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The Top 10 Outfits of Roger Federer

Seen as though there's no tennis on whatsoever and the only real tennis news is to do with the politics of the game I thought I'd look at my top 10 outfits that Roger has worn over the years. I was planning on making it top 20, but after digging through photos I realised I'm not really a fan of anything Roger wore pre 2006. Since 2006 though pretty much every outfit has been top drawer and Nike have clearly placed a lot of emphasis on the designs, anyway without further ado…

10. Miami Masters, 2009

Federer Miami 2009

Ah the polo Roger was wearing when he destroyed his racket against Djokovic in Miami after his forehand went AWOL, and then he famously said “the hardcourt season is over, I don't care anymore, I'm moving over to clay…new chapter”. Boom French Open win and career Grand Slam! Never a truer word has been spoken.

The Outfit: Cream Polo with a light brown collar and baby blue detail, baby blue sweatband and light brown/khaki like shorts.

9. Swiss Indoors, Basel 2010

Federer Basel 2010

If my memory serves, this is the first time Roger wore purple on court. This ones come from Basel in 2010. It's always good to see Fed in a new colour, and this one suits his skin colour down to a tee.

The Outfit: Purple Polo, Purple Bandana, Purple Sweatband and Navy Blue Shorts.

8. US Open, 2007

Federer US Open 2007

The 2007 US Open saw the arrival on tour of Darth Federer, coming off the back of victories in Australia and Wimbledon, Roger won his 4th straight US Open title beating Djokovic in straight sets. He was down a break in each set, but still came through. Jedi like.

The Outfit: All Black

7. ATP World Tour Finals, 2010

Federer World Tour Finals 2010

After the best possible start winning the Australian Open for the 4th time, Fed's 2010 season tailed off completely after he failed to make it past the Semi's at the 3 remaining slams. The indoor courts proved to be his saviour and he dominated the World Tour Finals from start to finish beating Nadal in the final.

The Outfit: Red polo, Red Sweatband and Greyey Blue Shorts

6. Australian Open, 2010

Federer Australian Open 2010

This was the outfit Fed wore when he won his last slam (hopefully that won't be the case for too much longer!) at Australia in 2010.

The Outfit: Baby Blue Polo, Bandana, Sweatband and White Shorts

5. French Open, 2009

Federer French Open 2009

Probably the most memorable outfit of recent times, this one was worn at Roger's first French Open Victory in 2009. This outfit saw plenty court time – he was taken to 5 sets by Tommy Haas in the 4th round before hitting probably the best inside out forehand ever played to turn the match around. Then a marathon semi final against Del Potro that was in the balance for extended periods and then the final against Soderling where history was made. Allez!

The Outfit: Light Blue Polo with Navy Collar and Orange detailing, Navy Sweatband and Navy Shorts with Light Blue stripe.

4. Swiss Indoors, Basel, 2011

Federer Basel 2011

The latest one of Federer's outfits in the list is this one, the Basel 2011 Polo. It's unique in the sense that it has no seams on the sleeves. In this he won Basel for a record 5th time and turned a somewhat disappointing season around.

The Outfit: Blue Polo, Navy Shorts and White Sweatband

3. US Open, 2006

Federer US Open 2006

This is the only non polo to figure in the list, and it's also the earliest one – from the US Open 2006. I'd say since 2006 Roger has predominantly worn polo necks, there's been a few crew necks like this one, a few v necks and the ridiculous Henley necked ones.

The Outfit: Light Blue Polo, Headband, White Sweatband and Shorts

2. Wimbledon, 2009

Roger Federer Wimbledon 2009

I almost put this as my number 1 as it's definitely the classiest looking one of the lot. After winning the French you didn't think it could get much better as a Fed fan, but after Nadal withdrew from the All England Club it made the tournament wide open for Federer, and he didn't fail to deliver, sealing his 6th Wimbledon Crown with a hard fought 5 set victory over Andy Roddick.

The Outfit: All White with Gold detailing

1. French Open, 2011

Federer French Open 2011

This was my favourite tournament of the year, so this polo is a worthy number 1. The design of this one was very unique, I've never been a fan of just solid red but the white horizontal lines on this made it work a treat. This tournament and outfit are very memorable, we witnessed him beating Djokovic in an epic semi final, and then Finger Wag 2.0. Awesome.

The Outfit: Red Polo, Sweatband and Bandana, White Shorts.

So there you have it, my top 10 outfits of Federer's career so far. Who knows what next year will bring, both in the clothing department and the trophy one, but I hope they're both good. I'm running low on post ideas so my next will probably be a look at the Australian Open which begins at the end of January. So until then, Happy Christmas and New Year to all Fed Fans!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Yeah potentially. Portrait shots would have made the article
      body stupidly long though, so I stuck with landscape.

      I figured most Fed fans have very good memories when it comes to these things though so a quick refresher of the polo shirt is more than enough to remind them of them whole outfit.

      What’s your favourite?

      1. My top outfits is
        1. Us open 2009 dark shirt red color and black shorts.
        2. Miami 2009
        3. Us open 2010 dark blue
        4. Australien open 2010
        5. Dubai 2012 black shirt with red and white shorts with red stripes at the back
        6. Rome 2010 white with a differnt neck
        7. us open night 2012
        8. Us open 2011 night session

      2. My favorite is almost like yours. Here is my list:

        1) 2009 US Open day time match outfit (Red and Black)
        2) 2009 Cincinnati outfit
        3) 2009 Wimbledon Outfit
        4) 2008 Australian Open Outfit (black and blue)
        5) 2010 Australian Open Outfit
        6) 2005 US Open Outfit
        7) 2006 US Open Outfit
        8) 2011 French Open Outfit
        9) 2011 US Open Night Outfit

  1. My favourite outfit ever is the Swedish US Open 2005 ensemble. I also love the outfits from Cincinnati 2005, US Open 2008 and 2009, Miami 2010, Australian Open 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2009, and the Masters Cup 2006.

    I have the Basel and WTF 2010 outfits, and I want to get the Australian Open 2011 one as well.

    1. Hey man,

      Yeah I liked the US Open 05 one too. Hard pressed to find an outfit I genuinely don’t like though really! Not a fan of the orange henley. Nor the bright yellow from 2011. I didn’t like the French Open 2010 one either with the stripe on the sleeves.

      Be a good time to pickup some of the earlier ones you mention though now, they drop in price big time after the tournaments…

      1. Yeah, that’s why I’m going to get the AO2011 one. I don’t really like the yellow version he wore in Dubai and IW though.

        If I could get his entire wardrobe it would be totally awesome.

        By the way, great blog you have here! Be sure to check out mine when you have time (click my name). 🙂

  2. What a waste of time!!!!!! There’s absolutely no sense of fashion in Roger’s or for that matter ATP men’s fashions. The designs are the same. its only the color of the outfits that has changed. Next time dont time on men’s fashion coz there’s NONE!!!! May be the women led by Sharapova and the Williams sisters.

    1. ^ Are you mental in the face?

      The designs are different every year, pretty much every outfit he’s worn has something unique about it.

      This is tennis, so it’s only every going to be a t-shirt and shorts, are you expecting them to bring in some knitwear to mix it up or something?

      1. Well there was that sweater vest that caused twitter to melt during Hamburg last year. 😉

    2. Don’t get things wrong. Roger s tennis outfits are sumptuously thebest in tennis an one of the best in sports generally. They can cause one to become a fashion lover!

  3. late comment, only just saw this post! Nice selection, Roger’s outfits are just getting better and better! This year’s australian open one was nice, my opinion his best outfits were french open 09 and australian open 10

  4. I like his outfit from the French Open 2009, 2011 and the Indian Wells 2009 the most of all!
    Does anybody know if it is possible to buy these outfits?? I can only find the new collection… :-(((((
    Please help me!!

  5. oh yeah! How could I forget ebay!??! … Thank you! 😉

    If you are interested 🙂 :
    I have found something about the new federer’s outfits for this year:
    Electronic Arts have introduced the new “Grand Slam Tennis 2” and there you can see the outfits Roger will be wearing during the French AND US Open! 😉

    Roger US Open:

    (sorry for my bad english!)

  6. Another late comment! Just seen the post. Well done on a great selection!

    I too agree that pre-2006, very few outfits have piqued my interest. As for favourites, all of your list have to go in there. As an advocate of the red/black combination, I’d have to go with both US Open 2009 outfits, and that of Indian Wells 2010. I don’t usually like pink, but the pink/gold combination for Fall 2010 was one I enjoyed greatly! And finally, of course, 2012 Australian and Indian Wells outfits I was swayed by!

    Let me know what you think! Sorry for the late post.

    1. No such thing as a late comment John!

      Yeah Indian Wells 2010 was a good one actually I’d forgotten about that one.

      I’ve posted his outfit for Madrid and I’ve got a post in the pipeline for his outfit for Roland Garros – I think you’ll be a fan as it’s solid black. Darth Federer in Paris.


      1. Haha, yes, I have previously seen both and like both (the latter courtesy of Grand Slam Tennis 2). Can’t find the Wimbledon one anywhere, though. I do wonder whether it has been “released”, per se, but I’ll look forward to it nonetheless. Finish my term at Uni just before the tournament starts (phew), so my year now officially revolves around Wimbledon. 🙂

        I’m curious, although it may be the wrong post on which to ask, how you think the clay season will turn out for Roger, since I gather he can potentially regain the no.2 spot here. The pivotal tournament is, of course, Wimbledon, but a good clay run is always appreciated.


      2. Yeah Wimbledon outfit won’t be out yet. They generally only get released in the close run up to the tournament, so it will be out just after the French I guess.

        Lucky you, what uni are you at? I’ll be trying to get down to Wimbledon, been the last 2 years so hopefully do the same again.

        Tough to say, I think he will do well in Madrid, semis/final. Rome is always unpredictable. Then after those 2 I’ll maybe have an idea of how the French will go.

        Nadal has to be favourite again though for it.

        I’ll be doing a Madrid preview post I think once the draw comes out whenever that is.


      3. Hi Jonathan,
        Just after the French, you say? Interesting, although it shocks me how well Nike can customise the colour ‘white’. It’ll look strange come the Olympics, with players playing at Wimbledon in colours…

        I’m at Oxford Uni at the moment, still a first year, doing maths. As for the clay court season, I do essentially agree with you that Roger will unlikely win either of the masters, but perform well at both. The french is a tough one to call, but after what we saw in Monte Carlo, I feel Nadal will be favourite for ANY match-up in that tournament.

        Although I am convinced the major is infinitely more important than ranking, I still, as a mathematician, can’t help but consider various scenarios. Numbers 2 and 3 will not be too different for Roger, although 2 would avoid Djokovic in favour of a clash with Andy Murray, but in order for that to happen, Roger basically has to win at least one of the two masters, and Rafa has to fall before… I simply cannot see that happening.

        Thanks for the link, it’s a good blog!


      4. Yeah it might be sooner I guess, you can buy the French one already and it’s still a few weeks away. But pretty sure they don’t wanna clash slams in order to maximize sales. That way people end up buying both rather than just one!

        Best idea is to keep checking Tennis Warehouse as they tend to be the quickest place to stock items.

        Yeah I guess rankings can be important for how the draw works, but as long as he’s in the top 4 then I’m not too fussed. I just want to see slam number 17.

        Wonder if Nadal will sweep the clay season? I have a feeling he will get beat.

        No worries, Ru-ans blog is top quality, one of the first ones I ever read on tennis and pretty much why I started this.

        Been told the Madrid draw is on Saturday, looking forward to finally seeing Fed back in action.

        Do you play?

      5. Sadly no. I am not in the right shape, to put it blandly. Recreationally, I do play badminton, but the main bulk of any knowledge I might have comes from the watching.

  7. I think one of the best I’ve seen for Roger, 2011 Roland Garros excluded, was the Cincinatti 2009 blue outfit. Gosh, this one is hard to find, but soooo nice.

    1. Yeah I remember that one too! It was a nice blue. The masters polo’s tend to face into obscurity pretty quickly, just gotta hope someone puts it on ebay!

  8. No doubt: US Open 2009, the tweener-of-a-lifetime-outfit. Red polo, black collar, black shorts, white socks, white shoes.

  9. Great post, I saw the outfit for the 2012 US OPEN and it looks amazing! I wanted also to answer Jeff who criticized this post: Roger’s sense of fashion is unique and every outfit he wears has something special, if you cat notice that bad for you but you can’t discuss Roger’s sense of fashion. What do you think Jonathan?

  10. I wanted to talk about the amazing design of Roger’s outfits. It’s incredible how good they are. They are always different, classy and fancy.

  11. Can you please remind me what are the gold outfits he wore at Wimbledon? I think the ones from 2007-2010… but i’m not sure.

  12. You absolutely have to make an updated one with the polo from the London WTFs this year. Best color ever!

  13. Hi Jonathan,

    Long-time lurker and just wanted to first of all say, what a wonderful site you have created :).

    Love the outfit articles as I frequently find myself drawn to Roger’s grace on the court and in his style in clothing. I pretty much agree with all of your top 10, though I’d probably have the 2009 Wimbledon at 1 and the 2010 FO at 2.

    It’d be awesome if you could do a top 5 best outfits and top 5 worst outfits since this article was published! I was a big fan of the outfits he wore at the Shanghai Masters and WTF last year. Hoping to eventually see Fed don a black (primary) and gold (trim) outfit at the US Open next year!

  14. Hey, Jonathan! Just found this post – it comes from the before-my-time era, so perhaps I should look at the other old ones. Wondering whether it might be a good idea to do an update of this post – or would it overlap too much with another one of the outfit posts? I can’t remember exactly what they all are now.

  15. I just re watched the Cinci 2015 final. Still love the “raspberry” and grey. I believe the outfit won in a poll for best of 2015.
    Djoker’s outfit was nice too for a change. AND the tennis was so fun to watch, sabr and all!

  16. Hey everybody,

    I am a federerclothes collector but I have to say that I do beleive that the clothes is getting more “ugly” this last two years. I dont know if you agree with me but i do believe that the old outfits were more classie.

    What do you think?

    1. Thanks for bringing this up, Markus. The clean classic is nice and never wears out. But there are other dimensions to art – cheekiness, boldness, provocations. Too much the same “well behaved” in same manner can turn out to bore. To me the new ones are refreshing. Roger’s dynamic stripes in his AO-fit is already a classic, image of this win of his – so I think.
      And in Roger’s puberty and following young years he didn’t clothe too traditional, either – so cheekiness is part of his dna, and I like this to appear in his appearance too, now and then.

      1. Aha Muser, I see what you mean but I do beleive that he doesnt have so unique clothes this GS, I mean he usually have his totally own style but now almost ervery nikeguy and girl had the same stripes and colour and that was not so nice to see. I have already bought the new shirt of course 🙂 But I will never play in it myself, there I like the old classy outfits like you said and Us open 2009 or miami is so much more beautiful and elegant to wear!

      1. I am still very happy for his win and honestly, as long as he is winning he can wear ragged newspappers but it would be even more fun if he had his “usually” so beautiful clothes. I do like the warm-up jacket very much and I have bougt it too 🙂
        I read in a newspapper that it was “sad to se that he won his last slam in maby his worst outfit” for many years. But we all have diffrent opinons and thats a democracy! 🙂

    1. PS – the stripes are very carefully placed, to stress a pattern of dynamic I think. A zebra has also stripes, but maybe more for camouflage. – and is actual also a very beautiful creature IMO.

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