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The Story of Federer’s 2013 Season So Far

Seen as though there's nothing much to blog about, most Fed fans seem to be on a downer about Roger's back and a few of you have asked me to do a newer version of my GIF post (I was always reluctant as we all know sequels are never as good :)) I thought I'd do a little compilation of Roger's 2013 season so far.

It's been a very tough year, only 1 title, some painful losses, injury concerns and a slip down the rankings. In fact you could say it's one of his worst ever seasons to date, I've tried to cover every milestone so far and here's how it's gone down:

You're all optimistic and excited after a great 2012

Defeat Raonic

It get's even better when Fed schools Raonic at the Australian Open

Defeat Raonic

But then you're a little deflated after the loss to Murray in 5 sets

Murray Loss AO

It's a bit of a shock when you find out Roger's lost to Benneteau in Rotterdam

Loses to Benneteau in Rotterdam

Then a loss to Berdych in Dubai hurts even more

Loss to Berdych in Dubai

Indian Wells, no biggie, Roger had a bad back and this is Nadal back to his best

Loss to Nadal Indian Wells

Then he loses to Nishikori on Clay??

Nishikori on Clay

Oh great there's another Fedal final on Clay in Rome that you don't want to watch, but have to

Fedal Final Rome

It's been a poor season but you gotta be optimistic for the French Open even though you know what will really happen

French Open

Then it looks like Roger's got his season back on track in Halle

Djoker Murray Era

Your expectations get sky high for Wimbledon after Fed schools Hanescu

Djoker Murray Era

But Roger 2.0 is back wasting multiple break points against Stakhovsky

Djoker Murray Era

Then he misses that backhand vs. Stakhovsky match point down

Federer BH Miss

And every Tennis Journo writes about the Djokovic / Murray era

Djoker Murray Era

Boom, you've been talking about Roger trying a new bigger racquet for months and he finally gets one

Fed new racquet

But then you have to try and understand the Delbonis loss in Hamburg

Fed new racquet

And then have to watch Roger leave the court in Gstaad after losing to Brands

Federer Gstaad Loss

There's plenty Tennis on but Roger's isn't playing in any of the Tournament so Twitter is like

Federer Not Playing

All you can look forward to is Nike bringing out yet another crappy outfit

Federer Not Playing

And you're hoping the new racquet makes a difference when Roger next plays Nadal

Federer New Racquet vs Nadal

Whilst also hoping Roger's in this kind of mood at the US Open

Federer US Open 2013

That pretty much sums up Roger's 2013 so far for me, how was it for you? πŸ˜€


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. I have to say Jonathan, this is quite brilliant and sums up everything I have felt happening with Roger so far. As like all the FedFamily I am hoping he will recover fully and be brandishing his new racket like some blazing sword at the US Open and blow us away like your last gif ( which is my favorite)Thank you for creating this as it truly made me smile and laugh after feeling so blue about our Federer.

      1. LOL! well yeah I did a little dance πŸ™‚ usually by the time I get the link there are already comments going on, but I caught this one on twitter today!! Uh HUH!!

      1. Hmm Jonathan…. Didn’t you say at the beginning of this year that you were not “hopefull”
        for Delpo???

        Well to be honest, I said at the beginning of this year “watch out for Goffin”.
        Look how that turned out to be….

      2. I did, but he has performed well. Rotterdam was a big win for him. But as usual he now looks as though he has an injury? Back problem. That could be his achilles heel throughout his career, too injury prone.

  2. Ahahahahhhgahahhahhahhahhaha! *falls down on knees* Hahhahhahhaahhahahahhahhhhahaha! *rolling on the floor* BahahaahahhahhhahaAhahahhaahahahhahhaha! *tears in eyes, belly in splits*

    *All quiet for a few seconds before the relapse……..*

      1. Let’s just say they are all in my top 21 πŸ™‚

        The fencing gif is awesome. That would be the day! I really like the sulking cat (third from the top as that’s how I feel for a few hours) and the dog hiding face.

  3. A great synopsis of the situation Jonathan.

    I ‘d bet you re a journalist cause you write so well, but this man is even better.

    Soo f***ing funny indeed!

    Fed s new racket against Nadal has to be my favorite followed by kung fu panda.

      1. Yes. I’ve been practicing for it πŸ˜‰ There’s a disc golf course right next to a public tennis court I played at a few times. Maybe that’s what I’ll do when Roger retires?!?

        At first, I felt like laughing at those guys and gals but then realized it’s not that easy to play. You would think how hard could throwing a frisbee be? But actually, it is.

  4. Anyone watching/watched the Isner/Del Po match? One Nadal fan said he wants to increase the height of the net so big servers can be exterminated πŸ™‚

    1. I am, Del Potro is playing well, he is unplayable when he’s at his best. Hope he has a good USO, although may be over tennised if he does well in Montreal and Cincy.

      1. The stats suggest a pretty lop sided score for a three setter.

        If Del Po is planning on playing well at the USO, he better stay out of Roger’s half πŸ™‚

  5. So…. Delpo wins Washington. Jonathan, by Delpo winning, he is now 6th in the race for WTF??? Damn…

    1. Oh Statyani, it’s just a number. Roger needs to win and everything else will take care of itself. What are we trying to do now, hope for others to not win? πŸ™‚

      1. No no no Sid. It does not work like that. Roger is the best, but he is just one player. Tennis was before him and it will be after his retirement, but…. I just think it is funny that Delpo keeps winning….. and loses when he should not.

        And Sid…. You guys don’t care that much about Roger’s legacy numbers…..
        So… isn’t it good that atleast one person cares????? That would be me Sid….

      2. You’re right Sid. He now needs to start winning again and the machine will get going by itself. But beleive me or not I caught myself hoping for others to lose once :s
        I quickly chased the idea away but it looks reaaaaally tough right now and I can’t imagine WTF without its king…
        Let’s hope he rests his back and comes back as the champ we all love πŸ™‚ I still beleive in another amazing come back!!

      3. Statyani, you are thinking too much. Rankings aren’t a concern right now, if they were Fed would be playing Montreal. But he’s not as he sees the bigger picture.

        Rankings and legacy numbers are completely different.

        Now he must start from the bottom and try work back up. Whether he can will be another test.

  6. Hey Jonathan, nice Gifs, really had to laugh about them all, but…..

    “It gets even better when Fed schools Raonic at the Australian Open”…..

    Should that not have been Tomic??? Afterall it was Tomic who was not sure that Roger would make it to the fourth round….

    “Oh great there’s another Fedal final on Clay in Rome that you don’t want to watch, but have to”…..

    Wow, that one really sums up what I was thinking that day, nice Gif with the dog to put there.

    And the one where “Roger” is chasing “Rafa” with a sword is just classic funny, hope he will do that every time they meet…..

    1. Thanks.

      Not for me, Tomug was trash talking then got owned. The Raonic match was a dismissal of a guy who’s supposedly a future slam contender with a huge serve, the GOAT made him look useless out there when everyone thought after Madrid & Halle 2012 he would push him to the wire.


  7. So cute, Jonathan. I like the Nike one and the USO one. I watched the DC final. Funny how Delpo acts like he’s done and then bounces back. He seems to do that quite often. Is it a tactic? Everyone says he’s a nice guy though.

    1. Yeah, he is been trolling everyone with that, “I’m so lazy I can barely walk” look followed by thunderous ground stroke winners. That’s why I call him Troll Po πŸ™‚

      1. So true Sid, he walks between points like an old man, like you yourself want to offer him a chair to sit on and then…… he beats Rafa and Roger back to back, beats Andy and Novak back to back and almost beats Rafa….. And that all by acting like an old man….
        Could it be tactics???

      2. Oh and of course how could I forget the warning label on Delpo:
        If you beat me, you will not win a GS or a Gold Medal….

    2. @Sue guess it’s just Del Potro’s demeanor, looks like he’s finished then rips 4 massive groundstrokes to win a point. Isner’s movement is a joke, can’t believe he has fans, I get bored of him after 30 seconds.

      1. Ok, you were trying to add the ROFL icon. Only Jonathan can embed images into comments and he is charging an exorbitant $5 every time someone wants it done. I’m already $5 poorer πŸ™‚

        Wish there were an easy way…would be so much fun πŸ™‚

  8. So clever! Very funny! So nice to see a fun story about Roger instead of a totally depressing one about how bad his season is.

    1. Thanks Fran, yeah it’s all doom and gloom for Fed fans at the minute. Its been a crap season, but at least it’s getting interesting. Nobody really knows what happens next, maybe Fed falls, or maybe he rises.

  9. Bwahahaha! This is hilarious Jonathan, as good as the previous GIF post of Fed fans’ reactions! πŸ˜€
    Would absolutely love Roger to destroy everyone at the USO. Blazing through the draw not giving a dang to their names and ranking…ah those were the days!
    The beating Nadal with new racket one is funny as hell! Nadal would probably run for a bathroom break or a MTO like that fencer! I dearly want to see him knock those bottles down himself while running for cover πŸ˜€

  10. you made me smile, which i thought impossible after a horrible tennis run by the GOAT. Thanks and keep it up. I really hope i am not last this time.

  11. Hilarious! I’ve been a lurker on your blog for a bit but was too amused by this post not to write and applaud you on your timely and wickedly funny intervention. Perhaps, as Fed fans, we should now think of who most resembles Fed as the next king of tennis? and no, no, not just Dmitrov (who is prettier but infinitely more flaky), but others beyond him.
    Also, where the hell is Fed hiding that noone has been able to post any pics of him practicing or gazing at his kids or something? I’ve trolled the Swiss media (french and german) and come up with nothing. Surely, this secrecy must mean he is plotting a James Bond like return –with a racket that will smack everyone into submission?!!! Sigh. Ta again

    1. Cheers Sakhi,

      I’m not looking beyond Roger yet, the outlook is bleak anyhow for mens tennis, nobody interesting.

      Fed is still in Switzerland, last I heard he was in Zurich…


    1. If his back is fine and he can make good run (SF or QF) @ Cincy, where he has a lot of success in the past, then I can be more optimistic for the USO, otherwise, I say he is done for this year and hope 2014 will bring us what we hope for the maestro

  12. What a great article, it really braught a smile in this dark period and the clipΒ΄s are spot on with the emotions that I have been felt during the season so fa, so I hope your US open prediction is spot on also πŸ™‚ I especially liked the one where Federer chases Nadal with his new weapon πŸ™‚

    And the clip related to when Fed lost to Nishikori on clay, is from a danish movie series called Olsen Banden “the Olsen gang” in english πŸ™‚ ItΒ΄s a cult series in Denmark where IΒ΄m from πŸ™‚

  13. Hey guys, with Roger out of Montreal, anyone in the mood to watch Montreal? So yes, any guess on who will win??

    Oh… Rafa is playing doubles !!! What the hell…..

    And…. they are still talking about the Goat and Beatriz story….

    And of course…. Roger turns 32 on Thursday….

    By the way, this seems to be the first big tour after Wimby. And Wimby was just a month ago. It seems longer.
    Cannot wait to see Dimitrov and Stan the Man….. and Berdych. Somehow I miss him…..

    1. Well Katyani,
      I don’t have any sort predictions at this moment, let the second round be over and then I will spit it out πŸ™‚
      Quick glance on the draw and the momentum of the players, I could see Murray and Djoko on the final, although I hope Nadal would win πŸ™‚ but I can’t see it happening

      1. Yeah why not πŸ™‚ , why you are so surprised!.
        From the very first comment I posted in this blog I had acknowledged that i am Nadal fan and i do respect roger for what he has achieved and for me he is the GOAT at this moment.
        So there is no disrespect and I love this blog for what Jonathan bring, it’s so subjective.

      2. No, Shamtoot, I am just surprised, that’s all. Did not know you were a Rafa fan.
        No worries, I also like Novak (a bit), so we all have our “favorites” besides Roger…

      1. No Jonathan, Berdych is not so bad. I like him. I think he is misunderstood. And I like the misunderstood ones. I always root for him to win, EXCEPT when he plays Roger of course (then he HAS to lose !!!). When Berdych beats Roger, I cannot look at him for a while, but after that……… he is a nice guy you know.

      2. Oke Sid, you HAVE to know by now that I am weird, oke. You know I have a different taste (Serena, Bartoli, Schiavone, Stan the Man AND yes, Berdych) !!!
        Not all of them are bad players you know. Berdych is exciting. I like when he fights with the umpire (like Jerzy) and get booed by the crowd. He is so awesome. Unfortunately he plays good against every player, but when he plays Roger he suddenly remembers that he can also play great and unplayable. Don’t worry. I am not that cookook. I don’t like it when he defeats Roger. Afterall, Roger comes first.

        Roger is neat, clean, nice and interesting and almost perfect. He is NOT BORING. But do you want the rest to be boring? Some shake things up (like Gulbis). Once in a while that is also nice you know.

      3. Katyani, exactly which part of Berd Flu’s game you don’t find boring I do not understand. But good for you.l

  14. One match I’m looking forward to is Stan vs haas. That s gonna be interesting if they both get there πŸ˜€

      1. Ok, that was a bad one, alright. But still better than the GOAT losing to Brands πŸ™‚

      1. Tipsy is almost out of top 20. he shouldn’t even have been there in the first place… I think he’s 19th now.

      2. Tipsy’s being Janked around by anybody and everybody these days

        P.S. Simon, how would you rate that pun on a scale of 1 to 10 πŸ˜‰

  15. A little off topic. So, during the handshake at the net, there were some words exchanged between Roger and Stakhovsky. It looks like maybe Roger said something that Stakhovsky didn’t like because he made a face and seemed to look at Roger and have the last word.

    Does anyone know what was going on or what was said?

    1. I don’t know about that but apparently Roger and Stakhovsky had a long conversation at Hamburg. So, knowing Roger, everything is fine.

      1. Ok. It did seem like some not very kind words were exchanged at the net that day.

      1. I’m sort of a bad loser too, like Roger. I blame it on the racquet. Sometimes, the humidity. But mostly, it’s the racquet πŸ™‚

  16. Proud of all the Canadians at Rogers Cup. Five men through and two women. Big win for Pospisil over Isner today. (Couldn’t help myself with no real Roger).

      1. You know who also lost??? Dimitrov. What the hell??? Had a month off and now he loses???

      2. Katyani, you’re surprise Dimitrov lost? I think you should get used to him losing early… He’s all talk! He’s done NOTHING except beat a pretty dull Djoker at Madrid. I just don’t understand the hype around him…

      3. Well Simon, no offence, but you have to be a girl to understand the hype around Dimitrov !!!

      4. No offense, Katyani, but the girls I know seem to understand tennis pretty well πŸ™‚

      5. Scooter, Katyani would love for that to happen after which she will end up two timing Roger and Dimitrov. Hmmmmmm! πŸ™‚

      6. Hmm…. I like that Sid !!! Yes, I would be better for Dimi (with me a lot of girls), but taking Mirka’s place??? No, cannot do. There is just one woman on earth who deserves to be Mrs. Roger Federer. Roger would not get this far without her. (Behind every successfull man there is a woman afterall…).

        But…. Sid…. you gave me a nice thought to think about !!!

        And… for now I would settle with a big hug like the one Roger gave Beatriz !!!
        I cannot help it, I am human and still jealous of her in that picture….

      7. I agree Katyani, there is always a woman behind every successful man πŸ˜‰ I’m totally kidding! I did not mean that.

        Ok now, don’t be jealous of Beatriz. She paid a big price for that hug, a very big price. Instead of being jealous, be happy for her.

    1. I’m glad Isner lost. So dull.

      Dimitrov is a joke these days. I’ve been waiting for him to perform in slams, yet he can’t even deliver in M1000 now.

  17. Hey Jonathan,

    This is Murli – one of your followers from Muscat and a die-hard Fed fan – also who watches Fed at Dubai Open live regularly.

    I am in London on a personal visit and would like to say hello to you. Coincidentally Fed turns 32 tomorrow, so it would be a good day to connect. If not a problem, let me know your contact number.

    Hope to talk to you soon


    1. Hey Murli,

      I know, I remember your comments before about your wife (Nadal fan) & daughter (Fed fan) and watching Fed in Dubai πŸ™‚

      I emailed you. I live about 250 miles away from London though man.


  18. Hey Jonathan, maybe I am too late with this or maybe you already said it and I missed it (I actually know you already said it and somehow I missed it !!!), but did you give the answers to the RF-quiz? And who won those caps?? I know I did not get all the questions right. But there were four others who did. Did they get an RF-cap??

    1. Not sure if you know this Katyani, but Serena Williams fans were automatically excluded from the drawing. Sorry! Thanks for playing πŸ˜‰

    2. Hey Katyani,

      I gave the results but not the answers.

      I still have to give away the prizes, it’s been a bit of a disaster really, I had a company lined up to supply the hats and post worldwide for me for a flat fee, but they pulled out and let me down.

      I’ve been trying to sort something out with retailers but they are all pretty useless. I’m not going to buy the hats and post them myself because it will simply cost too much to much to do, so I need them to offer me a flat rate on worldwide shipping. Dragging on now and it’s annoying me.


  19. Happy 32nd birthday Roger !!! Hope you and your back recover soon and well and hope you come back roaring again and win it ALL !!!

      1. Was really scared for that one… Good thing he was less pig headed than usual and stuck to it πŸ˜€

  20. LOOL this is all scarily accurate! Wonderful compilation Jonathan, something to tide me over til Fed’s next appearance. I mean, as far as torrid seasons go, I can’t recall a worse one than this! But this has put a much-needed smile on my face, fave GIF has to be the Pointless one (lol I still keep sneaking looks at it).

  21. Hi Jonathan love the gifs my favourites are the panda and the dog. Just been on Rogers site and there is a link on one of the posts which says he is already in Cincy practicing, if I were clever I could put the link on here but I’m not so there you go – have you heard about this ? and of course it’s his birthday today – I shall celebrate by watching the cincy final with Djokovic – where a bagel was involved – happy days

  22. Yup, almost there. I though Australian open gave some hope for 2013 but Roger snuffed that right out in the tournaments that followed. I actually though he would get into form by Roland Garros, especially with the heavy balls which I believed would add some speed to the game. Seemed not to be the case. Played those balls yesterday, and maybe it was me, but it took me some time to find a clean hit. It felt that I had to hold the racquet like an egg and the sweet spot had shrunk to down to a point.
    After Wimbledon I really couldn’t find the energy to track Roger and the change of frame was like the proverbial nail in the coffin for me. I know everybody likes the change. Well, everybody except me that is. Why change the tool that has given him 17 slams. Hope I’m proven wrong but it doesn’t matter for me anyway because I just can’t stand the sound of it.

    1. What type are they, Babolat?

      Changing racquet is a wise move, you can’t let technology pass you by. There’s nobody using a wooden racquet winning slams any more so it’s clear change is a good thing.

      1. Yes, Babolat. I like it. Not as bouncy as Head ATP and lasts a little longer, maybe even twice as long. Much heavier. Makes an interesting combination with PS90, at least with my stringing.

  23. OlΓ‘ Jon!

    That was simply brilliant!!!

    Dont know if I tell you before but you own my favorite blog about tennis!
    Unfortunately my pigeon english and my limited time doesnt allow me to comment more and more on your blog.
    But I am and always will be here!

    Tchau πŸ™‚

    1. Nah, the only match, or rather set that I’ve watched so far is the third one between Roanic and Gulbis. And the crowd showed its true colors. It’s alright rooting for the local player but booing the opponent because he is trying to change a broken racquet is not very courteous πŸ™‚

  24. Look, I like Raonic, but what’s wrong with this Canadian crowd? Booing Gulbis after he breaks a string and tries to change the racquet? Really? Really?!?

      1. Ok, the point was a gimme for Raonic but rules are rules and Raonic could’ve admitted he touched the net. As for the umpire, he was obviously watching the ball and couldn’t possibly tell if the ball was live. So, the benefit of the doubt goes to Raonic.

        Still, having said that, Raonic could’ve given the point to Del Po πŸ™‚

      1. You’re discounting Dopal? He was “resting” if you know what I mean. He is ready and should hit the “peak” by the time he lands in New York.

  25. That’s a tough one. Raonic wasn’t looking at the ball when he touched the net. So, does he know for sure if the ball was dead at that moment?

    1. Trust me, the only person on the court who knows the truth is the player who did it πŸ™‚ That’s why, in league level play, the player alleged to have touched the net is the only one who gets to make that call.

      I don’t blame him though. He could’ve given it to Del Po if he wanted to is all I’m saying.

    1. This is probably one of the few outdoorcourts suited to Roger’s game left out there. I admit, the timing sucks, given Roger’s back and the new racket, but if there is an outdoor court where Roger has the advantage, it’s this one.

  26. Crappy draw for Roger. Hopefully, his back is ok and he’s feeling comfortable with the racket. I guess it’s wait and see.

  27. fish in first match, haas in second, Dull in third, murray/ berdych in fourth fourth….


  28. May i publish it on ? I Find it clever and well done. I with i had several contributore like you with some original ability an creativity all the best ubi

  29. That pretty much sums up this season so far…so many downs vs ups though. Tough draw at Cincy, meeting Nadal in the quarters – jeez

  30. That’s really funny!!! My favourites are the panda and the one athlete missing the bar! hahaha
    Really entertaining!!

  31. good1 Jonathan….
    im still very optimistic about federers chance being in top 4…
    just heard he won in cincy in 1st round with the old raquet….

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