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Superb Federer Cruises To Miami Open Title

The Swiss won his 28th Masters 1000 crown against a hobbled John Isner

Roger Federer is the  Miami Open champion for the fourth time in his career after producing yet another masterclass at the Hard Rock Stadium, taking apart defending champion John Isner 6-1, 6-4 in 64 minutes.

The win sees Federer collect his 28th Masters 1000 title and his 101st title overall; doing so in style by breaking the huge serving American four times and winning 32 of 35 points behind his own serve.

With an 18-2 record this year, the Swiss is still going strong even at 37 and he’ll now head over to the  European clay for the first time in three years with Madrid his first scheduled tournament which begins on May 5th.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Miami Isner 2019

Federer won the toss and elected to receive. An uncommon choice against a huge server but it paid off as Isner dropped serve instantly, losing the first point when he misjudged a high chip that he assumed was going out.

After converting his third break point for the lead, Roger consolidated the break to fifteen for 2-0. A love hold from Isner got him on the board but from there Roger went on a crazy run, holding to love, breaking again for 4-1, holding to love for 5-1 and breaking for the third time in the set to take it 6-1.

9 of the 10 sets Isner had played this week had gone to tie breaks but in this set, he barely won a point as Roger made just 2 errors, broke three times and got it done in 24 minutes.

Into set two and Roger was on the board with another love hold with a 1 minute and 16-second hold. to put the pressure straight onto the defending champion.

Isner matched it with a love hold of his own and the American finally found the groove on serve, holding his next two  service game to level 3 all.

Another quick hold put Roger up 4-3 and Isner took a medical timeout at the changeover asking the physio if he thought there was a stress fracture in his left foot.

Upon resumption, Isner held for 4-4 but he wasn’t moving well and the look on his face suggested retirement was imminent.

A love hold put Roger up 5-4 and a hobbled Isner bravely continued but only to go through the motions as Roger broke to take it 6-4.

Match Stats

  John Isner Roger Federer
Aces 9 6
Double Faults 2 1
1st Serve 74% 57%
1st Serve Points Won 59% (23/39) 100% (20/20)
2nd Serve Points Won 50% (7/14) 80% (12/15)
Break Points Saved 60% (6/10) 0% (0/0)
1st Return Points Won 0% (0/20) 41% (16/39)
2nd Return Points Won 13% (2/15) 36% (5/14)
Break Points Converted 0% (0/0) 40% (4/10)
Return Games Played 8 9
Winners 13 17
Unforced Errors 16 7
Net Points Won 36% (5/17) 100% (5/5)
Service Points Won 57% (30/53) 91% (32/35)
Return Points Won 9% (3/35) 43% (23/53)
Total Points Won 38% (33/88) 63% (55/88)

Shot of the Match


On Court Interview

Trophy Presentation

Press Conference

Thoughts on the Match

Federer Chip Miami 19

It was a dream start. It just relaxes your nerves and if you can hold your next game and go up two love you know youโ€™re in the match.

It would have taken something special for the opponent to come back. I felt like I broke too many times during that first set and maybe used too many jokers already for the second set. But the last game wasnโ€™t real anymore.

What a week its been for me. I’m just so happy right now. It’s unbelievable. I played here in 1999 for the first time and here I am in 2019. It means a lot to me.

A fantastic win for Roger here as he bagged title #101 and was by far the best player of the tournament so it’s fully deserved.

The final turned into a bit of an anti-climax after Isner’s foot problem ended it prematurely but in the first set Roger simply far too good. The second had all the hallmarks of going to a tie break as Isner found some better serves but from that medical timeout onwards it wasn’t a proper match anymore.

But for the parts that were, Roger was top class. To break Isner’s serve three times in a set is unheard of and he restricted John to winning 54% of points behind his first serve in the opener. The blocked and chipped returns work like a charm on this surface and there’s no better exponent of that type of play than the Fed Express.

Throughout the two weeks of tennis, we’ve seen such an array of creative plays from Roger and he maintained that today with his variety and patience to build the rallies without trying to pull the trigger too quickly; it was a quality display of controlled aggression that disrupted his opponent’s rhythm throughout.

Aside from a fourth Miami crown, the win also means the Swiss leads the race to London which seemed highly unlikely after the Australian open but he’s hit back in style, making three finals in a row and being the first player to win two titles in 2019. Top class.

Finally a word about Isner, I thought it was a great move that he played on despite being in pain and having zero chance of winning the match. There’s a lot of players out there who’d have retired but he thought you know what, it’s a final and I’m going to stay out here for a few more games and let Roger have his moment. Great sportsmanship from a guy who’s showed a ton of it throughout his career ๐Ÿ‘

Fed Miami Open Winner

As always let me know your thoughts on the final in the comments below. What was your favourite match of the tournament? The floor is yours.


Editor of Perfect Tennis and a big fan of Roger Federer, I've spent countless hours watching and analysing his matches. Alongside playing the sport, I also enjoy writing about the tour, rackets, strings, and the technicalities of the game. Whether it's breaking down the latest tournament results or discussing the latest gear innovations, I'm always eager to share my insights with fellow tennis enthusiasts.

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  1. Unbelievable performance throughout the whole tournament (barring round 2). Reminded me of Fed 2004-07. Nobody stood a chance.

  2. Very nice result and writeup & I especially liked your Isner special mention ! He is far more thoughtful & decent than TT gives him credit for. That presser was indicative & you can tell Roger rates him & genuinely likes him & his serve & thatโ€™s good enough!
    Agree his sticking around pushing through injury was admirable!
    Old man Fed leads the race & wins 4th Miami, itโ€™s thrilling !

    1. Yeah I like Isner. Fed clearly friends with him.

      Let’s be honest, most people’s judgement is formed from the following: “oh he liked a tweet by Donald Trump” “TALL MAN BAD”

      Completely clueless. If people looked into some of Federer’s ‘associates’ and were capable of forming an opinion, then he too would be “Swiss man bad” Bill Gates hardly a beacon of shining light, look at his statement to congress that time in the 90’s.

      1. Ye know too much…in the words of Little Britain ! But yes far too much judgement on John, his words to Fed were especially authentic & classy!

  3. Yeah, this was as good as it gets. Goes to show the importance of winning when playing poorly (or rather, not on his A-game) in the first match which in turn led to him playing probably his best stuff since 2017. Made it look straightforward physically too – easy to forget that he’s played the Sunshine Double in terms of matches. Nothing really more to say, well deserved and now for him to rest and recover. Thanks again for the posts this week Jon.

  4. Amazing display by Roger! Isner enters the final not having lost a set all tournament, and only losing his serve. three times. Next thing you know Fed has broken his serve three times in the first set! I wonder how often has that ever happened?

    1. I can only think of when Nole thrashed him 2 and 2 a few years back. Not sure if it was 3 times in a single set though! Damn, Grandpa Fed’s still got it.
      Shows how great Fed’s return is too, as it’s really only Nole’s and Agassi’s returns that get the ultimate plaudits. What Fed did to Isner’s serve today is up there with them on the top shelf.

  5. That’s some Fed-like speed in posting! Thanks so much, Jonathan! Fed was simply too good in that first set. I heard the commentator say, “He’s all over Isner like a rash!” Not a very pleasant simile, but that’s how it must have felt to Isner.
    Anyway, so happy to see fluid, creative Federer back and winning. And very much appreciate John’s sportsmanship and decency, in completing the match when he was visibly struggling. Not many players would have done that.

  6. Wow super quick post, thanks Jonathan. It’s been fun reading the blog this week and super to end with a title.

    If someone had asked me two weeks ago if I thought Fed might win Miami, I’d have said no, not really. But Fed you’ve played amazing. Thank you for just over a week of really good tennis. Something for us to remember throughout the clay season. Just such a good feeling right now.

    I think I enjoyed the Anderson match a lot – that bagel was nice and unexpected. ๐Ÿ˜„ Look how he’s nullified big servers this week!

    Like the colours on the pictures. Think they look cool.

    Also a shout-out to Isner. Real class to finish the match like that. A retirement wouldn’t have been quite the same, although fully justified. It gave the finish a better feel, thanks Isner.

    Allez the FedExpress. Please be like this at Wimbledon!

    1. Johnโ€™s words were super too & how good was Fed mentioning his coaches Davis Cup exploits and Roddick struggles v John in a match related back to his own thoughts when Isner was struggling maybe( then actually was)!
      That tennis brain, body and experience wrapped in a fine cloak of decency has given us a player of unprecedented quality and this very special person still wowing us on and off court !
      Thanks to you too Jonathan for always capturing his Fedessence in beautiful, timely writing , quips, quotes and clips & for the chance to share our thoughts with each other too. Perfect tennis is just magnificent !

  7. Wonderful play from Fed .
    Moved so well,read the serve,never any doubt who would win the rallies.
    Totally agree with your remarks regarding Isner.
    It was a fine gesture to play on when obviously in pain.
    I think we all know who would have retired at that stage.
    Rather a shame another incompetent line judge spoiled Feds moment at the end.
    But all in all,a great result.
    How interesting clay will be.

    1. Yes, it was quite a way out, although guessing Fed blocked the view slightly as he was going for it. Not too big a deal, the tennis had stopped being real play anyway.

  8. Who the heck makes 3 straight finals at this level at 37? Who the heck leads the race at 37? And who the heck leads the tour for match and title wins this season at 30-freaking-7?! Only Roger Federer, who has his mojo back for sure.
    The clay season should be a lot of fun going in as the in-form player on the ATP (LMAO!), as he has no real expectations on the surface, as well as a month to prepare for the most ideal clay court conditions possible for his game in Madrid. It’s all coming together isn’t it?
    Some of these performances in the Hard Rock Stadium though… dare I say JesusFed? All made possible from the match-tough experience he got from the high quality IW final with Thiem, toughing it out against Albot and handling the pressure from Krajinovic in the first set of their match. Ol’ Grandpa Fed really played his way into some form, rolling back the years doing so. If Dr Ivo can win matches at 40, surely Roger can keep going till then too. Body and family permitting, we can dream.

    1. Yes, Iโ€™ve thought this about Dr Ivo too, though thereโ€™s no pretending heโ€™s still playing โ€œat the highest levelโ€, which Fed always says is a criterion for him.

      1. Relative though, 2 years ago Karlovic was in the top 20. Career-high 14. So he was and still is playing at close to his highest level. 77 now. One good tournament and he’s back in the top 50.

    2. Yep he looked like younger Fed and actually very strong in the legs & body ….confidence is there stay healthy Roger!

  9. Thanks for quick turn Jonathan. As you called it, the match win against Albot was underrated. That was so crucial for him to come through, it made the rest possible. You also mentioned in the comments during that first part of the tournament that you did not expect Fed to go deep. Yet he found a way. He got better, stronger, more confident as the week wore on. He seems to be indefatigable right now. Go Fed.

    1. The Albot win was so good after the IW final too. Plus, considering Fed’s record in Miami between his second and third titles there, heck some years he skipped Miami entirely, it makes this run even more impressive.

    2. Thank you for using the word โ€œindefatiguableโ€ like it was a regular unexceptional word ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Me too then I proof read my posts, usually the day after publishing and find errors galore ๐Ÿ˜€

    3. The Albot match was crucial. I knew it was underrated, didn’t think it would turn out to be the key to the tournament. Somewhat like the Mayer won in Shanghai, although not quite as lucky or close.

  10. That was a great first set, we didn’t have time to be nervous. He is back to being consistent. I wonder what made that change happen? Even his first serve improved today. The other change I’ve noticed is that he is now winning long rallies and you are right, Jonathan, he builds up the rally and then woosh, the master stroke whizzes by.
    I totally agree with your last paragraph on Isner, what a sportsman, he apologised to Federer as he was having the medical time-out and didn’t retire, played it out. Also praised Federer in his speech. obviously liked him, asking him not to retire any time soon.
    This has been a great tournament for us fans, are we back to 2017 top standard.? The neo backhand is back or something very like it.
    Thanks for all your speedy write-ups, Jonathan, and giving us a great place to hang out after and before a match.

    1. I think a lot to do with the patience and consistency was to do with the surface. It suits that type of game. He won’t get away with it on other surfaces that are quicker and sit up more. So won’t be seeing that approach all the time.

      Backhand Neo 2017, not sure, I think he had more power and conviction on it then. Also seemed flatter.

  11. Quick and good post again Jonathan. What a first set that was. Roger turning back the years. And what a classy guy John is, always has been. It’s a shame it had to end like this, but the way Fed was playing he had it done in 2 anyway.

    1. Cheers. Yeah the result never seemed it doubt. Maybe Isner would have forced a tiebreak if he hadn’t been injured but it felt like Fed had the measure of things.

  12. Wow, what a performance! the Tour appears to be getting younger with an old man leading the London race. Many thanks Jonathan for all your excellent write-ups. Roger took me onto Cloud 10 and your posts will keep me here ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ , until Madrid.

  13. Really a peRFect performance. Roger was simply fantastic fantastic! It was the happiest event all along the tournament an increasing excitement match after match.
    A bit of an aftermath Isnerโ€™s injury. But Roger was just himself: a true champion ! Un Maestro!
    Thanks Jon for such a quick recap!!

  14. This is “grandpa”?!?!??? Don’t think so. More like…”your daddy” , field. That’s right, fedfans can easily afford to be cocky after 101.

  15. So happy ! What an achievement ! Fed’s Wikipedia page will soon explode : not enough room to tell all his deeds. I loved the Anderson match especially. Big John is a gentleman, along with Fed. Congrats to Jonathan and have a well deserved rest too !

  16. Actually it’s his 3. tour-win this year – Hopman Cup he won with Belinda – (I know it doesn’t count except for 2019 omen).

    1. True, but no points or H2H etc. I wonder if they will relocate from Perth. Fed seemed like he had some inside info when asked about that, like he didn’t think it would just disappear.

  17. Actually one can get a little tired of these grandpa comments,olderer etc.
    As far as I am concerned a supremely fit 37 year old is a force to be reckoned with.
    Experience,guile,mental fortitude.
    No wonder he is still winning masters 1000.๐Ÿ˜Š

  18. [Great sportsmanship from a guy who’s showed a ton of it throughout his career ]

    That is the only thing that I like about John Isner. He is courteous, no-nonsense, sporting. Everything thing other than his game play is great.

  19. So do we *know* for *sure* that he’s playing on clay, and if so – which tournaments?

    I would love, love, LOVE to see a deep run at R-G. It would be head-explodingly awesome.

    1. He is playing Madrid, Ferrer’s last tournament. And RG. There is space in there if he goes out early in Madrid to fit in Rome or a 250 event.

  20. Can’t believe Roger made the first set look so easy..mind over
    matter eh? Classy Federer, classy Isner and a classy post from
    Jonathan, many thanks x

  21. Thank you so much for write like you do! Really I wait for your blog and comments of all people here. Today was a gift this match. So sad a cause of this good boy called John Isner, he stayed playing till the last breath, I think, for respect.

    and remembering Piquรฉ “Las piernas le dan para lo que le dan”:-) He may be is asking till now what the hell does it mean?;-)))) what a pair of legs , Roger!!!!!

    1. I’m wondering, and perhaps Jonathan can dig this out…is 3 the least points someone has lost in a match (say in a two set win)? I mean, that;s just crazy, isn’t it? Three points? And in a final? Against the defending champion?

  22. Thank You, Jonathan, for your prompt report on Roger’s performance today, who ever looks so happy!
    Congratulations to Roger, a Bravo to John Isner for competing with injury.

  23. FU***** Thiem. Had to win his first Masters on hard courts against Federer when he can do it on clay against you-know-who. Could have been a fourth Sunshine Double. All Fed’s previous three Miami titles are from Sunshine Doubles.

    1. The good news is, the nearly-sunshine-double-missed-by-a-stinking-point-not-won is a good yardstick to assess how Roger will do for the rest of the year. Or, am I getting ahead of myself?

    2. I guess, “FU*****” Thiem is a great compliment for him. To defeat the King in one of his strongholds is a Double Big Title for him. Next to come on clay and no stop this year. Thiem is born for slams and big matches.
      I will be happy if you repeat “FU…” once or twice more this year ๐Ÿ™‚ Other than in Paris, where you would praise him for stopping Nadal, right?

      1. I love Thiem. He has defeated He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named twice on clay. Just hoping he saved his best for the clay court season and let the 73 year old man get a Sunshine Double. ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. @Mohammed Akbar
        I see. What’s the reason of your Thiem-love. Don’t like such negative fandom.
        Given, how Fed was playing in IW and Miami, the only reason for different outcomes in both seems to be Thiem. It was indeed a great effort for him. I know, it was not the last one on surfaces other than clay. You don’t beat in-form Federer in Indian Wells by accident (Isner match has proven this perfectly.) I know, Thiem will be a force on hard courts too. A bit early to think about next Double Sunshine.

        US Open before and some others hard court big tournaments.
        Just like Thiem disabled Roger’s Slice&Volley in IW, Roger disabled Isner’s shooting from the heaven in Miami. Just the way I expected . Thiem in Miami final would be bigger threat. Thiem is changing his schedule from playing everything to go for less but better.

      3. The only player who can stop Rafa on clay is Rafa and the player who can put him is more trouble is obviously the Djoker not Thiem who got absolutely destroyed last year.

  24. Amazing display by Roger in the finals. Two of the biggest servers in the game today were put in their place by the master winning the first sets 6-0 and 6-1. I think the main thing that won him this title on this surface is Roger playing controlled aggression keeping his unforced to such lows that I don’t recall happening in the past. Hope he keeps this mindset for the clay season. How cool would it be if 102 happens on clay!!!

    1. Yes, he definitely got used to the surface and adapted his game accordingly. Everyone else played their natural game and it didn’t work too well for a lot of players. Thiem, for example, his serve was taken apart. Of course IW prob played a part with a letdown but shows you needed to change it up.

  25. I wouldn’t have expected this after IW. Since the AO Roger has been doing better than his biggest rivals, Djokovic and Nadal.

    1. The only things these 3 guys care about at this stage of their careers is GS’s. Nadal is dealing with injuries and the Djoker is simply coasting.

    2. Times get up and down. Now is up. Hopefully that continues further. Fed looks strong, confident and consistent. High spirited. More fun seems the priority – a good decision IMO.

      1. I like how he mentions his kids all are involved in this & so the family approach also adds a dimension heโ€™s instructing and educating and enjoying it all with them. Mirka and the kids all excited, waving, blowing kisses at the ceremony….just gorgeous that family & the full extended family team approach.

  26. Wow. 100% of points won behind his first serve is just insane. Interesting Fed only came to net 5 times – maybe v. Wary of Isnerโ€™s ability to pass HIM.

    I was positive Isner was about to retire after about the first point of the last game. You could visibly see him pull himself together and make the decision that no, even if all he could do was stand there, by golly, he was going to do it. And by golly, he still won a few points. Respect for that. Iโ€™m thinking, Roger; this not the time to help him hold.

    Hilarious how people were breaking out with the dalmatian theme after because of the โ€œ101โ€ aspect. Took me a while to get it.

    Thank you Jonathan as always for your thoughtful analyses and prompt posts and encouraged discussions.

    1. [ Interesting Fed only came to net 5 times]

      No need to do that if you’re serving imperious. Never had the need to shorten points. Don’t need to do it if someone isn’t hurting you with mid to long rallies.

      1. ok, no need to serve and volley if the point is already over; but what about in return games? Does the size of Isner’s serve also somehow preclude coming to net later in the point? Or something else about his service points? Or they never got long enough either?

    2. I don’t think Fed felt the need to come to the net much. Winning points easily on serve and in total command from the baseline if there was a rally. He is always going to back himself from the baseline against these guys.

      As for on the return – the opportunities are limited. Outcome is either Isner ace, block a return and try and make Isner play. Then work the point if you get into it.

  27. Many thanks for all the write ups and for collecting all the memorable moments in one spot. I am so glad this ended in another title for Fed and after he first played in Miami with a wild card 20 years ago. Awesome …

  28. It is interesting to see that 6 out of 12 players taking part in the last Hopman Cup had a good or excellent run in some or all of the tourneys played over the 1st three months of the year :
    Ash. Barty : won Miami
    A.ย  Kerber : runner up IW
    L.Pouille : SF AO19
    F.Tiafoe : Quarters in Acapulco and Miami
    B.Bencic : won Dubai – Quarter in IW.
    … and Tutankroger, pharaon of tennis, of course, too long to enumerate.

    Hopman cup was definitely a good preparation.ย  Too bad it died.

    1. FBF, Tiafoe also made it to the QF in AO if I remember correctly.

      Too bad Hopman is no more. Great event.
      However, it means that Roger will hold the record for events won. Forever. *Evil laugh*

  29. First Miami title won without winning Indian Wells. All three are part of Sunshine double.

  30. Today’s final, superb and sublime. The tennis world goes crazy, again. I can only imagine how exciting it is for Roger, his family and team when he completes at such a level and comes away with “the silverware”. #101, gliding around the court!!!!!! Credit to John Isner, that was a tough situation and he handled it as best he could.

    Anyone else anticipating a bit of withdrawal until Madrid at the beginning of May? ๐Ÿ˜ข

    1. Nah, we have lots and lots of super exciting thrilling goose bumps generator electrifying challenger tournaments to watch until then.

      1. Bring ’em Jonathan. FedFans need to prepare for the clay court season too ๐Ÿค“

  31. Definitely the best he has played since the Australian Open last year .

    He lost 15 games combined in the Quarters, Semi and Final. Superb level.

    The way he has been constructing points in Miami and making few errors bodes well for the clay court season.

    On a side note where can we get the mint green jacket Fed was wearing this week? Uniqlo’s UK store doesn’t seem up to standard or up to demand at the moment.

  32. Wow Federesque post, you’re superb, too, Jonathan.
    Crazy stats in a final and against one of the best servers on tour! Awesome to watch, such a joy. He was focused, sharp, and patient, moving like a kid (thanks Sue for the language lesson ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), not mention his smart tactics. But the most impressive thing about him is his ability to adapt to the condition/opponent. He struggled and couldn’t get the timing right to the slowami court at first then got better and better quickly and BOOM! Really enjoyed his variety of shots. And the speech…pure class. Love him! John Isner, yes agreed with everyone, he’s class as well.

    1. Thank you Jonathan, enjoyed it. In his last answer, sounds like the guys in the 70s and 80s were partying hard! Seriously though, he is so balanced.

    2. Roger give us such a goat interview. I’d love to have him as my dinner guest.
      Always amazed by his memory bank but how on earth he could even remember somebody else’s match as well?
      Thanks for the video, Jonathan.

  33. Amazing performance, been a while since we witness JesusFed. What a week heck what a month – 3 consecutive finals with 2 titles. Itโ€™s a great response after early exit at AO2019. My respect to Isner too for not retiring and finish his last service game. Roger still have that child like joy just being on court playing tennis unlike other players who looked rather be at some vacay spot. He has been playing tennis for 20 years and counting. Canโ€™t for Roger to be back on red clay in May.

    1. She could arrange an ATP party, inviting all runner-ups and let them drink Moet&Chandon from corresponding vases. If some trophy is not a vase, the poor runner-up will get a cola can ๐Ÿ˜‰

  34. “Throughout the two weeks of tennis, we’ve seen such an array of creative plays from Roger and he maintained that today with his variety and patience to build the rallies without trying to pull the trigger too quickly; it was a quality display of controlled aggression that disrupted his opponent’s rhythm throughout.”
    Jonathan, so true but you spelled a word wrong…should be riddum.
    Roger behaving like a 10 yo in a candy store and the rest of us caught the virus. We fans deserve this win along with the kid!
    Great comments here. Why do people think “serve-bots” aren’t class acts? Born into a body that is a challenge to play tennis.
    Use your assets and work hard on movement.
    Well, Isner said no matter what , he wasn’t going to win, foot pain or not. Wonder what Nadal or Djoker would have said?

    1. Yes, I thought that was a classy comment. I am going to be a fan of John Isner. He seems to be a nice boy and I don’t see anything wrong with his tennis playing either.

    2. Cheers Sue.

      Why do people say Isner is a serve bot? He has a pretty decent forehand and can actually stick in points. Raonic is more reliant on his serve IMO.

      1. I don’t understand when people criticize something that someone has no control over. Schwartzman has no control over his height but makes the best of it. Same with everyone else who doesn’t have the perfect tennis body or whatever. BUT, people’s behavior is what we should be after. Some think it’s ok to threaten to kill a line judge. OR think Fed has an advantage in a match from the chair ump. Geez.

    Tsitsipas is such an asshole. Just like his dad, my tennis coach knows both guys in person.
    What about all the weird stuff he made during the AO match against Fed ?
    * taking much too much time between his serves, unfortunately the umpire stopted going for it after the first warning.
    * taking way too much time when Fed was ready to serve.
    * changing one single shoe at 0-15 (Fed serving) just one point after the changeover.
    * the two massage-time outs without a medical purpose by the end of set #4.

    Mouratouglu (part of the Greek tennis mafia) said it was part of the intended game plan to break Fed’s rhythm in an interview after the match.
    And this guy is talking about privileges Fed is getting from the umpire? What a stupid guy – shame on him, this guy has no respect for the ONE AND ONLY AMBASSADOR of our sport.

    1. You neglected the foul Greek rants at Fed during the match. The guy bullshits Fed is his idol but acts like the worst sport out! The carry on with Medvedev is indicative too of the family they seem to promote the feud!
      Imagine having the advantage of tennis parents but they stupidly handed over his tutelage to that big head, self promoter Mouratoglou ?
      The kid is doomed if something doesnโ€™t change as this lack the of sportsmanship may undermine what was a pretty attractive skill set & package ! The years fly by and all of a sudden you are a Tomic or semi unloved Joker !

      1. I share your worry Katie, IMO his radiation has darkened considerably during the last 2 years or so. It’s my impression, he hasn’t learnt from Roger’s generosity. Ambition can be a dangerous dancer, you have to choose between it serving or ruling/obsessing your purpose.

    2. Yeah I’m not a huge fan of Tsitsy to be honest.

      Anyone who is tweeting meaningless platitudes with zero life experience raises question marks ๐Ÿ˜€

      And some of his antics are left to be desired.

      1. “Anyone who is tweeting meaningless platitudes with zero life experience raises question marks”
        Word up, man !

    3. My opinion of this guy is changing in a big hurry. And Mouratouglu is such an idiot. Didn’t he leave his wife for Serena?

  36. Folks, what do we think of Fed’s opinion on his two missing masters? He’s come so close (at least in MC), why not tune up in those this year? He’s not going to win the FO, but if the draw falls right, he could fill a resume gap and snag another masters. The insufferable Djokovic fans are all about the golden masters. How much does this hurt Fed in the record books’ comparison, and why isn’t he bothering?

    I think it’s pretty clear he wants to break Connors’ title record, despite his comments to the contrary, but he seems so blase about MC and Rome. If anything, I’d say the latter are more meaningful.

      1. The important thing for me, and I hope for crowd and most fans too, is to watch the fun and love to hit the ball creatively. Fed has done it for a flappergasting long time, brilliantly. Spirit is it – numbers and stats not the goal, but an eventual benefit, which might help to keep up the spirit. But other things do so too.
        It seems to me, that Rog is very excited to give the dirt a go again. And this is contagious – a nice spiral could carrie him somewhere, we don’t know. Exciting – cannot wait

    1. Jonathan, it must be tempting for Fed to go after MC and Rome. So yes I agree it’s interesting that he chose Madrid as the one masters to enter. Seems like he’s playing where he (and or his team) want him to play. Almost like he’s now establishing to his rivals and the pundits that the golden masters is not a goal of his. If he was after Connor’s record, wouldn’t he skip Madrid and enter 250s/500s?

      Question … I know there’s a ton of history and politics with the ATP. But I don’t get the clay season. Why does the tour offer 3 masters followed by a slam within 8 weeks? And then zero masters on grass leading up to Wimbledon?

    1. And he equalled his best with 3. Lost just 3 to Karlovic in Miami 2014.

      My goal is usually to win a game without dropping three points ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Damn I got that same wrong + 2 more. But you have known him for longer, don’t you?

  37. Fed’s digging at Nike? ๐Ÿ˜†
    โ€œI really hope to go to do press conferences like this now,โ€ he says, motioning to his fitted jeans and rolled up sleeves, โ€œbecause I donโ€™t have to wear tracksuits anymore. I donโ€™t have to wear all these things. Itโ€™s nice to finally look good sometimes, you know?โ€
    Roger Federer and Adam Scott: In Conversation by WWD

    1. Thanks for this, Wanda, doesn’t he look amazing – the hips! the shoes!
      I’m astonished that he actually had to wear something he disliked with Nike.
      Interesting that he worked with U to create his tennis outfit, so maybe he liked the collar, something a bit different from the others.

    2. Quote of the week: “You can’t peak everywhere”.
      Of course not.
      If you did, it would be a plateau, right?… ๐Ÿ˜›

    3. I wonder if he’ll wear those white jeans on court? Doesn’t look like they will droop like the shorts!
      Look back to SW19 2017 and check out his Nike whites. So much better than U. In my opinion.

    1. $40 for parking in an Industrial area, geez. IW started at 10, then 20 and now 25. They have a system there that can park thousands of cars in no time. A grass lot with 5 lanes to enter. You drive about 1/2 km before you pay. Very little back up onto the street.

    2. I understand about the empty seats behind the walls. On centre court, I bet the Captain Kirk seats are very expensive. Corporations buy them up and use them for business. The real fans are out on the grounds watching on the big screen.

  38. Looking back on the march masters, the thing I’m most optimistic about is Roger’s low UEs count.
    That was a main issue in late 2018, where his racquet leaked errors from both wings and it made him try even harder to close out the rally with a high risk shot.
    Now he’s playing patiently, mixing it up and waiting for the right moment to strike.
    Very encouraging for the rest of the season.

    His movement is great so far in 2019, which proves that the decision to go for the clay has already paid dividends.
    Another important thing – it seems Roger is more focused on tennis this year than the last.
    Last year with the move to Uniqlo, Laver Cup promotion, new sponsorship deals and philantropic work it seemed Roger was a bit distracted.
    Remember that LC promotion in Chicago between IW and Miami? After a heart breaking loss to Delpo, with little rest and preparation he came to Miami and had a terrible match.
    We’ve seen this year that the transition between events isn’t easy especially when a player is in IW until the end of the event – Thiem didn’t make it through his opener, Roger had to fight it out.
    Imagine if Roger managed to escape that Kokkinakis match, maybe things would have been different. Even a QF run would have guaranteed world no 1 until Wimbledon and could send him to his hiatus in a different mood.

  39. Roger hurt his wrist in the beginning of the Halle tournament-week. This mainly changed everything and led to the “unfedereresque” rest of the season…

  40. I kept meaning to post on this, but then got distracted by the extra additions to the page, and never did! (Actually, I don’t think I’ve watched the highlights yet – bye!) Seriously, delighted for Roger, just a bit disappointed at how it ended.

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