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Vote For Your Favourite Roger Federer Outfit of 2015

Some of the most popular posts on the blog throughout the year are the outfit ones I put up prior to tournaments starting. The posts detail exactly what Nike have put together for Fed to step onto the court in and everyone has an opinion on it so I thought I’d see which was the fans favourite of 2015.

I’ve compiled pictures of every outfit Federer’s worn in 2015 which you can see below, each picture has the full on court attire and I’ve also put up the retail shots of each polo, henley, crew or v neck. Once you have picked your favourite just use the form at the bottom of the post to vote. None of this first, second and third favourite nonsense either, just 1 choice and it’s done!

The 2015 Contenders:

The Retail Pictures:

Federers Outfits in 2015

Cast Your Vote:

Cast your vote using the embedded form below.

I’ll post the results in a few days, let me know your predictions for which outfit comes out on top in the comments.


Editor of Perfect Tennis and a big fan of Roger Federer, I've spent countless hours watching and analysing his matches. Alongside playing the sport, I also enjoy writing about the tour, rackets, strings, and the technicalities of the game. Whether it's breaking down the latest tournament results or discussing the latest gear innovations, I'm always eager to share my insights with fellow tennis enthusiasts.

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  1. Hi Jonathan

    Chosen mine but have to say i wish they would get rid of the sparkly stripe down the shorts alsi want to see him in red next year

      1. Cincy…. Just no contest…. Was the most PeRFect outfit, in the most peRFect tournament, with a peRFect result and we got SABR for the first time…. Unforgettable…!

      1. Oh, I love the Henley, it was peRFect for SW19. Let’s face it, the guy looks well turne out in just about anything!

  2. I had to pick USO day. If you look at the photo, it all works. So crisp and clean looking. I agree Trudi, no fan of the shorts. Fed used to wear nicely fitted shorts now these don’t fit nicely at all. And enough of the glowing stripe.

    Some outfits worn a lot, ie Basil etc. Tired of the dark blue/black. Cinci, one of my favorites only one tournament. All of the shirts are very similar and the shorts the same all year. I wonder what Nike will come up with for next year?

    Thanks for the post, Jonathan. Is it flooding near your place? Stormy and pouring rain here.

    1. Basel one of my faves as it was a different fabric to usual. Pretty good for indoors.

      Not near me as such, I live in an unfloodable area but surrounding areas are yeah. Quite badly as a few rivers have burst their banks.

  3. Us Open Day is the best, the colors combined very well, also those shose were nice, I even wished it was night outfit so we could see it more often, I also liked Cinci and Basel

    1. Tough to say, none of them are particularly bad. Prob AO my least favourite.

      USO day looks a lot better from the front though than it does when you can see half / half front & back. So if I was going for least likely I would wear it would be USO Day and AO then Dubai / IW.

  4. Not going to get a lot of agreements here but think the yellow ao kit was nice. Voted for Brisbane tho as red always looks good on Roger. Uso day didn’t look great imo think the colours didn’t go well together.

  5. There you’re Jonathan! Glad you’re not flushed out. Hope better weather will follow soon.

    Not a vintage year tbh. I always love all white on Fed, even though the wimby this year wasn’t polo. Cincy and Basel are my fabs for the colour.

  6. Ok, so I’m 5th. If I can’t be ranked #1 then it doesn’t matter. My least favourite are FO and Brisbane. No black shorts this year and only USO nights for white (except Wimbly).

  7. Wow. Quite the collection. I have a few RF things. Had to stop collecting though, can be obsessive.

    Is this your lunch room at work?

    1. Haha no. I don’t like stuff like that tbh. Borderline creepy and just a bit tacky. Never understand people who buy off the shelf racquets / trainers etc and display them like they are one of a kind.

      Never been a big hoarder or collector though. If I could have one thing it would be a used RF racquet. Not sure I could resist using it though. Grass court only to avoid scuffs.

      1. Yes, a RF racquet would be nice. I have signed tennis balls from all 4 majors. Signed bandana from AO 2010, signed Wimbly program 2009. And other stuff. I’ll sell it all in a few years, then I’ll retire.

  8. I liked the us open and cincy one very much ,voted for cincy outfit,FO tshirt looks nice but the shorts really messed it up and it was a bad combination.
    Would love to see Fed wear yellow coloured tshirt and white shorts.
    I saw some photos of Ao 2016 and it looks a little dull,AO 2013 was awesome☺

    1. All will be revealed in a few days. This isn;t like Strictly or the X-Factor – the shirt that gets the most votes will actually be crowned the winner!

  9. Mine is Cincy and I LOVED the 2014 ATP Finals red and grey. I want more pinks and reds. His complexion just lights up!

  10. Like Led Zeppelin’s The Song remains the same, Fed’s face remained the same throughout the year barring the awesome badass look at the ATP World Tour Finals.

    So though I voted for the Aus Open outfit, nothing to beat the WTF overall look – ‘The best a man need not get’ look.

  11. I’m surprised how close it is. For me, Brisbane is a clear winner. Possible competition from the U.S. Open night outfit, but scrap anything that isn’t a polo (Roger looks good in anything, but I’m judging the outfits, not the player), and since this is an outfit and not shirt, the fo one with orange shorts was nonsense.

    Bottom line, red is monster. Although I personally feel it should be in the 2014 selection and not 2015

    1. If I’d done a 2014 one it would be in there too. Not done too well though with votes which is surprising, easily one of his best in recent times. Maybe more associated with Shanghai or something. And that red cardigan was quality.

  12. Okay, well:

    Henleys out
    “Cheating” two very different colours front and back: out
    Tacky stripe on shorts: out
    I don’t think my usual maxim of “never trust a man whose collar doesn’t match the rest of his shirt” actually applies to sportswear, so we’ll discard that

    I really liked the AO T-shirt – loved the colour combination. Shame about the shorts.
    Ditto with the IW shirt, otherwise it would probably have won.
    But in the end I voted for the WTF outfit, which I think really suited him. It wasn’t hugely noticeable that it was a “cheat” T-shirt, so I let that pass.

    I don’t think it’s been a vintage year, though, Nike: must do better in 2016.

    1. [never trust a man whose collar doesn’t match the rest of his shirt]

      No wonder nobody every believes anything I say. On some days, at least. πŸ™‚

      1. Based on multiple observations over the years, I should add, mainly of politicians and other public figures who I’ve noted tending to wear what I call “pyjama top” shirts – stripy shirt with plain collar, or shirt one colour, collar another πŸ™‚

      2. Whenever I think of those stripey body + plain white collar shirts I just think of Ken from Early Doors. He was trust worthy for sure. Anyone here watch it? You never get anything like that on TV anymore either which is a shame, it was on the BBC though so if they made it in 2015 it’d need the addition of a gay guy, a refugee, a transsexual to make it ‘representative’ so not sure it would be as good πŸ˜†

  13. Agree totally about Henleys out and cheat shirts out (though also agree that USO day shirt would have been. reasonable if they’d made an effort to make front and back look like the same shirt).

    I just really like how USO night all ties together this year, & how it stands out on the court. I like that it’s mostly traditional white, but that the accent color is so out there – yet not overdone. Having the same color in the shoes (but not the whole shoe) was just dynamite. I’d like it even better if he’d won in it, of course.

    I could do without the shininess of the shorts stripe too, but the stripe itself doesn’t really bother me. And I actually like the shorts this year – I like that they’re a bit shorter, show off a little leg, & not so tight you can see his underwear through them.

    Second fave the green MC/Istanbul number – I always do like him in green. I do like the Cincy colors, but NO COLLAR, AUGGGGHHHH, and besides I think it’s a cheat shirt.

    Excellent idea Jonathan to put in a pic of him actually wearing each outfit, thanks!

    1. “I just really like how USO night all ties together this year, & how it stands out on the court. I like that it’s mostly traditional white, but that the accent color is so out there – yet not overdone. Having the same color in the shoes (but not the whole shoe) was just dynamite. I’d like it even better if he’d won in it, of course.”

      Yes, that would have done a lot to redeem it πŸ™‚
      I just felt it looked as though it was something Nike had designed for Wimbledon 2013, then shelved when W decided to tighten up the dress code (remember the shoes?), so they thought they’d pull it back out a couple of years later and use it then.

      But anyway, they’re probably still better than anything Uniqlo could come up with πŸ™‚

      1. I thought the same about being originally a Wimby outfit, but that wasn’t a negative in my mind (except for not getting to see it at Wimby, of course).

    2. Yeah against the blue courts USO night session looks really good. Dubai too worked quite well from that point of view.

      Results will be out in a few days. This is the sort of shit Nike pay $$$$ for as part of a focus group so I might release them first as a downloadable PDF which is paid access only. Then in 6 months they go public.

  14. AO fluro green and yellow is my pick. Because its a unique colour combination for Fed and I got to see him play two matches with it! Cincy and US Open night is probably second and third.

      1. I’ll try Jonathan, been very busy lately πŸ™

        I’m planning to get at least two done by the end of the month πŸ˜‰

      2. I’ll try Jonathan, been very busy lately πŸ™

        Now I have two months of summer holidays πŸ˜€
        I’m planning to get at least two done by the end of the month!

  15. Wishing all the great people on this site a Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas! Love you guys! Also love that Fed is asking for more doping tests–what exactly does he know???

    1. Maybe he doesn’t actually *know* anything definite – maybe he just :facepalmed: at Kermode’s comment about tennis doing so well and its reputation for being clean compared with all these other embarrassing sports which aren’t, and thought “I wouldn’t be so sure about that”, or “pride comes before a fall”? I mean, anyone who’s been following the stories about PEDs over the last couple of years has to admit that it’s at least a possibility, if nothing more.

    2. He said it because he said he is rarely tested. As we’ve discussed many times it will be rife. One step quicker and you’re potentially earning 10 times more prize money and endorsement cash. Low chance of getting caught too means it’s going to be hard not to dope.

      Tennis doing well to Kermode and the corporates is making a bomb from TV money, sponsorship and whatever other revenue streams they got going on. Not that the game is in good shape overall. Wheels will prob come off eventually though.

  16. Agree with Susie, it’s Cincy for me and the raspberry red outfit, delicious, + peRFect tournament and brilliant result. Love him in all shades of red…OK, love him in everything. πŸ™‚

    1. Just seen this. My eyes bugged out & my reaction was “WHAT!!!!” I had to scroll back up to be sure I hadn’nt stumbled onto the Onion.

      Having said that…. It’s been so amazing to see Stephan back on the courts & working with Roger. But I understand that Roger wants to win Slams. Maybe that window has closed… But what if it hasn’t?

      Don’t know anything about Ljubicic, though I guess I’m a bit surprised to see Roger bring onsomeone who’s essentially a contemporary.


      So sorry it’s had to end – it was wonderful seeing my two all-time faves on the same court πŸ™ But Ljubicic has always been a good friend of Roger’s, hasn’t he?

  17. Sad about that. Edberg such a classy guy. Lub is one of Fed’s friends so it could be interesting. Do you guys think he helped Raonic? What can he do to help Fed? New post on this subject Jonathan??? One thing for sure, nothing stays stagnate with Roger. (except his dorkiness).

  18. Awww, I will miss Stefan!! What in hell will Ljubicic do? Probably he just wants to be around old friends before he retires or perhaps Ljubicic challenged him a lot during their time? Wait! Aren’t they mates or something? Next thing, he will probably hire Marat Safin πŸ™

    1. Just when you are watching You Tube and talking fashion and wondering who next Fed is gonna sign up to Team8 he comes out and changes everything up again. Maybe Ljubicic has a handle on the young guys and modern game, anyway he was the one who warmed Fed up before Andy at Wimbledon wasn’t he? If he can get Fed up to fever pitch in a final of a major could be great. Did like Fedberg but maybe the playing onto 2017 is too much of a commitment. Fedlub, Fedivan whatever will we call this era?

  19. Basel is the best. I am following Federer for a long time. He is my source of inspiration. I look up to him as my idol. I love his style. I fell he knows in his heart that the Basel Outfit is the best. After all, Basel is his home land.

  20. Belatedly, I chose the US Open Night Polo as my favorite. Second place for me is the Brisbane Red polo, but that is more from 2014. The worst for me is the Cincinnati Henley. Henley’s are cool, but the color on that one is awful IMO. Also, anything with a stripe on the back is a deal breaker for me.

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