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The ATP & WTA Extend Suspension Of All Tennis Tournaments

The tennis season is now suspended until at least June 7th 2020. Ranking points are frozen.

In response to the coronavirus crisis, the ATP and WTA Tours have suspended all tennis through to June 7th, an extension of the original suspension that was due to end in April.

This means the entire Spring clay-court swing will not be held as scheduled. With the Masters 1000 events in Madrid and Rome, along with the WTA events in Strasbourg and Rabat and ATP events in Munich, Estoril, Geneva and Lyon all cancelled. 

The challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic to professional tennis demand greater collaboration than ever from everyone in the tennis community in order for the sport to move forward collectively in the best interest of players, tournaments and fans.

We are assessing all options related to preserving and maximising the tennis calendar based on various return dates for the Tours, which remains an unknown at this time. We are committed to working through these matters with our player and tournament members, and the other governing bodies, in the weeks and months ahead.

All decisions related to the impact of the coronavirus require appropriate consultation and review with the stakeholders in the game, a view that is shared by ATP, WTA, International Tennis Federation, All England Lawn Tennis Club, Tennis Australia, and United States Tennis Association. Joint statement by ATP & WTA

Tournaments beginning on 8 June onwards are planning to go ahead as scheduled but this is, of course, subject to change as the turmoil affecting all walks of life looks set to continue.

Full List of Affected ATP and WTA Tournaments


Tournament Tour Date Cancelled / Postponed
BNP Paribas Open, Indian Wells Joint 12/03/2020 – 22/03/2020 Yes
Miami Open Joint 25/03/2020 – 05/04/2020 Yes
U.S. Men's Clay Court Championship, Houston ATP 06/04/2020 – 12/04/2020 Yes
Grand Prix Hassan II, Marrakech ATP 06/04/2020 – 12/04/2020 Yes
Volvo Car Open, Charleston WTA 06/04/2020 – 12/04/2020 Yes
Copa Colsanitas, Bogota WTA 06/04/2020 – 12/04/2020 Yes
Monte-Carlo Masters ATP 12/04/2020 – 19/04/2020 Yes
Porsche Tennis Grand Prix, Stuttgart WTA 20/04/2020 – 26/04/2020 Yes
Istanbul Open WTA 20/04/2020 – 26/04/2020 Yes
J&T Banka Prague Open WTA 20/04/2020 – 26/04/2020 Yes
Barcelona Open ATP 20/04/2020 – 26/04/2020 Yes
Hungarian Open ATP 20/04/2020 – 26/04/2020 Yes
Munich Open ATP 27/04/2020 – 03/05/2020 Yes
Estoril Open ATP 27/04/2020 – 03/05/2020 Yes
Madrid Open Joint 03/05/2020 – 10/05/2020 Yes
Rome Masters Joint 10/05/2020 – 17/05/2020 Yes
Banque Eric Sturdza Geneva Open  ATP 17/05/2020 – 23/05/2020 Yes
Open Parc Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes Lyon ATP 17/05/2020 – 23/05/2020 Yes
Internationaux de Strasbourg WTA 17/05/2020 – 23/05/2020 Yes
Grand Prix De SAR La Princesse Lalla Meryem, Rabat WTA 17/05/2020 – 23/05/2020 Yes
Roland Garros Grand Slam 24/05/2020 – 06/07/2020 Yes, moved to 20th September

Ranking Points Frozen

Rankings Frozen

With the suspension, both ATP Rankings and WTA Rankings will be frozen throughout this period.

The reasoning here is because players are unable to add points by winning matches, then they won’t lose them either which seems like the most sensible option.

That means all players will hold their current spots in the ATP and WTA rankings until June – and possibly beyond if the suspension is extended.

You can see how both tours will look below when play hopefully resumes on June 8th.

ATP Rankings For June 8th

Ranking Player Points
1 Novak Djokovic 10,220
2 Rafael Nadal 9,850
3 Dominic Thiem 7,045
4 Roger Federer 6,630
5 Daniil Medvedev 5,890
6 Stefanos Tsitsipas 4,745
7 Alexander Zverev 3,630
8 Matteo Berrettini 2,860
9 Gael Monfils 2,860
10 David Goffin 2,555

WTA Rankings For June 8th

Ranking Player Points
1 Ashleigh Barty 8717
2 Simona Halep 6076
3 Karolina Pliskova 5205
4 Sofia Kenin 4590
5 Elina Svitolina 4580
6 Bianca Andreescu 4555
7 Kiki Bertens 4335
8 Belinda Bencic 4010
9 Serena Williams 3915
10 Naomi Osaka 3625

What do you guys think of this latest move? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. All I am thinking is that things are going to be extremely interesting once things get on track again. There is no way to know how players will be affected by a long absence, never mind the general upheaval we are experiencing.

  2. Probably Roland Garros will be cancelled, they took the decision to move it to Sept. without consulting ATP, etc…

    1. I guess they wanted some early mover advantage by getting it out there quickly and looking decisive.

      Should everything be unified and all tours be speaking in unison? I dunno, pros and cons to both.

      1. Very often, when people work in unison, conflicting interests mean that in the end nothing gets done, so in a way I think the French Open was right to take the Bull by the horns. On the other hand, it does seem rather aggressively single minded, basically elbowing it’s way to a new date, and getting away with it because it’s the French Open. In this case, the Laver Cup took it pretty well I think.

    1. It’s the same period than Laver Cup. For sure the Laver cup is more important 🙂 so RG should be cancelled…

      1. I think playing two GS back to back in two different continents on different surfaces could be a problem. But, in any case the important thing is that RG did it without consulting ATP and other federations, just to say, hey those two weeks are mine, we did the call first…

      2. Yeah the surface change would be tricky. But all about adaptability. Wasn’t long ago there was only a week between FO and Wimbledon.

  3. The think the tennis world are crazy to think things will be back in full swing by June 8th. I don’t believe RG did the right thing by scheduling without consulting everyone else. Right in the middle of sold out Laver Cup weekend. Anyway, I don’t feel tennis will be played for a while. The world has never been in a state like this.

  4. Fine having ranking points frozen – I think – as long as these “dark” weeks don’t count towards statistics of number of weeks at no. … whatever, given that there’s no opportunity to change things.

  5. Interesting that the FFT is missing from that statement. I feel given the uncertainty, this is the best decision.

    Having said that I can’t believe the timing of roger’s surgery. The only thing he ended up missing is Dubai. He’s #3 or 4 seed at Wimbledon. They say hindsight is 20/20, in his case, foresight is 20/20 too!

  6. Speaking with my son today, we were wondering out of every major sport, why couldn’t tennis be played without an audience? The players are socially distant from one another. As is the ref from both players, and one linesperson on each side from everyone else on the court. Players are responsible for their own towel and balls, though a ballperson or two could wear gloves and be part of this. They would be playing in front of huge crowds watching from homes around the world.

    1. At this point in time, things are too far along. The border between Canada and US is closing tonight. This has only happened temporarily after 911. Only commercial traffic, etc allowed to cross. Airlines not flying, etc.
      Borders closed all around the world. I don’t see the tour up and running for quite some time.
      We are in a state of emergency. Every night I watch a set or two of Roger’s past matches. Good therapy!

    2. I think all sports could be played behind closed doors it’s just some are choosing not to.

      Football will be played behind closed doors soon.

  7. With ranking points frozen, wouldn’t Djokovic surpass Roger with most weeks as world No. 1 at the end of this period?

  8. Well, I believe we won’t have tennis in a long, long time. Frozing the rankings was the safe bet.
    I think the cancelled events shouldn’t be played at all this year, but if that happens and RG is played on September, there might be a problem for the rankings.
    The rule-book is strict, it’s a 52 week system. They can argue for now that these weeks won’t count as if they didn’t exist, which is fine, but if RG is played later this year there’s only two options. EIther they must discount RG’s points after 7th June, or they count them twice for both RG 2019 and RG 2020. You can’t hold those points until September.

  9. The U.S. Open definitely will not be played. Having a moron for President does not help. President Obama had a Pandemic Department set up during the Ebola crisis and the “IDIOT” President got rid of it in 2018. Had that Department existed things would be much better for not just America but also everyone else in the world. I hope your Boris has better and smarter people giving him advice. Trump watches FOX all the time thank you Rupert Murdoch…NOT!

    1. Right, because that would have been a lot more effective…
      Obama was the worst president ever, and the democrat party is over.

      1. If you live in Florida I would be more then happy to debate Obama vs Trump. So you think that getting rid of the Pandemic Department was brilliant eh? You must be Russian, we know how Russians love Trump. The Democrats are leading by 20 points overall in the general. Let’s talk climate change oh wait you don’t believe that. How about giving tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires. Again Alexander you need to hang out with the country club obese golfers. Tennis players are way to smart for you comrade.

      2. Paul you can’t seem to put a coherent thought together when you have all the time in the world to write a comment, TRUMP, EBOLA, FOX NEWS, RUSSIA! So I think Alexandar coming to Florida to debate you would be rather pointless.

  10. What I love about tennis is that most civilian tennis players are fit and smart. While civilian golfers in general are overweight and not very intellectual. Like Climate change deniers. And obviously Alexander above should not be in the tennis section because he is a typical Trump science denier moron. Yes Alexander you and your whole family are incest morons. Where you from Kentucky?

      1. See if you follow this Jonathan. If two of the greatest countries in the world the U.S. and England elect two of the dumbest people in their countries Trump in the U.S. and Boris Johnson in England what hope is there for the world. Should we rely on Putin? Seems your elections are being are also being hacked. And if you played golf in America you would see that they are obese as compared to tennis players. Is my point still complex for you to understand?

      2. Maybe I need to speak like your idiot PM Boris Johnson for you to comprehend Jonathan. Do you agree that Johnson is an idiot?

      3. “And if you played golf in America you would see that they are obese as compared to tennis players”

        This is the sort of comment I’d expect from a child.

        I don’t mind some politics on the blog but only when there’s a semblance of some actual points of view. But all you have is Boris Johnson is an idiot, orange man bad, Russia!. With zero ability to articulate why. Great job at appearing as another deranged leftist.

      4. So your a typical right wing nut job. Your in England on the same continent as Italy. Italy has more deaths then China with a billion population. Boris Johnson “FINALLY” shut down bars as of “YESTERDAY”. Why are right wingers so immensely moronic and lack facts. Stick to tennis Jonathan your racist panties are showing. Girlfriend! When did you complete your college degree in stupid?

      5. Do you collect AK 47’s like typical right wing nut jobs in America waiting for a race war? Do you belong to some right wing Nazi militia? Now I see your true colors JonaTHIN. Heil Hitler!

    1. We shall see how Wisconsin votes this November. If Trump wins again I will say I was wrong and you were right. If Biden wins then I was right. Adious Amigo! Long live Roger! Thank you youtube to let me keep my sanity watching Roger play.

      1. I wonder if it is painted or if it is a picture which has been adorned with photoshop masks/effects but the result is nice.
        The artist seems to be a graphical designer rather than a painter but I may be wrong.

  11. Thanks for taking care, Sue. Hope you are well too.
    In France, we have been confined since last Tuesday. The weather has been beautiful in Paris where I live, all week long. Spring has come. Daffodils, magnolias and cherry trees are blooming. Sad not to enjoy it fully but it is for our safety.  The streets are so quiet. As somebody wrote, it is the first time since the beginning of the industrial era that planet Earth seems to be “on holidays”.

    Work from home all week long and for several ones to come, for sure. Virtual aperitifs via What’s app to keep connections with family, friends and colleagues (reinforced team building). Time to think, read, listen to music, watch one set or two of old tennis games. Just the right to go outdoors for a quick walk to buy groceries, help our neighbours or go to the doctor… with a declaration signed by ourselves each time to justify why we go out.

    More or less the same situation for most of you, I guess. At 8:00 pm every night we are on our balconies to applaud for our doctors and nurses – heroes ! 

    One day, sooner or later, we will fill arenas again to applaud for our tennis champions. We’ll enjoy that 100 times more. I read an article (*) yesterday about the psychology of athletes who can’t compete for a long time. This forced break can be compared to a break due to an injury, but without the injury (except Roger)… Not easy for them to cope with it, as well.

    Roland Garros has been postponed and the site has been closed (the roof is ok but other works have to be finished)…

    A very strange time, indeed.  Let’s keep the heart of a lion to keep believing we will soon get rid of that plague…

    * the article is here if you wish to read it.

    1. Thanks. Here in Vancouver the weather has been beautiful. There are many places to walk and hike without running into others. Getting outside to exercise and get some fresh air is my sanity pill.
      Hoping everyone else is fine and being creative with their time and energy.

  12. Just to let you Jonathan and Alexander know this. I was at a Bocci ball court playing with 20 people all of them except 2 were Trump supporters. I yelled out is there a single man here capable of taking me on one on one. No answer. How about two or three on one. Typical right winger all mouth and no guts. Very rare you can find a conservative that knows how to fight. That’s why they buy guns. Again people if your a racist like Jonathan shame on you. Roger is not a racist, he has to much class and intelligence to be primitive and dislike people just for being different. And please Jonathan don’t deny it. Both Trump and Johnson are known racist. If you have not figured it out by now Jonathan yes I am black.

    1. Unless your Tyson Fury the greatest boxer in history. Yes even better than Ali. I have nothing to worry about. Typical conservative Brit or American usually fights like a 10 year old girl. At least the next election my country will be rid of our loser racist. To bad for you and jolly old England.

    2. Fury is a legend. He was completely out of it mentally and needed help to turn his life around which is a very inspiring story. After reading these comments I would suggest you take heed of his approach to seeking help and do the same..

      1. I am fine because I am accepting of all people and I am not homophobic. Unless Conservative Brits are like Conservative Americans. In America Trump is fine with Nazi supporters as he spoke about the Nazi movement in South Carolina. I try to inform right wingers like it or not 100 years from now most people will be in inter racial marriages. Same sex marriages will also be rampant. Unless there is a right wing movement that only accepts people of the same color and religion and is homophobic. The future is written on the wall. I don’t think your Conservative movement is as bad as ours but maybe it is. Germany has right wing skin heads and so does America. I don’t know if they are as bad in England. Live a life of being treated different Johnathan and not being accepted in golf communities. I never had problems with tennis players. That is why I dislike golf. There is a great movie called Black Like Me well worth watching. I see the same treatment towards same sex couples being treated inferior. Like Martin Luther King stated “Judge a person by their character not their color. There are bad blacks as there are bad whites it is their character that they should be judged. Last time I checked the history books it was Germans that killed 6 million Jews in WWII they were white. Stalin killed 12 million Ukrainians. I am sure you are realistic enough to understand that this tennis season is over. Although I just read today that California (a very left wing state) has come up with a test that gives results in 45 minutes. Maybe the season will not be a total lost. I am always up for a one on one in tennis. I have only lost 2 matches this year before we stopped playing. I was averaging 8 matches a week. My serve is the best (OOOPS!) I sound like Donald Trump. Don’t let Roger learn that you are a right wing racist Johnathan he would be so disappointed. You do know his mother is from South Africa right?

  13. Yo, Paul, shut up and get out of here.
    Life is too precious to have lo listen to an idiot tirading about politics in a tennis blog.
    By the way, I, like I’m pretty sure is the case for everyone here, don’t give a damn if you’re black, white or turquoise. An idiot is an idiot.

    1. Yeah, I have had to remove them as they were just ridiculous. People can usually write whatever they want, but some rant about right-wing conservatives wanting to weaponise COVID 19 to attack the left? It’s not even an alternative view, just stuff nobody wants to read.

  14. Since this post’s is about suspension of tournaments, I suggest that we come up with ideas on what those who practice regularly can do to keep form. Does anyone have a wall on the backyard?… or a backyard?… I have neither. A few minutes of shadow swings a day and a 7 km run every 3 days. But it’s getting boring. How are you guys coping with it?

  15. As a left-winger, I must apologise for Paul. Not all of us are as deranged as he is. I’m not a fan of Trump or Johnson and would never vote for either of them for a whole series of reasons which I won’t get into here, but this logic of ‘if you don’t support the left you’re a Nazi’ from Paul and his ilk is a real problem. To be fair some on the right are similar calling all left-wingers Stalinists who want to stick everyone in gulags. Just ignore the crazies on both sides of the political spectrum.

    1. And the easiest way to sabotage a discussion is by sticking a reductive label on the interlocutor’s forehead, usually ending in “-ist”, which turns the whole thing into some verbal equivalent of boxing.

      1. Yeah exactly. The other problem I have is that using extreme labels devalues them. If you call every left-winger a Stalinist, then when someone actually is that extreme what stronger word do you have to use? Vice versa, if you call every right-winger a Nazi, then what do you call people who are that extreme? Fact of the matter is 90% of the population or more in most countries have views ranging from strong left wing to strong right wing but very few extreme left and right supporters. These gangs of thugs on both sides that go round shouting abuse at people, and at extremes committing crimes and assaulting people are fortunately a small minority.

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