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Transcendent Federer Makes 10th Wimbledon Final

Trying hard not to get too excited writing this one as Roger Federer dispatched Andy Murray 7-5, 7-5, 6-4 to make his 10th Wimbledon final at the All England Club.

In what must surely be one of his best Grand Slam performances of the last five years the Swiss delivered a stunning display to maintain his 100% record in SW19 semi finals and setup a rematch from last year against defending champion Novak Djokovic in Sunday’s showpiece.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Murray Wimledon 2015

Murray won the toss and elected to receive, creating a break point in the opening game with some solid returning despite Roger not missing a single first serve. The Swiss however made deuce with an ace before holding for 1-0.

Murray soon levelled before Roger held to 30 for a 2-1 lead. Both guys were out the blocks fast playing solid tennis and at 2-2 Roger fired down a love hold to really find his rhythm on serve.

Plenty of high quality tennis ensued with Roger finding all 4 corners of the box landing first serves at will and perhaps just as importantly getting Murray’s first serves back into play. At 6-5 Federer 0-15 Murray serving the Swiss came up with a genius backhand flicked pass up the line and at 15-30 punished a tame second serve with a run around forehand. Murray saved the first with a nice pass off a Federer chip charge play but he couldn’t stave off the second as Roger broke to take the set 7-5.

Breaking to win the set meant Roger was again serving first at the start of the second and he maintained momentum with a love hold to kick things off. Murray was immediately in trouble at 15-30 but he held before Fed then delivered another clinical service game for 2-1.

Roger continued the trend of punishing Murray’s second serves to create a break point in game 4 but he couldn’t convert. The scoreboard then moved quickly to 4-5 Murray serving and what turned out to be the longest game of the match. Fed swiftly moved to 0-40, hitting an age-defying forehand on the run at 0-15. Murray however wasn’t going to drop serve without a fight, saving the first 3 set points and then saving a further 2 before eventually holding for 5-5.

At the time it felt like a huge hold for Murray that could switch momentum, yet Roger fired down a love hold with some outrageous shotmaking to take a 6-5 lead. Hard to really put into words how he just walked up to the service line and delivered a flawless game after not breaking serve.

That immediately put pressure back on Murray and at 15 all Roger correctly challenged a superb backhand down the line winner that was wrongly called out. The Swiss then had his 6th set point at 30-40 which he converted with a peRFectly constructed point that ended with a volley put away after a big forehand. 2 sets to love.

With Roger again serving first he held to 15 to lead 1-0. Murray then fired down a love hold to level and both players exchanged holds up until 4-4; Roger coming up with some absolutely ridiculous points in the process.

In game 9 Fed kept up the heat on serve holding to 15 with yet more composed play and with Murray serving to stay in it he dropped the first point before Fed came up with a backhand flick cross court pass on the run that left Murray stunned. The Scot won the next point but Fed then created his first match point hitting a firm backhand return which was converted when Murray went wide with an inside out forehand. Game, set, match Federer 7-5 7-5 6-4.

Match Stats

MATCH STATISTICS Andy Murray Roger Federer
ACES 12 20
1ST SERVES IN 79/107 (74 %) 69/91 (76 %)
1ST SERVE POINTS WON 56/79 (71 %) 58/69 (84 %)
2ND SERVE POINTS WON 14/28 (50 %) 12/22 (55 %)
NET POINTS WON 8/11 (73 %) 29/42 (69 %)
BREAK POINTS WON 0/1 (0 %) 3/10 (30 %)
RECEIVING POINTS WON 21/91 (23 %) 37/107 (35 %)

Shot of the Match

Thoughts on the Match

Federer Defeat Murray Wimbledon 2015

WOW! Where to begin with this one? Like I said in the intro surely one of Roger’s best slam matches in the last 5 years but I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself as there’s still one more match to play here and it’s the most important one of the lot πŸ™‚

In terms of today Roger was just playing tennis from another planet from start to finish, making 76% of first serves and striking the ball beautifully off both wings.

Murray is one of the best returners in the game and he didn’t get a look in apart from the single break point in the opening game. In fact he barely got a racquet on the ball as Roger just came up with the goods time and time again. Even when Murray did make him play Fed just had the confidence and conviction in his groundstrokes to take it to him on both wings and end the points on his terms.

Roger also returned exceptionally well too, taking up an aggressive position on both first and second serves; returning 125mph first serves like they were nothing and punishing second serves with run around forehands and clean backhand winners. Murray just had nowhere to go.

I said in my prediction that movement was going to be a big part of Fed’s game if he was to win alongside the obvious high first serve % and forehand combo working well and he got about the court superbly, moving explosively out the corners and striking the ball sweetly on the run. That forehand on the move he hit at 0-15 4-5 Murray serving was just incredible.

As for Murray I think he just lost to the better tennis player. He played a high level match that gets it done against virtually everyone else on tour; saving multiple set points at 4-5 with some incredible gets and shotmaking but he was up against the Baryshnikov of our sport with a magic wand for a racket at age 33 putting off father time out there. πŸ˜†

Predictions vs. Djokovic

Fed Djoker USO

So the man that awaits is Novak Djokovic who comfortably defeated Richard Gasquet in the first semi final of the day. Fully expected result and you can’t really read too much into how well Djokovic is playing off the back of it; he owns Gasquet and is simply too solid. Perhaps the only thing of note is Djokovic taking a medical timeout when he was leading by a set and a break for a left shoulder problem. Seems unlikely to be tactical at that moment but who knows whether it’s an issue.

As for Sunday I’m not going to go into H2H, strategy and all that jazz. They’ve played 39 times previous and basically there are no secrets on court between the two – the player who comes up with the best tennis on the day wins. It happened in last years Wimbledon final, Shanghai 2014, Dubai 2014 + 15, Indian Wells 2014 + 15, Rome 2015 and plenty others too. Fed will look to play aggressive and serve well whereas Djokovic will look to find his metronomic groove from the back of the court hitting with depth and power to continually put Roger under pressure.

All I’m hoping for is a fair match and may the best man win. I’ll leave you with a cool quote from a Roddick, who I enjoyed in the commentary box today:

You always hope that the way people are portrayed on the television and in the media is true. With Roger Federer… it is true.

Allez la suisse!


Editor of Perfect Tennis and a big fan of Roger Federer, I've spent countless hours watching and analysing his matches. Alongside playing the sport, I also enjoy writing about the tour, rackets, strings, and the technicalities of the game. Whether it's breaking down the latest tournament results or discussing the latest gear innovations, I'm always eager to share my insights with fellow tennis enthusiasts.

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    1. Decent day for the first win of the season ^^

      Fed played glorious tennis, was never shaken, even after muzza saved those 50 set points in the second. Muzza threw the kitchen sink at him but fed got it back, crazy good.
      Difficult not to get too optimistic before sunday, but here’s to one more win!

      Come on Roger!

      1. EXACTLY what I’ve been thinking Simon, difficult not to get too optimistic before Sunday… BUT!!!

        On top of it all, I’m supposed to be out of town Sunday for the first day of a week that’s a traditional highlight of my year. Says something that I am seriously considering going late just so I can watch the match…

      2. Murray played very very well and served great but yet again his negative attitude on court comes back to bite him- that box of his don’t know how to control their emotions and it’s a huge differentiation to the player he was when he was winning slams.

      3. I thought he did a pretty good job of not getting excessively negative out there. Some frustration, yes, but that’s natural in the circumstances.

      4. Nice win Simon.

        I agree with Thinker; Murray’s negativity didn’t cost him here at all, in fact he was continually trying to play positively despite Roger holding serve so routinely. There was just nothing he could do.

      5. Murray is no where what he used to be before when it comes to on court frustration- I do agree that he wasn’t negative about himself but more about how well Roger was playing. However, when it comes to the past few slams, especially in Australia, he’s still way too emotive on the court. With Lendl, a lot of that was surpressed. It’s not great to see Judy standing up on every 2nd point.

  1. Second :).
    Great win here for Federer. He was wonderful. I hope he can play with the same perfection against Djokovic.

  2. Third?

    Have to repost this from last blog:


    Johnny Mac just recalibrated the GOAT meter and said – literally – he’s returning to Federer as Greatest of All Time! Hilarious. But totally true – just happened. He said he’d never seen Fed serve better, move better, or hit the backhand harder. Said ” we have to enjoy this while we can.”. And he’s picking Fed over Nole by a slight edge.

    Just thought it was fun to report the never shy J Mac.

    1. I was particularly struck by how Johnny Mac actually uttered these words: “I was wrong”.


      1. HAHAHA Yeah you don’t often here that don’t you? πŸ˜›

        But who cares what Jmac says, he’s gonna turn his jersey anywhere…. πŸ˜›

      2. Borg was pretty effusive and complimentary too. I just like the box reaction , vocal ladies and Stefan and Severin leaping up in delight and Papa saying Rogi is not old afterall and off to press his suit, or ring up the Valet. Patrick Mac had asked why he was so casually dressed and he said he would wear a suit IF Roger got to the final. Love that low key family and approach to their sons career. Today was glorious and a match for the ages.
        Thanks for GOATing the write up too Jonathan.

      3. Yeah JMac can bandwagon all day long. He gets a lot of hate really but to be fair he does make some good points about matches, strategy and the sport as a whole. Lots of nonsense thrown in too but I don’t mind him.

    2. Typical bandwagoning from J-Mac yet again. He’s said some pretty stupid things these past 2 weeks such as that Rafa should skip the French Open for the rest of his career? J-Mac is a lost cause when it comes to logic.

      1. He is thinking out the box, if you think about it it’s not a terrible idea – it would give him more of a shot at winning a non clay slam…

      2. Nadal already completed the carer slam, him and Toni probably more focused on trying to catch up to Roger. FO and maybe Australia best shots he’s got.

  3. Great match! Was at the office but still managed to watch the second half of the third set… Roger played more than perfect.

  4. Fast and great work J! And thanks!

    But… seriously…Aren’t you hoping for a “little” more than a fair match and “may the best man win”?

    I mean – c’mon. I know what you’re hoping for!!

    I must say – I wouldn’t have believed Fed when he said it at the start of the tourney, but I do believe now he is playing better than at this time last year.

    Nole is just a machine – and i feel is an obvious step up from Andy. But I have more hope than before this match. Fed continues to appear to be a man with a chip on his shoulder.

    1. A lot on the line for both guys here. Fed’s potential last chance at 18 and Nole on the road to losing back to back slam finals. Huge match.

    2. I’m just excited Fed is playing another final. Winning against Murray just makes me appreciate the fact he is still playing.

      “Fed continues to appear to be a man with a chip on his shoulder.”

      πŸ˜† oh dear, please look up the meaning of phrases before you use them. You said “Federer’s number is up” in another thread and now this one.

      Someone with a chip on their shoulder is someone who feels hard done to and feels they are not as good as other people. An inferiority complex. That doesn’t apply to Federer.

      1. I thought “chip on your shoulder” meant you have an offense to avenge. You walk around feeling a bit PO’d cause you didn’t get wha you want – as in that last (maybe) GS your frustrated you’ve not gotten. That’s a little dramatic, but I have sensed an attitude about Fed like, “I came here to do business and get this thing”. Call it cool confidence maybe, but I like to think of him as a little pissed w a “take no prisoners” attitude about him.

      2. I thought Djokovic is the man with a chip on his shoulder. I thought he called his trainer for that, right?

        Never mind.

      3. Nope, the definition I gave is more accurate. And anyway does Federer walk around like someone who didn’t get what he wanted? I don’t think he does at all.

        Having a chip on your shoulder is never a turn of phrase used in a positive manner. It’s someone who thinks the world is against them and holds a grudge.

        I would say Fed is focused on what he came here to do – try and win the title. That’s it.

      4. “Winning against Murray just makes me appreciate the fact he is still playing.”

        Me too.

      5. Well, it’s your language after all J.

        Guess I’ll have to go back to the axe to grind. ..Like they say “early bird gets caught before your chickens hatch”.

        (Yes. I’m trying to be self deprecating now.)

        Go Fed.

  5. I’d just like to remind you all that prior to Wimbledon, when the draw was announced, Jonathan made two predictions

    1) Djokovic not to win this
    2) Someone from the bottom half to win this

    (did I get it right?)

    If there’s anytime to get either of the two predictions right, it’s about now. I’d be happy with either :p

    1. Jonathan got every prediction peRFect at French, can he make it two majors in a row? πŸ˜› Hope so πŸ˜€

      1. Man, how does EVERYONE else get their smileys to work, but not me?!!!

        Am I doing something wrong? Isn’t :p the universal text for that tongue smiley and the πŸ™‚ for the Smiley smiley????

    2. Also, some not-so-regular-tennis-follower just Whatsapped me during the match saying that “Fed might retire if he picks up title no. 18 on Sunday”

      I know it’s of no consequence, but I didn’t know whether to be happy for the 18th and going out with a bang, or sad that it would be the end of tennis as we know it (if it were ever to be the case that his ‘prediction’ were to be true)

      1. Hope not, he’s still going strong πŸ™‚
        We’ll see anyways, it’s Roger’s choice and only his own ^^ Though it would suck BIG TIME not seeing him play anymore ^^

      2. So many blurting idiotic in order to seem clever. My blurt: If Roger wins this one, he will go for the next immediately.

      3. I think he should retire before the final. At least he will have a winning career H2H against Djokovic.

      4. Wow people are jumping the gun. I think Fed loves tennis way too much to stop playing if he wins another slam. I mean why should he?

      5. He hasn’t won another slam yet either, no point getting ahead of ourselves. The minute you think about winning a match before you have, it goes bad. I’ve done it numerous times πŸ™‚

      6. Perhaps he was thinking about Sampras retiring after he won the US Open late in his career . but Pete didn’t have the same drive and didn’t enjoy tennis as much as Federer does now. Even if Federer wins, and I really hope he does, I doubt he would consider retiring. I think he would be spurred on to even greater heights, as every match he plays adds to his long string of amazing records.

  6. The whip of the Swiss Maestro was so cracking today. Espn Commentators were so in awe. They nearly ran out of adjectives to describe his play. Great match!

  7. What a great win for Fed! Andy played pretty well, so for Fed to win in straight sets shows how brilliantly Roger was playing. Before the match Jason Goodall said he thought Fed could win 2 more Slams – the other panelists looked very sceptical, but maybe Jason is right. Anyway, am looking forward to No. 18 on Sunday. πŸ™‚

    1. Goodall is the guy crunching the numbers at the back – serve placement etc etc. I guess he has a pretty good idea of how well Fed is playing from those alone.

    2. Tbf Henman has never doubted Fed either…. Clearly knows him and his game v well.. Only doubter is Krajicek who says it’s photic sally impossible for Rog to beat Andy and Novak back to back… Well I am backing Fed to prove him wrong today!

  8. Just a fantastic match by federer. Wow. Even though the Djoker has made the final I don’t think he has been playing the best game as through the rounds he was rattled abit. But I hope Roger does the business on Sunday to get his 8th and 18th. Fingers and everything else crossed for the Federer win. Come on Rogeeerrrr Fedeeeereeeerrrrr!!!!

      1. Absolutely true! He won’t care, he’s there and that will give him confidence. All on the day…

  9. Hi Jonathan

    Today’s match was out of this world and that is why RF is and always will be the GOAT. Can he do it again on Sunday i hope so. He even had Stefan leaping to his feet so you know it must have been incredible. I love Andy Roddick as a commentator he talks so much sense and is funny as well.

    On another note if you were a neutral listening to the BBC build up you would have thought it was not worth Roger stepping onto the court, i nearly had to go and get a sick bucket

    come on roger one more match please make it the best one yet

    1. ‘BBC build up…’ you’re right Trudi. I’ve got nothing against Andy, he’s a nice guy, funny too, and he certainly didn’t play badly at all; against anyone else, with that performance…but Sue Barker et al just make you sick of hearing his name. I know he’s a Brit and of course they have to hype him up, but it’s nauseating. The only plus point is that they all look bloody stupid now. Roddick was great – pity we didn’t have much more of him, and much less of McBoring. πŸ˜†

    2. Yeah Roddick has been good so far. Everyone on the Roddick hype now, gotta see how he’s perceived in a year I guess. Maybe he will get a Pseudo Roddick account.

      He deffo brings some good analysis though in terms of tactics or plays – Fed always serving outwide when Serving and Volleying to open up the court. Murray trying to hit second serves up the T so Fed couldn’t run around his backhand pre-meditated, but then when Murray got the 2nd serve into the bh he wanted, Fed just ripped a winner πŸ˜†

  10. Wow, wow, wow, πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    I was oncvinced that Roger was going to win. Boy, what happened is beyond what I imagined how he would beat Andy. I am absolutely over the moon. No, no, no, Jonathan, I know there is one more match to come. Still we must celebrate this WOW match! OMG. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ absolutely breathetaking!
    I was secretly counting Roger’s UFEs. My theory was that if Roger produces 50 winners with no more than 25 UFEs, Andy would be done. My God, stingy Roger gave Andy only 11 UFEs with 56 winners and I am stunned. I never doubt that Roger could produce over 50 winners but 11 UFEs, it is just ridiculus πŸ™‚ .
    Just look at the reactions around the world after this match – wow wow.
    Andy saw the FedExpress coming towards him but he was completely powerless to stop being run over πŸ™‚ poor Andy.

    1. Fed just adds that bit extra to his resume every time he steps on court. Not getting carried away as it was only a semi final but very impressive performance. Gotta keep the focus now though.

      1. All about confidence with Rog, allows him to go for shots. He is the ultimate confidence player. Hoping that shoes big time in the final. If the feel is there again tomorrow, he will let rip and win, Shanghai/Dubai style. Fast, fast, fast!

  11. Great post! Not often cool Jonathan gets quite so animated about Fed’s matches on the blog πŸ˜‰

    Such an ecstatic match. Yes indeed one of the best slam performance, no serve broken against one of the best returners of the game, amazing. And the shot of the match: just breathtaking.

    Hope Jonathan’s prediction will come true!

      1. Me too! Don’t ignore Novaks serving stats. And Fed struggled to make inroads last year. Hopeful the more aggressive returning will counter this!

  12. I’m a late Federer fan, I mean, I was always his fan but started to follow his matches closely in the later (??!!) part of his career. To me, this is the BEST Federer performance I have seen live (of course on TV πŸ™ ). I think Murray also played one of the best matches in his career only to be beaten in straights. Fingers crossed for the final.

    1. The same here, @Ankur; a late Federe fan, never saw a similar performance from Federer. Thank you, Roger, for showing us your invincible version from a decade ago.
      In ’12 it was a miracle, after the survival with Benneteau!
      Last year I was proud of Federer after such a come-back in the 4th set against the robotic Djokovic.

      At the beginning of this Wimbledon I didn’t put my rxpectations too high, just wanted the enjoy each victory of our Man.

      But yesterday, wow, yesterday, I was stunned, couldn’t believe my eyes!! 11 aces in the 1st, returning everything in those final games, no unforced error for tens of minutes, super winners, heavy shots: I thought, this is the game of a super-champion, no matter the generation, a stellar performance, a historic win. I was close to heart attack so many times in that long game, but Federer was so calm, so confident, I never saw that before.
      I’m still impressed now, remembering flashes of the match, I am really Pround of this MAN, what can I expect more????
      Well, now, after this stunning victory, I have to wish one more thing, it would be incredible, but I want the title tomorrow: after a long time, it all depends on Federer, he has to play one more match like it did in the semi, no one will have a chance against such a play, not even djokpvic.
      Anyway, no matter the outcome, I say it again: thank you, Roger, you made us prouds once again for beeing the supporters of such a super-Champion!

      PS: my first post here, thanks Jonathan for this blog, the only one I follow religiously.

      1. Nice comment arno. Really, nothing more you can ask. What a performance! You can’t have a day like this very often. Whatever happens in final, we’ll accept. Proud to be his fan.

  13. Remarkable performance by Roger. Quite simply his best tennis since 2012. Everything clicked into place. The forehand was working at its best.

    The BBC coverage is laughable. Hyping up Murray as usual despite him losing to Federer on 3 consecutive occasions before today. And after the match Pat Cash was delusional enough to say that ” Nobody expected (Federer) to win it”. Richard Krajicek also said that Roger “has no chance to win the title” after he won the first set.

    Murray played well but, quite simply, when Roger plays this way on a fast court he will most likely win the match.

    I hope he maintains this incredible service rhythm on Sunday.

    1. I do think Murray was the marginal favourite going in, the bookies had it as that too just. But you can never write Roger Federer off.

      Dunno why Krajicek is coming up with those sort of statements, perhaps he’s annoyed Fed isn’t playing Rotterdam anymore :).

      I like what Roddick said – he’s only going to say something about a player if he’d say it to directly to their face in the locker room. Would Krajicek say that to Fed’s face? Not so sure. If he would then fair enough.

  14. ‘Trying hard not to get too excited…’ me too Jonathan! Are there enough superlatives to describe his performance? ‘Transcendent’ – peRFect Jonathan. It was just phenomenal – and I bet Roddick must feel somewhat vindicated; after all *he* faced him when he was in his prime. Yes, he’s *that* good. For the final, simple, JUST REPEAT MAESTRO! πŸ˜†

      1. Roddick’s great, and I really would like to hear more of his excellent commentary than McDickhead’s drivel, I really would. I listened to some of the Radio 5 call in the other day – Roddick very funny, and interesting *when* he was allowed to speak! Mac just kept talking over him – so rude. πŸ™

    1. Yeah Roddick added a nice balance. Henman isn’t too bad either really, got a bit of the BBC in him of course but he’s not stupidly biased. Although he did pick Murray in 5.

      Jmac – annoying yes, talks a lot but he does come up with the odd gem I think.

      1. OK, to be fair, JMac does come up with the odd pithy/sensible comment, but he just loves talking about himself far too much for my liking. I don’t mind a few comments based on his experience, but I’d much rather listen to Roddick who seems more relevant to the modern game.

  15. Awesome performance from the Swiss maestro!!!

    He needs a similar performance on Sunday to lift his 8th wimbledon trophy.

    Time is running out and this is his best chance to add another major title.

    Allez Roger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Rain forecast on Sunday!! Any one like to weigh in on how it’s going to affect conditions? Favour who? Both are solid Indoor players. Ideal conditions for Fed would be?

    1. Serve will be key for both guys. No wind to factor and Fed would be able to hit the lines more cleanly than he does outdoors. Although as you said, Novak been probably the best indoor player for the past 2-3 years now but I do feel his movement on the grass indoors is hindered. Guess we’ll see how it plays out soon.

      1. Roddick actually said he thought it slowed the court conditions in his opinion. It looks a bit dodgy for Sunday, although not certain there will be rain. It could be windy which would affect both (on serves), but would perhaps disadvantage Djoko more since he’s often been troubled by windy conditions. Other than that, since they’re both great indoor players, I don’t see any difference either.

      2. BBC website forecasting rain between 3 and 5 pm at the moment πŸ™

        I hope the roof stays open, too.

  17. Jonathan, your match coverage this Wimbledon has been swift and sure-footed, and I salute you.

    I think I agree with every single thing you said.

    Yes, he was transcendent.

    Yes, it’s incredibly hard not to get too excited.

    Yes, he moved beautifully and that led as always to some exquisite shotmaking. There were a couple of times he let a couple of shots go – I’m thinking of a couple of well-executed lobs – and I thought, huh Rog, I’ve seen you run those down before; but… he didn’t need to. And in other moments, when the point was more important, as you say, there were some fabulous gets.

    That’s true of both players really. Andy didn’t do a lot wrong. Watching, I thought maybe he was giving Roger too many 2nd serves – but now I see he was serving at 74%! 74% is giving the opponent too many 2nd serves? That’s just an insanely amazing opponent. Fascinating that their 1st serve %ages are almost identical, yet Roger’s points won on 1st serve are significantly higher. Guess that points to Roger’s returning exceptionally well, as you say.

    Agree that the long Murray service game at the end of set 2 felt like it could be a momentum shift – again, insanely amazing that he was just able to get right back at it. Well done to Murray for his good body language throughout – he did have some frustrated gestures, unsurprisingly, but he didn’t do the slouched-over defeatist walk we’ve seen so often at all.

    Djokovic has looked very good and as always never gives up – but maybe not QUITE as good as last year. Roger looks amazing – better than last year. Dare we hope? Agreeing with you again, it’s down to the level each is able to bring on the day. Which will be here before we know it!

    Love the buzzing excitement here! (But not TOO excited – ah, who are we kidding?)

    1. Hearing reports it’s raining on Sunday? If Fed serves like he did today and does it under the roof…

      1. Yes, FOCUS indeed. Fed has been sneaking along nicely under the radar until now: now that he’s made his presence known, I hope that it doesn’t prove a distraction and derail things.

  18. It was glorious. It was peRFect. That match finished some hours ago and I am still catching my breath.
    For me the best moment was after Andy’s long service game in the 2nd set where Roger had several breakpoints. Eventually Andy holds and I was afraid that Roger would get broken since he spent so much mental energy in trying to break Andy. I could not have been more wrong. Roger held serve so easily, the game probably only lasted a minute and a bit. As cool as a cucumber. And then Roger went again for the kill and managed to break this time. Poor Andy!
    Roger please, give us one more match like this on Sunday.
    I knew he still had this tennis in him. I am sure he also knew it and that is why he still keeps playing.

    1. Yeah that long service game reminded me of the 3-2 game in 2012 final where Roger broke and pretty much won the match. After Fed let all those set points slip away, I definitely thought he would be broken in the next game but the fact that he responded with a love hold? Speechless.

      1. I was having flashbacks, too, and getting very nervous, because I thought that, having avoided the scare, Murray might manage to come back, but thankfully Roger stayed on course.

    2. I’m sure Feds was trying to get he break, but I also remembered that long service game of Andy’s in 2012; how tiring mentally and physically must it be to be serving, have break points and game points and for it to go on that long? I sort of wonder whether it’s a clever tactic, especially when followed by a love service game from Feds, and then pressure straight back on Andy to serve to stay in the set?

    3. Yeah that was hugely impressive from both guys – Murray pulled off a huge hold and then 1 minute later he is serving again.

      It’s not a tactic because you are playing point for point out there. But it certainly works as one when you are having dig deep to hold and then before you know it you’re serving again. It’s just a by product of holding serve so easy.

      1. Talking of which I hv never understood players who challenge their serve at 15-30, 5/6 down as Andy did in 2nd set. That was a moment of madness for Andy. You knew he wld chuck in a poor 2nd serve and so he did….

  19. I didn’t get to watch any of this match but I read the BBC updates. Sounds like he was phenomenal. I can’t wait to go home and savor this match! It’s the kind of match I always hoped he would play at Wimbledon. Go Roger! #18!

  20. Actually Roger surpassed Baryshnikov and was more Nijinsky as he possessed the ability to execute freakish moves and steps and hang in the air and these were the hallmarks of the greatest ballet dancer ever . He’s also Messi if football is your thing.
    Today was an absolutely exquisite performance one can recognise but barely find the superlatives to describe adequately, unless you are Jonathan, Foster Wallace or possibly Will Skidelsky the author of that new book Federer and Me. Sad really Foster Wallace is not around to see the renaissance of the greatest ever.. Great joy so far and let’s hope the good luck, where preparedness meets opportunity, gets that elusive 8th Wimbledon and 18th Grand Slam title. Cmon Allez Chum Jetze!!

    1. I remember thinking – possibly not the first time I read “the” Foster Wallace piece on Fed, but on an early re-read – that I would be really interested to read what his take on things would be later in Roger’s career. Obviously that’s not going to happen, and I feel irrationally cheated by it.

    2. The Foster Wallace article is particular relevant after witnessing this performance. The CC crowd were so stunned by how well Fed was playing they were silenced.

    3. Yeah Dave Foster Wallace and I, two of the finest writers of this generation, just imagine if we had collaborated. πŸ˜†

      I’m thinking there may have been a few creative differences along the way and I’d have doubled the proof reading budget but maybe we’d have got there in the end.

      And good point about the crowd Alysha, they were completely stunned.

      1. Your greatness is your balance, broad Tennis knowledge, consistency and work ethic – no matter what goes on you deliver Jonathan…and just look how we collapse when you leave us to blog without your input…your humour and rapid fire quick quips bring a levity or reality to some difficult or misunderstood match moments….I could go on but you are far too modest

  21. Oh shush! Stop it with the superlatives. Can’t wait to see your frowny faces come Sunday.

  22. Thanks, Jonathan, transcendent is the word. Federer has looked unusual during this tournament. As if he lets the tennis play him – it is as if he calmly lets his body be in service of the game, putting aside any other thought and will. Focus on play throughout. I guess he will for sure bring that spirit along on sunday too, that’s why he is on Wimbledon.

  23. That was pretty special today, Roger was just perfect. Enough has been said about his serving, but the rest of his game was superb as well. That flicked backhand in the final game….

    I am already getting nervous now for Sunday and my pessimistic genes are kicking in. Has he peaked too early, can he continue to serve like that? Last year his serve kept him in the final whilst his forehand let him down a little. To beat Djokovic all aspects of his game will have to be right.

    I think Djokovic has been steady this year, not spectacular, and if his form stays the same Rog will have a chance. Djok the slight favourite you would say.

    One thing not talked about is nerves and they don’t necessarily get better with age. Rog knows he is in last chance saloon and I hope it doesn’t affect his play. Likewise there will be a lot of focus on his serve and he has to try and let it flow again. Fingers crossed for the big day, I hope we don’t see tears again, but it’s a tough ask.

    1. Yeah Fed was serving unbelievable today but I think the return game was what won the match for him- I mean Murray was serving at 73% and lost in straight sets? GOAT.

    2. I think the serve won him today’s match. It put constant pressure on Murray and allowed Roger to play with freedom in the return games. Had Murray been continually getting into return games then it might have been a different story out there.

    3. “I am already getting nervous now for Sunday and my pessimistic genes are kicking in. Has he peaked too early, can he continue to serve like that? Last year his serve kept him in the final whilst his forehand let him down a little. To beat Djokovic all aspects of his game will have to be right.”

      I too am worried that he might have peaked too early. Certainly there’s no chance that he could replicate Friday’s level of play in the final – could he? Not that he needs to be *quite* that perfect, but …

      It’s a complete hit of the Reset button this afternoon, and Roger will know that as well as anyone, of course. Let’s hope and pray he can do what’s necessary.

  24. Wow. Haven’t watched the match yet, but wow.

    The question is, will our hearts be able to endure the final. Ièll be screaming at the tv at 6am!

  25. Boom, GOAT.

    There’s not much to say on this match except one thing. Regardless of who you are and what player you support, there is no denying that this match solidified something we already knew. Roger Federer is better at tennis than anyone has ever been at anything. One of the most memorable slam performances in recent memory- worthy of the title alone.

    Dejavu is flashing before my eyes with Djoker. Everyone thought he was sub-par on route to the final and he ended up playing into form at the right time last year. The big difference from last year though is the way Roger is serving and FH is back as a weapon. My only question is if he peaked too early and Djoker will get a better look in on Sunday. We know the guy is conscious of his slam final record. Whatever happens, I am just so grateful and privileged to get to watch Federer play like this at this stage of his career.

    1. I think one of the differences this year is that he has now had a full year and a half for him to feel truly comfortable with the new racquet. He has said that it has helped to give more power on the serve and the backhand; there’s no doubt about it. This racquet is now his magic wand, just like the old one.

      1. Thanks for mentioning the increased familiarity & comfort with the new racquet Slamdunk- I meant to say the same but forgot!

      2. Yes, that too definitely. They look good together and everything seems to click between them. Federer is clearly very appreciative of the support and advice – a great team around him for sure. πŸ™‚

    2. “Roger Federer is better at tennis than anyone has ever been at anything”

      I would like to agree with that, but I am pretty good at Tweeting so no can do.

      1. Aside of the racquet what about the synergy, skill development and mutual respect between Fed and Edberg. Their familiarity and meeting of the minds, the tennis IQ and similar approach and sportsmanship ideals, these all must add a favourable dimension.

        Fed has gained a very savvy mentor and ally and he has no worries re loose cannon moments and revealing stuff to press etc. Edberg is ethical and confidential and must be even more of an asset with all they have shared, fitting in apparently seemlessly with the other team members and family in the past 18 months.

    3. Yeah, deja vu. After last year’s heartache, there is no way I’m going to expect Novak to be anything but at the top of his game, regardless of how he’s been during the rest of the tournament.

  26. Also who heard J-Mac switch his GOAT preferences back to Fed after this match? Sigh. BTW loved that quote from Roddick! Pretty sure he was one of the very few people along with Laver who chose Fed to win the match.

  27. I wonder how the Fed fans are going to respond if Djokovic beats Federer again on Sunday. I can’t bare to witness the anguish and sadness if that happens. πŸ™

    1. Agree. It’s gonna hurt big time if Novak denies Roger yet again but Fed really has no right to be playing this sort of tennis at nearly age 34. Soak up the moment and BEL18VE.

    2. I can’t bear to even start thinking about it.

      Someone pulled this up yesterday at a different forum: Fed had never lost in semis in Wimbledon, since 2008 no one has successfully defended the title. History has repeated itself for the former, I hope it does again for the latter on Sun!

    3. (Going back to my usual alias now)
      We are going to be heartbroken, that’s for sure. But we’ll bear it with fortitude if we have to – as Roger will – and at least nothing can *ever* take away this performance from us.

  28. Andy couldn’t have played better
    Nothing more he could do
    Because Roger our own go-getter
    Did not quite allow him to

    Simple as that.

    Another Becker vs Edberg awaits. Boris looked shaken. Mark my words, his man is doomed.

    1. Thanks Murli, I’ve been hoping for another ode to Roger. πŸ™‚ And you’re right, Boris looked very, very serious, as well he might. I’d love to be a fly on the wall and hear what he said to Djoko after this match.

    2. Boris is too busy chasing tail to care about his charge playing tennis. Luthi should pay off a Dominatrix in Soho to take him out tonight. He’ll wake up duct taped to a lamppost.

  29. Just checking my flight schedule as I thought I will be able to watch the match during 8hours transit in Johannesburg.

    So sad… The only hope is there is channel on inflight entertainment air it live or internet onair for streaming

  30. What a sublime performance by the GOAT! It was just too beautiful. I’m lost for words. I’m just really really grateful to be able to witness such moments in the last phase of his career. Couldn’t ask for more – well, actually, just one more please…

    It’s double excitement for me as I just leaped to No.1 in the Tiger Mobile challenge with ND and Roger’s win! Just need someone to take the title to get an iphone6!

      1. Thank you Slamdunk! But the iPhone is really irrelevant as long as the right person lifts the trophy on Sunday!

      2. OMG!!! I am in No. 2. Just one point behind April!! I was just hoping that this April-guy may have chosen ND, but not to be!! πŸ™
        Why didn’t you choose world no. 1 as champion? Such a bad decision! You know, he’s going to beat RF and spoil ur iphone dreams. Dont make this mistake in future tournaments…
        πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
        Anyways, great job April!! And also include your name to perfecttennis league.

      1. Nah I had him in the quarters, so 3 semilists correct out of four, but I got 7 the 8 quater-lists right

  31. I am so happy for Roger. Anyone else felt that he was very calm and composed through out the match?
    I also think that he gave a very down-to-earth kinda interview right after the match not blowing his own trumpet despite having played a glorius match. Would have listened more if not for the german interpretation that was going on simultaneously as Roger speaks ( has the live broadcasted in german!).
    Allez Roger!

    1. No I thought he nervy and very animated. πŸ˜† Of course he was calm and composed!

      And I agree about the interview, he didn’t get too far ahead of himself. The interviewer asked him if he could beat Djokovic and his answer was cool. No sort of “Yes I’ve beaten him before stuff” just keeping it all in check.

      1. Really liking the tone of this buildup in the very measured RF and no sign of the occasional hubris he some times shows, when he gets ahead of himself . Hope Edberg stays right in his head, keeping him cool and icy, emotionally

        Just want them both to bring their best ever games, no suspect MTOs and gumby crap from ND just a mature and sporting chance for both to prove themselves in this historic encounter on CC Sunday.

      2. Well, if Djokovic takes an MTO on the left shoulder we’ll know there is at least precedent for it this time. I hope there won’t be *anything* suspect about this match at all, though.

  32. I don’t really go for all this but…

    As it was last year, this will be a duel across generations. Boris Becker remains one of Djokovic’s coaches. Edberg continues to help coach Federer. And while last year was the 25th anniversary of Becker’s Wimbledon victory over Edberg in 1989, this year is the 25th anniversary of Edberg’s victory over Becker in 1990.


    1. Hope that’s somewhat of an omen. Another one I’ve been reading is that everytime Djoker attempts to even out the H2H with Fed, he ends up losing…

  33. I personally believe murtay is a harder obstacle on grass than djokovic even when the latterbhas won 1 more than the former. Murray beat Djoko bakc in 2014 pretty convincingly too.
    I personally expect this kind of performance from Rog in semis not that he shut him down in 3 sets. . As J pointed out his best in the last5 years. I completely agree to that.
    There is a wave about federer this year compare to last year not only in his matches , but in his preparations and interviews that he s being doing. He looks super calm and confident about his game.
    His performance this year is far more elite than last and maybe even in 2012 , where he did a murray-djoko double . Well to win an unprecedented 8th , he ll have to do that again. It easy to say Rog might have a let down after this, but I expect him to be from point 1 like he was today. #masterclass mode.
    Djokovic better watch out. I ll pick in Federer in 4 sets here.
    The results dont matter to me. I am watching and enjoying Roger while he still there.
    Cheers to the Greatest Player of all time.

  34. There are some great articles for Fed fans to read this morning (or evening). I like this one from the New York Times

    Really good comments from Lubicic. Also a nice piece in the Daily Telegraph. Awful from Kevin Mitchell in the Guardian as usual – he really is a horrible writer.

    I agree with comments from Addeymir and elsewhere about Roger’s calmness and recall saying during the match that he appeared supernaturally calm and that appears to be a key factor to his success. Although it was interesting afterwards that he said that in that 15 min game inside he was in turmoil – you would never know it.

    Also some great stats about. I love that he didnt lose a first serve point for a 45 minute period and wonder about Murray’s comment – how many times did he serve consecutive seconds?

    Anyway onwards and upwards – pray for calmness on Sunday

    Btw I think the quote about retiring came from a Daily Mirror article earlier in the week. Basically a complete lie – they took a couple of words, changed them around twisted them and made up a story

    1. Thanks Ian, a very nice piece indeed from Lubjicic, who once believed to have a slam in him but another one to feel born at the wrong time πŸ™‚ .

  35. This is only Saturday morning here in the UK. I have been in euphoria for the 12 hours and have tried hardest to read the reactions as much as I could around the world. Here is my thoughts on three key points that our Fedfans raised since the semi.
    Roger’s composure throughout the match – serve – Low UFE – concentration:
    This was exactly kind of feeling that I felt in watching the 2012 Wimbledon final when Roger was at 3-3 in the 2nd set trailing Andy by 1-0. Roger looked incredibly calm. While sweating and sitting at the edge of sofa, I kind of instantly felt re-assured that victory would come, as it did. On this occasion, just look at Roger’s serve and very low UFE count in addition to his returns, movement and everything else. Playing attacking games has got relatively high UFEs as byproduct. Yesterday, it was just out of this world (someone else’s phrase); the byproduct was not there. Roger’s confidence is utterly and completely shown on the court. Poor Andy who did not do much wrong ended up at the receiving end.
    Sunday’s match – peaking too early – potential heartbreak:
    I strongly feel that Roger’s composure has been natural throughout this campaign- oozing out from wonderful rapport he has developed with his new mate – racket. It will be there tomorrow. In tomorrow’s final, delivering 85% or more of what Roger did in semi will be enough for the title. Agree completely with Alysha’s observations on Novack – has not been as good as he was last year, not in a single match I watched. He did enough to win the matches he was supposed to win as No1. If he plays tomorrow as he did so far and Roger delivers about 85% what Roger did against Andy, Roger will take the becon home! Will Novack raise his level by two notches in final? he is certainly capable but my guess is highly unlikely. Novack might play fractionally better but that may not be enough to deny Roger. Having said all these, I feel that the title is on Roger’s racket more than on Novack’s. Realistically, I could not imagine how much better Roger could do in final. As a result, matching the semi’s performance is almost impossible. However, delivering more than 85% of the semi’s performance will be enough, no matter what Novack does. Andy did a very good job of lobbing Roger three times and passing Roger at the net about 10 times with 17 UFEs in three sets. I don’t see Noack doing better than Andy in the defence. Novack could trade groundies slightly better than Andy, possible. That’s all. Now a final small possibility – what if Roger’s form dips substantially and too many byproducts return? If that does happen, very unlikely, we will just hope that he will try again better in future. The vibes that I’ve been getting so far is that a substantial dipping of his form in final is highly unlikely.
    6 down 1 to go.
    Allez Roger!!!

    1. Agree with most but the final starts at 0-0. You can play a terrible tournament but if you make the final then you give yourself a chance of winning.

      I hope the Pro Fed crowd make a big difference.

    2. Agree with Jonathan here. Doesn’t matter the journey but the destination. Fed’s performance was entirely impressive but I still believe the match is 50-50. Mainly because Djoker’s second serve much better than Murray’s and is mentally stronger. Novak has played a lot of tournaments where his path is tricky but ends up turning up in the final.

  36. It’s the day after and you know what: I woke up with a smile this morning because I immediately thought about that fabulous match I witnessed yesterday. That’s what Roger tennis does to one. Sometimes I get totally lyrical and think that if only people all over the world would watch this, there would be no more war :-).

  37. Oh and on the BBC John Mac said that they ran out of superlatives to describe Roger’s performance and consequently decided to apply the word “Feder-esque”.

  38. Novak is always shaky in the first set. Against Kevin Anderson and even against a poor server like Gasquet. Fed did win the first set last year but allowed him to get back in the second.

    Will not happen this year. Fed is taking it in straight sets or max 4 after winning the first two sets.

    Go-getter, go get him.

  39. I made the mistake of watching some of the women’s final. I should have learned. Sorry, but women’s tennis should now be banned from television. It is destroying my love for the game.

    1. Richard, I’m sorry for your plight. It must’ve been excruciatingly painful watching a fried chicken munching, overgrown, doped up weasel bashing up another poor girl. They should simply rename WTA to Williams Tennis Association.

      All these other girls now have but one choice. Wait for this ghetto bitch to retire, hopefully in a couple of years, after she has stolen another 3 or 4 titles. I really hope this big black broad is gone by then, so I can start watching, “women’s” tennis again.

      When Williams wins her 23rd slam, in addition to the check, and trophy, they should give her a complimentary big basket of KFC.

      Like, this big:

      And Garbine, you have nothing to be ashamed of. You lost to a perennial doper. Yes, it hurts, but there is nothing any of us can do about it. This thief you just lost to feels “entitled” to win all trophies, and she will do anything to win them. Chin up Garbine, you have one more fan. Keep working hard, stay honest and fair, and you will win your slam very soon.

  40. Amazing match, its been a long time since I’ve seen Roger this calm. Murray played as well he could but Roger was a notch better at big points. Everything click for Roger, just need to do it again tmr against Djoker. Allez Rogerrrr!!

  41. Really, Jonathan, it’s your site. Could you please ban this racist asshole “Sid” or at least delete his comments? They are beyond offensive. I’d love to meet you one day, cookie man, and stuff some kfc down your throat.

    I’ve been reading this blog and have spoken with Jon a few times on twitter. I don’t ever remember reading stuff like this before. I know he says things to provoke which is not problematic at all. This is beyond a provocation. Keep it about Fed or STFU.

    1. My blog is an open forum. I’ll intervene from time to time but I don’t think I need to here really.

      Is what Sid is saying really racist? Because the word is thrown around so liberally it has lost all meaning. To me its just a forthright view.

      Its no different to calling Andy Murray a haggis eater or an English person a Rosbeef.

      1. I think most rational people would ask the question ” How the hell is it possible than a freaking genius like Federer has won 1 slam in the last 6 years while Serena has won 10″. Sid is a pretty rational guy. Maybe he is using some irrational words but the point he makes is quite correct and one everyone should ponder it.

      2. Too bad Alan hasn’t read many of my other comments in support of Blacks. Nobody is perfect. Every race, or culture, has their positives, and negatives. This bitch, Serena Williams, represents some of the worst traits of the Black culture. Is it so wrong to call her out?

        In one of my recent comments, I made a statement, “Cops here kill more innocents black people than…”. Yeah, I’m racist.

    2. Alan, if you’re really going to do that, wait a year or two. Your bitch is going to open her own chain called, WFC (Williams Fried Chicken). The ultimate diet for up and coming Black athletes.

    3. Sid sometimes states things in a rather caustic way, but I haven’t really found any racism. Using the word “black” is not racism, unless he attempts to paint them all with one brush, and Sid tends to use it only as a description of Williams. Unnecessary, yes, but I don’t think inappropriate in nature.

  42. Goodness me, I’m so nervous but deep down, I feel Federer will take this in straights. We will see tears, but his time , they will be happy tears.
    I promised my friends, if and yes, Federer will win, I will wear a white jacket to work on Monday to celebrate his win.
    Now guys, let’s contain the nervousness, and words and keep it to erupt after tomorrow’s final.
    To my best friends on this blog, I wish you good luck and see you tomorrow after the match.

  43. No problem slamdunk, thumbs up.

    Sid, loved the WTA expansion.

    Meanwhile tomorrow is 12/07/2015

    1 + 2 + 7 + 2 + 1 + 5 = 18

    Its all adding up.

  44. I will be on sedatives tomorrow–and too nervous to watch, really–will have live scores up on the computer screen, TVs on, running between rooms. My nerves can’t take this stress!!! And last year I went out after the first set (RF won) and then he lost. So staying home this year. If he serves as he has been doing since Halle, he will win. I believe.

  45. I need some safe sleeping pills for the next 12 hours or so.

    Just not feeling it. Very nervous for Feds.

    Djoker is not Andy. Lacks the emotional vulnerability. Just seems like such a huge ask. Would – I think – require a repeat of yesterday and hard to imagine 2 in a row like that.

    But again…One can hope…

  46. Great read J, and lovely comments! He will win and I will be there to watch him take it! Cannot wait. If his confidence is there to let rip as it has been all fortnight, I really do think this is his title. No way he goes walkabout as LY. His focus has been absolute. He and the racquet are as one.. Allez, Come on, Chumm jetzt !! See u on CC

    1. You’re going to be there Susie? I’m green with envy. ‘He and the racquet are as one’ – that’s what I’ve been getting through this tournament also.

      Nice piece here from the Skidelsky guy in the Guardian: roger-federer-novak-djokovic-every-romantics-choice

      I thought this line ‘his dreamy touch, his array of spins, his sense of always having a hundred options’ pretty well summed up why he will always be THE CHAMPION.

      Have a wonderful time Susie – ALLEZ from us all. πŸ™‚

    2. You went to the final last year right too?! Hope it’s a different outcome this time around. Bring it home Roger (and you too Susie) Allez!

  47. People, after the calm of the last 2 days, here comes Federer storm! Allez!
    The last year, I switched off telly after Roger lost the third set. Today, I will stick to the very end and shout for every Roger’s point!
    Susie, if you can still read this, pleasssssssssssssssssse cheer every Roger’s winner for me πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Go Roger go!

  48. Yeah Wanda 18 it is but 1 + 8 = 9 which is what Djokovic is gunning for. But 18 greater than 9. So there we go.

    6-4, 6-3, 6-4 for Fed ( 6 + 6 + 6 = 18 again )

  49. Oh no I can’t bear the tension. Lot of concerns for this repeat final…
    Has he peaked early? Is it possible for a human being to maintain the same standard of the Murray match? If not, is it possible to beat Novak with a level just below of that? Don’t know. Novak played a super final last year, far better than early his rounds’ level.
    But then, Fed is a new player this year. Apart from maintaining a very high base level, which he always does and did in last year, he is producing some out-of-the-world shots on the key moments. I think THIS was not there in 2014 wimby. Compared to last year, his service is better, backhand better, forehand slightly better, movement better. So if he could push Novak all the way last year, shouldn’t he possibly win this?
    But if he has a bad day? First serve not working so well, number of shanks…. No I will not think too much.
    Such a champion he is, he has proved that he can bring it up according to the occasion.
    Go Roger! BEL18VE.

    1. Yep feeling the nerves more than ever! Been looking at the past few matches between the two. Fed’s chances hinge on the 2nd serve. If he wins more than 65% he always wins against Novak, but anything below and it’s a totally different result. Hoping we’re in for another treat of a match- these guys never fail to deliver! C’mon Rog!

  50. Extremely disappointing. Not the first time Roger plays great in the semis only to be subpar in the final. If only he would have held the break in the first set… would have been a different match. After Friday I simply did not see how Roger could lose the final. Novak plays well but it is also disgusting: unreturnable serves on breakpoints, impossible to outrally him,… It’s all well done but it cannot charm me. I think Roger played his worst match of the whole tournament. Pfff.

    1. Should have won the first set really. He was the better player before the damn TB. Was a bit low mentally after the third set. I think he himself kinda knew he cant win it in 5.

    1. Agree John. Exactly how I feel too. Absolutely gutted. I was really trying not to get too excited, but I thought he was playing better overall than last year. I really, really thought this was his. πŸ™

  51. Roger didn’t deserve it. There’s no reason to be that upset here. He needed to consolidate that break in the first set and win it (although that wouldn’t have guaranteed anything, like it didn’t last year), but his carelessness cost him the service game following the break. Fed was fortunate to win the second set tiebreak, and then dumping that forehand at break point in the third really dejected him. Novak played awesome and was the rightful winner. But, I’m betting Roger bites him back at least once in the fall somewhere.

  52. Unfortunately he was mentally weak in 3rd and 4th. Had BP chances and did nothing…
    One criticism I would have was the forehand down the line. Had an absolute shit day with it, can’t remember how many times he netted the forehand DTL, especially during crucial stages as well.

    Definitely Djokovic deserved it, no way Federer was winning with that performance.

    Only highlight was the 2nd set tiebreaker, one of the best I’ve ever seen.

  53. Match is over, match is over!!
    Wow, we lost again!!!
    It doesn’t Rili feel bad this time around. I think Fed will make a grandslam in somewhere else asides Wimbledon. D least expected, the better.
    Now , on d other hand, Djoker is rarely liked at all.
    Ish, his speech was so boring and the applause was a bit false.
    Sad all d same. Do we Rili hv to play 7matches to win a grand slam title ? D road is jst somewhat long!!!
    Okay, I’m being pathetic , let me let go

  54. Age rearing it’s ugly head? Unable to maintain a high enough level mentally and physically.

    I really feel for him. Lucky for us to watch another Fed final.

  55. This year’s defeat cost less than 2014, after that spectacular comeback on set 4.
    Too many unforced errors and first service was entering and leaving the room at random. It was more a deserved defeat to Roger than a deserved victory to Novak, who did what he had to do, no more, no less.
    That’s sport. No human can keep his performance on top all the time. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we fail and that’s how it goes. Let’s cure the hangover, mourn for a bit and then let’s take the racquets out, hit some balls and miss a few, too!

  56. thought for an instant this year would be different…but then i realized that it probably was hope brainwashing me…and so it was.

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