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How To Watch Tennis Online

A Quick Guide for Live Streaming Tennis in 2017

A common question I get asked here on the blog, on live chat during matches and via Twitter is “How can I watch?” or “Do you have a stream for the Fed match?” So with that in mind, I thought I'd put together a quick post outlining some of the options for watching tennis online. I'll look at the pros and cons of each, the costs involved and steps involved for watching. So read on…

What options are there for streaming tennis?

  • TennisTV
  • WTA TV
  • Eurosport Player
  • Free Streams
  • Bet365
  • VPN combined with domestic broadcasters (or paid services) that are usually Geo IP restricted
  • Amazon Prime (from 2019)



Most of you will have heard of this one, it's the official streaming partner of the ATP and streams the vast majority of ATP matches at 250, 500 and 1000 level. Up until 2016, they had the WTA matches but for one reason or another TennisTV went solely ATP.

At the time of writing TennisTV is priced at £79.99 for a 1-year pass and if you're a real avid tennis watcher it's pretty good value for money. You can also watch on desktop and mobile via their iPhone or Android apps. As per their terms you can also stream via two devices simultaneously, so the possibility of going 50/50 with a friend is also there if you follow different players/tournaments.

  • Good quality streams
  • Good commentary team
  • Virtually every match at ATP level
  • Can be accessed on mobile devices for streaming on the go
  • £79.99 a year so not the best value if you only plan to watch the odd match
  • Can sometimes be a little buggy with outages during matches
  • The mobile apps aren't the most reliable
  • Occasionally has Geo restrictions or conflicts with broadcasters who want exclusive rights
  • No Grand Slam matches

Thoughts on Tennis TV

I was a paying subscriber up until Miami this year when it expired and I probably watched every single one of Federer's matches at ATP level via the service for the last 2 years.

The only reason I'm yet to renew is I knew that Roger would likely skip Monte Carlo, Rome, Madrid and Montreal so it didn't make much sense to pay for 4 months when it would get zero use. I also knew of some other options (the one I currently use is explained below in the VPN section) for watching so it's currently on ice. Chances are I'll be back signed up for Cincinnati but we shall see.

Visit the TennisTV Website



New for 2017 is WTA TV which is essentially Tennis TV but for the women's tour. Up until 2016, TennisTV showed WTA matches as well but they're now independent.

At the time of writing WTA TV is priced at £58.60 for a 1-year pass. You can also watch on desktop and mobile via their iPhone or Android apps.

  • Good quality streams
  • Virtually every match at WTA level
  • Can be accessed on mobile devices for streaming on the go
  • I've not used it to know the limitations.

Thoughts on WTA TV


I don't really watch women's tennis so this isn't a service I've used.

Visit the WTA TV Website

Eurosport Player


This is another paid service from the pan-European television sports network, Eurosport.  I signed up for Eurosport in January for the Australian Open (the special offer was £20 for the year) and I've been very happy with the service.

So far this year I've used it to watch the Australian Open, French Open, Stuttgart, Halle, Wimbledon and the odd bit of Alpine Skiing. I've found the service reliable with great 720p quality streaming and that's why Eurosport has been my go to site for watching tennis this year.

  • High-quality streams
  • Covers the Aus Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open
  • Good coverage of ATP tennis too
  • Plenty other sports covered including Cycling and Skiing
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Can buy monthly or yearly passes
  • Can have Geo restrictions (but you can work around it with a VPN)
  • Occasionally lags but this more to do with your internet connection
  • Doesn't cover every ATP tournament

Thoughts on Eurosport Player

Eurosport Player is currently the service I'm using most often for streaming tennis. Technically I'm signed up to the UK Eurosport player, but when you combine this with a VPN which I'll explain in the VPN section below you can watch a lot more coverage.

This is how I was able to watch Halle without the need for TennisTV, I simply routed my traffic through a German server and used the .de version of Eurosport player. That gave me full access to Halle albeit with German commentary.

Visit the Eurosport Player Website




Bet365 is one of the few betting sites that live stream tennis for free via their website. From what I gather they're tapping into the same broadcaster as TennisTV so you can watch virtually every ATP match via their live streaming window. It also works on mobiles too via their mobile site.

Any catches? Just two. The first is to get access to live streaming you need a funded account. So you do need to sign up and deposit. There's no obligation to bet though, so all I ever did was deposit £5 and leave it. My balance is now at £0.10 though so you can guess what happened there 😀

The other catch is that the streaming window is quite small. There's no full-screen option and the picture quality is just ok. However, for ‘free' you can't really complain.

  • Effectively free
  • Virtually all ATP Matches
  • Lots of other live sports streamed too including Football, Snooker, Darts and Basketball
  • Requires you to create an account and deposit
  • Only a small window for the stream
  • Often no commentary

Thoughts on Bet365 Live Tennis Streaming

When I first started peRFect Tennis I used Bet365 to watch basically all Fed's matches outside of slams that I couldn't access via a domestic broadcaster here in the UK. Even now it's my backup choice for a stream if the other options I'm using aren't working.

Visit Bet365

Free Streams


Probably the most popular choice for the casual fan is the use of free streams. There are hundreds of websites offering streams for every sport you can imagine and I've used them countless times over the years. Strictly speaking, I'm sure they fall under the illegal category but it's nigh on impossible to police so whilst I won't recommend their use, I'm not going to say don't do it either 😉

  • Completely free
  • Most free streaming sites have all the matches available at every level of tennis
  • Not the best picture quality
  • Often laggy
  • Full of popups, popunders and intrusive ads
  • Potential for malware if you click the wrong buttons

Thoughts on Free Streaming for Tennis

If you only watch a couple of matches a year, don't have the funds to justify paying for a service or just hate to part with your hard earned cash then free streams are probably the way to go. I've used them a few times for Federer matches but to maintain the blog I actually need to be able to see the ball and not have it stopping/starting every 5 mins like you inevitably get with these types of services.

So for me they're just used as a backup and if every other option is exhausted. I won't recommend any specific sites here as the problem is they change all the time as they're usually just trying to stay one step ahead of the broadcasters who want them shut down. So don't be surprised if you see your favourite streaming site move from a .com, to a .live to a .tv domain all within a year.

I'd also say If you're not the most tech savvy person out there then be careful using these sites. They're designed to make you click on adverts or download software that you don't need as that's how they're funded. So you need to be quick at closing popups and knowing what to look for when it comes to clicking the real play button and not the one that takes you elsewhere.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) – My Current Choice for Streaming Tennis


Strictly speaking, a VPN has zero to do with streaming tennis matches. But it does open up the possibility for doing so.

A VPN is a secure, encrypted connection, which is a bit like a tunnel, between your computer and a server (based in various locations across across the world) operated by the VPN service.

I use a VPN in conjunction with Eurosportplayer and domestic broadcasters if I need access to something they're only showing in a specific country.

This year I watched Halle on the German version of Eurosport and Wimbledon on the BBC. Last year I watched some of Basel via SRF using a Swiss server and it's made finding good coverage a whole lot easier.

Even when there's no tennis on, I'm probably using a VPN most days when browsing and need to access a website that restricts you geographically. Or if I need to see what a version of a site looks like if I'm browsing from outside the region it operates in.

  • Opens up the possibility of watching Tennis via domestic broadcasters that usually offer good quality coverage – SRF, Channel 7, ESPN, BBC etc.
  • Added layer of privacy/security
  • More affordable when compared to TV or streaming subscriptions
  • Not always the quickest connection – depends on the service you're using and how heavily trafficked their servers are
  • Speed can also depend on how far you are geographically from the server you are connected to
  • Requires installing software or app on your phone

Thoughts on using a VPN

I'll be using a VPN to watch this year's US Open and no doubt some of the indoor events later in the year. The other added benefit is that a VPN gives an added layer of privacy to your browsing. Most people aren't really concerned with that but if you value your privacy (i.e don't like your ISP tracking your activity and selling your browsing history to a third party) then you might want to consider it. With a VPN even if your traffic is intercepted at the packet level, whoever is looking can only see encrypted data.

Using one is simple too – run the program, pick your server (eg. if you want to watch SRF in Switzerland but are currently in Poland, pick a Swiss server), connect, then load up the SRF website and stream away.

Which VPN should you use?

I would personally avoid any of the free VPN's like Hola Unblocker, Tunnelbear etc. as they're usually selling your traffic (or at worst hijacking your connection to be used at a botnet) and aren't adhering to some of the better practices within this industry.

My VPN of choice at the moment is NordVPN. It's been reliable, has a lot of servers across the world and is competitively priced (around $12 per month or $70 for the year but they often run promotions) Their overall business practices are a little more robust than some of the other players too.

I try to avoid any service that is based in a Five Eyes country where they're forced to keep logs etc. Again this likely won't bother the casual user, but if you want added privacy I currently recommend, and personally use NordVPN, IVPN or Mullvad for this reason.

Visit the NordVPN Website

Amazon Prime (From 2019)


A few days after I published this post, Amazon announced they'd won the rights to show all matches from ATP World Tour from 2019. They won the rights from Sky who are paying through the nose for Premier League coverage so fringe sports like Tennis now take a back seat. Amazon’s deal covers all Masters 1000 and Masters 500 tournaments. So it's going to be a huge killer for TennisTV here based on pricing and availability.

  • Covers all Masters 1000's and 500's
  • Affordable pricing (£7.99 a month)
  • Gets you all the other Amazon Prime perks.
  • Unknown

Thoughts on Amazon Prime

I'll update this once it launched and I've tested it out!

Get Amazon Prime Tennis Streaming

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, the 6 ways you can watch tennis online. I don't think I've missed any out (perhaps some of you guys based elsewhere in the world have other options if so let me know so I can add them in).

Maybe some of you live in countries where free to air broadcasters show lots of tennis as well? That's sadly not the case in the UK with only Wimbledon and some French Open being free to air. Or maybe you have a ton of restrictions as to what you can access online where you live? If you do then I'd like to know.

Which options should you go for?

I would say:

  • If you're only wanting to stream ATP matches (not Grand Slams). Then go for TennisTV or Amazon Prime (from the 2019 season)
  • If you only need a stream for the Grand Slams. Go for Eurosport Player
  • If you want the Grand Slams & ATP,  get Tennis TV and Eurosport player together
  • If you want to be able to watch The Tennis Channel, domestic tennis broadcasts etc then go with NordVPN
If anyone has any questions about setting any of these services up or how they can use them then feel free to leave a comment below or contact me.  Please do it in advance though and not 10 minutes before Federer is due to play, as I won't be able to help you in time 🙂


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Hi Jonathan, Thank you for the tips. I usually use free streams. Not all these apps are available in my country.

    1. North Africa right? With a VPN you’d be able to access most things that are otherwise blocked geographically. I know they block many sites in the Maghreb.

    2. Although I’m guessing most of the VPN sites themselves are blocked. So you’d have to get around it initially or sign up when you’re abroad.

  2. Thank you Jonathan. I have and that let me see in any device, but not the Grand Slams or Davis Cup. How about the others?

    1. Eurosport Player covers all 4 Grand Slams. But because you are in South America I think you would also need a VPN. Have a look at Eurosport Player and see what it says first?

      1. For the slams i use ESPN Play, but your cable company has to be able to provide you with an account for it to work

      2. All 3, Jonathan, or is Wimbledon not a GS? 😉 Wimbledon goes only via national or regional broadcasters.

  3. Hi Jonathan,thank you so much for the post. I’ve finally signed up for tennitv (as Feds back during grass court season) only to find out I can’t see US OPEN series as I’m in the US. Do you know if Eurosport’s etc works from every country? (I think I tried either Eurosport’s or something else but couldn’t do it as My IP address was in the US. Anyone else familiar with the service in the US?


    1. If you used a VPN like the one I mentioned – you could just do it for 2 months (approx $20) and set your location to somewhere in Europe, then you could access the US Open Series via your existing Tennis TV subscription.

      1. Thank you Jonathan for your response.

        So to clarify…
        If I get NordVPN (I guess it’s not one of the “Five eyes country”, correct?):
        1. Can I also access old recording of TennisTV happened in the US (ex. Atlanta 2015)

        2. You mentioned VPN allows domestic broadcasting. So with it, I could watch say a regular TV station in other countries? (like Davis Cup etc?)
        Or ONLY those which is on regular TV and not on cable type of subscription services. Besides Fed, I love Vasek Pospisil of Canada, and it seems his ATP and DC matches are on Canadian stations (maybe some on cable?) which I can’t access from the US. Can i watch them too with VPN?
        Also I’m Japanese, so if I get VPN I can watch all the Japanese shows for free? If you know how to access them via Mac, please let me know. (Or do I do it on my TV???)

        Thank you for all of your help. Greatly appreciated!

        PS: BTW, NordVPN has 2 year promo for $76. Pretty amazing.

      2. NordVPN is Panama based so not five eyes.

        1. Yes, you would be able to access old Tennis TV matches that are from the USA. I could watch some old US Open series matches for example via my TennisTV via my UK IP.

        2. Yes, if the TV channel offers free streaming (like the BBC) then you could set location to UK and watch for example. You wouldn’t be able to watch paid cable channels though as they will require a login that’s tied to your subscription in that particular country. E.g. Sue above has TSN channel via cable which is paid monthly for phone, broadband, cable TV. There’s no way that could be accessed via a VPN for free.

        3. Japanese shows – same above applies. If the Japanese TV channels stream online for free for people in Japan (again like the BBC I can just go to and watch immediately) then yes you will be able to.

  4. Hey jonathan, I live in the US so can you try give me tips on what websites i should use. I would really appreciate if you do that. I really like your websites. Keep up the hard work!!!!

      1. Trying to watch Roger’s Cup ATP from USA with nordvpn via UK server. Have asked Alexa serveral variations of atp, Roger’s cup, tennis etc and getting nada. How do you access this content in prime? Or does Amazon defeat VPNs because they know your home address?

      2. Roger’s Cup is on Sports Net in Canada at the moment. Usually tennis is on TSN which is a feed from ESPN.

    1. Hi,

      You’d have to tell me which events you are wanting to watch? Or which tournaments you are struggling to see?

      You can use Eurosport Player if you’re in the USA – but you need a VPN to do so.

      1. Hi Jonathan, im looking forword to watch the US Open or even the us open series tournaments. Thank You

      2. US Open Series – your best bet is a monthly pass for TennisTV or look at Dani’s comment below and use 1xbet. Although you may need VPN.

        US Open itself – if you’re not subscribed to a cable service that has ESPN then probably Eurosport Player combined with a VPN.

  5. For anyone in Canada and perhaps the States…I discovered my cable provider has a “freerange” streaming service. I logged into my account and could watch Wimby at a cottage with wifi. I can watch a lot of tennis on TSN, Canada’s sister to ESPN. All GS, 1000 and 500. Occasionally a 250 event.
    I won a one year subscription to tennistv through tiger mobile. Goes until Oct. Is tiger moble no longer?

    1. OK just looked, How much is that a month?

      They are just like Sky here in the UK who cover most ATP events. And with Sky Go you can watch via tablet or mobile. So pretty much the same service.

      I was going to put Sky in the list, but it’s really only for Brits as you obviously need a UK residence for that service so not really flexible. For me their pricing is crazily high as well, we’re talking like £80 a month for a Sky TV, Internet & Sport package. And you are then paying for stuff you never watch or use.

      Hugely popular though here, 13 million+ customers. But then you read one in four UK families have less than £95 in savings :S

      1. It depends on how many channels you get. Lot of people sign up for HBO while GOT is on and cancel after. I pay an extra $4 for 5 or more sports channels. I pay about 48 pounds. The government changed the rules so you can pay for only the channels you watch. You can also use Telus or satelite. The tennis channel isn’t in Canada.
        Scary stat.

      2. Ah, that’s good. there are no rules on that here so people are clearly paying for stuff they don’t watch. Basically, everything is a paid add on like HD etc.

  6. Hey Jon, great post. You really put in a lot of time and information in it. I don’t use paid services, because I watch all the 4 GS on tv. That way I can record Roger’s matches. All the other tours I only watch when Roger plays (which is why I didn’t watch tennis last year for half a year). The matches of the other tours I do try to find through free sites. But I don’t do it a lot anymore. I get a lot of spam saying that my security has saved me from an attack 🙂 So… and since I don’t watch a lot of matches of other players, Tennis Tv and so is not really for me…

    1. Are all 4 Grand Slams on free to air TV in Holland or is it a paid subscription?

      Yeah if you only watch Fed matches, not sure what the best option is for ATP if you don’t fancy TennisTV, I would say it’s Bet365.

  7. Hi Sweet Dolores, just wanted to make a quick shoutout to The Greatest RF Fan Of All Time. Yep, you got your own title Dolores. Happy 29th birthday 🙂 🙂 Hope you spend it well with your family and… with a thought about Roger 🙂
    I think Roger would be very proud to know that you, at your young age, are seriously one of his biggest fans out there 🙂
    Have a nice day

    1. Hello, sweet Katyani!
      How dear of you to remember my birthday today a big Thank You…., yes, it is my 92nd one I am observing and celebrating (elderly style, of course!) Also, received a HB from Veronica.
      Watching Roger is a joy, I am his adopted Great-Grandmother of which he knows nothing about!
      Greetings to all Fedfans that come to Jonathan and around the world, Roger is the BEST!

      1. Thank you, Dolores, for your sweet contributions to the site. Many of us getting a little more joyful after reading your posts. Happy birthday, and many happy returns!

    2. Happy Birthday Dolores ?

      Katyani, are you still claiming you don’t make a note of these Birthdays and just remember them off the top of your head? 😆

      1. Jonathan, Sue, Muser – heartiest Thank You to you all for your kind words.
        Sue, love Canada!

      2. Dolores, You are welcome. Yes, I love Canada too but….Jonathan thinks we talk funny over here, eh.

      1. Vik, thank you much for your good wishes, much appreciated. Looking forward to seeing Roger in action.

  8. I have used Eurosport Player in the past but I was disappointed with the quality. I could only get 400p resolution or something like that. Fine for watching on a phone, but not very good on a larger screen. I used a PC with Firefox, didn’t try anything else. Don’t know if Eurosport Player has/had some kind of restriction in my country or what. If it’s supposed to be 720p, maybe I should give it another try. Maybe log in from a different country or try a different browser. I know Firefox is falling behind nowadays but I’m a creature of habit.

    I have tapped into BBC’s Wimbledon stream many times with a VPN and the quality is very good. It was even possible to do it without a VPN service, I have used a plugin in Firefox called Media Hint. I used a version that was completely free but I don’t know if it works anymore. I use Mullvad VPN nowadays.

    1. It’s been pretty good quality for me when I’ve used it. I was using Firefox as well. Although I actually think streams run better in Microsoft Edge for some reason. So tend to use that, Chrome for most other things.

      Mediahint looks ok, looks like Hola Unblocker, but supposedly without the selling your bandwidth part.

  9. Hello Jonathan,

    I want to add to the betting sides because there is an alternative to Bet365 which I much prefer.
    On you don’t need a deposit and you can watch full screen. You just need to register and you’re set. It works pretty well too usually. Personally I mostly use TennisTV (another pro: they have all recent and quite a few classical matches on replay) and Eurosport Player, but unfortunately they don’t have Wimbledon, it’s on Sky here (Germany). Last year I used AirVPN to access BBC, but I have heard that you need to login now. Is that not true?

    This year I tried a monthly Sky subscription, but their coverage was very disappointing compared to the all-court-coverage of Eurosport, also nothing on replay. Won’t try again, that’s for sure.

    1. Hey,

      That’s a great shout. I’d never heard of that site. Is it Russian?

      It’s blocked for the UK but just VPN’ed via Russia and had a quick look. Full screen matches with no need to deposit. I was getting a bit of lag, does that happen a lot? Might have been my connection. But much better than Bet365. I will add that in.

      With Eurosport Player – they had Wimbledon, but you would have needed to do it via UK IP I think.

      AirVPN is a good one as I’ve used it before. BBC is going to a login system, but it’s not there yet.

      1. Yeah that’s what I meant by connection. Although usually, I can stream seamlessly via VPN. Didn’t look at server load on the one I jumped on just to check this out though.

  10. Here is another suggestion. The ATP site streams some of the Challenger matches. Usually there are several to choose from at any one time. The quality is not great, but if I am especially anxious to see a player it is better than nothing. At the ATP website go to Tourneys, then ATP Challenger Tour. The featured streamed match will show up, but keep scrolling to Live Matches and there is a list of the matches you can choose from.

  11. Hartt, I’m planning on going to the Vancouver Open Challenger Event in August. They snagged some good players this year.
    Couldn’t convince Roga though. Beautiful tennis club and great views. Plenty of botox.

    1. Sue, the Vancouver Challenger sounds like fun. Hope Felix Auger-Aliassime is able to play by then. Imagine there will be a strong contingent of Canuck players.

  12. Hahahahaha this is golden Jonathan… “Strictly speaking, I’m sure they fall under the illegal category…”

    But we all know we all do it :p

    1. Yeah, although it’s too much of a grey area. There’s zero chance as a viewer you’ll get prosecuted. I wonder if it will ever get to the stage where you get a Spotify but for Streaming absolutely everything where it’s more affordable.

  13. “That’s sadly not the case in the UK with only Wimbledon and some French Open being free to air. ”
    And Queens. And Eastbourne (but only the WTA bit this year). And part of WTF. And GB Davis Cup ties. And (unfortunately) only highlights of the Australian Open.

    WTA matches are available from BT Sport in the UK, so presumably they have a website as well?

    1. I forgot about those. Either way free to air coverage is thin on the ground. I imagine Wimbledon will be off the BBC eventually.

      BT is a paid service and if you don’t have a UK billing address/residence then no chance you can access it. So no point listing a service where you need to take out a Broadband contract to get a sport pack or be a paid Sky Customer and get the BT add on. All the options above don’t require that so you can watch TennisTV or Eurosport player from basically anywhere in the world.

      1. Well I tried to “draw” the RF logo with the number 19 because he won 19 GS.
        Tried a couple of times but it didn’t work.

  14. which VPN did you use? NordVPN? I am using Ivacy VPN, will it stream from HBO/ Have you tried it for streaming?

    1. I use NordVPN as first port of call, but I also have IVPN and Mullvad.

      I don’t watch Game of Thrones 😉 so never tried streaming HBO so no idea if it works for that.

  15. Long time reader first time commenting. Thank you for your research on options to watch online. I’m particularly interested with the VPN… have you used it with Mac?

    1. Thanks.

      I’m a Windows user but they have a version for Mac OS X. It’s going to work fine as a big chunk of their users will be running Mac OS.

  16. You don’t need VPN to watch in TennisTV (including full match replies), which works worldwide. Or you are looking for free stream?
    NordVPN is OK (Jonathan recommended, I tried and it was a good hit) but not if you need to have BBC license to watch for free. VPN cannot resolve this issue.

  17. My comfortable overall solution (no need for VPN). (Almost) everything on TennisTV (maybe not good option for FedFans, who watch only Fed’s matches, Fed plays slams and only a few other tournaments), Grand slams (Wimbledon excluded) on Eurosportplayer (the cheapest subscription for a month for every slam), Wimbledon (stream from national broadcaster, for free, but national players-oriented and poor coverage), DavisCup – has own streaming service and you can buy subscription just for a single tie or one of many wider options). LaverCup – must guess every year, where I find the stream.

    1. Well, I needed VPN to watch and record the documentary “Thiem Spirit”, streamed by Austrian broadcaster ServusTV (only available in Austria, now it’s also – illegally – available on my blog ;))

      1. Anyone still have Thiem Spirit documentary? Doesn’t see it anywhere on the web 🙁 thx

  18. Trying to watch Roger’s Cup ATP from USA with nordvpn via UK server. Have asked Alexa serveral variations of atp, Roger’s cup, tennis etc and getting nada. How do you access this content in prime? Or does Amazon defeat VPNs because they know your home address?

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