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Swiss Masterclass on Rod Laver Arena as Federer Defeats Tsonga to Make Quarter Finals

Never doubt the GOAT huh as Roger produced a masterclass on Rod Laver Arena to subdue hard hitting Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 6-3 7-5 6-4 and setup a juicy Quarter Final encounter against Andy Murray.

You all know I said Tsonga was a minor favourite in this one but as I said in my prediction post, Roger could win if he played smart tennis and that’s exactly what happened. In some ways he looked back to his best but I won’t get too far ahead of myself just yet 🙂

Either way it was an imperious performance and was the peRFect birthday present for Stefan Edberg as Roger came to to the net 41 times during the match winning 34 of the points, hit a string of awesome drive backhands and ultimately outplayed the Frenchman to come through in just one hour and 52 minutes.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Volleying vs. Tsonga
Roger Volleyerer

Roger started this one extremely sharply, breaking serve in the second game and holding comfortably throughout the first set despite not really hitting many first serves. Good omens there as it meant his ground game was on song.

It was obvious that Roger had a clear plan of attack from the word go and he was able to really get his shots off when he needed them; slice, serve and volley, everything just seemed to fall into place when he needed it and he took the first set 6-3.

In all the matches I can remember between these two Roger has always managed to start well but has often been pegged back as Tsonga got more of a foothold in the match but this time around Roger stood firm, really holding easily with great variety and although Tsonga managed to hang tough until 5 all in the second Roger took his chance immediately when it presented itself to take it 7-5. Clinical.

The second set really had a bit of everything, great point construction, using the slice to drag Tsonga out of position, drop shots requiring the Frenchman to use every sinew of his athleticism only to find Roger perfectly in position to pat the ball back into the open court. Demoralilising.

The third set was really where Roger had to make it count and it looked like his early pressure had effected Tsonga’s mindset has he handed his serve over tamely for Roger to lead 2-1.

The writing was on the wall at 0-40 on Tsonga’s serve in the 7th game and when he blazed a ball out of the arena it looked like his frustration had caught up with him. However that seemed to work in his favour as he hit 3 monster serves and some passive returning from Fed saw him dig out a crucial hold.

There was always going to be Tsonga storm brewing after saving three virtual match points and he got his only break point of the match in Roger’s very next service game. This was his first test and I thought Roger passed it with flying colours, composing himself well to hold and then serving out the match to 15 with a sweet volley on his second match point. GOAT!

All in all a great match, 43 winners compared to 21 unforced errors, plenty variety, plenty of self belief and a fantastic win. What more can you ask for?

Match Stats

Stats Jo-Wilfried Tsonga Roger Federer
Aces 8 7
Double faults 1 1
1st serves in 46/88 (52 %) 48/84 (57 %)
1st serve points won 32/46 (70 %) 42/48 (88 %)
2nd serve points won 23/42 (55 %) 25/36 (69 %)
Fastest serve 224 KMH 202 KMH
Average 1st serve speed 191 KMH 184 KMH
Average 2nd serve speed 146 KMH 152 KMH
Net points won 11/25 (44 %) 34/41 (83 %)
Break points won 0/1 (0 %) 3/7 (43 %)
Receiving points won 17/84 (20 %) 33/88 (38 %)
Winners 29 43
Unforced errors 28 21
Total points won 72 100

Thoughts on the Match

Federer Focus
Job Done

Yeah, I mean, I’m very pleased. Don’t think I got broken today. That against a great player. So, yeah, I’m extremely happy how things went for me tonight. I was able to play my game, offensive, mix it up, come to the net. Yeah, I was surprised that things worked out for me.

Tactically astute, focused, aggressive, confident and convincing are just some of the words you can use to describe Federer’s performance today. I don’t wanna hype him up too much as it’s only one match but as fans we got to see a bit of a masterclass out there and it truly was a joy to watch from start to finish. The full repertoire on show and most importantly he executed the right game plan. Maybe there was a little bit of luck on his side that things all fell into place at the right time but at this level you make your own luck so it was fully deserved.

My list of plus points is endless to be honest but things that especially stood out were shot selection, ability to defend and all round movement. The backhand too was looking ripe throughout and it really makes a big difference when he’s able to hit that shot confidently. Not only does it let him use it as an offensive weapon, it also allows him to play with more variety and mix it up rather than just hit nothing rally type backhands short in the court. It also stops his forehand becoming too much of a crutch.

Any negatives? I’ll be picky but still a little passive on some of the break points and love 30 opportunities, that game in the third where he had love 40 was a great opportunity to put it to bed but hey 3 out of 7 on break points and not getting broken you can’t complain too much right 🙂 The chip is just the natural shot to play for a one hander on the return as it’s just much easier to execute, driving backhands is almost like a conscious thought which is much harder to remember on the bigger points that’s for sure.

So all is rosy in camp Federer right now but now for the harsh reality, Federer at his best is still unstoppable, but the true acid test will be what happens when he has to play a match where things aren’t going so smoothly. That could be the next round or the one after or the one after that. Players like Nadal and Djokovic have now made a habit of pulling through matches when not playing at their peak, if Roger can do the same mixed in with playing epically like today then #18 is a possibility. So savour this win for the next 24 hours and then let’s see what this guy can do against Murray. This slam is only just over half complete (57% to be precise) so he still has a long way to go, but why stop now? He has to try and keep up his semi final run alive here I think.

Predictions vs. Murray

Federer Murray AO 2013

I got to work extra early today to watch Fed’s match but of course Dull took over 3 hours to win a match in straight sets due to multiple time violations and toilet breaks. But that also meant I got to see some of Murray’s tennis for the first time this tournament and I tuned in right at the time he served a double fault on match point before losing the third set tie break.

Of course he went onto win in 4 as lucky loser Robert remembered he was French but overall I wasn’t that impressed. Murray isn’t quite yet back to his best level so I honestly think he is there for the taking. I’ve gone from picking Tsonga to bump Fed to now picking Fed over Murray in the Quarters 🙂

If Roger makes it physical and makes Murray do the running he has a great shot here. You can’t rule Murray out of course now he has 2 slams under his belt but when both at their best Roger is the better player without a shadow of a doubt. It’s going to be a different type match to the Tsonga one of course as Murray has more variety in his stroke play but Roger has to keep the aggression up and not let Murray use his backhand offensively.

I think Roger will need to pick his spots carefully when to come in as Murray is a good passer but if he can play smartly again and not get bogged down on the baseline just rallying then I know he has enough in the tank here.

The other quarter finals are all now setup too with Nadal facing Dimitrov who’s made his first appearance in the Last 8 of a slam, I actually think this guy has a shot here too, it might be just a bit too soon but I do think he can trouble Nadal. Talent wise he’s higher than Nadal but mentally you don’t get much better than the Spaniard so Dimitrov will really need to be on it to push him. I expect him to get a set at the least.

Djokovic looks like he is going to progress although Stan can’t be underestimated based on his recent performances so it could go 4 or 5 but if Djoker is sharp then I think it could be straights. I think Berdych might take out Ferrer as the courts are working in his favour here so Djoker vs. Berdych is hardly an exciting prospect, unless you’re a Djokovic fan of course.

So onto my prediction, I’m picking Fed in straights vs. Murray. Maybe the Tsonga match has clouded my judgement and Roger has dared his fans to dream again but I think if he can get out the blocks quickly then he can assert his authority on the match and keep Murray at arms length. Let’s see, should be a good one regarldess, allez!


Editor of Perfect Tennis and a big fan of Roger Federer, I've spent countless hours watching and analysing his matches. Alongside playing the sport, I also enjoy writing about the tour, rackets, strings, and the technicalities of the game. Whether it's breaking down the latest tournament results or discussing the latest gear innovations, I'm always eager to share my insights with fellow tennis enthusiasts.

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  1. Only say the highlights, but I was so impressed with his defence. I kept think he would miss, or not make it to the ball, and then there he was winning the point. Even the forehand on the run seemed solid. I was quite content with a loss, but now I’m starting to get excited and dream again.

    Really hoping he can get that consistency back becuase it is looking good at the moment. I do think it helps that he has a pretty reliable serve now. Both weeks it has seemed consistently better.

  2. Boom. Roger was GOATing today. Seriously everything was on song. With this I think he has set the tone for what we can expect for the rest of the year, considering that he himself says he’s not going to play his best until March/April, says a lot no? Or is he just keeping expectations low?

    As for the Murray match, Jonathan, man I hope you haven’t jinxed Roger there 🙂
    Anyways he just needs to do as he did today (maybe serve a little better as Murray is a better returner than Tsonga), play smart Tennis and not get ticked off if Murray resorts to pushing 😛


    1. Well one at least has gone! Maybe Dimitrov can take out one of the others and Fed take out Murray ! All Swiss final anyone??

  3. Great returns and passing shots. Not sure if Fed is going to stop thinking of a semi with dull which could hamper his play.

  4. What a satisfying match for Fed Fans, nothing to complain about. Fed in full flow can still beat Murray, Nadal & Djoker. 2013 was a huge low in terms of confidence for RF, this convincing straight sets win against Tsonga could be just what Fed needs to realize that he still has it in him to go all the way.

    One huge plus I think was how comfortable he was with the new racket out there today. I was a racket change skeptic, but am convinced that changing was the right move based on how he played today. He seems to be a lot more confident on backhands (topspin not slice) with the bigger frame. I think Fed will not have any doubts about going back to the 90 anymore. If he pays against Murray like he did today against Tsonga, he should make it through to the SF. Not to get carried away, but beating Dull in the SF of a grand slam would be the ultimate boost for Fed’s confidence.

  5. What an absolute joy he was to watch today, he looked like he was actually enjoying himself out there, and the variety of shots he played – not to mention that wonderful lob in the 3rd set, everything was working – hoping he can do the same on Wednesday – his confidence must be so high – Long Live the Goat – he may or may not reach the final its a tough ask but who cares if we can see him play like he did today with a refreshing kind of freedom Allez Roger. On another note am also enjoying Stan the Man – and wishing him well in his match (Is it too much to ask that both the Swiss guys win)

  6. Sweet performance from Fed, something that I didn’t expect and probably his best Grand Slam match since all the way back in Melbourne last year.

    I remember Murray did a great job of wrong footing Roger time and time again last year, so I think he will need to watch out for that tactic. More variety required as well, because I think he was a little too predictable last year and often fell in Murray’s traps.

    1. Having seen the game plan work today, there is no way Edberg will let him go up v Murray without another solid game plan. Haven’t seen Fed so in the zone, working each point, for about a year. Very very focused tonight. And clearly Edberg had worked on the depth of shot. He hit a lot of baseline tonight, and with confidence. Good to see. Has to keep Murray twisting and turning and off balance, and the mixing up of play he used tonight will serve him we’ll v Murray as long as he comes to the net on the right ball.

    2. I am not sure you can say Edberg is having such a huge effect on Roger tactically in such a short space of time though, maybe he’s just added a little bit of spice and impetus. Not really done any work on the practise courts to suggest that he’s trying to change things.

  7. I think Fed fans are too euphorics, yes it’s understandable due to his very bad last year but he has just beaten a guy who owns just one M1000!!! Big matches come now.
    I love to see the hate that Fed fans show to Nadal hahaha, it must be a reason :). Otherwise comments like this( “Talent wise he’s higher than Nadal”) just would be considered as jokes.

    1. Seriously, were you banned from Dull fan-sites that you decided to come here and continually troll us with your presence?

    2. He beat a guy that has beaten all of The (Old) Top 4 in slams that’s pretty good going. Not suggesting this is the pinnacle of Fed’s career, it is onto the next match, but regardless it’s a solid result.

      As for Dimitrov, he is more talented for sure, same way Verdasco is more talented than Nadal. Doesn’t mean he’s a better player though.

      1. Well I disagree with that guy on what he defines as talent. He calls it the whole package, it simply can’t be.

        Nadal is not talented like Verdasco, but he is a mental rock, has a powerful build yet can run all day. I don’t really see that as talent for tennis, as he could have been a footballer quite easily.

    3. Why is it that Nadal has to cheat to win the F*****g time waster. If he’s not getting coaching from his Uncle Nobhead on the chance overs. He is stratching his sweaty arse. Or takes deliberate comfort breaks at crucial point. Then he will play that horrible moon balls. What a cheater, even at his interviews he is complaining about this and that. Time violations the list goes on and on. But some people are so blind. Simply just a doper if it’s not Dr Fuentes he’ll be seeing another Spanish drug pusher. I simply dispise this guy and one day it will come out and I hope soomer than later. Anyway sorry for the rant Jonathan. I just hope if Fed does play him again that somehow Federer can beat the biggest cheater on the planet.

      1. Serajul Islam, I could not possibly agree with you more mate. A rant it might be to some but for me absolutely the truth…

      2. For Paul Z … Thanks mate for your comments. It’s just that it frustrating whenyou get someone like Nadal who is deliberately using dirty underhand tactics to get an advantage at vital moments of the game. I remember Nadal calling for an medical timeout just when Federer was about to serve for the set at the French Open final. He did delay tactics against Soderling at Wimbledon. Man a life hes done so many shifty things just to win makes me flippin angry !!!!

  8. Booom!

    Also only saw the highlights but what highlights they were. Movement was fantastic, he said he couldn’t have worked harder in the off season and it showed. Great win for him, should do wonders for his confidence.

    Really good chance to get a big win against muz here since he’s coming back from injury. Murray hasn’t been really tested yet so I think he’s looking stronger than he really is at the moment. I also fancy dimitrov, dull hasn’t looked all that convincing so far this season.


  9. How quickly we forget. “On a match by match basis” was the consensus back then. I think that is still valid. Roger did good today. He might very well slip back to the Roger that lost to Lleyton Hewitt two weeks ago. The audacity of …. whatever..

    1. Absolutely, I am not getting carried away at all. We know that depending on the opponent Fed’s form can vary dramatically. That said, he doesn’t have as much a mental barrier with Murray, he just knows he is in for a tough match. Murray is very solid, even if not at his best, and will make Fed work for it over 5 sets. Let’s see if Fed is physically and mentally up to it.

      1. I’m not as much afraid of the mental issues due to Murray but rather the guy that may come next. It seems to me that Roger has his mind on that spanish dude he might have to face the next match rather than the match at hand.
        I think, if Roger plays the ball and not the scoreboard the match could even end in 3 in his favour but there’s that big if. I’m not all that impressed with Murrays game so far (but that may be because I barely stand to see the guy).
        Key to the match will be first serve percentage above 2/3. There can be many long balls otherwise.

    2. Who’s forgetting the one match at a time rule? I said, enjoy this match for 24 hours and then see what happens vs. Murray. The idea of being a fan is that you enjoy the wins not instantly think of what may or may not happen next.

      He may beat Murray, he may lose. I think he has a solid chance, the good thing is we get to find out either way, and beating Tsonga was essential for that to happen.

    3. [How quickly we forget. “On a match by match basis” was the consensus back then]

      Not forgotten at all. Playing like he did today, I think he has a fighter’s chance but even if he loses, I’ll still be glad he made the QFs.

  10. I watched Rafa’s match and I believe he can be taken, if someone can play consistent aggressive tennis against him, as Roger did vs Jo-Willy last night. Kei played inside the baseline and he was the better man during much of the match. It came down to some crucial points and that’s where Rafa had the edge. At various stages of the match Rafa’s movement was a little suspect. I think Dimitrov has a great chance if nerves don’t get to him, and if Roger can get passed Andy I have a really good feeling that his chances vs Rafa are better than ever. Remember in Paris indoors, Roger totally lost that match, Rafa did not win it. And that was of course with the old 90″. Roger’s unforced this week have been extremely low. If he keeps those errors down he has a chance to do this. I’m excited. Sleep deprived in NYC but excited nevertheless.

    1. I saw Nadal this week live and he is looking very good. The match against Nishikori will only make him stronger believe it or not. He’s relentless and although Dimitrov could do some damage, it is his first QF in a slam, Rafa is the more experienced player in a best of 5 format. If Murray/Federer is anything like it was last year, I’d say Nadal will get a free pass into the final.

  11. Great to see Fed playing well again, he went for his shots most of the time and it paid off. However, a point of caution. I think Fed knows that he can beat Tsonga in a good day, but it is big step up against the Big 3. Murray is as vulnerable as he is ever likely to be though so I give Fed a 50/50 going into this match.

    I thought Tsonga checked out of this match mentally and Fed was more relaxed as a result, liberating his play a lot. I fear the Big 3 will make Fed play that many more shots, and more crucially he’ll think about it a lot more as a result, and his game will break down. Fingers crossed that’s not the case.

    Fed went into the net a lot today which was great to see. Against Murray he’ll have to pick his moments better and mix it up a lot, if he goes into the net with wanton abandon he’ll get picked off I fear. A lot has to go right but if he gets the first set I think Murray’s head could go down a bit. Will be an interesting match, like nearly al of theirs are. Pity I’ll be at work!

    1. I agree Neil, Tsonga did check out mentally, but I think much was down to Fed. Things definitely went all in his favour too.

      Spot on with Murray too, 1st set key.

  12. Thrilled with this result. Beforehand, I think I said anything less than QF would be a disappointment, and given the SF streak, less than SF might be a little disappointing if unrealistic. SF is looking less unrealistic just now… but Jarlub has a good point, match by match. This one was a whopper. Hope that cell memory is coming back for him.

    Jo-Willi was quoted by Swiss news outlet 24heures as saying:
    «Je ne me suis jamais libéré, avoue Tsonga. Federer a livré un match exceptionnel. Sur l’ensemble du match, il a témoigné d’une très grande solidité. Je n’ai pas le sentiment d’avoir livré une performance catastrophique ce soir. Cette victoire lui revient entièrement.»
    …” I was never free, avowed Tsonga. Federer delivered an exceptional match. Over the entire match, he brought (literally ‘witnessed’) a very great solidity. I don’t have the sense of having delivered a catastrophic performance this evening. This victory comes back on him entirely. “

  13. Saw whole match which was a real joy as fed really delivered. Key was the fact he had a plan… As Eurosport said, quite often I think he has gone out and just relied on his instinctive play and talent. Theses days of power play and defensive play means he has toe execute different and he had really prepped well with Edberg. Mixed it up beautifully, hit much better length, worked every point with patience, and boy did the BH sing today. Was so calm, so confident and surprised himself too. Clearly Murray will return better but having watched him today, don’t think his movement is back to its best, particularly getting to the BH and bringing the RH round, over and thru. As we saw with Serena, that requires a fluid, and big rotational core and back movement, and not sure Murray’s confidence right back to do that, given the surgery and relatively little high class match play. Let’s face it, he hasn’t played anyone challenging, even Lopez is a journeyman these days. I am still taking one match at a time, and the AO for me has been a great success so far, given the crap 2013, but this is a perfect oppo to take out Andy as long as he doesn’t start thinking of possibly facing Rafa. If this enters his head, he will falter. Stay in the moment as he clearly did today, and the QF is his,

    1. Yeah if Fed can drag him around like he’s on a piece of string then he will fall to pieces. Can’t think ahead to Dull though or could be curtains. He’d lose to me if Nadal was waiting in next round.

  14. Ps clearly nike have got their act together,the outfits are just miles better than the s..t they put on him last year, and his tennis is reflecting that! Murray looks a mess, and as for Berdych, well words fail me!

    1. Saw Berdych for the first time today. Blue-white stripes and red shiny shorts. Come on. You’d think somebody is playing him for a fool.

    2. Yeah, H&M are bringing out their own line of sports clothing too now, entering new markets as the margins are better on sports wear than budget fashion. Hope they sort out their design though rather than dressing their sponsored players in scraps from the cutting room floor.

      Looks like they brought in some interns and let them run wild.

      1. Actually, Berdych is dressed like a soccer player. BUT…. it can always get worse.
        See Andy’s outfits??? Someone really needs to tell him that a) he has the money to buy much nicer outfits and b) that he IS allowed to say no the his clothing company.

        And Novak, well that is a simple one: he just needs to fire his clothing company…

        And our Goat…. well, he just looks good in anything !!! Seriously, anything…

        Anyone else thinks Dimi is wearing outfits he wore last year???

  15. Ain’t it funny how exactly one year ago we thought it would be disastrous if Feds lost IN a QF to Tsonga? And now here we are happy he IS IN a QF. Times change pretty quickly don’t they… 🙂

  16. I was in a meeting during the match, so no way for me to watch. I had the live scores app on though and looked up the score from time to time 🙂 sometime near the end of set 1 I was looking at my phone and my boss who thought I was calculating some ratio we were discussing asked me: how much now?? I was about to answer 6-3 with a big smile before I realised this was absolutely not what he would want to hear looooool
    But GOD! It gelt sooo good to look at the scoreboard and the stats and be sure that there is no way on earth he could loose 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Anyway, sooooo happy with the match and the win and hoping the best for what’s yet to come 😀
    Alleeeeeez Roger!!!

  17. Boom! The Fedberg floats across the ice serenely. Will need to keep this up against Murray, but I watched the highlights and saw some of the Murray match live, and he really was not playing well. Unless Federer goes off in the QF and Murray starts playing a LOT better, Murray can say goodbye to any chance of reaching the semis. I agree with Jonathan, straight sets is more than a possibility. I’ll give Murray a bit of credit though: Federer 6-4 6-4 6-7 6-1.

  18. Aggressive attacking game, yet with great defence and smart tactics. OMG, it was such a joy to watch him playing like Roger Federer we love! He made my day. After reaching QF, anything would be a bonus for me, so just want to enjoy today’s win. Hope he keeps his good form and the match against Andy will be another entertaining one. Allez 🙂

  19. Fed has to beat Murray in the next round. Fed needs to get back to top 4. Physically Fed looks like he’s 100% and unless he plays bad with a lot of unforced errors and self-doubt, it should be over in 3 or 4. After that, even if he loses to dull, it should give him a good idea where his game is at and what he needs to beat dull in French. 🙂 Wouldn’t that be the ultimate!!

  20. Hey Jonathan, how have you been?
    I’ve just gotten back from the first week of the AO, was quite fascinating, haven’t been since 2009. Got to say, the unbalanced draw and the heat in combination didn’t make it as exciting as I had hoped as a fan. But all in all, an enjoyable experience and I got to see Roger play live twice. Was also at the match where Tomic retired to Nadal, very disappointing from him, would say he has lost quite a bit of support from us, nothing new, since he’s never had mine in the first place. Had to endure Clownfils rocking up against Nadal and see Delpo flop in Australia once again, but the crowd was electric- probably my favourite thing about this slam which made it all worth it.

    Regarding what I saw with my own eyes at least, the courts do seem to be playing a tad faster on RLA. Not by an extreme margin like Rafa exaggerated but the balls aren’t fluffing up like they have in previous years. I was very impressed with Roger last night, I think his game plan and execution was absolute perfection and he took advantage of playing someone without a tactical brain (sorry Tsonga). Whilst it was his cleanest performance against a top 10 player in what seems like forever, I think fans shouldn’t get carried away. Getting to the quarters of a slam again is already a pleasant surprise and one I think we should be content with, especially with this type of draw. Fed does have a window of opportunity here, unlike last year, he won’t have to recover from playing a gruelling five setter and also Murray as you said is not at 100% yet. Roger was returning really well against Jo, if he can attack Murray’s atrocious second serve and play some smart tennis we have a match on our hands, winning the first set will be key for Roger. It’s been a solid tournament for him and one he’s needed to restart and regroup. Making the semis in Oz for an 11th consecutive year would be an achievement, Nadal is looking pretty good, and I do expect another Djokodal final on the cards but anything is possible I guess if Roger is in this form.

    1. You reminded me my last year experience in Melbourne Park. I Watched his 2nd round match in RLA. I just like this tournament and especially the City. But we were lucky not to face the hot weather last year.

    2. Hey Alysha, roving reporter.

      Thanks for the update. I agree, great performance but tomorrow is another day so has to kick on and sustain his level.

      Attacking 2nd serve will be essential which I didn’t mention, he needs to step in and rip that a la 2010 final.

    3. Wilander made a comment about the balls fluffing up. They didn’t in the heat, he said, but when it got colder, they did. Cannot say what it means to Roger though.

  21. Hi Jonathan,

    Nice article as always. I was rushing from the office and the time I reached home, Federer was just too fast to finish the French cosine. I think may be after that he canceled the dinner plan : )

    Anyway saw the highlights and have to say he was playing amazing tennis. He was literally schooling.
    I am with you in the next match prediction. I think Fed can finish Murray in may be four. Alleez Roger : )


    The larger racquet has improved all areas of the swiss maestro’s game.

    Henceforth, Roger is NOT going to make many UEs unless he is feeling fatigued.
    1) Serve will be 200kmph+. Aces will galore.
    2) Return will be as good as in his prime days.
    3) Ground strokes will be even more powerful and heavy than in his prime days
    4) No problems with movement although he is a half a step slower now than in his prime. Movement is still good enough to beat Rafa, Nole, Andy in a GS.

    NOTHING TO WORRY FOLKS (except for the energy levels) !!
    Roger is NOW officially a favorite to win Australian Open..

    1. Okay, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The favourites are still Djokovic and Nadal.

      And regardless, Nadal will be a tough matchup for Roger despite his form. It’s not really his fault. There’s not much he can do. Nadal, if in the semis, will be the favourite, unfortunately.

    2. [ Roger is NOW officially a favorite to win Australian Open..]

      Nah, it’s still looking like a Djokovic/Nadal final unless there is a major upset.

    3. I agree with some, but not all. One match doesn’t always setup the whole year, after all he beat Tsonga here last year too. So gotta keep it real, keep the champagne on ice for now 🙂

  23. Great match. So many positives and such a joy again. Love watching Fed magic.
    Bouchard into the semis, yeah! Hey guys, she is cute.

      1. Bieber is an idiot. So Bouchard isn’t perfect. Maybe she was paid to say that. Like her tennis though. Strong mentally for 19yo.

  24. Its been a long time coming since we all watched Fed in full flight. He played with conviction, stick to his game plan and attack the net with a purpose. What impressed me the most, he was very calm with silent fist pump. He did not go kamikaze with his FH or BH, shanks are keep to minimal and he was aggressive on returns. He even played his groundies with high percentage play. The timing is just nice for Fed to take it to Murray. He has started to build his confidence but again Murray is different player from Tsonga. Its a good thing he was able to wrap up his match quickly and conserve energy. Honestly its a 50/50 split between Fed and Murray. I give slight edge to Fed considering Murray dropped a set to a minion. I am praying for JesusFed to make 2nd appearance.

  25. Absolute vintage Federer performance, spiced up with some net attacking at the right time every time! It was the right time to take the game to a gigher level. Hope he can keep it up against Murray who, even though there where some bloopers in his 4th round, has played him self in form.
    I also think Dimitroc can push Nadal, but not win it, it´s to soon I think but he´s beginning to living up to his potential so we will see a lot more of him in this season I think.

  26. Jonathan,
    I saw some part of the match on stream sites as I was a work, and didn’t had chance to see the entire match. But what I saw was enough for me to raise my expectation for Roger for the coming matches.
    You could see the level of confidence and poise in his eyes and movement. The serve is very solid and footwork was superb.
    The only issue I see is when he will face Nadal, although I am not sure if Nadal would reach Semi 😉
    If Rog can avoid Nadal! And that’s big IF, I could see him taking the AO trophy, with all the respect with Djoko

  27. Hey guys, I saw the match in the evening on Eurosport. They showed the entire match. Wow….. was that our Roger?? Roger from last year??? The normally cool and calm Jo Willy did not know what to do… I saw Roger was moving very well and I think I saw no shanks in the first two sets, but two shanks in the third set….
    I honestly believed Jo Willy thought this would be a “easy” match with maybe 4 sets (he did say upfront that he wanted to revenge last year’s AO loss to Roger). His outburst in the third just said it all !!!
    The Dutch commentator on Eurosport said at the end: “eventhough the scores say otherwise, but this was a masterclass from the Swiss master to his student”….. That was so true !!!

    But…. this is Roger we are talking about, so lets not get carried away. The guy is a master of getting our hopes up and then…… He might play like the master against Andy or like the student…. We don’t know which Roger will turn up. Yesterday JesusFed turned up, hopefully he will have had so much fun that he decides to turn up for 3 more matches….
    But since it is Roger…. one point, one game, one set, one match at the time….

  28. Oh and sorry Jonathan, but I don’t believe in this “Andy is injured”-stuff (I did in the beginning), but he is killing everyone on his path (even the not so good players)… So I don’t buy it… Andy in 4 sets or Roger in 5, but hopefully Roger wants to prove us all wrong again and defeats Andy in straights !!!
    No matter how injured someone is, appearently when they play Roger, they forget that they are injured and they play lights out tennis.
    Dimi will trouble Rafa, ofcourse, definitely in 4 sets, maybe even in 5, but he will not win it. Tiring him out won’t work, because…. well, it is Rafa…. he doesn’t get tired….
    Novak is playing Stan right now. I think Stan deserves to win this match, but hey…. someone has to stop Rafa if he makes it to the final… so rooting for Novak??? Besides, Novak knows how dangerous Stan is, so he will be prepared….

    1. [Oh and sorry Jonathan, but I don’t believe in this “Andy is injured”-stuff (I did in the beginning), but he is killing everyone on his path (even the not so good players)… So I don’t buy it]

      Haha, I actually thought about this as well, it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s bluffing to some extent.

      Now that the defending champion is out, Murray might win match against Roger (in fact I think I’m leaning towards a win for him now – strike me down). Though look out for continuous grimaces and grabbing of legs and thighs from Murray as usual 🙂

      1. Hey Scooter, want to hear a bad news?? If Rafa wins AO and RG, he will have 15 GS. Now if that happens, what do you think the Great Uncle Toni will do to have 2 or 3 more??
        So, again, congrats to Stan for winning. He deserved it. He TOTALLY deserved it.
        BUT… if by Stan defeating Novak, Rafa will win AO and will be the first player in the Open Era to win every GS atleast twice… well, I will dislike Stan big time for quite a long time !!!
        He has been warned. He better defeat Rafa in the final if they both get there….
        Sorry, but this is what beeing a Roger fan does to you….

      2. 14, Katyani, but considering the French Open is again a given this year, it will be 15. I’ve stated earlier that 2014 will be Nadal’s last multi slam year and in fact he will win just one more slam after 2014. So, this is the year when he will make the strongest possible push to pick up three.

        Also, I don’t put too much stock in “two of each slam”. Why? Because of surface homogeneity, something that has been universally acknowledges by professional past and present.

    1. Oh my God………….. what the hell just happened??? Cannot wait to see the match in the evening.

      The only reason I wanted Novak to win was that he is the only one who can stop Rafa.
      But………… this win is for Stan !!!

      “Stanimal” (as Roger calls you) go to the final and kick Rafa’s ass, EXCEPT when it is Roger on the other side, OFCOURSE….

      Ps: Would love to see Becker’s face right now.

      Do you guys think Andy or Rafa or Roger will go for the kill knowing that Novak will not be there???

      1. Unsporting as it may be, I was hoping for a Novak win for the same reason as you 🙁 But you just can’t helped being pleased for Stan can you? An all-Swiss final – what are the odds I wonder 🙂

      2. Hey Rita, that is just the ONLY disadvantage of beeing a Roger fan. You want some (undeserving) players to win just to beat Rafa, and the one who deserve to win you don’t want to win.

        But honestly, this time, no regrets (even if that Rafa wins it all), Stan deserves this win.
        He even deserves to be Swiss number one, after the year he had.
        But…. he better watch out, Roger is also coming…..

        But…. before Stan goes to the final, he has to go trough Berdych….

      3. I’ve stopped supporting Djokovic now for ulterior motives (i.e. protecting Fed’s legacy) If Fed wants the record, he has to do protect it himself and if Dull gets it, then he gets it. Upto Roger now.

  29. Holly Molly……Nole out!!!!!! Woooooooooo I don’t care as far as Roger’s semifinal strike is safe……good. 🙂

  30. Bit late commenting on yesterday’s match and reading through the comments above it’s all been said already I think. I’m also in the “one match at a time” camp. Mustn’t get too carried away. And like Katyani I don’t believe Andy is as unfit as he pretends. He’s a canny player, he’ll pull through when he needs to. I just wish he looked as though he was enjoying playing tennis sometimes. I hate watching him play and now it looks as though I’ll have to!

    One point re Roger. He didn’t have a particularly good first serve percentage throughout the match – think it was between 50-57% ? A few months ago we would have been saying if he was going to get through he’d have to up his first serve percentage a bit. Now, suddenly, it seems to matter less because the rest of his game is so good. I would give him a 50-50 chance against Murray, but if he does up that percentage, and hits a few more aces, his chances will go up a bit I think.

    But for now, as Jonathan said, let’s just enjoy the fact he made it to the quarters 🙂

  31. Wow, third time lucky for the “Stanimal” then! No 6 hour final then this time. Amazing win for Wawrinka, really had the mental strength to fight off Djoker who needs to hit the practice courts and work on his volleys, easy shot to save match point there. Nadal looking firm to win this one then, Rog would have to put in an immense effort to possibly make it an all Swiss final, now that would be something. Allez!

  32. Stan is the man!!! Soo happy Djokovic is not in the final. But I would really like Dimitrov to beat Nadal. That would really make happy. 🙂

  33. Now, if Dimitrov can beat Nadal, he will have one new fan 🙂

    The problem here is, if he loses to Nadal, he will have given him a good workout on Roger’s patterns. So, from Dopal’s perspective, it’s a buy-one-get-one free sort of deal.

    1. I thought the same thing. We’ll see what happens. He will be especially pumped that Novak lost, so I’m saying he’s the one who’s winning it :/

    2. Exactly my thought. Nadal potentially has 3 straight single hand backhands to feast on, on his way to the trophy. He must be a happy man. Fudge!!!!!!

      If Nadal beats Dimitrov, I hope the Federer Murray match is a quick one irrespective of who wins so that fatigue isn’t a reason when facing Dull.

      1. And Federer has a decent chance against Murray, but come the semis and we all know what will happen against Dull. Murray has a better record against Rafa in Slams and his game isn’t easy for Nadal to break down.

        So even though I want Federer to win, realistically it probably doesn’t get better than the semis. I would rather Nadal not win and thus Murray to play him. Horribly negative way of looking at it, but can’t help it.

        Maybe Dimitrov has something to say though.

      2. The title is in Nadal’s hands, as long as he plays his standard level he doesn’t have any rival left. Maybe the only one who can have a chance is a 100% Murray’s version but just if the No 1 doesnt play at his level.
        If the hurt in the hand doesn’t bother him too much it smells like 14th…

      3. Pablo, considering the ardent Nadal fan that you are, why do you keep posting on the website?

      4. Pablo everyone has played with blisters and the pains of it, it´s nothing to be taken serious. Just another of Nadal´s weird habbits, soon he will be playing in gloves and start moon walking around the court like a buff Michael Jackson only difference will be Nadal grapping his ass 😉

    3. Two new fans! And a few more on here I suspect 🙂

      Maybe Nadal’s knees will finally give out. Or the umpire will put him off by calling him on time violations (one of them has been brave enough to do that this week). Anything can happen.

  34. Last I heard, Boris Becker wanted to write posts for Jonathan. Does he stand a chance? His posts will be so short, just like his points 🙂

    1. Hey Sid, that would be something right? Novak hires Becker and makes QF. What if after hiring Edberg Roger would win AO?? I think Novak would be like, why did I not hire him??

      But honestly (and I am not getting ahead of myself, still taking it one match at the time), if Roger wins AO, no matter how much money Edberg will be asking, Roger SHOULD hire Edberg fulltime !!! Even if that means taking out loans or selling one of his houses or land !!!

    2. I don’t think Boris can be blamed here, this was all on Djokovic, for the second year in a row now he was up a break in the fifth and couldn’t consolidate. It doesn’t look good for this new partnership but they only just started working together, Djoker got to work at his skills at the net, his lack of will to end points quicker last night cost him big time.

  35. Hey guys, some “good???” news in advance…. Stan beat Novak today after losing to him the first 14 times.
    So…. this means…. even if Rafa is in the final….. does not nessecarily mean that Stan will lose.
    But.. Stan has to go through Berdych first. A Rafa/Berdych-final would have only one outcome, not a good one…

    And… Roger and Rafa the only ones who have not lost a set yet….

      1. Stan has never beaten Djoker in 14 mettings, since 2006 when he was barely a kid… Why are you even on this blog? sheez…

    1. Katyani, Rafa/Wawrinka is a totally different matchup. Rafa’s topspin does a lot of damage to Stan’s main weapon of the backhand and it’s probably why he’s never won a set of him. If Rafa gets to the final, he’ll be very confident knowing the impeccable record he has against whoever is in the final.

  36. OK. So Stan won. My heart is filled with joy. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though…
    It is so unlikely for Dimitrov to win the match against Nadal.
    Of course I like Dimitrov and don’t like Nadal, BUT we are getting a major case of the “IFs”.

    One major upset in the other half dose not change the fact that Federer has to beat Murray tomorrow.
    After that and one more match we may dream!

    Lets hope, but not get carried away. It is what it is.
    Remember the plan: anything after QF is a bonus.

  37. Roger’s consecutive semi-final in slams record is in tact. For a while it looked like Djoker might have a chance of breaking that. Unfortunately, that makes Dull’s chances of winning this almost a certainty. Hope Roger has something to say about that.

  38. 1. Wether against Murray last year or Nadal in Cincy or Robrerdro in NY – wether top 10 or 120, I have not seen Roger play such a complete match in over a year and a half.

    2. I dont like the “back on 36 streak” or the “I’ve been in the quarters before” stuff from Roger in his post game. Some of that the stuff sounded subtly defensive/a little arrogant. Anyone who’s been dying with this guy for the last year has every right to be surprised about yesterday. Including Mirka. Maybe he needs that talk to pump himself up, but it makes me nervous!

    3. Novak gave a MASTER class in sportsmanship in his post match comments about Stan. That’s how a defeated champion should talk. Everybody should take note including “i can play 10 times better ” Serena and “courts are too fast” Rafa. Good for him. My opinion of the shirt-taker-offer-tarzan just went up a bunch of notches.

    4. Apparently from his tweets Roger was there for the Stan match. If he makes it to Rafa – hope it inspires him in the grit category. Loved his #nevergiveup tweet.

    1. Hey Alb, I also agree with you. I read all the things Novak said in his pressconf and that was all class. Every player could learn something from him about talking about defeat, even our Roger.
      But to be honest Novak could also learn from others how to behave after a win ON court. You can give speeches off court like a saint, but if you handle yourself the wrong way on court, then what is the purpose?
      Stan behaved so well after he won both sets and the match. I just watched the whole match on Eurosport. I like Novak kind of a lot, but when he acts like a mad man after winning a set, or after breaking back or after winning the match, then it is so hard for me to like him… How would he feel if after winning, Stan would take off his shirt and act like a gorilla? Actually Stan should have done just that to make Novak see how his opponent feels when he does that. I know everyone reacts differently and they have every right but Novak sometimes just goes too far (in my opinion).

      And about Roger’s arrogance…. to be honest…. I like it when he is arrogant !!!

    2. Loved his tweet to Stan post victory! And then all his favs tweeting him back saying go to bed Roger and get ready for Andy!! Hilarious! Yep I agree! Novak was very sporting and his whole team applauded Stan very generously! I am just looking at the Murray match! No further ahead! Backing Fed to come thru!

    3. I too have been impressed with Novak’s increased graciousness – not just that he’s done it but that he recognized it needed to be done.

      Something else he does more than – anyone else? – certainly than any of the other top guys – is to recognize & applaud an opponent’s fantastic shot with that little racquet-clapping. I always really appreciate it when he does that.

  39. You’d think nadal has enough money to buy some underwear that doesn’t creep up his arse…

    But if he plays the level he’s playing Dimitrov vs feds or Murray, I think he could be beaten, he’s not that impressive right now…

    1. Dimitrov played 3 great sets & still was down 2 sets to 1. Nadal plays clutch moments better than anyone in tennis.. got to accept the unfortunate fact.
      Hoping for a straightforward victory for some1 in last QF (hopefully Roger) so that the winner is fresh for the semi.. & yes hope Stan’s win inspires Federer to beat Nadal again (after so many years) in a slam.

    2. Simon,
      To be honest with you, out the of the remaining 5 players, I was afraid if Dimitrov!
      Dimitrov, shows Roger how to deal with top spin when it aims his backhand. The moonball return he applied today and before was impressive and irritate Nadal. I had said that before, for single handed backhand, I believe this is the only way but its exhausting task.
      but two thumps up Dimitrov, I admire your game.

      1. Dimitrov seemed to play that moonball to great effect. Neutralized the point in the same way Rafa does it with the slice deep to the backhand. Hope Roger picks that up.

  40. Unfortunate that Dimitrov missed that forehand on set point in the third. Nadal just a mental rock it seems, I’ve never seen the guy so emotionally pumped in a match in quite a while, this slam must mean a lot now that Djoker is out. Rafa serving quite poorly though because of his blister, I think Murray of Fed will have a good chance to challenge him in the semis.

  41. Hey guys, I just watched the third set tiebreak and then left for work. Respect BIG time for Dimi. He played great, but those setpoints…. well, it is done. Rafa in the SF. Hope Roger will not unconsciencely “tank”, because he CAN beat THIS Rafa…. Dimi troubled him a lot, Rafa was NOT unbeatable. This is Roger’s chance. Hope he plays amazing and great against Andy and if he wins, also against Rafa and Stan/Berdych. Hope that Edberg gave him some tips while they were waiting and watching Rafa’s match.
    But for now, focus only on Roger vs Andy. Not the injured Andy, because that is not the case.
    Come on Roger, I believe in you….

  42. Good 1st set from Roger, but now seems Murray is holding his serves a bit easier, so game on… Anyone watching live, can you pls comment on the level of play from both players?

    1. Fed’s level is very good and had a 81% FS until recently. Slight drop in his keeping UEs down, and Murray is starting to serve well and has so far done a good job keeping it to 1 break.

      In terms of level, I’d say Murray isn’t quite there yet, but is still playing well and serving ok. Federer has been pretty damn good, and the highlight reel will largely be filled with his play. Some good touches, but he’s losing more net points than we’d like.

    2. from 5-4 serving to 6-4 up in t/b to now having to fight all the way again in 4th.. Oh I wish he had converted either of match point and cooling his heels already… But then fight he must. Hope for a 4 set win.. maybe like 6-3… come on Roger.

  43. This could have been a masterclass if not for the last bit of the 3rd and all the break points of the 4th. So relieved he made it through.

    – Gotta love the way he admitted that he wastes break points more than other players. It’s a refreshing change to see him be more open about his weaknesses now. Similar to when he won against Jo and said that Murray has a better back hand than him. It shows that he’s embracing his weakness and isn’t trying to hide from them. Extremely positive stuff. He seems infinitely more relaxed, specially prior to a Rafa Slam match.

    – Now onto the Semis. The way Nadal played today, if it were any decent double hander (Ferrer, Djokovic, Murray) they would have wiped the floor with him. He’s lucky to have survived.

    – No real expectations against Nadal, but a win is LONGGGGG overdue and you never know. Just hope he doesn’t win his 14th.

  44. Phew !!! You love to scare us, right Roger???
    But glad you won, afterall, we were saying if you would make 4th round or QF we would be happy. Anything above this is a bonus. Now…. it is Rafa, BUT it is doable. Still no expectations for you, just me beeing proud of you !!! Lets take it Friday one point, one game, one set, one match at the time !!! Love you Roger !!!

  45. So happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Clearly nothing wrong with Murray’s back the way he fought back in that 3rd set, and held his own in the 4th. I so hate his stupid tantrums and swearing, back streching motions when behind as if to say “if I lose it’s due to this”.

    Fed won fair and square and is capable of winning this tournament.

    Now maybe Murray can take back that cheeky quip from the charity exhibition thing at wimbledon in the summer when Jimmy Carr said “that federer he’s a bit good isn’t he?”, and Murray replied “not any more he isn’t”.

    Even as a joke I find that very disrespectful – so maybe Murray can chew on those words for a while.

    If Fed should complete the Tsonga/Murray/Nadal/opponent from Djoks quarter quadruple – then in my opinion, with that tough draw, and bearing in mind his age, it will be the greatest single achievement in his entire career. Hoping and praying.

    This semi outcome will either leave me in the pits of depression (if caveman gets him again god forbid), or on cloud 9 fairyland. Please please Fed save your best tennis for Friday.

  46. And the dream continues, …., on a match by match basis.

    Didn’t think Rafa looked all that strong against Dimitrov. It was only lack of experience on the part of the Bulgarian that to prevented him to go two up on Rafa. It was almost a put away that he put away outside the court. Dimitrov clearly needs to get his half volleys in order. They were down right terrible today. Still a very good AO for him and, again, the dream continues….. on a match by match basis.

    1. yes one match at a time. & possibly 1 point at a time in the next match. Roger needs this win. He is playing well. Needs to get the mental aspect right. Maybe Stefan will help. Go Roger! win this for your fans!!!

      1. Apparently Stefan and Roger talked about tactics for playing Rafa in the off season. I read this on the “Facing Federer Book” official facebook page. Could be interesting if they’ve come up with something.

  47. This is, in my opinion, THE MISTAKE Roger is making upfront !!! He is letting Rafa know that he is STILL under his skin and in his mind. He should have kept his mouth shut and treat Rafa like any other player. Do not give Rafa and the Great Uncle Toni the feeling that they are important to Roger.
    Lets say Roger loses, then what? He will be crusified by all, they will be saying: you can never beat Rafa again, even taking on Edberg did not help !!!
    I love Roger, but seriously, he needs to keep quite sometimes. Don’t let Rafa think that he is THAT important. Now Rafa knows that Edberg has been teaching Roger how to defeat him. He has given Rafa too much ammunation.
    I love the dude, but like Jonathan and Ru-an are saying, he talks too much and should let his racquet do the talking !!!

    This is from the ATP-site:
    Federer has lost his past four meetings against Nadal and trails their FedEx ATP Head2Head 10-22, but the Swiss is hopeful that new coach Stefan Edberg can give him the edge in their 33rd meeting.

    “I’m happy I get a chance to play him in a slam again,” said Federer. “I’m looking forward to speaking to Stefan, because when we spoke together when he came to Dubai and we spoke about the game, we clearly spoke about playing Rafa, as well.

    “He thought he had some good ideas, so I’m looking forward to what he has to say. Clearly with Severin, he knows him inside out. I’m looking forward to hearing what the boys have to say. We’ll prepare. I hope I can get a win.”

    1. Well, yes and no. He knows and everybody know that He has at least a 50% chance of having to beat Rafa to win the slam, so I think it’s normal to take how to play rafa into account. Same as rafa’s game was taylor made to crush Roger’s game: lefty, moonball etc.

    2. And what exactly has he been doing till now, if not letting his racket do the talking? In fact, I daresay his racket is singing to high heaven.

      And regardless of whether he says it out or not, every one knows that Federer finds it hard to play Nadal, most of all the Nadal camp. And of course any camp is going to try and figure out a way to beat the opponent. It’s a given. He hasn’t said anything out of the ordinary. It’s quite a typical statement, akin to every player saying “You know my opponent plays extremely good, I’ll have to play my best other wise I won’t stand a chance bla bla bla…”

      If anything, it shows that Federer isn’t in denial. I admire that. He’s been more humble than normal over the past few days, saying stuff like Andy’s backhand is better than mine, other players have a better conversion ratio on Break Points etc.

      1. Humility is only useful so long as there’s some level of doubt as to what the belief is. What, did you want him to lie?

        Think instead of “I’m not the favourite”, the most common utterance of Nadal before any big tournament, particularly freaking Roland Garros. There’s being humble, and then there’s being stupid. I suggest you look up the difference.

      2. It’s not humble, he’s stating a fact. He doesn’t resort to false unnecessary self deprecation.

    3. Disagree. Roger is gradually getting more and more honest in his statements. There’s no point in hiding the fact that Rafa is IMPORTANT. If he does hide this, everyone including Rafa will understand that. Roger needs to admit his weaknesses in order to overcome them. I was very happy when he said to Courier that like other guys he can not convert most of the break points and is in fact getting used to that!!! Funny but true. By the same token he has also revealed about his preparation on Nadal match. There is absolutely no shame in paying respect to Nadal who has defeated him so many times. In fact IMO Roger’s mental blockage in Rafa-matches would be reduced if he appreciates and respects him more!! It may help Roger to win against Nadal….

      1. Hey Ankur, I understand what you are saying and I agree. Me, personally, I just don’t want Roger to get destroyed and burned if (hopefully not) he loses to Rafa. Most of it is mental, but he does not deserve to be humiliated like that.
        And I also liked the thing he said about him not converting BP and that he is getting used to that. That was my favourite quote. I love the fact that he says that. I am watching the replay of the match on Eurosport right now. And Andy just broke back in the third set at 5-5. Now, the Roger of last year might have been now less confident and lose kind of “hope” and would have lost the match from now on. But this Roger… he did not get upset (eventhough he was), but he composed himself and was focused and concentrated right away. Now that is improvement. Last year with low confidence he would not have done that. I have so much respect for Roger….

  48. Listen to the press “Federer takes advantage of back agony” clearly this must be the reason Murray did not win! Nothing to do with how amazing Federer played. If his back was painful in any way, would it be possible to fight back and win that 3rd set against Federer, the greatest of all time, displaying his best form for about 4 years?

    If the result was 6-2, 6-3, 6-2, you might have a case, as the score might suggest a lack of fight on Murray’s part.

    All this pathetic Murray wincing whenever losing an important point, makes me furious. It’s as good as saying, “here’s the only reason you got that shot”, it’s typical Rafa behaviour, how many times have we seen Nadal dying a painful death whilst receiving treatment only to come back and beat the guy anyway, humiliate his opponent even further, Nadal must be superman if he can still win matches whilst in as much agony as he is making out.

    Fed had a bad back year last year, how many times did we see Fed wincing whilst behind, as to provide everyone with an excuse? How many of his poor losses did the press blame on his bad back?

    Murray was outclassed today pure and simple.

    1. Perfectly summed up. Federer’s a class above in this regard. He doesn’t feign injury or become over dramatic on the court to gain the crowd’s sympathy or to make an excuse for a point lost during the course of his match. Testament to his greatness. Class act. GOAT!!

      1. Roger played a significant part of last year with a back problem and we got to hear that now that the back is good he is playing better, almost a year later.
        We get to experience Murrays back problems every ball he loses. Otherwise, it seems to be just fine.

    2. Hey Andyb, that is why we all love and respect Roger. Last year the critics went on about Roger aging and losing his step etc, all because Roger was a too much of a gentleman to talk about his REAL injury. He had it almost the whole 2013 and still he did not retire from a match. Class. Class and class.
      I read Andy was hitting serves of almost 200 km. Injured much?? Appearently everyone who is injured still finds a way to play lights out tennis against Roger…
      That is also why so many people love and respect Roger. He acts classy, is a gentleman and does not use his true injury as an excuse…

      1. Well said Katyani, Gaurav. I also think Djokovic deserves a compliment for how well he handled defeat by Wawrinka, especially when going for his 3rd title, and as it is the only slam he currently holds, he must have been devastated to lose, yet was the perfect gent at the end, no excuses, he praised Stan as fully deserving his victory. Has gone right up in my estimation, I much prefer Djokovic to Nadal and Murray.

  49. Wow just like everyone I am happy. But if somehow if Roger can beat Nadal. It would seriously make my day. If Federer can maintain , up the ante and convert more break points , and cut the Unforced errors. Then maybe you never know what can happen. Plus I think Rogers due a win against Nadal. I am praying that its this Semi finals Roger pulls it off. Still believing in the GOATno mmatter what. Come on. !!!! 🙂

  50. Nice to see Roger coming back, we will have a close match in SF, the best chance Fed can have with Rafa not at 100 % and in a fast court. I still give the No 1 favourite even with blisters, what he is doing is from another planet…
    BTW now Dimitrov is even more similar to Fed, he also cried like a little child after losing against the GOAT

    1. Agree with everything you said, except for all of it.

      “fast court”? Really? That’s like saying McDonald’s serves healthy food or your knowledge of tennis is actually worth something.

      Dude, appreciate if you’re gonna come on a Fed-centric site, but if you’ve nothing useful to say, then what exactly are you doing with your life?

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