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What the Federer?

Twenty Questions


10 Questions – Non-tennis

10 Question – Tennis

Non-Tennis Section

10 Questions

Think out of the box – with Fed in your head.

Question 1

Federer Miami 2019 Champion

Name a canine breed?

Question 2


A writer recently described Fed’s winning celebration akin to the ‘Winged Victory of Samothrace’ – the name of this statue. Whose statue?

Question 3


What is the connection to Fed?

Question 4


Name a famous Shakespeare play.

Question 5


An Italian, Niccolo ______ here was the most celebrated virtuoso violinist in the 1800s. His namesake (surname) is probably the best in his field – Fed will vouch for it for sure. Fill in the blank.

Question 6


This is the logo of a retail company founded in one of Fed’s most successful cities. As of January 2019, they have filed for bankruptcy. Which company?

Question 7


Name a movie, which has an intrinsic connection to Fed.

Question 8

Fed 1999

1999 Courtside interview. One of the answers… Pamela Anderson. What was the question?

Question 9


Something common to both the pictures. Connect to get a clothing brand.

Question 10


Whose face has been blanked out? (One of Fed’s favourites)

Tennis Section

10 Questions

Jog your memory about all things Fed.

Question 11


Federer had two coaches who were (A) Swedes and two coaches (B) with the same first name. One was common. Who?

Question 12


A short-range ballistic missile – also the nickname of one of Roger Federer’s early opponents. Name the opponent.

Question 13


He can say that ‘I RUN THE LIVES’ of Federer and Wawrinka. In a way yes. Who?

Question 14

Fed Twins

Mirka has been Fed’s most productive partner (4!!!) but equally productive with 4 again is a former World No 1. Who?

Question 15


Guess Fed’s exact age from this picture, if you can guess the context.

Question 16

Fedal Laver Cup

Fedal : Federer – Nadal

Federinka : Federer – Wawrinka

Fedkovic : Federer – Djokovic

Fedegro : Federer – ________

Fill in the blank.

Question 17


Fed laughing at being ‘complimented’ by Wawrinka. What was the compliment?

Question 18


Federer has beaten every World No 1  he's played (past & current) at least once, barring one with whom he has lost on clay, hard & grass. Who?

Question 19


Junior World No1. Name the tournament.

Question 20


Fed beat Safin, Roddick, Murray, Haase and Kyrgios to get to the No 1 spot on five different occasions.  But on one occasion in 2018, he did not have to move a muscle, as was probably sitting at home or on vacation.

Which player does he have thank for this?

Thanks for playing!

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Non-Tennis Answers

  1. Dalmatian
  2. Nike
  3. Leo and Lenny
  4. Romeo and Juliet
  5. Paganini
  6. Gerry Weber
  7. Castaway
  8. Hottest Babe
  9. Uniqlo
  10. Will Smith

Tennis Answers

  1. Peter Lundgren
  2. Mark Philippoussis
  3. Severin Luthi
  4. Max Mirnyi
  5. 27
  6. Allegro
  7. Asshole
  8. Pat Rafter
  9. Orange Bowl
  10. Dominic Thiem

Murli Pillai

Fanatic Federer fan. Watch all his matches on TV if shown ( outside working hours ! ), and quite often drive down to Dubai from Muscat to watch him live. Apart from being an IT / Telecom sales professional, am a quiz-master, classic rock & blues fan, movie buff and a veteran tennis-ball cricketer. Love to research on Fed’s on-court & off-court doings – the Fedberg quiz an outcome of that.

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  1. The first ten was tough, I got just 4 (Paganini, GW and two brands), the second was much easier I missed the age one, I still can’t figure how was I supposed to get it from the context, I presume the girl is Beli Bencic

    1. Good effort, I think it’s tricky. I figured most of them out but I was staring at them for over an hour when putting it together before Murli sent me the answers.

  2. Hi Murli, long time no see! Are you kidding? Yes, you are. Always. Was so difficult but I got more than half, well barely 😆
    Thanks for the fun!

  3. WTF is correct. I didn’t do so well. My excuse is I don’t get news from Europe very often unless it’s about Brexit. 🙂
    Murli, you are a crafty rotten sod. Did you see Fed in Dubai this year?

  4. I got 11, most of them about tennis jajaja.
    You missguided me at the missile thing, I thought it was González obviously. His nickname was Bombardero (bombardier).

    1. Yeah that one is tricky, you need to know the name of the missile to really have a chance, rather than working out the name of it from the player first.

      And I never knew he had that nickname, just thought he was Gonzo.

      1. And a lot more during clay season. Fed’s are all bonus! I think Sascha decided to play Marrakech thinking he wants extra points that he miss during 1Q but w that loss, he must have been regretting it, big time. Last 3 WTF-its (non big 4s) have been all cursed next season.

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