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The Ultimate Guide To Getting Wimbledon Tickets in 2020

Last Updated: January 2020

I've been lucky to enough to get to Wimbledon several times over the years seeing the action on both on Centre Court and Court 1 at SW19 but as many of you know it's not the most accessible tournament to get tickets for. I've sourced them in a variety of different ways since I first went in 2010 including camping out in Wimbledon Park to buying online so I have a pretty good idea of how the general public can get their hands on them.

The reason I'm putting it together is quite a few of you have asked me here on the blog about attending Wimbledon and the best way of doing things so I thought rather than answer the odd question in the comments section I'd do a full-on post.

The focus is mainly going to be on obtaining tickets, but I'll throw in a few other tips that I've picked up when I've attended. So if you want to go to Wimbledon and you're not a Corporate Banker, a coke addict from Made in Chelsea with the right connections or lucky enough to own a Wimbledon Debenture for the next five years ๐Ÿ˜† then this post should prove pretty useful for you.

Your Options for Getting Wimbledon Tickets

Wimbledon Tickets

There are 11 ways you can get tickets which I've listed below. There's probably a couple more if you know the right people etc. and work in the PR / Sponsorship world, but for the vast majority of people the list of methods below are your only options, and they are loosely listed in terms of cost from low to high.

  1. The Public Ballot
  2. The Overseas Ballot
  3. The Club Ballot
  4. Camping Out (Queuing Up)
  5. Ticketmaster
  6. Resale Tickets
  7. Touts / Scalpers
  8. Debenture Sales
  9. Ticket Reseller Websites like Ticketbis & Viagogo
  10. Hospitality Packages
  11. Raffles / Giveaways

The Public Ballot

Public Ballot

This should always be your first port of call when it comes to trying to bag tickets, but you'll need to be on the ball as it's a two-step, time-sensitive process to apply.

As of 2020, the ballot has moved entirely online having previously been done via filling out a form and sending to a PO Box address found on the Wimbledon website.

The move online is to make the process easier and more streamlined. Two compulsory phases now achieve entry into the Wimbledon Public Ballot.

Firstly you have the registration phase โ€“ open from September to mid-October (check the Wimbledon sites for the dates each year), followed by the Application phase โ€“ usually open for the entire month of November. It is not possible to submit an Application unless the Registration phase has been completed.

You'll need to register for a myWimbledon account on the Wimbledon website (or use your existing account if you have one) and then register your interest in the ballot before the deadline. You'll then be able to apply for the ballot in November.

When the application phase closes at the end of November, Wimbledon will validate all submitted applications through Ticketmasterโ€™s Verified Fan technology. This is done to eliminate touts and bots. Then the ballot takes place in January, and you'll be notified if you are successful. 

The Overseas Ballot

The Overseas Ballot

The overseas ballot is for foreign residents who have a permanent residence outside of the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands. While the tickets are balloted, the process is a little different – the application is made online, and you need a valid email address to apply. Once you have applied, you will receive two emails from Wimbledon.

The first email is to verify your application and will require you to verify you applied by clicking a link in the email. The second email will be to confirm that you have officially been entered into the public ballad for Wimbledon tickets.

Once you're into the ballot, the tickets are electronically balloted. Again declined or returned tickets are re-balloted, so there's an ongoing chance you may be successful.

The Club Ballot

Club Ballot

The club ballot is a ballot specifically for British Tennis Members, and LTA registered venues – basically tennis clubs up and down the UK. I play at a club, and upon becoming a member, you have the option to become a British Tennis Member – it's free. Then just like the public ballot, there's a ballot amongst all the registered LTA Venues.

The system has recently changed, and now tickets are allocated based on the number of BTM members that opt-in for each LTA Venue. So the more British Tennis Members your club has that opt-in, the higher the allocation of tickets. Once allocated the club then runs their own ballot amongst members. If you're successful, you can then buy the tickets online.

This method isn't for everyone as you'd need to join a tennis club to take part. If you're not interested in playing many clubs do offer nonplaying membership that runs at a slightly reduced rate so it could be an option.

Camping Out / Queuing Up

Wimbledon Queue

I've camped out for tickets a couple of times, and I'd recommend everyone does it at least once. More and more people are doing it each year now though so it's getting tougher to secure tickets for the Show Courts especially Centre Court.

A few years ago camping was done on the side of the pavement leading up to the All England Club, but in recent years it's got a bit more organised, and now the queue is formed in Wimbledon park which is about 15 minutes from the courts.

To land tickets for Centre or Court 1, you'll need to plan things correctly. So in this example, lets say you want Centre Court tickets for the first Tuesday of the Championships. I'd recommend you arrive on early Monday morning (potentially even Sunday evening) and pitch your tent. On arrival, you'll be given a queue card by an Honorary Steward with your number in the queue. Keep this safe as it's basically your ticket to the Championships. Usually, if you're in the first 500, then you are pretty much nailed onto to get Centre Court (you can, of course, opt for Court 1 or another show court if you prefer the schedule elsewhere). If your card is numbered between 501-1000, then you'll get Court 1 tickets and so on. Generally, there are 500 available for each show court.

Once you have pitched your tent and gotten your queue card you're pretty much set. You can take a walk into Southfields where there's a Sainsbury's to get supplies, but the rules say you shouldn't be away from your tent for any extended periods.

Once the sun sets, the honorary stewards usually recommend you try to get to sleep for about 10 or 11 pm. You are then woken up at about 5 am, and you pack up all your things. Tents and Luggage etc. can be stored in left luggage – there are limits and surcharges though, and bags deposited in left luggage should be no bigger than 60cm x 45cm x 25cm. Overnight equipment, along with oversised bags, picnic hampers, and other prohibited items cost ยฃ5, with the proceeds donated towards improving facilities in Wimbledon Park. Other standard sized items require ยฃ1 to deposit.

Once everything is packed away, you join the queue and slowly work your way up to the venue. Once you reach the first set of barriers, things draw to a standstill; stewards then come around with coloured wristbands that relate to which Court you want tickets for. After the bands have been distributed, you are led through the barriers where there is a bag search and walked to the main gates. This process is a bit of a drag and probably lasts 2 hours or so.

When things start moving again, you're moved up to the main gates where at about 10.00 am you can go in and buy your tickets. Cash only. You're then allowed into the grounds, and it's time to watch some tennis with play starting at 11 am!

N.B. If you are being extra cautious and decide to arrive two days before play to camp – e.g. you arrive Monday at 10 pm, but want tickets for Wednesday. You will join the back of Tuesday's queue and get given a queue card dated for Tuesday. Once Tuesday's campers are packed, you will move up to the front of the queue for Wednesday and be given a new queue card.

What Items You Need for Camping

For this type of camping, it's best to travel light, and when I camped I took the following:

  • Tent
  • Small backpack
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Mat or small inflatable mattress (you can go without but it's not too comfy)
  • Few toiletry items
  • Small towel
  • Change of clothes
  • Sun cream
  • Hat
  • Cash – you need it for tickets, there's no card terminal on the gate.

In terms of facilities, it's piss poor with just portacabin style toilets and a few sinks for washing / brushing your teeth. Not great and it hasn't changed since I first camped in 2010 (Hm I thought the ยฃ5 for luggage was used to improve the facilities ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) but bearable for one night. There is a shower over by the tennis courts in Wimbledon Park (operated independently from the Queue facilities) which is a few pounds, and hot water might be a bit flaky. That will be useful if you camp for more than one night.

Food Options

Food-wise – I wouldn't bring any cooking equipment as there are plenty food options in Southfields, with lots on offer at Sainsbury's and guys from the local takeaways are on-site taking orders that are delivered to the gates at the entrance of Wimbledon Park. It won't be the greatest Pizza you ever eat, but again for convenience, it's the best option. No barbecues are allowed in the queue either.


There are quite a few restrictions in place, but the mains one are:

  • One bag only per person will be allowed into the grounds (max size 40cm x 30cm x 30cm). Further, no hard-sided items (e.g. picnic hampers, vacuum flasks, coolboxes or briefcases) are allowed into the grounds.
  • Bags deposited in left luggage should be no bigger than 60cm x 45cm x 25cm.
  • Overnight equipment, along with oversised bags, picnic hampers, and other prohibited items can be left in the dedicated left luggage facilities. A ยฃ5 charge will be made for the deposit of overnight equipment, with the proceeds donated towards improving facilities in Wimbledon Park. Other items cost ยฃ1 to deposit.
  • No barbecues are allowed in the Queue.

You'll receive an official guide to Queuing on arrival which details all this and more.

What Time Do You Need To Arrive

There are no exact times to adhere when it comes to camping, and it changes from year to year depending on attendances. Generally, they are increasing all the time, which means the earlier you will need to turn up. The best thing to do is keep up with the media coverage on the Queue. There's a lot of coverage on Twitter via ViewFromTheQ revealing how full the Queue is and what number queue cards they are up to so keep checking there.

I camped for Manic Monday (Men's 4th Round, very popular day) in 2011 and camped from Friday evening till Monday morning. We arrived at about 9 pm Friday and were around the 10th people to join the queue. By Saturday afternoon all tickets for Centre Court had gone. So I was there a tad early, but tickets soon dried up.

In general, I would say if you want tickets for Centre Court, then you need to get on-site at the following times:

  • 1st Monday of the Championships: 8 am Sunday Morning
  • Tuesday: 10 am Monday Morning
  • Wednesday: 10 am Tuesday Morning
  • Thursday: 10 am Wednesday Morning
  • Friday: 10 am Thursday Morning
  • Saturday: 10 am Friday Morning
  • Manic Monday: 8 am Saturday Morning
  • Second Tuesday: 6 am Monday Morning
  • Second Wednesday: 6 am Tuesday Morning

Please note the times above are just my estimates and what time I'd look to arrive. I haven't camped since 2013, and it's getting busier every year.

If you want court one tickets, add 2/3 hours onto the times above. And the same again for Court 2 and 3. Ground passes are in plentiful supply, but I'd recommend arriving at about 6 am on the day of play, and you'll be queuing a while for them (you may miss the start of the play). You could even camp overnight for a grounds pass, arrive in the middle of the night and you'll likely get into the grounds before play starts.

Remember there are no tickets for Centre Court or Court 1 after the Quarter Finals.

Note: If you are thinking of queuing I've written a dedicated guide that goes into a bit more detail than the section above. Check the guide to the Wimbledon queue here.



Alongside the queue the AELTC also release a limited number of tickets on Ticketmaster, there are usually two opportunities to buy for each day of play – returns that can be repurchased, and a small amount kept back for general sale. They go on sale the day before play.

It's a complete lottery as to whether you'll pick any up though – everybody wants them – touts, online resellers, and genuine fans. Quantities are always small too – I hear < 500 per day, so naturally, they get snapped up in no time. Worth a punt if you're sat at your computer but don't hold your breath on getting any.

Check Latest Wimbledon Ticket Prices


St Marys Walk Resale

Resale tickets are tickets that are resold when ticket holders leave Wimbledon early. Anyone leaving before the end of play is requested to place their tickets in the red boxes provided or have their tickets scanned on exit from the Grounds. They will be re-sold inside the Grounds, not before 15:00, from the kiosk to the north of Court 18 near the top of St Maryโ€™s Walk. So you will need to be inside the grounds to stand a chance of getting one which requires a grounds pass.

Of course, you won't see a full days play with this method, but if you're in the grounds, there's always a chance you might catch one of the big names in the last match on Centre especially if there have been a few long matches during the day.



You'll see plenty of touts around the tube entrances at Southfields and Wimbledon, but with the advent of online ticketing, they don't seem to have the quantity or quality of tickets they once had. Most of them are looking to buy spares to move on themselves.

I spoke to quite a few of them at Wimbledon 2015 and tickets for Centre, and Court 1 were very had to come by. Ground passes do tend to be available though, but you'll have to part with a few hundred pounds to get one.

Generally, I'd say if you live relatively close to Wimbledon, and have the cash then, by all means, turn up and see if you can buy from a tout but don't travel from afar with your hopes pinned on securing tickets from one.

Naturally, be wary of things that sound too good to be true or obvious scams, but in my experience, most touts aren't out to rip people off or supply fraudulent tickets. Wimbledon state they have an anti-tout policy, but from what I've seen, it's not heavily policed. There's, of course, a chance that if you buy a ticket from a tout, you may be refused seen as though all non-debenture tickets are non-transferable, but it boils down to your appetite for risk (or desire to see Federer play ๐Ÿ˜‰ )



A Wimbledon Debenture is the 5-year ticket. A customer can purchase a debenture ticket and in return receive one ticket for every day of the Wimbledon Championships every year for five years.

They're priced at around ยฃ50,000 for Centre Court and ยฃ15,000 for Court 1, but interestingly they are the only Wimbledon ticket that can, as per the rules, be transferred or resold. This can be done privately or via a stockbroker.

While lots of holders pass the tickets to family and friends, many debenture holders opt to sell their tickets on days they won't attend. Some choose to use some of the specialist sites like Wimbledon Debenture Holders that connect buyers and sellers while others will use other marketplaces.

If you go down this route, then be prepared to cough up a fair chunk of cash to get your hands on a ticket as they sell well in excess of 4 figures depending on the day of the championships.

Reseller Sites


All the major reseller sites that connect buyers with sellers list Wimbledon Tickets throughout the championships – Viagogo, TicketBis and StubHub all had availability when I looked last year. The market dictates the prices for resellers, so with Wimbledon, the prices are sky-high. You would be unlikely to see anything on Centre Court listed for less than ยฃ1500 per ticket.

This is by far one of the easiest ways to get tickets as you don't have to queue or camp – but do be careful buying online. While most sites are legit (avoid ones that look fly by night and stick to the mainstream ones) – they can't always be fully policed. And you may be buying tickets that are deemed nontransferable, as per the rules.

Check Latest Wimbledon Ticket Prices

Hospitality Packages

Hospitality Packages

The AELTC works with two official hospitality partners for Wimbledon: Keith Prowse and SportsWorld. As I understand they must bulk buy several Debenture Seats and then repackage them into a hospitality offering.

The tickets are available to anyone from the UK and most overseas markets – the UK, Americas, Europe, Australasia. And usually contain something like the following service:

  • Centre Court tickets in a prime location
  • Luxury chauffeur car service all day, one per suite (for journeys within the M25)
  • Car parking (one pass between four guests)
  • Personal usher service to your seats
  • A butler and experienced waiting and hostess staff
  • Spacious balcony, elevating you above the crowds
  • Air-conditioning within the suite for comfort
  • Eye-catching floral displays
  • Sunscreen for guests
  • Plasma TV's to follow the dayโ€™s play
  • Internal branding and signage opportunities
  • A premium gift for all guests

Expect to pay around ยฃ3,000 per person early in the Championships, with prices rising as the tournament draws to a close. Not for everyone at those prices, I can't think of anything worse than an usher service to my seats, but there you go ๐Ÿ˜€

Raffles & Giveaways


A couple of years ago, I ran a giveaway right here on the blog, and the winner got their hands on 2 Centre Court tickets and drinks in the Jacobs Creek tent.

If you look around online in the run-up to the tournament starting particularly on the Money Saving Expert Forums, then you'll see plenty of brands who have involvement with the Championships running ticket giveaways. You will, of course, be up against hundreds of thousands of others who enter, and you have to hand over your email address, but if you're feeling lucky, then it's worth a punt.

Don't Get Hung Up on Wimbledon!

My final tip is: do not get hung up on Wimbledon tickets or paying over the odds to attend it. While it's good, it's certainly not the be-all and end-all. And in terms of overall fan experiences, there are plenty of tournaments that match it. You only have to spend 5 minutes in the grounds to realise it's a place to be seen rather than an event for genuine tennis fans. “Who's his opponent?” “Dzhumur” “Sounds French”.

The food on offer in the grounds is shit, and the prices are ridiculous so if you're thinking of paying over the odds for tickets rather than face value – remember that you could get to a smaller, fan-friendly tournament in Europe with flights + accommodation and get to see a completely different city for the same price ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, there you have it, my guide to getting Wimbledon tickets. If you have any questions, drop them in the comments below or email me, and I'll do my best to answer.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. First time Wimbledon attender and queue last year! Didn’t know what to expect, but I’ll definitely be going back this year! 5am start on first Wednesday for 4th row centre court tickets to see Roger (and Rafa) on Thursday was well worth it! Can’t recommend it enough!!

      1. So I joined Wednesdays queue at 2574, immediately panicked, but when they all scuttled off, leaving Thursday the queue, we’re given new queue cards, no 200!

      2. Yep, I had done LOTS of research before going, but that was 1 thing I hadn’t read. When it was time to start the Thursday queue, our Wednesday queue cards were used to put us in the right order, so it was very fair (hope that made sense!)

  2. Congratulations to Stan for winning the Dubai Tennis Championship…..the trophy stays in familiar territory.
    Bravo Stan! Roger, we miss you!

  3. Great article! I always find Wimbledon annoyingly exclusive and really doesn’t cater to the genuine tennis fan. Saying all that, if someone offered me a Debenture ticket I wouldn’t say no!

    Which tournaments would you recommend a Federer fan to go to that are better value for money (travelling from the UK)?

    1. Annoyingly exclusive? I guess it depends where you are. I’ve been going there since before Roger was born, and usually manage to miss most of the exclusivity ๐Ÿ™‚

      “Iโ€™ve camped out for tickets a couple of times and Iโ€™d recommend everyone does it at least once. More and more people are doing it each year now though so itโ€™s getting tougher to secure tickets for the Show Courts especially Centre Court.”

      It’s getting tough even to get in now! Last week I turned up about 7 am one day in week 1 – can’t overnight, and buses that early in the morning are ridiculously poor (oh yes, that was the day they cancelled my connecting trains: I remember it well) – and the queue was already closed! Tried the same in week 2 and could have ended up going much later and still getting in!

    2. I think the fact you have to queue / camp for around 24 hours, whilst anyone corporate just rocks up at 11 to get in makes it annoyingly exclusive. The way Wimbledon is setup with ticketing does treat a lot of fans as second class sort of thing.

      I would recommend both Basel and Halle to visit. I bet Stuttgart is good too. Rotterdam too is a good venue.

      Most European Cities are better than London in terms of prices, transport and less overcrowded.

      1. Any *ticketholder* just has to rock up at 11 am – it’s not just the corporates. And quite honestly, the “fans” – and the media talking it up – I think are responsible as much as anything for this crazy queuing phenomenon. It’s only a few years ago that you could turn up quite easily at 8-9 am and be sure of getting in – and conceivably even get a show-court ticket – but first people kept being told that you had to queue overnight to get one of those, and then it became “you have to queue overnight even to get in”, and now it’s become a self-fulfilling prophecy, to the extent that even Londoners often can’t get in any more without camping out, let alone all those people who come in from elsewhere in the country on the day. It’s a disgrace, and discriminates against older people, those who don’t have the freedom – or the physical ability – to camp out at will, those who are physically unable to queue for hours (unless they’re in wheelchairs) and so on, but I don’t see that it’s a problem of Wimbledon’s making. Heaven knows, they make enough tickets-on-the-day available, really, compared with other tournaments.

        I’ll be interested to see how it returns to “normal” once the Big Four are no longer around.

      2. I first camped in 2010. All centre tickets were gone by 10am the day before play and court 1 about 2 hours later. So it’s not really anything new with regards to availability drying up fast.

        “Even Londoners can’t get in anymore without camping” ๐Ÿ˜† Oh no the poor London folk!

        It’s clearly a problem of Wimbledon’s making – their ticketing methods aren’t well setup and focus way too heavily on corporates and hospitality. Whilst making joe public jump through hoops to secure a ticket.

        And how is 500 centre court tickets available on the day a good amount?

        Ideally they would just do what April said below like they do at the Australian Open. Tickets go on sale from a certain date for the general public. Simple. Then there is a small quantity available on the day

        AO is infinitely more accessible.

      3. Whilst I agree totally with you about the corporate ticket holders just rocking up while the true fans are herded like cattle I have to disagree with you that Wimbledon isn’t all that. If you are fortunate to get a ticket in the ballot. And yes the ballot annoys me too! A day on either Centre or No 1 court is absolutely the holy grail. The experience is second to none. I’ve had tickets on No2, No1 and Centre with Mens Final tickets for 2012. It is and always will be the tournament to go to. Others pale in comparison. Although my Son reckons RG is better. I beg to differ. Just stay off ‘the hill’ it’s the Devils own. Not enjoyable at all.

      4. The experience of watching on Centre Court is fantastic. You feel very close to the action so if you can go, then go. But I wouldn’t get hung up on it.

        Centre is just one part of the tournament. I factor in transport, pricing, food / drinks, overall venue, atmosphere around the grounds and the people who attend. I like Wimbledon but it’s not on a pedestal for me. Smaller events are better run and more fan friendly.

        Which other tournaments have you been to that pale in comparison?

  4. Oh, and all the raffles and giveaways? (Thanks for the MSE tip, Jon – I didn’t know about that one) It seems to me they’re getting fewer than they used to be (try looking in METRO and the Evening Standard in the weeks leading up to it), but a lot of them are horrible hospitality tickets – the sort of thing where you start off with a glass of champers, then move on to lunch, then to afternoon tea, then to supper … Whaddya mean you actually want to watch the tennis?! ๐Ÿ™‚ Not sure how much it would be appreciated if you snubbed the donor.

    1. Yeah they are worth a shout, but you are going to be up against career / professional freeloaders who spend all day entering competitions so chances are slim.

      I agree as well on there being less giveaways in recent years, I had a lot of offers in 2013, 2014 but less last year to run competitions etc.

      1. Does anyone know when you sign up for the public ballot overseas if you are at that point given date choices of the days you will be in England to possibly attend or does it cover the entire two-week tournament?

      2. Nah, it’s a Ballot. So the days you get are random. You will find out in February if you were successful and the tickets on offer. Then you can plan your trip.

  5. Wow all sounds too hard to me. Jonathan what’s your top recommendation for a “small” touramnent in Europe which will offer the best experience for a tennis fan? Plus the city itself is worth a visit? I’ve only been to the UK in Europe.

    1. Hi April,

      Come to Nice in the French Riviera and go to Rolex Masters in Monte-Carlo! It may not be the best Fed experience as it’s clay but it’s great as holiday destination combining tennis and sightseeing along the coast which also includes crossing border into Italy. The venue alone is a thing of beauty.

      This year though, all ticket’s gone for the Centre Court as soon as Fed announced his entry but easy to get a ticket at the gate if you arrive before it opens. If the cost is not a concern, you can even get a seat with superb court view on the day.

      I guess Rome could be lovely, too.

      1. Thanks Wanda and Jonathan! Will definitely look into the tennis calendar into those. If Roger plays there, great; but I’ve learnt the lesson of planning a holiday around Roger. The disappointment could be devastating. I’d rather not to go to see him in the first place!

    2. Halle – Bielefeld is a nice town and you could also see Dusseldorf.

      Basel – very nice town. Accomodation not the cheapest there though but everything else is fairly reasonable.

      I would also say Stuttgart, not been, but Germany always organise events very well. Far better than UK.

      And like Wanda says – Monte Carlo is a great setting. Lot of good driving roads around those parts.

  6. A timely post, Jonathan. I’ve just received email from AELTC. I am being offered 2 tickets on Centre Court, Day 3, through the Overseas Ballot. This is my first try at the ballot, I have no idea what’s the odd. This will be our first trip to a Slam. We’ll definitely try to catch one more day’s action. For the moment, we’re ruling out camping, we’re too old for that.

    1. Thanks and cool!

      I’m not sure what the allocation is for overseas and the number of applicants, but I’d say you have gotten lucky ๐Ÿ™‚

      I guess your best bet will be TicketMaster then, or queuing for a Groundspass to just see the outside courts in the first week, then maybe get a resale later in the day.

  7. ‘The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Selfie/Autograph with Roger Federer’ – what a great idea for an article! Maybe you should source information from someone who is an expert ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Thanks Jon, appreciate this article very much. Seems Roger will be LA over this weekend as he has been invited as guest of Harvey Weinstein ? attending pre-Oscar party. Roger we are suffering here and you are busy rubbing shoulders with Leo and Kate. We miss you so much here.

  9. Seeing Fed on THE grass is a forever my dream, with 3 times near-miss in the past. Excellent timing, Jonathan as I’ll be in London around Wimby time. The post certainly makes me wonder if I should try camping.

    1. That will be ultimate dream – watch Federer on grass. I am planning to visit SW19 this June/July, hope I can be lucky.

    2. Camping is the best way to get tickets at face value so it’s worth a go. You’ll likely meet some characters in the queue too.

      Ticketmaster is worth a go too but very slim chances.

  10. Hi there, I’ve also gotten Centre Court tickets for the first time through the overseas ballot. As we don’t pick up our tickets until the morning we arrive we won’t know our exact seats in the stadium until the day. I was wondering whether the ballot seats are already assigned or is it worth turning up early to get the best of the seats available?

    1. That’s a good question, and I’m not 100% sure. But I think they will already be allocated.

      In the UK ballot tickets are posted to the customer – so you know the seats in advance and have no choice.

      Even if they’re not pre-allocated ballot tickets do tend to be grouped in very similar areas, so there might not be a ton of choice. If it was me I’d just get there about 9.45/10am.

      Emailing Wimbledon is probably your best bet to know for certain…

  11. I find this absolutely crazy. First off, one needs a university degree in learning how to obtain tickets. There’s your next job, Jonathan….Professor’s internationally renowned course in ticket purchase.
    I think Monty Python had a hand in this system.

    I don’t think I’d ever take the chance to try. Someone (American, I believe) bought tickets online for 1000 USD and arrived at the gate only to find out the tickets were fake. By some miracle they ended up with tickets to the semis, saw Fed vs Murray.

    IW is so easy. I’m fortunate to know someone who has great seats for sale or you can get a grounds pass for cheap, buy from the site or from sports ticket places.
    This year, I bought some tickets from VividSeats. They are based in Chicago and seem really good. My tickets have been shipped to IW UPS store now (my choice).
    VividSeats have tennis tickets to lots of tournaments including Wimbledon.

    Good luck to everyone trying to get tickets to where ever Thanks for the post, J..

    1. You may as well just try the overseas ballot? It’s free and you know well in advance if you have got tickets.

      Well bit unfortunate for those guys losing that cash on a con, but 1000 USD is way too cheap so it’s an immediate red flag. Kinda have some sympathy but some people are just a walking scam waiting to happen ๐Ÿ˜†

  12. I managed to get 2 tickets for centre court for opening Monday from Ticketmaster last year too. Though, it was no mean feat, only achieved it with the help multiple siblings / in laws. 6 to be exact! We were lucky that 1 of us managed to get some. It was a hectic 15mins! From talking to others during my time in the queue, the general consensus was that it was pretty rare to get tickets that way! Only downside was the first match I ever saw at Wimbledon was a Novak match ??

  13. “Resale tickets […] will be re-sold inside the Grounds, not before 15:00, from the kiosk to the north of Court 18 near the top of St Maryโ€™s Walk. So you will need to be in the grounds to stand a chance of getting one which requires a grounds pass.”

    You should also be aware that, depending on circumstances, you may not be allowed anywhere near the resale kiosk for several hours before the tickets go on sale. The access to the kiosk is via Henman Hill, or whatever we call it these days, and if the Hill is packed people won’t be allowed in. Even if it isn’t packed, as was the case last year when I went – and the queue didn’t look that long – they weren’t letting people join the queue, and told us to come back later, at some ridiculously late hour when there probably wouldn’t have been any play left on Centre. (I was hoping for tickets for Wawrinka vs. Gasquet – I think Centre was already more or less closed for the night).

    Also, the resale kiosk is cash only – so that’s another ยฃ5 or ยฃ10 you need to allow for if you’re coming.

    I see a new debenture issue for No. 1 Court was being advertised this week in the sports press – no idea what the cost of that is, although I hope it’ll be less than the recent Centre one.

    1. Ah never heard that before.

      Pricing for Court 1 debentures 2017 to 2021 comes out in April. I would guess around the ยฃ15k mark.

      Who would want one though? Centre or nothing surely if you’re wanting to throw that type of cash around. No roof, less premium matches and only in use for the first 10 days. Not a very good buy.

      I think most Debenture buyers will say that only good thing about Court 1 at Wimbledon is it keeps the riff raff out of Centre ๐Ÿ˜†

  14. Why does it have to be so hard for Wimbledon?? Because it’s Wimbledon? Seriously like Sue said you need an uni degree just to understand your options. What’s wrong with, just like AO, tickets go n sale from a certain date to all public, then leave some for corporates and fans turning up on the day, no camping??

    1. Totally agree, April. So many people are out of luck. Can’t camp out or stand in a queue. No choice of where your seats are. Makes no sense.

    2. Yeah the AO is the blueprint for how a slam should be run IMO. Obviously only observing from the outside but everyone I know who has been says it’s very accessible for the everyday tennis fan.

  15. Off-Topic alert: Having only once been to a tournament on a qualifying week, this I have to say:
    Has any one else noticed that out of 5 singles finals this weekend (that I know of), 4 were won by single handers BH, including one woman?
    Having said that, for those of you lucky enough to attend Wimbledon, I hope you enjoy each and every second, and hopefully… well, I’d better shut up.

    1. I also saw a clip of Roger downing a shot of tequila. Bad boy. I guess this is a taste of what retirement could look like for him.

      1. I also noticed 2 out of the 3 “headlines” on the atp site are about Roger. And he isn’t even playing. The atp and the tennis world knows where the interest lay.

  16. Hi,

    Do you have any idea how persons with disability can get a ticket? I’m a stroke survivor and has fully recovered but I don’t think my body can last the queue. It says on the site to call but I wonder if they will consider me? Appreciate the help. Thank you x

    1. Hi,

      I’m not sure on the provisions in place for disabilities so I would ring or email as per the Wimbledon website.

      The camping itself part isn’t too bad as you can bring fold up chairs etc. – it’s just the queueing from 5am onwards that requires a lot of standing and can be pretty tiring. But I’m certain they’ll have something in place for disabled and ambulant disabled individuals.

      For anyone else reading – there is a specific ballot for wheelchair seats that runs alongside the public ballot.

      If you do call and get some info, feel free to relay it here as I can add it into this post as I’m sure there are a lot of others interested in knowing.


    2. They have day seats available on at least Centre for wheelchairs, I think. It may be a bit hit and miss, but at times when I’ve been around the disability tent I’ve heard the stewards trying to get rid of the things. And yes, there *is* a disability waiting area down near the search area – they’ll give you a *bumpy* buggy ride down to it from roughly the queue area (although you may still have to walk a way to get to the buggy). You still have to go up a few steps to the search area, though, I think, but they’ll let you walk across the road rather than use the temporary footbridge, too. I wonder how hit-and-miss it is, though – suppose you turn up on a day when there are lots of other people wanting the wheelchair spaces? Don’t know what time you have to get there, though – you might still have to wait quite a while.

      So yes, there certainly is some provision for the disabled, but how effective and how suitable it is I’m not sure, so I would certainly ask – and do it as soon as possible, because the nearer you get to the tournament I’d guess the more questions they have to field on the subject. I suspect it may be rather better for wheelchair users than for the ambulant disabled.

    1. Yeah! I had read it in the weekend and it’s by far one of the most fascinating numerical analysis of the game I’ve seen. It shows just how much mental work is going on inside the players’ heads.
      It’s interesting to notice that Wawrinka doesn’t seem to give much of a rat’s ass when things are going out of hand. Not that it’s an absolutely bad thing in itself: he seems to prefer to spare fuel for the next set.

      1. Sure. As an amateur player, I do stretch losing sets a lot, so I guess I identify with what those numbers are all about.

        Despite that the fact that I dislike that Craig guy, this is one of his better write ups.

  17. Interesting read, I never realized it would be this harder to get tickets in Wimbledon..

    Not entirely related, is any readers here planning to attend Cincy this year? or Anyone who did in past? I am planning either for Thursday/Friday(QF)….Not sure about Saturday as likely to cost bit more….. Website says as ticket goes on sale Tomorrow (March 1), so wondering any one else planning..also get some tips..

    Thank you.

      1. I am not very sure about it…In Toronto (except that very close boxes in upfront) all other tickets are sold by session, hence we can easily access some of best view seats (like the one i had last year) without dropping fortune on tickets…In Cincy it seems those seats are only sold as package (2 or 3 days)…..Single session seats avail only on top level which is bit disappointment…. I did booked for SF, F matches as of now….. Now I am hoping Roger makes it for Week-end… front row packages sold out already…

        Toronto tickets are accessible much easier..Either it isn’t famous as Cincy among public or too much of corporate in Cincy..

      2. Ah yeah all about the Full Series Loge seats. Not great is it if you want great seats but can’t attend all week.

        Looking at pictures though, the stadium isn’t that big so even if you’re in a Terrace seat, the view is going to be fine. I think front row in a corner would be a good seat on the upper level. 331 or 308.

        102 would be my ideal spot.

      3. Hoping it would be nice…. Just got confirmation email from them..Its indeed on section 332(i didn’t chose, they allotted).. Cheers..

  18. People whoโ€™s got the tickets through the overseas ballot is extremely lucky. I WON (felt like) the tickets 4 years in a raw for the Centre court and also the Court 1 for once when it was still the snail mail ballot. But since it changed to the online system, it has become more of a lottery. Nobody in my circle has been lucky so far ๐Ÿ™

    And even more miracle if you get to see Fed on the day and the court with your allocated ticket! Will my dream ever come true?

    1. Hi, just have a question with regard to the overseas ballot if you don’t mind? If you apply for tickets is 2 the max number of tickets you will get? If there are 4 of you planning to go and all apply the chances of you all getting same date are very slim?

    2. 1 application is always for 1 x a pair of tickets.

      If there are 4 of you, then you’d need 2 people to be successful in the ballot. I think it is 1 application per household too.

  19. The last I saw, he’s still in LA hanging out with Tommy Haas. He’s there with his trainer. Might have been seen at IW.

    1. Roger is on his way back to Switzerland. He told a reporter at the Oscar ceremony he was going to be in LA for a week.

      1. Tough for any athlete to be caught “cheating” unintentionally. Always their responsibility but the physicians prescribing pharmaceuticals to athletes should also keep up to date on banned medications as well.
        It will be interesting to see what kind of ban (or lack of) to be imposed.

      2. How many are doped by things not yet on the list? That’s the question I ask myself now. Maybe “everybody” (nearly ๐Ÿ™‚

      3. A top player is caught doping. Sharapova is only the tip of that particular iceberg. As usual, we will try not to think about it.

      4. I am absolutely convinced, as if I wasn’t already, that Serena Williams is a doper. She is being protected because,

        (1) Sponsors like Nike cannot afford to take another financial hit.
        (2) Exposing her would destroy women’s tennis, and, most importantly.
        (2) Whoever exposes her, will be branded as a racist.

        Well played, Serena Williams, you cheating thug!

      5. Sloane, and Townsend will eventually morph in Williams clones; doped up.

  20. 2 more things I meant to mention about getting into Wimbledon:

    – the “1 bag only” rule doesn’t appear to include reasonably-sized handbags. At least, I’ve never been stopped from taking mine in in addition to a backpack. Oh, and on that point, they really do prefer you to have a bag which doesn’t have loads of pockets which have to be searched, as it speeds up the bag check.

    – I don’t think Jon’s mentioned the after-5 pm access. It is supposed to be possible to turn up and get in after 5 pm for a reduced charge. However, I’d guess that these days you’d still have to join a long queue of people who have been waiting since earlier that morning, and who’s to say that there’d be any tennis still going on by the time you got in? Play can end ridiculously early at times, and they don’t necessarily put on additional matches even if there’s a backlog.

  21. Completely OT: the ATP site has an article about the new breed of under 21s. I wish they (and all) would stop using the expression “meteoric rise”. For heaven’s sake (pun intended): meteors *fall* and crash, usually with a bang; they do not rise, ever!
    Sorry. In these bleak days, I had to come up with something annoying. Or not.

  22. IW draw out today. I got all excited and then reality hit…no Fed. No fun doing the tennis prediction either. I need something to get excited about…Raonic shaving his head? Djokovic breaking his leg in a soccer match? Nadal knocking his own water bottles over?
    There has to be something!

    1. I’ll vote for the bottles being tipped over by Nadal as the wished-for event for this month.
      That and me being able to serve 5 times in a row, of course…

      1. Along with his IG-F1, EPO’s, testosterone and whatever else it has taken for him to win 9 French titles.

    1. Thanks Wanda…only serves to remind us what we’re missing! Unmatchable – the first Roger-less month was bad, the second is excruciating. Not big on patience ๐Ÿ™

    2. YouTube is really a survival tool in these Fed-less days.I haven’t even seen IW draw and not a single match of dubai and rotterdam. Just waiting for Federer to return!

  23. Well, I’m off to Indian Wells in the morning. Hoping to see some good tennis. Mixed feelings…happy to get into the sun though.

    1. Lance Armstrong sued his critics. Even though he was a doper. Nadal has threatened to sue before. We will see it when we see it.

      1. That is helpful to know about Armstrong. I didn’t know that. Still I hope Nadal is not a doper.

      2. Court action won’t answer that question. It will only deal with what can be proven according to law. Nadal could remain a doper (very likely) while Bachelot is unable to prove it. Dopers don’t necessarily fail drug tests – and indeed usually don’t (Marion Jones, Barry Bonds, Flojo).

      3. In other words, that’s just a way of saying that whatever the trial concludes you won’t stop insisting he dopes ๐Ÿ˜›

      4. John, I am not actually saying that. I have a legal training and what I am telling you is that a court cannot offer a definitive answer as to whether or not Nadal has doped. The only questions it may answer are whether or not he has been defamed, and whether the defendant/s (presumably Bachelot and the French TV station that published her comments) have any defence. Those are specific legal questions, which can only admit of such evidence the court deems relevant to resolving those questions. If the case goes to court – and I am picking it won’t – it is not an inquiry into whether or not Nadal is a doper. My own views on that are based on information and perceptions quite outside the scope of a defamation suit. The fact is that Nadal could win the suit and yet still be a doper, but Bachelot be unable to prove it. What she specifically claimed was that he was “probably” suspended in 2012 following a failed drug test. She could find it very difficult to prove that, without the failed test result. He could still be a doper, and yet not have failed a drug test. The case would resolve nothing. It is all currently posturing – and Nadal is losing the pr war, because he has replaced Sharapova in the headlines. It was she who pointed the media in his direction. Well done, Maria.

    1. When Djoker reaches 34 and if he still plays tennis ,I want to know the reaction of his father at that time
      He is nothing but a Fed hater

      1. Djokovic’s father has no opinions worth anything on tennis. He is really only just another “tennis parent”. Or maybe a “ballet mother”?

      2. If you think the Djokovic clan is bad. Murray fans are mad at him because they want that same love Federer gets for Murray. So both fanbases are needy and blame Federer. I think it is pretty petty. Murray hasn’t done anything to garner the same respect as Federer. Djokovic could be liked but his family acts too jealous and loud.

  24. Federer keeps practising on hard courts, can anyone please explain me why he is not on clay courts.
    On the other hand seeing roger’s practise pics gives me a lot of happiness.
    Waiting for his comeback!

    1. Somebody said there are no clay courts in Dubai? If Roger were still in Switzerland presumably he’d only be able to practise on indoor clay, and I don’t know how different that is from outdoor, and how much use it would be?

    2. Bit too cold for outdoor clay in Switzerland right now. Knees and cold not a good mix ๐Ÿ™‚

      I guess he is favouring the heat and climate for a quicker recovery.

  25. Great article thanks! Have just received an offer of two tickets for Centre Court on the middle Saturday and was ecstatic until I read that they aren’t seated together – argh! Anyone have any experience of this? Are they likely to be behind/in front of each other or miles away? What are the chances we could move once there? I really want to go but it’s a lot of money to sit all day on opposite sides of the court to each other!
    Any help appreciated – going to give Wimbledone a ring in the morning!

    1. Hi,

      Hard to say how far apart they will be. If you are just a few seats apart on the same row – the chances you can move are pretty high as most people are going to be willing to move across 1 seat. The further apart you get the less likely rearranging becomes.

      What you might find though is some of the matches aren’t completely full – so you might be able to get away with sitting together for a bit until someone comes to reclaim their seat (assuming both your tickets are in the same section, otherwise you won’t both be allowed past the steward)

      Tbh sitting on your own isn’t too bad IMO, plenty of time to hang out in the grounds area etc between matches with whoever you are going with…

  26. I am a member at three LTA registered venues and have therefore increased my chances of getting tickets. Don’t feel like you have to be a member of an expensive club to be in with a chance, I won tickets though – of course you have to participate in one of the rounds but it is good fun and I think it only costs ยฃ12, so you will get to play tennis for sure, and you might get to watch some!

  27. Am trying to purchase tickets before I get to the tournament. Is the web site Status Sports legitimate for purchasing tickets?

    1. Just looking now, I’d be sceptical of it. Very limited info on there and no real trust factors or external reviews. Doubt I’d part with my cash on a site like that. Credit Card would be only thing I would use.

  28. Very useful post!
    I am thinking of camping this year to attend the first Saturday but I cannot get into the queue earlier than 23:00h on Friday. Do you think I would still have a little chance to get tickets for the Centre Court, Court One and Court Two? Iโ€™ve heard about people camping on Friday to Mondayโ€ฆ

    1. Thanks.

      I think if you arrived at that time you maybe have a chance of Court 2 but it’s slim. Centre or Court 1 no way.

      I camped for Manic Monday once and arrived on Friday at about 9pm so yes, people do arrive on Friday for the second Monday.

  29. Jonathan, thanks so much for ALL of your information. I will be visiting on holiday from Texas and my kids and I are huge tennis fans. They are 10 & 14 so while I would LOVE to queue I think it would zap their love if they waited that long. Please tell me the best way to get them in to the grounds and to see the practice courts?? We plan to be there on the first couple of days.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for the feedback.

      Hm tough one. The only way you can get inside to see the outside court matches and where players practice is with a Grounds Pass. And you will need to queue for those too.

      I’m not 100% sure on what time you’d need to get there as I have only ever queued for show courts. I think you could probably arrive at 6 / 7am on the day of play and be in the grounds for the start of play.

      No other real options other than trying to buy from a tout. Grounds Passes face value is ยฃ25 for the first 2 days.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Depending on the circumstances, you might not even get *in* if you arrive at 7 am, let alone before play starts.

        When I finally managed to get in, which turned out to be the second Wednesday, men’s QF, Stan, Andy and Novak were practising on the outside courts (maybe 4 and 5, or was it the next row out?), and I think Roger had been there earlier – or perhaps he’d been on the other side of the main complex? I had a feeling Court 14 had been mentioned previously. They disappeared off fairly early, though.

      2. Before 7.30, I think. It’s really difficult getting there across town by public transport at that time of morning. Anyway, I remember thinking I could easily have turned up quite a bit later and still got in – *that* day.

    2. My guess would be that the Monday would be a no-go – as the weekend is immediately before it, I’d imagine there would be more people than ever queuing overnight. OTOH, I reckon you’d probably need to show up on the Monday morning anyway to get a feel of the situation for Tuesday. I’d guess the Ticketmaster sales might be your best bet – or returns. I suggest you sign up for Wimbledon’s mailing list: that might help.

      You should be aware that when we talk about queuing you aren’t actually standing in a queue for a long time – you’ll be sitting on the grass in a large open park area beforehand. People sit and read, play on their phones, sleep, sunbathe (okay, maybe not this year, the way the weather’s been), have picnics … and then you end up walking a long way to the security check ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Yes, but not *standing* for by any means all of that time. Plus once the queue gets moving it’s more of a slow stroll.

      2. Actually, I’ve since realised that since Djokovic will be playing first match on Centre Court on the Monday, Murray as 2nd seed (presumably Roger stands no chance now of getting that despite Wimbledon’s seeding formula?) will be playing on the Tuesday. I’d guess that would mean the queue for Tuesday would be immense.

      3. Well, I’m a bit dumbfounded to see that the Queue appears still to be open today. I wonder whether Wimbledon’s tweet last night to ask people not to turn up for ground passes until today has put people off? Or maybe some of the overnighters are still on the way back from Glastonbury? Or people don’t actually like sitting in the queue for hours on end unless it’s blisteringly hot? Or …?

        Shanee’, I hope you ignored my advice and turned up on the off-chance anyway ๐Ÿ™

    3. Of course, Shanee’, if you and the kids are such big tennis fans that you don’t mind what tennis you see, and you happen to be in the UK the previous week, you might try getting tickets for one of the other grasscourt tournaments. That’ll be Eastbourne for the ladies and Nottingham for the men, it looks like. Not the same, of course, but it depends on your priorities.

  30. Looking for some advice on the queue, planning on going on July the 5th a Tuesday. As I will be coming from outside London I won’t be able to get to the queue before 7am, just wondering if this is unrealistic for ground passes? it’s my first time going not fussed about court tickets just want to get ground passes and enjoy the atmosphere

    1. You should be ok on July 5th at that time as there are no Men’s Matches on Tuesday 5th so I don’t think there will be as much demand. It’s Women’s Quarter Finals day so with a grounds pass for the outside courts you will only be able to see Junior’s and Doubles.

      1. There aren’t any men’s matches *scheduled* on that day, but if the weather intervenes it’s possible some of the men’s matches might have to be played that day, in which case all bets might be off. But yes, Ladies’ Day is usually not a day that’s greatly in demand. Although maybe if Konta were to make the QFs that might make a bit of difference.

  31. Jonathon,

    Informative read, thank you. Wish I would have read this before showing up on the first Friday for a grounds pass and seeing a 4 hour wait.

    Quick question though. I enjoyed the city and atmosphere that I want to make it back for a court 2+ ticket for the second friday (I know there are no Centre court and court 1 tickets for second Friday). How early would you say I need to queue for a second Friday Court 2 ticket? And how long you think for a last ditch grounds pass?

    Let me know please. Thanks

    1. I don’t think there any matches on Court 2 on the Second Friday. You can’t buy tickets for it anyway. Not sure if they put juniors on there and open it up for Ground Admission? Anyone know?

      It is Mens semi final day so if Murray is there I can see quite a lot of people just going to sit on Henman Hill so I would guess you’d need to get there fairly early for a grounds pass. Can’t advise on a time as I haven’t queued for a ground pass on that day before.

      1. Appreciate the reply. Plan on getting in the queue at 7 AM tomorrow for mens semis. High percentage I get in and how long you think the line will be? Also that would be sweet to watch the players warm up. What time do they start warming up and what courts do they warm up on? Thanks Jon!

      2. Me neither. I don’t know what the situation is at all. I know I arrived for Ladies QF before 8 am and was no. 2000 and something in the queue – I think they let maybe 7000 people in, although I think it depends on the amount of courts in use. The queue was still open by 11.30 am yesterday (men’s QF), but of course you need to get in early anyway to stand any chance of seeing players warming up. Rogers was practising on Court 19 yesterday, and I’ve heard Court 14 before, so I guess he may prefer somewhere relatively private. Have also seen major players warming up on courts 4-6 or whatever they are on the other side of Centre Court. Do be aware that you will be penned into a holding area until 10.30, so if Roger’s got up early you may not get to see him anyway. Practice schedules are not published.

    2. Thank you for the reply. I’m planning on getting their around 6-7 AM tomorrow (Mens Semis). You think I will be good to get a ground pass bc no centre court tickets are for queue? Also if so how long you think the Queue wait will be with Federer and Murray playing

  32. Hi Jonathan, quick clarification. For 2017, the public ballot is now open now for UK applicants. Read through many websites, but this question is not answered – My boyfriend lives in London, but I’m in Asia now. Can he apply via the ballot for 2 tickets? And if he gets seats, can I join him? (Else I plan to apply separately via overseas ballot in Nov’16)

    1. The ballot is only ever for a pair of tickets (you can’t specify the amount of tickets) so yes he can apply and if he gets a pair then you can join him.

      You may as well apply through the overseas ballot as well.

  33. do you have any idea what sites ARE legitimate for buying debenture seats. We are coming from Texas and are wiling to spend the money for seats on centre court but we have no clue which site to trust. The Wimbledon web site has 2 they suggest but they are specialty packages that come with lots of extras that we don’t want to pay for. We just want the tickets.
    Do you know know if the Wimbledon debenture holder web site is legit?

    THanks for any help you can offer.

    1. Hi,

      Yes be careful there’s a lot of scam sites around, generally where prices are too good to be true.

      I’m guessing you mean I haven’t used them personally but yes they are legit, they’re just like a broker matching debenture sellers with buyers. So I wouldn’t have any qualms about using them if I fancied blowing ยฃ6k on a days tennis ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Hey
    Was just wondering if the tickets you get from the ballot would have your name on it. I live with my sister but im not sure if im registered on the electoral roll at the address. Should i make the application in her name or mine? All my bank statements and bills pay slips etc are sent to the address. I dont want to make an application and they just throw it out if they check my name against the electoral roll! Cheers and great article btw.

    1. Hi,

      The Ballot has nothing to do with electoral roll. So you can use either name if you and your sister are going to be the ones attending if you get tickets from the ballot…

  35. Can you buy Grounds Passes before the tournament starts? All I see for sale on internet ticket sites is Show Court tickets.

    1. Hi,

      No you can’t buy grounds passes before the tournament. What you are seeing for sale are Debenture Tickets, which of course come with a grounds pass included.

      1. So if I’m hoping to get a grounds pass (I’m not looking to get a Show Court ticket) on the first or second day of the tournament, I just show up on that day? Or would I have to get in the Queue?

      2. It’s difficult to say as I’ve never had just a grounds pass, but from my experience demand is increasing every year so I’m sure some people will arrive on Sunday night to get a Grounds Pass for Monday. (And will arrive Monday night for a grounds pass on Tuesay)

        I think you could still get one if you arrive early Monday morning, but won’t be in the grounds for start of play.

  36. My brother got tickets in the ballot for Wimbledon 2017, he now can’t go so my mum and I are going to go. Do they print the names on the tickets and do you know if we will have any problems getting in?

  37. Sorry for the bump. >.<

    I plan to go for the Men's Quarter Finals in 2017. Any idea about the time that I'd have to get in, on Monday, to get Centre Court tickets?


    1. Hi,

      Really tough to say, will depend on weather and if Murray is in there I think as to just how rammed it is. I’d just say get there as early as you possibly can.

      2012 I camped for Manic Monday and got there Friday evening, think we were about the 10th in the queue. It’s only getting more popular though.


  38. Hey, I got a ticket through the ballot but now I am not sure if I will be able to travel to England at that time. Can I resell the ticket now? Can I get it cancelled and get the refund? Or can I sell it online like on websites like viagogo?

    I got it through international ballot so the letter I got from ALTEC says that it can only be picked up on the day of event and only I can receive the ticket.

    I don’t want my 95 pounds and the ticket to go get wasted.

    1. I think your best bet is enquiring directly with the AELTC about a refund and to cancel your ticket. Then it would be reballoted to someone else. I’m not sure what the policy is though, most people only pay for a ticket when they know they can make it.

      You can’t resell it now and you can’t put it on Viagogo either. You need the payment card you used to collect it on the day.

  39. Great site, and thanks for doing it. Can you clarify some info concerning the International Ballot process. I am now looking towards 2018. When would it become available to apply online? And if you were successful in obtaining tickets, when in 2017/2018 would you likely be informed. (Wondering how much time you have to make travel arrangements) Can you apply for two tickets on one household application? And lastly, if you do obtain an offer of tickets, could they be for any day in the two week period, and for any court?

    1. Hi,

      It usually opens December 1st.

      You get notified if you have been successful from February 2018 onwards up until the end of March .

      You can make one application per household, and that application is always for a pair of tickets. They can be for absolutely any day in the 2 weeks, so you could get 1st Round or Men’s Final day.


  40. My husband has just bought 2 tickets for centre court and wants to give them to me and our son who are huge tennis fans. But is he allowed to do this?

    1. Are you a UK resident with ballot tickets that will be posted before the tournament? There’s no issue with that, I’ve done it before. I’m sure strictly speaking the rules stipulate that the payee has to attend but realistically there are not many ways to police it and they don’t really care. If you want to be ultra careful then take the card used for payment with you on the day.

      I think the only time it’d be a problem is if you have to collect from the gate and that usually requires the original payment card. But even then seen as though it’s your husband, it’s not exactly difficult to just take the credit card with you.

  41. Hi, I’ve just found this article as I’m preparing for this year. I was lucky enough to get tickets for court 2 on the Friday 7th. You mention that you can get resold tickets for the show courts at 3pm. How early would you advise to join the queue for these? For instance, would you start queuing at 2pm?

    1. Hi,

      Not sure to be honest as I’ve never queued for a resale ticket. I guess it boils down to how much tennis you’re willing to miss on Court 2 and the outside courts for the possibility of getting Centre or Court 1. If it was me I’d just rock up at 2.30 and see what’s happening.

      1. Ok…. Yeah I’m not too fussed as I’m sure I’ll enjoy the day even if it rains lol.
        How about Henman Hill/Murray Mound? If I’ve got court tickets do i still have to pay to get on there?

  42. Huge Roger & tennis fan preparing for my first queue at Wimbledon this year and looking for people (especially Roger fans) to queue with, by any chance… ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. We are traveling to London from the US and hoping to attend Wimbledon. We will try for Ticketmaster and are open to camping for the queue. I read somewhere that only U.K. residents are able to purchase tickets on ticketmaster. Do you know if that is accurate?

  44. Jonathan, you need to start a new business. Wimby tour guide. Then you can expand in a few years to the US and AO.

  45. Hi,
    I live in Japan and plan to go to Wimbledon this year for the first time. I have no ticket so will try to queue! But there are very few information about queue in Japanese, then I found your page that was so valuable for me:)
    I am Federer fan too, an objective of this Wimbledon is just to watch Federer’s game. Now I focus on quarter final second Wednesday.
    Then I have a question. You described the timing of starting to queue for center court. I’d like to confirm my understanding. Is it second Tuesday early morning for second Wednesday game? I have planned I would start to queue from second Monday morning before reading your article. How do you think a possibility I can get a ticket for Federer game?
    By the way I will arrive in London 7th afternoon and leave 14th evening.

    1. Hi,

      For quarter-final centre court I would recommend arriving Monday night (10th) or early Tuesday (11th) morning…

      Possibility for getting a ticket for Federer – impossible to say. He has to make the QF first ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Hi Jonathan,
        Thank you so much for your comment! I believe Federer will usually perform very well and I will be able to see him:)

      2. Hi,
        Have you already visited to Wimbledon?
        Anyway, I would like you to ask two questions.
        First, should I bring all foods for queuing? Is it impossible to get some food and drink during queuing?
        Second, can we use a credit card when shopping in the ground? I know we buy a ticket only by cash in a queue.

      3. Hi,

        First two question are covered in the post ๐Ÿ™‚ as mentioned, I’ve been several times and I wouldn’t bring food unless you have some sort of strict dietary requirements. There are supermarkets in Southfields and you can get Pizza etc. delivered to the gates. So for one night easier to do that.

        Yeah you can use card when shopping in the grounds, just tickts are cash only. Not sure every food outlet accept cards as I think I’ve only ever used cash when I’m there but they probably do.

  46. Hi
    Thank you for this very useful guide. I’m from France and I will be in London during the Championships, so I don’t wan’t to miss this opportunity !!
    I understand that the resale booth is located within the grounds, and only show courts tickets are sold at this booth.
    But is it conceivable to arrive in the afternoon (after work) and buy a resold ground pass at the main entrance ? I mean someone leaving the grounds early and the Championship’s organisation admitting another person to fill the blank ?

    1. You can queue up for a grounds pass at any time during the day. People go after work etc. and queue from Wimbledon park to get in the grounds to see some matches in the early evening. However it’s often a long queue and they do have limits as to how many people they can admit.

  47. An excellent article – thanks Jonathan. I loved your comments about risk v desire to see Federer play, having usher service to your seat and not getting hung up on Wimbledon ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Have been trying over the past few days to get tickets via Ticketmaster in the general scramble a 9:00am but no joy. Your comments however have put it into perspective.
    I’ve also queued in the past (2013 to see Federer because I thought it might be his last year (!) and 2001 on the night before the Rafter v Ivanisevic final which was all pretty laid back and less streamlined) but from what I have learned this year is that people are queuing so much earlier. Good advice and communication has come from twitter, especially ViewFromTheQ – as you state in the article.

    So I guess it will be watching and supporting Federer from the comfort of my own sofa, unless of course Roger sends through a few tickets…………

    Looking forward to your next article.

    1. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

      Yes the queue is getting out of hand 500 tickets for Centre which is peanuts and people are rocking up 48 hours prior now. Can only see it going up as well. The more Z list celebs the BBC focus on in the crowd, the more morons that want to show up to imitate their idols ๐Ÿ˜†

      I enjoyed camping as it was a laugh, but you’re absolutely KO’ed later in the day on no sleep and the amount of time stood around waiting to get in. So I’d change how they are sold.

      1. Roger didn’t send through any tickets. So one last ditch attempt via Ticketmaster on Saturday morning……and I got a ticket to the final!!! It was quite a shock – but still good to know it can be done!

        Not the most competitive match but once that was acknowledged, it was a privilege to be there to see Federer make history.

        Totally agree – Wimbledon needs to change its system of selling tickets but I don’t expect it will. Thanks for your review of the match.

  48. This just dropped into my inbox:

    “The UK Public Ballot is open.
    Request an application form for The Championships 2018.

    To apply for a UK Ballot application form, please send a stamped addressed envelope to
    AELTC | PO BOX 98 | LONDON | SW19 5AE

    For Overseas applicants, information on the Overseas ballot will be available in October. To be the first to hear, join MyWimbledon.”

  49. Jonathan, is there an option of getting tickets through an online portal (not ticketmaster) that releases them much in advance? Last year we got tickets through a friend for Centre Court Stand (not a debenture ticket as it was only 155 pounds), so how does one get one’s hands on regular tickets? Thank you!

    1. Read the post, I explain the ballot procedures. That’s the only way.

      Tickets aren’t sold in advance via any portals. How did your friend get them?

      1. Ah, I guess that’s your only option for advance tickets then if he can do the same again.

        Are you overseas or UK? Ballot is open for UK and opens soon for overseas.

        Other than that you can camp, chance ticketmaster when the tournament is underway, go hospitality, or buy debenture resale…

  50. To me, Wimbledon tickets are something out of Alice in Wonderland. Why can’t they sell tickets like other events on the planet?

  51. Does someone know if it is one ticket per person from the ticket resale kiosk for getting the Centre/court one tickets for later in the day? Can I go and queue and buy two tickets while my friend watches another match on an outside court, or do we both have to be physically present in the queue like the main queue? Thanks

  52. Great information, thank you! Are there any ticket only sites you would recommend purchasing Debenture seats from? Is purchasing tickets almost a year in advance too early? Will Deventure ticket prices change as the tournament gets closer?

  53. Jonathon, thanks for the effort you put into this beautifully written guide. Super helpful and highly appreciated.

  54. Can you elaborate please ?
    “The club ballot is a ballot specifically for British Tennis Members, and LTA registered venues โ€“ basically tennis clubs up and down the UK. I play at a club, and upon becoming a member, you have the option to become a British Tennis Member”

    To become British Tennis Member is offered to clubs outside UK or is there any option inside UK ?

    Because as I know that overseas tennis club members, affiliated with LTA(registered LTA venues) can take part in Wimbledon Ballot Tickets. It is offered to them via their national tennis federations. Right?

    Then why to become a British Tennis Members(BTM)?

    Residents of UK can be LTA member through any club or may be direct membership can already take part in Wimbledon Ballot Tickets. Right ?

    1. Not quite sure exactly what you mean.

      But tennis clubs in the UK have access to another ballot system for tickets. If I am a member of a club, I get a British Tennis number, this gets me a login to the LTA website, where each year I can opt-in to be part of the ballot. The more members your club has that opt into the ballot, the more tickets the club can receive in the ballot. Then the club will ballot them off to their members who want to go.

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