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Switzerland Defeat USA to Make Hopman Cup Final

Another victory for Roger at the Hopman Cup as he defeated Jack Sock 7-6(5), 7-5 before Belinda Bencic sealed Team Switzerland's final spot with an impressive 7-6(6), 6-4 win against Coco Vandeweghe.

Today's victory means Benderer go unbeaten in both singles and Fast4 Doubles to win all nine matches over three ties and improve on last year where they lost the deciding doubles to France to miss out on a place in the final.

Match Stats

Roger Federer Jack Sock
1st Serve % 56% 65%
Aces 16 14
Double Faults 4 3
Winners 38 29
Unforced Errors 23 20
Break Points Won 1/8 0/2
1st Serve Points Won 38/43 (88%) 38/52 (73%)
Total Points Won 83 74


Thoughts on the Match

Fed USA Hopman

More fun tennis at the Hopman Cup for Federer has he came through a tough encounter against Jack Sock which featured some high tempo tennis from both guys.

The serve came more into play today than the previous matches with both guys firing down a number of aces and Sock regularly clocking over 220km/h which he used to great effect in saving 7 of the 8 points he faced.

For Fed, he's been in great form so far this week and physically he's looking top notch. The foot speed and core strength he showed to chase down two lost causes to break serve for 6-5 in the second were second to none.

You also got the sense he was testing out his fitness a bit today as he could easily have goofed around in what's essentially an Exhibition but he made a concerted effort to chase down plenty balls which is good to see.

The tournament has been a good mix of opposition ahead of Melbourne too; a road runner in Sugita, a power player in Khachanov and a heavy topspin forehand in Sock. Playing Zverev or Goffin in the final is another nice change up so I'm looking forward to it.

What have you guys made of the Hopman Cup so far? Let me know in the comments. 


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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      1. So close to be first… good match against USA. Honestly I didnt expect 3-0 especially Belinda’s win. Good match from Roger and Sock. Mix dub are hilarious…Roger and Sock should do another exho Match for Africa 5 or something…it will be great fun

  1. Happy New Year, Jonathan. Thanks for the ridiculously quick recap.
    Fun, fun, fun! There’s so much fun in this event, love it.
    Btw, heard that there would be a tennis World Cup near future around this time of year down under before AO. Is it just rumour? Is somebody trying to steal the Hopman Cup’s success?

  2. Many thanks Jonathan for your recap and highlights! Couldn’t see the live match. So happy to see Roger in such an extra form and enjoying himself so much in every match. Splendid year start and such fun!

  3. We were there and it was absolutely fabulous. Fed’s match with Sock and Belinda’s with Coco were great tennis and much tighter than the score indicated. The mixed dubs was pure goofy fun and the stadium audience went wild. Fed hinted he could be back next year as well. It’s incredible how he can keep up with all those young whipper snappers.

    1. Atmosphere sounded good again!

      Hopman Cup revival. Well 2018 def not his last year at the time of writing, as like he said he’d just play tournaments with no thinking about the next year if it was but he’s scheduling smart again. So obviously has plans for 2019. I guess if he has a terrible year or whatever then maybe reconsider but all good at the moment.

  4. The Hopman Cup is so enjoyable !
    Players and spectators seem to be delighted.
    RF is in great shape and he runs like a South-African leopard with such  agility on every ball ! A super team with Belinda, both always smiling.
    I just watched the doubles highlights of their today’s match ! So funny too !


    It seems that most day matches in Perth are played with the roof drawn. Do you think the heat in Melbourne during the AO can be difficult to handle for our 36.5 year-old champion if he plays during the day sessions ? I just had a look at  the weather in Melbourne  and e.g. the temperature should reach 41 degrees celsius on Jan 6 ! I don’t remember if the roof is drawn in Melbourne on the main courts when it is too hot. Do you know it ?

    1. Yeah they have extreme heat policy in Melbourne

      “once the ambient (surrounding temperature) exceeds 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) and the Wet Bulb Global Temperature reading exceeds 32.5 C (90.5 F)”

      1. Thanks for the answer, Jonathan.
        As we say, the conditions are the same for two opponents playing at the same time… and Fed (almost) never sweats.

      2. He has an economic game play. For the life of me I just don’t get it: my 16 and 20 year old sons barely sweat even when doing the fast paced drills; I’m drenched after 10 minutes. Dang.
        (but I can go on for over 2 hours and they can’t. Hehehe!)

      3. Hey Jonathan is this policy to cancel play or to close the roof? I clearly remember one year the temperature soared to 44C yet they were still playing. Forecast for tomorrow Sunday 7th is 45C here in Sydney and my daughter is ballkididg!

      4. I think close roof. It’s also not a straight line system of temperature being X either, that wet bulb method comes into play…

  5. Well, if Rog cld just play on this court and grass then I wld def bank on another vintage year. This court is just so comfortable for his game, his serve, his tempo. Really good to see him testing his speed, retrieving and returning skills today. Nice for BB to get to that final. She has been immense and on a nice streak. Dark horse for AO I think.
    Interesting watching Grigor struggle as Rog did against Millman in Brisbane but he cane thru and def a threat for the AO too.
    This has been a good week and good prep. Stay healthy Rog and we shall see the hard work pay off I hope! ?????

  6. Fun 🙂 He’s doing the hovering over the court thing. Also as you said the court coverage & pick-it-up-by-the-skin-of-your-teeth -iveness was much on display going up 6-5 in the 2nd. I loved that one point in the doubles when all 4 of them were at the net & just kept batting it back & forth- then Roger took a sharp angle outside & Coco was flat-footed. Then later, they did it again, a shorter exchange, and Coco caught Roger out on a sharp angle. Looked like they were all having a blast.

  7. This is seriously a fun event, you get to learn a bit more about players too personality wise and see some amazing play. WhaT is also good is the day off absolutely mirroring AO for helping players pace themselves for when they hit Melbourne. Hopman Cup is a refreshing format & probably a better tune up than Brisbane, Sydney & Kooyong given the variety of players encountered as you mentioned.
    Belinda might well be a dark horse, hope so, love her! Read she was once coached by Hingis mother, hope this bodes well and this Swiss duo can win the title again.

  8. Let’s hope the court at AO will be similar to this….please tennis gods. Great hi-lights. Loved when he broke Sock at 6-5. I’m missing all the fun since these matches are on in the middle of the night. Donna, you are a lucky dog!

  9. I don’t have a good feeling about Andy. Seems he overdid it at the end of 2016 chasing #1 and continuing to play into 2017. Fingers crossed he makes a full recovery. I’d miss all the grimacing!

  10. “Today’s victory means Benderer go unbeaten in both singles & Fast4 Doubles to win all nine matches over three ties and improve on last year where they lost the deciding doubles to France to miss out on a place in the final.”

    Correction: Last year they lost because Kiki went all GOATing on both Roger & Belinda and kicked both their butts 🙂 🙂

    No Kiki this time, so….. Go #Benderer 🙂

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