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Switzerland Win Maiden Davis Cup Title in Lille

Another trophy for the Federer cabinet here as he helped Team Switzerland win their first ever Davis Cup trophy at the Stade Pierre-Mauroy in Lille. With Stan playing lights out in his win against Tsonga on Friday and Fedrinka cruising the doubles yesterday that gave Roger a chance to put the tie to bed in the fourth rubber and he delivered emphatically.

In fact he was like a different player than the tentative one we saw on Friday against Monfils and he dominated from the word go which alleviated any fears the Swiss fans had regarding the back injury sustained in London. Everything clicked into place for him and his movement looked back to the level that has seen him win 5 titles in 2014.

Federer Backhand vs Gasquet

Gasquet on the other hand, playing as a last minute to replacement for Tsonga was never in the match, constantly trapped behind the baseline and always playing from defensive positions which suits Roger down to a tee. The Frenchman looked flat in yesterday’s doubles and although he made a solid start in the opening set he was soon down a break and never really got a foothold from that moment on. The second set was an absolute clinic from Fed who broke twice to take it 6-2 and although Gasquet fought hard in the third set he still couldn’t muster a break point and Roger sealed the deal with a backhand dropshot winner before slumping to his knees in celebration.

Overall just an impressive team performance from the Swiss who get to take home the Davis Cup trophy for the first time in their history. It all started back in February in Novi Sad, Serbia where Roger made a last minute decision to play and that was followed with wins against Kazakhstan and Italy en route to the final against 9 time champions France. It didn’t look overly promising for Fed after he got dispatched by Monfils in straight sets on Friday but his decision to play the singles and doubles paid off immensely as by the time the fourth rubber came around he had more confidence in his back and more familiarity with the surface. Smart work from whoever pushed for that decision to be made and I think that combined with Stan playing the brand of tennis that won him the Australian Open was the reason the Swiss leave Lille as champions.

Swiss DC Win

A lot of credit for the win has to go to Stan the man really as he played a very clutch match vs. Tsonga on Friday to give the team something to build on. When Wawrinka is hitting the ball like he can then he is one of the most destructive forces in Tennis. Of course he doesn’t have the touch or finesse of someone like Fed but his raw power off both wings is too much for anyone to handle. He also played a key role in the doubles victory and combined peRFectly with Fed to really blow Benneteau and Gasquet off court.

Next stop for Federer in terms of competitive tennis is Brisbane in January and he ends his 2014 campaign as the oldest year-end number 2 since 1973. The win vs. Gasquet was his 73rd win in 85 matches this season and he’s taken home 5 titles from 11 finals. A pretty good year and once he has the IPTL out the way I’m sure he will be finding a place in the Sun for a few weeks before returning to Switzerland for an exhbition match vs. Stan in Zurich in late December.


Editor of Perfect Tennis and a big fan of Roger Federer, I've spent countless hours watching and analysing his matches. Alongside playing the sport, I also enjoy writing about the tour, rackets, strings, and the technicalities of the game. Whether it's breaking down the latest tournament results or discussing the latest gear innovations, I'm always eager to share my insights with fellow tennis enthusiasts.

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    1. LOL, this is how you end the year πŸ˜‰
      Soooo happy for Swiss team and of course for Roger. Hands down the great year for him for sure. πŸ™‚

      1. Take that, Alex! You may be the GOAT first commenter, but Phantom holds the all important Davis Cup πŸ™‚

      2. Ha ha Sid πŸ˜€ That’s right! But Davis Cup is not about individual achievements, is it?? :p :p How many players would tread their DC trophies for one week at the top?? πŸ˜‰

        Anyway, I’ll work harder next year! If Roger did it at 33 then everything is possible πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    2. Congrats, Phantom.
      Are you the same person that wrote that wonderful post about BAsel and getting to see Federer ?

      1. I remember during the tie against KazakhSTAN, I was thinking to myself “these Swiss guys aren’t going to win DC”. But Stan saved his best for last.

  1. Nice way to cap off 2014 season after pulling out of WTF, hope for better things to come in 2015 kicking off at Brisbane. Its going to be quiet 5-6 weeks. Vacation time for everyone

  2. Fabulous match from the champ – actually felt sorry for Reechard in the end.

    So that’s the DC box ticked and we should hear no more from the Nadalites about the ‘gap’ in his resume.

    Did they actually boo Tsonga! That was f***ing mean!

    I’m so happy for Federer, Stan, Seve and the Swiss team, and for us Fed fans. Big smiles πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. It’s far from over. Some Nadaltard mentioned that Roger has won more points this year at Davis Cup, than at a Slam, and blamed the points system.

      These fucktards really know their stuff. You almost have to respect that. Almost.


      1. Well they’re all a bunch of moaning tossers – that’s why they fit right into the Nadal camp.

  3. If only Mirka had been so involved over the last decade, Roger could’ve won many more Davis Cup titles ;

  4. Hope Stan is not disappointed that he wasn’t allowed the last ‘win’. Without his great first match against Tsonga, and stellar game in the doubles, it may well have been a different scoreline.

    PS: It seemed that Stan forgot the words to the anthem!

    1. He’s from the French-speaking part of Switzerland. I don’t think many of them know the words to the anthem πŸ™‚

      1. You mean they don’t have a version in each language?! Suppose not: probably the French intonation would be the opposite to the German.

        Delighted for Team Suisse, and particularly great congrats to Stan.

  5. I bet Stan was glad he didn’t have to play Monfils. One thing, although I agree a lot of the credit this weekend must go to Stan, I’m not sure Switzerland would have even been in the final if it had been down to his previous, somewhat flaky, performances. It’s largely Roger that pulled them through to this point. So all in all a great team effort.

    I’m so happy to see Roger moving freely about the court again with no signs of back trouble. A good rest now and 2015 might be another good year for him. I’m looking forward to it anyway.

    PS. What on earth am I going to do for the next month πŸ™

    1. Yeah Fed got the job done vs Biggest exporters of Potassium in the earlier round and Stan turned up the heat for the final.

      Be interesting to see if his back is good to go, I reckon he had cortisone though tbh.

  6. How could I miss the new post twit from you? I didn’t expect DC post if any, so soon but hey thanks for the write-up, Jonathan.

    Fantastic for the Swiss boys and was lovely to see how much the Cup meant to them including Fed himself. Although as soon as hearing Fed’s match would be against Richard I thought France was doomed, it was still quite an emotional afternoon. Glad to see no sign of bad back and was a joy watching him back in such strong form. Great to end the year, giving us fed fans loads of hope for 2015!

    Hope your next stop won’t be Brisbane, Jonathan? Got to keep us tennis-minded πŸ˜‰

    1. I wasn’t going to bother but I had a spare 30 minutes πŸ™‚

      Sure there will be some posts from now until the New Year. Sid has at least 2 he has promised to write!

    2. There is still his trip to India, his exhibition with STan the MAn back in Switzerland around Christmas, and his training block / stage with Goffin and Dolgopolov in Dubai btween the 27th december and 2d of january in Dubai in preparation of Brisbane and the AO 2015.
      Lots of things to write about, I guess, Wanda.

  7. great v for Sw.

    this can give both Stan and Fed a boost of energy and motivation for next year (like Djoko or Verdasco had, each at his own time);

    now, I hope Federer will manage his time wisely. I think one of the keys to his success this year was a very thorough preparation with no time wasted on charity \ exhibition matches.

    oooooyyy, it’s gonna be so dull till AO comes around…

    1. I doubt this really effects Roger hugely who has already accumulated so much in his career already. Djoker or Verdasco on the other hand really achieved success after their DC wins. Think this definitely gives Stan the chance though to gain more confidence to defend his AO.

  8. Sooo pleased to see Fed back to moving freely – what a way to end the year – Well done to the whole of the Swiss team – so nice that Severin got his reward for always being there for Fed and Stan played some wonderful tennis – hope they have a wonderful party tonight they all deserve it

  9. l must admit….tears in my eyes when Roger closed out the match.Even though he downplays the importance of this to him, his tears say it all.
    Happy for Roger, Stan and the whole team. Marco seems like a nice and fun guy.
    Roger played a great match today. Still thinking he got a cortisone shot to get through the weekend.

    Was anyone at the even? Would love to hear about it.

    Hoping Roger skips the event in India. He needs a break.

    What a great year as a Fed fan!

    1. Yeah I would think some form of pain killing injection was likely. Rest and recoup now for the Swiss. Will probably play India though, it’s only 1 set.

      1. You reckon he had an injection? Not having seen any of the matches, I can’t be sure, but my theory in retrospect is that his back had largely recovered and they made a deliberate decision to put him in the first match, win or lose, more to get him the on-court practice and to get his body moving properly. It didn’t look from that “pirouetted” volley in the doubles – which is all I’ve seen – as though he was suffering any back problems at all by then.

  10. Huge congratulations to the Swiss! What a performance and what a year Roger has had. Another box is being ticked off and it is extremely hard now to find any unticked ones. Agree with Wanda, this season is now trully over, with a bang from Roger. We’ve got so much good memories to cherish and so much to look forward to for 2015.
    A special ‘thank you’ goes to Jonathan, who has given us, Fedfans, a ‘home’ to share our feelings, exchange opinions and feel good about being fedfans – peRFect!

  11. Can’t believe I missed yr post!! Claiming last place as still celebrating this historic win!! Exhibition match today! Hvnt seen him play that well on clay since 2011. Gasquet hadn’t a clue tactically, and neither did Clement who had clearly spent more time doing his hair…Fed just served immaculately throughout! Great to see both he and Stan playing so well when it mattered. Sets them both up for the Oz Open! Can’t wait! Been a great yr for Fedfans, Stanfans and Swissfans! SHBH rules ok!!

    1. His hair looked good though right?

      Clement was annoying, especially when he kicked off with Anne Keothavong after a line call for zero reason.

      As for Gasquet, never one for the big occasion and showed it here again. Couple that with his terrible form all year and hardly a winning recipe.

  12. Oh and an even better yr for perfect-tennis fans with all Feds success altho Jonathan has had to work overtime with all Rogers success! Gunning for 7 titles next yr!!! Enjoy yr break Jon!! And thank you !!

      1. And we appreciate it!! God I hv drunk too much already!! So so happy about today! The French got it so wrong!
        I wld hv played Benny/ERV for the dubs and Simon for the singles v Roger! Gasquet had no place in my team at all! Totally off form this yr!

      2. Gasquet is world number 26. I think Simon will be a higher rank actually. Surprised they didn’t play him instead.

        Seems like a lot went on behind closed doors with the French. Always the case with them though, politics and tantrums left right and centre. Probably a nightmare to manage that team.

        All the focus was on Fed and Stan arguing in London but they were the chilled ones in the end. Kinda worked in their favour with what how French media tried to use it as leverage.

      3. For which you have our grateful thanks, I’m sure πŸ™‚

        I really don’t understand the French selection at all, though. Think I’d have gone for Tsonga, Monfils, Benneteau/Roger-Vasselin, myself, or possibly Simon in there somewhere, and left Gasquet out, since his form has been so poor recently. Then Benneteau could have been the backup singles player, because we know he causes Fed more problems than Gasquet. I knew Tsonga was out injured, but was surprised when I got in to find that it was Richard playing: I was pretty much sure they’d handed the tie to the Swiss. It was a bit of a letdown, actually: I’d expected a bit more of a fight, possibly going to a fifth rubber.

  13. I believe Roger is playing an exho with Stan Dec 21 in Zurich for his foundation. Off to Dubai after that? Oh wait, more diamond shopping for Christmas.

    A huge thank to Jonathan for all the Goat posts this year! Sorry, Jonathan, screwed up the above photos.
    Are you planning any more posts this year? I feel tennis withdrawals coming.

    1. Yeah 21st Dec, But IPTL first which I think is first week in Dec?

      Probably some posts will crop up I think, not got any plans for any yet though. Other than one for early January.

  14. Great win for Team Suisse. It was looking like a disaster last week Sunday but they had other plans.
    Allez πŸ˜€

  15. They said he didn’t have a French Open. He won Roland Garros.

    They said he didn’t have an Olympics medal. He won TWO – one in singles, and another in doubles.

    They said he is 33, and done. He ended that year with the most wins on the ATP World Tour.

    And then they said, he doesn’t have a Davis Cup…

    The #legend of Roger Federer will be told and retold in the years to come. Savour him. Cherish him. For there will be only ONE epitome of peRFection.


    That said, *huge* props to Stan Wawrinka for the timely return to form. You unsung hero you… And a “job very well done!” to all of Team Switzerland.
    #dubbed from Karthik Swaminathan
    Fantastic piece

    1. But he still has a 10-23 H2H vs Rrrrraaaaaafa! Number don’t lie, Utch. The truth hurts, doesn’t it?

      1. I’ve seen comments from this Karthik guy. He almost always gets in the first comment on ATPWorldTour.com. He is a huge Federer fan. His comments are good no doubt, and fairly neutral, but full of cliches (as you can tell).

        I think Utch is going way over the top with the “fantastic piece” comment. A lot of commenters here at PeRFect tennis are better than that guy πŸ™‚

    2. “They said he didn’t have an Olympics medal. He won TWO – one in singles, and another in doubles.” Karthik/Utch

      Are we now putting Roger’s silver medal in the singles up against Nadal’s (or Murray’s?) gold? Not quite the same, is it?

      1. Nopes, not the same in any way. When they said he didn’t have an Olympic medal, they clearly implied a singles gold.

      2. Olympic medals in tennis are the first thing to get auctioned off if a player falls into financial difficulties in later life. That’s shows how much meaningful they are πŸ˜†

        Tennis should be removed from the Olympics IMO but clearly won’t be, Golf is now on the agenda too, what a joke.

      3. Agassi won a gold in ’96. I don’t think anyone seriously suggests that makes him a superior player to “14 Slams” Pete. Suck that up Rafa fans.

      4. People just talk about Roger’s 17 slams and say that if Nadal equals or overtakes him, he would be the GOAT. I don’t think so. Rod Laver has two slams fewer than Sampras, and is decidedly way better than him. In Rod’s own words. Roger simply has a “more complete body of work”.

        For example, nobody gives a single good reason as to why Roger’s six WTF’s have no weight.

      5. To be fair to Pete and Laver, each player has to be seen in the context of their era. The ’60’s were nowhere near as tough as the ’90’s (and I remember both !) . However, the general observation still stands, that it is a “complete body of work” that is a better measure of all-round achievement. 9 French Opens is a decidedly lop-sided resume.

  16. And Fed playing Stan in an exho in Switzerland in Dec!
    Watch the presser, it’s hilarious! Fed clearly a cheap date, gets giggly after one glass! Stan, looks like he cld drink you under the table!! Takes over the press conference!!

    1. Look, if you’re going to talk about a Roger Federer presser that was so hilarious that you would ROFL, and you don’t post a link to it, then you’re selfish, and you suck! πŸ™‚

    2. With the amount of first round losses Stan had over the last few months I’m pretty sure he will have upped his resistance to alcohol.

      Fed should get smashed. Alcohol is a relaxant, good for his back πŸ˜†

      1. The Bryan’s may be blood brothers. But Roger and Stan are the original blood brothers. πŸ™‚

  17. So, in that video Jonathan embedded, Roger completely diminished the Davis cup. He went, “I’ve won enough in my career and I don’t need this…”. To be honest, that came off as condescending.

    And, “This one is for the boys”. The Davis cup really didn’t mean much to him anyways. The fans and media kept making a big deal out of it.

    1. Oh Sid, it might be understood as you say, and any troll will do so πŸ™‚ – My opinion: “The Boys’ “, and the team’s winning championship means a lot to Roger. More than an extra trophy for him personally. As you might know his emotions were overwhelming him at the win. Would not let the boys down after the Monfils loss. He likes companionship and he cares a lot for his friends.

    2. I don’t think it was condescending even though it could be interpreted that way. I think Fed is just aware of the route the media were trying to go down ie that everything is about him and the rest of the team are just passengers. He pretty much blocked the interviewer from that line of questioning with that comment.

      1. And that’s exactly what he did, killed the interviewer from making a big deal out of it. Poor choice of words though when he said, “I’ve won enough in my career…”.

    3. Either way, I’m delighted for Fed. He’s had a pretty shitty week, so I’m glad he was able to top it off with something good.

    4. I agree with Jonathan here, every time he’s been questioned about DC it’s all about adding it to list of achievements. He was trying to defer the attention. Also, it’s pretty obvious that DC doesn’t have the same status at once used to and maybe that also came out in that comment. Which I kind of agree about, Davis Cup system needs to be revamped urgently.

      1. Don’t feel to bad for him though. He is doing great, and has assumed demagogue status of various Nadal blogs, and I’m sure he is loved by them for his comments. Probably. πŸ™‚

  18. Lol Sid, H2H is BS for me.
    No time to think about that now. I have started preparing Fed’s calendar for next year πŸ˜‰
    Now, to take a glass of something to celebrate.
    Thanks Jonathan for the ride this year…have to prepare to go into hibernation since tennis is over πŸ™ , will miss you.
    Do you guys think Federer will at least show us a pic of his twin boys now?
    Please someone link the press conf, i saw a pic where Fed and Luthi were giggling like mad, that looked like more than a glass of champagne at work.

    1. I don’t think Fed is giving the press much time in the off season at all.

      No doubt some creep with a camera will take one when they’re holidaying or whatever.

      I can find you a picture of another set of 6 month old twins though if you would like. Because that’s exactly what they will look like πŸ˜€

      1. That reminds me: just before the WTF, there was some spoof-y German-language guide to all the singles participants, their achievements and so on. According to it, Roger’s greatest achievement of 2014 was managing to make sure that no photo of Leo and Lenny made it onto the Internet πŸ™‚

  19. Hey guys, Andy tweeted this on his official Twitter. Is this a dig at Roger??

    “Federer struggled on Friday and was fantastic today hence a lot can change in a couple of days, please relax fedfans”

    “Amazing how long a couple of days is in sport…”

    Well… If Muzza was having a dig at Roger…. don’t worry dude, wait until the press hounds you with the question “Will you ever win DC”?? πŸ™‚

    1. Clearly, these were not so subtle digs at Roger. Didn’t he also tweet something on the lines of, “Sorry Roger, I pushed you so hard on Thursday…”, or something like that? Evidently, a bagel and a breadstick weren’t enough for him.

      1. Nah Sid, that was Andy being funny. The dude can be quite funny.
        But I agree… his 2 other tweets (I mentioned) are not so subtle digs…

      2. The, “Sorry Roger…” tweet was very funny. And I get that. The ones he made after Roger’s DC cup win were not. They were digs.

    2. Who cares what Murray tweets πŸ™‚ I think now his Mama is not dancing on TV she should take control back of Twitter and post on his behalf. Get the sponsors interested again seen as though she will alleviate any fears they have of him causing a PR disaster.

  20. Couldn’t get any better than this. We have the Davis Cup in the house πŸ™‚ great way to end the season and the stupid controversy raised by media.
    You are right Jonathan that Stan was the reason that Swiss won their maiden Davis Cup, at least looking at the finals result. But that’s what Roger wanted the kind of the support from his country-mate, his team. Kudos to Swiss team.
    Other note, I am tired of trolls who now talking about Fed missing Olympic Gold medal. I mean what about Miami, Shanghai, Paris masters and WTF??? Who is missing those important titles LOL, bloody hell !

    1. It’s all bitterness, even if Roger had literally everything, the two missing masters (Monte Carlo, Rome) and the Olympic Gold, they would still fall back on the negative h2h; that’s not going to be corrected, even if it’s clay lop-sided. It’s simple, they think Nadal’s the greatest and no logic or reason will sway them. Best ignored.

    2. Tennis and the Olympics are a joke anyway, most pros know full well that it shouldn’t be part of the Olympic program, but with sponsorships and their PR to think about then there is no way they can risk the fall out from saying so πŸ™‚

  21. As I’ve said many times, Roger is the most criticised player ever in the tennis world. It doesn’t matter what he accomplishes, it’s never good enough for the critics. He could beat God in a 5th set tie-break but hey he missed a back hand volley in the 2nd set. I find it quite amusing.

    This was a team event. Roger couldn’t have done it without Stan and Stan without Roger. And the rest of the team were great support throughout.

    I’m really enjoying this win. Feel so happy for the Swiss.

    Was anyone at the event?

    1. I would have been had I been able to get tickets. Went out of my way to try find them but to no avail. Was a joke system so who knows where they all went and I wasn’t really up for paying Β£1k to see Fed get ass whooped by Monfils in three sets.

      Was full of BNP Paribas Corporates / Financial Terrorists I think judging by the crowd.

  22. Read the post earlier Jonathan but was too happy for Fed and the Swiss Team to do anything. On the eve of a birthday celebration for me I am so over the moon Jonathan. The best gift ever. SSSSoooooo happy for the team. I like the part of the team celebrating in front of the biggest Davis cup audience ever!!!!!!! Yessss.

    Thank you for all your Reviews Jonathan and as one fan wrote earlier for creating this site for Fed Fans to celebrate and laugh and cry together. Looking forward to next year. Enjoy your time off. Loving all posters.

  23. Did anyone notice the difference in Roger’s serving motion ?
    When Roger was stooping on his left leg to bounce the ball, the left leg was NOT straight.
    Roger was bending the left knee.
    Usually Roger keeps the left leg so straight that the knee pulls in.

      1. Interesting. I never thought about it. But yes, he has the left knee straightened, almost hyper-extended, when he serves. I’ll have to watch the highlights to see if he was doing it consistently.

        Another thing that is very peculiar about Roger is that that very deep forward lean, and he doesn’t have that “rock back and rock forward” motion on his left foot and heel. The foot remains almost planted to the court. I feel it eliminates any extraneous movement.

      2. Interesting comparison. I didn’t notice it. Does surface have anything to do with it?

        Only thing I saw was he didn’t bend over on the return like usual, was upright.

    1. I noticed it also and he did it consistently during the match. I donΒ΄t know if it provides less strain on the back. Any fysioΒ΄s who can give an insight about that? πŸ™‚

  24. Great write up J, wouldn’t be a victory without your post! Well I certainly adopted Swiss nationality for the past 3 days for sure, so emotional to watch Team Suisse come together and bring it home. You really nailed it when you said that it was a complete turnaround from Roger since Friday, absolutely dominant display (I can’t lie as I was a little disappointed that we never got to see Wawrinka/Monfils). So did Fed’s spasm pass, and it was all about shaking off rust and getting accustomed to the surface? One thing is for certain, I do believe that Roger put DC above WTF which is quite surprising but when you saw the emotion that surfaced, I don’t blame him I guess.

    Seen the media twisting the win to be all about Roger which is unfortunate, tennis in this day and age is so focused on individual achievements that the team effect and glory DC once boasted seems to have vanished. Stan held the team together through Roger’s uncertainty and grew in confidence to set up the events that transpired under Luthi’s guidance. I thought Rog’s words were so beautiful that he did what he did for them and not for him, said perfectly. However, IMO, Roger should be thrilled personally to end the year like this after missing out on Wimbledon and WTF.

    French team were shocking in organisation the past few days. Probably were counting on Fed’s injury to get them to the win they didn’t have a Plan B. Not sure what Clement was thinking putting Gasquet on the team, probably had a better shot with Simon who troubles both Stan and Roger. French crowd logic saw them booing Jo but cheering a Black Eyed Peas song?

    No doubt the peRFect ending to 2014 for Roger and it would seem thankfully that the back is no longer a threat for the time being. It will be interesting to see how this influences Stan moreso than Roger in the Australian Open next year. If he keeps playing at that level, could definitely ruffle a few feathers. Bring on 2015!

    1. Very well said, Alysha πŸ™‚ . On the French team, it could work in theory with Jo and Gael each winning one single + the double but Clement could not predict what it could happen to Jo and the outcome of the double! In particular, Clement perhaps underestimated the GOAT – what a turn-around from Friday to Saturday & Sunday from the All Mighty! I can echo what Andy said – the two days in tennis is a long time πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ .

    2. I don’t think he put DC above WTF. Federer is always honest: it was clear that on Sunday he could barely move, certainly not enough to play a match with anyone. I’ve never had a back spasm, nor do I know how long they last, or whether it was something else, but he did say that the medical team had worked miracles. And I think you’re right, he must have felt OK and wanted to test the back, probably knowing that he would lose, but v. confident in Stan’s abilities to get the win against Tsonga.
      It’s going to be quiet for the next month or so but I hope you enjoy the holidays, and I shall look forward to Jonathan’s poss in the New Year.

    3. “French crowd logic saw them booing Jo but cheering a Black Eyed Peas song?”

      Hahah πŸ˜† poor Tsonga, although I think he did slate the crowd after losing to Stan. They are all so hormonal πŸ˜€

      Davis Cup needs a shakeup really to make it more exciting and get the best players playing it consistently. Maybe like a once every 4 year thing over a shorter time frame. But not sure how it would work…

  25. Great WIN for Roger, so happy for him. This was my first match I was overwhelmed by a win for other player than Nadal. To be honest, he deserve it. On another note, I don’t think Roger’s DC win has added something to his legacy. His legacy is almost completed, and DC is an icing on the cake. Its always nice feeling you win for your country.
    well done

      1. The H2H Jonathan, the 10-23 H2H. Roger has to beat Nadal at least 14 times. All those things that Roger has done, that endless list that we can’t stop talking about, all that doesn’t matter. It’s the H2H which is the most important factor of all, as it shows you if one player is better than the other. Too bad!

      2. Who said so?!!! your assumptions about what I meant of “almost complete” is totally wrong.
        Maybe my expression has failed me when I said β€œalmost” and it has been interpreted as he has still has something to prove, then I draw that word (excuse the phrases I used sometimes as English is not my mother language). What I wanted to say when I said β€œalmost”, nobody is perfect in this life, however, Roger has all the elements to be β€œalmost” perfect in tennis. DC would not add that much to his legacy, and he already has proven he is the best in his era, that’s all.
        So, relax guys, β€œalmost” is not a big deal πŸ˜‰
        And Sid, H2H has nothing to do with this, I never believed in H2H, and won’t changed my mind that Roger is the best in his era (as I never believed in GOAT thingy. For me, Nadal is the one I love to watch and follow (in tennis perspective, so don’t mix it up again).

  26. Also, does anyone think Fed keeps his commitment to Davis Cup now? Will he play a match here and there for obligations or will he be fully dedicated to try and defend next year?

    1. Belgium is their first match next year, guess it will depend how he’s feeling. Would be interesting to try and defend it but I think he should focus on Slams and M1000. So should Stan.

      1. Glad Fed got this whole Davis cup thing out of the way (it was indeed a checkbox, although Fed said it wasn’t). As you said, his focus should be on the slams, and M1000s. I guess the next team or country event that Fed should expend his energy on is the 2016 olympics.

        I definitely think he should just rest until Brisbane / Aus open, this ITPL thing is total trash.

      2. Hey Sridhar, lets not kidd ourself…. knowing Roger…. he will definitely play ITPL. (What is up with him? The dude just cannot say no).
        Hope he won’t play it and makes the wise decision to cancel it. Or hope that Seve (or/and Mirka) can get through to him and tell him to cancel it, but…. I think he will play it….

  27. Did anyone notice, while Fed was serving for the match at match point, he got emotional and almost broke down in tears just before the serve for the final point? It was such a joy to see his emotion like that after a long time.

      1. Hey Gang and Utch, did you read the question where Stan was asked if he got a text from Mirka congratulating him?? (Why did the reporter ask it in the first place…..).
        But I wish Stan would have answered it with “no” and then that Roger would have said “I didn’t get one either from Stan’s wife” πŸ™‚

        Ps: We all know Mirka’s name, but does anyone here know Stan’s wife first name?? πŸ™‚

      2. I don’t intend to gossip but I think Stan’s the other half is called Lisa. I wish that Mirka calls Stan up and offer him congratulations in private. She has got such a classy husband and should do something in private to match that. After all, Stan is four years younger and looks Roger up as the ‘boss’ πŸ™‚ . Then this whole media saga will be forgotten. πŸ™‚ .

  28. Think I got my post WTF wishes as RF finished the year shining so brightly, his back withstood a couple of big tests and he had the opportunity to be playing in great matches amongst his friends in a team event in a stadium of fans and admirers, which the French are too. Stan also ended the year on the high point he started on so all is good it seems.

    Got to hand it to the French they put on quite an impressive event despite the initial reservations about the big cold stadium and claggy clay and so forth. Their big plans sort of backfired and Gael and Tsonga seemed very downcast but if the erratic La Monf is your only winner, the strategy must have been flawed.

    The Davis Cup is really a stunning trophy and Rogers involvement and the high standard of play the Swiss showed, has really lifted people’s interest in this event The doubles match was excellent again showing fans how enjoyable this can be, it was so exciting seeing Stan’s strength and Roger becoming so confident as he played away his niggles and their synergy, synchronicity and shotmaking was balletic and breathtakingly successful. Yes JMac, doubles as showcased so skilfully by Stan and Roger are still relevant in the modern game. Also notable was how these team mates and friends rose above JMac’s troublesome meddling and ill timed gossip, to delight and entertain as they played united for their country.

    It was a really grand and fitting finale to a very good year for these worthy champions and Tennis in general. The record breaking crowd, the atmosphere, bells and costumes, flags, fireworks, pomp and ceremony really added to the events gravitas and the place of Davis Cup in tennis history. The French at least did not have to hand the silverware over to a team they do not respect, the French tennis President Gagasschian or however it’s spelt, was all over Stan too even though he must have felt deflated and I think Gilles was almost kissing Roger, in that charming Gallic way at one point, but certainly showing much affection as he hugged and whispered in his ear post match!!
    Roger Federer especially, adds a dimension to Tennis that is “unparalleled “as even Martina Navratilova noted in her congratulations today., and he is still delivering on his own terms, with more to look forward to in 2015.

    What a year it’s been and thanks to everyone on here and Jonathan in particular for providing this brilliant forum. Enjoy the break

    1. It was certainly a huge crowd and a decent atmosphere especially for the doubles. Haven’t heard much about the organisation as a whole other than a few people saying it didn’t run as smooth as it would have done elsewhere say if it was in Germany etc.

      RE JMac on doubles – I think this match proves him right, he said doubles is virtually dead because it is full of average players. Benneteau is an experienced doubles player who made the WTF, Fed and Stan haven’t played together in months, had lost their last few matches but did a decent warm up with the Bryans coach and blew them off the court. If they played it with any regularity they would beat any full time doubles pairings. So really doubles is just a weak version of the game that’s sponging off the singles tournaments.

      Agreed on the rest though πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks for setting me straight on the doubles just wanting too romanticise it all on a post match high I guess but it was very entertaining and made this event different. It provided a good contrast to the strangeness of this years WTF event – the team focus and singles/doubles format at year end was refreshing. We have all seen Novak be number 1 before and he deserves it, but we have never seen Roger, Stan and the Swiss win a Davis Cup….a very positive ending to the year for Tennis and a lovely mix of champions, history and a legend of the game showing us being 2 and 4 is right up there.. The celebrations in Switzerland are huge …….on that note
        Happy Birthday Maxi too!

  29. Thanks to all for the birthday wishes. I am having a great day and will be off from work starting tomorrow for a whole week hurrah hurrah. Sorry for the late response. Trying to catch up on all the articles on this Swiss win. This has been a great year guys for all of us. Thanks again Jonathan. Cheers.

  30. I don’t believe Roger’s back was as good as it seemed. He most definitely had some sort of injectable drugs to get him through. Not just the change of service motion but other things.
    Did you notice he did not bend over. Severin always bent down to get a new racket out the the bag. Roger would stand there and ask for a new racket. Also, he was struggling standing for so long, leaning against walls. Also, his ‘swayger walk” wasn’t the same. Nik-picky but just some things I noticed.

    The French players truly did seem happy for the Swiss at the end.

    1. Hey Sue, great really great comment. His back was Sunday much and much better, but it was not healed at all. Even I (and seriously guys, that says a lot !!!) could see he was not bending down to his knee. I don’t know how to say it exactly with using the right words, but he stood almost tall while serving. And Sue, I also noticed that Seve would bend over and take his racquet out of the bag. Roger would just stand there. When has he ever done that?? His back was not healed properly.

      And I also loved the fact that the French players were happy for Swiss. Especially Simon. Monfils thought he lost the opportunity to win for France and Jo Willy was just feeling too bad. I know he attacked the crowd for their support, but what did he except?? The crowd is there for them to cheer, NOT to help them win it.

      1. By the way Sue, when the French crowd were booing Roger when he would serve or when his 1st serve would not go well or when they would make him wait by yelling “Richard Richard”….. I thought that was soooo funny…. too funny πŸ™‚
        I thought to myself: “Who are you kidding French crowd?? THIS is the guy you came to see and after 2 days you will all have forgotten the French players and you will all be rooting for THIS Swiss player again, like you have done for years” πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

        Even Mats Wilander said afterwords that the reason almost 27.500 people were there and that there was a lot of interest for this DC was because of Roger πŸ™‚

        And seriously…. take a deep bow Richard Gasquet. Respect dude πŸ™‚ All French hope on your shoulders, playing a guy you know would beat you even when you play your best….. but still you stood there…. you WERE there and you fought seriously till the last point. Respect Richard… take a bow dude…. take a bow πŸ™‚

    2. I agree Sue, definitely not full fitness, the fact it was last match of the season and the occasion got him through along with whatever pain killing treatments he had.

  31. BTW, Roger is playing an exo match with Dimitrov at Madison Square Gardens NYC just before IW. That is when DC is on in Belgium.

    1. DC is at march 6th-8th.
      It ends two days before the exo at Madison Square Gardens NYC (which is at march 10th).
      Theoretically it is possible for Roger to participate in both events, but I doubt he will do that.
      Would be excellent for Belgium in my opinion.
      Switzerland better doens’t underestimate us in case Roger doesn’t participate at DC in march.

      1. Well, the francophone tennis community here in Belgium fancies its chances against the Swiss very much, but only if Roger doesn’t participate and if our own players are fit.
        A well playing David Goffin for instance will be dangerous, even for a player like Stanislas Wawrinka. Only Stan’s best level will do it against him.
        We also have our chances in doubles. Bemelmans for instance is a a natural doubles player with a powerful serve and good net play. He will certainly be selected for DC if he’s fit.

      2. And Steve Darcis, who beat Rafael Nadal in the first round of Wimbledon last year, can be dangerous as well if he plays at his best level.

      3. Goffin is good and improving, but he has what, 1 win against a top 10 or player? Might even be zero. So to say Stan needs to be at his best is a bit of an insult to Stan.

        Darcis was a flash in the pan.

      4. I answered your question by describing a bit the way the francophone tennis elite in Belgium looks at that encounter in march.
        My knowledge of tennis is not good enough to be able to judge it very well myself, and I certainly don’t have a cristal bal to know what will happen.
        Switzerland is favorite I guess based on the rankings of their players.
        Stan and David Goffin faced each other only once, back in 2011, at the ATP event of Chennai , where Stan prevailed in straight sets, but each time with a tie-break.
        Both will start their 2015 season at the 250 ATP event of Chennai in India again.
        Stan will be first seed, and David probably 4th seed (with Feliciano Lopez and Bautista Agut 2d and 3d seeds).
        Let’s wait and see how they both perform in that event.

  32. Sid, just for you.

    Federer – Nadal
    Slams: 17 – 14
    Weeks at No. 1: 302 – 141 (Fed’s more than double)
    Consecutive: 237 – 56 (more than 4 fricken years against barely 1)
    Tournaments won: 82 – 64 (Almost 30% more)
    Year end No. 1: 5 – 3
    Consecutive Slam Finals: 10 (and 8) – 5
    Slam Semis: 35 – 23
    Consecutive Slam Semis: 23 – 6
    Slam Quarters: 42 – 27
    Consecutive Slam Quarters: 36 – 11
    Consecutive Slam Appearances: 60 – Don’t have the number, but the guy can’t play 4 in a row
    Matches won: 997 – 700 (47% more, so Rafa has to win almost half of what he has won to catch that)
    WTF Titles: 6 – 0
    ATP Player of the year: 5 – 3
    ATP Fans Favorite: 12 – 0 (not even in his best years? Nope)
    ATP Sportsmanship Award: 10 – 1
    3 Slams per year: 3 – 1
    All Slam finals in a year: 3 – 0
    All Slam semis in a year: 4 – 1
    Grand Slam Match Wins: 274 – 187
    Season with +90 winning %: 3 – 1

    1. Hi Sue,

      Nice compilation. You can also add below statistics:

      Fed has won 10+ tournaments in Hard, clay and grass. (I don’t think anyone has done that)
      This one is great and unique – First player to win on blue clay πŸ™‚
      He has reached all slams finals minimum 5 times
      He has reached at least all the ATP1000, WTF, GS, DC, Olympic finals
      Hopman Cup (LOL)
      Roger won all his first 7 GS
      60+ match wins at all 4 Majors
      11 finals at a single tournament (Swiss Indoors)
      Ended 9 years ranked inside the top 2
      5 consecutive win in 2 different GS

      LOL you can add more and more πŸ™‚

      1. “This one is great and unique – First player to win on blue clay”

        Correction Phantom…..

        This one is great and unique – First AND PROBABLY THE ONLY player to win on blue clay πŸ™‚

        Remember? Goat on Blue clay, because some were about to ban the tournament if they did used that again πŸ™‚

  33. He is also doing a new one day format style tryout with Lleyton “An evening with friends” this time in Sydney in January before the AO.

    1. I’m glad I saw your post Katie. I got an email this afternoon promoting this event and stupidly deleted it before I even read the title, thinking it’s another junk mail. I googled and got tickets straight away. In a matter of only a few hours, all the good seats are gone!

  34. Hey guys, best thing about DC 2014 (next to winning it ofcourse) is the “Roger & Stan Bromance” πŸ™‚ Loved it πŸ™‚

  35. Thanks much Sid and Utch. It was really a great day. Very grateful for life and making it through another year. All is good. To top it off as I said before the Swiss team with Roger winning the Davis Cup after all the anxiety made the occasion a triple wow! I cannot read enough of the articles written myself. I am searching every nook and cranny for articles. Soooooooo happy. The haters will find something to criticize but for now guys its all for and about the Fed Fans celebrating a fantastic tennis year.

  36. Being gossipy but I believe I read Stan left his wife and daughter to focus on tennis a while back. From what I understand, they are back together. If that is true, you would think Stan would look Roger’s way and see it’s more than possible to do both.

    1. Mirka is a house wife, whilst Stan’s wife, a former model, has her own career as a presentator on some Swiss television channel. She can’t travel with him as much as Mirka does with Roger.
      So it’s not as easy for them as for Roger and Mirka.

      1. Uh…Mirka isn’t just a housewife. She does a lot more than manufacturing sets of twins. Some sort of GOAT WAG, if you will πŸ™‚

      2. You think it’s easy travelling the world with Roger when you have two sets of twins in tow? And Mirka of course was a decent tennis player herself (top 100) before injury stopped her career.

        But I know what you mean. Stan’s wife has to stick to a schedule rather than having an easier life. I thought I spotted her in the crowd at WTF. She always seems to sit alone, a bit aloof if you like. Never with the team. That’s when she attends which because of her career isn’t often. But we do see her from time to time.

    2. That was reported in the Swiss press at the time. Shortly after his daughter was born. He felt he only had a short time to succeed in tennis and wanted to focus 100% on that. According to reports he and Roger fell out over that, but the separation didn’t last long.

    3. Was not my intention to insult anybody. What I meant is what Rita expressed a bit better than myself: I think Mirka has a lot more freedom in her schedule and can therefore join Federer travelling overseas.
      Stan’s wife has more limited degrees of freedom, cuz she has to be in the television studio all the time (at least the way i perceive her job).

      1. Call it whatever you want, man.
        Got 4 kids myself, step-kids who lost there father 13 years ago because of a brain cancer.
        Assume I have to sacrifice more than Mirka does, but I prefer to call it love, not sacrifice.
        Anyways, why do I even react to you.

      2. Why are you hatin’ on Mirka for her presumed lifestyle with Roger? Mirka was a tennis player and her career was cut short by injury. I see people are jealous of her because makes enough money to provide for her and the kids. She is the one the who gave Roger the opportunity to get the endorsements that match his on the court success.

      3. I think Sid is old enough to defend himself, Karen. As far as I β€˜m concerned his last reply was uncalled for as I wrote that I didn’t mean to insult anybody by my first comment. So why does he feel the need to correct me again ?
        No offense meant (again), Karen, but I prioritize other values than making a lot of money in my life. I wouldn’t have married a refugee widow, left behind with not much more than her 4 diamonds of children, far away from home country and family, if money were that important to me. I don’t envy people that are rich, and I don’t think we need to overemphasize their β€œsacrifices”.
        And…I think Sid and myself might also differ on the issue of immigration and immigrants (Mexicans you know…), with respect for each other’s opinion.

      4. Get a grip, Wilfried. If Stan’s wife wasn’t as supportive as Roger’s wife, that’s could be because her career comes first.

        I’m not trying to insult you. I was simply suggesting that your logic is flawed.

        As far as amnesty is concerned, you are wrong…again. Go do some research. Businesses want them here so they can make more money. Illegals are a stress on everyone here. They drive up costs in many different ways.

        Healthcare costs go up because now we have to take care of treating those who are uninsured, effectively making someone like me pay more premium.

        The list is huge. What part of “illegal immigrant” do you consider legal? What about those who get an education, come here legally, and work hard. They are given temporary visas and if they don’t have any work, are forced to leave, while those who crossed the border, and produced babies, are welcome to stay.

        I’m not talking about immigrants, I’m talking about illegal immigrants. Big difference. These illegals, who will eventually become legal, will turn into a vote bank for Democrats. I’m a Democrat, and I do not like it one bit. Get your head straight man.

      5. Hahaha…maybe you ought to remember that at one time, it was the Americans who were the immigrants Sid and that in the mid 1830s the Mexican border was populated by American immigrants. ‘Mexican authorities blamed much of the Texian unrest on American immigrants, most of whom had made little effort to adapt to the Mexican culture’

        We Brits (or some of us) are the same: happy to have immigrants come over and do the shitty jobs when it suits, but when it becomes a problem? Let’s keep them out. And the Americans think the same way, forgetting of course that they snatched Texas away from the Mexicans in the first place. History has a way of coming back and biting us all in the ass.

      6. Well this escalated quickly πŸ™‚

        Slamdunk, the only people who are happy to see immigrants come over and do shitty jobs are big business owners and farmers who can pay less than minimum wage and keep a bigger slice of the pie. It makes perfect sense for them.

        If you’re a typical worker who’s seen their wages compressed and public services struggle to cope with the influx of migrants then you’re less than happy.

        Anyway, end of thread. Although I can make a post on the problem of open borders and EU membership for the UK if there’s demand? πŸ˜€

      7. I’m not an expert in legal and illegal immigration at all, Sid.
        What I know is that refugees whose asyl-request is to be approved here in Belgium, don’t have the slightest chance unless they flee from a country where war is devastating the society.
        And with all due respect for the US, Sid, I’m aware that we owe you people our freedom, but your current international politics are certainly creating more tensions and war then strictly necessary, whether it is in Syria, in Ucraine or even in the South Chinese sea, far from your own borders. Those politics worsen the flows of refugees and migration instead of calming them down here.
        Perhaps you should read some of the critical voices in your own country, like for instance the articles of Paul Craig Roberts on his website, to understand what I’m talking about. Dirty things are going on behind the scenes, that’s clear.
        I personally don’t have a problem with migration though, never had.
        In fact mainly blue-collar workers do have a problem here with the flows of new immigrants, because they feel their jobs threatened by the many immigrants (legal or illegal, it doesn’t matter much in that respect) who accept to work for lower salaries than the European natives. There is also enough historical evidence available, that it always has been a blue-collar worker problem in Western Europe.
        The illegal immigrants don’t have a direct impact on social security contribution here, only an indirect impact on the general tax level (which is very high here).

      8. I thought this time, I’ll have the last word here.

        Slamdunk, you don’t have to give me a history lesson. Those times were different. They were colonial times. This is the 21st century, and things have changed a lot. We have about 320 million people – not counting illegals, with a bunch of problems to deal with. Going back to comparing how we were immigrants once is getting a bit old now, and frankly, sounding very childish.

        This amnesty by executive power is nothing but a retaliation by the US President to the mid-term election loss, and a strategy to pave the way for a Clinton win in 2016. As a Democrat, I’m very aggrieved.

      9. Agree on farmers etc. Jonathan. But also remember that many immigrants work for public services, generally employed via agencies at barely minimum wage, as porters in hospitals, and caterers in schools for instance. Of course pressure is put on our services, but on the other side of the coin, our services would quite possibly collapse without them: chicken and egg situation perhaps. I reckon that half the hotels in London would collapse if they suddenly turfed all the immigrants out.

        And Sid, childish or not (and please don’t bully or patronise me), but what happened in the past has led to the problems we now have. OK, no solution to that, but you might have some sympathy for the immigrants seeking a better life for their families.

        As to the reasons for the amnesty – no doubt you’re right – but that’s hardly the fault of the immigrants is it? And as a Democrat, you voted him in. Would you rather have Bush back?!

      10. PS: We might also consider the shocking statistic that more than 3 billion people own less than 1% of the world’s wealth, and that 1% have more than the combined wealth of the bottom 95% – who are the villains? So let’s not make a scapegoat of immigrants – such an easy target. And in Britain at least, the latest news was that EU migrants pay Β£20 billion more in taxes than they receive in benefits (http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/c49043a8-6447-11e4-b219-00144feabdc0.html#axzz3KOtqPgAC).

      11. I know many people from the EU work in public sector jobs via agencies for less than minimum wage and that needs cutting out. That cheap labour is causing wage compression for people who have lived here since birth who haven’t seen their take home pay increase in the last 10 years or can’t compete in the job market because of that. What did we do before Blair opened it up? Were vegetables rotting in fields and buses driverless?

        Nobody is using them as scapegoats either, it’s all the fault of the British Government, not their own. I think the worst thing about the UK is as soon as you mention immigration it’s immediately oh you must be racist. Common sense goes out the window to stay PC. But if you have an open door how can that possibly be a good thing?

        I don’t think anyone was advocating retrospective law in terms of deporting people who are here legally currently so nothing would suffer. Going forward we need control of our borders in the UK as the EU is inevitably going to collapse and people will come here in waves.

        I’m all for immigration but it has to be controlled and non discriminatory, ours is currently the opposite; we let anyone in from the EU in regardless of whether they are going to work or not, but we refuse people from non EU countries like a Dr from India or an Engineer from the Commonwealth. Just daft but nobody is reporting on those sort of facts.

        When it’s uncontrolled its a recipe for disaster as all you get is unskilled workers and or criminals coming in to take advantage of the system. For every good Apple there’s 10 bad ones. That doesn’t add up. Westminster, media luvvies and champagne socialists are all for that of course but once you’re outside the M25 ring opinions change pretty rapidly. Australia has the right idea with a points based system.

        And of course the top 1% are the villains; any politician, banker, regulator etc are financial terrorists out to screw the man on the street over. They love mass immigration, it works very much in their favour.

        In terms of that FT article that Β£20 billion net gain is half of 1% of total tax revenues. So it’s a bit of a misleading headline. I wouldn’t take any mainstream newspaper article seriously in the UK, all on the payroll unfortunately.

        Anyway, should probably stick with Tennis I think πŸ˜€ only reason this debate started is because there’s nothing to watch πŸ˜†

        Has anyone watched any India Premier League??

      12. Agree with Jon. Slamdunk is confused. I, or nobody was bashing immigration. I’m all for it as immigrants made America. I’m completely against illegal immigration, and that’s who Obama has given temporary protection. It was done purely as a reaction to the mid-term election disaster, to garner more support from the Latino community, effectively sealing the 2016 election for Clinton.

        As a Democrat, I hope a Republican claims the White House in 2016, and brings the country more to the center.

      13. You made fair points Jonathan and I agree that we need some sort of curb – if nothing else we must see that this little country is getting close to bursting it’s seams.
        And you hope a Republican gets into the White House Sid, ‘and brings the country more to the center’ πŸ˜‰ all I can say is, good luck with that.

        I watched the first IPTL matches Jonathan and I have to say I really enjoyed it – fast, and fun. Shot clock worked a treat – Sharapova lost points – no surprise there. That’s why Nadal pulled out, he would have lost so many points he’d have been lucky to win a game. Muzza continues to be a loser – both mixed doubles (with Shara) and singles against Cilic. I’m almost starting to feel sorry for him. Indian Aces (Feds team) are top of the leader board ATM. Ana Ivanovic played a great match, against Hantuchova 6-0!

      14. Oh, I forgot M25 corridor – you can rule that out too – I’m at least 250 miles from Westminster!

      15. Wilfried, replying to your comment that was posted after a delay.

        You don’t have to make me read those articles. I understand every one of those things. We are talking about illegal immigration, so I’m not why you have to mix it up with US foreign policy. What’s that got to do with Mexico? Is there a war going on there? Are we responsible for creating a dangerous society there?

        I don’t have a problem with immigrats, as long as they do it legally, and don’t overstay their authorized stay, regardless of what jobs they do, or however low their wages.

        By the way, nobody in Europe or anywhere else owes their freedom to America (I’m assuming you mean the World Wars). If the Americans went to war, they had a deep self interest. It was a noble thing we did, no doubt. The idea behind it however was to make sure there isn’t a German controlled Europe that would eventually become a credible threat to the Americans. I’m not being patronizing, I’m being honest.

        Why not thank the Russians? They paid the heaviest price, and inflicted unbelievable damage to the Germans, that altered the course of the war.

      16. Sure we owe our freedom to you Americans, and we’ll never forget that. Without your invasion in France, Stalin and his generals never would have stopped in Berlin, and would have conquered the entire continental part of Western Europe.
        What’s worse: a communist dictatorship, or a nazi dictatorship ?

        Your critic on Obama’s amnesty measure surprised me honestly. If I recall correctly, Obama won his first presidential election in a landslide with crucial victories in red states like Iowa, Ohio, Virginia, Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado. He never would have won states like New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada without making certain promises towards the Latino communities of these states. I don’t know if he ever explicitly talked about a measure like amnesty for illegal immigrants, but I do remember him talking about more flexible immigration politics than the ones that were in place at that moment.
        Does it make sense to grant these illegal immigrants amnesty ?
        As far as I’m concerned, yes, as much as it makes sense to give fiscal amnesty to fraudeurs in fiscal matters.
        In my view the problem of illegal immigration can’t be stopped unless we accept to look at the roots, at the underlying causes, already mentioned by Slamdunk, and we do something about it.

      17. Obama’s pre-election promise on immigration, or whatever it was, did hint at some form of amnesty, although he implied it would be bipartisan. If this measure had passed the Congress, I would’ve accepted it, with the proverbial pinch of salt. Except, that’s not what happened. He abused his Presidential powers to provide a backdoor to illegals. By definition, they are illegal. Why is it so hard for you to understand? What’s even scarier is, you can now promises to a certain demographic, that cannot be achieved legally, and get votes. And they will vote. That’s really scary.

        Answer this question: A legal worker today, from say China, India etc. will have to leave the country they cannot find work. There is no flexibility for them. Why is it that illegals get to stay? Why? If you can’t fix broken immigration issues for those who have followed to rules, came here well qualified, what gives you the right to make this a haven for those who came here illegally? Please explain.

      18. To add to it, Obama didn’t win it because of the Latino vote. People were just tired and wanted change. The economy was in the dumps. Joblessness was at very high levels with the threat of getting even worse. American credibility, if there is any such thing, in the international community, was seriously impaired. People just wanted a change. They voted out of fear. It was a wave election. Obama ran a great campaign, but was very lucky the political climate was in his favor. But then, that’s what politics is about.

        But luck doesn’t last forever. The 2014 midterm has taught Democrats a harsh lesson. The amnesty as I’ve been saying, is purely a tactic to win 2016.

      19. To answer your question about legal workers that are send back : I absolutely agree with you on this point. It’s completely illogical and unfair to send those people back who complied with the existing rules of your country, and at some point give amnesty to those who didn’t give a damn about the rules. The same happens here in Belgium and in France, be it under different rule systems. And it is even more unfair if such a thing happens without approval of the assemblees representing the nation, a possibility that doesn’t exist here.
        My point is that it’s not a sound situation either to keep thousands, lest millions of immigrants for ever in their situation of illegality. That will create in the end even more problems than giving them amnesty at some point. Not ideal, I know, but better than let the situation escalate.

      20. [My point is that it’s not a sound situation either to keep thousands, lest millions of immigrants for ever in their situation of illegality.]

        Why is it so hard to crack down on illegals and just send them back? Our police force is very capable, trust me. If they can smell a 12 year old “n*****” kid, and shoot him down within two seconds of seeing him, they can do anything.

      21. [My point is that it’s not a sound situation either to keep thousands, lest millions of immigrants for ever in their situation of illegality.]

        Why is it so hard to crack down on illegals and just send them back? Our police force is very capable, trust me. If they can smell a 12 year old β€œn*****” kid, and shoot him down within two seconds of seeing him, they can do anything.

  37. Happy Thanksgiving to all, specifically North Americans, and even more specifically, those from the land of the free, and the home of the brave πŸ™‚

    There are many things I’m thankful for, and one of them is the joy of watching Roger Federer.

    Thank you Jonathan for running this blog, and thank you all the readers here, even those who I don’t get along well with (Hint: Shamtoot, Katyani) πŸ™‚

  38. Yes, Happy Thanksgiving to my Merican friends to the south. Hope too many people don’t get trampled on Black Friday.
    Thanks to all.
    Nice tribute to Roger, Wanda. Silly, Susie.

    1. Yeah well, if we don’t trample each other, them Mexican will, now that they will be rushing across the borders. Some Presidential turkey pardon we’ve had this year.


      1. Borders? I didn’t realize you still have borders. That’s like sooo last century, dude. πŸ™‚

  39. Jonthan,

    Why did you block my comments (Sid asked for a reply) whilst you let others continue to comment.
    My comment was a respectful one, replying to SId’s question, which touched on a social, fiscal and political topic.
    Slamdunk is right where he says that Sid has a patronizing way of adressing himself to others.
    By the way, there is nothing wrong with my logic, and never was.
    I wouldn’t have the general culture and unisversity degrees of which I dispose if that were the case.

    best regards,

    1. I didn’t. it went to spam as it had multiple links in the comment. It’s now approved.

      Amazing how precious people get over blog comments πŸ˜† as soon as it doesn’t show up I get accused of blocking it or preventing freedom of speech. Why aren’t people this forthright when it comes to standing up against the political elite and the banksters?

      I don’t know who questioned your logic? But even if you have 2, 3 or even 100 degrees it bears zero relevance to how logical someone is so I wouldn’t start throwing that round as a credibility tool.

      Slamdunk is female btw.

    2. Wilfried, I am patronizing? Excuse me! I’ll call things like they are, like it or not. No sugarcoating.

      Now, take those degrees of your and………………I’m totally kidding man! πŸ™‚

  40. Am I the only one who thinks that the ATP is giving a lot of coverage to doubles these days? Courtesy, Eric Butorac, I understand. What next? Equal pay?

    1. Well, I’d be happy if they just stopped acting as though they’re ashamed of it. Get rid of the “Oh, I suppose we’ve got to include it but let’s just keep it short so we can get onto the proper stuff quickly” attitude. That would do, for a start.

  41. ADRID: Rafael Nadal’s uncle and lifelong coach Toni Nadal believes Roger Federer and not his 14-time Grand Slam champion nephew deserves to be considered the greatest tennis player of all time.

    Federer holds the record for Grand Slam titles with 17 and added his first ever Davis Cup title to his list of achievements last weekend.

    “I think he is (the best of all-time), the numbers say so,” Toni Nadal told Spanish radio station Cadena COPE.

    “Federer is the best in the history of the game alongside Rod Laver and, unfortunately for us, it is like that.”

    However, Nadal has consistently had the upper hand on the world number two throughout their illustrious careers.

    The Spaniard holds a 23-10 lifetime record over Federer and hasn’t lost to him in a Grand Slam since the Wimbledon final of 2007.

    “I don’t know why that is. Federer’s game doesn’t affect Rafael as much. In any case, one is the best for the titles they win.

    “Federer has won 17 Grand Slams, Rafael has won 14. He was number one for five years, Rafael for three. Therefore, there is no discussion, he is the best.”

    And he added that current world number one Novak Djokovic isn’t far off the level of Federer and Nadal despite being someway behind in Grand Slam titles with seven to his name.

    “Djokovic is a great player, for me he is almost at the level of Federer.

    “He is very good, I don’t know if he is better of worse than Rafael. “In titles, Rafael is better than him. In terms of how they play, I don’t know. At the end of the day everyone is free to have whatever opinion they want.”

    1. Oh no, not again! And you believe all this? The same Aunt Toni, not too long ago, was furiously pushing the case of her niece being better than Federer, citing hes advantages in Masters 1000 and Davis Cup titles, among other things. Now Roger wins a Davis Cup, and suddenly he is the, “greatest of the history”?

      Djokovic isn’t far off the level of Federer? Which Federer specifically? The 33 year old, 2014 Federer, who is 3-2 vs Djokovic, or that Federer of the 2004-2007 era?

      So, let’s put this thing together. Djokovic is almost the level of Federer. Nadal has a winning H2H over Djokovic, including at Slams, and accounting for age, Nadal is ahead in terms of achievements. Which means Nadal is better than Djokovic, and hence better than Federer. See, I got it all figured out. πŸ™‚

      This is vintage pretentious and humble Nadal behavior. Just setting his blood spinned, steroid and stem cell powered nephew for a ridiculous 2015.

      Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!

      1. Yeh. The clue is in the phrase “the numbers say so”, by which I assume he is hoping his nephew’s numbers will exceed Roger’s before too long. As you say, Sid, preparing us for the latest Nadal sensational comeback. Still got a way to go to catch up though, haven’t they. And if there is such a thing as GOAT then it isn’t just about numbers.

      2. Agree Sid, typical Unci Toni bullshit. We’ve heard this so many times. But there may be another reason for this latest burst of humility. Latest Rafa comment: “the magic year 2013 can’t be repeated. It won’t come back.” He then adds, “I have two more years. I have to try to compete as much as I need to to reach the top level.” His goal for 2015 is to maintain the necessary pace to be competitive during the whole year.

        My Spanish is pretty basic, but that’s how I read it. What do you think? The stem cell therapy is dubious and he’s been told it may only give him a couple more years if he’s lucky? But no one would be surprised to see him come blasting back as he did before: you can never believe/trust anything that is said by either of them. πŸ™

      3. I presumed, about two years or so ago, that the Nadal Open 2015 would be Nadal’s last hurrah. Looks like I might be wrong. The pace and quality of his “treatments” suggest that this butt picker will be alive and well for another two years, at least.

        He needs two slams in 2015 to have any chance of overtaking Federer. Let’s see if his doctors can do it for him.

        I fear we will see an under par Federer for the beginning of 2015, and it will be a straight shootout between the Djoker and the Doper.

      4. He’s saying he won’t repeat 2013, but I can certainly see him achieving another FO unless Djoker steps up to the plate: he hasn’t managed it thus far and I won’t be surprised if he doesn’t get it next year either. Nadal will be approaching 29 next year and (apart from Djoker) there are one or two other challengers who may throw a spanner in the works as far as he’s concerned.

        ‘I fear we will see an under par Federer…’ I hope you’re wrong Sid, but Federer is certainly cramming quite a bit into the ‘off’ season it seems; not really allowing himself sufficient rest IMO, but he knows what he’s doing I guess. He’s mastered that new racquet, no doubt about that, but the back issue remains a question mark for sure.

  42. Yeah, the Nadal camp spin goes on and on. Could you imagine Edberg talking that way? How about Roger’s dad going on and on about how many this and that Roger’s won.
    It’s just a mentality I can’t relate to.
    I fear Fed is “overdoing” it. He should be changing diapers not playing tennis in India.

  43. ATP top GS match, Wimbly final. Top match of the year WTF semi Roger and Stan. New award….most entertaining player!

    1. Meanwhile, Nadal receives the, “Favorite son [doper] of Mallorca”. Island of thugs! Doping capital of the world! They must really love him there, no?

    1. Yeah. I do too Sue – his pressers were often hilarious – he knew how to deal with stupid questions! He suffered a few humbling defeats at the hands of the champ, but I believe they were always good friends. A real character.

  44. Hi guys,
    What’s up, I don’t see any comment on the IPTL… Really, keep an open mind here, the competition is totally entertaining, the format is actually great and it’s so much fun to see such unusual interactions between players… Teams are now bounding great…
    And guess which have been the greatest team so far, in terms of win, entertainment, team spirits and fun… MICROMAX INDIAN ACES… Can’t wait for Roger to join…
    Seriously for those who had negative perception, don’t let it keep you away from that competition, it’s really really great!!! And the atp tour is still there so one doesn’t exclude the other, to the opposite, they complement each other great….
    So much fun to follow on TV and on twitter… I’m totally wired to it by now! Don’t miss it! They are in New Delhi now! Go ACES!!!!!

    1. Actually I did make a comment earlier to Jonathan. I’ve been watching them and have to say I’ve revised my initial reaction – they’re more than exhibition matches – all the teams are showing real competitive spirit. I like the format, it’s been fun as have the matches. It’s great to see some of the ‘legends’ playing as well. The only one I thought looked very shaky was Agassi; he was really struggling. Lovely to see Fabrice Santoro again – I always liked the little Frenchman – fun, tenacious, and with a great competitive spirit. Safin hated playing him: “Being told I would play Santoro was being told I was to die.”

      And you’re right Wanda, Monfils fits right into this ‘sportainment’ format – able to act the clown to his heart’s content – but I still find him irritating. Also if he’s not careful he’ll be picking up an injury again – flinging himself around in his usual way. Also it’s been filling in the tennis-less time and I’m looking forward to seeing the champ tomorrow. Indian Aces heading the leaderboard as well.

      1. You definitively can see that the competition is growing among the team members, the bench is more and more involved.

        The legend matches in this format are more exciting to see than in other circumstance because they count as much as the men singles or any other in terms of winning. And they are surprisingly good sometimes. Nice to see a different style of play then today’s too. I find their technique quite cleaner than today’s players for most.
        Agassi my god, couldn’t get a win..lol! But quite involved quickly too on the bench!
        Santoro’s been pretty good, unbeaten so far! Philippousis has been good too and Goran is getting better. The legends will start training now in case the take part in it next year… :)!

        A great thing in this competition is that it showcases many different aspect of the game… Single, doubles, men, women, present tennis and old school style.
        Really really cool! So are the tenfies, the tweets and the backstage pics!!!

      2. Totally agree Nath, it’s been great to watch – Philippousis has looks good – in fact he doesn’t look that much different that when Feds beat him in 2003: apparently he’s lost weight and been training hard to take the pressure off the knee. As you say, Goran’s getting better as each match passes. I’ve really been enjoying the doubles matches – this format makes them more fun somehow. I believe Feds will be playing mixed doubles with Sania Mirza – she’s been great fun to watch, quite a revelation.

        It might be just a money making machine but I really do think it’s brilliant for fans in countries where they don’t get an opportunity to see players live.

  45. Yeah, I was skeptical before the start but now looking forward to watching Fed in it. Certainly the players seem to be having a great fun. So why not? Somebody said Monfils was born for the game, haha.
    Anyway I’ve already got bored with this Fedless time and NO sign of Jonathan…

    1. Yes, it’s been a positive surprise for most of us I think. I didn’t clearly understand the system when it came out, but after seeing the first day in manila, it became pretty clear and exciting. And with the overall scoring system, every match has an importance, so you get to appreciate all of the sets.
      As you say Wanda this Fedless time was annoying and I’m so happy that he is teaming up with the ACES, Monfils is great, so is Santoro, the doubles players, Bopanna and Mirza are cool too and I like Ivanovic more and more…
      I love the happiness power point play and the Shootout too…
      The DBS Singapore Slammers are growing on me too now!!! They are my second best team!

  46. Nath, you sound really excited about this. I don’t like their website. I find it confusing, who is playing when? I haven’t seen any matches or learnt how the format works.
    Does Fed play tomorrow?

    1. Hey Sue,
      you’re totally right, the web site sucks, there also so little pics on it for example, you don’t understand why!
      You can follow IPTL on twitter, it’s cool, and Roger’s team too MICROMAX INDIAN ACES.
      They are at the 3 city, new delhi which is the ACES city, so Roger is joining so is Sampras. But Roger starts tomorrow, he will play a set against Berdych (from the DBS Singapore SLAMMERS) and also both mixed and men doubles.
      They plays 3 days in each city and there are 4 teams so each team plays 3 matches, one per day.
      2 teams will play against each other in the morning (EU time) and 2 in the afternoon. Today Roger’s team play in the afternoon and tomorrow in the morning, and monday at night (Roger plays 3 matches on Monday too)

  47. Well guys, the annual ‘RF Best Points of the Year’ will have to be postponed due to my computer losing all my downloaded files. I was halfway through the editing process when it happened. And there are also additional issues as well. Copyright infringement is far more frequent this year due to tournaments claiming their own content, thus blocking the match highlight videos. So if it is still possible to upload, the highly anticipated annual video will be uploaded sometime in the next two weeks!

    In the meantime, I have been working on another video – ‘Roger Federer – The Sweet Escape’. It is a short tribute video of Roger’s clutch performances this season, saving match points on three occasions. The video may have copyright issues as well, so I may have to upload at a different site!

    1. Wow..great video, thanks Conal. So many dramas and near-death experiences for us fedfans but 2014 has ended up indeed a sweet year!

  48. Damn the ATP and Universal Music Group! Not allowed on YouTube! Re-uploaded on Vimeo for you guys. Hopefully it doesn’t get taken down there!!! Its a simple and short video really, just an edit off an ATP video and some other highlights blended with ‘The Sweet Escape’ by Gwen Stefani, hence the title.

    Now on Vimeo – ‘Roger Federer – The Sweet Escape’ https://vimeo.com/113777351

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