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The RF Cap is Back

The RF logo and the iconic RF baseball cap are back just in time for Christmas

It's been a long time coming, but the iconic RF logo is finally back on a piece of clothing.

Taking to social media, Roger Federer announced on Twitter that in cooperation with Uniqlo, the #RFcapisback and will be available in 8 colours, just in time for Christmas.

The RF cap has been a mainstay of Federer fan apparel for the last decade and was still widely seen in the stands at tournaments even after Federer's Nike deal had ended. Even the original RF, Robert Federer, still sported the cap throughout the 2019 season.

Now Uniqlo, who signed the Swiss as a global ambassador in 2018 will feature the branding for the first time since TENRO AG, a company Federer started in 2007, captured the rights for the logo at the start of this year.

The Uniqlo RF Cap

Rf Uniqlo Hat 2020

After a long wait and extensive fine-tuning, UNIQLO and I are extremely excited to announce the return of the RF hat in 8 fresh colours starting December 8th, 2020. This hat has meant so much to me and to my fans over the years. It has given us a way to visibly connect, and I have appreciated the opportunity to thrive off this supportive energy. I want to thank UNIQLO for this effort and look forward to seeing everyone in the near future. Roger Federer

Rf Cap Unqilo Strap

The 8 New RF Caps

View the New RF Cap Range

The hats will be available online and in select Uniqlo stores from December 8th. At launch availability is in the following regions:

  • EU
  • United Kingdom
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • France
  • Spain
  • Japan
  • China
  • US
  • Singapore
  • Philippine
  • Australia
  • Canada

Are you happy to see the return of the RF logo? Which piece of clothing do you want to see it on next? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Wow, never thought I’d see the day! I have a black one but I find it way too hot. I wonder about the material of these ones?
    I was hiking last week and a guy past us on the trail wearing a RF hat. They are certainly everywhere.
    Yes, polo shirts and t-shirts with a small Uniqlo logo please.

  2. I like the clever use of GO in the reverse Roger on the back too…8 colours launched on the eighth Dec …trademark RF touchstones with freshness & such detail …some good diversional interest as we await AO deliberations !

  3. So great! These hats look great. Nice colour range & small uniqlo logo at the back. My Nike RF hat is dri-fit and really comfy so hope this line feels good too. Finally – the logo issue is resolved after the shocker of Roger walking out to play his first Wimbledon match without a Nike kit phew

  4. Anybody know how much these will cost roughly? Looking to buy one for myself and the Uncle but need to budget it with the rest of the Christmas shopping. 🙂

    1. I am not sure on pricing, I would guess affordable and less than Nike as Uniqlo aren’t expensive. $20 is a good shout from DrEvil.

      In 4 days we will find out 🙂

  5. I’ve just tried to get a few new RF caps.
    On 8th of December – 9 p.m. the website says:
    “Due to unprecedented demand, the RF Cap collection has now sold out.”

  6. My tennis girlfriends agree that we would love to have RF visors. Many of us can’t wear baseball caps because of our hair but would love to get in on the RF craze!!

    1. My tennis girlfriends think that RF should go out while he’s on top, having made the SF of his last AO in 2020 and almost winning Wimbledon in 2019 at his last attempt. My girlfriends want to see RF announce his retirement now as they are afraid he won’t do as well if he plays in any of the Grand Slam tournaments in 2020.

      1. I agree with Kate, who of course meant to type 2021 instead of 2020. Federer doesn’t want go out without making at least the quarter finals of any of the big 4 Grand Slam tournaments in 2021. Depending on how his body feels, if he makes the quarter finals or better in most of the Grand Slam singles tournaments in 2021, knowing Federer, he will play on in 2022. If he doesn’t, he will probably retire at the end of the US Open in 2021 or sooner, if he’s injured again. I think that Kate is right, that Federer should retire now, while he’s near the top. At the moment, it looks like Federer will play the whole of 2021, injuries notwithstanding, at least.

      2. I am another person who agrees with Kate’s girlfriends. Now that Federer has withdrawn from the Australian Open, now is the perfect time for hm to retire. There’s no guarantee that he can perform well at Wimbledon this year with only a maximum of 4 months of matches under his belt. It’s better to go out now while he’s on top than do further damage to his body, particularly his knees. He has nothing more to prove after winning 20 Grand Slam singles titles, which included 8 Wimbledon titles.

  7. According to Swiss paper BLICK Federer may miss Australian Open, focusing on Wimbledon and Olympia. He told at the Swiss Award Ceremony, he is not feeling ready for competition and his recovery after surgery is going slower than expected.
    I would add, that neither AO, nor any other tournament in 2021 is guaranteed to happen. It may look worse 2021 than 2020. IW is just cancelled (independently of AO delay and uncertainty). Nobody (first of all sponsors) wants tournaments without crowds. Maybe unexpectedly a chance for smaller, local tournaments?
    Someone has more details from Fed’s team?

  8. Yes, who knows. Fed did say something about if he can’t return to competition then the Swiss award was a good sendoff.
    Maybe his knee won’t allow him to compete again.

    1. I think, he will at last try. Maybe not at AO, but Wimbledon or Tokyo (if they happen). Should the 2021 be worse for tennis than 2020, I cannot imagine him to plan a comeback 2022 after 2 years of not competing 🙁

  9. TBH if I was a top player, I would postpone AO. Cannot find any logic (but sheer and stupid egoism) they want to start with 3 weeks delay, ruining the first part of the season and maybe killing for ever smaller tournaments after AO, but if they cannot do the bubble like USO 2020 and need the whole world to have 14 days quarantine in Melbourne with limited possibilities to train (while Australians can probably train on site all the time) and even with the quarantine they cannot start in the usual date but they believe to know, how the pandemic will look like around the globe 3 weeks later? And still no official announcement? Everybody just starting the pre-season and nobody knows for what to prepare. Crazy. Maybe for the French? or US Open? Or nothing? As to Olympic I’m quite sure it will be cancelled or postponed for another year. While 2020 was somehow good news for Roger, not losing ranking points a.s.o., 2021 seems to not be a good news for anybody, especially for Fed because of his “race against time” 🙁

  10. Jonathan … what can you find out about Roger’s fitness to return to play? I am crossing my fingers for some peRFect tennis in 2021!!!

    1. Sorry, I’m not Jonathan 😉 But there is a lot we know from Roger. He says, he hoped to be at 100% in October. Now he says, he is still not. Probably NO to Australian journey. Including 14 days quarantine. Not something for Roger Still with the risk, some surges in Covid in Australia appear (50 infections daily instead od 5-10 currently and the whole Australia thing is cancelled. Rio Open on the bring of cancellation and in any case not interesting for Roger. Indian Wells cancelled, no word so far about Miami, but Florida is just as good in pandemic levels as California,, so the season starts in Australian (or not) and then restarts on European clay. Not interesting for Roger. Wimbledon (maybe Halle) would be the first, then Tokyo and maybe it’s over. Then we’ll see, how many die from CV vaccines and maybe Wimbledon repeats 2020. Tokyo is on the brink with current surges in Japan and Japanese people not wanting Olympics in still rising percentage. Somewhere between 4th wave of pandemic and first wave of vaccination fiasco maybe the French? Then RLC with no sense without big crowd and cancelled, US Open again without crowd – cancelled. Next season on the Moon?

  11. Craig Tiley says, Federer is committed to play AO. Whatever it means (maybe ticket sell pusher?) To have both options he needed to enter the list (entering closes very soon).

    1. I believe Craig Tiley. He is an honest man. The AO has always sold its ticket quota at Melbourne Park, long before Federer became a household name. Don’t forget the ticket quotas will be less in February, due to the pandemic. Tiley has always said that he will keep a place open in the draw for Federer for as long as possible. When it comes to Federer, the rules can be bent. I believe that Federer was always going to play the Australian Open in February. He was basically saying that he’s not fully fit to lower the expectations and pressure for himself.

      1. Hey Analyst! Your analyze was a crap, wasn’t it?,Craig Tiley is not a honest man. Or maybe Roger is not honest? You wrote “When it comes to Federer, the rules can be bent.” My motto would be rather “When it comes to Federer, no rule need to be bent. Craig Tiley being honest and bending rules – hmmm, very interesting mix.

      2. PRF, Craig Tiley is an honest man. How was he to know that Federer was to pull out after Federer had initially entered the tournament. The rules are certainly bent for Federer when it comes to the heat. The tournament organisers often put Federer at night on a hot day when it’s cooler.The rules were bent for Federer so he could enter at the last possible moment.

      3. PRF, Craig Tiley is an honest man. How was he to know that Federer was to pull out after Federer had initially entered the tournament? The rules are certainly bent for Federer when it comes to the heat. The tournament organisers often put Federer at night on a hot day when it’s cooler.

    2. @Tennis Analyst
      Well. no sense to argue about Tilay’s honesty. The thing with priority for Fed re time of play, always Central Court a.s.o. is that everyone (including players) knows, what Federer means for tennis and a special aspect of his age, so the critique is very seldom (even if somehow justified). And another Big3 or current Top5 players have this privilege too. Not sure, but I guess it is negotiated between them and the organizers. Should he be privileged in arranging draws (some think, he is), it would be IMO beyond the red line. But – this is professional tennis, a kind of very well paid show, not simply sport.

    1. That’s a great achievement but unfortunately that does not equate to any extra Grand Slam singles titles. I am sure that Federer would swap all 18 of those awards for another GS singles title.

    2. Someone commented on Twitter :
      “Three things are certain in life :
      – Death
      – Taxes
      – Federer winning the Fans’ Favorite award”.


      1. I guess, Federer will win this Award even 20 years or more after retirement (I mean – so long FedFans live ) 😉

      2. PRF makes a good point about Federer winning the Fans’ Favourite Award even 20 years or more after retirement. I was a massive fan of the former 1976 French Open Champion Sue Barker, growing up. To me, Sue Barker should still win the WTA fans’ favourite award, 36 years after her retirement, even if they didn’t have such an award back in her playing era.

      3. Don’t forget that Federer has 4 children. If just one of them wants to be a professional tennis player and makes it, he or she could win the Fans’ favourite award in 20 or more years from now, or even less than 20 years. If it’s a daughter and she marries, she can still keep her maiden name of Federer.

      4. In the year 2033, Federer’s twin sons Leo Federer and Lenny Federer, aged 19, will both share the ATP Fans’ Favourite Award and will keep winning that award for 20 successive years.

      5. I have worked that Federer must have won his 1st Fans’ Favorite Award in 2003, the year he won his 1st Grand Slam singles title. Does anyone know who won the ATP Fans’ Favorite Award in the years prior to Federer winning it, while Federer was starting as a professional tennis player? Was it Andre Agassi?

      6. In 2000, Gustavo Kuerten won the inaugural ATP Players’ Fan Favourite Award, followed by Marat Safin in 2001 and 2002. Federer has then won this award every year since then.

    3. You cannot be serious! I think Novak Djokovic, Bernard Tomic and Nick Kyrgios were very stiff not to the win the ATP’s Fan Favourite Award this year!

      1. We should ask them to create Beloved Bad Boy Award and Nick wins i´t for next 50 years 🙂 Sue is right. He makes tennis more human and lets people accept unacceptable behaviors 😉 I would vote for him for the No Celebration Award too 🙂

      2. With Nick Kyrgios, I wasn’t referring to his entertaining style of tennis and his engaging of the crowd and having a go at the chair umpire and linesmen, which many fans like to see. Unfortunately, I was referring more to many cases of his lack of manners in “tanking” or not trying, therefore losing tennis matches, rather than hanging in there and trying to mount a comeback. The same applies to Bernard Tomic. Both of them should learn from their fellow Australian tennis players, Alex Di Minaur and John Millman, who both fight hard for every point, regardless if they are winning or losing on the scoreboard.

      3. Has the WTA Fan Favorite Award been announced yet? If not I would like to nominate both Katie Boulter and Vitalia Diatchenko. I could have nominated many others but they look the part and are pretty good. Their tennis is pretty good too.

  12. Someone else commented on Twitter:
    “Five things are certain in life:
    – Death
    – Taxes
    – Federer winning the Fans’ Favourite award
    – Nadal winning the most French Open singles titles
    – Djokovic winning the most Australian Open singles titles in the Open era”.

    1. To beat Rafa’s record in Paris you would need to live (and play) next 50 years. To beat Federer’s record you would need to be eternal+19 😉
      Djoker’s record is the only one beatable (but not easy)

  13. On the other hand, the ATP Players’ favourite fans is any fan that keep them cool after a long, hot, tiring tennis match.

  14. Nostradamus, I hope you will be right about Federer’s twin sons Leo Federer and Lenny Federer sharing the ATP Players’ Fan Favorite award for 20 successive years from 2033 onwards. I am sure that Federer fans would like to see the Federer name live on in the ATP tour. Even if they don’t win a Grand Slam singles title between them, if they can kerp alternating one year Leo Federer, the next year Lenny Federer, and if they end up being tall and have the manners and game style of their father, Roger Federer, they will be known as the twin towers.

    1. Yeah, I guess, it will be only Wimbledon and Tokyo. Assuming he can recover sufficiently to have a chance to win these titles. If not …. I hope not. He would never follow Stan’s way back and be happy with what Stan achieves after recovery. For good and understandable reasons. To end career with an early loss in any tournament would be horrible. In this scenario maybe RLC in Boston would be his “farewell”?

    1. Yes same here. News I was not ready to listen to. There was some talk even that he will represent Switzerland at ATP Cup. Sad that he is missing the AO.

      1. Federer had played in every Australian Open in his professional career up until now. He has been fortunate to have had such a good run.

      2. It would not surprise me if Federer retires before Wimbledon. His body is not right and he will be nearly 40 if he does play Wimbledon. Federer does not want to bow out early at Wimbledon if his knee is not right.

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