Hopman CupRoger Federer

Team Switzerland See Off USA at the Hopman Cup

Federer defeated Frances Tiafoe 6-4, 6-1 Before Securing Victory in the Mixed Doubles

Day 4 at the Hopman Cup and defending Champions Switzerland won their second group match, defeating the USA 2-1 to keep their title hopes on track.

The day started with a comfortable victory for Federer in the singles as he defeated the man who took him to 5 sets at the US Open in 2017, Frances Tiafoe, 6-4 6-1. The Swiss won seven games in a row from 4-4 in the first set and recorded victory in 57 minutes.

In the women's singles, Serena Williams then saw off Belinda Bencic in a close match that went three sets before Team Benderer secured the tie with a straight sets win in the Fast4 Mixed to head into Thursday's final round robin match with two wins from two matches.

Quick Match Recap

Fed Tiafoe Hopman

Federer won the toss and elected to serve. A love hold put him on the board in under a minute. The American then had to save a break point to hold for 1 all.

A hold to thirty put Roger up 2-1 and both players began to roll through their service games with little in the way of rallies or return points.

In game eight Tiafoe made deuce twice on the Federer serve but the Swiss held and then courtesy of some cheap errors broke out of nowhere to snatch the first set 6-4.

A love hold saw Roger kick off the second set like the first but this time he got a break of serve instantly when a Tiafoe backhand went long.

The break was consolidated to fifteen and from there Roger took charge, playing that bit more freely to secure the double break, hold for 5-0 and serve it out at the first time of asking for 6-1.

Match Stats

  Frances Tiafoe Roger Federer
Aces 6 13
Double Faults 1 1
1st Serve Percentage 55% 59%
1st Serve Points Won 57% (16/28) 79% (23/29)
2nd Serve Points Won 52% (12/23) 75% (15/20)
Break Points Saved 40% (2/5) 0% (0/0)
1st Return Points Won 21% (6/29) 43% (12/28)
2nd Return Points Won 20% (4/20) 43% (10/23)
Break Points Converted 0% (0/0) 60% (3/5)
Winners 10 26
Unforced Errors 17 17
Net Points Won 50% (4/8) 64% (9/14)
Service Points Won 55% (28/51) 78% (38/49)
Return Points Won 22% (11/49) 45% (23/51)
Total Points Won 39% (39/100) 61% (61/100)


Post Match Interview

Thoughts on the Match

Federer Tiafoe Perth

Another solid performance here from Fed who served well, firing 13 aces and not facing a single break point. The first set was a tricky one with a lot of short points and neither player really stringing much together on the return.

After taking advantage of those Tiafoe errors to snatch the opener Roger improved game by game and cruised through the second set. I thought he moved well again, he looked reliable on serve and those two backhand winners in the penultimate game were super slick.

Other than that there weren't too many highlights or talking points. Both guys started well, Tiafoe's intensity fell away in the second and Roger just maintained his level to win without too much trouble.

As for the other matches, Belinda played well against Serena in the singles but tailed off in the third set and struggled to defend her serve which is a bit of a weakness.

In terms of the Fast4 mixed doubles, I thought it was ok, a few nice exchanges but the format is kinda weird and it's over before it even starts so it didn't really live up to the billing. Roger even had to explain how the tiebreak works to Serena :lol:. who also appeared to pick up a shoulder problem as she was massaging non-stop between points which will worry her fans ahead of the Australian Open.

In the end, I think it was a bit too hyped/contrived. The two players sell it themselves with their achievements so nobody with a functioning brain needs to be constantly reminded of how amazing it all is or listen to the media constantly begging for them to exchange niceties. Just let them get on with playing and the entertainment will sort itself out.

Next up is Greece on Thursday where Benderer will face Tsitsipas and Sakkari. Should be interesting.

What did you guys think of the win? Did the Federer and Serena Mixed Doubles live up to the hype?


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. @Jonathan
    I wanted to rate with 4,5, but was not sure how and the result was thought I clicked 4 stars, but it was apparently 3. Can you correct this or let me rate another time?

    1. I didn’t watch the match but from your review Jon it seems like Roger is playing with good rhythm on the serve which is always good news!!!


  2. I haven’t been able to watch any of this but it sounds like a fun event and Fed seemed to be enjoying himself which is
    always nice to see.

  3. Hard to tell much about Fed’s game, because Tiafoe was a crap and didn’t challenge him much.
    In the symbolic doubles Tiafoe was the weakest player on court, while Serena was doing quite well in some nice exchanges with Fed.

    Tiafoe’s game does not fit my taste at all even if he plays better-

    Fed did play so well as it was necessary to win.

    Norrie was more entertaining even if losing badly. He was at least fighting and showing some class.

  4. Jonathan how about Roger inviting Serena to play a match for his foundation at Madison Square Garden. Another battle of sexes though for a noble cause.

    1. I think it would only work as a mixed doubles thing tbh.

      Singles would be crap. He either plays all out, and she gets mauled. Or he has to try to make a match of it and it’s just a fixed thing. All you will get is another Mayweather vs. Japanese Kickboxer really, a farce 😀

      1. Williams frequently loses to other women pro’s. How many of them could beat the best school boys? (Borg was winning grand slams at 18, and Wilander at 17.) A match against an ATP pro would be an embarrassment.

      2. Most Div 1 College players would beat her. I dunno why you get called sexist for saying it, it’s just basic biology that guys are much faster, stronger and athletic.

        Anyway with the way things are heading it won’t be long before a quality male tennis player decides to identify as female so he can play on the WTA and win the calendar slam. Look at the Aussie handball player destroying the girls at it 😆

  5. I enjoyed the tennis , but the doubles although can be fun for me
    we are not seeing enough of it. Someone needs to tell the powers
    that be to stop mucking around with the tennis format, if they want
    to change anything change the courts, make them different speeds
    as they used to be…then we’ll see different varieties of players.

    1. Yeah Fast4 is a bit blink and you will miss it. I don’t hate it but maybe it could be better. Just not sure how?

      I think 2 singles and a quick doubles is a good amount of tennis though. If mixed was best of 3 with a 10 point tie break in the decider, I think it would be too long.

  6. Serve and movement looks very good but I’m still not too keen on the forehand. Seems to still be finishing it over his head, kinda Rafa style. I dunno if this is something that him and the team have worked on but he was doing it from the US open onwards last year… just looks like sometimes he has to force the power a bit too much. Some other times it looks great when he’s hitting it like he used to though. I dunno, maybe the hand isn’t 100% yet, I just find it a bit strange that all of a sudden he’s hitting some forehands Rafaesque

  7. @Jonathan
    Big news on your blog (bastion of something). Now you are censoring comments. Why? I would like to read the full message from Sue. I promise, not to answer it.

    And I can hardly understand, why did you delete my Greetings in this thread. I repeated it only, because it rather belongs to this thread. I was simply too early on and have placed the post in the earlier thread.

    Why don’t you delete it there?
    Have you used the link to see those Greetings?

    I can imagine, why you did it, but … are you steel the bastion of … ???

    I was going to continue on Thursday, but it does not seem to have any sense now. I didn’t know, for many of FedFans 3 EUR to watch Hopman and Australian Open ((including replays) is too much. I have paid more to offer those Greetings. I see now, I’m an idiot.

    Thank you 🙂

    1. I wasn’t censoring anything, I just deleted a duplicate comment that you have already left elsewhere. As a result, it also bins the reply left to it by Sue said something like yes we know you have a blog, you keep telling us every 2 minutes. That was it.

      I went on it ye, I didn’t know what it was at first. I mean a URL Like xxx-xxx doesn’t give you any idea of the post, Then it was two videos, I guess off Youtube and re-upped?

      Tbh you’re best off not using Dropbox for those kinds of uploads, if you get a DMCA then you lose the ability to share public links I believe.

      1. First (before your last post was out) the link contained only Roger’s singles (logic, I posted it before doubles started)

        Then my posts are often updated like this. What an idea to open another post for doubles?

        No, my videos are recorded on my PC from the original paid source – in this case Europortplayer. Suc h recording and placing on own Dropbox account is legal.
        Now it”s about posting links to Dropbox. I’m only posting them on my blog. This works without any problem a year long. Well. maybe someone like S.. could inform Eurosport but I don’t care.

        Should I have problems with this routine, I will offer recordings via private messages to my readers.

        This was first (and probably last) time, I posted the link (not directly to Dropbox) in another place. The reason is obvious, once you clicked the link, isn’t it?

        What’s wrong in such a link? I have put some words before the link, so anyone who doesn’t assume my badwill, (like Sue) If someone is scared of clicking the link, knowing it leads to my blog, it’s his/her business. I didn’t really know, how to name the post. Many are reading and watching, probably mostly regular readers of my blog.

        If you was deleting one of instances of my comment, why didn’t you delete the instance from old thread, where nobody goes right now? Well – rhetorical question, I guess.

  8. I’m not too keen of the fast 4 format, not on singles and certainly not on doubles where the rallies tend to be shorter than on singles, anyway. There’s no game development. One of the things that attracts me the most in tennis is that each match narrates a complete story, and each time it is a different one. It’s like watching a film where the characters change mood, attitude, do great things, botch big time or chicken out, and so on.
    That said, the same format as applied to the “nextgen” finals is a disservice to the sport. As applied to veterans, it’s a downgrade to a casual fairground event. We’ll, I guess there is enough audience for that…
    Ah, the matches of today: Fed played sharp – nothing tobremark – but Tiafoe crumbled too steeply. In the doubles he looked the less prepared for this variant. I also noticed Serena pinching her shoulder repeatedly.
    On a side note: Stan the Man was ripping his backhand again. Let’s hope to see more of that in the A.O.

    1. Stan was quality, some of his backhands were out of this world. Early days but two wins bodes well for him. From Instagram, he did a lot of training with Paganini in the off season.

  9. I could read Tiafoe lips at the end telling Roger. “If I would have hurt your seriously in any way I would be the most hated man in tennis”. That is why I absolutely hate it when Roger plays doubles. I stopped playing doubles because even the pros can’t help hitting someone. I neither like to be hit or hit someone accidently and playing doubles just isn’t fun to me.

    1. I can’t recall Roger ever being hurt playing doubles. Singles, yes. I think he’s quite pleased with his only Olympic gold medal. In doubles.

    2. We are now considering tennis to be a dangerous sport 😆 come on. This sums how much of a ❄ people are now. Tagging someone at doubles is funny, Fed enjoys it by the looks of it.

      Besides getting hit with a tennis ball isn’t that painful at all really anywhere on the body. The only place it can do damage is directly in the eye. I have been hit with my partners serves in doubles a few times. It’s nothing compared to a squash ball. I once took a smash right on the forehead. It went back over the net and landed on the baseline. That would have hurt if it was on the nose 😀

      Watch Brian Close batting against Michael Holding. Then tell me how dangerous doubles is.

  10. I haven’t been able to watch the matches but I’ve noted what others have said about Roger’s game. It is definitely encouraging if he’s moving better than he was towards the end of last year. I felt his court speed was compromised even as far back as Halle. He was often pushed on the defensive too early in the point – and then couldn’t turn it around. What I would like to see more of is the aggressive ground strokes of 2017, and particularly on the backhand.

    The Hopman Cup, like the Laver Cup, suits Roger, as he often seems to enjoy more the exhibition-style tennis of those events. Although I hear the comments about the mixed I like watching Roger play doubles – he shows a range of skills few other players possess. It’s interesting to compare top singles players, like Djokovic, and Zverev, who seem uncomfortable at the doubles game.

    So with all the hype about the Serena match-up, what did it amount to? Federer was clearly flattering Serene “The Ego has Landed” Williams, with his expressed “fear” of her serve, as there wouldn’t be a male in the top 200 whose serve wouldn’t pose more difficulties for him. Truth be, the best woman in the game is no match for the best man (or any man ranked up to at least 1000, in my view). But Roger is ever the diplomat – and skilled pr man for the game.

  11. Good win by Roger, a bit nervy during 1st set but Tiafoe went AWOL during the 2nd set. Its a pity for Belinda, she played really well for a set and half too bad she could not withstand Serena’s bulldozing. Interesting to see how Team Suisse fair against Greece on Thursday. I hope Australia takes out Germany on Friday muahahaha.

  12. Yes it was overhyped. Their combined achievements needed no extra hype, plus there was a packed crowd anyway. Even I thought Roger was being his diplomatic, PR-savvy self, but a poster on another site put it another way so beautifully….Federer is a connoisseur of tennis and loves ticking off items on his bucket list…doubles with Rafa/Nole, mixed doubles versus Serena, and so on. In his sunset years, the bucket list seems to give him as much enjoyment as actual tournament wins.

  13. Delightful games to watch. Pure fun and Roger seems to be healthy and strong and at his best. So articulate in his interviews!

      1. Let’s hope Jim Courier will be there in Melbourne for the interviews. They are  funny.

        I watched Fed’s matches in Perth.  He plays relaxed and he seems so fit ! I would vote to watch him play like this all year long. The match vs Tsitsi will be interesting ! 

        Nadal is injured. In case he wouldn’t play in Melbourne, would Fed be number 2 seed, thus avoiding Djoko in his part of the draw ? 

      2. And I notice other players using the same lingo as Fed in their interviews, copying sayings, etc. You know all the players are watching him.

        Regarding Serena, no, she is a woman and can’t play the same as the men.

        I suppose it depends if and when Nadal withdraws from the AO. Soon enough, then Fed will be #2 but at the last minute, they will probably throw in someone else.

  14. Your right Jonathan getting hit in the eye does hurt when playing tennis. and I have seen it happen twice playing doubles. I haven’t seen those same players ever since they were injured and we don’t hit the ball any where near pros do.

    1. I think Goffin was hit in the eye whilst playing Dimitrov and was out of action for a considerable time
      afterwards.So unfortunate as he had previously been hurt quite badly after getting tangled up in
      some sort of court cover(can’t remember exactly what it was)in a previous match.Fortunately such
      injuries are pretty rare.

      1. The Goffin eye injury was very misfortunate.
        He was at the net when a passing shot hit the net chord, went on to the frame of his racquet and for from there stright to his eye. I’m not sure if managed to close it.
        It all happened so fast. He never returned to the same form after that…

    2. I was hit in the eye last year but for some anatomic form of luck, my eyeballs are a bit recessed and the major impact was absorbed by the bone rim around the eye. It took only one minute to fully recover. The last one was more serious: I hit my forehead with the frame and bled a lot, courtesy of a miscalculated FH buggy whip… I got a mark that makes me look a bit like Harry Potter with no glasses a little less hair. Ha!

  15. Roger beats Stefanos and secures another final for the Swiss team.
    Even if team Greece wins the next two matches, they will have the same amount of points but one match shorter – Switzerland won 6 matches, Greece will win 5 if they win the next two.

    1. I only watched the final 2 games and the last tie breaker. Good quality shots, not many errors and the two players taking it as business. Good for the show. Fed is trying more and more the cross-court loopy top spin forehand. It might derange some…

  16. Just watched the highlights.A good match with two tiebreaks.Tstitsy serving well and sharp at the net.Fed moving very well
    I thought.Showing the younguns whose boss?

    1. I watched the last couple of games. I wasn’t quite so impressed. Roger missed quite makeable passes off both wings and ultimately shanked away a game where he should have broken. He also missed some easy mid-court balls while serving to take it to 6-all. A bit untidy off the ground. The serve came to the rescue.

    2. It was a high-quality match from both. For someone who prefers watching recreational players your expectations are a bit high 😆

      He missed a makeable pass to break in the second set, that’s about it. Very few errors from both overall.

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