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Roger Federer’s Most Underrated Matches

Federer's Underrated Matches

We all know Roger's played an inordinate number of great matches during his career; the Wimbledon 4th Round 2001 vs. Sampras, the French Open 2011 Semi Final vs. Djokovic, and the Wimbledon Semi Final vs. Murray in 2015 to name but a few. But what about some of the lesser known matches that weren't at higher profile tournaments or simply …

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Roger Federer’s Best Matches at Roland Garros

Federer Best French Open Matches

With a Federer-less French Open very much underway I thought I'd put together a quick compilation of Federer best ever matches at Roland Garros. Most of them wins, a couple of losses and some of them matches I've not had the pleasure of ever watching. Here we go in no particular order… Roger Federer def. Novak Djokovic 7-6 (7-5), 6-3, …

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Roger Federer – Forehand Magician

Federer Dubai Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it on the blog 🙂 as usual not much to write about at this time of year but I thought I'd share 2 videos that were released over the last couple of days. The first by Raz Ols which compiles some of Roger's forehands over the years, no fancy flicks etc. just pure …

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Roger Federer’s Best Points of 2013 Updated

Federer Best Points 2013

Hey all, not much to blog about since the US Open so I thought I'd dedicate a post to Conal's latest video in his “Best Points of” series. This new addition is for 2013 which was a year Federer struggled with back issues and only managed 1 title; yet he till managed to pull plenty stunning points out the bag …

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Roger Federer Tribute Videos Compilation 2015

Federer Tribute Videos 2015

Is it just me or does it feel like a lifetime since those great 13.5 days at Wimbledon? 🙂 With no Fed until at least the Roger's Cup in the 2nd week of August it's a bit of a quiet period on the tennis front but that does have one benefit; the YouTube Federer video makers finally get some work …

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Roger Federer’s Best Points of 2014

Federer Best Points of 2014

Hi guys, I've tweeted this video a couple of times already so some of you will no doubt have seen it but I thought I would post it here too. It's a compilation of all Fed's best points in 2014 expertly put together by blog regular Conal aka @rfswissmaestro on Twitter. It took a lot of effort to compile all …

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Roger Federer’s Best Points of 2013

Roger Federer Best Points 2013

Hey all, a video post today from non other than 15 time first comment slam winner Conal aka RFswissmaestro aka Beechaii2. It features all of Roger's best points from the 2013 Australian Open right through to the ATP World Tour Finals that finished just last week. I must warn you that this video is extremely misleading and after watching it …

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Roger Federer – Hope Dies Last

Federer Hope Dies Last

It's been a while since I've dedicated an entire post to a video but today a new one from 1893stuttgartschwabe was released titled: Roger Federer – Hope Dies Last and it's one of the best I've seen in a while. I think it's been released at just right the time and the title pretty much sums up where we are …

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Roger Federer’s Best Matches at the US Open

Federer's Best US Open Match

On my last blog post I got a comment regarding the fact that American sports broadcasting companies don't really talk about Federer's achievements at Flushing Meadows. I find that quite strange considering he's played so many great matches on Arthur Ashe, has the best ever W/L record in New York of all time and has generally entertained millions of people …

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