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US Open Draw 2015

It's US Open time already and the draw ceremony took place yesterday evening with Federer in there as the Number 2 seed. As usual all eyes were on where Nadal might land and there's no chance of an early Fedal encounter as Novak Djokovic landed in his quarter. Federer on the other hand is in the Berdych quarter and could face Andy Murray or Stan Wawrinka in the semi-finals. You can see his projected opponents below.

Federer's Projected Opponents

  • Leonardo Mayer
  • Marcos Baghdatis
  • Philipp Kohlschreiber
  • John Isner / Ivo Karlovic
  • Tomas Berdych
  • Andy Murray
  • Novak Djokovic

Full .PDF printable draw.

Thoughts on the Draw

Federer US Open 2014

First up is Leonardo Mayer who is well known for holding 5 match points against Fed in Shanghai last year before going on to lose. One of my favourite matches of last year actually and Mayer looked like a broken man after the loss. Whether he can cause similar problems in New York remains to be seen but he is the highest ranked non seeded player, missing the cut by just 25 points, so as far as first rounds go it's not easy. Fed actually practised with him in New York yesterday too, probably prior to knowing the draw, so he should have a good idea of what to expect. Mayer will no doubt have memories of Shanghai once he steps on court too so I'll pick Fed to get it done, although the set scores could be pretty close.

Round 2 is likely to be against Marcos Baghdatis, another accomplished player with 20 wins against Top 10 opposition in his career. Fitness and susceptibility to injury have always been his problem and his last outing saw him lose to Pierre Hughes Herbert in Winstom Salem earlier this week. Fed leads the H2H 7-1 with the Cyrpriot winning his only match at Indian Wells in 2010 but he has taken a set off Federer at the US Open in 2004.

Into the third round and the projected opponent is Philipp Kohlschreiber. Fed has a 9-0 H2H record against him and the German opted to play Kitzbuhel (which he won) instead of most of the US Open Series before crashing out in the first round of Cincinnati. Another solid player on his day but Fed clearly has the edge.

The fourth round could be an interesting one against either Ivo Karlovic or John Isner. Both those guys don't have much opposition prior to their third round clash so it's tough to see one them not being Federer's fourth round opponent. Fed's record against big servers is imperious so whilst it could be a nervy one you'd again back him to come through.

The Quarters sees Berdych as the seeded opponent, he of course beat Fed handily at the US Open in 2012 but I'm not sure he will make it that far. I like Kudla's chances of beating him and even after that both Gasquet and Tomic could cause him problems.

Semis is then Murray or Stan but there's no point really looking into those matches nor is the one step further which looks pretty likely to be Djokovic. On the whole it's a pretty balanced draw but there's no real point looking too far ahead. Fed's New York record of late isn't the best and his first task is taking care of Mayer. One match at a time πŸ˜‰

Elsewhere in the Draw

Djoker Nadal 2010

Looking at the draw, Djoker seems to have come out best, on paper at least, with no real huge tests prior to a potential Quarter Final against Nadal. Nadal has Coric first up which could be interesting and then Raonic could be his fourth round opponent. Not sure on Raonic's form though as he's struggled after coming back from injury in recent weeks.

Murray has drawn Kyrgios in the first round which is probably the most exciting tie. It's a nightmare matchup for Kyrgios though so I doubt it lives up to the billing in terms of tennis. Maybe we'll get some sledging though πŸ˜†

Wawrinka, who I think could do pretty well here, will face Albert Ramos-Vinolas in the first round. He could also meet Gilles Simon in the fourth round who is a bit of bogey player for him. If he comes through that then he's well and truly into the tournament where he becomes very dangerous.

Interesting First Round Matches

  • Murray vs. Kyrgios
  • Nadal vs. Coric
  • Verdasco vs. Haas
  • Federer vs. Mayer


  • Kudla to take out Berdych
  • Chardy to take out Ferrer
  • Gulbis to make the Fourth Round
  • Tomic or Gasquet to make the Quarter Final


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Third. At least I’m on the podium πŸ™‚

    Feds’ potential opponents certainly look trickier; Djokovic (at least on paper) appears to have a pretty easy run (because I really can’t see Nadal posing a challenge) through to semis; can’t see Ferrer even making it that far since he’s not played a match since before Wimbledon I think, so that leave the glass warrior who actually has the toughest draw IMO…hmmm.

    Tough 1st-rounder for Murray, but he’ll have too much for Kyrgios I think.

    Completely agree with your thoughts on Feds’ draw. Let’s Go Maestro! πŸ™‚

    1. Spoke too soon. You gotta fire off that comment then write a fuller one to stand a chance πŸ˜€

      Yeah tough to know what to expect from Ferrer. He’s always so solid though can prob grind out a couple of wins.

  2. Like the draw… not bad at all considering it’s a grand slam. I always fear Berdych but we’ll see if he (and Roger) can make ir all the way to quarter finals…

  3. Well, one at a time. I have learned that with Fed some nightmarish draws end up with his winning the whole event, while some “easy” draws bring nasty surprise early exits. I think this draw is medium, but yes, Djoko got the best of it (again). Murray’s is pretty bad–not that I care!

      1. Oh! Wait! Murray is the 2nd favourite! Ok, then tell us the 3rd. By putting him on the 2nd favourite spot, you are actually placing either fed or nole behind him! Who’s that Jonathan?

      2. Like I’m going to put Djokovic behind Murray in the slam favourite stakes πŸ˜†

        Murray has won in NY, has a good record there, has had a very solid year and played a good US Open series. Has to be 2nd favourite IMO. Finals in Aus, Semis in Paris, semis in London. Winning clay titles,

        Fed is like third favourite on a par with a few others.

      3. Yes, but how would you stick to it knowing the draw that Andy and Roger are seeded to meet in SF?

      1. I just heard he is the day match on Tues but cannot substantiate. Heard it’s Kyrgios-Muray on Tues night. Can anyone validate??

  4. If Coric beats Nadal and Kygios beats Murray and Wawrinka misses the 3rd round and Djokovic loses to Kei, I think I like Roger’s chances.

    So yeah – one match at a time.

  5. Seems like a decent draw on paper. Don’t know whether to feel disappointed or relieved that he manages to avoid Nadal yet again (unless they meet in the final, which is highly unlikely). Almost seems like it’s destiny for them to only meet when the factors weigh in Nadal’s favour.

    Djoker is obviously the favourite here. It’s a small miracle that he has only won there once before when you consider how good he is on hard-court, so he’s probably bound to win again. Though I’m not sure he’s at his best at the moment, and it’s extremely difficult to win 3 majors in one year. The fact that he’s done it before only makes it less likely to happen again, in my opinion. Maybe Murray’s time has come again, but he’s got a difficult draw on paper. Can’t help but wonder if his 1st round vs Kyrgios is some kind of disciplinary action against Kyrgios.:-))

    When it comes to rating Roger’s chances, I’d say it’s unlikely, but possible. Will be interesting to see how the conditions are like. Like Jonathan said, we should take one match at a time.

  6. OlΓ‘, Jon.

    I’m going to NY in two days! πŸ™‚

    I attended the following tournaments:

    Madrid 2009
    RG 2009
    Wimbledon 2009

    So I can say I’m sort of amulet to Rogi. :))))


  7. I think it’s a medium draw. Certainly some heavy hitters in there but those such as Isner and Berdych are very in and out at the mo. Gasquet will prob come thru somewhere there.. The real issue is Murray and if he and Fed get to SF unscathed, does that become the big 5 setter….? Which you don’t want before the final. So no more to be said. Let’s get thru Mayer in straights Plse, no drama!! Only then will I look at next oppo.
    Elsewhere Novak has an absolute stroll unless Goffin can conjure up some finishing ability…..

      1. My Predictions.
        Djokovic beats Goffin and Nadal in 4 tight sets.
        Federer beats Gasquet in QFs
        Wawrinka will take care of a worn-out Murray
        Djokovic Obliterates Nishikori
        (If Stan makes to week #2)
        Wawrinka Beats Federer in 4 sets.
        Wawrinka beats Djokovic in 5 sets.
        If Stan however doesnt make it there.
        Novak Djokovic is in the league of double digit majors.

      2. Yeah should Stan be in the zone, gonna be the man to beat in the tournament. If not, I think winner will come out of bottom half though either way.

      3. Been the best player of the year no doubt about it and can’t see anyone stopping him on route to the final but I can’t ignore that 1-4 final record. I don’t know, guess we’ll see what happens in 2 weeks!

    1. Stan has beaten Murray before at USO.

      Djoker and Murray the two favourites I think based on hard court form and their seasons so far. Fed, Nishikori in the chasing pack.

      Could easily be another winner left of field though, 10 different champions since the turn of the century, the other slams only have 7.

  8. I don’t know why I think this way, but the draw seems to be perfect in terms of progression all the way to the final, which if he makes, I’m sure he will win. No really, he wins the final if he makes it.

      1. Yeah – not sure if Sid is being real with his prediction, but I’m just saying: we just saw fed with a similar week 2 draw at SW19 – Murray then Djokovic. Saw what happened there.

        Couldn’t have played much better up to the final in his favorite slam. Couldn’t have saved more time to be fresh for the final. Couldn’t win against Novak’s power. Hope I’m wrong, but I don’t really see why this fortnight should be any different.

      2. I’m being real. The draw is just perfect. Reach the final, and it will all be good.

  9. Intriguing draw. Murray-Kyrgios definitely a first-rounder of interest, & I’m also interested to see Troicki-Tiafoe. Troicki should have enough to defeat the teenager, but he’s been playing amazingly well, and I could see him take a set as Victor gets used to him. They’ve already slotted in the qualies – rotten luck for Alexander Zverev, who comes all the way through qualies only to face fellow German Philip Kohlschreiber. I had thought he could possibly win a match, but less likely I think against a respected countryman. Or maybe not – they’ll certainly be more familiar with each other’s games than some other matchups in the draw. Kokkinakis – Gasquet might be interesting too, though has seemed much more on form lately than in the previous year or so.

    I had thought what rotten luck for Yaca Mayer, but hadn’t realized how close he came to not being in this position at all by virtue of getting a seed – ouch. If he can bring the level of play from Shanghai, could be a good match. Our guy should, of course, come through. As he says, he’s fresh, he’ll have had another week of “rest” ie without match play, he seems to be practicing hard including playing points (if not sets?).

    Really any of the top 3 in the world have got to be in with a chance. Agree that Djokovic has looked the most formidable all year; does this being a Slam cause him to open up the higher gear that’s been missing, or does his year start to catch up to him? Don’t know. Though top 3 is no guarantee – what was Cilic ranked last year when he won? I notice nobody is suggesting he might repeat. Which is really more like tennis used to be. Agree that Stan has got to be in with a chance on the slower courts; usually comes down to where his head is for him.

    David Ferrer is apparently feeling better, though perhaps not 100%; saw that he had removed his protective sleeve in practice, so that’s a positive sign. He should be able to win a match or two; after that I expect it depends how his arm holds up. His coach was quoted as saying they were thinking about London, ie wanting to do what they can so he doesn’t drop back so far he doesn’t qualify.

    Let’s hope for some great tennis. One match at a time.

    1. I can’t see Troicki losing to someone with only 1 ATP win, especially over 5 sets. Gasquet likely beats Kokk in straights, he’s been in resasonable form and played well in USO 2013, lost to inspired Dull.

      All pros play Sets or Championship Tie Breaks in practice so nothing different about his practise this week. Gotta replicate matches somehow even if it’s still pretty different.

  10. So in the end all the debate about #2 or #3 was pointless because Fed ended up getting Muzz anyway. I think Roger got a good hand dealt to him- Cincy was a great showing but he didn’t get tested hugely. Doubt he will serve as good in NY so should be a telling first week with some decent opponents. First round matches are looking like a lot of fun. Not sure what all the hype is about Kyrgios/Murray, seems to be a good match up for Andy. Hoping your prediction of Berdych biting the dust before the quarters is right, he played solid in Cincy until that Dolgo match.

    Saw pictures of the roof in Ashe, going to be very interesting to see how it affects play. Not so much shadows but in terms of wind. I remember in 2012, the wind cost Novak a title and now the roof might subside some of the wind in the stadium. That and the fact that the US Open has FINALLY scrapped the 3-day first rounds and Super Saturday. Either way, I’m so excited for the last slam of the year and really hope Roger can carry on what he started at Wimbledon.

    Nadal to exit before the QF
    Stan to make the semis
    Roger to make the final

      1. I probably jinxed it now πŸ˜› But just for fun, if not a 1R upset, there’s a multitude of people who have the potential to get the win whilst he isn’t in form (Fognini, Lopez, Haas). Over 5 sets, probably unlikely but I believe Nadal would rather lose before the QF than let Novak roll over him. Then again, that FO QF was very close in the first set and had Nadal prevailed there who knows what would’ve happened. Just really surreal to see people say Novak has an easy draw with Nadal as a QF opponent. Never thought we’d be here.

      2. I guess the struggle continues, big time. I could sense first round upset, if he could survive that, then all depends on who could play through, and I think anybody has this kind of feel that he could win against struggling Nadal, the aura has gone and I don’t know if he could gain confidence again, will see how it goes

      3. I think Rafa should be able to get back to his competitive level again eventually but it’s just a question of how long he has left in the game.

  11. I notice that nobody has remarked on Kei Nishikori’s draw. He seems to have the easiest route on paper. And he did make it to the final last year. I haven’t been following his form this year so I don’t know if he has a chance to repeat. He would have to beat djokervic in the SF again.
    I definitely think Fed has the hardest side of the draw. Four of the top six are on his side. Djokervic has no 4,7 and 8.
    However, anything can happen. There may be a tournado blowing chairs around the courts or someone may just have a never to be repeated purple patch and steamroll all opposition. I am looking forward to watching some quality tennis and I hope our man can produce his best when he needs it.

    1. Whilst Nishikori had a good American HC swing, the rumour is that he has some injury which led to his Cincy pull out. Not sure if that’s true or he just wanted to rest but he’s pretty fragile physically so can’t say until we see him out on court. If he is indeed healthy, he has a great chance to get to the semis.

  12. I feel that people here are either not seeing the wood from the trees, or are being too polite…the fact is that Djokovic got a cakewalk of a draw and all the other top seeds- including Roger – got testing to potentially difficult draws. Mayer will be very tough opposition for Roger, and assuming Roger gets all the way to the semis – AND relatively unscathed like Wimbledon – where he will almost certainly play Murray ( again?? ) or Wawrinka, I will bet my bottom dollar ( PLEASE let me be wrong!! ) that he will meet the Djoker in of final. And I am sorry, but I just can’t see Roger beating him…And the Djoker on numbers is scheduled to play all the lowest of top eight seeds to final: 8, 7 and 4!!! And they are an ailing Nadal, a-coming-back-from-injury Ferrer and a fragile Nishikori who, should the latter make the semis, the Djoker will take his revenge. Do the ATP really favour this guy, because to me something smells bad here…

    1. I completely agree Paul. having had a closer look at the draw, I feel it’s almost like someone says, c’on, let’s put all the sick, injured & not-in-form people on Joker’s side, and let those fit, hot, having-a-good-run ones stay together on the other half and kill each other. How good is that! Let the world no 1 win another slam!

      Nadal, Nishikori, Ferrer, Cilic, Raonic, seriously? what a joke!

      It doesn’t matter Stan/Murray/Roger whoever comes out from the other side, the lucky one will have nothing left for the final, just like Wimbledon!

    2. I don’t think there is that much difference when it comes down to it. And the draw isn’t set in stone. Fed had a decent draw last year and it didn’t work out great.

      Goffin, Pospisil are all equivalent to some of the players Fed will face. Goffin just beat Fed 6-2 in practice πŸ™‚ so I’d rather he played Mayer.

    3. Draws really don’t mean a lot until the tournament is over and you have the gift of hindsight to see how it may have affected things. As J said, draws aren’t set in stone. Last year was a huge example, Roger had no top guys on his side, yet Monfils and Cilic cost him the title.

  13. Hi, guys! The draw is in and Roger is going to have a tough time. I do feel, however that his scheduling this summer was impeccable and so far he’s played his hands to perfection. To skip Montreal and win Cincinnati right after that long refreshing break, beating both Murray and Djokovic in the process – you gotta give him an A+ so far.

    That being said, you gotta assume that Novak is penciled in in the final. It is what it is. He’s made like 10 straight Finals this year so it’s a done deal.

    Murray has been pretty consistent this year and Wawrinka has been the same at least in the majors so I think that both will make it in to the QFs. I am not worried about neither and I think that Roger should be able to beat both. Wawrinka on a fast surface pauses little threat to Roger and Murray is playing his baseline brand of tennis which could pose problems for Djokovic but on a fast surface, Roger should take care of him. That Mayer 1st round will be interesting, however and I wanna see a convincing performance.

    That being said, I’ve been thinking: Roger beat Novak in Dubai and Cincinnati on a fast hard court but has lost now twice in a row in 3 sets against Novak in Indian Wells.

    My question to the experts – Jonathan and Sid is this:

    Would you say that IW is closer in court speed to the Australian Open or is it closer to the U.S. Open.

    I happen to think that it is more closer to the AO Open. It’s medium speed.

    Cindy and Dubai, to me are faster than the U.S. Open but they are still more similar to it than IW. If that’s the case, I’d like to believe that Roger will have a pretty good chance in a potential match against Djokovic.

    You have to remember that he is 3:2 against Novak in New York and the 2 matches that he lost were 5 setters and he held match points against him.

    And to top it off – and that’s the one stat I’ll be looking at most this tournament – I heard that Roger is like 43-44 and 1 for the year once he wins that crucial 1st set. It’s absolute key. If he manages to win the 1st set, he’s almost unbeatable this year. Anyway, long way to go but these are my initial thoughts..

    Allez Roger!

    1. Indian Wells is pretty slow and it’s also a different surface to New York. As to what it’s more similar to its difficult to say – the conditions are all vastly different.

  14. Vily, I believe you are right. USO faster than AO. But then it will also depend on the conditions, humidity, day or night, etc.

    jonathan, so many posts….we are spoiled.

    Again, to me, this feels like a crap shoot for who will be holding the trophy at the end of the tournament.

      1. Very “expertly” positioned on the fence. I see you’ve picked up a few expert 101s eh Jonathan? :p

  15. There are going to be upsets galore

    Fognini beats Nadal

    Kyrgios beats Murray

    Gasquet beats Berdych

    Raonic beats Djokovic

    Nishikori beats Cilic

    Fed will face winner of Kyrgios-Wawrinka and then winner of Raonic-Nishikori.

    Actually I don’t think Fed has a tough draw the way he is playing and the way the rest are.

      1. Is that Emojirer stuff even real? Fed got busted in his tweets not even being from him so glad that’s finally been quashed.

  16. Rafael Nadal, who is not in Federer’s half of the US Open draw, said this week that he did not believe the second seed would use the tactic frequently at the US Open.

    “I saw he was playing fantastic [in Cincinnati]… He was feeling the ball great. [But] I don’t know if that works. He’s doing fantastic without doing that. That’s too much. That’s something I don’t believe he’ll be doing that often.”

    beside saying that ‘Federer is fantastic without doing that’, I can sense a bit of jealousy (or maybe a bit threaten) from Nadal, that Federer -in the age of 34- is capable of inventing/applying an improved tactic that actually work out well. Hahaha…

    I don’t understand which ‘too much’ he is referring to? by being aggressive?
    So he expect people to play baseline ping-pong until the ball is out/caught on the net?

    1. Well USO court speed is supposedly quite a bit slower than Cincy, so he may be referring to that? I really believe that taking the serve for that service line is more of a gimmick to mix things up rather than a real tactic he can use and reuse, but we’ll see πŸ™‚

      1. Yeah bad word use on that. I really don’t see him use on the big stage consistently, especially against the big players. It surprised Djoker during the Tiebreak, but would he have used it being a minibreak down, or being even? I’d somehow doubt it :/ Now that they’ve seen it, the other guys are gonna see it coming and punish it pretty hard imo :/

      2. I don’t see why not, he used it against Murray and Djoker successfully. If he can win the odd point by doing it, then it’s a profitable play. He’s going to get burned on some, and win others.

        And I don’t think you can see it coming, it’s not predictable in anyway.

      1. That’s supposing Dull makes final, which is HIGHLY unlikely imo ^^ But yah, I sense some defensiveness from Nadal there as well ^^

  17. I just hope for Roger to play agressive tennis like Cincy and to waste no time in early rounds. That should help him in the long run. Go get that sixth title Roger


  18. Excellent post by Vily above re court speeds. The fastest courts on tour are Dubai, Halle, Cincinnati and Basle. It is no coincidence that Roger to date has won these tournaments 28 times ( and counting ). And Roger, despite his unparalleled genuis, has THREE major impediments to winning the US Open ( or indeed any slam from now on ) that Djokovic does NOT have: slower court ( which the Joker loves); best of FIVE sets ( which the Joker loves ); Roger is nearly six years older than the Joker who is now in his prime. In a very perverse way, maybe we should thank all the slam organisers for slowing all the surfaces during last decade and beyond because our Roger would surely now have won 25+ slams by now, and one would be questioning is he human??

  19. C’mon folks. We need to be realistic here.

    Fed does not play on a fast court here … for him.

    I think if he did we would see the results.

    He hasn’t won this event in SEVEN years. SEVEN. 7. S-E-V-E-N.

    At 34 he needs a much faster court and much faster balls for a best of 5 set slam win. In fact, I think it’s fairly evident it’s Wimby or bust for him …and this is not Wimby.

    Last year year he had the sea’s parted going into the semi-final. No Djokovic to face (he knew Novak had been eliminated earlier). Not even a Murray or Nadal or Stan! If ever there was a chance for him to empty the tanks to get it done for #18 it was in that semi. …and he got COMPLETELY OBLITERATED by a guy he’d NEVER lost to. It was a CRUSHING like I’d never seen him endure. He looked like a JR player compared to Cilic.

    By the end of the 2nd week, this tournament just asks too many questions of our hero.

    Sad to say it like this, and of course I’m pulling for him…and would give my left pinky for a NY crown. But I need to guard my hopes with realism if I’m to avoid the mental hospital I almost went to after this year’s SW19 Final. Where again – brilliant run, all we could hope for in terms of energy saving conquests and miracle Fed against Murray …and then…solidly, unquestionably defeated. Not really close after set 2.

    Barring a complete and utter collapse of the draw around him, this is not #18.

    1. Couldnt agree with you more Alb. I think its unfair that we all raise the bar of expectations so much from our Man, we admire his brilliance and start thinking how he can manage to make the finals and conserve huge amount of energy!.Thats unfairand that it becomes unthinkable for us to swallow an unprecedented defeat, especially when there is nothing wrong with his game and its just the inevitable “age factor” that comes into play.
      Guys he still Roger federer! Even if he stops on 17 majors , no body’s getting there. I am sorry but I dont see that happening. He is the greatest player of all time. Period.
      Look how he impressive he is in a best of three tournament especially this year (dubai- IW- Turkey – Rome – Halle – Cincy ) testimony that his game is actually better than what it was 10 years ago (as Roger himself agreed) but it to me he lacks two major factors in his game today.
      A. Confidence that he can pull wins from being down 1 or 2 sets.
      B. The inevitable age ,
      he is 34 and we all know those days are long gone when a Ken Roswell pulled a major win at the age of 37, the tennis of today is an entirely different animal.
      He seems destined for a US open Semifinal to me though. And him being no.2 player in the world where we see a 29 year old Nadal collapsed is unbelievable.
      Lets enjoy him while we can.
      What a year Roger is having 5 titles, 8 finals.
      Not bad, not bad at all. ! Cheers to the G.O.AT

      1. Agree with all Addey.

        I think the temptation always comes when we see him playing so amazingly early on and even leading up to the end of week 2.

        It’s a great a story line for a slam, but like you essentially said – time waits for no man – and I’m not going to mortgage my sanity anymore!

    2. I don’t think anyone here is expecting Roger to win the whole thing. At the moment, it’s just about getting through the first week unscathed. The power of Roger Federer is that at 34 and without a month of play he was able to take out the best 2 hard court players back to back in epic fashion. To say that won’t effect expectations here would be a lie. I see what you’re saying though- even Fed has been repeating to the media that he hasn’t made the final in 6 years so he’s aware how long it’s been since he’s tasted NY success. However, there’s no need to deny him any chance here as small as it may be. USO is his best shot after Wimbledon so to write him off completely is unfair. A lot of us have accepted 17 being the final number but the best part of Roger still playing is knowing that as long as he does, he always has a chance.

      1. What you say is certainly true Alb/Addey, but I think I’ll go with Alysha’s last two sentences: exactly the way I feel. πŸ™‚

      2. Let’s just all wait and see how far he can get through the draw, shall we? I’m through with looking any further than the current match – I learned my lesson a couple of months ago.

    3. I’m just cowering over here in my little corner.

      Was so invested in wimby after the return of unreal miracle Fed against Murray. Really hadn’t seen that kind of dominance over a guy of Murray’s caliber since I started watching Fed in early ’12. Not even his 2012 run had anything like that. Harkened back to the old days of 2006 that I only see on youtube. Thought he surely had the same answers for Novak, but it was back to a 34 year old past his prime legend – full of dignity and everyone’s hopes – but really all weakened and winded and without the explosiveness and aggression.

      Novak presents different problems I know – but really – blah blah. No one can solve that semi Final version of Fed and so I had petty high hopes.

      Anyway -now at the USO nothing is going to sell me this time that he’s going to get it because nothing could be a better sales pithch than pre-final wimby. And he crashed.

      So yeah – I’m jaded and cowardly and a scared little baby.


      1. The main difference in the semi-final and final match at Wimbleon was Federer’s serve. If he cannot defend that part of his game, you’ll find the rest of the match won’t go smoothly.

      2. Some amazing facts :
        Excluding Davis Cup and Grand Slam matches.
        Federer record in a best of three sets tournament since Jan 2014 till now is breathtaking.
        Won/Loss: 88-11
        89% Winning Percentage
        Made 16 Finals
        Titles : 10*
        75% of the total matches played on tour are Best of 3 sets.
        With that kind of winning percentage which has actually creeped up from 2014 if we bifurcate the two. Federer is clearly here to stay for some years and is playing solid tennis too. With his playing style and clever scheduling I dont see him retiring till 2017 atleast. That means he ll probably end up winning 100 titles. 1150 matches on tour and maybe that #18.

  20. My Predictions.
    Djokovic beats Goffin and Nadal in 4 tight sets.
    Federer beats Gasquet in QFs
    Wawrinka will take care of a worn-out Murray
    Djokovic Obliterates Nishikori
    (If Stan makes to week #2)
    Wawrinka Beats Federer in 4 sets.
    Wawrinka beats Djokovic in 5 sets.
    If Stan however doesnt make it there.
    Novak Djokovic will enter the league of double digit major holders.

    1. We see things alike Addey. I’ve played each Tiger Mobile game this year predicting Roger would win. Of course Only got it right once last week in Cincy, and it costed me a Wimbledon iPhone! Of course couldn’t have done otherwise as a huge fan. But I want to do it differently this time, just for a change! Maybe Roger will win then!

    1. They’re still making me laugh with delight – even the few where it didn’t pay off. Thanks Sid. πŸ™‚ BTW, I think you said you were going to try this out in some of your matches – did it work?

      1. Yes, I tried it out! I picked up a second serve, inside out, from about two feet behind the serve line on my forehand, went deep to the backhand side, rushed the net, and induced a forced dump into the night by my opponent. I made it a point to let him know where I hit that return from. And he said, “I saw that!”. We are good tennis friends, so it’s all good fun!

        Will do it more often on Tuesday against another guy with a very weak second. πŸ™‚

      2. Hey! Well done Sid. Good luck with Mr weak-second-serve on Tuesday. I wonder how many guys on the tour have been practising this as we speak? πŸ˜‰

  21. I don’t remember Mayer’s 2nd serve quality. Hmmm….I’m going to say 10…split down the middle between Jonathan and Thinker.

    1. He hits pretty flat on both serves, high ball toss from what I remember. I think it probably rests on Mayer’s serve actually as to how competitive it is.

      I’ll pick 5 or more double faults from him. And Fed to do 5 service line returns winning 3 of them.

  22. Meant to post this here:

    I’m just cowering over here in my little corner. Was so invested in wimby after the return of unreal miracle Fed against Murray. Really hadn’t seen that kind of dominance over a guy of Murray’s caliber since I started watching Fed in early ’12. Not even his 2012 run had anything like that. Harkened back to the old days of 2006 that I only see on youtube. Thought he surely had the same answer for Novak, but it was back to a 34 year old past his prime legend – all weakened and winded without the explosiveness and aggression.

    Novak presents different problems I know – but really – blah blah. No one can solve that semi Final version of Fed and so I had petty high hopes.m

    Anyway – nothing is going to sell me this time that he’s going to get it because nothing could be a better sales pithch than pre-final wimby. And he crashed.

    So yeah – I’m jaded and cowardly and a scared little baby.

    1. Maybe you should go on holiday for 2 weeks or something. Sounds like this tennis stuff is too stressful for you πŸ˜†

      Either that or find some Wine.

  23. Has anyone heard anything about the conditions this year? I saw that Ljubicic thought the courts were faster and NY is going to be hot this week too.

    1. Not really but it’s definitely going to be slower than Cincy without doubt, the court is always rouger on the top surface which takes pace off the ball. It’s just a question of how much sand / grit is in the topcoat.

      Hopefully the kids on Arthur Ashe on Saturday were walking around dragging their feet smoothing it out πŸ˜†

      Fed says the ball flies flaster but that will be through the air.

    1. Haven’t heard anything about speed of court: there’s always talk, but I’m not sure there can really be any change in court surface. The main difference between Cincy and NY are the balls: they use Penn (very hard, bouncy, travel through the court quicker) in Cincy and Wilson (softer) in NY. I have heard that it’s going to be hot though – I think it’s up in the 90s atm, though there could possibly be thunderstorms to go with this. πŸ˜‰

      1. Where did you get that information from? Federer thinks the opposite

        “I think the ball flies faster here. The surface is slightly different than last week, so a slight adjustment to be done there.”

  24. Nadal has got a tough a draw as any having lost to most of his projected early opponents in the last 12 months but I want him to get to the quarters and beat Djokovic. Its unlikely form wise but it would be his chance of redemption after a miserable year and exquisite revenge for French Loss. He’ll then beat (pick any name from that quarter – Dimitrov?) to reach final.

    In the other half Wawrinka should beat Murray if they meet but Fed will get past either (having beaten Gasquet in quarters) and he will then play Nadal in the final.

    Fed will then thrash Nadal and everything in the universe will be perfect.

    1. French Open 08 score on that? 63 61 60? πŸ˜› reversed for our man of course. How nice would that be πŸ˜›

      It’s true I’d like Fed to get one win over Nadal in slams before he retires πŸ˜€ ^^

    2. Best Storyline of the decade.
      Its funny but If Nadal makes a Final of a GS final we might have to revise our views on his form.

  25. The good news about the surface is that as the tournament progressed, the surface will get slightly worn out and supposedly smoother as faster. That is better than Wimbledon, where as the tournament progresses, the surface gets slower since the grass is almost gone.

    On the flip side, the weather will be hot during the first week but will cool off during the 2nd week. In the end, it’s about stamina..Whoever feels fresher, will be able to dictate more. Will see, I guess!

      1. I think that is the easiest question to answer actually.

        With his brains and his serve he can crush anyone for a set or even maybe a match early in best of 5.

        GS Finals? Stamina is the reason.

  26. Has anybody beaten anybody else, ever, in a completed match, in straight sets, in 73 minutes at the US Open, ever?

      1. Sure. But those were times when points ended quickly, and not a lot of time was taken between points, toweling, bouncing balls, and tugging your behind. Besides, who was Moir anyways? He has a career 2-10 record in singles, this Kevin Moir. Need I say more?

        I think 73 minutes is ridiculous.

      2. Aha! Look at this Sid:
        “World number one Roger Federer gets off to an impressive start at the U.S.Open. A ruthless Roger Federer began his U.S. Open defence with a 61-minute, 6-1 6-1 6-1 thrashing of Ivo Minar on Tuesday (August 30, 2005)”

        Ivo Minar with a career record 32-62 and highest ranking of 62 is slightly better than the Brazilian Souza. And if 73 minutes is ridiculous, 61 minutes is just Fediculous πŸ™‚

    1. Kei pulling out of Cincy was the first sign. Saw the weirdest stat that out of 4 of the last 9 slams, he’s gotten out in the 1st or 2nd round. So much potential but body not there. Wonder if he’ll have a Del Potro esque career.

    2. I didn’t expect him to last long, but I sure didn’t expect him to lose to PAIRE. Great day for France. Well. Except Monfils.

  27. What a crazy day 1. That second quarter in the men’s is absolutely bonkers. Novak got a golden ticket to the final it seems unless Nadal got it in him.

    1. with the form he showed today, I would give him a chance on taking one set only from Djoker, unless he continue to improve. I saw some flashes of old Nadal on the first and fourth sets, but the third was the struggling Nadal who showed up. He is not performing, yet on any kind of consistent level. But, this is the best match he played in 2015! that’s for sure

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