Roger Federer


A few weeks back a friend of mine called me and said I gotta show you something. I am coming over.

Soon he was in my house and wasgasping for breath.

He showed me this:

TGIF Invite

And said “I was so surprised to get this. You involved?”

I said “Not wholly, basically a whole load of followers of perfect Tennis have been invited for this event. I guess you have made some comments on the blog in the past, right.”

He nodded and asked me “Are you going?”

I said “Of course, I have been invited too”.

Then he asked “Will Federer be there?”

I said “I have no idea. He is not exactly my bum-chum, you know.”

He then asked me “Free alcohol ?” I said “Of course Moet and Chandon are one of the sponsors.”

Then he said “In that case can we go together” I said “Why not ?” and soon enough we were headed to Switzerland

First stop Zurich.

From the airport, we took a train to Schaffhausen.

I informed my friend. “This is Mirka’s hometown. Her folks still live here.” I added quite confidently. My friend was clearly in awe of me.

From there to see the Rhine Falls. An awesome sight. We took a boat which would take us to a small hill from where we could see and admire the beauty of the falls. While we were booking the tickets for the boat-ride, we bumped into a group of 10 Indian tourists. They were telling the ticket clerk “ look we are 10 of us. We need a bulk discount” We Indians are always looking for discounts wherever we travel !!!

From Schaffhausen to Montreaux. I have always wanted to see Freddie Mercury’s statue overlooking Lake Geneva. It was a rainy day and we stood dripping singing ‘We are the Champions my friend’. I used my umbrella like a guitar, looking quite foolish. But who cares, we were in Switzerland. Federerland.

And finally Biel.

Biel is a nice picturesque city, 30 minutes away from Berne. The Biel Tennis Centre for Juniors is where Federer trained.

The Tennis Center Biel

We walked by the Tennis Centre, feeling lucky to see the place where Federer honed his skills.

We walked by the Allee- Roger-Federer, which is where the new TGIF discotheque is now. It was an imposing structure, no doubt, classy and majestic, very much like Fed.

Federer Allee

Soon enough we are the venue of the mega-event.

We flash our invitation cards and the bouncers dressed like ball-boys ushered us in.

We have privileged seats being Perfect-Tennis invitees.

The stage is a rectangular one, marked like a tennis court albeit without a net. And the backdrop is a huge screen which is playing a TGIF corporate video. At the dot of 6 the video stops the screen goes blank and the lights dim and a spotlight comes on and we see the familiar visage of Jonathan, the famous founder of Perfect Tennis.Com.

Ladies & Gentlemen, Welcome to the opening of the TGIF Discotheque. And wishing Roger Federer a very happy 35th birthday wherever he is.
The crowd roars and sings Happy Birthday Roger.

Jonathan continues” As part of this new launch, the first item of the agenda is a poetic rendition. I welcome the ATP President Ms. Alex. The crowd gasps. ATP??? And who is this lady???

Then Jonathan clarifies ATP – Association of Tennis Poets, folks. Please welcome Ms. Alex.

Alex walks on to the stage to thunderous applause and kicks off straightaway

Every time I tell myself I won’t do it again
I will no more make the same mistake
I will no more feel the same pain
I just can’t take anymore heartache

As she pauses the crowd claps in unison and shouts Allez. Alex continues pausing after every verse and the crowd is now totally with her.

And even if he doesn’t win anything anymore
I will be happy just to see him play… Rise or fall
And I will be cheering for him even more
For the magician of the courts, the greatest of them all

That was the last verse and as she completes the recitation, she gets a standing ovation. I can see quite a few dabbing their eyes with handkerchiefs, tissues etc. There’s not a dry eye in the crowd.

Alex departs, clearly moved by the audience reaction.

Jonathan is back. Next part of our agenda is the Rampwalk Rendition.

The music starts. We will We will Rock you, by the Queen and the stage which has been made to resemble a Parisian rampwalk soon sees the likes of Ana Ivanovic, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Martina Hingis, Sania Mirza, Dominic Thiem, Milos Raonic, Eugenie Bouchard et al dressed in fashionable discowear and walking the ramp.

The crowd is loving it. My friend is loving it as we try and recognize the players as they walk in. Its over soon and Jonathan is back” Please welcome on stage Ms. Anna Wintour, who put this whole rendition together.

Anna walks in flamboyant as usual. She bows to the crowd who applaud her handsomely.

Jonathan is a fine compere as he keeps the crowd in good humour. Please welcome Gwen Stefani he says and the crowd waits with bated breath. Gwen invites the crowd to the dance floor which is again made to look like a tennis court, again without the net.

Gwen comes in and enthralls the crowd with a rendition of the Oscar winning song “ Last dance” way back from 1978 sung by Donna Summer. A good part of the crowd is on the floor, a throw-back of the disco era of the 80s.

My friend and I make no move to the dance floor as he has two left feet and I, two right feet. I tell him, “you know this song is from the movie Thank God Its Friday, set in a discotheque. One of the earliest movies of Jeff Goldblum & Debra Winger. That’s why they chose this song.” My friend looked at me in admiration. Of course I was showing off.

Gwen Stefani finished to the sounds of Encore, Once More etc, but she deigned and left as there was more to follow.

Back to Jonathan.

Folks, we are going to take a short break of an hour. Please help yourself to the wine, champagne and eats. I must add that we have kept the cookies under lock and key. Just to be safe.

I nodded knowingly, but didn’t elaborate to my questioning friend. Some things are within the fraternity.

We helped ourselves to some fine wine and delectable eats and mingled with the crowd. Stan the Man was holding court with some twenty-something girls who were getting autographs on striped shorts.

There soon was an announcement. For everybody to gather around the now fully setup tennis court with net and also a chair umpire in the form of Severin Luthi. Before I could open my mouth, my friend said “ I know, I know, that is Severin Luthi, Fed’s coach and also captain of the Swiss Davis Cup team” I looked away as if I was deprived of a lollipop.

Folks, please welcome Dominic Thiem & Nick Kyrgios, bellowed Jonathan.

The two youngsters came and played a single-set exhibition of a mix of elegant & power tennis. Dominic with his flowing single-handed backhands a la Fed and Nick employing the SABR ( Sneak Attack By Roger ). The score-line 6-6, when the lights were dimmed and Luthi announced. Play suspended due to bad light !!!.

The crowd was delighted with this different approach.

But in any case they were waiting for the Surprise part of the agenda. The fitting finale of a highly enjoyable evening.

The net was dismantled soon enough and the stage was dark. The whole place was dark. We could only hear Jonathan say Lights on please. And the lights on the stage slowly increased in luminosity and lo behold, there sat Federer, Mirka, Charlene & Myla flanking either parent and Leo and Lenny on the laps of both Fed & Mirka.

The crowd erupted when Jonathan announced Ladies & Gentlemen…. The Von Federer Family.

And the ‘Von Federer Family’ burst into a rendition of the famous song from Sound of Music… So Long, Farewell

The girls were very effusive. Fed & Mirka were singing full-throttle

I was wondering about the purport of the song. Is it really farewell???

Soon enough the song was over and the crowd was in raptures of ecstasy. What a surprise from the first family of tennis.

Fed took the mike.

Thank you all for coming. I am sure it has been a delightful evening. Many congratulations to TGIF for this launch. And let me add it is not a farewell from my side. Just like the Von Trapp family made a new beginning towards the end of the movie, I will be back in 2017. A new beginning.

The applause was deafening to say the least.

The lights went off and when they came back, the stage was empty.

Back in Muscat. My friend’s young daughter was happy with the Lindt chocolates we picked up from Switzerland while we sipped on some awesome wine from Moet and Chandon.

She asked “What was the name of the discotheque?”

And before I could answer, my friend told her ‘Thank God Its Federer’.

Murli Pillai

Fanatic Federer fan. Watch all his matches on TV if shown ( outside working hours ! ), and quite often drive down to Dubai from Muscat to watch him live. Apart from being an IT / Telecom sales professional, am a quiz-master, classic rock & blues fan, movie buff and a veteran tennis-ball cricketer. Love to research on Fed’s on-court & off-court doings – the Fedberg quiz an outcome of that.

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    1. Amazing reading!!! Murli, in my head I pictured every sentence you wrote ??????

      This is just awesome:
      “And even if he doesn’t win anything anymore
      I will be happy just to see him play… Rise or fall
      And I will be cheering for him even more
      For the magician of the courts, the greatest of them all

      Keep on rocking Roger!

      1. To the honour you gave me thought I should anwser in rhyme
        So forgive me if I’m late as I needed some time

        Players come and go but there is only one
        One great that makes our hearts beat as one

        For every time he steps on court he takes our breaths away
        Every time he tosses the ball and starts to play
        Deep inside us something moves and we follow with passion
        Every set, every game, every point, every action
        Real magic happens then, and we get to witness
        Every sparkling shot, every strength.. even every weakness
        Roger Federer, get better soon, we’ll be here until you recover all your fitness

  1. Yes. I really enjoyed reading this. Another great piece. Well done Jedi Master Murli. While reading I too could imagine every part of the event. Anyway take care Murli. Peace and harmony to you.

    Ps. In a depleted weak field in the doubles Olympic event. With no Brian Brothers to other doubles specialist teams. Nadal and Lopez win the men’s double Gold. Wow I don’t know what to say ??? I was happy that Djokovic lost in the singles, but if Nadal beats Del Potro then gets to the Gold medal match. Then I will be annoyed. But let’s wait and see. As Nadal could potentially win a couple of Olympic
    I just wished that Federer was healthy and playing in Rio. But never mind I hope the rehabilitation and rest brings Federer back to where he left it.
    Please vote for Roger on the Atp tennis website for best matches at Cincinnati. . THANKS ALL

    1. I’m glad that Spanish mother****** won’t be biting any more gold medals any more. Vultured on the doubles gold with a doubles specialist. Sick fuc**** opportunist.

      Why is it that once again, Murray will be playing a totally fried opponent in the final? He deserves none of those two gold medals.

      1. I too didn’t want to see Nadal win another Gold or Silver in the singles. As Nadal winning the doubles was crappy.
        All I want to see now and theffuture is Djokovic downfall as he really Pisses meoff. He Iis thewworst champion I have ever watched and lately his dominance is totally destroying Tennis single handedly. When Djokovic lost he went out crying like a spoilt little child. What a D**k !!

      2. I heard those Brazilian fucks were rooting for Nadal. I don’t understand. Del Potro is infinitely more likeable than Nadal, and yet he didn’t get cheered. I swear if I had money to bet, I would’ve put it on Nadal to win the singles gold, that’s how sure I was he was going to make it. Happy that he didn’t.

        Djokovic might be ramping off. Two or three more slams in him at best. My fear is, Nadal might vulture a couple of them. He’s been hiding like a coward all this time.

        I wouldn’t be too hard about Djokovic crying. It’s natural. Don’t think he could possibly have feigned that.

        Glad Portugal posers, the brothers of Brazil, got their butt kicked.

      3. Yep. I watched the Nadal v Potro match on cable. And you are right it was a weird crowd as the crowd kept switching support and Nadal was getting alot more cheers and applause during points than Del Potro. And thats despite quite alot of Argentinan fans. So yeah one minute the whole crowd was rooting for Potro and the next for Nadal. Very wierd indeed. But I tooddid not want Nadal to be in the Gold medal match. Saying that Nadal has a chance of winning a Bronze in singles, so still shitty. But I was really pleased and happy for Potro for making the final. As fouryyears ago the match with Federer was awesome.
        Murray has good chance of defending his Gold but I think it will be close if Potro plays his best and gets the crowd support he too has a chance of an upset. Tbh I do want Potro to win as he deserves it more after the injury hiatus. But let’s wait and see.

  2. It’s my birthday today so I’ll take this as a present. Thanks for the ride Murli! It seems like a dream. And Alex. Poetry is not one of my talents.

    Go Delpo. And Nishikori. New woman’s star on the rise?

    Serajul…are you absolutely sure you don’t like Djokovic? Love your rant.

    1. Happy birthday Sue. Hope you have a great Day.

      Lol. Can you tell I don’t like Djokovic. Lol. I thought I was being diplomatic. Anyway like yourself Go Potro and Nishikori.

      Peace n happiness for your birthday.

    2. Happy [belated] Birthday, Sue! To honor you, I shall not talk politics, and restrain from obscene language, until August 23rd.

    3. Happy Birthday, Sue, many happy returns of the day to you!

      Was a bit disappointed in the Gold Medal Final, wanted Delpo to win it……

  3. SO happy for Del Po. No matter what one thinks of Olympic tennis – its clear these players care and Delpo’s story is so good. Welcome back Juan Martin, you’ve been sorely missed.

    Besides Fed there is no one I like more – humble, classy giant of a champion. Fierce power – too much for his own body.

    Was delighted to see him gaining confidence on the comeback trail today. He held steel nerves against a compelling fight from Rafa.

    Classic classic match. So glad I saw it. Worth the whole Olympics – vindicated Rio a bit really.

    (And Puig was quite compelling too.)

    Many more DELPO!

  4. You deserve the honour, Alex.

    Thank you Serajulbhai, Delpo is a double delight. First Novak & now Rafa. Hope its a triple delight soon.

    Happy birthday Sue.

  5. Love the creativity and passion shown in your very imaginative scenario which ends on such a hopeful note for the next phase of the Fed odyssey. Thank you Murli again for showing us the depth of your knowledge and interests intersecting so cleverly to enhance our continued enjoyment of Fed and Tennis during the hiatus.

    Thank you all the ranters too, sharing the sentiments totally and please may Delpo find something extra to get the gold medal. Olympic tennis needs this fairytale.
    C’mon Delpo and let’s also hope the Brazilians get behind him too.

  6. Ps. Did anyone see the hot tempered and hundreds of fouls at the quarter finals Football match between Brazil and Colombia. Wow I couldn’t believe all the fouls even Neymar for his tackling but he did get fouled badly by the Columbians.
    The referee had a really tough job during that match. Wow talk about bad blood between neighbouring countries. There was another match too had similar controversial issues.

    1. Do you think Olympic scheduling is poor? Something they maybe should have addressed by now. 2012 final was, in a word, shite. This final has been good, but mainly because Delpo has had a bit left. Third set lacked any real quality.

  7. A good quality 4th set match up. Back and forth with Del Po and Murray. Wow.
    Olay Olay delpo olay !!! Whoever wins it’s been a great final.
    Del Potro playing like a wounded animal. Very unpredictable.

  8. Delpo filling Roger’s shoes nicely by BREAKING MY HEART.

    Can not consolidate to save his life.

    A match that started thrilling for the quality ended thrilling for the drama of who wantes to lose less.

    Roger – the Tennis world is lost without your “attacking tennis” – as you put it so perfectly in your goodbye note to 2016.

    Hurry up 2017. Show these guys how it’s done.

    And honestly – welcome back Delpo. So glad you’re around. Cause…We need you too. And we need you to get better on your service games Pronto.

  9. I heard Jonathan had covert meetings with Fed & Rafa to finalize the brand new IPTL

    IPTL being Inimitable Perfect-Tennis League.

    Watch this space for more updates

  10. OLYMPICS: I have to say the level of tennis in the later rounds I saw was fantastic. The Delpo story was as – if not more – compelling as anything I’ve seen this year outside personal Fed hopes.

    Rafa and Murray and Fabio and Steve Johnson all acquired themselves really well.

    This – along w 2012 (Fed’s/Delpo, Delpo over Novak, and Murray’s gold after Wimbledon loss) have lifted Olympic tennis for me.

    Not to mention Puig – a really good story.

    It’s definitely been fun to watch and hard to argue it’s not been good tennis, worth its place, and at times just plain epic.

  11. Has anyone else seen the new Roger Federer Mercedes Benz 2017 SL advert. Federer goes through the golden age of Tennis. And I have to say I haven’t laughed and smiled that much while watching. Lol. Federers face morphed into previous greats. His face while doing the John McEnroe was priceless. Plus the Agassi/Cash 80’s Mullet and then using the Breeze block giant size mobile phone was awesome. Omg what a fantastic funny video. Another great video by Federer. Lol

    1. You know, reading through that interview – it’s still very hard to understand – from how ambiguous and general he is about it all – just what it is about Roger’s knee that has him sidelined for 6 months.

      Some useless guesses…

      1) There must be something really really wrong w the knee that the doctors have identified that has him needing serious therapy / rehab. But they just won’t say for competitive/ “iron man” image reasons. Secrecy on injuries always seems to be part of his culture (as it was in 2013).

      2) He is thinking very seriously about retirement in 2017 and planning a lot for this last year that makes him want to reflect right ow on how he wants it to be – and to make perfectly sure he is ready physically/mentally etc. (And probably not being in the WTF for the first time while also on tour is not one of things he wants to launch out of for 2017).

      3) Important stuff going on w body – and at home – that makes him want a break right now before he has to say goodbye for good?

      It’s all just confusing to me – but maybe it doesn’t have to be and I’m just missing something simple because I’m not a professional athlete/doctor.

      1. Thanks Alb, for the links and for sharing your worry. Getting us prepared..I agree with Sue, though. Obviously his knee is unstable. What happens next, I guess no one knows, but great work is for sure on for Roger to continue his tennis, somehow or other.

  12. I think his knee feels unstable and that is why he decided to pack it in for the remainder of the year. It seemed to buckle under him when he fell in the semis. Sounds like they don’t know exactly why it’s so unstable but he said pain isn’t an issue.
    I don’t believe you should over think things. If he is ready, Fed will be back at Hopman Cup.

    1. “But I have been doing well and I have been training as much as I possibly could to restrengthen my quad and just my body to keep it in shape, so when I head back into the gym for full‑on fitness in the next couple of months that I’m ready for it.”

      It’s pretty unclear to me, too. It doesn’t look as though he’s been working particularly hard on it recently, what with trips to the USA and so on, but I read (was it Luthi?) that he lost a lot of strength in the quad pretty quickly following the surgery. Not sure what to read into “training as much as I possibly could”. either, and whether that means that “as much as possible” isn’t that much. Also I don’t really have much idea about when he would usually be slotting “full-on fitness” into his schedule, and am not sure whether he means that is going to be happening throughout the next couple of months, or whether he will simply be *starting* on it sometime before the end of October. Is it possible that there’s simply no point in getting the training done earlier if you’re not planning a return until the new year because you’d just end up getting stale instead? From my own experience, I’d say that half the problem with a knee injury is learning to trust the joint again afterwards, so is likely psychological as much as anything – and as I’ve pointed out previously this coming-back-from-injury thing is all very new to him, so he’s got no basis for comparison.

  13. If the knee was so bad, he wouldn’t commit to the Laver Cup, however easy that may be.

    I guess its more a mental recharge, to keep up with the young ones ( on court, I mean )

    The Fed-story is never over until its over ( to use a stale cliche of course )

    1. Agree (as always, Murli) that his knee is not so bad, – but maybe still not quite reliable. A mental recharge to keep up with court-ing young guns? And time to find, create and consolidate new RogFed techniques? I choose like you. To look forward and expect wonderful new tennis attacks.

    1. Milos was cramping a lot, so set #4 was a formality. It was somewhat disturbing to watch.
      Kudos to Ryan’s composure in not getting distracted by the opponent’s physical condition the same way as Wawrinka crashed-to-desktop halfway in AO14 final.
      And pity for Monica Puig.
      And blah to Fognini, a(nother) talent sabotaged by his mind.

  14. Looks like I won’t be a winning a phone this tournament. Raonic cramping. Pfff.

    What’s with all the black on the players. Don’t they know that is Fed’s night match gear. How disrespectful.

  15. I have not even bothered to pay my Dish fee
    I don’t even want to switch on the damn TV
    Wnen Fed’s not around. no tournament is fun
    I don’t even bother or care who wins this one

    Well having said that, in the back of my mind I do care about who DOESN’T win it. Novak & Rafa obviously.

  16. Yeah – what I saw of the match was pretty stuff.
    Sad for Nadal. Been a petty bug fall for him since 2013. honeslty hard to watch him lose this way.

    Garber on ESPN putting him and Federer in the same bin of sentimental faves who haven’t been realistic contenders. Total baloney. Fed’s been in 3 finals and 3 semis since wimpy ’14.

    1. So, as even more depressing for Nadal. Now, we like him to win a little more, after this new Laver-festival has been founded with him and Fed as attractions? Oldies, but Goldies, or…?

      1. I know, right!?!!

        Even more PRECISELY depressing, I want him to lose much later in big tournaments.

        But this isn’t post-Laver for me. I’m not a “doper” guy so I don’t have seething animosity. I like him generally (maybe I don’t know enough about his “antics” to have concerns about his sportsmanship – I’m not well informed),

        So yeah – lose later. I just don’t want him any closer to Fed’s records.

  17. I’m one of those…I don’t want anyone to tie or surpass Fed’s 17 slam record. So, go Murray? Or, go Delpo?
    As usual, Djoker has horse shoes up his ass.

    I watched the Pouille Nadal match…best one of the tournament. Seems everyone is missing Fed except Stan. What’s with that? Bromance turned to dust?

    Sick of the “neon party”.

    1. Hello Sue
      Sharing exactly same emotions (except I don’t follow any of the matches – only on live score a bit). 🙁
      Seems Djoko has it so far far too easy. But whatever – Fed is the published one to follow, even off court. Interviews meetings reflections and lots of love from everybody.
      For tennis lovers this is not enough of course. –
      Haha – Stan – – typical for one who had a superior mentor once, – important for him to break loose?

  18. Stan the Man vs Delpo. Tough one to call. On the support aspect.

    Will go for Delpo.

    One down – Nadal. One more to go – Djoko

  19. I thought I wasn’t going to follow the US Open. But then I got happy feelings after Nadal’s exit. And now, I don’t want to miss Stan-Del Po. That should be an absolute cracker!

  20. Same here Sid, The Nadal exit and the Delpo juggernaut has made things a bit interesting but Lucas Pouille is out. Beating Nadal is actually a jinx. No one who upsets Nadal progresses much further.

    Can Tsonga do it tonight or I should say early morning for me.

  21. Checked in to see the Tsonga match. They have a Wozniacki match coming up and were showing clips of her last few wins. Here’s what perturbs me…

    The whole fucking world is turning flaming feminist. Can you lead by example and show us some warm handshakes?

      1. No. It’s just totally ridiculous. And look who he’s got in the SF – Monfils, while the others have to battle it out Murray/Nishikori and Delpo/Stan. What’s the betting Monf doesn’t last the match either?

      2. My follow-on prediction is now for Kei to beat Stan, and then get injured and have to retire in the final against Novak, thus gifting him a slam title he really doesn’t deserve.

      3. Murray is a blithering idiot. He could surely have won that match in 4 if he hadn’t started chuntering and getting all upset about what admittedly does seem to have been a poor call by the umpire. Could certainly have won it in 4 if she hadn’t intervened, I feel.

  22. Stan’s night, sorry Delpo.

    But I have to say, Wawrinka looks like he had to try to look as goofy as he does. He is one funny looking dude.

    1. DelPotro’s aggressive game is all nice and neat especially when compared to the standard baseline bashers, yes, but it’s all held by his forehand side. He barely hits a backhand drive (wrist injury, I guess), so the outcome against Wawrinka was as expected.

      1. His forehand is a joke. I watched him save a breakpoint in Set 3 I think with a joke of an inside in slap, that would’ve hit the net 9 out of 10 times, at that speed.

        But then, that’s how he learned to play his tennis.

      2. Finally someone sees what I see (but was afraid to yell!): he has no elbow work on the forehand. He moves the right arm like a rigid rod from the shoulder downwards. No wonder these players injure themselves so often.
        (A funny picture would be DelPotro raising his left arm like Gulbis on a FH)

  23. US Open Update

    Radwanska fails to adwanska against Konjuh

    Gaelstrom wins in French maelstrom

    Chang beats Lendl yet again

    Simona Halepless against Serena

    Djoko beat Djowilf. Djoko stronga than Tsonga

    Steamroller Delpo loses steam against The Man

    1. Where were you Wanda? Not to be seen on the blog at all for quite some time. Of course with Fed not around, we all are equally Halepless !!!

      1. To create smiles and chuckles is really demanding creativity in those hunger fed-less times. Thanks to all others on the blog, and thanks Jonathan Murli…

  24. No Federer, no leisure
    No Roger, no pleasure
    No RF, no life

    Thought I would die of boredom without him but here I am still alive. I was travelling and settled in far east.

    How are you guys? Any sign of Jonathan?

    1. Uncontrollably, Sue! 🙂

      Now, if only Stan could take the title. I think he can if he wins today in 3 or 4.

      1. I crave for the day when a player finally tells SW, after a point, won or lost, doesn’t matter:
        “Will you please stop grunting? It disturbs me quite a lot. Much appreciated, thank you so much.”
        In case she does not get it, consider version #2:
        “Shut the f*** up, you gangster!”

      2. Fortunately her grunting won’t be for public until next tournament, so neither is necessary right now. But nevertheless I think such request might increase her lust to disturb…?

      3. I’m not happy with Stan. When asked,he said he doesn’t miss Roger in a personal way. Go Monfils?

  25. Nice one Wanda. I am Fed up of life without Fed and am running around like a Fedless chicken.


    Said Karolina to Serena : Plismovova, I have final to play

    Remains to be seen if SW3 doesn’t befall the same fate as SW1

    Pokemonfils Go !!!!

    1. What Karolina actually said was, “Plisure knowing you. Now, Pliskovay!”

      What did Gael tell Pouille? “You played well. Main je suis ton pere, et tu es mon fils”

      What did Stan tell Del Potro during the handshake? “Great run buddy. Now go get some wrist.”

  26. Yeah Muser, SW1 got demoted, but technically she is still SW1 till the new rankings are announced on Monday, no solace that for SW1 !!!

    Angelique Kerber’s Wikipedia page mentions that she achieved world no 1 ranking on 12th September 2016 – 3 days from now !!!

    1. OK Murli. And after SW3’s very unpopular statement – (and I think he’s honest in that, the envious little one-hander) – I really hope he follows SWstill1’s downfall – in ranking as well as touring.

  27. Anyone watching this FANTASTIC match between Djoker and the Jackass (Monfils)? What the hell is that idiot even doing on a tennis court. Can’t stand that ass…

  28. Getting ready to watch Stan. Thank God! I don’t have to watch Williams Ads. They’ve been bombarding ESPN with that thug, like there is no other fucking woman in the world who ever won a slam, or held a tennis racquet, or for that matter, any sport. I’m surrounded!

    I wasn’t supposed to be following the US Open this year. And now, I will actually be watching a the women’s final. I mean, with real women in it, you know. 🙂

  29. And the headlines on the ATP site are about Roger and he is not even playing. I guess they still want people visiting their site, ha.

    If Djokovic wins the title, I’ll be sending him hate mail. Has he even played a proper match to get in the final????

    Typical of Nishikori to fade away. What’s with that guy. Go Stanimal (even though I’m mad at him).

    Women’s final should be good.

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