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Sublime Federer Topples Djokovic in Dubai

Well what can you say about that other than immense? It's been long overdue but we got a rip-roaring performance from the GOAT as he defeated Djokovic 3-6 6-3 6-2 to book his place in the Dubai final.

As per my match prediction I gave Roger about a 20% chance of winning this one but he delivered on all fronts and proved me wrong. From start to finish he showcased his brilliance in all areas of the court and defeated a guy who is currently in his prime. Quite an amazing feat and just shows there's still some amazing tennis left in this guys legs.

The serve and aggression were of course the key and he was able to hit all of his shots with conviction here. Looks like now he can move freely without the back hindering he's in a much better space mentally and there's a boatload more self belief. Looks like the new racquet helps a little too ;).

Quick Match Recap

Federer def Djoker

The second point of Djokovic's opening service game decided the intensity and excitement of this match. And it also decided the outcome of the first set. Let me explain, at 0-15 the Serb came up with an incredible get to win a point he had no right to. Roger played almost the perfect point yet Djokovic tracked down a drop shot to stay alive. To make matters worse had Roger had the nouse to challenge he'd have won the point as hawkeye deemed it out.

You could see that this rattled Roger mentally and scrambled his senses, it was like getting caught by a sucker punch. In fact you could liken it to Djoker's return in the USO Semi Final on match point in 2011; it just threw him.

Looking mentally shot Fed then got broken in his opening service game and Djokovic strolled into a 3 love lead.

Roger then won 5 points in a row to hold and create 0-30 on the Djokovic serve before having a chance to break back. That got snuffed out with some clutch play from Djokovic as he moved into a 4-1 lead.

A couple of close games later and Djokovic served for it at 5-3. On set point Roger came up with tennis from another planet to find deuce but Djokovic didn't bat an eyelid and fired down two big serves to take it 6-3.

That was the key difference here as when Djokovic came up with something special Roger blinked. But when Roger came up with something special, Djokovic didn't and that's why he won the set.

After seeing the stat that all 16 of Federer's wins against Djoker had come after he won the first set I wasn't too optimistic about his chances in the second.

The first bit of drama came at 2 all where Roger had to save a break point. Whereas the point at 0-15 decided the outcome of the first set, the sequence of points from 30-40 here decided the outcome of match.

We've gotten used to Roger wilting and dying under pressure in several match over the last couple of years but here he stepped up to the plate. It was clutcher than clutch and he pulled off an incredible hold with some quite incredible shotmaking when he needed it most.

Adrenaline fired up he then created 0-30 on the Djokovic serve before the heavens opened, that didn't break his momentum though as broke the Djokovic serve for the first time when play resumed and then went onto close out the set 6-3. He dropped only 1 point behind his first serve in this set and was serving peRFectly.

Third set shootouts are always tough to call but with Roger's game clicking he used momentum, chip charge and his backhand down the line to make Djokovic doubt himself.

Some Edberg like net rushing saw him create a break point chance in Djokovic's opening game and a double fault put Federer into a 1-0 lead.

Consolidating was always going to be key and at 15-40 it didn't look pretty but back to back aces and another epic point saw Federer hold for a 2-0 lead. Has there ever been a better player at finding a timely ace? 15-40 and he fires down 2 huge first serves. Genius.

2-0 became 3-1 30-40 and again Roger had another chance to break, the first he played too passive but he soon got a second bite of the cherry and took it with a sweet passing shot.

A hold for 5-1 meant Roger had won 9 out of the last 11 games and after Djokovic held for 5-2 it was the moment of truth…

Shank 0-15, FH long 0-30, big serve 15-30, error 15-40 and it's not looking good. He then digs deep to make deuce, winning another epic rally in the process and then closes it out to take his first match point. Boom, it doesn't get any better than that does it? πŸ˜€

Match Stats

N.Β Djokovic R.Β Federer
Aces 5 7
Double Faults 2 0
1st Serve % 62% 60%
1st Serve Points Won 36/53 (68%) 35/46 (76%)
2nd Serve Points Won 19/33 (58%) 18/31 (58%)
Winners 24 26
Unforced Errors 23 20
Break Points Saved 4/7 (57%) 5/6 (83%)
Service Games Played 13 13
1st Return Points Won 11/46 (24%) 17/53 (32%)
2nd Return Points Won 13/31 (42%) 14/33 (42%)
Break Points Won 1/6 (17%) 3/7 (43%)
Return Games Played 13 13
Total Service Points Won 55/86 (64%) 53/77 (69%)
Total Return Points Won 24/77 (31%) 31/86 (36%)
Total Points Won 79/163 (48%) 84/163 (52%)

Both guys with a positive winner to unforced error count, shows how high quality the match was. Federer showing us how its done at the net πŸ˜‰

Shot of the Match

Thoughts on the Match

Federer after defeating Djokovic

Not sure where to start with this one but it's definitely one of those matches to savour. We'll be seeing points from this one in Federer tribute videos for many months to come that's for sure.

I can say with certainty that it's the best match I've seen him play for a while. We got some good ones at the Australian Open when he defeated Tsonga and Murray but beating prime level Djokovic 6-2 in the third set coming from a set down is uncharted territory.

I said in my last post that quick courts + Federer = awesomeness. So to see him use hyper aggression, chip charge + his backhand down the line and come out on top against the defending Champion is even better.

I think it was Robbie Koenig who once said in commentary something like “this guy is just so talented it's beyond a joke” and he couldn't have been any more spot on. Some of the shots he comes up with are just ridiculous and there's about 10 from this match alone. It's highlight reel to remember.

We've always known Roger is on another level talent wise though but today he also showed that he is mentally in a much better place than last year. Back issues are no more and the new racquet is an extension of his arm meaning he can move freely and trust himself.

The main thing that impressed me was of course saving that break point in the 2nd set but also the way he showed composure on several 30 all moments. There were some pretty huge points out there today and he came through every test. It would have been easy to just fold as Djokovic struck sweetly off both wings but he found that extra shot when he needed it.

It's also added some substance to Roger's own claims; he's said many times he knows he can still compete at the top level but the press and fans have doubted him. Today he answers the critics once more and finally delivers on his word. It's a good day to be a Fed fan πŸ™‚

Predictions vs. Berdych

Federer Berdych AO 2009

Although this match was worthy of being a final Fed must now face the resurgent Tomas Berdych if he's to win a 6th Dubai crown.

If you thought Roger had a bad 2013 then Berdych definitely did winning zero titles. But this year he's started with a bang, making the semi finals in Australia and winning Rotterdam. Fair to say he's looking dangerous.

He also beat Roger here last year in the semi finals so he is going to be a big test. Considering Roger's track record against this guy on fast courts this match is definitely not a foregone conclusion regardless of how well he played today.

I think Fed can get the job done here but he's going to have to play at a similar type level to the Djoker match. Holding his own serve and taking the chances on the Berdych serve are going to be key. Those chances will definitely come but Fed will need to be ruthless and make sure he doesn't slip up in any of his own service games.

The Berdych game is the biggest on tour and there's no chance that Fed is going to out hit him from the baseline so he's got to play smart and aggressive tennis. We always stress variety and I think that will work here, we saw today how effective coming to the net can be so he must continue with those plays.

Berdych is nowhere near capable of producing passing shots like Djokovic when on the run so I think coming forward will definitely be profitable. Berdych may be able to out muscle most but he lacks variety and the ability to really hustle. I always cite his mental weakness but I reckon Fed should be able to exploit his stretch backhand and ghost into the net for easy put aways. We shall see πŸ™‚

Anyway I'm picking Fed to get it done, it'd be a much needed title and although a loss wouldn't undo his good work totally it'd be a kick in the balls he can do without. Fed in straights, 7-5 6-4. Allez!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Nervous at beginning, scared after 2nd game, doubting after first set, annoyed by rain delay, hoping after second set, beleiving after first break in the third, relieved after the double break and happy after he won MP… Actually happy is not enough. Can’t even find the words to describe the feeling πŸ˜€
    Thank you Fed for all these sensations you give us! Now onto this final and win this title!!

    And the bonus is we get another live chat and another -celebration?- post tomorrow πŸ™‚ Thanks Jonathan for your amazing posts, and live chat was the best idea ever πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. Very nonchalant too, just throws in a long comment. None of this “First?” business. I like it!

      And thanks, yeah Live Chat has been a good addition for sure!

      1. And winning this post’s completes my hapiness – which already was beyond any words- πŸ™‚
        I heard there are people who claim that the ranking system here is flawed lol proves them wrong maybe? ?
        Anyway, already super excited about tomorrow, but still not getting ahead of myself πŸ™‚ We can never know these days… All the indicators are positive though πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  2. At least I’m the runners-up! Epic match, couldn’t watch it, but thanks to Live Chat, I managed to catch some of the action and celebrate with everyone πŸ˜€

      1. I’ll try to watch it on PC this time ;), then there won’t any problems with limited streams available on mobile πŸ˜‰

  3. I have talked about the match between these two at the 2012(?) final of the Tour Finals. This was the same type of match except Roger won. On fast hardcourts you can expect quality tennis from each of these guys playing each other.
    Basically I couldn’t breathe during the first two sets and after the 2nd, ah!!! a decider. But mentally what impressed me was Roger losing the 1st set but winning the match. The mental confidence is so important and he showed that today. Nothing slipped away and I have high hopes tomorrow.

    1. “I have talked about the match between these two at the 2012(?) final of the Tour Finals. This was the same type of match except Roger won.”

      Ah, *that* sort of quality :).

      Count me in among the “oh no, here we go again”-ers when he lost his first service game. I’d said earlier in the day that he couldn’t expect to get past Novak if he did stupid things like that, but it turns out that I was wrong. I couldn’t believe my eyes watching the scores in the 3rd set: I know Djokovic hasn’t been playing his best this year, but even so I was surprised that it seemed relatively easy.

      Am now hoping for an equally positive result tomorrow, and that Roger will put that little mental problem he has with Berdych in a tupperware box and hide it away somewhere where it can’t get out πŸ™‚

      1. ” Djokovic hasn’t been playing his best this year, but even so I was surprised that it seemed relatively easy”…well, he was in great touch tonight though. Both of them produced some incredible shots…it’s a 1hr 50 min highlights!

  4. I couldn’t watch it because i was at my university, and tomorrow i’ll be there too, so i won’t be able to watch it, either. But i was soo hoping for a win today! I’m so glad he made it!! Now, i don’t want just a final.. I want the title! πŸ™‚ I’m sure he wants it too, but i’m worried about this match against Berdych, he beat him there last year, and the US Open in 2012.. so i don’t know. Good Luck, Roger!

      1. I concur with this statement. I’ve been skipping lectures for years now, and there’s suddenly a chance that might allow me to watch a tennis match, not just sleep?! I think the tactical “I was too busy with goats” excuse works best.

  5. Great match, but funny how Djoker pulled a Federer: His first game in the third set was terrible: 2 consecutive backhand unforced errors (extremely easy ones at that) then double fault… Anyways, I’ll take that! πŸ˜€ Come on, Rog! better get his hands on that silverware! πŸ˜›

  6. Hi Jonathan

    I am without doubt delirious with joy that Fed won – I have no voice left from shouting come on fed at the television set (yes I know I am sad) I throught after he lost his opening service game we were in for another rocky ride but the way he came back – hung tough (not sure if that is good English – but what the hell) and then just got stronger and stronger, it was beyong joyous to see him play the way he played today – Hopefully his confidence is so high that he can win his maiden title of the year – he so deserves to be back on top – C’mon Roger Allez

  7. Happy as long as top 10 finish for me!

    OMG, he made my day! Quite impressive win as an 32 years old man, wasn’t it? Such a treat, utterly a great match to watch and fun to be on the chat with fellow Fedfans, so thanks Jonathan. Also a great post!

    When Fed lost his first service game, thought ‘oh no not again’, but thank God he played tough and produced some inspiring points. Is he rising up there again, guys? Hat off to him really deciding to change his racket and coach and trying to get better. I admire him dearly. Now interesting to read the press who dismissed him πŸ˜‰

    Already beyond my expectation so just wish him playing well tomorrow. Allez!

    1. “Now interesting to read the press who dismissed him”

      I’m sure Simon Briggs from the Torygraph was one of those who was saying in the middle of last year that Roger should retire – does anyone remember? Then a few months later when he was suddenly playing better again he was lauding him as if nothing had happened.

    2. They all write him off to sell a few more copies or get some more pageviews. I just think it’s quality that a 32 yr old is defeating a guy in his prime with some attacking tennis.

      Dimitrov flying the flag for attacking tennis too. Good to see.

  8. I’m lost for words, brilliant fantastic wonderful awesome incredible!!! There’s so much I could write…thank you Roger Federer, you really are the God of tennis. Hopefully this’ll shut those arrogant doubters up. Robbie Koenig it was who said “the guy…..beyong a joke!” during 2011 Rome masters after Fed hit that tweener against Gasquet, but still would ironically lose the match. Nevermind, today was a fantastic win! Come on Roger Federer!! 6th Dubai title comin’ up!

  9. Hey, great post. Beautifully summed up, equal to Fed’s beautiful play! It all worked today, serve, chip and charge, defensive to offensive and MENTAL strength. He simply didn’t go away as he has done in their last 3 matches.
    First time he has beaten Novak from a set down. 3-1 against top 10 in 2014, ( Novak 0-2!) and another chance for a title and another post from you.
    Agreed with Barry Cowan today who said when Fed plays like this, it is from pure instinct!

    Loved his interview comments on Edberg, saying he was looking forward to really being with him in 3 days in IW, but wanting Edberg to enjoy life when they are not together! Said Edberg would be v happy with the win! It’s a bromance guys!!!
    The question which came out for me is Novak’s current self doubt. Clearly short of matchplay but has become more predictable on court, sticking to very repetitive patterns and ball directing; and Fed read his shots superbly well, moving like silk! Becker needs to work on Novak’s match closure which has deserted him of late.

    Was very interested to read of Fed’s nerves throughout his career, stomach cramps etc. Boy does he control emotion well. Loving the new energy and pure enjoyment when he puts together a good win. The match point reactions are an increasing sign of confidence.

    So looking forward to the final. Predicted this SF in 3, but agreeing with Jonathan v Birdman. Two tight sets in favour of Roger and no 78!!!

    Am now sending this page link to my husband who is skiing in Courmayeur as he is longing to see the highlights!
    Thank you Jonathan!

    1. “Agreed with Barry Cowan today who said when Fed plays like this, it is from pure instinct!”

      Which is the way I’ve said he should be playing for months! Easier said than done when your confidence in your game and your body is low, though, perhaps.

  10. Love finding these kind of reactions on the net. Shows how we all love him!

    It’s acceptable to overreact to this Roger Federer victory
    USA TODAYβ€Ž – 2 hours ago

  11. The next big question is who will NOT play at IW. My bets are on Delpo and Ferrer. Fed Wld be bumped up to sixth seed. And I suppose Stan may still be a doubt, and if he does play, very rusty!! Hoping by end of IW and Miami, Fed back up to 6 if not 5 in the rankings. He actually alluded to wanting to rise up the rankings in his post match interview. The hunger is still there!!! He is quite amazing!

  12. Inspired play today! Fedovic never disappoint, what a great match-up. Simply awesome. πŸ™‚ And this time it ended well too.

    1. Yes, I like it, too – they complement each other, rather than mirror each other like Novak and Andy, say.

    2. Yeah it’s a fun match up. Nadal’s left handed moonballing doesn’t really create good tennis between him and Fed. Djokdal can be good though.

      1. I disagree, there were very very good Fedal matches (W2008, AO2009). The difference is from some years to now Roger just gave up mentally and Rafa dominates him very very easy.

  13. Yep spot on and great summary of Federers match Jonathan. Hope now Fed can keep it up in the Final and beat Berdych. I think it will be a close match but I see Federer coming through and getting his title that is long overdue.
    Hopefully it will be a good day tomorrow! !! πŸ™‚ Come on Federer everybody is rooting for you. Please please please win.

  14. Was too busy watching to bother with live chat I was too busy shouting come on and probably driving everyone on my street crazy, but yeah great match from Fed, won’t go over a match recap because Jonathan already did that but I will disagree with Jonathan on one thing. I thought that the 15-40 down when consolidating the break in the third and 15-40 when serving for the win didn’t really have much to do with bad play from Roger, Djokovic just came up with a few good shots (a couple of the points lost in those games were obvious Federer UEs, but I thought most of them were good play from Djokovic and the shots Roger missed were mostly under pressure from Novak. Anyway I will go with Federer running out a 6-1 6-4 winner in the final.

    1. It is natural to get tight when serving for a match so I think Djoker just took advantage of that and Fed made errors he wasn’t making 2 or 3 games earlier. But he served clutch.

  15. I watched the highlights and there was some fantastic rallies, shots, winners from both Fed and the Djoker. If I can remember right at the beginning of the first game 15 all, there was that crazy point which I think Djokovic won in the end.That fired up tthe crowd and the commentators! ! Anyway again really happy regardless of what happens tomorrow. But would sure like to see Federer win. Fingers crossed! !!!

    1. Hey Serajul. Agree with you. Great rallies. I have so much respect for almost all the players who play Novak and keep on fighting. The guy is literally EVERYWHERE. Does that not get to you when you have to play him???
      He returns everything. Really everything. From one corner to the other. He is everywhere. Respect for Roger, he hung in there and believed and played strongly. Roger and Novak matches are seriously great to watch. Even if you don’t like both of them.

      And kudos, really kudos to Novak. Made no excuses. None. Gave all the praise to Roger. The current world number one could learn from that….

    1. Yeah, hv been thinking the same!! Don’t worry Sid, you can come out now! Pablo has disappeared it seems…

    2. Thought the same too.. missing your comments Sid…

      Did you guys check articles on the match?? Some sites just make me laugh… One win against Djoko and they already forgot what they wrote just two days ago when he struggled against Stepanek . Pff…

  16. Awesome mental display from Fed here and some epic shotmaking in the process, hope he can do it against Tomas who is looking really good and also a bit cocky. If Roger can win tomorrow, he’ll have already matched his 2013 record of titles, up his record in Dubai, avenge Berdych after last year and be in a great position heading into the US. Good signs for Roger already, c’mon!

    1. Hey Alysha, missed you. Now all we need is Sid back. Where are you Sid???
      I saw your commont for Ru-an, so you are here. Don’t worry about Pablo, he will be silent for a while….

      1. @Sue, felt sorry for you! Don’t think Sid will stand this patronizing attitude towards readers

      2. Hey Sue and Chris. Not fair. Ru-an sounds harsh, but the reason all this started, he did have a point you know. I love to read and talk about Rafa and the D-word, but in that particular article the comments were just too much. Even I had something like: enough guys. So Ru-an did have a point there. But did you read his two latest articles? Great ones. Hope you are not mad at me right now, but this I just had to say.

        Hope you comment soon Sid….

        I am feeling good about Roger vs Berdych. Now that he defeated Novak, he will not let the title slip by. So hope Mac Enroe will be watching….

  17. Just rewatched the highlights, so many epic points I’d forgotten about! Yea he came forward successfully a fair bit but I was really impressed how solid he was from the back of the court. He was absolutely lasering the half volley forehand from deep djokovic ground strokes. What a sight to behold. Allez!

  18. Surprising tha bad level of Novak today making mistakes from the baseline that he doesn’t use to make, it’s probably due to his lack of competition. If he cannot rise his current level Nadal is gonna have an easy hold of the number 1. Anyway good victory for Fed, I hope it is gonna give him confident. The sport needs a competitive Roger, he looks very fit and he is still 32.

      1. Come on Pablo. Don’t be like that. There was NOTHING wrong with Novak. Roger beat an inform and wellrested and dangerous and dominant Novak. Oke. Give the man a break.
        You say you are also a Roger fan, then atleast give him this courtesy. There was no bad level of Novak. Did you not see him absolutely destroy his two opponents before Roger???

      2. Destroyed who? Katyani Roger played very good but this is a M500 tournament. Novak is not in form yet, this kind of tournaments are used to prepare the most important ones.
        I just said I would say sublime if he had beaten him in a Slam like in RG 2011.

      3. Pablo really?? You know I mean that Novak destroyed his first two opponents. AGAIN. There was nothing wrong with him. And is it Roger’s fault that Novak had a lack of competition? Whose fault is that? Novak did not suffer from that when he beat his first two opponents??
        He should have played more tours in between AO and Dubai and maybe a good tip for him, he should not set his eyes on RG all together. The less he goes for only RG, the sooner he will win it.

        You defend Rafa with all you have and got. I respect that. I really do. We do the same for Roger. But atleast give Roger a break when he wins. Novak made no excuses, why should you???

      4. And Pablo, did you ever think about this one? That it is Novak’s fault that Roger won the second set? Maybe after winning the first set, Novak thought, oh well, Roger never beats me when I win the first set, so I can stay at this gear (while Roger went up a gear)……

    1. You can’t resist, can you? Djokovic had a few bad moments where he seemed to feel the pressure, but overall he was very solid (just check the stats), just got outplayed by the better player on that given day. But I guess it’s part of the Nadal fanbook manual, whenever Nadal loses, have some excuses ready, whenever Federer wins, blame it on the opponent’s weakness. Pathetic!

      1. Yeah, I call out when I agree with you Pablo (which is rare, I admit, but scroll below), but this is just pathetic really. You just have to scroll through the highlights to see what a high quality match this was. It was determined by winners and not unforced errors, and thakfully by aggressive/ positive play instead of moon balling rubbish, undie tugging, OCDs and whining.

    2. I… I’m speechless… I thought you were less stupid than that… Visibly not… Was that page 96, excuse #4938 in the “Nadal fanboy excuse book”?

      1. I like the way you said it Simon, ‘Nadal Fanboy Excuse Book’. It is just right… πŸ™‚

    3. For Nadal is a good result. Djokovic is his main rival, actually I was cheering Roger. I just said is a good victory for him to gain confidence but IMO you are exagerating the match. It is understanbable I know you are waiting for a match like this for a long time BUT I wouldn’t be celebrating it like a GS tittle, It looks you are cheering a bad player who has reached a M500 Final for the first time.

      1. Ah stuff it… masters 1000 or 500, same thing: 3 set match. So stop being an ass will you?

      2. Pablo, we’re not exaggerating it because it is M500 or M1000 or GS. It is because Roger win against Novak (which in fact have a higher rank now).

        Winning against Novak is worth to be celebrated (even for Nadal, who has higher rank now), no matter it is on M500, M1000, or GS.

    4. Roger win against Berdych…

      Now which part of the Excuse Book that Pablo will recite here?

      Maybe he will say that Berdych (who just have the longest winning streak on his career) is not ‘in form’?
      Or any other stupid reason from the Excuse Book?

      Please Pablo, we would like to hear another one…

    5. Now, which part of the Excuse Book that Pablo will recite here

      Maybe he will say, Berdych (who just have longest winning streak in his career) is not ‘in form’?
      Or another excuse from the Nadal Fanboy Excuse Book?

  19. Hey guys, some points I just have to make:
    1) Great article Jonathan. Ps: I saw your picture again. You really are white as milk !!!
    2) Roger is rising people. New baby is already beeing lucky for Roger.
    3) Exactly who of the two was 6 years younger??? Damn, Roger ran like hell. Poor Novak, beeing beaten by two Swiss players.
    4) For me, he already won. Would be nice if he wins 6th Dubai title, if he doesn’t, I am still proud of him. But… Berdych is beatable. I mean, Kohli almost won the first set.
    5) After having trouble with a great player like Stephanek, did any of us really thought Roger would beat Rosol and Novak like this??
    6) This is what a real fan is all about. Beeing there when your hero is struggling and then beeing repaid by it with such wins.
    7) yes, he has not got the mental toughness like Rafa or even Novak. But you do not get so many titles without beeing tough yourself. To be honest, when I saw first set 4-1 for Novak, I kind of gave up. Sorry for that Roger. But no matter how many times his critics tell him to retire or that he will not beat the top 3 anymore, the man has so much self belief in himself and that is what is paying off.
    8) Now we beat Andy and Novak. Guess who is next on the to beat list, yes, Rafa !!!
    9) Now it is time to beat all of them who defeated Roger last year (also Hewitt).
    10) And for God’s sake, can we please beat that Mac Enroe curse !!!
    11) And guys, like I said, don’t be so sure that Roger only has a good chance at Wimby. Like I said, this year Roger will FIRST win RG !!!
    12) And like I already said, Roger will win 25 GS and there will be talk of a Roger Slam.
    13) I LOVE YOU SO SO SO MUCH ROGER !!! It’s Berdych payback time !!!

      1. I am a daydreamer and still believe in miracles Jonathan !!!
        It is one of my many many many flaws !!!

  20. Hey Pablo, do you think your hero (after seeing Roger beat Novak like this) ran to the Great Uncle Toni and said to him “lets go, lets practise NOW on how to beat THIS Roger before he beats me !!!

      1. I have to agree with Pablo here. As well as Federer might have played against Novak, his game just doesn’t trouble Nadal’s.

      2. Well Gaurav, did we all not think that about Stan before he beat Rafa???
        And I don’t know about you, but personally I did not think Roger would beat Novak. But he did. He has beaten Novak and Andy. Of course Rafa is more mental, but maybe. With Stan beating Rafa, Roger has that extra motivation. Extra belief. Maybe he will beat Rafa. It will take more than JesusFed, but…..

        And want to bet that Rafa will be in Roger’s draw at IW and Miami??? I really can see that happen….

      3. No katyani. Stan’s game is TOTALLY different from Roger’s. Since he’s come up since mid 2013, he can take big cuts at the ball INCLUDING his backhand. He can hit through the ball even on high balls, which Roger can’t. That’s what bothered Nadal (Yeah Pablo, we know he was injured, don’t give us that excuse again please?). There’s no way right know I believe Rog can beat Nadal a part from Dubai and possibly wimby. Sorry. And I hate to say it, Rog is not getting 25 slams, not even close, and there will be no talk of a Rog slam. Prob about 7 years too late here πŸ˜‰

      4. (Simon) I think the fact that Nadal had to play totally injured is sth to take into account. Stan’s first set was sth incredible but I have seen many times rafa loosing the first set against an opponent who is playing better and still winning even easily.

        (Katyiani) Stan’s level in the first set of the final was from another planet, Roger doesn’t have the skills (specially BH) from the baseline and the best way to beat Nadal is outplaying him from there.

        (Simon) Nadal’s FH does annoy Stan’s BH but he managed to put constantly NAdal under pressure.

        (Katyani) I agree and disagree with you the possibilty that Roger have of beating Nadal. IMO in normal conditions he doesn’t have any chance in any GS or clay tournament but he have chances to beat him in a M500 or M1000.

      5. Look. Yes it’s taken into account. But that’s part of the sport. Fed was injured last year, didn’t hear you talk too much about that, did you? He lost to the better player, and people are getting sick of his excuses. Has he ever lost a match without being injured? No by his accounts.

        So about you quit this FEDERER blog and go jizz on a picture of Dull grunting.

      6. How can you compare Nadal’s injury with Roger’s hahaha. Nadal was inured, Federer had a pain.

      7. You’re a menace Pablo. Google the facts. Federer had the SAME injury (match against Xavier Malisse, Wimbledon 2012, which he went on to win) as Nadal in the back that forced Nadal to whine like a little bitch and hobble around to get the sympathies of the crowd.

        Just because Federer doesn’t make a show of it doesn’t mean it wasn’t there. It’s one of the reasons I and more than half the planet has always favoured Federer over every other tennis player for 11 years and counting.

        Jonathan, I’ve had enough of this guy, as have most people on this blog. I could tolerate him when he was making some modicum of sense, but I can’t stand the avalanche of turd that envelopes a rare blotch of sense that he ever so often reveals. It’s just trolling now. He has no business being on this site. Please, do us all a favour and block this annoying jackass.

    1. I’m with Pablo, Gaurav and Simon on this one. Nothing in Federer’s game to impress Nadal. Nadal’s game, body and mindset was engineered to beat Federer’s game, and the trainers, physiotherapists, doctors, anti-doping agents and druids, or whoever else is behind his fabulous success, did a fine job. Federer was and is unable to overcome the challenge posed by Nadal, which is the biggest flaw in his otherwise impressive career.

      1. All you guys are so right, I know that, but… I still believe (in miracles)…. lets just see…

        Oh and I just saw the most part of the match from yesterday again and Novak and Roger were both great, coming both up with some incredible points….
        Hope Roger can do that against Berdych too….

      2. I would change slightly your comment. “Nadal’s game, body and mindset was engineered to beat everybody’s game”.

      3. A game, body and mindset that is designed to beat RF beats about everybody, as a matter of fact, I think we agree on that. When it comes to engineering your game, however, the runner-ups focus on the front-runner to improve their game. Nadal was for some time the runner-up to Federer, many years in the #2 spot, and worked out the perfect approach to finally beat Federer, and to do so convincingly and consistently. When Nadal made it and became himself the unbeatable front-runner, his runner-ups had to figure out how to beat Nadal. Djokovic changed his game to beat Nadal, and was quite successful at it for some time, but Nadal bounces back successfully like nobody else from career threatening injuries. Federer was pretty lame in his intent to bounce back himself and overcome the Nadal threat, though he did have his superb comebacks including coming back to #1. But I think he did not do enough to find ways to adjust his game to match and eventually overcome the Nadal challenge. One reason is that he is probably just extremely self-absorbed and somewhat cocky, thinking that he can have it his way. Didn’t work. Another reasons is that Nadal is such a special lefty, that it is hard to shape your game to beat him, since there are so few others out there that have to be played in a similar way.

      4. Maybe I could add something, I don’t think the reason why Nadal was No 2 was because he couldn’t beat Roger, he still wasn’t a top player on hardcourts. Don’t forget that those years Nadal was behind Roger he was so young with many things to improve.

      5. He did not beat Federer more often at that time because he did not make it to the business end of the hardcourt tournaments. For the same reason, he did not get beaten by Federer more often. This helped Nadal to get into Federers head and set the ground for the lopsided h2h, which is in fact quite balanced outside clay.

      6. Can you just get the fuck out of here. People why are you still replying to this guy?

      7. In the early years of Nadal’s career he played several times against Roger on hardcourts and the H2H was close.

      8. @Chris. I agree with everything you said. But I do want to add this. I don’t entirely blame Federer for his lack of success against Nadal. Nadal’s game was meant to beat his as was Djokovic’s for Nadal. It’s just that Nadal has such a HUGE advantage against Federer, which Novak doesn’t have against Nadal, which is why Nadal manages to beat Novak once in a while. But Novak is DEFINITELY very much still in Nadal’s head. Just go back to the World Tour Finals. Nadal was making the most inane blunders I have ever seen. His first serve percentage plummets, he misses routine shots which he never misses. (sounds familiar?)
        I’m looking forward to the next Novak Nadal match. Just like Nadal enjoys playing against Federer, however poorly Novak may fare against the rest of the field, he relishes Nadal’s game and Nadal knows that. And that no doubt affects the Spaniard. If Novak had the same sort of advantage Nadal has over Federer, there is NO WAY Nadal would have managed to win those 2 or 3 matches that he managed to win against Novak. Let’s not forget Novak has won 9 of the last 16 matches he’s played against Nadal. (4 of the losses have come on…….CLAY!!!! Djokovic has won their most recent 2 encounters)

      9. The comparison is not even close. (23-10) (22-17). Have a look of the USO Final πŸ™‚

      10. Seriously Pablo. Enough. Stop with that 23-10. Don’t mention it anymore. You don’t have to, you know that…..

      11. Pablo – how come you come to this Federer fan site? I have never seen you answer that question. What motivates you?

      12. Guys please don’t reply to anything Pablo says.We are just making him feel all important by the way we keep getting angry at him and he just sees as a nice little game.I mean we all know he is pretty much retarded so lets just let him blabber whatever he wants to and he will probably go away.. Pablo please ***k off..

      13. Well, if you’d read my post, instead of trying to be such a pain in the ass, you would have realised that that was PRECISELY what I said.

  21. Here is an amazing GOAT reply
    Q-Tomas says he is glad that he is playing you in the finals because he thinks he can beat you.
    Federer-Good for him.

    1. I think he did, I saw it on Twitter, it was from the presser not the interview. It’s a fair point, he has proven he can though. Although time to take out the trash Fed.

      1. In the interview posted here he says playing against Roger is like a celebration of tennis. I’m beginning to like him a bit more πŸ™‚

  22. One of his best matches in 2014, 1st time he beat Djoker from 1 set down. Good stats at points won, net approaches, winner/ue ratio. He is playing with confidence and movement is good. I couldn’t have asked more with his performance. I hope he will play with the same god-like mode against Birdman.

  23. YESSSSSSSSSS!! This made my day, my week! Thank you Federer just thank you. now I’m even more happy that I find a link with almost the full match (Only missing the first 20 minutes) in stunning HD!! Here’s the link for the unlucky guys like me that didn’t watch the GOAT display:

  24. I checked the score at work. Awesome. Now to sit down, relax, and watch the match. We hope he keeps the same level tomorrow especially against Berdych. Have a hard time trying to like that guy. If Roger doesn’t, well, this is a great result. Everyone sounds so happy, Roger does that to us. Enjoy every match. Allez!

  25. Final on at 3 pm in UK, live on Sky and Tennis Tv !
    Watching Murray now, break down to Dimitrov, final set! Come on Grigor!

    1. Grigor wins in pulsating 3rd set TB decider! Another big step for him as he pushes to top 10! Gd effort!

    2. Well well well, Dimi just beat Andy !!! He is becoming more dangerous every time.
      By the way, although Andy lost, if this is him coming back from injury, how will he play when he is injuryfree??? He still runs after every ball and gets it too…

      Hey Susie, did you notice Andy is kind of getting bald too???

  26. FEDSSSSS, I love it. he has come back and made a statement to all the top players that he is serious about winning big titles. The Dubai crown (a possible 6th) would cement him back into the ‘favourites’ category, rather than the underdog. His winner to unforced error ratio was impressive, something he needs to maintain against a resurgent Berdych in the final

  27. The biggest positive of the match is that Roger came back from one set down. Another positive is that he is beginning to hit the backhand down the line with a little pop. It still looks a little tense but it’s getting there. Not quite Wawrinka quality but still. On the negative side, where is that pop on the forehand? This is supposed to be one of the worlds best forehands on a fast court. Is Novak really -that- fast? I really hope we will see more straight winners from that side today. Tactics wise, Roger is impressive. It seems as there is a shift from shear talent and power to talent and tactics. It’s pretty much down to court position, angles, shot selection and percentages. I have only watched Roger since 2009 so I really don’t know how it compares to his prime years.

    Biggest question for today is, can he follow up with another top performance or was the match against Novak a singular event.

      1. Agree Jonathan, some great forehands, including offensive defence forehands, with some good pop to the Contrary Jarlub!

  28. Watching some highlights and hot shot compilations, I just realized that Roger becomes extremely dangerous once he starts running backwards, with his back to the net πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Chris, I believe Mark Petzchy made a funny comment about that after he beat Novak. He said about the opponent, if you see Roger running with his back to the net to catch a ball, you know you are in trouble !!! Don’t give him that opportunity, he always comes up with a great point and winner !!!

  29. I started reading about tennis here, about a year ago.
    I allways came back and hoped and lived and cryed next too some of you.
    Finaly a moment of true joy!
    I’m really happy I can share my joy here with all of you!

    If he dose not get lazy after the Djoker match he can beat Berdich with no problems.

  30. I’m still recovering really from yesterday’s match. I hope Roger is doing a better job than me of getting over it. It just goes to show we don’t always give him enough credit, us fans, as most of us didn’t believe he could win that one. We should remember that there is a good reason he has 17 GS titles and held the No. 1 spot for over 300 weeks.

    Hoping today’s match will start on time and not take too long as I have to go out and will miss the end otherwise. Hoping for a Roger win obviously, but whatever happens now I think yesterday’s match will have given him a huge, huge confidence boost going forward. Allez Roger!

    1. Hey Simon, he needs this kind of wins too. Beginning very weak, not playing his best, but still winning.

      How about that, our Roger got atleast one title this year. He was aiming for 4 or 5 right???

    2. I don’t see why you chould call this match ugly.Was bad in patches especially in the beginning..But overall pretty good match.

      1. Thought it pretty gd actually. Best thing it showed is Rogers returning mental strength! Almost more important really than the improved BH etc. at 2-3 2nd set he wld hv lost 6 months ago but he has started to believe.
        Ps eating on court!! Never seen Fed do that before! I kind of like it! Realising he has to prolong the energy.

  31. Stopped Djokovic from equalling h2h, stopped Djokovic from equalling 5 Dubai titles, goes on to take revenge of Berdych, win a record 6th title in Dubai, stops title drought and shows that he can win ugly as well. Mentally a different, totally different player from 2013

  32. Considering I was already nervous before the match, I thought my nerves will settle before it actually started. But no. My heart stopped during this match and had to be restarted; multiple times. But HE DID IT, ALLEZ!!

    Roger was so clutch this weak. Game-wise, mentally, everything. Aw man, I’m so happy with this! πŸ™‚

      1. Fed gains 320 extra points, but stays 8 with 4625 points. Ferrer with 5160 is ranked 4. Stan with 5650 is 3rd. I can see Roger in the top 3 by Wimbledon. Expecting him to get back to 1 might be just a nice dream at this point. But being top 3 for another few years in not impossible.

    1. And Dimitrov just won his first 500! Up to 16! Ferrer out of IW. Waiting on Delpo! If Fed has a gd 3 weeks and other results go his way, he cld be back up to no 4. I’d be happy with that!!

    2. Yeah good news for tennis. I’m not a Dimitrov convert yet however, like his tennis but not the guy so far. But he is definitely needed on the tour right now.

  33. “He is the greatest player of all time – he will never give up and just give you anything for free,” Berdych told reporters. “Of course I knew that. I was ready for it, but my execution was not good enough to hold it until the end.”

    Not quite “glad I get to play him”. But compliment received.

    1. Nice from Tomas whose game as we know always troubles Fed, hits a much much heavier ball and Novak and gives you far less rhythm. Fed did so well mentally to come thru second set when not playing great at all times. Proves he believes he can win! Huge change in 6 months. Last 6 tourneys. F, SF, SF, F, SF, W! 4-1 v top 10 players! Already 2014 a winning year!
      I am already looking forward to London! Hoping The likes of Dimitrov make it too!
      Ps his kids will like the Dubai trophy!!

      1. Hey Susie, wow, last tours atleast all SF. And they still were bothering him about the R-word !!! I still cannot get over the match with Novak. They both played so great. So many great points from Roger. Which one to choose as the special one….

        About Berdych, he did say a great thing when he beat Kohli. He said about playing Roger, one word, the guy is a legend. Such a nice thing to say. He did praise Roger. And it looked like he meant it too.

  34. Really HAPPY that Federer won. The Edberg effect I think is helping him even though he wasn’t there in Dubai, but can now go to IW with his win and confidence and hopefully have a another great tournament and work with Edberg on sharpening the S and V even more. Already this has been a much more better year for Federer. If he plays and improves even more, then I see him going deep in the future tournament s and having the chance of of being a contender for the trophy! !!! Yeaaaaah, Goooooooo Rogeeeeeeerrrrr!!!!!! πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Serajul, I hope Roger and Edberg can come to some kind of agreement for them to make it a fulltime deal…

  35. Wow. I really didn’t know how this one was going to end. I’m such a wimp, had to leave the room on some of Roger’s service games. So happy for Roger and all his fans!

    1. Hi Sue – and here I was thinking I was the only Fed fan that had to leave the room occasioally when he was serving in a tight situation – sp pleased to know I am not the only one – mind yoiu I get sushed a lot when I shout c’mon too loud!!

  36. And Dimitrov also win..

    Isn’t it a good week of Tennis?
    I mean the real tennis, not brutal-sweaty-stay-at-the-baseline-forever tennis

    1. Absolutely πŸ˜€

      I’m so looking forward to reading Jonathan’s post but he deserves taking his time for absorbing Fed’s great win. You worked hard all this week, thanks and well done!

    2. Yeah it’s good for the game. Fed schooling these baseline grinders at 32. Maybe there is hope for the sport yet.

      Post done just now as I had plans for Sat night πŸ™‚

  37. “Federer has now won his last match against every member of the top 15 except Nadal.
    Nadal has lost his last encounter with each of Djokovic, Wawrinka, Del Potro, and Murray.”

    I reads it in them inter-webs or whateevers.

    But – actually – I think its true.

    1. I think this is correct πŸ™‚

      Anybody got the stat of the top 15 that Federer had match against?

      Maybe it’s about time for Nadal to take another 7 months off.
      Oh no, not now.. after clay season of course, as usual

  38. Hey guys, I just read a great comment, Roger beated 3 Czech players in one tour, Stephanek, Rosol and Berdych. Think he should avoid Czech Republic for a while right???

    And great win for Dimi. Too bad for Anderson, but Dimi beated Gulbis, Andy and Anderson, played almost 3 hours each match…..

    He will be dangerous……… Has defeated Novak and Andy and came close to defeating Roger and Rafa…..

  39. Admirable and well deserve win! What have impressed me is his mental department that he still can win when he is behind, which lead to confidant is growing which was the main aspect of his fall in 2013

    Congratulation for Roger and his Fans

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