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The Best Roger Federer On Court Rants

As we all know Federer has a reputation for remaining cool, calm and collected on court even in the toughest and dramatic of matches but he hasn't always been like that.

In fact it was only after he lost to Franco Squillari in Hamburg in 2001 and smashed his racquet that he decided to keep his emotions in check; he's done a pretty good job at it since but even he sometimes just has to let it out. Here are some of my favourites:

US Open Final 2009 – Del Potro's Delayed Hawkeye Challenges

I always get the feeling Roger and Jake Garner don't get along too well, this pretty much proves the theory. I actually thought Roger was right here, Hawk Eye was still relatively new at this point and Umpires were really inconsistent at enforcing time constraints on challenges. Del Potro took like a week here.

Monte Carlo 2008 1st Round – Roger Tells the Djokovic Family to “Be Quiet”

Quite frankly who wouldn't want to tell Novak's Mum to shut up? Fair enough she's bound to be biased towards her son but my god she's annoying.

French Open Quarter Final 2012 – Shut Up!

Sometimes even the crowd get on his nerves.

Australian Open 2008 4th Round – That was so Obvious is was a Joke!

Argues 2 different languages.

Miami 2009 Semi Final – Racquet Smash

Not so much a rant, but entertaining all the same, and maybe without it he'd have never won the French πŸ™‚

“Thank god the hard court season is over. Yeah I don't care anymore, I'm moving over to clay, new chapter!”

Australian Open 2013 Semi Final – “F***ing Stop!”

Tells Murray to stop, breaks Murray when he's serving for the match. Wins the tie break. Boom! Almost the perfect pattern of play had he gone onto win.

Madrid 2012 Final – Lahyani's Double Bounce

Lahyani really ought to figure this one out, he “hit it the topspin way!”

Indian Wells 2013 4th Round – I played what? 2 shots? I played 1 shot!

Another rant to do with hawkeye, this time he was denied the opportunity to challenge by Fergus Murphy after he thought his own serve was out.

Wimbledon 2007 Final – How in the world was that ball in?

Thanks for BS in the comments for picking this one out. Not often you see him getting riled up on centre court but hawk eye was working against him that day.

“How in the world was that ball in? Shit! Look at the score now.”

Have I missed any notable on court rants you can think of? There's a couple I know of but I can't find the footage, if so let me know in the comments below.

Also, what's Roger's record in these matches where he's got annoyed? Well in this collection he's won 6 of the matches, and lost 3 of them. Maybe when I say Federer gets annoyed he loses isn't true after all πŸ™‚


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Great post since he is going on 2 month break, interestingly I like to watch Roger getting pissed. He seems to play better when he gets upset. It’s hilarious to watch his rants, still mild as compared to Roddick or Murray. I shall miss him in the next 6 weeks. Heard he help in US Open scheduling and prize money, respect!

    1. Cheers Dippy πŸ™‚

      Yeah he just makes me laugh. Not the sort of rants that damage his reptutation. Murray and Roddick are different types of personality, they mean it. Fed you just gotta laugh at him.


      1. Anyone remember Murray had a tantrum over a ball that was out (meaning that he actually won the point! ) but he was too busy ranting to listen to the umpire.


        Conal are you talking about this? Yeah this was too good, just shows you what an idiot he is.

        Also the Shanghai match from last year was so funny with Djokovic and Murray taking turns smashing the crap out of their racquets. Suggest any one to go on youtube and watch it, really weird stuff from both. Nadal is the only one that is pretty calm on court I guess, however his gamesmanship tactics out there take away from that.

      3. Hadn’t seen that before. I thought Conal meant at the AO vs Fed. He was moaning about something with the umpire there too.

        Nadal can flip out too, he has many times. Berdych at o2 in 2011 I believe.


  2. I liked the “that was so obvious…” πŸ™‚ That “let” mechanism is pretty screwed up if you ask me.

    I still haven’t figured out what happened against Murray. Did Murray do something mid point? Or was Roger just angry he lost the point?

      1. Pascal figured if he responded in French, it would “sweeten” things up a bit πŸ™‚

      2. Yeah, guess we’ll never know. They both batted it off in the press conference. I think Murray can wind Roger up on court sometimes so expected.

  3. Recently I read Stephen Tignor’s “High Strung: Bjorn Borg, John McEnroe, and the Untold Story of Tennis’s Fiercest Rivalry” — it’s an interesting, well-written book — and I found one aspect striking: How (excuse me) “unhinged” the behavior of some of the 70ies tennis heroes seems in comparison to contemporary players. So these particular Roger highlights are actually quite civilized! According to Tignor a special generation of players (Connors, McEnroe, Nastase,…) — which he calls “rough necks” — stands between the preceding generation of the pre-open-era gentlemen and the low-maintenance pros of our time.

    1. Hey FrF,

      Not heard of the book, I might have a look at it, thanks for the tip.

      Yeah McEnroe and Connors were known to be crazy!

      I guess Federer is a bit like Borg, although Borg was probably calmer on court. Don’t think he ever had any outbursts…


      1. Without Hawkeye they had to fight harder for their points, also umpires often managed players, openly wore sponsors logos on their outfits and there was an air of match fixing to it all in the early pro era, so no wonder it was rough & pushy personalities fighting for the action ! I read that and the Courts ran red I think another well
        Known book of that era. He insinuated the players split sets regularly on clay and just fought for the third ! TV coverage & changes to umpires roles and Hawkeye have brought us a largely more civil era but no system
        Is perfect yet & players are human it’s great looking back on these incidents!

  4. Hi Jonathan

    I always feel that when fed questions or argues on court he goes on to loose the match, bad moments seem to niggle at him and he then does not seem able to keep his concentration, so I always worry for the outcome of a match when I see him do this. I prefer it when you get a really loud c’mon.

    1. Hey Trudi,

      Yeah I usually think that when he gets annoyed he plays badly but on those matches above he’s won 5 so not as bad as I first thought.

      I prefer the come on’s and allez’s too though!


  5. OlΓ‘ Jonathan!

    Another excellent post!
    It’s always good to remember the resounding “SHUT UP” πŸ™‚
    I think during the final in Wimbledon’2007, Federer was also nervous about the successive requests for challenges by Nadal, especially because one of them (clearly out) appears as good after the challenge …
    Ah yes, it’s also good to remember that Wimbledon Final, where things were in the right place.

  6. The one against Stan at Indian Wells this year was weird, I thought Roger was right. If he didnt touch the ball, and challenged, and if the serve was actually in, it means Stan would have won the point with a clean return winner.

    1. Yeah he was just arguing for the sake of arguing in the Stan match. Making it up as he went along. Knew full well that if the volley had gone in he wouldn’t have challenged!

  7. I love that man so much, everytime I see these video’s I just laugh !!!
    Especially when he yells shut up. The man tries to be angry, but can’t !!!
    I just have to laugh when I see it.

    The last one, at IW is my favourite. He argues so calm !!!
    Especially when you see Rafa arguing with the umpire at WTF SF with Berdych 2010 or 2011.
    Then you see the difference.

    Oh and only Roger can get booed for smashing a raquet and seconds after that gets cheered on !!!
    Only Roger.

    1. Hey Katyani,

      Yeah he cracks me up. I like the way he says “everytime” in the US Open one, and then the “that was so obvious it was a joke” Too funny.


  8. Cool Post/Videos, way to pass the time until May. Miami is crap as usual now with Delpo out, really no appeal to me whatsoever.

    The US Open rant gets me EVERY time: “When I wanna talk, I’ll talk”, “Don’t fu***** tell me the rules” haha he’s so funny! And also right, sucks that he lost that match.

    And the Australian Open video of him arguing in two languages, funniest thing is the commentator at the end:
    “We’re in Australia” ah gotta love those Aussies (seeming as I am one lol)

    I LOVE angry Fed, makes him come alive as we saw against Murray this year. I don’t know, and then in the next game with Wawrinka. Roger tries so hard to keep calm on the court sometimes I think he keeps too much of it in. I really would like to see a bit more emotion out there on the court to fire him up, it’s fun to watch and it makes his desire out there on court even better (just watch the fourth set tiebreak against Murray, he was on a mission).

      1. When I heard Novak was the number one seed and Andy was the second seed, I knew it was going to be a Novak/Andy final !!!
        How many weeks left 5 or 6??

      2. Murray v Ferrer methinks!

        Ps do u think Fed shld play either MC or Barca??? Getting concerned about his points!!! Don’t really care about the ranking but seriously care about the WTF!!! Needs some more matches!!!

      3. I hope Haas makes the final. He has enough to take care of Ferrer I think.

        Nah I don’t think he should play MC or Barca. Not good tournaments for him. Maybe Estoril if he really needs to?

        He will make WTF for sure I think. Should do well post Wimbledon I think.


  9. Haha, fun post actually! I like the 2009 US Open rant the best. Partly because I agreed with him. He had been denied challenges earlier in the tournament for “taking too long” and this one by Del Potro was clearly late! The other reason is that it just amuses me. He definitely knows how to swear in english and it was just nice to see him a bit animated. It does scare me a little when he gets heated on court b/c it seems like he plays worse and loses concentration…although in these examples like you said, the wins outweighed the losses. Oh, and my second fav was smashing the racket! I remember being SHOCKED when I saw it happen back then but it helped me get out my frustration during that match!! Anyway, thanks for the post!

    1. The guy takes like 10… everytime! Funny as.

      It didn’t help him in the Del Po match that’s for sure. Should have won that match with ease.


  10. Irrelevant but I thought it was interesting to say the least given Murray’s game:

    “I think the more variety in the surfaces the better for the game. And also the longevity of the players, as well, shorter rallies.”

    Guess who’s getting dropped from Nadal and Djokovic’s xmas list…

      1. Is that from his presser? Will have to have a read. Not often I agree with him but maybe he’s getting bored of slugging it out and shaving years of his career.

      2. Do you really find it that surprising? I fell that Murray’s game is more suited to attacking than nadal or djoker… He was doing pretty good at wimby and wasn’t going on the defensive against Roger at the ao… Just my thoughts πŸ˜€

    1. Good points Simon. However, when he plays someone like Djokovic, it always feels like they’re both on the defence. Also now that Murray is saying this, Nadal can’t say that Roger is the only top player that wants faster courts as it’s not only he who benefits from it.

  11. He still looks adorable during his rants. They are so unlike him, I mean you get to see them very rarely that they are so funny

  12. Here’s one : Mutua Madrid, 2011 vs Rafa, Final (I think)… second set….the only clip I could find has been posted by a Nadal fan which is obvious by the title. I remember when I watched it, I could follow the exchange between Rf and Lahyani but in this clip the commentators talk non stop πŸ™‚

      1. Good find Vandana & Conal, I’d forgotten about that one!

        He’s actually quite pissed there ain’t he, more than the other ones!

        Lehyani usually makes some terrible over rules and calls but he was spot on there.


      1. Of course. 2009 clay season was THE best. Also that 2009 Madrid ceremony was hilarious with Rafa and Roger picking the confetti out of each other’s hair…

    1. I hadn’t seen this before, loved it! I totally agree with your view on his finesse, he even makes the act of wiping the nose with the wristband look good! πŸ˜€

    1. That is just Youzhny being a nutcase though! If Federer did shit like that I wouldn’t be his fan.

      Remember when Murray used to punch the strings?

    1. Ah another one, good find.

      Another milestone match where he realised he had to change the racquet smashing behaviour! Think he won this match too.

  13. Federer doesn’t “give a shit”. No more, no less. ‘Nuff said! God bless The King, Long live The King…God i love this man, and i love this sport (not the way it is going on right now, but the sport in general) !

  14. Hey Jonathan! I discovered your blog rather recently. Thought I’d read a couple of posts before commenting. I enjoy your writing. This compilation is awesome! I absolutely love angry Fed! Seeing him angry on court is really the only way we can see him show any emotion that is not portraying him as a happy-go-lucky guy since he is just so calm and friendly in all his pressers/interviews. And I love to see the intensity too. I am all for him not showing any emotions and being a silent assassin but every now and then these bursts are cool!
    The FO ‘SHUT UP’ is my favorite. The look he had on his face while yelling that gave me chills.
    Also, I really enjoyed your compilation of GIFs in ‘A day in the life of Federer fan’. You should come up with a new one since so many emotions have been added to the life of a fed fan already!

    1. Hey FedFan,

      Glad you enjoy the blog πŸ™‚

      Yeah it’s fun to watch him let it out once in a while. I think USO 2009 is my fave. Or Aus 2008.

      I have a few ideas for posts, not necessarily GIF related but they should help keep Fed fans entertained during this break. Stay Tuned πŸ˜‰


    1. Hey BS,

      Cheers! Good find on that clip, Alysha mentioned it above and I had forgotten all about that! Going to add it onto the post.

      How in the world was that ball in? Shit. And look at the score now. LOL

      1. So, with the addition of that new video by Jonathan, Roger is now officially 6/9 in rant mode. Not bad if you ask me. Can someone make it 7/10 please? πŸ™‚

    2. Hahaha yes that was indeed a good find. I remember vividly Fed when HawkEye was introduced. Not happy to say the least. Also it’s interesting to note that Roger was the most successful player with challenges using HawkEye at the AO this year I believe.

    3. Just watched this. Of course, I didn’t watch that match ever (wasn’t a fan yet) but those were some terrible Hawkeye results. I can’t believe he actually told the ump, “Can we switch it off?” πŸ˜€

    1. Here’s the translation for you, Simon.

      After the ball hits the chair umpire.

      Ump: Ouch! That hurt!
      Roger: “How did it happen?”
      Ump: “Because I put my foot out…….Because I put my foot out.”
      Roger: “Do you want a foot massage? I give a mean GOAT foot massage”
      Meanwhile, Beck is thinking: “Nice try, playa!”
      Ump: “No, it’s ok, I’m fine”
      Roger (shrugs shoulders): “Whatever! I tried”
      Roger (thinking): “Can’t believe she turned me down”

      Later…after the game ends.

      Roger: “Can the ball boy get some ice in this? I’ll wrap it around your foot”
      Ump: “Roger, he is not allowed to touch your towel”
      Roger: “What do you want me to do? Just bring it myself?”
      Ump: “Yeah. Sorry!”


      1. The question Jonathan, is not what I’m smoking. The question is, why am I smoking it?

  15. He Jonathan, what about an article (during Roger’s absence) about if Dimitrov deserves the title Baby Fed?
    Is it a blessing or a curse? Will he be a second Goat? Will it begin to eat at him this huge title?
    Was his coach wright when he said that Grigor was better at age 17 than Roger himself?

    Can we do this? Give you ideas for articles during his absence?
    So yes, if Dimi is called Baby Fed, who are the Baby Rafa/Novak/Andy going to be????


    1. Hey Katyani,

      Yeah of course you can give me ideas for articles πŸ™‚

      I’m not going to blog about Dimitrov yet as I don’t think there’s a whole lot to say about him He is completely unproven to date, my article would be about 100 words πŸ˜‰

      I agree in the sense that his shots are similar looking but they are very different players. When Dimitrov wins a few titles then maybe I’ll bring him up. Until then he’s not getting a slot on here.


      1. I agree Jonathan. What is up with him? He has some great shots. Oppertunities to close a set or a match and then… what happens???

        By the way, Rogers RG outfit is…………..simple, too simple.

      2. He’s just potential at the minute. But serving a ton of double faults like he keeps doing isn’t a great sign. Maybe he can overcome it.

        Will be posting the outfit sooner or later I think. Not a big fan.


      3. Jonathan, I swear, if you write 100 words about Dimitrov, I will reply with 200 that nobody is going to like πŸ™‚

      4. Would love yr thoughts on the Masters series. Needs an overhaul in my view, time for a South American 1000 on clay. They hv proven they hv the facilities, money and fan base is huge! Down grade for Miami, Toronto, Madrid? Add in a grass or even 2. Possibly upgrade Dubai? Wld love to know yr thoughts! Cannot believe the ATP are not discussing it! It’s time! Also, if WTF move elsewhere eventually, move the Paris indoor to London…..

      5. Hey Susie,

        Yeah that sounds like a neat idea for a post. I’ll have a think. Has to be a Grass tournament at 1000 level for sure!


  16. It sickens me how many times Hawkeye works against him in that last link! I think the best ending to that video would be the rally in the fifth set where he hits the inside in forehand winner to get the first break. Just to show the beginning of the ending we all wanted.

      1. It’s so simple though. I heard though that the shirt would be green? This is a very rafa-esque outfit. Roger should be wearing polo shirts! This is a slam for crying out loud!

    1. Also I thought Roger green lights everything. How could he approve this?

      Indian Wells outfit was 10x better than this. People were complaining about AO outfit, can’t wait till this one comes out aye.

      1. I once had a friendly argument with a, well, friend of course. He didn’t like it that Roger wore that victory jacked right after his Wimbledon 2009 over Roddick and said he was being too cocky to have kept the jacket ready before the match. I told him that Nike wanted him to do that. He said Roger could’ve refused. But he can’t. Nike gives him tens of millions of dollars and he is under a contract to do most of the things he is told do.

        I couldn’t care less if he doesn’t even wear a polo but wins a slam πŸ™‚

      2. Interesting find Vandana I hadn’t read that!

        Seems like he does have a say though as they meet up and run through designs by the way it reads?

  17. Can someone please tell Andy that now we KNOW he won Olympic Gold??
    Appearently he wears the yellow/gold because he won Olympic Gold.
    But….. he wears that colour all the time. We get it. You won. Only you.
    Now change the colour of your outfit !!!!

      1. Ah I didn’t know that either. Just thought it was another of Adidas last minute outfits for him made from the left over bin.

        More importantly, why does he keep pointing to the sky?

  18. Jonathan, I don’t know how I can handle this. 41 or 42 days to go???
    Apart from your (and Ru-an’s site) there is nothing about Roger??? What to do??

      1. Wine works for me! But watching Tommy Haas take out Djokovic tonight in Miami helped too…more like that and I think I’ll make it!

    1. Watch some matches Katyani.

      French Open 2011 SF is one of my all time favourites. Enjoy. And also hope that the same Roger from that tournament turns up this year as well!

  19. Hi Jonathan… i am about a week behind cos me flippin phone had to break, so waiting for a replacement!! :'( I hav to say i liked this post. But u will hav to excuse me for saying ” You cannot be serious, the ball was in !!! ” “Chalk flew up, are u blind !!! ” . Ahhh the vintage golden years of Mac losing it. But in saying that i have seen Roger when he was 17 compleately losing it. And him smashing raquets. Wow how Fed has changed, but for calmness i still give it to Borg for putting up with J Mac, J Conners and I Nastase.
    But i feel that Fed should let some steam off from time to time. So that it fires him up, otherwise it will build up which cannot be good for him. Anyway i look forward to ur next post. It already seems a lifetime, i hope the days go quickly and see Federer healthy and winning titles again. Plus a GS would be nice to top it. πŸ™‚ Top man Jonathan!!! Serajul.

    1. Hey man,

      Ah thought you’d disappeared for a while. Thought maybe Dull beating Fed had tipped you over the edge πŸ˜‰

      40 days I think till Fed’s back in action. Not too long. I have a few posts coming up πŸ™‚


      1. Hi Jonathan….Yep thats funny, but am over the Nadal loss. I suppose it will be very intriging and intresting to see Fed come back after his break. Personally i feel the break will do him good. But with it being the clay, statically Feds worse surface. I think he will be OK. A couple of matches he’ll be the Roger we all know.:)

  20. Hey all… well well well Mr Djoker has lost to Hass in straight sets. Why couldnt he hav lost at the Aus Open!!. It looks like theyll make Murray win to get him to be the new world number Two. πŸ™ . I hope he also loses. Fingers crossed.

    1. Looking that way isn’t it?

      Happy for Haas though to get this win, what a guy! Who cares if Murray gets number 2, there’s not that much of a difference between 2 and 3. Also if Roger is 3 for French Open, he’s more likely to get Djokovic than Nadal in the draw.

      1. Haas is from a strong era. Back to his best. Good to watch too.

        Yeah if Roger is 3 he can’t get Nadal in his half of the draw, assuming Nadal is at 4.

    1. Slowami is basically a non tournament without Fedal. Now Djoker has gone it’s like a Futures event or something. Maybe HaasGOAT can win a big title at age 34. Be epic.

  21. Hi guys, wow Tommy won !!! How did that happen? Good for him. Maybe people will stop judging Roger when he lost the Halle final to him? Because Tommy is an excellent player. I like him a lot. He is funny and nice and plays good.

    Have to wonder though when something like this happens. What is wrong with Novak? Did he not “want” to face Andy? Did he want to get out to prepare for the clay season like so many do? What?
    I mean this one he could have won, no Roger, no Rafa, No Delpo, no Tsonga. Only Andy.
    Did he lose to a better player or did he want to safe himself for clay?

  22. I have to say this. I just read an article on ATP Tour where they were writing about Novak losing.
    And they showed a picture of Novak saying goodbuy to the crowd as he was leaving, he had his coat on and his bag. To be honest, it was nice to see that picture of him waving while leaving. I got a little bit tired of seeying pictures of Roger waving to the court as he was leaving after a loss (there are too many of those pictures). Nice to see they did that to Novak too.

    But….. really, like Novak or not, he is very gracious in defeat. He said some nice things about Tommy and said that he was disappointed for his fans and that he could not give them a third set (Roger style).
    If I have to chose between Rafa, Andy or Novak, I would chose Novak.

    1. Novak is an alright guy I think. He has a sense of humour which can be pretty funny but many times he does some pretty cringy stuff like beating his chest etc etc.

      I just respect his game now compared to what it was a few years ago. He’s become pretty clutch.

      1. I think he usually reserves that extreme behavior for Nadal matches. Notice how he barely celebrated against Andy Murray at AO. Of course, they are good friends too.

  23. Here is something for you guys to think about:

    Serena and Tiger are the current number ones, what makes you think Roger is not planning to do the same thing !!! He wants to score as many points after May to become the world number one at the end of the year, so he can break or achieve Pete’s last withstanding record !!!

    Mark my words……Roger is not done yet beeing the world number one !!!

    Good things are going to happen.

    1. Two Pete records: 7 Wimbledons, and the number of year end number ones which stands at 6 I think? Or is it 5?

      1. Correct. That darn Djoker has been spoiling it for two years then Berd Flu joins the party.

  24. So Jonathan……you don’t believe Roger can get back at world number one???

    We’ll talk…. later……after May……

    1. I kind of agree with Jonathan. Getting to number one will require a monumental effort. If he can focus that much energy to winning a slam, that would be a better strategy. It’s obviously not happening in 2013. Do you believe it can happen in 2014?

      1. Yes, but I also believe it can happen in 2013 (end of 2013).
        Maybe he got more motivated after seeing Tommy play?
        No, this is Roger we are talking about, king of schedulling.
        I really think they were planning a strong second half of the season.

        And also look it like this. If Novak wanted he could have gained now 2000 points extra (or 1000) by doing everything he can by winning IW and Miami (with Roger out, Delpo out, only Nadal at IW and only Andy at Miami). So he is stuck on a number of points.
        Andy will also do good, but even he could not manage to win IW, knowing that he could be at number two. And there is now of course a big chance that he will win Miami.
        But what if he doesn’t?

        Like Roger said, he would like to go back to number one (not his first priority), and he believes he can do it, IF he gets the chance (by that, meaning, the other ones have to be less “good”, I don’t know how to explain this exactly).

        Maybe he won’t get back at number one this year, but he will get back in the beginning of 2014. But maybe even sooner. And of course I am not counting out Rafa. He could verywell have a say in all of this.

      2. Katyani, that’s what I meant when I said it’s not happening in 2013. But 2014? Maybe!

        As far as Nadal is concerned, he is out for blood. He may pick up two slams this year. Look out! I heard from someone that the moment he arrived at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden, the first question he asked everyone was, ” Anyone seen Rosol?”

      3. Of course it can happen but I doubt it will happen in 2013…

        I think Roger’s focus is doing well at Slams. If he does that then the raking takes care of itself…

      4. Hope he does a “Serena”. Win everything you can and the number one will follow itself.
        But…. I still have hopes for world number one in 2013, even if it is for a week.

        Sid, you know what would be funny? Rafa and Rosol in the same draw at RG and Wimby !!!

      5. Katyani, I’m actually expecting either the French Open or Wimbledon to put Rosol in Nadal’s path. Nadal fans are reeling from the 2012 loss and a revenge story line will serve well. It.Will.Happen.Soon.

        Whoever named her Serena had no idea what that word meant. She is the exact opposite of what “serene” means.

  25. Hey Jonathan,

    Cool post as usual, enjoyed all thoughtful and fun comments. Haven’t left any comments lately but it doesn’t mean I’d been way from my favorite blog! Though I’m going away to Japan tomorrow for a month so I might stay as a ghost.

    Keep up your great work, I always look forward to checking out the site.

    Happy Easter to you all.

  26. Today I watched some of the Andy match. Well, he is in the SF. What can you say.
    Congrats to Gasquet !!! Nice win. Hah, Berdych is beatable. Gasquet played really well.

    Just watched Serena vs Radwanska. Wow, Serena was too good.
    Even the commentator made a great remarke:
    Hello domination, my name is Serena!!!

    Hope Serena wins the title. Hoping for a well deserved Haas/Gasquet Final.

    1. Yeah big win for Gascoke! Berdych has been scraping through some of his matches though so not surprising he finally lost.

      Not interested in WTA in the slightest but Haas vs Gasquet would be good. I think Haas has the game to beat Ferrer hopefully he has the endurance.

      1. Oh come on Jonathan, some WTA matches are fun to watch.
        Of course when they play without the extremely annoying grunting.
        That does put a lot of people off.
        I love to watch the matches of Na Li and lately Sloan Stephens.
        But my favourite is of course the WomanGoat Serena.
        To tell you the truth, she impressed me last year more than the guys combined !!!

        Like I say……….Go Roger Go……….I also say……….Go Serena Go……….

      2. Katyani, you like Williams??!? Goodness me, really? The most unsporting and disgraceful player in the history of ever?? πŸ™‚

      3. The Williams Sisters combined to ruin women’s tennis. They took any uniqueness the women’s game had and made it into a sport of mindless ball bashing and grunting. Awful really. Serena isn’t in the same league as Graf.

        Remember this?

      4. Jonathan speaks the truth. They brought ugliness (I mean the game) to the sport. William’s is the Nadal of the WTA, even worse. There is a reason she calls Nadal her, “booth brother”.

        Yeah, how can anyone not know what she did at USO 2009. Did you know that subsequently, insurance companies added a new checkbox to their application that said, “Will you be or are you planning on being a line judge in William’s matches?”

      5. No Jonathan. No Sid. Don’t even go there. Leave Serena alone. She is not perfect,
        but just let her be. And………. do not even compere her with Rafa.
        Serena is not the same as Rafa. She does not have his ” awful tactics”.
        What she has accomplished last year, most people dream about
        (except Novak who had his 2011 year and Roger who had his three year dominance).

      6. Katyani, there is no way I’m messing with Serena Williams. I may be taller than her but trust me, she will squish me πŸ™‚

      7. The best scenario is keep the Williams sisters off this blog. She single handedly ruined womens tennis.

        Who says this to an umpire “you’re a hater, and you’re unattractive on the inside” Joke of the sport I’m afraid. She only wins because she physically dominates her opponents. Just manufactured into a tennis player. Bring back Henin!

      8. Sid, you are so funny, I love your sense of humor, how do you come up with these lines?

        Jonathan, hmmmmmm……..
        Bring back Kim Clijsters, the nicest and greatest player.

      9. Yes, Henin (all class!), Clijsters, Radwanska, Kirilenko, and my favorite, the hot, hot, hot, Ana Ivanovic πŸ™‚

      10. Katyani, I think you’re saying that because I may have offended by ranting against Williams πŸ™‚ But there is nothing wrong with you liking her. I can never, ever, like her. Heard she just beat Shriekapova. Good. I hate Shriekapova more that Williams.

  27. Who do you want to win? Andy (who can get to number two) or Ferrer?

    By the way, what is up with Ferrer? Doesn’t he ever get tired? Is he 30 or 18?
    Love what he has achieved and kudos for that, but really, how does he not get tired?

    1. Katyani, I have three letters for you: HGH. Come on, we all know that all of sudden Spanish athletes have acquired superhuman powers.

      1. Hey Katyani, yes, H2H means a players head to head against another player but HGH stands for Nadal’s head to head against all other players combined πŸ™‚

        No, just kidding, it means Human Growth Hormone, used to enhance muscle development, improve endurance etc. all illegal though.

    2. To answer your question, I’d like Andy to win because he is “clean”. And also because I did make a prediction not too long ago that Roger will soon slip to No.3.

  28. I read somewhere that if he is number two than he gets maybe Ferrer in RG, but Novak and Rafa and Roger will be all in the same side. Is that true?

    1. Katyani, if the ranking goes, Djokovic, Murray, Roger, Ferrer, and Nadal, then a Djokovic-Roger SF is possible and in that case Roger won’t get Nadal because Nadal will be on Djoker’s path. Which means, Ferrer gets Nadal in the QF. Of course, they could put Djokovic-Ferrer in which case Roger, Nadal, and Murray could be in the same half. Ouch! But will they think of doing that?

      1. If Roger is at 3 in the world then he will either get Djokovic or Murray in the semi final.

        If Nadal is at 4 then he won’t get drawn in the same half as Roger, but if he’s at 5 then he could get drawn in the same half as Roger.

  29. Only just noticed this old post. Interesting to see he does have his moments too! I have to say, I disagree with him regarding Indian Wells 2013 challenge issue, had he got the ball over the net, there would be no issue as he would have claimed the point and not even mentioned the serve, so you can’t have it both ways. Had he dodged the ball, let it pass him and then challenged, that would be fair. A player should never have the decision to challenge, depending on how his next hit goes for him.

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