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The Swiss Indoors Draw 2015

Hi all, another quiet period on the blog after Roger's early exit in Shanghai but the Swiss Indoors is finally here and the GOAT has got a pretty nice draw for his home tournament. You can see his projected opponents below.

Federer's Projected Opponents

  • Round 1: Mikhail Kukushkin
  • Round 2: Philipp Kohlschreiber
  • Quarter Finals: David Goffin
  • Semi Finals: Kevin Anderson
  • Final: Stan Wawrinka / Rafael Nadal

Full .PDF draw

Thoughts on the Draw

Basel Draw 2015 Thoughts

First up is the Kazakh Mikhail Kukushkin who Fed leads 2-0 in the H2H. I saw Kukushkin play live against Murray at Wimbledon this year and he's got some pretty sweet shots so it's good test for Federer first up. Kukushkin plays well indoors too winning St. Petersberg back in 2010 and making the final in Moscow 2013. He also beat Stan in Basel last year so Fed will need to make sure he hits the ground running in this one; an upset seems unlikely especially after Ramos in Shanghai but you never know.

Round 2 could then be the German Philipp Kohlschreiber but indoors I don't think he is a threat for Federer; aside from the mental H2H ownage he hits with an extreme grip so if the ball is low like it often is on an indoor court he becomes much less of a problem.

The third round sees the man Federer defeated in last years final David Goffin as the seeded opponent. Goffin can give Federer problems with how they match up, almost Simon like, so again a match where Fed will need to bring his A game to come through unscathed.

The semi final is then seeded to be against the newest member of the Top 10 Kevin Anderson. Anderson has been in decent form but lost to Steve Johnson in Vienna yesterday so I'm not sure he will make the semis in Basel. He tends to do better on slower hard courts too so if Basel is playing like a true indoor court then I don't like his chances.

Then there's the final, Stan is the seeded opponent (he has Karlovic first up so a tricky one) and that would be a blockbuster final. Nadal is also in the mix too and he looked back in form in Shanghai before Tsonga came up with the goods to defeat him. Although looking at the draw it looks as though Brennwald has it in for Nadal after his no shows over the years as he's got Rosol up first then Dimitrov, Cilic and Stan before a potential Fedal final.


  • Coric to take out Anderson
  • Gulbis to beat Isner
  • Rosol Nadal to go three sets

Fed's first match is on Tuesday evening and live chat will be open as usual so I'll see you guys then. After that though I won't be able to do my usual match reports as I'm heading over to Basel to hopefully see Fed play on Thursday. Roger's record isn't great though when he has to win a match in order for me to see him play live so I guess we'll see how it goes vs. Kukushkin πŸ˜†


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Why are you doing this Jonathan then? I will certainly have only you to blame if Roger doesn’t win the whole thing πŸ˜›

      Jokes aside, looks like a fair draw. So let’s hope for the best πŸ™‚

      1. Well, can’t disagree on that πŸ˜€
        I would have gone myself if I didn’t have class :-/
        Anyway, I really hope he makes 1/8 in Paris and that he’s scheduled for night session… Although I don’t really fancy my chances to see him.. memories of last year’s RG still too vivid..

  1. Yeah Jonathan, don’t screw it up for Roger. One good thing…Fed didn’t cut his hair. He never plays well with a short lousy haircut.

    Yes, it looks like Nadal is getting punished. I see he is also playing doubles. No Raonic, I thought he was in the draw.

    Fingers crossed he’s not rusty! Have fun Jonathan…tickets expensive?

    1. Fed’s record is shambolic when it comes to having to win matches when I’m going to watch. It actually hurts his GOAT credentials IMO.

      One thing that is different this time though is I will be able to watch him on Tuesday as I don’t go till Weds.

      Tickets were just what you’d expect really. I have Thurs and the Final. I may try get Friday if Fed makes Quarters but that will mean inflated prices.

  2. The ticket prices at IW are going up, up,up. Since Ellison took over, they have gone up 200%. He apparently is wanting to price out the average tennis fan and sell to the corporate world. Then all the court side seats will be empty like so many tournaments now.

    Anyway, rant over. Envy you, I could handle Basel in October. Doing air BnB?

    1. Yeah many factors at play with that. As usual the genuine tennis fan is the one that suffers.

      And of course, no need to use anything else these days. Can’t be doing with hotels.

    2. I noticed the IW tickets are way higher this year, too. I just bought court side seats and I paid a lot more for them than last year. I know the single day tickets will be pricey too.

  3. Hi Jonathan and all fellow readers. ….. After the shock loss to Vamos Ramos at Shanghai, hopefully Federer can redeem himself with a deep run and lift the trophy for a 7th time. I also hope he can extend his record of most finals at a tournament too. So an added bonus to play at a decent level and forget what has happened before. Fingers crossed that its a good tournament for Federer. Allez Allez. Fed the Goat!!!! Long live the king !!!!

  4. Jonathan, if Fed loses his opener to Kukushkin, I will open a petition asking for your passport to be revoked so that you can no longer attend matches in the future.

    1. Haha. I’d feel hard done to if that happened. After all you can go jump on a plane at Gatwick and go fight for ISIS and not have your passport revoked when you return πŸ˜†

  5. Pretty much everything you said Jonathan, except maybe Coric over Anderson! ;). How cool that you get to go see it play out in person; hoping for an awesome “fan story” upon your return!

  6. Hi Jonanthan

    Have a great time but please do not put the mockers on our man!!! Not saying anything about the drawr as it will only jinx things

  7. My main concern is whether there’s any chance that Roger won’t be able to shake off the rust. I hope he brings his brain with him this time.

    1. Managed to make final in 2013 after losing early in Shanghai. That’s about the only time he’s not done gone fairly deep in Shanghai. Hopefully he can.

  8. Wawrinka has like a 4 match losing steak at Basel right? Won’t be surprised if he loses to Karlovic in the opening round. Also, would be hilarious if the Swiss crowd booed Dr.Ivo for serving too many aces against their countryman just like against Federer last year lol

    1. Lost first round last year to Kukushkin, year before to E.R.V and then Davydenko in 2012. Made semis in 2011 as lost to Fed.

      Karlovic deffo a tough match but Stan does a good job of chip returning serves. Guess it depends if he his nervous to play in front of the Swiss.

  9. You’re going to be in *such* trouble if Federer loses Wednesday/Thursday Jonathan!! πŸ˜†

    Nothing wrong with the draw, although I still think Kohly will be a tricky one in 2nd round. As to Gulbis, he played a great match against Isner in Vienna (12 aces, 70+% 1st serves and under 10 UFEs (I think); sadly against Steve Johnson he reverted to his pre-Vienna form, only 50% 1st serves and around 30 errors. He’s only won about 8 matches in the whole season, and that’s why he’s slumped to 117, so I’m wondering whether he’ll be able to repeat against Isner this time.

    All I care about is our man collecting another Basel title, and another record. He needs to shake that rust off and get some momentum going for Paris and WTF. πŸ™‚

    1. I’m pretty sure he will get a day off on Wednesday assuming he wins on Tuesday. Hope so anyway. Rafa Monday, Fed Tuesday, Stan Wednesday. All 3 Thursday if they win.

  10. Sidenote here…
    Because Roger is attending the Rotterdam tournament in February (for which I have tickets for the final day :-), Dutch journalists were invited by the organisation of that tournament to go to ZΓΌrich to meet and speak with Roger.
    I want to share a few interesting things he said in those interviews:
    – he’s more keen on winning Wimbledon than winning the olympic golden medal in Rio
    – he doesn’t know yet if he’s going to attend the (mixed) double. If he does it will be with Stan and Martina Hingis
    – (read between the lines): he hopes his sons will see him play on top level too, just like their sisters. Literally he said: “I hope my sons will see me play consciously, but for that I have to keep on playing for a few more years”. I say that would mean he’s gonna be playing for a couple of years more πŸ™‚
    – his biggest disappointment of 2015 was his loss against Seppi in the Australian Open, as he felt he was in a huge form
    – he’s surprised how Nadal speaks about the mental problems he’s having. Roger would never tell such things as he feels that you have to keep some things to yourself. But Roger admires Nadal for telling about his insecurities.
    – he still sees Rafa as his biggest rival

    Those are the items I wanted to share with you guys/girls. The other things he told is no news to you.

    Have fun in Basel, Jonathan!

    1. Thanks for sharing that Mark. It’s no surprise, despite he’s made no secret of his desire to win a singles Gold Medal that another Wimbledon title comes 1st on his wish list, giving him a record 8 Wimbledon titles. It makes it more surprising that his loss against Seppi was his *biggest* disappointment, I would have thought missing two potential slam titles at Wimbledon and USO would have been worse. Still, always good news to hear that he’s looking to play for at least 2 more years. Yay! πŸ™‚

    1. Arrr, so cute, can’t believe our old man was once a boy with the slender frame. Though the same old fluffy hair… πŸ™‚

  11. I put some money that I can afford to lose on Kukushkin. It is 1:21 and if it happens I am good. My theory is that Federer will be unsettled after watching Nadal escaped when dead and berried.

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