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Thoughts on Federer’s Loss to Robredo

Hey guys, I've been a little delayed in getting this post out due to the late finish on Monday and then playing tennis myself yesterday evening so it's not quite fresh in the aftermath of Roger's loss to Robredo.

That's probably a good thing though as it's sometimes good to let the dust settle on tough losses especially when fans are emotional so things actually worked out pretty well.

I won't break this post down into point by point and set by set detail as I'm sure most of you won't want to recap how it went down. There's little point in doing so anyway, the match analysis is simple – he didn't play the big points well enough and that's why he lost.

2 of 16 on break points, it can't really get much worse than that.

Especially when you consider that the 2 successful break point conversions came in the first set which he lost meaning he went 0-12 over the course of the next 2 sets. Painful viewing.

Other than that shocking statistic it wasn't a bad match from Roger by any means, he actually played quite well when it wasn't an important point as the stats show. He created plenty chances, hit some nice shots and didn't look troubled on the vast majority of service games.

The big problem was that when he did get into slight difficulty on serve, he folded rather meekly, usually straight after he'd blown multiple break points in his previous return game.

It's not something we're accustomed to just yet to but it's been creeping in time and time again this year. And it really boils down to confidence.

Once the wasting break points and struggling in the very next service game became the set pattern of play it was a difficult to break the habit and one that ultimately proved too much for Roger.

Even in the very last game where Robredo had almost zero composure and Roger just needed to keep the ball in play he couldn't do it and the match ended how it started – badly!

What went wrong for Federer?

Federer Robredo US Open 2013

This one is another simple answer – nobody knows exactly what went wrong except Roger himself, and there's also a chance he doesn't know either. Complex huh.

I've read quite a few comments on various blogs, some newspaper articles and on Twitter and there are so many theories. Decline, he's lost a step, sub-conscious tank, mental focus is harder with age, Robredo is doping, his heart isn't in it anymore, injury and playing on Armstrong have all been thrown into the hat by fans as to why he lost.

The problem here is that all these reactions are based on emotions or the need for a headline and you tend to lose all rationale when that happens. It could be any one of those but inevitably most people just side with the reason that best suits their agenda.

All I know is that I wasn't shocked by the loss nor did I start over thinking it. I even had to laugh at some of the overheads he hit into Robredo's path on break points it was so bad.

The way I see it, this match is already in the past. From here on in it's either going to get worse, stay the same, or get better and it might even fluctuate between all 3. The unknown is how big a say Roger has in those outcomes. As long as he's willing to put in the hours and at least try we'll find out.

When you've won as much as Roger has won no fans really have the right to say what he should do. I'm not going to pretend I'm going to enjoy him losing early in slams from now on if that becomes the trend, but the choice is his. Simple.

As for my take on Roger right now, I just think he is struggling big time for confidence, it's exacerbating any internal demons he has (Nadal factor) and he's going to have to go through a rather extensive rebuilding phase.

When you look at the bigger picture, it's kinda obvious the US Open was a rebuilding tournament too really, it's just that Roger has the canny ability to give fans large amounts of hope seemingly out of nowhere.

Track back 2 months, he's getting beaten by the likes of Stakhovsky, Delbonis and Brands. Suddenly he comes back from the brink vs. Haas in Cincy, plays well against Nadal, defeats 3 mediocre players at the USO and suddenly he's a lock for Quarter Finals vs. Nadal.

In fact some fans even thought he could win the whole thing. I have no issues with that, optimistic fans who support their player are the best type of fans afterall, but you also have to be realistic. And when you do that – and look at the season as whole you can't really call the loss unexpected or a shock to the system.

If anything the match just sums up his year again – wasted chances, mentally absent and dejected when things don't go his way.

Match Stats

Roger Federer Stats Tommy Robredo
5 Aces 6
0 Double faults 4
52/86 (60 %) 1st serves in 88/125 (70 %)
38/52 (73 %) 1st serve points won 61/88 (69 %)
16/34 (47 %) 2nd serve points won 17/37 (46 %)
125 MPH Fastest serve 129 MPH
111 MPH Average 1st serve speed 106 MPH
89 MPH Average 2nd serve speed 89 MPH
32/52 (62 %) Net points won 11/17 (65 %)
2/16 (13 %) Break points won 4/7 (57 %)
47/125 (38 %) Receiving points won 32/86 (37 %)
45 Winners 31
43 Unforced errors 26
101 Total points won 110

Remove the break point conversion statistic and this looks like a pretty tidy match from Roger. Include it and it changes pretty sharply…

What Happens Next?

What next for Federer

In terms of results and titles? I have no idea but that's what makes it interesting to be a Fed fan right now. Over the next few months and heading into next year we will find out if he sinks or swims.

It's pretty obvious he's not in his prime anymore, if you can't see that then you need help πŸ˜› but it's not quite over just yet. There's still quite a few matches in his legs I feel before things finally come to an end.

The poor run of form might continue or it might not, the most important thing is that when he steps on the court is that he's motivated and gives himself a chance to do well.

I haven't seen that missing from him in recent months, he's just lacked the mental strength and that will to get over the line. The defeats aren't coming through lack of trying, just a lack of overall consistency in the crunch.

If he can sort those things out then he has a punchers chance at winning some decent titles. Grand Slam? Big big ask but still possible. Come the end of 2014 we'll know more about that as a possibility, but that's long term. Short term is to start rebuilding, win matches and get some self belief back. Confidence can solve a lot of problems pretty quickly but it takes work.

As for his immediate next steps then I think he picks up the new racquet, hits the courts and trains hard for the end of year run in. The season is still half salvageable even after the disaster fest it's been so far so he may as well try and string something together to head into 2014 with. Allez!

I'm interested to hear your thoughts too, so let me know your thoughts on the match + what's next. And do you think Roger makes the World Tour Finals?


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Wed Septemter 4 2013 Tennis star Novak Djokovic detained by New York police

    In a move that sent shock waves across the tennis word, Serbian tennis star and six time Grand Slam champion Novak Djokovic was arrested outside this hotel in Flushing, New York. His coach Marijan Vajda and girlfriend Jelena Ristic, who broke into tears during the ordeal, were heading out for dinner when Mr. Djokovic was apprehended by police.

    Two hours after detaining him, New York police held a press conference and announced that Mr. Djokovic has been charged with reckless manslaughter after being reported by tennis player Marcel Granollers and his coach, right after his 6-3 6-0 6-0 demolition of the Spaniard. He will also face lesser charges of swindling the city of New York by not giving them their moneys worth of entrance price at Arthur Ashe stadium. “If bagels are all I wanted, I could very well have gone to one of our popular shops on First Avenue. Why would I spend $300 on tickets? Djokovic should be ashamed of what he did!”, a disgruntled fan said right after the game ended.

    Billie Jean King said that after such a miserable performance that would put even the WTA to shame, she now expects the prize money for women should be at least 10% more than that for men.

    The WTA evidently has been very impressed with Mr. Granollers perfomance, his ability to finish the match in such a short time, and grunting which would be considered on par with the likes of Sharapova and Azarenka. In short, he has exhibited all the traits that the WTA desires. The WTA as a courtesy, has offered him a wild card entry for the next three events and also the year end championship.

    Miss Maria Sharapova had this tweet, β€œI’d like to know what Simon says now!”. This was clearly a subtle dig at French tennis star Gilles Simon for his controversial remarks on WTA prize money.

    Mr Granollers, who is recovering from severe trauma at an undisclosed hospital in Manhattan, and his coach were not immediately available for comments.

      1. Thanks! It was about time I won a PeRFect slam and that too in style to show you guys who the GOAT really is πŸ˜‰

    1. Stan, I ROFL’d at this!

      Jonathan, my vote goes to “fluctuate between all 3”. I don’t think the next months are going to be easy, but hopefully he can get enough wins to make a difference. It can’t be easy for him going out there at the moment: must be a feeling of people whispering behind their hands and speculating.

      As you say, those stats are telling. I had to “watch” the match on SlamTracker, with its really minimal features (no. of points won, service speed and “momentum”). That showed me that, pretty much up until the end, there were only a couple of points separating the players, and indeed, looking at those stats – barring, as you say, the BP conversion rate – I would have expected him to have been close to winning it. Yet I just got a feeling, from early on in the 2nd set, that it just wasn’t going to work for him that day.

      1. Oh, and I said before the USO a) that I thought missing Montreal would probably cost him dear in terms of preparatory match play and b) that I had no expectations whatsoever of this tournament – he might do anything from being knocked out in the first round to reaching the final. Trouble is, when the draw came out I started thinking he might have a chance, provided he could get past Nadal in the QF (and given that it had taken Nadal 5? match points, and a lucky net cord followed by a wrong line call to beat him in Cincy I thought that wasn’t a total impossibility), and then everybody started talking about how well he was playing and, well, I didn’t even see Robredo coming, so to speak. Was looking ahead, I guess, despite all Fed’s warnings this year about the strength in depth of the men’s game and how even lowly-ranked players can play above themselves (not that Tommy *was*, I gather).

        Actually, with all the “excuses/reasons” you give above (and others give elsewhere), Jonathan, nobody has mentioned the humidity. It was a colossal 91% on Armstrong, I gather. Does anyone know whether Fed tends to have problems in conditions of high humidity? At that level, my legs would be turning to jelly and I’d be feeling really sluggish, physically and mentally: don’t know whether it affects him the same way.

      2. I don’t buy the humidity thing, Fed has a house in Dubai where he does all his off season practice and in between tournaments. Very humid there.

      3. Dubai’s humid? I’d always assumed it would be pretty dry. Oh well, cross out the humidity, then – it was only a thought.

    2. You know, Jonathan, I can never see how to reply to your original post, so I’m replying to Sid’s again!

      Something else I’ve been meaning to say is that I’m partway through reading Stauffer’s biography of Roger (although not the new up-to-date version, I’m afraid), and I’m surprised at the parallels I’m finding in these late days to earlier in his career. I’m surprised at how often I’ve thought “Really, nothing much has changed in 10 years, then.” Even back then, he’s had patches of unexpected losses and problems which really aren’t dissimilar to those he’s had over the last couple of years, only of course they are worse now than they were then, but it’s not as if there’s been absolutely no precedent for some of them.

      1. Hey,

        You just gotta scroll up to the upper most comment and hit reply there…

        I haven’t read that book tbh so don’t know which losses in particular. But he had plenty of surprise losses, 1st round Wimbleon 2002, plenty of French Open losses. And pre Sampras victory 2001 he clowned up all the time…


    1. And what about me, Conal? After not winning a title for months, I now hold the dubious distinction of winning it on the darkest of days πŸ™

  2. Hopefully he goes back to the larger frame. He has plenty of time now (a month or so). Besides that and a lot of hard work, only winning matches against top guys can bring his confidence and game back.

  3. Yeah he’ll make the World Tour Finals, it’s the indoor season coming up so he should sail through to the O2 arena with relative ease. If he doesn’t then he needs help and I mean psychiatrist type. I’m very impressed with your summaries after his matches, they seem realistic and objective, good work, I just hope you get to write about some big victories soon! Maybe my optimism is just foolish but I personally believe he’ll finish the year strongly, begin rebuilding his all important confidence, hopefully take home a few titles (WTF would be nice) and get fired up for 2014. Over to Roger.

  4. I personally think he makes WTF. He’d have to be pretty terrible not to, but we’ll see won’t we. I’m hoping/ expecting for a title before year end, but I think WTF is too much to ask for at the moment. Ask me again in a couple of months πŸ˜›

  5. Love tennis and great fan of Roger and even though I wanted to believe he could make at least one of the grand slams inside I knew that this was not the case. He seems to be less agile and putting it down to age is too easy. You want it, go out and get it. I admire his courage to keep going but as you say it is all up to him.
    Enjoy reading your blogs. Cheers

  6. Whilst I have invested way too much emotional energy in supporting Roger than is possibly healthy for a grown adult, when I started coming to this site a few months back I was surprised just how many fans had really high expectations of Roger. To me its been obvious for a good while he was slowing down and finding it an increasing struggle to remain competitive in GS tournaments.

    To me its two-fold – age primarily, but also perhaps a lack of motivation to train hard and get in the best shape possible to compete with the Nadal’s of the world. He’s a family man now and has achieved so much, it wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t feel like doing circuits. I suspect his training was based around hitting balls and less about out and out fitness. Of course I can’t know this for sure but this is my gut feeling.

    Those who suggested he tanked the Robredo match to avoid facing Nadal are obviously insane – yes he has a mental barrier to overcome with Rafa but God, its not that bad. If it got to that you would hang up the racket.

    If I am being honest the future isn’t incredibly bright unless he works fantastically hard to get himself right. Unfortunately with age your nerves can get worse, and this is happening to Roger. He’s thinking about shots he would just do before, and even if this repairs itself against lower ranked opponents it will raise its head in big matches against the best players.

    I would like him to work very hard and then have one last serious go at the Grand Slams in 2014 – I think these are beyond his reach now, but with a miracle draw who knows… after that he should think about retiring, perhaps a ‘farewell’ tour year and then enjoy his life outside tennis.

    1. Insane? Why is the thought that Roger tanked the match so unfathomable? How can you say for sure that was not the case?

      1. 1) Because I watched it. It was a guy struggling for form, but definitely trying hard.

        2) Think of the implications of what you are saying. He lost a match on purpose because he didn’t want to face Nadal? 8 years olds do this, not professional tennis players.

        I just really think this is a very extreme scenario.

      2. [8 years olds do this, not professional tennis players]

        You’ll be surprised. It will be a rude awakening when you realize that it actually happens. There are a lot of things professionals are doing out there that you would expect only an either year old to do πŸ™‚

      3. It’s all subjective as to what went wrong.

        Tanks is a bad word though. Maybe Nadal did play on his mind. But he did try to win from the looks of things…

      4. You ask us to believe that someone who reportedly had tears in his eyes when he lost the match had thrown it away deliberately to avoid meeting his nemesis in the next round? That doesn’t make any sense to me. Plus I’ve never “heard” him “sound” so depressed after a match as he did in that presser – even allowing for the fact that it was only a short time after the match and he probably hadn’t had much time to put a bit of distance between the two, rather like Murray last night.

        And before he came up against Robredo, did he really have any reason to believe that he couldn’t at least be competitive against Nadal, bearing in mind a) the Cincy result and b) the way he’d been playing in the earlier rounds?

      5. I don’t think he tanked but Nadal drained him mentally as usually.

        Presser wise I don’t think he sounded too depressed. He actually sounded pretty upbeat like he knew he had clowned up and has to do something about it.

        Can he get his mental toughness back though?

    2. It seems so often thse past few years where Roger plays brilliantly in the first rounds of Grand Slams and turns into a totally different player in the quarters/semis/finals/4th round ..etc

      2011 French Open – After an epic match with Djokovic, he couldn’t maintain the form and conistency against Nadal.
      2011 Wimbledon – Doesn’t drop a single set before the Tsonga match, everyone thought he could win the whole thing and he screws a 2-0 lead in sets against Tsonga.

      2012/2013 Australian Open – Both years his form was awesome in the early rounds (Tomic 2x, Del Potro, Karlovic, Raonic etc) and falls in the semis.

      2012 US Open – Berdych breaks him down in 4 sets after some magical performances in the past 3 matches.

      2013 French Open – That 5 set victory over Simon was supposed to give him confidence but as Jonathan said, he played like shit the next match.

      2013 Wimbledon – He looked like making a deep run after destroying Hanescu, but then suffers a shock lost to Stakhovsky.

      2013 US Open – Did anyone expect a straight sets loss to Robredo?

      1. [2013 US Open – Did anyone expect a straight sets loss to Robredo?]

        I did. I expected him to tank. He loses just 20 games in the first three matches, then loses 3 in a row to an opponent who he had conceded just 3 sets for a 10-0 career H2H. You don’t think somethings fishy?

      2. Its painful to see him play so well in the early rounds in Slams, but somehow loses all that magic, playing a poor match to lose. He loses it mentally, I think. Why is he superb one day and dreadful the next? It makes us give out high expectations for him! Go back to some of Jonathan’s previous posts – ‘Mannarino US Open 2013, Hanescu Wimbledon 2013, Simon RG 2013, Stepanek Madrid 2013 … etc’. He’s doing well (we predict him to comfortably beat his next opponent) and boom – shocks us all with a lost! And it really has to happen in the most important rounds of the tournaments!

      3. I think that’s a little harsh in some of the inclusions on that list. FO2011, I think he played a very good match against Nadal, but was affected by the usual MTO. If you take that into account, we’re looking at a big 5 setter, against probably the best ever on clay.

        The tsonga match, yeah… very very bad result, but as Jonathan said of this match, Fed didn’t play badly, he just looked flat when trying to break the Tsonga serve at the end.

        AO2012/2013, more than the others, I think he played good matches in those semis. Put it this way, it wasn’t like he completely choked everything away, I think Murray/Nadull set the bar high, and he couldn’t quite come up with the goods. I can accept losses to the big guys because you can’t expect Roger to play brilliant every game.

        As for the last 4, yeah, completely agree… he’s just played like crap every time people give themselves a little hope he won’t…

        And Sid, I don’t think he tanked. It’s easy to say he didn’t want to play Nadal, and it’s how people justify painful losses, somehow convincing themselves Federer, being invincible, always loses on purpose, but I think that the top players, the champions, are the ones who have talent yes, but are more than anything competitive enough. They ALWAYS want to win. And I also think that a champion, like Fed, like the other slam winners, would never envisage losing on purpose. Oh sure, sometimes they don’t play as hard, sometimes to protect injuries or various motivations and soforth, but never with the motivation of “I don’t want to win”. So I don’t think he would tank. I think he stank the joint up, as he has many times this year WITHOUT having to deal with Nadal next.

      4. He had a lack of matches this year. Simple answer really, no confidence, tough losses. It’s too easy to believe in him even after he runs through 3 clowns at USO lol. The loss wasn’t so unexpected really.

      5. “It seems so often thse past few years where Roger plays brilliantly in the first rounds of Grand Slams and turns into a totally different player in the quarters/semis/finals/4th round ..etc

        2012 US Open – Berdych breaks him down in 4 sets after some magical performances in the past 3 matches.
        (Alison: but he did have a w/o in R16 which may have spoiled the momentum)

        2013 French Open – That 5 set victory over Simon was supposed to give him confidence but as Jonathan said, he played like shit the next match.
        (Alison: ugh, I know – Tsonga did play above himself as well, but not unbeatably, I thought. And where on earth did Roger *go* in those two sets he lost against Simon?!)

        2013 Wimbledon – He looked like making a deep run after destroying Hanescu, but then suffers a shock lost to Stakhovsky.
        (Alison: yes, I was using words like “magisterial” after R1, then just didn’t believe Stak could keep that up over 5 sets. I’m still pretty sure he wouldn’t have been able to, but then he only needed the 4 πŸ™ )

        2013 US Open – Did anyone expect a straight sets loss to Robredo?”

        Or any loss? I think our motto from now on has to be “expect the unexpected”. And hope that “the unexpected” will occasionally mean Roger winning something.

    3. “Unfortunately with age your nerves can get worse, and this is happening to Roger. He’s thinking about shots he would just do before, and even if this repairs itself against lower ranked opponents it will raise its head in big matches against the best players.”

      Yes, I get the impression that’s happening, too. People have reported in several matches that he’s come out looking nervous, and I get the feeling he keeps trying to second-guess himself, rather than rely on instinct.

      I think this is probably why I’m hoping he will make the WTF: it will force him into a position where he’ll *have* to play a load of players in the top 10 (of which he’ll be one of the lowest, probably) rather than not make it that far in a tournament, *and* it’s a round-robin situation, so a loss may not desperately hurt. Of course, I suppose there’s the possibility that it could be a disaster, but I hope not.

      1. I agree. He should be able to make the World Tour Finals, I think.Will be very interested to see how he measures up against others on the indoor court.

  7. Seems he was just having a bad day. Terrible break point conversion rate, but if you look at Nadal’s match against Kohlschreiber, he only converted about 5 out of 21 break points compared to Federer’s 2 out of 16. The real difference was their service games. Nadal hasn’t been broken yet this whole tournament and Roger has been, several times. It seems his serve is not the force it was over a year ago.

      1. Perhaps this year is all part of Roger’s plan. Make it look really bad, give away loads of matches, then make the best come back in sporting history in 2014

      2. @Conal Nadal is better on big points though, he senses the moment. He kinda forgets what went before. Federer needs to be high on confidence to play point for point mentality.

      3. Yeah, he is better on big points because he had a really big stick. It’s sort hard to have a bad swing under pressure with a racquet that big, no?

        P.S. Ok, someone, anyone, please help me with my obsession with these racquet rants. What do I have to do? Any and all suggestions are welcome!

      4. @ Spike: that’s “Federer’s Plan B”. I had hoped it wouldn’t have to come to this this year.

    1. Yes, but 5 breaks achieved would normally be enough for a good server to win a match easily: with 2, it’s more doubtful.

      Fed’s serve definitely didn’t seem great on Monday, but then he stated categorically that the back wasn’t a problem, so I think we have to accept there’s not always a correlation between poor serving and his back, even if there clearly is at times.

      1. I don’t think he served bad at all, seem to remember a number of love holds. His problem is he can’t avoid throwing down a disaster game to get broken. All Robredo’s breaks came out of nowhere, Fed wastes BP’s himself then gets broken to love after hardly conceding any points previously.

  8. For Jonathan… Good post , analysis and summary. I also cant see that Feds not in his prime. Therefore i need your HELP. Lol .:) I also think he will have mixture of results this rest of season, but should do alot better considering thats indoor his better surface. I really hope he makes it to the WTFs in london or the atp will lose there biggest money maker and attraction. But am sure theyll come up with something. Am not totally sure how many more points Roger needs to qualify, as Stan n Gasquet are getting too close for comfort. I hope this loss gets him fired up. Djokovic n Murray said about Roger that he’ll come back strong, n also the Djoker said that the media should give Roger a break!! They both said that hes still playing good tennis for his age with Hass at 35 near top 10. I thought that was good of Djokovic to say this which shows respect. Whereas Nadal its always a forced compliment to Roger with under currents of ulterior motives. Anyway l think it will be one hell of a show!! Quot

  9. Dear John, thank you for the post, I am 100% agreed with you, Roger as he said in his press, self destructed him self, the miss break point oportunities is something that I havent seen before, I think Roger as you said is not on his prime any more but he can give us his fans some more titles and happiness, he needs to change racquet and move from his actual “comfort zone” into something new, It just hurts too much se him so sad as I saw him in his press after the match. Hope he bounce back and win some more titles and not dream with the Grand Slam number 18.

    How this will come out in the future, only Rogers knows, one thing is clear, the begining of the end has started and as much as it hurts we need to be prepared for that and support him al the way.

  10. OlΓ‘ Jon.

    Oh Gosh, it was painful…. πŸ™

    Do you think Annacone can be fired? Maybe a new coach could help him.

    1. Ana, Oh, Ana! Would you keep Annacone for the 16 breakpoints Roger created? Or would you fire him for the 14 Roger wasted? Your call! πŸ˜‰

      1. It is a good question. What does a coach do for somebody like Roger?

        By the end of the day, it’s Roger who’s swinging the racquet and it’s Roger who’s hiring coaches. I guess we will see.

        The way I think about tennis technique is that you have to cut out the variables. Maybe that’s why I wish Roger maintains his relation with his team and his current racquet.

      2. @Sid good answer!

        @Ana Nah this isn’t Annacones fault, poor execution from Fed, he is lacking confidence. I guess maybe a coach should be able to help with confidence. And I imagine Annacone insn’t so much the arm round you type of guy so maybe not ideal in that regard but him and Fed work well together.

        See what happens with the new racquet…


      3. Ohhh Sidney! People get fired for less than a bad result…
        Dont know, in my opinion they are a team, so is everyone’s fault!
        Lets see what happens, I just want my Rogi back, not a sample of him! πŸ˜›

      4. @Jonathan: “I guess maybe a coach should be able to help with confidence. And I imagine Annacone insn’t so much the arm round you type of guy so maybe not ideal in that regard but him and Fed work well together.”

        Then if that’s not his strongpoint time, as I’ve said before, to add a sports psychologist to the mix, if only temporarily. (That does, of course, require Fed actually to open up fully in order to benefit: wonder if he would?) Like in any business, if you can’t deal with every aspect of what’s required yourself, you get in an expert.

      5. I don’t see what a sports psychologist can bring to the table tbh. Money for old rope I believe with them sure their maybe some good ones but considering the majority haven’t played sports and just talk in theories then how can Fed buy into them? I know I couldn’t.

        If you go back 25 / 50 / 100 years, sports psychologists didn’t exist, and plenty sports men overcame tough moments where they were at all time lows without the help of an expert. I think Fed has to do the same. It#s what he does on court that matters, nobody to hold his hand on the show courts.

      1. Nobody plays that well after extended periods of absence, after injuries etc. Not Nadal, not the GOAT, not Jesus Christ, not God…nobody! Like Nadal’s doctors say, he is a very “special” athlete. Yeah…right! πŸ™‚

  11. I really liked your post, Jonathan. I think his current form is many things. Robredo is about the same age. Sure, he is aging but there are many about his age playing their best tennis.
    His back was the start of it. He was afraid to move because of injury. That started the confidence to slide. Now Roger says he isn’t afraid of injury from movement but the damage is done. The confidence isn’t there.
    He looked almost in tears in that photo you posted. This must be very difficult for him. I’ll always be a fan no matter what. He’s just given us so much.

    1. Cheers Sue.

      Yeah the back has played a part, but no excuses for his performance I guess. Like you say it’s the catalyst of the confidence slide.

      Bad Back > Bad Losses > Lose Confidence. Rinse and repeat.


  12. Well Nadal’s having a real party. A single Handed back hand in the 4th round (Kohli), in the quarters (TRob) and one in the semis (Gasquet).

    As much as I love these guys, I just hope Stan the man doesn’t beat Murray and Nole to reach the finals only to get his BH devoured by Nadal in the finals. This will have to be the easiest route to any finals for Nadal. Damn it.

    1. That’s my fear entirely, given Stan’s H2H against Nadal, and that I don’t expect Gasquet to beat him, either. I’m afraid it’s going to have to be another Djokovic/Nadal final or something πŸ™

  13. Hi Jonathan,
    Let get this straight, back to your enquiries.
    My thoughts on the match: well, as I have express it in the other post, it’s all about consistency and confidence. I don’t think he tank the match as others may say!
    What next: mmm, I would say he should have break now, enjoy it with the family and friends, and then think of changing the racquet to bigger farm and work on it that’s all, not to think too much and let the bleeding stop now.
    Can he make the WTF?: Well, it all depends on how eager he is, because he has doesn’t defend huge points for the coming two months. So its possible with decent progress in each tournaments he enter, and if he add Tokyo then that might give me an indication that he desires to qualify
    I wish him all the best and hopefully we see Roger 4.0 soon πŸ˜‰

    1. Hey Shamtoot,

      I agree, consistency and confidence at an all time low.

      He just has to keep chipping away and see what happens. Obviously needs some goals and something to set his mind in but it’s about the effort he puts in now.

      Amen to seeing Fed 4.0


  14. Hi Jonathan, how are you?

    I just arrived in Queens a couple of hours ago and its about 2am here in NYC and I could not sleep so I decided to visit my favourite blog of course!

    Anyway, I just have to say I admire your writing as a Federer fan in such times. A second consecutive slam loss before the quarter finals hasn’t gone too well with some “fans” and the large amount of emotive reaction which followed the last few days has whilst understandable a bit far fetched at the same time.

    It’s incredible how many people forgot about the struggles of 2013 after the Nadal match in Cincinnati. Only Federer can reignite hope after one match huh? But I was not fooled. Roger didn’t win the match. This movie had the same ending and when the draw was released with a Fedal quarter at the Open, the disappointment of this year made me realistic and prepared me for another loss at the hands of the Spaniard. Too bad I just didn’t know which one.

    Mentally, Federer has been out of it this year. The way he’s played the big points this year is indicative of that. Whether that’s a lack of confidence or matches that’s taken it’s toll who knows. I remember saying without doing well at Hamburg or Gstaad (winning one at least even) that the US Open would be a long shot. I also called it right that he would revert back to his old racquet. Federer to do something needs momentum. Momentum means confidence. This year hasn’t seen any of that. If you look back at his success, you will see he is pretty much unbeatable in those circumstances. I just don’t know what people were expecting without that.

    Now that the US Open is over, and Roger has failed to make at least one slam final for the first time since 2002 i think it’s time he re…. No not retires like some pathetic people out there. I was going to say redefines himself. People who are expecting him to win expected matches against what he used to do shouldn’t be here anymore. Go follow the prime careers of the Djokovics for that. People haven’t seemed to accept the nature of the game and that no Roger isn’t guaranteed for everything. I will conclude with one word :Momentum. If he can achieve some of that in the indoor season with the success with the racquet testing then I think Federer’s resurgence will be likely in the 2014 season starting with an assault on the Australian Open. Adding Brisbane and cancelling those exhibition tours means Federer is willing to prioritise here and is ready to readjust his game to the mental challenges he is currently going through.

    Confidence is central to Roger’s game on the court and probably his work ethic off it. Training right now and staying away from the media will do him some good for sure. Could he even go as far to beat Nadal in Basel and have that one win that turns it all around, who knows. I think Cincinnati proved that Roger’s game is still there but there’s more work to be done to maintain that consistency which cost him this match. Also do I think Nadal was in his head in the Robredo match? Absolutely. The subconscious has more power than one thinks. At least none of us had to endure the US Open being tarnished by another Nadal win over Federer. And hopefully we never will.

    I’m disappointed to not see Roger play of course but that’s the game for you. The only thing that can make up for this is watching Djokovic revert back to his days of schooling of Nadal on Monday live. I swapped my semi tickets for finals tickets as soon as the draw came out as there was no way I was watching Murray/Djokovic. No one can ever make me witness that horror again.

    Take Care everyone, hope to speak to you down the road sometime! And although it’s hard, I’m sure right now more than ever Roger appreciates the support he gets so don’t stop giving it.

    1. Alysha, very good post! And welcome back πŸ™‚

      I agree with you that Roger needs to stay away from the media, just draw a circle around him, let nobody or nothing in, not peek out at all, and focus on his game, even if it means taking a very long break.

    2. Hey Alysha,

      Long time no see. Thought you had gotten too used to the red carpet lifestyle already πŸ˜›

      I agree 100% with your comment. And glad he has cancelled any Exhos. He just has to keep trying and see what happens.

      Make sure you sign up for Live Chat if you do return to the Land of Oz. It’s good!


  15. Great post, Jonathan! You always do a great job of putting things into perspective for people like me who just get too emotionally involved in matches like this. Hell, I haven’t played tennis in about fifteen years but it’s Federer who gets me excited about the sport now. I don’t have as much technical knowledge as you or some of the others on this blog but I’m glad none of us are naysayers. We all know from what we’ve seen that Fed is still good enough to top the rankings, it’s just his confidence that’s lacking. What I’m sick of is all the BS I have to put up with from so-called ‘tennis fans’ (both Fed fans and non-Fed fans) who just think he should retire. These are the same people who only watched Murray’s matches at the Olympics last year and immediately started bleating about how he was streets ahead of the rest. Give me a break.

    I think that rant has just shown that I might need to migrate to save myself a load of stress! Back to the point – I’m personally excited about what’s to come. I know that a man with the pride of Federer must be hating the way things are going right now and I can’t wait to see him come back and tear up the rcompetition. A few statements of intent during the indoor season is exactly what we need and I agree with Alysha (great comment, by the way) that he’s priming himself for a huge push in 2014. ALLEZ ROGER!

    In the meantime, I just hope anyone but Nadal wins this tournament. Djokovic would be my ideal winner so I don’t have to put up with more Murray nonsense. Stay strong guys, there’s exciting times ahead.

    P.S. – sorry for any typos, my computer is taking at least two minutes to display words after I’ve typed them! I think it’s a problem with Internet Explorer as Firefox is normally much quicker.

    1. Loved the way you hit the nail on the head- “I know that a man with the pride of Federer must be hating the way things are going right now and I can’t wait to see him come back and tear up the competition.”

      Bring on Fed 4.0!!!

    2. Cheer Rakhesh,

      Get back on court man, it’s fun!

      Those fans who slate him all the time aren’t fans in the first place. Criticism is fine but they are just weaklings who can’t take losses πŸ˜€

      Hoping for solid showing indoors too, guess we’ll find out.



  16. Unable to watch the match was the only consolation for me. But I never stop hoping and looking forward to seeing his rise at least one more time with my warmest heart all the way.

    Although our GOAT may past his peak and has been in a slump, great that our GOAT blogger is in his prime and in awesome form, isn’t it? An excellent post, Jonathan, you definetely deserve a place in the WTF and get the chance to be the year-end Number 1, Allez πŸ™‚

  17. Hello, Jonathan.
    My simple analysis of the whole thing is two quotes from Roger’s interview:
    1) It’s not a big loss because it could have been in the QF cause with this level i wouldn’t have beaten Nadal (or kohlschreiber).
    2) I was fighting other things in my head.
    So, clearly he was thinking ahead.
    I think it’s time for Roger to just do what he says: play for fun. Roger, stop complicating things, you have done EVERY thing you ever wished to do and some more so it’s time to play without pressure.

      1. Just one of a few cryptic comments he’s made this year. Clearly something’s going on with him, but we don’t know what.

      2. He said he’s not thinking ahead in an answer to a question just because he didn’t wanna seem like he’s making an excuse, but the real deal is he was thinking ahead and he himself admitted.
        Roger said at the start of the year that 2013 is going to be a transition year, let’s hope so!
        Here’s to a prosperous 2014.

  18. Hi Jonathan!
    I love the part where you said no fan has any right to ask Roger for anything after all that he has achieved.
    Perhaps what happened this year happened to bring us Fed fans to ground. The ‘real’ reality. It’s like some paranormal force saying “You greedy bastards think not winning a slam is bad even when your guy has this incredible QF streak and is practically a lock for the second week of every major? Now I will show you what happens to all those players not named Federer on a regular basis.” πŸ˜›
    I was honestly surprised by the loss and felt very negative for about 2 days. What sucks for me personally is the unpredictability. He plays great tennis in R1 at Wimbledon, loses the next to an unknown xyz. Plays okay to good tennis in first 3 rounds at USO, loses the next in straights. The stats read pretty good barring the BP conversion as you mentioned, and since I did not watch the match I am really surprised that he lost even with such stats.
    I actually hope it’s a mental issue rather than a physical one. But maybe it’s the fear of getting a physical issue after the back problems this year that triggers the mental issue. I have faith in him and his team though. Maybe he needs to have another post USO ’11 like talk with Mirka! πŸ™‚
    Plus the fact that so many 30 plus players are having their resurgence of sorts is heartening to see. I understand that their careers have been, to put it mildly, very different from Roger’s, they inspire the belief that it’s not impossible to be playing excellent tennis eve when you are way past your tennis youth.
    That Rafa is inching closer to Roger’s GS record aches my heart. If he ends up with more, it will be the ultimate injustice.

    1. Hey FedFan,

      Good comment, Fed fans are very expectant and Roger also gives them believe easily because it looks like he has turned a corner almost instantly. Going to take longer this time.


  19. *Warning: Equipment rant…….again*

    Jonathan, do you think Roger will pick up the new racquet right away for the rest of the season? I doubt he will do that. I think he will stick with the PS90 and make a switch during the off season.

    I’ve said this earlier and I’ll say it again. I am convinced Roger’s problem is his equipment. He is not in his prime, his movement is slower, and the only way he can offset that is with a forgiving racquet. The margins have to be increased. Once his gets back the confidence in his swing, all these mental issues we have been talking about, will vanish.

    Why? Why is it so hard for him to understand that his opponents are taking maximum possible advantage of technology and he cannot stay with them unless he does the same? Look at his Cincinnati loss. He almost won that match. He could’ve done so much more with better equipment.

    I’m now officially tired with this racquet discussion. He is the GOAT. He doesn’t want to do it…so be it!

    1. He said he will so only have his word to go on right now. I think he will, especially after the loss. Time to condemn the Pro Staff to the dustbin of history! Allez!

      1. Jonathan, yes, it does, but there are certain aspects of singles you can fix with playing doubles.

        Scooter, I share your grief. I absolutely hate those two f******, Paes and Stepanek. From what I know, they are not very liked by their peers too.

      2. Yeah Paes is a total idiot. Once he came on the news back home in India, giving an interview about his personal life, his tennis and his upcoming foray into acting. He would refer to himself in third person as Leander the tennis player, Leander the actor… It was retarded. He seems incredibly arrogant.

  20. I’ve not had a chance to read all the posts. I wonder if it comes to mind that Roger has played so many matches. The other day someone argued that Serena is the same age and doing so well. Someone else analysed the matches Roger has played compared to Serena. 400 more matches!

    I would compare Roger to a car that has done 100s of 1000s of miles without much rest or servicing. It is bound to start under performing at a stage – even if it is just 12 months old. I am a great fan. He is the best ever. It could not go on for ever. Sometimes I feel that 2012 was the last great run. But I really hope – in keeping with the uniqueness and rare talent of the Fed – that there would be another magical run.

    Still hats off to the great Roger Federer, whatever happens.

    1. Well he has a lot of matches in his legs for sure. But his game is quite forgiving too so hard to know if he’s done physically. Doesn’t look like it to me, all seems mental / confidence.

      Not a bad analogy on the car front, time to book himself at the Garage of Mirka for a service.

      1. Wow! It’s not that he won, it’s that he won by 29 points is what shocks me πŸ™‚

  21. Wow with that result! Anyone else wondering whether Wawrinka might take Djokovic down, setting up the biggest pisstake of an easy draw for Nadal to claim a title, and no one to notice that despite making constant claims of Fed playing in a weak era, Nadal basically just got given the title ;)?

  22. I’m quite really with you on this reading of the match, and I like the distance you take on that loss! Here is a post I made on Roger’s site that was actually addressed to him…

    Dear Roger,

    The one thing that came to my mind, and still is there, once the Robredo match was over, is that I was proud, really proud of you, and I’m still.

    I’m so proud that you kept fighting! Certainly against yourself more than against Robredo, but you kept fighting. You wetted your shirt completely and you kept fighting, up until the end!!!!!!! That is such an asset!!!!! Yes you missed a lot of break points, which was just a comedy! But you kept getting break points at will, with brilliant game shots.

    Who can do that?

    I may be the only one to think it (though I don’t think so), but you played really good tennis! Even if you missed a lot of break points. Because even those missed points were mostly just perfect… but the last shoot! That was the comedy and the irony of the match!!! Damned!

    Analysis here has to reflex the complexity of phenomenon. The things that went wrong had a fatal impact on the issue of the match, that’s true. But those things are of a small dimension in terms of fixing. And Roger you can fix them, that’s for sure.
    But the things that did work, that produced a constant pressure on Robredo. The things that brought the break points at will, those things are UNIQUE and INCREDIBLE ASSETS of your game!!!!!!!!!! What ever you are doing to return to form is working, let no journalist or sad fan fool you about! Your tennis is back on track! Your aggressive mind is set; your fighting spirit is on like crazy.

    If there is a problem, it is that there was maybe even rather too much of it. You maybe wanted to do too good and that can have been troubling you. But that’s OK…it will be settled. And it will be more and more as the confidence comes back, (because that is yet to be fully restored), as you’ll keep playing.

    There is no rush, history has already been written and you are on top of it, nothing can take that away, not now!!!

    So it’s important you stay objective. Not even positive, just objective….
    The tennis is there to be at the top! The energy is there to be at the top! The form is there to be at the top! That’s what really matters! Just enjoy the game for the game!
    Yesterday was surely an enjoyable game to play, no? Not to conclude, ok, but that’s all! Didn’t it feel great to fight and to sweat? Didn’t it feel great to attack the balls like you did? Didn’t it feel great to try to get all this break points? You only missed because of inside pressure (to win I guess), but you played great and mostly you fought great!

    Keep playing, keep playing, keep training, the mind will set down!!!! So please don’t let nothing fool you! There is no reason for you to think of anything else than preparing for victories. And of course we are talking long-term vision. Only those who look short-term, or behind in the over glorious past, say that should go out now before falling too deep.

    But hey!!! What’s the deal here! What’s wrong with falling in the rankings, even if you have been the number one of the number ones!!! What’s wrong with loosing!!! Please Roger, I hope you are not disturbed by such poor analysis! The only sad thing when falling is not trying to stand back up, again, again and again….
    And Dude, let me tell you that you are up and you’ll be soon running and you’ll be the first surprised.
    For sure, you’ll fall again and always possibly stand again, if you believe! But standing up is a challenge in itself that can be actually as exciting as winning majors, surely for someone who already has won 17.

    For now, there is plenty of reason to be happy because you are on the way up, still with ups and downs but going up! And there are still opportunities for you to win anything including majors! I predict a really good 2014!
    In Robredo’s match, you had a bad start, you seemed nervous arriving on court actually. Then you had what, 2 bad service games mostly after missing break points in the respective preceding games (set 2 and 3) and ok, it’s true you played a bad tiebreak. That made you loose the match unfortunately.

    But simply imagine playing the way you did, with the passion and the desire you had, the engagement and the determination in your game. And now add a little be more confidence and some lucidity in tactical choices (mostly for the hitting zones on break points in this match), what would have been the issue? What would be 95% of your matches!!!

    I’m really eager about the future, because I know it’s in your hands. You are on the way up already with some good stuff in the bag. So I hope you know it and I hope that you are not fooled by the issue of the match because that does not tell the story right at all.
    Again, even if I was in pain you lost, I was happy and so proud!
    I was so proud the way you behaved, so proud of your spirit, of your game, because that’s what will bring back the winning form. You only need to believe it, because every thing else is there by now! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hey Nath,

      Nice comment and I like your optimism.

      I agree too, most people think he’s in freefall. I think he is just rebuilding. Give it time, it might not work but there’s a good chance it will, too talented not to.


  23. Poor stats on break points and not playing well under pressure. Doesn’t matter how well you play, its tennis and you have to be successful on crucial points. This is what Fed couldn’t do and lost the match. In my opinion, his mind was busy with the Nadal clash and this caused him to have concentration losses.
    All in all, I think he will spend some time with the 98″ sq. racquet and will try hard to come back. Remember the US Open ’11 loss to Djoker (i know, Fed fans don’t want to remember that loss). Majority of the tennis related people were saying: “he should retire”, “this is a big mental collapse, he won’t be able to come back”, “he won’t win any grand slams from now on” and he came back winning Wimbledon and taking the world #1 again. As we all know, Fed is in capable of doing that and if he struggles, he will do it.

    About the rest of the US Open, I am very happy that we have two single handed backhanders on semis. Wawrinka has a chance against Djokovic but I don’t see Gasquet winning against Nadal. It would be amazing if a Wawrinka vs Gasquet final took place. Don’t count the Swiss out!

  24. Great post Jonathan, it’s important to reflect meaningfully on any loss before rushing out with some emotive piece lacking in rationale.

    Been out of the country and Internet-deprived sadly so couldn’t comment before. Actually coming back from NYC – watched Fed live in his first-round match, where he played well. (On a sidenote, I completely agree with the poster claiming Fed, as of late, has a habit of playing well in early rounds, then playing like crap in latter rounds.) Thankfully I missed the Robredo match, which definitely put a downer on the remainder of my trip. It wasn’t so much that I was shocked that Fed lost – it was whom he lost to that was truly stunning! No disrespect to Robredo, but the guy has absolutely nothing special going for him. Fed has never lost to the man in all their encounters, so like every other Fed-fan, I was already anticipating the Nadal show-down. And it just hurt further to watch Nadal utterly dismantle Robredo, like he was some novice! I really wanted that match to happen – yes, a victory was always going to be unlikely – but like some commenters have aired before, Fed has an uncanny ability of giving us fans smidges of hope, as seen in his Cincy performance, so maybe he could dazzle us with his racquet once more?

    But that’s the problem with me, and a large contingent of Fed fans – accepting that Fed has largely sucked during this season save for the Australian Open (and Halle, I guess), but still expecting one great performance to completely turn around the season. (Alas, that is par the course of a Fed-fan.) Fed’s previous Grand-slam successes all came off a run of fine form; confidence breeds winning, winning breeds confidence, both of which Fed could really do with, so with all this in mind, I shouldn’t have been too surprised with this loss…but yet I am.

    It’s one thing losing to the Stakhovskys and Delbonises of the tennis scene, but losing to seasoned veterans you previously used to dominate just will not cut it! The Robredos of the world should not be taking scalps of the Fed, even if the latter is no longer the prime force he used to be. I think this more than anything is accelerating all the retirement talk, and is a valid argument. Of course, I don’t want to see Fed retire and he should be free to do whatever he so chooses, but losses like this give even greater fodder for all those quick to write his obituaries. What’s important, as some have suggested is that he rebuilds (both physically and mentally), and truly ensures he ends this season on a high – he needs a huge dose of momentum right now. Fed’s participation in the WTF is the only thing that will make me purchase a ticket to the thing, so if Fed really wants me there, he’ll find his way there!

    On a more positive note, Murray is out!! Woohooo!! Stan the Man! (But don’t be too much of a man against Djokovic pretty pls). The Djok-Wawrinka match-up looks set to be a cracker, hoping Djok can squeeze through it and take Nadal out. That would definitely salvage this year’s US Open!

    1. Hey man,

      Ah didn’t know you had gone to NYC to watch, glad you got to see Fed.

      “confidence breeds winning, winning breeds confidence, both of which Fed could really do with,”

      I agree.

      Hopefully Djoker can become the savior of tennis again.


  25. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with his game. The only thing where he seems to be struggling is his serve. That was his most potent weapon to grind out results when he didn’t play well. Also, he seems to have lost his motivation (can’t blame him after the success he has got) to do well when he comes under pressure. Earlier I could easily put my money on him coming back from 2 sets down to win the match, but not any longer. But, I’m sure he is going to come back stronger next year.

  26. Ok people, so we are all depressed and fed up and the up and down nature of Feds game. But that sums it up really. His whole year, due to being in and out, due to back, enforced reset, voluntary break, racquet changes, has been up and down. At the tail end of a career, to lose rhythm, regularity of playing has an enormous effect. We know that from our Club tennis don’t we? Fed himself exemplified this in /2011/2012 when he played constantly, stayed healthy and was rewarded for it!
    However, partly because of that continuous play and the last 11 yrs, he has now hit a wall, I compare his legs/body to someone running a marathon. He cannot push through the last few miles, and is unable to close out from positions he used to do in his sleep. 1000+ matches is huge, and he is tired, both physically and mentally.
    Tennis has changed. He is not a grinder, nor will he ever be but he must change things to stay with the current generation. If he wants to because it won’t get easier!!!
    1) persevere with the racquet. I fully agree Ε΅ith Sid, he is 5 yrs behind the rest, needs that bigger sweet spot, more power, more give? More consistency!!!!! I am slightly reminded of how Sampras suffered against Hewitt towards the end of his career. Couldn’t keep in the rally!
    2) play the indoor season with a relaxed feel, not panicking about not getting to the WTF. Remember the simple joy of playing, stay in the moment, the point more. Stop rushing and thinking ahead.
    3) bin the Exhos! Pointless and exhausting!
    4) spend time in the off season with a sports psychologist, and Speak to Mirka! She saw the signs in 2011, and got him to refocus, and look what happened. Continue to improve his fitness, particularly lateral movement.
    5) be honest with himself. Is he still really loving it? If so, and he feels right after the off season, then really go for it in 2014, and bow out with a fab season, some big wins etc. Rio is really not important.

    I did feel he Wld lose to Tommy mainly because he cannot stay in th point. The first three rounds were littered with mistakes by his oppo. The Spanish just put that ball back and when you are playing brittle like Fed is, that brings enormous pressure when that ball keeps coming back, again and again. You rush to finish the point but don’t think it through properly and th game plan suffers. Just damage limitation which Fed cannot do as not a grinder!

    Hey ho

      1. Haha! Put things in perspective when Murray loses in the QF! Shows how great a run Fed had with 23 s/f and 34 Q/F placings! Muzza was not hungry enough. Will br interesting to see how he develops now he has achieved so much! Will he prove a stayer as Djoko or not?

      2. -.. . .- .-. .-. — –. . .-. ..-. . -.. . .-. . .-. –..– — -. -… . …. .- .-.. ..-. — ..-. -.– — ..- .-. ..-. .- -. … .- – .–. . .-. ..-. . -.-. – – . -. -. .. …

        Nucking Futs! This is too much. Let’s just send him an e-mail πŸ™‚

  27. Just wanted to add one more quick point about the the type of tennis Fed suffers against. The bottom line is that he dislikes playing oppo who constantly get that ball back. When the confidence is high he can be aggressive without fear, knowing he will hit the lines. But the slightest doubt that creeps in as it has currently, you doubt yr ability to put the ball away, you rush the point to avoid the ball coming back again, yr feet are slightly stuck. You hesitate slightly, hit late, off balance, and th thinking goes awry! The fundamentals of tennis don’t change from our level to pro level. We can relate to everything Fed is going thru. Of course the execution is different but the rules are the same. Allez Fed, you can get it back! Allez x

    1. Ok, so that’s another 3 1/2 yrs dedication. Possible but something tells me Djokovic will be involved in politics in Setbia by then or might hv moved on. Not sure he will hv as long a career as Fed. Seems to hv a lot of interests elsewhere and not sure will still be as dedicated. We shall see

      1. The only records I’m worried about are slams and weeks at No.1. I don’t think Djokovic can beat the 23 mark.

        Politics in Serbia? You could be right. He made some stupid comments about Syria recently. Maybe he should just shut up and stick to figuring out Nadal. I watched his third set vs Youzhny. He doesn’t seem that strong. Nadal is going to eat him alive in the final.

      2. He also spoke at the UN recently. Reminds of what Srdjan Djokovic said recently:
        “People meeting Novak are top of the world in their line of work, the most powerful people in the world. It was shown in London at the charity dinner and it will be seen also in New York. They’re fascinated by Novak, by his thoughts and deeds.” “I think he’ll be engaged in global unity and the prosperity of the whole world. He’ll most probably be in the United Nations. He is the wonder of the world not only a Serbian one, but first of all he’s my son.” “For him, there’s no limit. It will only be known and recognized in the world once his tennis career is over.
        Big plans πŸ˜†

        I agree Sid, it’s looking like Nadal is going to beat him.

      3. You know, Scooter, he said something about how he doesn’t like war, and how those fighter jets flying above his courts bothered him. He, of all people, should know that intervention during the Bosnian-Serbian conflict possibly saved hundreds of thousands of lives, of everyone involved, regardless of ethnicity. War is bad he says? If there is no intervention in Syria, another one hundred thousand will die, and there will nobody to control the use of chemical weapons.

        Evil happens when good men do nothing. No, but no war please, because poor little Nole cannot play tennis.

        P.S. Sorry, didn’t mean to push my political agenda. If anyone was offended, please accept my heartfelt apology.

      4. Major correction: There will be nobody to “stop” the use of chemical weapons, not control.

      5. I’m just glad the UK voted against bombing Syria. Fighting endless foreign wars where there’s no plan as to what happens next, no noticeable benefits and no self interest is crazy as we have seen in Afghanistan and Iraq.

        Intervention in Syria wouldn’t make things better in the slightest, if anything it could make things worse. Say we blow the regime to bits, who then takes over? America? UK? Al-Qaeda? It’d be another 10 year campaign that gets nowhere.

        Anyway, back to tennis!

      6. Jonathan, I see your point. Yes, we can’t intervene everywhere. But consider this, if we don’t intervene at all, rogue regimes will thrive, and become stronger, and the world will become more dangerous, a little bit each day. Not retaliating now would send a signal that the West doesn’t care. It will encourage those regimes to do more of the same, use chemical weapons. It will set a precedent. Pretty soon, they will have stockpiles of it.

        War should be the last resort, but there are times when there is no choice. These people cannot be reasoned with.

        The US isn’t talking about a war, simply support from the air. That should be more than sufficient to overtake the dictator. I’m disappointed the UK thinks otherwise.

    1. Three reasons: –

      1 – It’s roughly around that time that his violin lessons became a distraction to his tennis.
      2 – The Dubai courts are faster than most, right?
      3 – The guy across the net recently was added to the WTA fold (please see my very first comment). What does that tell you?


      1. 1. πŸ™‚
        2. Ok
        3. You’re not fair. Granollers put up a good fight. Ha had many more hours on court compared to Djokovic in the US Open match. Sure, his technique is strange, to say the least, but he did good in that match.

    2. That is a very good example Jarlub, I mean in Dubai Fed wasn’t even playing great, but look at how much better he is striking the ball there than he is right now. It’s been a slippery slope this year, got worse at it’s gone in. Can he turn it around?

      1. Clownenroe has been making waves since Wimbledon where he said that Dull is the GOAT because he has a Olympics singles gold medal and the Davis cup title.

    1. Ahahhahhahahhahahah! Problem solver πŸ™‚ When Djokovic is in top form, with a 7-0 run against him, the guy solves him by not playing him on any surface other than clay in 16 months, stays away for extended periods of time. Meanwhile…Djokovic loses to quite a few players he shouldn’t be, then loses to Roger twice in a year including a slam, loses twice in slam finals to Murray. Djokovic has clearly ramped down from his peak. There you go, problem solved! And Nadal is back with his co-poly strings. Some problem solver πŸ™‚

      Roger Federer uses a brush, canvas, and oil. Rafael Nadal needs Adobe Photoshop!

      McEnroe has been publicly voicing his dislike for Roger for quite some time now, ever since Roger snubbed his coaching offer. Didn’t you see this coming?

      Here, let’s check out how John McEnroe solves his problems: – (Extended Cut) (Unrated Directors Cut)

    2. I can understand McEnroe making that mistake in the heat of the moment. It’s the writer trying to justify it that talks bollocks.

  28. Wanted to root for Djokovic as I think only him has a chance to take out Nadal but WOW! With what I’m watching now, I can’t but say GO STAN πŸ™‚

    1. same here. I can see Stan, especially now after getting hurt, dismantled by Dull. Just for that trying to support Djoker, but it’s hard to not root for Stan. His backhand DTL is amazing to watch. His movement has been great too.

      1. Well, this time it didn’t work out the way we wanted, but I’m sure Stan can do better next time. 165 pts each, that’s telling you everything! Really great performance by Wawrinka πŸ™‚

  29. Ohhh my god! That game was breath taking πŸ™‚
    I think the winer of this game is gonna be the winer of this match

  30. Great game by Stan. Hope Fed was watching. If Stan can almost beat these top guys imagine what Fed can do with a better serve and a big racket! Hope all these wishful thinking becomes reality in 2014.

    1. Loads of respect for Stan there… the guy just doesn’t give up. But I fear the damage is done. Djokovic might be physically fine, but I imagine he’s emotionally close to spent… Nadal will be handed the title on a plate. I might even take up praying to try prove myself wrong.

      1. Yes Sid in 2011, Super Djoker would have been the favorite. But ever since his fellow Serb Troicki got busted, he seems to have lost his ability to play back to back marathons e.g Wimbledon 2013.

        But I hope he can still stop Dull.

        (Any one also notice how much Tipsarevic also sucks this year? I don’t think Serbia will be winning the Davis Cup :lol:)

      2. I’m telling you, nobody believes me. This is the year of free license for Nadal. They are all in it together, for the sake of one other πŸ™‚

  31. Get this…

    Total points won by Djokovic: 165
    Total points won by Stan the Man: 165

    I didn’t watch it but I’m speechless.

      1. Why the hell did they interview Stan so soon after he’d lost? I mean I’d barely caught my breath after that match ended and before I knew it, there was a mic in front of him. I’m not surprised he swore.

        It breaks me to think how much of an advantage Nadal will have if he gets to the final. I’m hoping Novak channels the spirit of 2011 to get himself geared up for this.

      2. Isn’t it unusual to quiz the loser right on court? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that unless it’s a final. But that’s a good 10 to 15 minutes after it has sunk in. What’s wrong with these bozo’s at the US Open? These guys are a joke. You cannot interview a loser so soon after a crushing loss, are you kidding me?!?

      3. Yes, interview fail. Also I’m not a fan of the endless comparisons between him and Roger. If I were Stan, I’d be a tad annoyed… πŸ™

    1. Yea I have noticed that, also I noticed that Djoko have let the third set go because he intended to! He wanted to make sure the match is extended so he can have better chance on beating him on five, the longer the match the higher the possibility of taking WOWrinka (noticed the fatigue at the 4th and 5th)

      1. He does look and sound that he was coked up. Too bad it wasn’t enough to overcome Nadal yesterday πŸ™‚

  32. Honestly I’m in awe of Dull. The guy misses 7 months with supposed career threatening injury then comes back:
    Makes 11 finals (including 2 slams)
    Wins 9 titles (ending his 2 year hard courts title drought)
    Goes unbeaten on Hard Courts whilst complaining that it’s like playing on cement
    And what about his ridiculous W/L ratio??

    And yet according to Toni and Corretja his knees are still in pain!

      1. For Sid…As usual very funny!! But i know your vocabulary is good so ill put you on the spot and would like to hear another funny and cleaver or rhyming dope conatation for your bestest tennis players Nadal or Djokovic. You do a good Nadal impersonation but i know you can come with the goods !!?? πŸ™‚ lol
        Anyway with all these heartbreaks with Roger on a different note, what PS3 or Xbox game are you currently playing?? Any good ones you reccomend for me. Keep up the good and funny comments. Cool man Serajul

      2. Seraj, thanks! And someday I will write an entire article (with Jonathan’s permission of course), on this PEDophile you are talking about, and all of you will enjoy it. Except Shamtoot who will definitely unfriend me.

        Next, I’m glad you asked about PS3. I was planning on starting, “The Last of Us” in September, but being the freelancer I am, I suddenly have a lot of work come up so Joel and Ellie will have to wait until December before I can help them. In the meantime, I hope they have stacked up on food and water, will stay indoors, and not try to be a hero. πŸ™‚

        Anything you’re playing these days? Planning on getting the PS4?

      3. Not sure if it’s really in my place to butt into this conversation, but I can’t resist it when PS3s are mentioned. The Last of Us is a good game. Not usually my genre, but feels years ahead of its time.

        The PS4 is an interesting one. On the one hand, the improvements it offers aren’t nearly good enough for me to buy it, what with the lack of backwards compatibility and the fact that for the moment, the graphics update is literally negligible. On the other hand, it signals the PS3 will slowly be phased out in the market, so I can’t keep getting games for it for years; it might be prudent to invest in a PS4 in a year or so, when the game market for it really hots up.

        As for gaming, I actually tend to stick to sporting franchises such as FIFA, Top Spin, and TW PGA Tour.

      4. Oh no, John, I think anyone can get into any conversation. Besides, the way Roger is playing, he isn’t giving us much to talk about his tennis…so digressing to other topics is kind of welcome, no? πŸ™‚

        I’ve had a PS3 for 3 years, and have played a grand total of……………………..listen to this………………….. four games! And three of them were “Uncharted”, so I don’t think I need the PS4 anytime soon. At least not until I finish “The Last of Us”. Plus, with Roger planning on getting back to his winning ways in 2014, the PS4 will have to wait for quite some time πŸ™‚

      5. Sid, I’ve had a PS3 forever and I’ve only ever finished two games, Final Fantasy 13 and Medal of Honor πŸ˜†

        *Sorry for using your name :oops:, Jonathan Please don’t approve*

      6. Haha, not quite the hardcore gamer I am, eh? Although, considering this, I can’t really remember the last time I finished a game now… got bored of FFXIII…

  33. IΒ΄m like you was not schocked when he lost to Robredo, but what I was shocked to see was the way it was so easy to see that he struggled big time mentally. Roger is the king of pokerface but you could read him like an open book and see he couldenΒ΄t cope with the fact he couldenΒ΄t break Robredo. And that is tha thing thatΒ΄s worriies me, because he can put in all the hard work in training but if you have mental issues as a tennis player we all know youΒ΄re almost down and out the moment you step on court.

    The mental issues is of course coming from a bad season with poor results and bad back. But I also believe his choise of going back to the old racquet for Cincy and the open could have been a factor. Because when IΒ΄m going through a period of a cacquet change itΒ΄s in my mind constantly, what can I do with the new racquet? What canΒ΄t I do with the new racquet? Is my old racquet better at this or that? etc…. IΒ΄m just saying combined with all the other things thatΒ΄s happend during this season it was so clear to see things wasenΒ΄t right mentally for him. So what I had hoped for was that he had sticked with the new racquet cor CIncy and the open and for the for the future and simply have used the rest of the season to get the feeling right with the new racquet. Had he done that he could have played with minimum preassure and maybe more freely.

    As for the rest of the season he needs to fully commit to the racquet change as quick as possible and maybe that change can simulate a new fresh start that also can help fix the mental issues. And IΒ΄m sure he will get it together for the rest of the season and qualify for the WTF in London. One thing is for sure it will be weird if he dosenΒ΄t qualify πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Mark,

      Yeah it was a shame, like I said, it’s all mental. No confidence right now.

      Hope you’re right about the racquet and it makes a difference.


  34. ahem. there is a reason why WTF also stands for what the f…! given the year, Fed is having, that’s probably what he’s muttering to himself right about now.
    two thoughts to the multiple wisdoms already offered: (1) dude needs to see a sports psychologist. i know it’s all mumbo jumbo and not manly enough (ah) but our fed is one sensitive metrosexual (as all tennis boys should aspire to be!) and i think that’s where thinking the metanarrative at work here would help. besides, he’s openly said it has helped in the past. and last but not least, i have NEVER heard fed admit that he self-destructed in public. this is a new level of self-recrimination, and clearly psychic work needs to be done (2) bigger racket —if he does try it out again, we should give up any hope of him making WTF. 2014 will be the year to watch his form and we should all let him work out his kinks for the year. but it is dull and dole without him on the courts!

    1. [but it is dull and dole without him on the courts!]

      Now, that’s punny! πŸ™‚

      Sorry, Federer is forced by his endorsements and the media that has turned him into a mascot, to act like a metrosexual. All you aspiring tennis players should focus on your game and your on and off court conduct more than anything else. But then again, Sakhi, I’m guessing you were being sarcastic? πŸ™‚

  35. I can’t find the article again – it was just a short little thing – but re making WTF, somebody had gone back looking at the last 10 years, and there was only one year when 3000 points would NOT have made it in to WTF. Fed’s got 3055 (this-year points). So I do think he’s still on the cusp; but he does have the opportunity to add a few points beforehand. Hopefully he’ll be able to do that, even if it’s not as MANY points as we’d like.

  36. Iagree the comments made by the fellow readers that Roger definately needs work in a few areas. I believe a sports therapy pshcologists and then start using and practice with the 98sq inch racquet for the rest of tge season. I also think that mentally he is all over the place with probably arguments happening with his wife and coaches which nobody else know about. I say this as every couple in the world no matter how good it looks outside and media. These altercations and disscussions effects every relatioship therefore Roger and his wife is no exception. Add age,poor form,confidence and everything else if youve had a argument with your girlfriend or wife this will definately mess you up mentally whike playing. I hope am wrong but i hope Roger sorts it out. I still believe he can make at least one or two GS finals and win one but with this current form 1st 2nd round losses will be the norm. Which is really shitty thought. πŸ™

    1. Hard to say whether that’s likely but you never know!

      I think he just gotta practise hard and see what happens. No point over thinking it, his game is still good, just crap in the clutch.


  37. That 2/16 break points was just.. horrifying. I don’t know, maybe it has to do something with his mental toughness? Age? Losing the killer instinct that he had from 2004-2007?

    Or maybe I’m seeing a pattern here πŸ˜€ It might sound ridiculous:
    2011- Slamless, wins the WTF
    2012- Wimbledon champion, runner-up for the WTF
    2013- Slamless, solitary title comes from Halle, qualification for WTF hanging in the balance

    Now, ‘Assuming’ that Federer does well the following year (of course winning some masters tournaments) and wins 1 of the 4 majors.. be it AO, FO, Wimbledon or USO (It really doesn’t matter if he wins the WTF that year) Come 2015 he’ll defend a lot of points like what happened in the early half of this year up to wimbledon and again come back stronger because of points lost from 2015, very timely for 2016 Olympics.

    You can say I’m dreaming about that theory because there is one big hole: Age. He’s not in his prime, and the age factor really comes into play as time goes by.

    Stan and Novak had epic matches this year.. shame that I didn’t get to watch either one of them. I think that is a better match than this year’s upcoming USO final.

    I’m not sure if you’ve already answered this question Jonathan, but you said in some of your comments that you’ll judge federer’s chances of playing a couple of more years in his performance in the US open, how was it for You? Is he still good for 1 or 2 GS and playing Rio?

    1. Haha I said I’d just him on his USO performance expecting he’d do well πŸ˜›

      I have reset, no expectations, just wanna see how he responds to losing early and having a bad year.

      Personally I think winning another Slam is a big big ask. I feel it will be 1 or 0.

      Rio, no idea, not bothered about that really, Olympic tennis doesn’t interest me. I don’t care how long he plays for either as long as he’s happy doing so, decision is his. Won’t enjoy watching him lose early if it becomes standard practice.

      The only time I will change my mind on saying he should pack it in is if I see him going through the motions and just turning up at tournaments to “please the crowds” if that happens then I’m done. But I haven’t seen that happening and I don’t think it will either.


    1. Same episode….Djokovic looses a set he was clearly better, outhitting, ouplaying Nadal but made way too many unforced errors. Letting him off the hook at 2:0 was crime, lettin him at 0:40 to break another crime….Can someone explain how can u not hold u f…n last serve to stay in the set too? Why everyone lets Nadal live?:)

  38. If Djokovic losses this one, this might be the end of their rivalry. There is already a pattern similar to that of the early days of Fed and Nadal when Fed was ouplaying him but was bitterly loosing because of his own mistakes .

  39. Might as well have had stan in final πŸ˜›
    But with this win, I believe that nadal will surpass feds 17 slams…. It’s horrible, but he’s missing only 4… f*ck!

    1. Stan did the damage. Djokovic spent at least an extra hour of physical and emotional energy in the semi final. I didn’t watch a single minute of the final but I figured the first three sets were a marathon?

      1. True. But reaching 17 would be enough for his fans to bring the H2H into consideration, with utter regard to Roger’s No.1 dominance, his freakishly consistent streaks, and his six WTF titles. Not to mention Nadal, if he were to reach 17, would have 10 slams on a single surface, the one that does not reward all round players.

    1. Rafa? That’s VERY debatable… For a first, he will never have a certain someone’s technique. And he has to achieve a lot more on something else than clay before being GOAT.

  40. U can all now start crying talking about nadal and DOPE. If u all want to close your eyes instead of enjoying with such a virtuous player, a gift to sports and history: too bad for you. The rest of us will keep taking pleasure of this monsters and their epic matches. By the way, is not dope the reason because federer lost 14 of 16 break points. Its mentality and cold blood, no one like Nadal ever on this. And a question 4 u, when he won Roddick being a kid, he was dopped also as a kid? GO CRY HOME…

  41. Wow, just wow from Nadal. That guy is incredible x10000. Some might say he’s doping, but even if he’s doping, he’s got something nobody else has. That incredible mental toughness and courage. Third set 4-4 when he was 0-40 3 break points down and having just fallen, it looked like he was gonna get broken and novak would serve out the set. Novak was playing in the zone, and Nadal was getting outplayed. But from that point on, a switch flipped inside of him. He became very emotional and showed lots of courage and fight on the court. Novak though mentally left the court from that point on. Maybe a mental block from playing what he thought was an injured opponent, I’m not sure.

    So Nadal may very well surpass Federer’s 17. And although Federer is the greatest of all time in technique, IMO Nadal is the greatest of all time in mental strength. You just have to admire his clutch and never say die spirit, it’s so inspiring.

  42. Alright, see you all sometime. Look’s like there are going to be some seriously rabid Dopal trolls on this board for quite some time to come.

  43. Hey guys, you thought Nadal winning was tough. I had to endure it in front of my eyes. I was probably the only one in the stadium rooting for Djokovic. I actually felt like his fan today and was crushed when he lost. I cannot believe what Nadal is doing this year. He is superhuman. And now we must ask ourselves when he surpasses 17 because there is no doubt in my mind after witnessing what he did today that he most certainly will. Hopefully Djokovic can bounce back, it’s been a tough year for him no doubt about it and now Nadal is doing to him what he did to Nadal two years ago. Such is tennis. Djokovic lost his mental toughness big time against Nadal. It all boils down to that FO match. Anyway, catch you guys later, I’m still in awe of Rafa, the guy is unbeatable. C’mon Roger, please pull something together.

    1. Probably the only match where I’ve ever actually wanted Djokovic to win. I don’t know, there’s just something so wrong about him-with-the-dodgy-knees being able to put in performances on hardcourt the way he has over the last month or so.

  44. Could this year BE any worse?
    I guess it will be the worst of the worst if he wins WTF too. That will do it. I will stop watching tennis until he goes on another one of his (part of the ‘cycle’) loooooooong breaks. Djoker seems to have forgotten how to beat him and Murray will NEVER ever beat his idol at a slam. Unless Roger comes up with some sort of magic with a new and improved Wilson Wand, I don’t see anyone who can stop him from surpassing 17. Something terribly long if a suspected doper becomes the most celebrated at a sport that he plays ugly. Down right ugly with ZERO respect for the rules.
    Sorry Jonathan, I know this is not the right post to be ranting about Dull but I just wanted it out.

  45. I can’t stand the thought of meeting my tennis hitting partner, who happens to be a Nadal fan. He’s going to have the smug look on his face and bring up some Rafa trivia that I really don’t feel like hearing. The last few months, I’ve felt like wiping that smile of his face… but good ol’ Fed just doesn’t give us that opportunity.

  46. This is just depressing. I don’t even feel like coming online and reading the news, cause of the Nadal might topple Roger liners floating around. Add to that Toni’s inane comments like this one-

    “It is not too far way,” Toni Nadal told The Australian after Nadal collected the 13th major of his career by mowing down Novak Djokovic in an electrifying final of the US Open.

    “It is getting very, very close for Rafa to be level with Roger or more. Rafa has won an Olympic gold medal for the singles. Roger has not done this.

    “Rafa has won Davis Cup four times, and Roger has not won Davis Cup at all. Roger has 17 major wins but we need to see what is important.

    “Is 17 grand slams more important than everything else? Is it more important than Davis Cups? Is it more important than Olympic Games?

    “Olympic Games is big thing for our sport. Rafa has won 26 Masters series tournaments and this is more than Roger.

    Or comments made like the ever jealous duo of Wilander and McEnroe saying that Nadal only has to reach 15 majors to surpass Roger.

    Indoor season, come soon. Roger, show these morons how its really done.

    1. God, Toni is so irritating. is grand slam more important than olympic and davis cup? OF COURSE!!! And davis cup is not a testament of a player’s ability at all. Whether a player has won davis cup or not depends on his team mates too. Spain davis cup team has Nadal, Ferrer, Almagro, Lopez, Verdasco etc. Switzerland only has Roger and Stan. You cant expect Switzerland to win davis cup. If there are five players of Roger’s level in the swiss davis cup team, you can bet roger would have a lot more than 4 davis cups. Rafa has done very well to win 13 slams, but until he’s won more than roger, roger is still the GOAT.

    2. All that false modestly that Toni and his nephew put up all these years was just a facade as they made their push for titles. Now that Roger’s record is within striking distance, watch out for more condescending talk. These are Spanish athletes we are talking about!

      My issue with Roger: He became too complacent since 2010 that all will be well with this legacy. As much as I dislike Nadal, especially because I believe he dopes, I have to appreciate that he disappears, retools his game, and reappears. Roger has never done that. For him it’s just about playing, playing, playing and I believe he has wasted a couple of good years where he could’ve picked up two slams.

      It’s not too late though. In terms of tennis age, considering how little effort Roger puts in when playing, he would be around 28. He can still work on his physique, get a better stick, retool his game, and add more punch and patience when necessary (I need a full post for all this), and most importantly, skip tournaments when he doesn’t feel 100%. Will they hate him for skipping events? Well, aren’t they already hating him?

      1. I don’t really think it was complacency, he took time out of his personal life you know. Could you imagine breaking the all time record at Slams, most would have retired.

        As for Dull’s continuous disappearing act, well we know all is not what it seems.

      2. That is true, Scooter. In 2009, when Roger was closing in on age 28, he became a family guy. I don’t think Nadal has any inclination of following the same path. All that matters to him, in his own words, is “winning at all costs”. But, that’s his choice.

        I’m looking forward to a great 2014 from Roger, and as I mentioned earlier this year, it will happen πŸ™‚

    3. What an idiot this Toni:

      β€œIt is getting very, very close for Rafa to be level with Roger or more. Rafa has won an Olympic gold medal for the singles. Roger has not done this.

      -Roger is a more decorated Olympian than Nadal (1xGold, 1xSilver)

      β€œRafa has won Davis Cup four times, and Roger has not won Davis Cup at all. Roger has 17 major wins but we need to see what is important.

      -He must have missed the phrase “there is no I in team” Perhaps it doesn’t exist in Spanish. Yes I’m sure Nadal can win the Davis cup by himself. And don’t me started on the dominance of Spanish players and their magic potion; Yannick Noah and Fuentes know all about that.

      β€œIs 17 grand slams more important than everything else? Is it more important than Davis Cups? Is it more important than Olympic Games?

      -Nobody in their right mind would trade 17 slams for 1 singles gold and Davis Cup titles. God what an idiot.

      β€œOlympic Games is big thing for our sport. Rafa has won 26 Masters series tournaments and this is more than Roger.

      -Yes, it’s such a shame that there are no Grass Masters, and Hard Courts now play like clay.

      Or comments made like the ever jealous duo of Wilander and McEnroe saying that Nadal only has to reach 15 majors to surpass Roger.

      I guess time spent at no.1, WTF titles, longevity streaks e.t.c are worthless. In fact I think everyone should be a part time player like Nadal. Done ranting that Clownenroe and his merry band of jealous ex-pros.

      1. But why am I not surprised. Toni does all of Nadal’s thrash talking for him so that Nadal can remain humble in the eyes of the public no? πŸ˜†

      2. Funny. I wrote pretty much the same reply to some absolute rubbish article I found online. Pretty much word to word.

    4. Heh, all Uncle Toni can talk about is “Rafa has olympic gold in singles, roger does not”

      “He won more masters tournaments than roger”

      “He leads roger in H2H”

      And the like. I think what Mr. Toni Nadal can’t see here is the impact Roger has in this sport without the stats. Man, just in sponsorship deals Roger will be up in that H2H. He makes you watch tennis. Nadal, he makes you fell asleep with his exhausting rallies. πŸ˜€

    1. Fed shld play Beijing as well as Shanghai!ps you read it here first! Nadal will not win another Major! That was his last! That was his 2010 repeat yr! Never again!

      1. Oh Susie, I think he will win another major πŸ™‚ I did mention earlier this year that Nadal will be finished by mid 2014 or at best, the end of that year. That’s when his slam window will end, or become extremely difficult. But you never know this guy. He gets the most advanced treatments any athlete has ever received in the history of sports. His physio is considered the “Master or recoveries”. And don’t forget his doctors. He could still do a lot of damage for the next year or two.

        The way I see, to get to 17 slams, he needs to win 4 more. He will need to make at least 6 finals. He can’t possibly make 6 in a row, so I’m going to say, optimistically, he could make 6 of the next 8 finals. After that, his window pretty much closes.

        Can he win 4 slams in the next couple of years? What do you guys think?

      2. Nadal has continuously defied logic. I shudder at whatever new cocktail his doctors have
        dreamed up.

        [Can he win 4 slams in the next couple of years? What do you guys think?]

        On the one hand I see him passing 17 within two years but on the other hand, he has to have a cycle down period. Who knows with the guy?

      3. Scooter, surely he will go through a period of hibernation (just to use a politically correct word) when he will not participate in slams, except the French open, and perhaps bow out from another one. That’s why I think for four slams, he needs at least eight events.

        So, the two questions really are: –

        1 – Can he win four slams in the next to years? Can he realistically sustain his current form? Because if it dips somewhat, that is all Djokovic and Murray will need.

        2 – If not, will he be capable to add a slam or two after 2015? He could be in peak cardio condition during that time (look at Ferrer for example) and with the courts facilitating “cardio” tennis, who knows?

      4. I don’t know if you believe in what you say hahaha, all that stupid comments just because he usually beats Roger??? I can’t believe it, what a troll!!
        Be respectful like Roger, and listen what his rivals say about him… LEGEND

      5. I’m sorry, Mr. Pablo, who were your comments directed at exactly, may I ask? I’m assuming it was either Susie or Scooter you were targeting. Oh, and thanks for being respectful by calling our comments stupid.

        It would serve you well to troll down a little bit considering this is a Federer blog, so, you need to be a bit respectful to Federer fans, no? You say it’s fair to call them stupid. I say it’s not fair, no?

      6. Here’s the definition of a troll, Mr. Pablo (Escobar?)

        Troll (noun): One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.

        Considering that this is a Federer blog (not a Nadal blog), there was nothing provocative about what Susie said, nor does it cause any disruption to what’s being generally discussed right now on this board. Susie also happens to be a long time commenter.


      7. Pablo, get a life… There are 2 area where nadal has better numbers than Rog, that is on clay (his masters titles go in hand with this, and so does HTH actually…) and HTH. Just look at Rog’s records, and tell me that Dull is better?… he has no WTF, consecutive weeks at #1 are terrible, he has no continuity (rog has 36 STRAIGHT slam quarter finals and 23 consecutive slam SEMIFINALS). what are nadal’s numbers there? 4 quarter and 2 semis?…

        And as for the HTH, anyone who knows SOMETHING about tennis knows that it’s a completely stupid argument, it’s just a question of matchup…

        I won’t get into doping argument, because I believe in innocent until proven guilty, but, well, some signs are there for the guys who open their eyes…

  47. Another very interesting parallel I see between Roger and Nadal’s career. After two year of being No.1, Nadal made a career resurgence this year and will capture the No.1 again, for a third time, at age 27. Roger had a resurgent 2009 too, at age 27, when he captured the No.1 for a third time.

    Personally, I feel there’s only so many times a player can come back to peak form. Besides, 27 surely is the age when tennis players ramp down. So, while Susie’s argument above that Nadal will never win another slam is emotional, to say the least, it will really be very difficult for Nadal to win after 2014.

    I simply do not know how much physical toll his body can take, regardless of how much blood spinning and platelet enrichment, or other techniques he resorts to. The human body is after all, human. I’d be very surprised if he surpasses Roger’s slam count, let alone equals it. If that happens, we will all have to agree that he is indeed not from this planet πŸ™‚

    1. Firstable yes I am a Nadal fan, but it doesn’t mean i’m not a Fed or Nole fan as well. These 3 guys are unbelievable and what bothers me is the fact that for justifying the loses or wins of some of them people accuses with something as severe as doping (even pretending to be an expert about the topic). If you say that why Roger is not dope?? doesn’t he have all the resources to get it??
      Enjoy this golden era, the fact of beeing all of them together make their achievements greater.

      Sorry for my English πŸ™‚

      1. There are reasons, Pablo. Nadal has exhibited suspicious behavior, behavior that fits the profile of someone who uses PED’s. Roger does not fit that profile at all. Please Google, “The curious case of Rafael Nadal” and read the entire article including the comments posted by readers. After that, you are free to believe what you want to. You can’t always have smoking gun evidence but more often than not, overwhelming circumstantial evidence is sufficient.

        Happy reading! And please do stay away from calling others, “idiots”.

      2. This guy Pablo doesn’t understand that there’s so much smoke surrounding Nadal. But he is a Nadal fan right? so I understand his blindess. After all one can’t see what they refuse to acknowledge. πŸ˜€

    2. This is something that I’ve been observing for a while now.

      Here’s one more. It took Nadal three years to topple Federer at Wimbledon, extending to more sets each year.

      Nole’s done the same thing to Nadal at his favourite surface- the French 2012, 13. Nole for French 2014!!!

      1. There’s an essential difference though, Gaurav. Nadal couldn’t bear the thought of being dominated by Djokovic. So he disappeared for extended periods of time, avoided playing Djokovic in the meantime except on clay, made changes to his equipment, retooled his game etc. to return and beat Djokovic twice on hard courts.

        Federer on the contrary didn’t take Nadal seriously and refused to make any adjustments to overcome the mismatch. I didn’t see any, did you?

      2. We must learn from Nadal because…..Others give up hope, but Nadal never gives up dope!

        No, he doesn’t cry. He just hides away like a coward for months and works with his doctors for a variety of treatments. Then, after staying out of competition due to an injury, he wins nearly everything for about eight months. Even the most passionate of Nadal fans should be shaking their heads and asking questions. No player in the history of sport has achieved what he has after such a long injury layoff. He must be very “special”, like one of his personal doctors once said πŸ™‚

        Nadal is the GOAD (Greatest of All Doper).

        P.S. I remember how he cried after the Indian Wells 2012 loss, citing windy conditions and court speed as a factor for his loss and complained if “Roger tells them to make the courts faster, they will make it for him”. Then against Soderling (FO 2009), Rosol (Wimby 2012)m Darcis (Wimby 2013), Murray (USO 2009) and Ferrer (AO 2011 I think) it was the knees, those damn knees. Against Davydenko (Dubai 2012) it was flu. After his Madrid 2012 loss, he threatened to boycott the tournament because the surface was too slick and fast when big man Berdych and Federer had no problems reaching the final. Even Serena williams with her horrendous footwork and size won it. The list is endless.

        Come on Pablo, we know you love Nadal and you have every right to, but you’ve got to wake up at some point. I know he speaks the same language as you do, but that doesn’t make him right.

      3. yes, he is special, the biggest mental strenght in the history of sport that’s why he can make the biggest comeback we have ever seen and i understand why people think that it is not possible, the reason is that he is the best, special, a fighter, the biggest talent, the GOAT.

      4. Yeah, Pablo, very special. Did you know that Nadal won his first Slam ever against another proven Spanish speaking doper Mariano Puerta? He must’ve taken his number and email after the match.

        In fact, Spain is a very special country. Winning two Euros and the World Cup in a space of four years. Their footballers never get tired, man. They have amazing physical and mental strength. As Doctor Eufemiano Fuentes said, “If I would talk, the Spanish football team would be stripped of the 2010 World Cup”. You indeed are a very special people.

        *clap clap clap*

        Hey, while we are at it, enjoy this video. Another Spanish player trying to win a match at all costs. And after that, go find some Nadal blogs. You’ll feel at home.

        I’m done with you, idiota. Siguiente!

      5. [Footballers as well?? hahahahaha, as i told you spaniards have tail and horns]

        Pablo, please stop embarrassing yourself.

        1.) Fuentes has confirmed that he worked with Tennis players, athletes and footballers.

        2.) Fuentes is also quoted to have said that Real Madrid still owes him money (

        3.) Jesus Manzano (the Puerto whisteblower) said that he saw famous Spanish and Brazillian footballers at Fuentes’ clinic.

        So once again stop embarrassing yourself by saying nonsense πŸ˜†

      6. That guys was a troll. But you know what, to answer your questions: –

        1 – He may have worked with tennis and football players, but none of them were Spaniards. The blood bags were destroyed to protect athletes from other nationalities. In a way, the Spanish government covered up for others.

        2 – Though Fuentes has been caught and punished for doping athletes, all the services he rendered to Real Madrid were clean. As mentioned in my previous answer, none of the guilty party involved were from Spain.

        3 – Jesus Manzano is a damn liar just out to tarnish Spain. Spanish athletes are angelic. They are the most sporting and ethical competitors you will ever find.

      7. Real Madrid??? hahaha; you are a defamatory.

        “Le Monde eventually lost the case and was forced to pay damages”.

      8. Scooter, just ignore this troll. Blood bags of soccer players in his lab that were destroyed is enough proof that there have been irregularities. Ignore Pablo, he is just another Spanish thug.

      9. Sid you are wise man, apart from knowing about PEDs more than an expert you know the law better than a judge! funny guy!

      10. It doesn’t take an expert to know that if your Spanish government, 1) refused to release the list of names for the 600 blood bags, 2) Order the blood bags to be destroyed, there is something really wrong going on and they are protecting both Spain, and their athletes. If that doesn’t register in the diminuto brain of yours, then there’s no point having a discussion with you. I understand, you are Spanish so it only makes sense for you to think everyone there is an angle.

        Oh, any by the way, that Judge of yours was trying Fuentes for “harm done to athletes”. He wasn’t trying to expose the athletes. Huge difference.

        Good luck, Pablo! Have a nice life! I think we need to stop talking to each other now…por favor?

      11. Nice selective filtering there. Why are you focusing only on Le Monde losing a case? πŸ™‚ And you probably do not understand what defamation is. Fuentes HIMSELF mentioned that he treated footballers and that REAL MADRID owes him money.
        Also as Sid wrote in an earlier comment Fuentes wife said “If I speak, Spain would be stripped of their 2010 World Cup”

        [Scooter, just ignore this troll. Blood bags of soccer players in his lab that were destroyed is enough proof that there have been irregularities. Ignore Pablo, he is just another Spanish thug.]

        Sorry Sid, this guy keeps posting dumb comments. I can’t help it πŸ˜›
        Naive Pablo.

    1. Correct. Every link, and every story that the author has linked to is also a fake. And I’m pretty sure you’ve read all of it and confirmed that nothing is reliable. None of what the author mentioned has happened πŸ™‚

      Can I ask you a question? Are you from Spain? Or a Spanish speaking country?

    2. There are numerous articles on the subject. In English, French, Spanish Italian e.t.c People have been talking since 2006.

      1. Not to mention statements from ex-coaches, current players, former players and others. But you’re right, they must all be telling lies.

      2. Yes, and there are numerous articles in different languages speaking about Roger’s doping or Nole, are you gonna trust them??

      3. Come on then, give us real arguments of why you think Roger dopes? I’m itching to read this πŸ˜€

      4. I dont think Roger dopes, same as Nadal, i just wanted to say if you trust rumours, there are rumours for everyone

      5. [Yes, and there are numerous articles in different languages speaking about Roger’s doping or Nole, are you gonna trust them??]

        I would love to read those articles (notice the plural) pertaining to Federer. Links please.

        Meanwhile as for Nadal, there are dozens. So I’m pretty sure you haven’t read numerous articles about Federer’s supposed doping, so don’t make such uninformed statements. Oh and Djokovic is also suspicious when you look at his transformation in 2011.

        (Jonathan must not be enjoying this, sorry Jonathan)

      6. Oh even if I think that Federer is clean, I can fully accept that some may think otherwise due to the Lax drug testing (and non existent testing regime) that the ITF has had in place years (you should read up on that). But like Sid said Federer really hasn’t exhibited any patterns of someone that is benefiting from PEDs, unlike other certain players.

      7. Guys, I think we need to upgrade Pablo here to “troll” status. Evidently, he has no idea of what doping is, the effect it has, the patterns the dopers exhibit, lack of testing in tennis, Nadal’s refusal to get tested at times, and his vociferous opposition to take part in drug tests, his sudden resurgences right after injuries and medical procedures, the Spanish doctors trial and the fact that they found blood bags that belonged to tennis players too who surely were not from Spain, that all evidence in the doping case were destroyed as instructed by a Spanish government, Uncle Toni’s statement that, “I believe nobody dopes intentionally” etc.

        But, with everything that is going on, we should conclude that Nadal has nothing to do with doping. Sure, he may have done a lot of things like, slowing the game down deliberately, illegal coaching as admitted by Uncle Toni, threatening to boycott tournaments where the surface is not suitable for his play, bumping into opponents, taking untimely (or timely) medical timeouts, but PED’s? No, I don’t think he does that. That’s plain wrong. He is too ethical to do that.

        Thank you, Pablo, have nice life! πŸ™‚

        P.S. Folks, please don’t feed this troll any more.

      8. Now you’re embarassing yourself… Novak and Dull have exactly the type of play that can be helped with doping, more so nadal than Djoker (Djoker has incredible reflexes and balance, Nadal is pure running around the court retrieving impossible balls). Roger, or stan, or gasquet, or tsonga, or delpo, those types of players refer to skill (or pure ballbashing in delpos case, and a little tsonga) to win matches. And I haven’t heard of any doping that enhances skill… Physique on the other hand…

        And admit it, Nadal has had soooo many “injury time outs” that you can start asking questions, especially considering the way he rebounds everytime (2010 and 2013 anyone?)

        So don’t need to be an expert to see that. As I said, innocent until proven guilty, but there certainly are signs…. (And that’s coming from a gut who doesn’t dislike nadal because of possible doping). Sleep on that will ya?


      9. I think Pablo is Rafa’s spokesman or something.Even his English is similar.The kindest thing I can tell him right now is…Fuck off..

      10. Ajay, I figured he is a troll, you know the types who after their player wins, they go to rival blogs for gleeful sadistic pleasure? That’s an inherent trait of a vast majority of Nadal fans (not Shamtoot and some others here though). They are all descendants of Uncle Toni πŸ˜‰

      11. Pablo does have a sense of humor! I don’t know about horns but he certainly keeps tugging on his tail all the time. He is the closest thing to evil you can find in a sport πŸ™‚

      12. Good lord! If you think he is satan, why are you supporting him? πŸ˜†

        [Pablo does have a sense of humor! ]

        He does indeed.

      13. ohh god! i loved that part “They are all descendants of Uncle Toni ”
        heheheheheheh that was loooooooooooooooooooooooooool Couldn’t help it πŸ˜‰

      1. No Ferdie, he will always have words. He worships Nadal…after all Nadal is…Su hermano EspaΓ±ol, no? πŸ™‚

  48. Hi All, have not been on here for a while. As a follower of sport since the 1970’s I am absolutely convinced of two things: that Nadal is on drugs / doping and that there is nothing wrong with his knees. In fact, I would go so far to say that there was NEVER a real problem with his knees and that this has been used as a drugs cover-up for many years. The guy is sickening and I just don’t buy his ‘talent’. Of course, it wouldn’t surprise me if the ATP is aware of his drugs taking and has been complicit in same by supporting the ‘ knees injuries’, or, if the ATP is not aware, then Nadal could be on a drug that has heretofore been undetectable in testing, just like Dwain Chambers and Marion Jones and many others who have gone before. I have already given up on my own sport Athletics with the vile systemic drugs cheats that have almost destroyed the sport ; I see Nadal as no different to them. Of course, I have no proof but I think my knowledge of many sports as a participator, coach and viewer of nearly forty years has drawn me to this sad conclusion…

    1. Yep, welcome back! “We may be a small group but there’s lot of potential for agggggrrresive expansion” πŸ˜‰

  49. Well back to tennis as the Asian swing looms after the farce that us the Davis Cup this weekend! Personally think Fed shld play Beijing as WC , gain a few points and use as warm up for Shanghai where he is defending SF points! Thoughts peeps?

    1. On one hand, I think he should just skip everything until 2014, and try not to make things even worse, and give the haters more opportunities to take cheap shots at him. On the other hand, I feel this stretch will belong to him, especially indoors. On the other hand…….no, that’s about all I wanted to say.

      1. Yr reply kind of sums up his yr. extreme optimism coupled with “I am ready for the misery” pessimism! I think he shld play if he is fit. Come on Sid! London without Fed? Cannot imagine it! My view is that Delpo will pull out injured of at least 1/2 tourneys. Gasquet has peaked! All downhill from here for rest of yr. Stan is probably knackered and doesn’t really like indoors. Djokovic has to refind his confidence but losing no 1 is a big blow and his goals for the season did not come( French). Nadal may pull out of Asian swing or some of it! Or Paris? He must be tired! Berdych also has to refind some form! Still all to play for, for Rog! Most of the others seem to start fading after the US Open. Fed seems reenergise and hoping no different this yr.

      2. I want him to test that new racket for real, not just 2 weeks. Which means that in my opinion he should play one of the warm up events to shanghai. And why play doubles with an unknown Chinese guy?…. Stick to singles Rog!!

      3. Pity Beijing not figuring. Dubs in Shanghai all about sponsors and PR. Fed still biggest draw whatever his results in this brand/ media dominated sports world we inhabit. Witness the lack of big money deals falling Murrays way despite Wimbledon win! Mercedes Benz are a big sponsor for Rog and Zhiang will also benefit by association.

      4. Correct, Susie. In that Wimbledon final, people came to watch Britain win, they didn’t come to watch Murray. Besides, Murray doesn’t have consistency. At his age, you can’t win two of the last four slams, then relinquish one of them in a straight sets QF loss, and in the meantime, also skip another major event. Not the characteristics of someone who wants to be taken seriously by the sponsors and make big money.

        Who is Zhiang by the way? Some ping pong GOAT? Just kidding!

      5. Ping Pong GOAT, haha Sid πŸ™‚ I think he is the Chinese No. 1

        Fed’s doubles match is no doubt a sponsor thing. They will probably lose in the first round, but at least Tennis and Zhang will get tons of exposure πŸ˜›

  50. Don’t know how Nadal can keep scrambling around the court with his knees in such bad condition, but I think he will crash down badly next year. You kniw, he provably has doped and that 7 month break was just a silent doping ban.

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