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Sublime Federer Defeats Youzhny at Wimbledon

Allez! Vintage/Majestic/JesusFed performance from Roger today against Mikhail Youzhny, I think we all expected Roger to win but not in this type of fashion and the most positive outcome was that were no repercussions of the back injury that plagued him in the first set against Malisse two days earlier. The fact he was able to serve at full tilt and move freely, especially to his forehand side definitely shows the back problem isn't an injury and more an intermittent problem that can flair up in cold conditions but comes and goes in almost no time at all.

Back to the actual match and this was a JesusFed match from start to finish with winners, breaks and genius galore. I guess you have to say the matchup helped quite abit today in Rogers favour because Youzhny is almost his whipping boy (now 14-0 in the H2H) but regardless, Roger had to get the job done and I think it was the perfect preparation for the semi final against Djokovic.

Perfect Start

It's always a good sign when Roger is able to break and consolidate early and when he was 4-1 up in no time at all you just knew it was going to be a good at the office. There was a slight rain delay after that but he came out in the same vein of form and took the first set 6-1 in just 28 minutes.

I was pretty confident Roger's back wouldn't be a problem today but I still watched very closely early on to make sure there were no signs of it and fortunately there were none. He served big in his opening service game and then chased down everything in his first return game to break and get off to a flyer.

The second set was more of the same with Roger quickly into a 2-0 lead with some crips hitting. By this point it was curtains for Youzhny, Roger might have lost a couple of matches from 2 sets up, but when he's front running against a guy he's beaten 13 times in a row you can almost put your mortgage on him coasting over the winning line.

Third Set Formality

With a two sets to love lead Roger was now able to play with total freedom, Youzhny looked a broken man and when he failed to capitalise on a break point chance the match was done. I was hoping Roger would finish with a bread stick but to his credit Youzhny held from 0-40 down and made Roger serve it out, which he did, hitting a sweet touch volley on match point to seal it 6-1 6-2 6-2. What else is there to say? A great win and another record of reaching 32 Grand Slam Semi Finals eclipsing another of Jimmy Connors records.

Yeah, I’m happy that things were fine out there today. Like you mentioned, today I didn’t have to call the trainer. It was straightforward. I could focus on tennis again, on tactics I wanted to play, instead of focusing on, you know, how to manage little issues or big issues, whatever you want to call them. So for me it was a good match and I’m happy where I am right now. My back is holding up.

Predictions vs. Djokovic

Well we now have the semi final we have all been waiting for, I said before the tournament started it's about time these two met on grass and now it's happening. The grass GOAT vs. the defending champion, surely this one should be epic. Of course the key to the match will be Roger's first serve and his forehand. He will have to get 65% or more first serves in play and win the majority of points behind it. His forehand must also be in tune much like it was today against Youzhny.

I think Federer matches up well to Djokovic in all other areas and will be able to dominate a lot of points but he has to be able to serve well over 5 sets. The way Djokovic plays means that often sets will come down to 1 or 2 points so in the clutch it's essential Fed is able to find the corners of the service box at 120MPH plus.

Even though the French Open Semi final was very one sided, there were still moments where Roger was able to dictate a lot of the plays. Especially in the second set where he went up a double break by serving well and playing very aggressively. If he can mirror those plays but keep them up for the duration then in my mind he has to come out on top in this match.

I've had good vibes about Wimbledon for a while now, I think I said even as far back as January that this was the one tournament I felt things could happen for Roger and I still feel like that now. Sure the 4th set against Benneteau and then the medical time out against Malisse worried me but I never felt like I was about to be condemned to sulking for the rest of the day, there was still something saying this match is still on Rogers racket and that turned out to be the case.

Understandably the bookmakers will make Djokovic the favourite for this match but there's no way I can go against Roger here so I'm picking him to win through in 4 sets. Allez les suisse!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Impressive win by Roger. I always love seeing Youzhny play, too, great guy with an even better attitude. Too bad Agassi couldn’t come up with useful advice 😉
    Was hoping for Mayer to pull a Rosol, but in the end it doesn’t matter who faces Roger on Friday – the King hasn’t ever lost a Wimbledon SF and I expect him to go on like that. Time to stop that ridiculous shirt-ripping transitional world no. 1. And since it’s about time for a little finger waving: Roger in straights!

  2. Of course this is just speculation as Roger and Nole have never met on grass before, but here are my thoughts:
    – Roger has been serving incredibly well all tournament long. That will be very key, but I think when he gets it in, it will be very effective. His serve works great on grass and even against a superb returner like Djokovic, the serve can have great success on this surface.
    – The slice and variety will be paramount. Djokovic’s footwork is not the best and if Roger can wrongfoot him and make him feel awkward (and force him to hit up on the ball), it will be a very, very successful tactic.
    – Roger wants it more. He was adamant before the tournament that he wants this more than ever, and his play has showed that, especially in the 3rd and 4th rounds. The motivation was absolutely low in Paris, but it will be incredibly high here.
    – No Nadal waiting in the final. The last three semis he has played against Nole, Rafa has been in the final (RG12, USO11, USO10 – although Fed’s match may have been first, Rafa was the favourite to get through.) With Roger knowing that he’ll have to beat Tsonga or Murray in the final should he get by Nole should give him ample relief.
    – Roger’s game is suited to playing Djokovic on grass, plus he has the vast experience on the surface as well. He is more match tough this tournament and will not let the same break leads slip this time like in Paris unless Nole plays out of his mind.
    – The crowd will surely be on Roger’s side as they realize this is his final great chance at #17. Not to say Nole will be disrespected, but they know that he will have at least half a dozen great chances to win Wimbledon after this year again. Plus, with how hard Roger has fought, this title means more to him than anything and they know that. The O he got after the Youz match was incredible for it being a dominant victory.

  3. Ok, ok, hold your horses 🙂 Youzhny was toasted after the five setter so I wouldn’t look too much into Roger’s performance. Friday, yes, that’s when he needs to show up.

      1. Agreed. And I want Roger to win. But let’s not get carried away by this win against an opponent who he had already beaten 12 times. I do agree though that Roger has a better change against Djokovic on grass.

  4. I know what you mean about having good vibes about Wimbledon. I have felt the same way, though I thought that was all going out the window with the back injury. So great to see that seems to be a non-issue now.

    I felt like in the French Open semifinal he wasn’t totally sold out on wanting to win that one. He knew he would have to play Nadal and probably lose again, and I think he was saving himself for Wimbledon and the Olympics, so I don’t base a lot from that one. He wants this one badly, so I think he is going to put his all into winning it on Friday.

    1. +100,000

      I have been saying ever since the FO ended that Roger’s heart was not in winning that title – he knew the effort it would take to win could cost him Wimbledon, which means much more to him.

  5. I hope this is not the case of Rogers’s game peaking too soon? Based on previous games, a great game will be followed by a bad one. I hope I am wrong as I really really want roger to win this one soooo bad probably as bad as roger 🙂

  6. Federer was dominate today. Here’s my thoughts on Friday’s match:

    I believe Novak has the advantage going in. I think he’s the favorite and can see him winning. I can also see Roger playing a great match and taking the title. It’s 50/50.

    I agree with you: Federer’s 1st serve is crucial! If he can get free points(aka Aces and easy put-away shots) off his serve, it will be a much easier match for him.

    Roger clearly wants this title for various reasons (287 number of weeks at #1, # 7 to tie Pete, #17 for the first Major in 2 1/2 years, #1 Ranking to prove he still is the best.. ect.) and I believe he can achieve that!

    Conclusion: The only obstacle between #17 and Roger is World #1 Novak Djokovic! We can be almost certainly that the winner of this match will win the title. I believe it will be polar to Roland Garros and Roger will at least get a set off Djoker. I think Roger will somehow come through in the 5th set since grass suits his epic game! COMMON ROGER!!!!!!!

    1. The thing about grass is that he doesn’t need aces, just service winners (since those reaching returns are harder to get back in play). The other thing is that it’s hardest to defend on grass and Roger attacks extraordinarily well on it – better than an any other surface by far.
      The backhand will need to hold up and I think it will, with the variation of slice, flat, and heavy topspin.
      Positivity wins Championships!

  7. Have you noticed 1 thing. Federer is leading the 1st return points won stats in Wimbledon. In almost all the statistics he is in the top 20. Hoping that Mr Nole will be taken by surprise by how GOAT plays in grass.

      1. Hmm stats go out the window for matches like this… it’s all about who turns up on the day. I mean Novak was overwhelming favourite for the French Semi in 2011, in fact more so than tomorrow and look what happend…

  8. I just hope that the match will be scheduled behind Murray vs Ferrer, because I won’t be free to see Roger if it is scheduled at 1 pm.

    Of course Roger has to be aggressive throughout the match.

    1. I think it’s on first because they’re in the top half of the draw. I’m taking the afternoon off work to watch it!

  9. Federer in four. If he wins in five, I’ll be even happier because beating Djokovic in five sets is no mean feat but I think he’ll get in done in four. I am confident.

  10. Do they allow ear plugs in Tennis Matches? If yes Federer should keep his ears shut so that his mind will only be focused on the match. Just kidding! There is only one person between Federer and the Championship. That is Federer himself. He should not allow himself to implode against Djoker. He should imagine victory and the cheer that he receives once he wins through out the match. There are times when Federer is starting to serve when we get a feeling that this time he will be broken, and it happens! I am sure that others also experience the same. I have observed that this happens whenever there is a change in the body language of the opponent. If the opponent suddenly gets fired up from nowhere Federer starts to gets impatient to finish the game and looses it subsequently. This mostly happens after he has broken the opponent. To avoid this he need to slow down the service , may be bounce the ball 5 times more, make the opponent impatient. This will not opponent to get in to a rhythm.I may be thinking too much. But Roger is Roger and we know he will never do that. I am unable to think who will be the winner in tomorrows match , so right now i am imagining that he will beat Murray in 3 sets and win the Wimbledon. Allez!

  11. I have been saying this for days now that everyone says Djokovic is a huge step up from Youzhny and Malisse for Roger, and that is true. But Djokovic has never, ever, EVER, played someone like Federer on grass – the way Roger moves, hits his serves, hits his slices, etc…..

    The stats are dead even in practical terms, which means that it will be very close. What this match will come down to is how much effort both men are willing to put in to win. We know Djokovic fights like there is no tomorrow, but I believe with everything on the line, Roger will be the stronger mental competitor.

    I’m saying Fed in 4 similar to the USO in 2008 and FO last year.

  12. I will be watching at 7:00 AM tomorrow. Go to work after that. I hope to have something to brag about. Hingis picked Djokovic to win in that match and Davenport picked Tsonga to win the other match. I sure hope Hingis is very wrong. I want Fed to win in 3. I don’t care how long it takes for the other match. Gooooooo Fed

  13. Fed Won. Words cannot describe this victory, but here it goes:


  14. What happens to the rankings now that Roger beat Djokovic and what happens if Murray or Tsonga beats Roger on Sunday

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