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Team Switzerland Make 2019 Hopman Cup Final

The Swiss Pair of Bencic and Federer lost the tie to Greece but qualified due to their earlier results

Another Hopman Cup final for Switzerland awaits after Roger Federer defeated the most improved player of 2018, Stefanos Tsitsipas 7-6(5), 7-6(4) at the RAC Arena on Thursday evening.

It was easy to see why the young greek had landed his first career title in Stockholm last season and moved into the Top 20, giving Roger a run for his money in the first set and holding a 4-1 advantage in the tie-break. But the Swiss's experience shone through as he hit back to record victory in 93 minutes, winning 84% of points behind his first serve and not facing a single break point.

The victory saw the Swiss progress into the final regardless of the women's singles and Fast4 mixed results which was just as well. A Bencic blip saw her lose in straights to Sakkari before the Greek's sealed the mixed doubles in a final set 5 point tie-break to win the overall tie 2-1. 

Quick Match Recap

Federer Tsitisipas Hopman Cup

Federer won the toss for the third straight match and elected to serve. A fast start from the Greek saw him create 15-30 and make deuce twice before Roger held for 1-0.

A hold to love saw Tsitsipas level in no time before Roger fired down a love hold of his own for 2-1. From there it was all about the serve and by game 12 both players had won just 7 points each on the return.  As you'd expect with those numbers the set resulted in a tie-break.

Into the breaker and it was the Nicosia native who got the better start, moving up a double mini-break for 4-1 after Roger didn't do enough with a backhand and left too much open court.

With how he'd been serving it looked a long way back for the Swiss but he recovered them both, drilling a nice forehand winner to make 3-4. 

Two serves then put Roger up 5-4 and an untimely double fault at five all from Stefanos gave Roger the advantage which he converted 7-5.

Set two saw Tsitsipas kick things off with a love hold. Roger quickly matched him to level. In game three the Swiss made deuce for the first time in the match but couldn't fashion a breakpoint.

He didn't have to wait too long though as in game nine Roger held two break points. Tsitsipas saved them both with some aggressive play and went onto save a third in game eleven to lead 6-5. Roger then held to force another tie-break.

This time around it was the maestro who got off to the better start, moving up a mini-break for 3-1 and coming out on top in a 19 shot rally to maintain the advantage for 4-2. 

Some sick defensive skills followed by a drop shot then saw Roger move up a double mini-break for 6-3 and although he missed a backhand on his first match he converted the second to head into Saturday's final with a  peRFect 3-0 record in singles. 

Match Stats

  Stefanos Tsitsipas Roger Federer
Aces 10 7
Double Faults 3 2
1st Serve Percentage 68% 68%
1st Serve Points Won 82% (46/56) 84% (42/50)
2nd Serve Points Won 46% (12/26) 75% (18/24)
Break Points Saved 100% (3/3) 0% (0/0)
1st Return Points Won 18% (9/50) 25% (14/56)
2nd Return Points Won 17% (4/24) 27% (7/26)
Break Points Converted 0% (0/0) 0% (0/3)
Winners 27 28
Unforced Errors 22 20
Net Points 65% (17/26) 81% (25/31)
Service Points Won 71% (58/82) 81% (60/74)
Return Points Won 19% (14/74) 29% (24/82)
Total Points Won 46% (72/156) 54% (84/156)



Post Match Interview

Thoughts on the Match

Federer Tsitisipas Hopman Cup

He did a nice job. I think we both played well without too many mistakes. I learned about his game. From my game, I didn’t learn anything. For me, it’s about maintaining a good level of play. I’m happy where my game is at. And I was impressed with what I saw from Stefanos.

Best match of the week so far to watch and both guys played a nice brand of tennis; going for their shots and moving forward so it was exciting viewing.

I thought Roger played a very clean match too from start to finish. The first set was undoubtedly the closest and Stefanos played the slightly better of the two. Fortunately, Roger found a little something in the breaker at 2-4, hitting one of his best forehands on the night to restore parity and then keeping the momentum to snatch it.

The second was also a close run affair but Roger was the one on top, holding three break points and offering a bit more both on serve and return. He definitely should have converted the third break point off that makeable pass in game eleven but he kept it together in the tiebreak, winning that lengthy rally when he'd missed an earlier chance to fire a winner. 

As for the women's singles, Belinda came unstuck against Sakkari in what was essentially a dead rubber. It's crazy how good her backhand is but her serve and forehand are, relatively speaking, terrible 😆 I'd never seen Sakkari play but she was very solid and I guess if her new coach Mark Petchey gets even more out of her she'll be moving up the rankings into the Top 20.

As to who they will face in Saturday's final that will be decided tomorrow when Australia face off against Germany.  I'm not sure on the permutations but it's basically a straight shootout as they are both 2 wins from 2.

Regardless of who they play, it's been a good week so far for Roger who's had a decent workout, especially today where he needed to move well so hopefully, he can top it off with a successful title defence.

What did you guys make of the match vs. Tsitsipas? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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      1. I’m encouraged from a maiden top 10 YE ranking in 2018.
        It pushes me to work even harder and climb up the ranking. 😉

  1. From what I saw towards the end, Tsitsipas was quite impressive, hitting heavy shots and attacking well. He just missed on a couple of critical points. I would have liked to have seen Roger make at least one of the passes he attempted at 5-5 in the second set; he had a few bites at that cherry but misfired. He also missed some quite easy midcourt balls in his next service game but steadied and played a solid tie-break to win the match. Tsitsipas should do well at the AO. Roger I would like to see tighten up his ground-stroke game. Players like Djokovic give their opponents nothing. Yes, I still expect Roger to play like Roger – and not a recreational player missing sitters.

    I saw Dimitrov lose to Nishikori at Brisbane, after dominating each set. You can virtually script his choke when it comes. Like clock work.

      1. Greg Norman mentoring him now supposedly & not sure Lleyton won much when he was sat in his players box either!

      2. I read a statistical analysis last year in the ATP website saying that in 2017 Dimitrov made a double fault for every 7-8 second serves.
        That’s a crazy stat. Most of the top guys were around a 1-14 ratio I think.
        And 2017 was a good year for Dimi.

      3. Greg Norman is the most famous choker in golfing history, having lost a USO final round from what appeared an impossible-to-lose lead. But lose he did. I’m not sure that’s going to help Dimichoke a lot.

  2. Only saw the highlights,it looked a good match,Titsy serving well and challenging Fed at the net.Agree that Rogers experience got him through although the first tiebreak could have gone either way.Fed moving well I thought,so impressive
    moving so quickly at his advanced age?

  3. Roger is absolutely amazing and I expect he will win his 100th this year. I do expect the 20 something to also have a banner year. Whenever Roger does retire (hope it isn’t anytime soon) I would love tom watch him commentating like say with McEnroe. He is amazing how terrific he explains how the game went. Federer is truly the best ever in tennis and that even includes his interviews.

    1. Interesting to see if he does any punditry. His fees would be sky high so dunno who could pay him. I’m not sure it something he will do either. Is he more likely to do it for English speaking or German as well?

      1. He’s very gracious and charming but a lot of what he says is pr, to make verybody feel good and not ruffle any feathers. If he were to turn to commenting I would prefer to hear what he really thinks – which means being prepared to say it as it is. In a way, he’s too big to become a commentator. It’s like a king reflecting on his subjects. It should be more the other way around.

      2. He plays it safe on non-tennis topics. And who wouldn’t when all the soyboy libtards want to deplatform you if you have any sort of opinion. Unfortunately, he’s somewhat a slave to his sponsors and the tournament directors in that regard so has to tread carefully. They’d drop him in an instant if he said BUILD THE WALL!

        But on tennis when asked he’s usually pretty open? I mean he said he thinks a lot of the young guys can’t volley at all…

        I think he is more likely to coach or run a tournament.

      3. He’ll probably do it from his own studio Federer Tennis Channel lol higher production quality levels than the rest, just like Laver Cup is so good ! Or just leave the 3 set rubbish they will bring in to the generally lacklustre pundits we have now !

      4. A commentator should be able to criticise players on court, as well as the game generally. Can you imagine Roger calling out Serena at last year’s USO? Or Kyrgios getting “coached” by Lahyani? I don’t think Roger would like to be controversial. And it just wouldn’t seem right for the Greatest Player Ever to pick apart lesser players’ performances. Pick on someone your own size, Rog! And the last thing some of us would want to hear is sportsmen’s views on politics. Kanye West shows where that ends up. Stick to what you know and what you’re good at.

      5. “Stick to what you know and what you’re good at.” Armstrong7’s hint, and a good point IMO ?

      6. He did actually call out Lahyani saying it shouldn’t have happened. Umpire should stay in the chair.

        As for Serena thing, you really can’t win 😀 in his shoes best to just keep quiet.

        Nobody is paying me to blog so I can say whatever the fuck I like 😆 Serena’s outburst was a joke and she should be ashamed of herself.

  4. This was so enjoyable, such fast, creative tennis, especially since Fed came through to win. Stefanos is really good, unafraid to come forward, and should only get better with experience. This generation is certainly more interesting than the earlier lost generation of Dimitrov, Raonic, et al. And thank heavens Stefanos does not grunt! BTW, was Roger grunting a little during some of his serves?

      1. Because a serve hit that hard probably takes some effort, Annie! A lot of servers vocalise when they hit the ball.

      1. Yes, come to think of it, Fed does grunt sometimes on his second serves. Not a noisy grunt, though. Almost gentleman-like, compared to Rafa’s or even Novak’s. I’ve kind of become hypersensitive about Roger’s health and fitness, so I got a bit spooked. Most players I like, Roger, earlier Edberg and Graf, are non-grunters, I like my tennis without grunts. That comment about Connors was hilarious, thanks Armstrong 7.

      1. The first player I heard grunting was Connors. The great Lew Hoad once said of the Connors serve, “He roars like a lion, and out pops a mouse”. Connors wasn’t known for a particularly powerful serve. The next player I heard who used to grunt on every shot and not just the serve (correction – double-grunt – with an “ah-huh!”) was the Austrian, Thomas Muster. Claycourters are more apt to grunt, because their game appears more effortful. Or because they think the more noise they make the more powerful their shots will seem. And then there was Monica Seles. From her we have had generations of shrieking imitators on the women’s tour. The aesthetic refinements of the game.

    1. Look for “Kiai” in Wiki. Or ask Kei.

      In some Japanese martial arts the point is not given by a referee if there was no Kiai.

      It’s completely false to take non-grunting as an aesthetic aspect.

      If you kill the opponent or he kills you, makes some difference.

      And there is spiritual aspect too. And physiology (breathing). To create more energy you need to make the expiration or inspiration/expiration an act of focusing energy and both psychical and physical energy.

      Who hits faster and harder, must do it.

      You may not hear it. It’s individual. Some are grunting like a hell but you hear almost nothing. (look the further post of @Armstrong7 about Connors)

      Intimidating the opponent is a factor too (not so much in tennis, which is not a martial art).

      If you watch sometimes light athleticism – not so light maybe for shot putting or hammer throwing. They are all loud like a hell. .

      Not a good idea to grunt when hitting slice, dropshot or volley, where you are using not own energy but energy of the opponent.

      If you play tennis and was never grunting – on serve or topspin shot from the baseline, try and you will see the difference. Some are ashamed of grunting. Big mistake. This is one of tools you have. If you don’t use it, you limit the psychic aspect of physical energy you create.

      Some grunt so, you can read what a shot will be played.

      I had once a partner who was grunting so distinctly, you could be sure the ball will be cut sharply and the ball lands very close to the net.

      1. How can it be a mistake to not grunt? 😆

        “Some grunt so, you can read what a shot will be played”

        The grunt often comes after they have struck the ball. I just YouTubed some now, half the time they are grunting long after the ball has gone. If you are waiting for the grunt to determine the shot, then you are quickly going to be out of time on a lot of shots.

        Watch their racquet and the ball off the strings, that’s how you know what type of shot it is.

      2. Tennis is not martial arts (and I have done both). If it is a necessary part of the game why has it only really emerged in the last couple of decades? I hear players grunt/shriek and then not make a sound, or increase the volume as the point gets longer. It’s just bullsh*t.

  5. Such a good encounter deserves a few verse.
    Hopp (Swiss) man cup !

    The Swiss Man in black
    Faced the team of the Union Jack
    On Sunday, he was on track
    Back from the Aussie outback

    Resplendent  for his comeback
    Good in attack, fit and slack
    PeRFect was the film soundtrack.

    On the first of January
    A new page in the diary
    We’ve been watching, many and many
    the best and the best in company

    43 slam-winners and two youngsters
    Serena, Roger and a lobster :
    A nice brunch for the New Year.

    Today, no Greekest selfie of all time
    But a perfect treat at lunch-time
    A rhythmic match like a ragtime
    Agile feet and groundstrokes : sublime !

    Magical serves from every side
    What a pleasure to watch him glide
    Of his nation  : the greatest pride.


  6. The first comment from me in 2019: Happy New Year to all of you 🙂
    I have no way of watching live on screen so I’ve been relying on your post Jonathan. So thanks! Great to hear and see (the video) that Fed’s looking fresh, happy and playing well. Life is bright again!

  7. How is Fed’s FH/BH looking to you guys?

    I can’t watch, but I’m reading a lot of poor reviews on his FH and lack of NeoBH from some online fans.

    1. I think they have been pretty good. Fast conditions. I guess the forehand is still a bit buggy whip style, that is usually when you are a little late on the ball…

  8. Oh dear, you would think Stefan would be able to buy some new stuff. Those shorts are just too too short! Thought we’d seen the last of them.
    Thanks for the write-up. No broadcast here probably because no Canadians in the field. Pospisil out of the AO with the never ending back issue.
    The match looked like great fun, thanks for the highlights. These new guys on the block ain’t so bad.

    1. Yes those shorts just look silly,but they are practically knee length compared with what Borg and
      MaCenroe wore in their prime?

  9. I enjoyed the match very much, but play beautiful attacking tennis which is rare to see these days. So refreshing compared to some of those awful grinding fair in Brisbane. I like Fed’s form and his chances at AO. Let’s go for 21 and 100!

  10. Good match and timely test for Roger. Tsitsipas played good attacking tennis. If he keep his focus, he will be a better player than Thiem and Zverev. Heck probably win GS in a few years time. Patrick Mouratoglou has his eye on his next cash cow – Tsitsipas.

    Final tomorrow against Germany, looks like Roger has to do the heavy lifting again. Bencic went AWOL since her match against Serena. She better get her shit together to get offload Roger…Hoop Suisse!!!

  11. We’re watching on Eurosport which seems to have two channels for the H. Cup, one with adverts and commentary, and one with neither. Guess which one we are watching.
    Thanks for all these great write-ups Jonathan, much appreciated after every match.
    I thought Fed was playing well, albeit with the occasional erratico and so pleased that he managed to beat Tsitsipas, especially as Belinda went AWOL. He played the occasional neo-backhand and his forehand was OK I thought and he even managed to win some long rallies. I often thinks he gets bored during these and gives up.
    Have you noticed that his initials are back on his shoes? Is this only for Nike shoes or has he really got them back? I might have missed the comments on this.
    Zverev was pitiful in the doubles this afternoon, just fooling around and not even trying. Here’s hoping he is like that again tomorrow..

    1. Oh I would have thought that he will be pretty dialled in tomorrow and Fed needs tough matches in
      the run up to the Australian Open.Should be interesting ,wish I could watch it?

      1. You could. Ask your Voluntary Police: If they allow, I can record the match and post the link to my Dropbox here.

  12. On grunting.
    Yes it is a response to effort no doubt but gamesmanship plays a big part too.Nadals grunts get louder the longer a
    rally lasts.and Sharapovas shrieks made her matches(always long anyway)quite unwatchable I felt.I just think that is
    strange that Fed does this(not all the time of course and not gamesmanship)on his second serve.I would have thought the first serve would cause the grunt because of the effort involved but not on the second which is presumably not hit so hard.

    1. To grunt (regularly) for gamesmanship would be completely counter-productive. Who has not learned to grunt regularly (as a part of the natural physical sequence, where grunting helps) to create rhythm, power), would destroy his own effort.

      Typical gamesmanship is unnecessarily correcting shoelaces, discussing with umpire, showing the server, there is someone disturbing him in the crowd, where there is no one. Not grunting for distraction.

      And they all are used to hear grunting during ball exchange so this does not really bother anyone.

      Some (you called Nadal) grunt more or louder as the rally goes in the length. It’s natural because they still need to create power/energy and they are getting tired in longer rallies.

      I have not noticed, but if Fed has started to grunt I’m not surprised. He needs still the same energy as always but to create it means now more effort (grunting helps) because of age.

      You say, Federer grunting is for sure not a gamesmanship. How do you know for any player if it is? Is this so strange for players like Ferrer or Schwartzman to grunt loud at every shot? Is this gamesmanship?

      1. Grunting certainly plays a part to try put an opponent off. I assume you are saying it doesn’t because Thiem has a grunt?

        If it wasn’t the case, why do you see some players not doing it during practice matches or in certain matches? If it’s some natural thing, you don’t pick and choose when you do it.

        Not every player grunts for gamesmanship, and not every player grunts for rhythm.

        Federer grunts on second serves, it’d be a pretty ineffective method of gamesmanship.

      2. Also,I have never known Nadal beaten by tiredness.Injury yes,tiredness no.Take last years American Open for example,it took three of the hardest hitters in the game,Khachanov,Thiem and Del Potro to wear him down to the point that he retired.
        That is all I have to contribute on this subject.
        I am going to cook dinner for family and friends and look forward to discussing the Fedv Sacha match.I wish you a pleasant evening.

      3. @Jonathan

        “Certainly” – how do you know this? Crystal ball?

        I don’t know which players you have in mind, who grunts in matches and don’in practice.

        Thiem grunts like a hell in practices. In matches too, but not so much. If he doesn’t grunt, it means, he is ill or fatigued.

        If I’m telling something generally, why are you looking for another bottom?

        I don’t care about grunting, whoever is grunting pr not. Has nothing to do with Thiem. Yes , he grunts a lot and regularly. You don’t know much about Thiem’s sportsmanship. Gamesmanship is something I would easily find in some players, but I ‘m not interested in the “issue”.

        I was only trying to explain it generally to someone, who understands only this. If Federer grunts, grunting is good. If other grunt (God Save it’s Nadal) it’s gamesmanship. For sure not for Nadal. For sure not for Thiem..

        Another example would be Klizan. Klizan normally does not grunt. He starts to grunt when he is going for some crazy attack and it’s telling “Take care – I’m coming”. This is gamesmanship.

        I have no theory, why Federer grunts all of a sudden on second serve. Maybe because he hits first serve for placement. If first serve is out (not precise enough), maybe he needs to hit easier readable serve so it most be more powerful.

        I’, only speculating from scratch here.

        I don’t care who is grunting and what’s the reason. It’s allowed. PERIOD. If it goes beyond limits, there is the umpire.

      4. Ferrer, for example, doesn’t grunt much in practice

        Granollers – no noise in practice. I stood about 5 feet from him and no grunts. Match he’s off the charts. Plenty more too if I rack my brains.

        I wasn’t saying Thiem uses it for gamesmanship. Just saying some players clearly do. You said they don’t originally, but now you kinda agree and said Klizan does.

    2. Annie, the second serve is hit just as hard as the first serve but with more spin. It requires just as much effort, if not more, to do that.

  13. To those, who don’t like long comments (Armstrong7 – MUTE button – good idea and I know how to do this. Jonathan knows it too but don’t want to use it.

    I use this on my blog. Comments look then like this (similar to Facebook)
    “Maybe another interpretation would fit. AO-warm-up events are about the same as season’s finish tournaments . Some top players regularly skip every tournament between off-season and AO or only… Read more”. “Read more” is a link opening the rest of the comment. You click it only if you really want to read the whole comment.
    A kind of MUTE button.

    It ensures, you can see always 5-6 comments on a single screen. Easier to scroll and to find those, you want to skip.

    I’m not aware of the possibility to filter pout comments by user. Would be even better for many, I guess.

    Thiem hat? Well. Bresnik wears a big straw hat coming from the hotel in Tenerife, where they make preseason. Not Thiem.

    Or you meant “hate”, not “hat”?

    Jon says, his blog is a bastion of freedom” a.s.o.. But you have lots of Voluntary Police here. Your VP made it impossible for others to watch full match records on 1st of January, which I recorded just for you. I didn’t expect thanks, for sure not in form like “… we know, you have your own blog. You are telling us every 2 minutes …” This way my “preset” was gone. Congrats, VP, for instant action.

    1. I don’t want my blog full of random plugins and useless features that slow it down and make it look a messy layout wise. We don’t need a trim comment or mute users feature. There’s a reason they aren’t part of WordPress Core.

      I deleted the comment because you posted it twice and the comments aren’t to be used for self-promotion. Anything goes in the comments but it looked like a blatant link drop to me so it was removed. I didn’t realise at first it was a replay video tbh.

      1. You can do what you want. You have overreacted. You didn’t expect anything good from me. Like everyone here. That’s the whole story.
        There was a good reason to repeat because it was only made for those of you, who could not watch the match because of New Year’s hype.

        I would not need to record the matches for Thiem fans. I have done this EXTRA FOR .

        I’m not telling you, how to make a blog.

        It was not me who wanted “hat awards” and “mute buttons”. It was again my goodwill to suggest them (not you), there are some solutions. What’s wron in that?

        I’m not promoting myself, posting a link to the match record, which is only interesting for some of your users. You call this “self-promotion”???

        I would not be surprised to hear this from you Voluntary Police (I know Voluntary Police by heart from the old Federer’s website, where they didn’t even have a moderator. Probably many of the old VP are now on your blog.

        Not my business.

        I was trying many times to bring some contribution. I was wrong.

        I recall the VP looking all the time for Nadal spies on old Federer website. Now they are doing the same here and you not only accept this, you are the boss.

        You say, your blog is the last bastion of …. It is not. It’s the last bastion of VP.

        I thought, you are ready to discuss about tennis. You prefer to “discuss” about my person. I have read here a lot about myself. Not so much about tennis.

      2. I think you’re the one who’s overreacting ?

        You have posted your blog about ~10 times in the comments. Not exactly cynical of me to think it’s just another irrelevant link drop. Especially when you didn’t say what it was or give us any clues…

      3. You would not die, if you first looked, what the link really is (it was named like it was to make some surprise) before you deleted it. If you deleted, why not the old?

        You should have known, why I didn’t place the link to Dropbox on your blog.

        But you simply deleted.

        It’s OK, you are the blog owner.

        More characteristic was for me the comment, which I could partly read on Recent Comments list It was from VP.
        Whatever. I’m not eager to see your answers so don’t use your time to answer.

      4. PRF, it is tiresome reading your constant complaints to Jonathan. This blog isn’t about you. It is a privilege, not a right, to comment here. If you don’t like it, then stick to your own blog or try someone else’s. I also suggest that you could make your comments half the length they are. You lose readers in a sea of words. You don’t make your points any clearer by writing more. Edit, sir.

  14. Joker lost to Bautista after winning first set. Is there a chink in the tennis wall ? Bautista even lost a game down in the second set broke joker in the next game. And in the 3rd set Joker lost the first game and eventually lost 4-6. I think this year the top 3 will have very “serious” challenges to win the GS. I think the 20 somethings will see that the top 3 are now vulnerable to losing. This just shows me that Federer being 5 years older then Nadal and Joker is that much better. At 37 he looks fitter then last year and will surprise everyone again.

    1. I think it’s too early to be saying there is a chink. See how he does in Melbourne first. Maybe we get a new slam champ.

      RBA is the type of opponent who makes you pay if not at your best. Close to top 10 at his best on conditions suit his game.

  15. I do think this year will be a breakthrough year for new players. I do think the top 3 are seen more vulnerable this year because of last years endings.

  16. I also think Jonathan that your right if in the future tennis wanted to hire Federer to be a commentator with say McEnroe they would have to pay him more money then the players get for the tournament. But I do think Federer would enjoy it. The fans would love it because without Federer involved tennis will lose a lot of sponsors. No other player could have put the Laver Cup together and Rod Laver and the Aussie’s love him for that. Nadal and Joker would never have put the time and energy to get it together. Someone stated that Roger kisses up to the sponsors. There again he respects the organizers and sponsors that help make tennis a major sport to watch. For my part I would not miss a game that Roger was commenting on and I would pay good money enjoying his commentary. He tells it like it is and would be funny especially with McEnroe together along with the Laver Cup I think they enjoy each others company. Roger respects McEnroe winning 70 plus singles and doubles. I JUST DON’T WANT ROGER EVER TO LEAVE TENNIS.

    1. I don’t think Fed will ever not be interested and involved in tennis,in the same way Laver is still involved.However somehow I don’t see him sitting in a commentary box with earphones on.He will have interesting insights on the game I am sure.The one I am really interested is his autobiography.
      That win by BA is very interesting.A very tough and dangerous player.Hmm.

    2. I think Roger doesn’t want to leave tennis too ?. And somehow he’ll stay in public vision as well. A qualified but maybe too early guess about how, but I think also for sure there’ll be a long row of ardent applicants to hire his commenting.

  17. @Jonathan

    About self-promotion. You have stats of self-promoting comments? And you classify them by links posted?
    Why don’t you classify them by user? If I post something (with my excentric views), what is it if not self-promotion?
    10 times in 15 months- my Goodness. What a crime. Before i posted any link, I have asked you for permission and it was not for self-promotion but to place rather link than a long comment. And if I can recall, these were links to something about Thiem (I thought some of you are/were interested). Or, at least at the start of my blog, I have published there articles about Federer.

    Should you have complained only once, I would immediately stop it.

    Why didn’t you tell me before, it’s self-promotion and you don’t want them?

    Now, just when I wanted to help your users, claiming they would like to see full matches but they could not, you take it as self-promotion.

    @Armstrong says, to comment here is a privilege, not a right. That’s real circus. May I read Jonathan’s articles without asking if he grants me THE PRIVILEGE to read? Are you here a closed elite club? Let people have passports or pay per view.

    I hate privileges. My blog is made for fun. And for usefulness for those, who are interested. I would maintain the blog even if nobody would come there. For myself. To be able to recall memorable moments, to watch old matches, because I’m recording all Thiem matches. I wanted to do the same with Federer matches. But there was not an interest and Federers matches are available in different corners of the Internet.

    That’s (hopefully) all I had to tell you.

    1. PRF, it is a privilege to be able to comment here because without Jonathan’s blog you (and we, his other readers) would not be able to participate in this discussion. No blog, no discussion. He is not required to provide a blog or even allow anyone to comment. It is not a right that any of us has. For that reason it would be more gracious of you to accept the opportunity given us without constantly whingeing, for whatever reason, that it doesn’t suit you. It has probably escaped your attention that you are the only one making these complaints, which never appear to cease. Your unrelenting self absorption does you no favours – and is disappointing to observe in a person of your life experience – and makes you no friends amongst other readers. A little gratitude and humility wouldn’t go amiss, if you wish not to be seen as a complete jerk.

  18. It seems the cup went to Switzerland, again. Maybe some description too of the deciding double, Jon? Would be happy about that (didn’t watch anything, hoping for highlights)

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