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The 2022 Season Is Going To Be Explosive

A preview of what could happen in the upcoming tennis calendar.

The tennis world is set for dramatic upheaval in 2022. Fans of the tour can expect huge shakeups, with young stars ready to break up the old order.

The big three will also battle for the highest grand slam count, starting with the Australian Open in January. More about Federer’s playing schedule is likely to be known next year too.

This year’s ATP Finals have heavily impacted the 2022 season. Novak Djokovic was staunchly denied the chance to win another ATP Finals with defeat issued by Alexander Zverev.

The world number three was efficient in claiming his second title at the event, his first coming in London in 2018. Zverev has improved his form in recent years, with a lower ranking of seven in 2019 being rebuilt to number three.

Consistent groundstrokes and good depth cruised Zverev to victory in Turin. The German player has established himself as a tougher opponent for all players to beat next year.

Djokovic vs Zverev, 2021 ATP Finals

Alongside Zverev, the field will have to be wary of younger generations who can cause big upsets. Figures like Jannik Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz have stunned opponents with power and aggression.

This year, Sinner overwhelmed several top ten players with victories over Andrey Rublev, Casper Ruud and Hubert Hurkacz.

In 2021, he was able to win four titles; Melbourne, Washington, Sofia and Antwerp.  His swift progression reached a glorious peak competing in the ATP Finals as a reserve, following Matteo Berrettini’s exit, which catapulted him to number ten in the world.

Sinner is now a dangerous opponent for all comers, having just sealed an Italian Davis Cup win over the USA’s John Isner. Look out for the Italian blocking top players from winning Masters 500 and 1000 events next year and sweeping up a few of his own.

Sinner vs Hurkacz 2021 ATP Finals

Sinner vs Isner 2021 Davis Cup

Alcaraz has been a mighty force, too, eliminating Stefanos Tsitsipas and Berrettini at the US Open and Vienna respectively.

At the US Open, in particular, Alcaraz did a good job in savagely dismantling the traditional baseline game of his opponents, with bold volleys in the forecourt and using creative drop-shots and lobs. He is also likely to continue to be a major stumbling block for even the finest competitors.

With all this considered, the big three will have a tough time winning matches as younger players get stronger.

Djokovic’s participation in Australia also causes further uncertainty about tennis’s future. The Australian Open now requires players to be vaccinated with two doses. Since Novak is not willing to disclose his private medical, it does throw into question whether he will become the first male player to reach twenty-one slams.

Federer’s coach, Ivan Lubiĉić, has made encouraging sounds that the great man will not retire in 2022, but the schedule remains ambiguous.

Federer has stated he would be “surprised” if he competed Wimbledon due to rehab, looking set to return at a later date.

Australia’s vaccine mandate and Federer’s absence has opened the door to Nadal pipping Djokovic to the post in Melbourne, or perhaps freezing the count at twenty all, and allowing another NextGen player to win a maiden slam.

What do you think will happen in next year’s tennis season? Will there be more first-time slam winners, or will the big three prevail? Leave your comments below.

Alex Nulliah

My name is Alex Nulliah and I am a tennis writer from Bath. I enjoy writing about tennis, International Relations and anything else which takes my interest. At Exeter University I took a BA in History and an MA in Applied Security Strategy. I love playing tennis.

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  1. I am expecting Medvedev to have another good year. Zverev too.

    The big one for me is how will Thiem do after his wrist problems. I think he will still be a force…

    1. If he can recover well and regain his top form, I see him still a leader in building-up new Bigxxx. No so fast with ranking, but with majors and Masters

      1. The new physio told, Thiem should be competitive in 1-2 months. So maybe AO, but I would not expect him to go deep there. But what happened with Federer coming back after first surgery and starting with AO crown?

  2. Well, it’s already too late for the Small 3. Zverev burst into scene in 2017 and yet hasn’t defeated a single Top 10 in slams, which should have won one since 2018. Medvedev was a late bloomer and finally won a Slam but he’s 26, and Tsitsipas looks stuck with his game.
    The future of tennis and the record of 20 slams relies mainly on Alcaraz and Sinner.

    1. Djoker and Nadal are still there. Djoker had a low since Tokyo but this can easily change next season. If Nadal recovers well from foot injury, he is still candidate for 1-2 slams a year. The same Thiem. 20 slams will not happen anymore.
      Sinner and Alcaraz may have their 5 minutes under lights but are not ready to have big wins regularly.
      Medvedev’s run will stop once others break his code. It seems, this have just started. And he will not have patience to replace instinct with skills, once he starts to lose, This success story will end soon.
      Zverev seems to come back to his early start in his career. Will be always hard to beat. But his game is not entertaining and he will get bored with his own game soon. Tsitsipas lost the fight against his ego and will start to have problems with balancing his skills and greed. Rublev seems tired because his game, given his physicality, means a loz of wear and tear. My bet is, with Federer actually out, for next 2-3 years Djoker-Nadal-Thiem will reign in slams.

  3. I feel Nadal will have stiff competition at RG next year but could still pull it off. Interesting as Djokovic and Nadal get a chance in the first half of the season at their respective favourtie slam. Zverev is looking so strong from the baseline. I can imagine him getting through to another US Open final. And Medvedev’s flat balls are going to be deadly in the indoor hard court season. I’d also give him a good shot at AO or US if conditions are quick, but not necessary.

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