happens at FO Conal???
        The second all Swiss final where this time Roger will win, because now he has got the tag of the first Swiss final out of his system, so no more mister polite and well too bad I lost but happy for Stan anyways…
        Noop, the next Swiss final Roger will have no mercy and win.
        So guys, be glad that the first Swiss final between Roger and Stan was at MC. Can you imagine how they would play if FO was the first time they would have met in a final???

      2. Well, let’s hope he actually makes it there in the first place, then. I was just thinking that the draw could be pretty open: no need to make any more holes in it by Roger not turning up. Hoping I’m right about the baby due date, because that ought to solve any problem πŸ™‚

    1. Once you start losing, you lose your confidence. Other players get more confident that they do have a chance to beat you. Happened to the greatest of all time. Not very surprising it is happening to the grinders and less talented.

    2. I thought when he first started playing that he wouldn’t last long. He puts so much power and energy into every shot, doesn’t pace himself at all – unless you consider disappearing for months to recuperate as pacing. A lot of people thought his time off last year was the beginning of the end, and were surprised when he came back so strong. So maybe it’s all catching up with him now. Also, the hunger to win might be deserting him. Getting to the top is one thing, staying there requires a different sort of willpower. I hope he does call it quits before too long because I think he’s been as bad for tennis as Roger has been good for it. I hope we will soon see the end of the Nadal era and it will be forgotten, and that not too many youngsters outside of Spain are trying to emulate his type of game. Sounds harsh I guess, but that’s what I feel, and anyway it won’t happen. I’m sure he’ll be back, stronger and with confidence renewed.

      1. Let’s say that if he was less then a whiner, he could have been good for tennis. He is just to egoistical to be good. And I honestly think tennis would have lost something if feds was the only guy winning everything, know what I mean?

        but I’m really not convinced he’s going away soon, he’s gonna hit back harder, as he usually does…

      2. Let’s say, Simon, that I don’t think he’s brought anything to tennis that tennis needed, other than competition for Roger and others. And yes, I’m sure he’ll be back with a vengeance.

      3. Hey Rita, I have to agree with Simon. If there were no Rafa, Roger would win it all for years in a row and….. love the dude so so much, but that would have been boring. Where even I would say, well Roger, I will watch from the SF or Final, because you will make it anyways…

        The sad thing is Rafa is a very good player who would be “equal” to Roger if…. he would have done it the honest way (without the use of you know what) and more important he would have done it all without using gamesmenship. Because as much as we hate to admit it, he is a great player. But when he uses gamesmenship on court it sickens me. It makes him look unsporting, unprofessional, like a coward and someone who does not trust his game and capabilities enough to get a clean and deserved win.
        My God, he even does it to his own friends like Ferrer. David played in their match a perfect first point but did not even see that Rafa was not done yet with his towel. And like Rafa changing his racquet when David was serving….
        THESE things make me dislike him so much.
        Like football players (GROWN MEN) making a schwalbe. It is so sad and pathetic…..

      4. Oh and Rita, we already have a BabyFed and players who play like Roger or remind us of Roger or can be the next Roger, but… why is there still no “Baby Rafa”???

      5. Baby Rafa are everywhere Katyani… His style of plya has become the norm, unfortunately… πŸ™

      6. True, Simon. Because as someone once said:

        If you want to play like Djokovic, work hard!

        If you want to play like Nadal, work even harder! (or I’d say, dope harder)

        If you want to play like Federer, well, you can’t. You must die first, and hope to be born again with a slice of his talent πŸ™‚

    3. I’m not bothered enough to check, but are the “Nadal is in decline”, “He should retire” articles out yet? Or do we have to wait until RG for those? Or perhaps dethroning from No.1? Man I hope he has to go through the agony of hearing and reading that everywhere. I hope journos ask him about his retirement plans as well. And his fans tell him how they think it’s best to “go out while you’re still on top, without tarnishing your legacy”. He makes so many moronic statements anyway, it’ll be fun to see how he deals with that negativity given that the media historically has never been negative towards him.
      Anyway, Nadal’s decline generally comes with the Rise of The Fed, so I’m jolly happy!

      1. Can’t agree more! πŸ˜€ Waiting for a book that says exactly what he’s taking πŸ˜‰

      2. FedFan, I haven’t seen any in the press as yet, but they’re certainly all over MTF (now, there’s a surprise!). And I have definitely seen the “tarnishing the legacy” bit somewhere …

  38. Hi Thinker, just seeing your reply. That was really great, thanks for the effort. Interesting read, he’s gonna have a lot of cobwebs in his head to think about now.

  39. I was just watching the Nadal- Almagro highlights and as much as I dislike Nadal, I couldn’t help but get repulsed by Almagro’s attitude during the match, especially after the last point. Ungraceful.

      1. Really? The guy who once lost to an American player on a hard court, then said something like, “Let him play on clay and we will see who is better”.

        Yeah, that’s Verdasco for you πŸ™‚

        The only Spanish player I like is Feliciano Lopez.

      2. Well, Sid, if you look hard enough you can find negative quotes from any player – and that includes Roger, of course.

      3. Sorry, Alison, not to the level these Spaniards stoop. And while we are at it, can you give me a few examples please? πŸ™‚

    1. Gaurav, I agree with what you said about Almagro’s attitude. But it was fueled by Nadal’s attitude. Did you see Nadal’s excessive fist pumping during crucial points? I caught parts of it and Nadal was even more retarded in his celebrations than usual. I suspect it was to tick Almagro off. Mental games you know. No wonder Nadal got a taste of his own medicine.

      I forgive Almagro. Anyone who wins a big lottery would forget everyone around him.

    2. You can’t blame him. Has waited 10 yrs. put yrself in his shoes, and Nadal is hardly graceful in defeat, either at the net or in the presser! Very different to Fed and Stan. Sometimes I wonder whether the rest of the spanish players really like Rafa!
      Was same at MC. Nadal didn’t give Ferrer much credit!

      1. Hey Susie, you are so right. When Rafa lost to Dolgopolov and was not really sporting about it at the net, I thought oke, does not matter, the dude is not used to losing to anybody other than Novak, so no worries. But when he lost to David and did not look him even in his face at the net, now that I thought was just plain rude. I mean come on, did you see how much respect David gave him? He could too make a big deal about it and maybe fall on the ground or so, but he came very respectfull to the net. And then I heard Rafa’s presser after the match, oke……not very gracefull. But then he lost to Nico and oh my God, bad loser or what?? Did not even look Nico in his eyes, like he was not even worthy to lose to.

        Roger is great and the best, but to be honest, he is sometimes a bad loser in pressers, but when I saw Rafa’s presser after the Almagro loss I was so disappointed. He comes across as a good loser in pressers, but he did not even acknowledge Nico.

        And to be honest, Novak is the best example how you should be gracefull after a loss in your presser, but when he lost to Roger at MC, he said all the right words in his presser, but…. not all came across as really honest…. Maybe just like Roger last year, Novak is getting tired of losing…. πŸ™‚

      2. Oh and just one more point about respect. When Rafa and David played the RG 2013 final, there was in my opinion a bit respect but no friendship at all. They were seriously opponents playing a final. But when Roger and Stan played the MC final, there was TOO much respect and friendship. Luckily Stan snapped out of it first. But next Swiss final Roger will not be that polite and he will be the winner πŸ™‚

      3. Spot on about Nole. That’s one thing I really admire about him. His attitude after a tough loss. Credit where credit’s due.

  40. Hey guys, I’d really like to go watch some tennis this year and it’s looking like the back end of the year will give me my best chance. It’ll have to be either Basel, Paris or WTFs. Any recommendations? I’m not too keen on Paris as Roger may not play depending on his exertions beforehand so it looks to be a toss-up between Basel and London.

    Ticket prices are more or less equal, I think. At the moment, I’m leaning towards Basel as I’ve never been to Switzerland and I can only imagine how amazing the atmosphere will be watching Fed at his home tournament!

    1. I’ve never been to Basel, but I’ve been to WTF. And I honestly loved the court there. If you have the money to stay relatively low (I was pretty high up and you miss a bit of the action) and want to see some good tennis matches, which includes the best player during the season playing against each other, London is the way! πŸ˜‰

      1. Gotta agree with Simon.

        I don’t think as a Fed fan we need to be worried about atmosphere. He’s always going to be the favourite irrespective of who/ where he’s playing.

    2. Well, if you go to WTF you’ll only get one (abbreviated) doubles and one singles, if you want to take that into consideration. And I guess it also depends on whether the loud music, dry ice and so on are your thing, maybe. It’s certainly like no other tournament I’ve ever been to (she says, with her *huge* range of experience – not)
      Early indications are, I think, that it ought to be a good field in Basel this year. Switzerland’s a lovely country, although if you’re going to Basel you’re basically only sticking a toe over the border anyway πŸ™‚

    3. Easier to get tickets for London, if you are prepared to pay for the good seats. I saw Fed twice last year, and although the order of play only announced the night before sometimes, you can log on and buy immediately. As Simon said, don’t go high. The atmosphere is awesome! And the journey is very very easy on the Tube!
      Basel, Paris? Don’t know how easy it is to get tickets.
      Paris is a bizarre tournament. Terrible court and probably full of corporates!

    4. I would say if you haven’t been to WTF then it’s worth going to experience tennis at the 02 and see all the best players.

      If I was picking personally I’d go Basel as I wanna visit Switzerland and see Fed play in his home country. Flights go to the nearest airport from Manchester too so not difficult to get to. Accommodation / food could be pricey though.

      1. Oh that’s VERY sad Rita. And they’ve got the world #6, haven’t they? Isn’t Berdych the #1 seed there?

  41. Appearently Roger went Saturday or Sunday to a football match of Basel with Lammer and he was not nervous at all…. so no babynews yet.
    Does he know something we don’t? Is he so relaxed because he knows that Mirka is not due for a while??
    Please Mirka and new baby, don’t make Roger miss Wimby…. we all can live with him missing RG, but not Wimby πŸ™‚

  42. Djokovic can kiss his career goodbye in December Especially if he wins FO this year, I doubt he’ll find the motivation needed to work on his game when he’ll be occupied with a child.That means Fed gs record will be in danger.


    For those that don’t speak French, it says “Ratings of the most popular tennis players on social network sites Facebook and Twitter. Roger Federer is the most popular on Facebook. Nadal is No. 1 on Twitter. It should be noted that Roger Federer only opened his Twitter account a short time ago compared to Nadal and other players. In women’s tennis Maria Sharapova largely dominates ahead of the Williams sisters.

    I don’t know why they’ve put Roger as overall No. 1 when clearly Rafa has the bigger total – maybe taking into account two extra years Rafa has had to accumulate followers. I’ll take it anyway πŸ™‚

    I remember Jonathan posted this info a while back but maybe this is updated a bit.

      1. But he doesn’t half retweet everything that comes his way. Hoping he’ll stop doing that as doing well becomes less of a novelty for him.

  44. I can’t afford him to miss any of the Grand slams right now, that’s how desperate I am :).
    I hope the baby waits till after Wimby πŸ™‚ and I don’t mind if he comes next week either, God please, can he come next week πŸ™‚
    Rakheesh, you can come for the WTF.
    If Fed rakes up enough points to qualify for the WTF, he just might skip Basel.
    We are all gonna wear the perfect tennis badges anyway so we can recognise each other, aren’t we Jonathan πŸ˜‰

    1. Hoping that both Nishikori and Dimitrov make London! Much more interesting! Cld do without Ferrer, and Berdych!

    2. Yeah Fed won’t skip Basel, new agreement, hometown tournament. He would lost a lot of support if he pulled out only for the fact he qualified for WTF.

      @Utch – peRFect Tennis badges = good idea πŸ™‚

    1. I was thinking if the baby doesn’t show up, oh, today, he may be missing Madrid. I don’t see him starting a tournament & then pulling out; & I don’t really see him playing if the baby is only a couple of days old, either.

      Pity – he often does well in Madrid.

      1. Well, but it doesn’t really matter which week he replaces them (the points); we just want them replaced, & with luck increased. The way I look at it, the 600 points from the MC final replace the 600 points from last year’s Rome final. So if Roger were to now miss both Madrid & Rome, he would lose only the 90 points from last year’s Madrid, because he’s already made up last year’s Rome points. 90 points less, compared to last year’s stretch after Miami & before RG, though coming from different specific places.

        In fact we kind of said this when he took the MC wild card; I think we just didn’t REALLY believe he’d miss both pre-RG tournaments!

        If he DOES get to play either Madrid or Rome, all he has to do is get more than 90 points to increase his total during this stretch.

      1. You know Thinker, I am more nervous about when Roger’s baby will be born than I was with the birth of the three princesses of Holland πŸ™‚
        I have more interest in this baby than I had for William’s & Kate’s baby George…. πŸ™‚
        Oh Roger… what are you doing to us???

    1. Dull, Ferrer, Raonic, and Isner… I can accept the first two guys, but what are those servebots doing in the top ten?! o_O

      1. Raonic can be pretty good. I think its pretty unfair to call him a servebot just because he has a massive serve. Doesn’t mean he has no game otherwise.

      2. Ajay: Raonic is a little less dependent servebot. He has a huge forehand, as does isner, but if the serve is returned, he’s in DEEP sh*t. That’s what I call a servebot πŸ˜‰ The have 0 game other than the serve or slamming a big forehand.

      3. Roanic and Isner are servebots because they are in trouble if they play someone who has a clue. Both are poor returners and have to rely on getting to the TB where anything can happen.

      4. I don’t mind watching them, but I’d never want to be a center lines judge in their game πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Utch, I try to be funny πŸ™‚ Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not at all…. I’m not “Sid-funny”…. but still I try πŸ™‚ Damn, Madrid is sooooooo far away………..

  45. But really friends, we weren’t so stressed out with the first pregnancy…now, we are almost going nuts!!

    1. Yeah because no one really knows the due date. Personally think it might come after RG. Was hoping within next 2weeks. However Cld be due June if she was 3 months mid Dec when they announced it! Nightmare!!!

      1. LOL! This is the reason why Roger is keeping everyone in the dark because fan’s are self centered and only care about his career. Also Djoke fans are still mad because Roger don’t give Novak a free pass in the semis of the 2011 FO and Roger continues to play with children.

      2. KFedFan, get a life. You are beginning to sound like Pablo’s evil sister.

      3. LOL! You first. Mr “I think Nadal is taking PEDS all the time”. Fed fans are self centered. The height of self centerness is trying to make his wife have a baby Roger helped produce so the baby doesn’t get in the way of his career. Whiny Novak fans are doing the same thing and the baby Jelena is carrying is what a seed in her stomach. I am a Fed fan too but some of you are more ambition than Roger himself.

      4. “The height of self centerness is trying to make his wife have a baby Roger helped produce so the baby doesn’t get in the way of his career”

        Partially true. Have to admit it. But not completely true. Yes, most of us have a specific period we would like the baby to be born so that Roger won’t miss the important tours. But WE ALL want Mirka to have a healthy pregnancy and birth and the baby to be born healthy. You do know that right?? Seriously, you do know that right??? Missing tours is no way more important that Mirka and the baby beeing healthy. Again, you do know that right??

        And KFedFan, be honest, if Roger had retired like 5 years ago and you would NOW know that they were expecting a baby, would you still be THIS interested in the baby? Don’t think so. You are so interested now because Roger is still playing and winning tours…

        No offence, but you are to Roger what Pablo is to Rafa πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      5. KFedFan, criticizing Nadal on a Fed fan site is fair game. Calling Fed fans self centered (or other derogatory names), simply because they are being passionate, is not fair game. It makes you look like an ass.

        As for Nadal’s PED’s, go educate yourself. Do some research. It stinks all the way up to the Spanish Government. If you’re still not convinced, get the heck off this site, and hug a Nadal fan.

      6. BS. The Fed fans that are so obsessed with Roger’s success to the point where he can’t be with his wife when she gives birth. No congrats or anything but just hoping it doesn’t get in the way of his career is not passion but is self centered and fair game to called out on. Roger has had plenty of success in his career so accusing of using PEds reeks of sour grapes. Also I am allowed to share my opinion. Jerk.

      1. Imagine, someday, may 20 years from now, we might get to see a Federer-Djokovic Grandslam final πŸ™‚

    2. The only thing I was stressed about in 2009 was wondering whether Mirka was going to go into labour during that protracted Wimbledon final: apart from that, I wasn’t really bothered. But now, of course, it looks as though it’s going to eat into scheduled tournament time, which is slightly different. It’s just that he had such a horrid time last year that I’d rather he didn’t have to miss anything significant this year. But obviously baby comes first.

  46. I don’t know if anyone realized this but Federer has 6 top ten wins this year which is not only the most for this year by any player but also Federer’s most top ten wins at the end of Monte Carlo masters in his career.

    1. Another way of looking at it would be, he has the most wins vs Top 10 in his career at the end of Monte Carlo, without a Masters 1000 title. He needs to fix whatever his problem is, preferably before Wimbledon πŸ™‚

    2. Roger Federer ‘s got only 5 wins against top 10 players this year (Nadal (AO), Djokovic (Dubai and Monte Carlo), Berdych (Dubai) and Gasquet (Miami), and he lost 3 times (from NAdal (AO), Djokovic (IW) and Wawrinka (Monte Carlo).
      Roger’s win-loss record is therefore 5-3 against top 10 players this year.
      Wawrinka’ s record for that matter is better though. He played only 5 matches against top 10- players and won β€˜m all.

      1. made an error in my comment. It should be a win against Murray instead of Nadal (AO).

      2. and I apparently also overlooked Roger’s win against J.W. Tsonga. So Roger got indeed 6 wins and his win loss record is 6-3 against top ten players. Sorry about these errors.

  47. In defense of Raonic, he knows he has work to do with movement and return of serve.
    I say Mirka is due sometime between Rome and RG.
    As far as the WTF’s, we might end up seeing a few different faces this year. And Roger of course.

  48. Hey Jonathan, 3 year anniversary of this blog coming up πŸ™‚ Will you do something special again??

  49. I keep checking twitter and other sources for baby announcements. Anyone else getting nervous about this?

    1. Lol Rita – glad to know I’m not the only nut job here! I tell myself, at this point, even if the babies WERE born today, the announcement wouldn’t come out until at least tomorrow; so you can quit checking for a while.

      It doesn’t usually work.

      Roger just tweeted that he’s on a ferry – think he’s done ferry pictures before, thinking he’s in Zurich. Also thinking, no way they would take a ferry if they were needing to get to the hospital…

      1. Hmm…. Question…. how do we know that the baby is not born yet??? Maybe the baby is already born and Roger is enjoying the baby, but also fleeying out of the house to get some rest πŸ™‚

        Sorry KFedFan, it’s just a joke. A bad one, but still, just a joke to lighten the mood πŸ™‚

  50. Wonder if Roger is in Madrid now. I keep looking out for either news of cancellation or pics of practice sessions, tweets from the man himself etc. but nothing so far. Probably would have cancelled by now if he was going to, but then again babies can be extremely unpredictable. Someone once told me that boys are always late and girls on time – or it could have been the other way around. Can’t remember now. πŸ™

    Come on Roger – some news please. And not from a boat in Switzerland!

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