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Team Europe Lead 3-1 After Day 1 at the Laver Cup

The 2018 Laver Cup is underway and Europe will head into day 2 with a 3-1 lead after winning all three singles rubbers on Friday.

The day started with Dimitrov defeating Frances Tiafoe 6-1, 6-4, Kyle Edmund then took down Jack Sock 6-4, 5-7, 10-6, and David Goffin fought past Diego Schwartzman 6-4, 4-6, 11-9 before Sock returned with Kevin Anderson to pull one back against Roger and Djokovic 6-7, 6-3, 10-6 in the doubles.

I won't be doing the usual match reports but I'll do some quick recaps like this over the weekend. I wasn't able to watch the doubles live as it was on at 4 am but I'll certainly be watching Roger vs. Kyrgios later today. And I did watch some of the singles matches which had some pretty good points in them. Goffin against Schwartzman probably the pick of the bunch with Diego pulling off a ridiculous half-volley in the decider.

Djokovic Federer Doubles

Fed Djok Laver Cup Doubles

Rafa and Nole are very different players, a lot of changes, opponents were very different too. The excitement was similar for me, to team with someone of Nole's calibre was a treat. You learn a lot from these matches. When you play doubles it's different, it's like speaking a different language, using a different side of your brain. And in a match like today, you may go through games when you get no rhythm.

Having just watched some extended highlights of this one I thought both guys played pretty well. Both of them looked a little rusty for the format which isn't surprising and I'm guessing they only had a few hours on the practice court to gel pre-tournament. As you'd expect Djoker looked very solid from the back of the court and Fed hit some good volleys but a few little mistakes let them down.

They were also up against a huge server in Anderson and basically a doubles specialist in Sock which isn't easy and in a 10 point tiebreak it's a bit of a lottery so they can't have too many complaints. It looked like all four guys had fun too, Novak tagged Roger, then took one in the chest himself off a Sock forehand 😆

That's why we don't play doubles bro 😀

Stats from the Doubles

N. Djokovic / R. Federer  K. Anderson / J. Sock
Aces 4 8
Double Faults 2 0
First Serve % in 74% 74%
Win % on 1st Serve 79% 86%
Win % on 2nd Serve 42% 67%
Break Points Won 0 1
Receiving Points Won 13 22
Total Points Won 63 77

Federer and Djokovic Doubles Highlights

Have you guys watched any of the Laver Cup so far? Is anyone here attending? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Was all very good and they seem to have gotten past awkward and all the intereactions are interesting & fun!
      The court colour is better than last year but seems to be slow but I suppose they want some long rallies & good angles!

      Fed & his group do everything so well the promos, the practices, the pressers, photos, Laver Cup tweets & PR . Chicago looks fabulous as a backdrop and the teams are getting into it…black tie launch, good tennis and fun.

    2. Isn’t the court the exact same colour as last year?

      Most cities look nice when you look up, it’s what’s at eye level that’s the problem. Not seen anybody shooting up in the backdrop yet, fortunately.

  1. Chicago is getting into this and as an American I know they have an uphill climb in the singles matches but GO USA anyways.

  2. Thanks for the write-up Jonathan, perceptive as always. Are you watching the night-time matches live? – yawn.
    I love the Laver Cup and the two teams idea. Especially like the way the teams watch the players and support them. I’m going to watch all the day matches live and the evening ones in replay. Was happy to see DImitrov back in form although I rather like Tiafoe too. Amazon Prime is annoying with the adverts during changovers as It is interesting to watch and listen to these in this tournament. Borg seems to do his on-court coaching rather quietly, maybe by thought-transferrence? – nothing like McEnroe. I’m disappointed that we don’t get the same antics from The World team as last year but I suppose they are older this year. Now don’t kill me guys, but I am missing Nadal – he gave the tournament an extra frisson, unlike the Pale Djok, and am especially missing him playing doubles with Fed.
    Great atmosphere and great fun.
    Now back to the replays.

    1. I didn’t stay up for the doubles, was too late and didn’t fancy it. I’m interested, but not that interested 😀

      From what I’ve seen this year I’ve enjoyed it. I think Novak is a good addition. Although I assume he’s gonna be a bit tired after USO and Cincy.

  3. I think the tennis has been really good everyone playing hard to win.
    Just when I think I like Sock he goes and does something really infantile
    he’s making NK look like a grown up. Looks like Kevin Anderson is on
    a mission, hope Fed has a good match with NK and that he remembers
    he’s a tennis player and not an organiser (commentator said Roger had
    been working so hard all week off court)

    1. What did Sock do?

      Yeah I guess this time around is even more hard work involved to try and keep the interest / players happy. Especially with how fractured the game is at the moment with all these ideas – Pique, World Cup Tennis, more team events, another winner takes all thing I read about.

  4. Hey guys, I watched part of the Goffin match and then the doubles. I can only stream online with no sound. This year no coverage of the event here. Last year it was telecast. I love a good doubles match, fast and great shot making. This match seemed awkward with not a lot of chemistry between Roger and Djoker. You could feel the difference….Roger and Rafa was more dynamic. But it is nice to see the two together trying to be friends, lol. Go Team Europe!

    1. Does Amazon Prime not broadcast in your country Sue? It’s free for the first month (at least was last month) and £7.95 a month thereafter and as far as I know you can cancel after a month – at least that’s what The Man tells me.

      1. Perhaps it does but I’m too lazy to sign up for a couple of matches. On the tennis channel, which is only in US.

      2. Hi Sue FY I Laver Cup being shown in Canada on TVA (French). I don’t normally get that channel but I called my provider (Shaw) and they connected me. I have it for the weekend. Costing me 2 or 3$. The tennis has been really entertaining. The doubles match was a lot of fun and it is true (in my humble opinion) the chemistry isn’t quite as exciting or comfortable as the Roger/Rafa combo duo but good fun nonetheless. By the way your fan right up about the US OPen was great. I felt as tho I was walking through the whole adventure with you. I have always though I would like to go but now I’m thinking Indian Wells.

  5. Day 2 schedule just up! Fed is playing Kyrgios second match in the Day session. Gah!
    I don’t know if I’m strong enough to watch it live.

      1. Oh where was it? I’ve been watching the official site and it only showed that Fed was playing late afternoon. ?

  6. Thank you for the videos, Jonathan !
    Of course 🙂 I watch the Laver Cup. In France, Day 1 was broadcast on Be in Sports on an additional canal and there was absolutely no ad ! A real pleasure. I watched Dimitrov vs Tiafoe. Grigor was in great shape – a very nice match. The atmosphere was terrific with the black court, theblé & red lights and the support within each team for the office colleagues. All players seem so happy to cheer for their team and Fed so glad to organize all this for them, for us, the fans in the arena, at the Chicago fan zone and on TV.

    I then threw myself into the arms of Morpheus, had the alarm clock of my phone vibrate at 3:30 am to see Goffin win against Diego… and then enjoyed the doubles. Anderson’s serve and Sock’s mastery of the doubles made the difference but there were joyful hotshots on both sides. Fed was quite good at the net. I hope his Kyrgios match tonight will be as thrilling as last year to reward me for feeling like a zombie all that Saturday long…

    Go Team Europe ! Somebody on twitter found a nice hashtag for them :


    PS : look at this : incredible…

  7. 2018 despite being pretty ordinary season compared to the standards set by Roger, the below article is quite surprising.

    He will have off days on his forehand, first serve but never on second serve. As he quoted saying multiple times ‘You are only as good as your second serve’

    What the article also reveals is he dealt with pressure situations better but the killer blows needed at right time are what cost him important matches at Indian Wells, Halle, Wimbledon and even US Open.

  8. Roger with an easy one over NK.
    I think NK is not the best test to Roger’s form, as he’s not fighting over points and lets Roger play his game.
    However, I’m incouraged about Roger’s game. Very clean, few cheap UEs, razor sharp winners on the forehand wing and some crisp volleys.
    Some vintage Roger points and overall an intertaning match.

    1. It was fun (and a relief) to see Fed play so well in his match against Nick. I think Fed, in this form, could beat just about anyone, and imagine that his teammates were just as happy they weren’t on the other side of the net today.

  9. I know fed pulled off the win quite comfortably against Kyrgios but what’s up with the extended slicing? I wonder if he used it as a one off tactic against Kyrgios because this is slice game won’t cut it against Mile/ Rafa. I want the Neo backhand back

  10. NK is pathetic. Doesn’t put any effort into the match, and keeps arguing with the umpire over an obviously tight call. Maybe darned thing was planned to make Serena look good.

      1. But in the case of an early (not ‘just’ incorrect) call, isn’t that what invokes the replay of the point?

  11. I’m in Chicago watching all the matches. Roger was so so in the doubles (probably rusty and getting used to the new partner), but played really awesome tennis against Nick. Hope he can keep that up against Kevin tomorrow and get some revenge for the painful Wimby loss. Surprised to see Djokovic lose against Kevin, but Kevin did play some inspired tennis to pull that off. I assume that he will be paired against Nick tomorrow. Thanks to Roger, I’m rooting for Europe though I’m born in India and spent most of my life in the US :).

      1. Venue is really good and the view is really good all around. Sucks that they confiscate even empty water bottles and force everyone to buy all food and drinks inside. 12.50 for a beer 🙁

    1. How neat that you’re able to be there Ganesh! I thought prices overall were outrageous when I looked, back when tix first came out.

  12. As an event, it’s awesome. Pretty much everything from its concept to the organization, impressed by the PR particularly the social media. Fun seeing some video crips or gifs of the shots or players’ reactions at the benches. The photos look fantastic with the black court. The greatest thing about of all is the fact that I can watch Fed without emotional turmoil 😆 Hope he plays like vs NK for the rest of the season. I don’t think this Fedole, Djokerer whatever called looks so awkward, at least from Fed side. Though not like that I shamefully momentally fallen love with Fedal last year.
    Thanks for the write-up, Jonathan. I didn’t even realize the chat was open, too!

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