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Stakhovsky Defeats Federer at Wimbledon

Hey everyone, I'm back from Wimbledon and now have chance to cover Roger's second round defeat to Stakhovsky in more detail. First of all thanks to everyone who commented on the match thread post I put up for while I was away.

The post has over 300 comments and there are some really interesting perspectives from you guys. I particularly like the fact that the vast majority of fans aren't too downbeat about this loss which is pretty much where I am at right now which I will get onto shortly.

First a bit about the trip Wimbledon, I caught the train down on Wednesday evening, managed to watch the first two sets of Roger's match at home and fortunately had a strong enough mobile signal to watch the 3rd and 4th sets on the train so I saw everything you guys saw, just I couldn't tweet or reply to any comments. I think there was about an hour or so of the journey left when he hit that back hand wide on match point and I seriously felt like turning round. I think if we'd been driving down then we probably would have to be honest as seeing Fed was the sole aim of the trip.

As for Wimbledon itself then it was still quite fun; camping out is always a laugh and you meet some cool people but this year the tennis was pretty average. When you're watching players that have no real like ability then it's not really that interesting and I struggle to really get engrossed in the match.

I saw the Robson vs. Duque-Marino match which was your usual WTA error fest, the Janowicz vs. Almagro which was also pretty dull throughout, Almagro is a mental midget and Janowicz just doesn't have that X factor that will ever get him a big fan base (won't stop him trying). He does however have a very big game and he was very impressive on serve and hits a big big ball so he's going to be a danger in the next 24 months I feel. But I could never say he's fun to watch.

As for the outside courts I briefly saw Haas who is always good to watch, I can confirm Sabine Lisicki is as hot in the flesh as she is on TV and doubles is very very boring :P.

The one thing that winds me up about Wimbledon however is the pricing of things – I think they're trying to rip people off just because it's in London and is the most prestigious of Grand Slams. I'm not a fan of places that throw their weight around just because they can get away with it, that means they are more about the profits than the fan experience which is a shame.

The tickets aren't cheap and the food in the venue is exceptionally pricey for what are clearly very average ingredients. e.g. a burger, a handful of chips and a drink costs around £9.80, I'd estimate it has around £75p's worth of ingredients in and they will be paying their mainly student based staff very low wages.

Now obviously I understand a tournament has to be profitable and roofs over centre court don't pay for themselves but I just get the feeling they are pushing their luck with this one. I mean a Wimbledon Towel manufactured in the far east is £28 :D. This I think puts Wimbledon out of reach for many people as you not only have to sleep rough in a tent in a field to get a ticket – you then have to pay an arm and a leg when you actually get in there.

From what I've seen tennis is far more accessible in other countries like the USA and Australia when compared with London, so I think if you're desperate to go to Wimbledon – you should of course try it, but I'm confident you will get a better experience at one of the Masters 1000 tournaments across the world and feel like you get value for money. Rant over!

Stakhovsky Ends Federer's Quarter Final Streak

Federer Exits Centre Court

Now onto the important bit – Federer's loss at the hands of Stakhovsky in 4 sets to crash out in the second round, end his Quarter Final streak and his hopes of defending his Wimbledon title. Bit of a tough one!

I said in my Hanescu post that Stakhovsky isn't a bad grass player but Fed would get it done straights based on his first match, however I wasn't able to predict that Stakhovsky would zone for almost the entirety of it and Roger would play very timidly when it mattered.

That pretty much sums up the match in one sentence but I'll talk about it in a little more depth, now obviously this one hurt me personally as my whole trip was based on seeing Roger play at Wimbledon so to say I was pissed off was understatement, however in terms of tough losses I don't think this one ranks as highly as some of the others.

The one thing that's different about this loss is that I was away from all the aftermath – I didn't see all the usual tweets, my battery died before I could read all your comments and I had no real way of knowing how everyone was feeling so I just had to come to terms with this one after I'd pitched my tent!

To be honest the match is what it is, there are no real secrets as to what went down, it wasn't as though Stakhovsky invented a new tennis shot out there to bamboozle Fed; he just played the better match of the two players using the serve and volley tactic to great effect.

I don't think Roger played badly at all either, he was pretty solid on serve throughout it was just a couple of key moments where he wasn't able to find the answers. That's the only really disappointment if you're a Federer fan was how he played the big points, he had some chances to take this one to a fifth set (where he would have won as Stakhovsky was visibly tired) but just couldn't come up with the answers.

I think as usual it all boils down to confidence and how much you belief in yourself, right now Roger doesn't trust his forehand as much as he usually does and it results in quite timid play.

The match point after all was very meek, everything over the high part of the net and quite passive when I feel he should have just tried to hit through the ball and try to dominate the point. Of course it's tough under pressure but he's managed it many times before and come up with a winner when it counts. I'd have much rather seen him miss a big forehand long on match point rather than frame a tentative backhand wide for sure.

This is one area where Djokovic excels right now, he will play harder, better, faster when the pressure is on, that is what Roger has to do I feel and had he done he would have won this match.

Playing the big points badly aside I think the outcome was a fair one, Stakhovsky played at a really high level from start to finish and he deserved to be the winner, he was the one trying to force the issue and he made sure the match was played on his terms, not Roger's. We all moan about court speed but Stakhovsky proved that if you can serve well and put pressure on your opponent to come up with passing shot after passing shot then you can switch the odds in your favour.

The match stats make great reading from both guys and the only blemish is Roger's break point conversion rate and the fact he dropped serve at 5-5 in the third.

Sergiy Stakhovsky (UKR) Stats Roger Federer (SUI)
17 Aces 16
2 Double faults 1
109 of 165 = 66 % 1st serves in 114 of 158 = 72 %
83 of 109 = 76 % 1st serve points won 91 of 114 = 80 %
36 of 56 = 64 % 2nd serve points won 24 of 44 = 55 %
124 MPH Fastest serve 127 MPH
116 MPH Average 1st serve speed 116 MPH
98 MPH Average 2nd serve speed 99 MPH
61 of 96 = 64 % Net points won 35 of 54 = 65 %
2 of 7 = 29 % Break points won 1 of 8 = 13 %
43 of 158 = 27 % Receiving points won 46 of 165 = 28 %
72 Winners 57
17 Unforced errors 13
162 Total points won 161

Like Roger said, he was disappointed he couldn't find a way to win but as has been the case since the Olympics he's just lacked that edge on court, that little bit of ingenuity to break serve or the fight to tough it out. The one positive I guess is that even though Roger didn't have the answer, he still nearly beat Stakhovsky, it wasn't a whooping by any stretch of the imagination so if he can find that little extra when it counts he can and will win some tight / close / big matches.

I thought winning Halle definitely helped him pre Wimbledon but it just came that little bit too late to give Roger the required confidence and to overwrite the defeats he suffered over the last 12 months, had he won 2/3 titles prior to Wimbledon he probably wouldn't have lost here.

Now of course his confidence has taken another hit which is another set back so he needs to find the winning feeling again to get the momentum train back on his side. I suppose though this could actually be a wake up call for Roger that he may need, I don't think he's the type of guy that gets complacent in the slightest but this surely has surprised even him; losing in the second round is a poor tournament and I can't see him being happy with it.

He said in his press conference that it's important you don't panic and just go back and work harder; if Roger practices what he preaches here then I feel confident he will have a good end to the year. He's just lacking that one big win to really boost him back up, he has to beat one of the top guys to get that so the sooner that happens, the better.

Is the Quarter Final Streak a Big Deal?

Federer Quarter Final Streak

The only big deal about the Quarter Final streak is how good it is, not how it ended. I mean the thing is, it was always going to end at some point, it's one of those records that has to come to an end, just like the semi final streak. Whether it was at Wimbledon, Melbourne, New York of Paris doesn't really make too much of a difference and neither does the round it happened in.

Even if Roger beat Stakhovsky he still had to do win another 2 matches to keep it alive so it could have ended in the third or fourth round it's one that has so man possibilities to end, the fact he kept it going is the crazy thing.

The most important part about it is how consistent Roger had to be to make that record happen, I can't see it being broken for a while. Djokovic is on a run at Majors but even he's way behind and nobody else is even close.

The main thing Roger isn't too bothered about it either, he knows the deal with these kinds of things and doesn't place too much importance on them, after all this was an on going achievement, not something he was working towards.

Onto the Hard Courts

Federer Rogers Cup 2013

Any match where Fed loses sucks big time but I'm over this one already, it's just not that painful as he never got in a position to win the match, it wasn't like he had the match by the scruff of the neck and blew it, just it boiled down to a few points here and there.

I'd imagine Fed has already left Wimbledon and returned back to Switzerland, I'd say for a well deserved rest but he's hardly played in the last 6 months so hopefully after a week off he will hit the practice courts hard and work on what he needs to.

Like I said, this loss could be a minor wake up call, a kick up the backside that makes him work harder and tidies up his game. Whether he comes to the hard courts with a bigger racket as many of you have suggested is a different matter :P.

I've also seen quite a lot of criticism against Annacone after reading a few comments which I think is unjust, if Fed is winning, everything is rosy, but if he's losing then blame the coach. I blame Federer for losing, not Annacone. Once Roger steps on court it's up to him. I think it'd be daft to chop and change right now, stability is important and if you start changing coaches every 5 minutes you're going to be in limbo.

As for Wimbledon, it's pretty much over for me now as it's just not got much interesting left. I figure Djokovic and Murray are all set for a showdown in the final and there's no other interesting players in the draw.

Of course Stakhovsky lost in the next round as I knew he would, it looks bad on first glance that Melzer, a much lesser player than Federer crushed him in 4, but Stakhovsky was mentally and physically done after beating Federer, no way he was focusing on going deep in the tournament, he was happy with his one off big top 10 win.

Dimitrov has failed to show up again which is a shame as he's too busy with his stomach turning love triangle with Sharapova and Serena, Gasquet crashed to Tomic showing trademark mental weakness and Anderson lost to Berdych yet again despite serving to take it into a fifth set.

I can see Ferrer losing based on how he's played this week and I'd think Berdych makes the quarters where he will most likely lose to Djokovic. Youzhny has the game to test Murray but I think he will get broken down if he isn't able to dictate points and serve well and there's nobody else who can really produce the goods over 5 sets.

So yeah, Wimbledon 2013 isn't what any of us expected and I'm already prepping for the hard courts 🙂 I'll be periodically checking the scores, hoping for some more upsets that at least produce something different but other than that I'm just counting down the days till Fed steps onto the court in Montreal week beginning 5th of August. Allez!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Yeah, right, congratulations on your second round loss, Brandon!

      New Rule: Posting a first comment after a Roger loss amounts to nothing. Keep playing, you will win soon 😉

      1. Haha Sid! Well, a second round loss is better than a withdraw or no-show 🙂 And I’ve won a few before…… what am I at, title 9?! 😛

  1. Not the way I was expecting…… Really tough times to be honest. But we should give him the rest of the year and see how he follows it up! But did you hear what Stackhovsky said?! He said “I can tell my grandsons that I kicked the butt of Roger Federer” and that he had to play 2 players: “Roger and his ego”… Melter also ripped on Roger and said “I’m not Roger and I know how to return” or something like that.
    The tourney is over for me too and is like Paris Masters IMO…. Jerzy/Tomic/De Sheppers in the 2nd week of a MAJOR?!!!!! No Roger and Rafa at the halfway point of a Grand Slam! Tennis as it will be when these 2 legends retire? I feel bad for the sports future!

    *Here’s a crazy stat Jonathan: both Pete Sampras and Roger Federer lost in the 2nd round at Wimbledon as a 7-time champion to Someone outside the top-100 on JUNE 26! Pete Sampras went on to win the USO that year on September 8th. This years USO final is on September 8th! Repeat?!

    1. No more chances for Roger lets be critics and ask him to improve this is not possible to accept any more.

      Melzer is right he sure returned better than Federer against Stac. HE WON THE CLOWN without to much effor.

      1. So, here are two more coincidences: June 26th 2002 was a Wednesday. So was June 26th 2013! And guess what, September 8th 2002 and 2013 are Sundays! OMG!!! 😉

        Folks, let’s get over it.

    2. Haha that would be cool if it happened. I think Fed has a shot at USO, but not as confident as I was. Depends on how the hard court masters go.

      Mike, I am always critical of Roger, but there is no point repeating myself. I think you should read his presser, it’s pretty obvious he is not happy with his own performance.


    3. Hi Brandon, maybe someone should remind Sergiy that you kick someone’s butt by giving them bagles or winning in straights or winning in sets like 6-3, or 6-2 or 6-1. When you need three tiebreaks and converted one breakpoint, that is not defeating someone by kicking their butt, but by actually beeing “Lucky to have won” !!!
      One or two points or moments going Roger’s way and Sergiy would already be on the plane back home on Wednesday.

      That comment about Roger’s ego, I thought it was so discusting, but I am not going to blame him for that.
      He had just finished the biggest win of his career, was beeing interviewed, was still on a high, tried to find the right word and came up with ‘ego’. He could have said ‘legend’ or ‘history’, but oke, I can imagine he was happy, so…..

      And really, isn’t it a compliment to Roger? He loses to these guys, leaves the court and takes all their energy and play with him !!! Except Novak, since a couple of years who has been able to defeat Roger at a GS and win the next match??

      1. Well said Katyani! I agree with you 🙂 The match could of went either way and it was Federer just played bad on the crucial points.

  2. Dear John I really admire you because you are a very accuarate critic and your opinion is always a guidance for me.

    However I must disagree totally and completely with this. And the reason is that all this year has been a totally failure for Roger and we have been very forgiven with him. Sorry but to loose against a guy that is 116 or so on the ATP rankins is not in any manner or way acceptable, Roger clowned against him and he needs to start thinking really hard on what is happening with him.

    Just to proof my point Melzer beat the guy without no much of a problem.

    Roger has been playing poor tennis the hole year and period, dont be forgiven with him

    1. Hey Mike,

      I agree, but it’s kind of obvious he’s had a poor year, I’m not happy he lost to someone like Stakhovsky but I can’t do anything about it… no point being negative and saying it’s unacceptable.

      I don’t like him losing or not playing well but just gotta accept it and move on. Wait till the end of the year and see what happens.

      I criticise him plenty, but sometimes I just realise there is no point adding any more to what I’ve already said. Yes he lacks something on court right now, not clutch enough, missing chances but he knows that already. Nothing to gain for me spelling it out to him.


    2. Hi Mike, Roger has played and is playing poorly since he lost the SF at AO this year. Period. No discussion there. So….. should we not forgive him for this and then come crawling back to him when he wins then trash him again when he loses to Rafa or to a nobody then come crawling yet again when he wins???
      I don’t understand this, we, his fans, have every right to question him and be mad at him when he loses and keeps losing, but what is the point of doing that over and over again with even harsher words???
      We find it unbearable that he loses to someone like that. How must it feel for him??

      What do YOU want him to do when he loses? Retire? Give up? Practise and not come back until he finds a way to win again?? I myself am not so hopeful for this year, but the year is not over and Roger can still surprise us.
      For me, I am looking forward to next year, many points to achieve, even maybe world number one again.
      Difficult, almost impossible, but doable.

      Please don’t think that I am saying you cannot be angry at him anymore, I know I sometimes am, but why kick him even more when he is probably kicking himself right now?
      Best thing is that he knows he could and should have won and that he is looking forward to the season from now on.

      What do we fans want? Do you want him to see in his presser afterwords that he is kicking himself, is depressed, is trying to find excuses, is saying that he does not know what to do anymore to win?? Do you want him to say those things? I don’t. I was proud that he nor a reporter asked him or told about his backpain. I was proud that he did not make any excuses. He said Sergiy deserved the win, that he was sorry that he could not find a way to win, that nothing had changed and that he would play on for many years to come and that he was looking forward to the season. Great presser right? I rather have such a presser than a presser where he would have said that it is kind of over and he does not know how to defeat these guys.
      He is still optimistic. I rather see him like that than to see him down.

      Last thing. Rafa lost to a player ranked 135. Hewitt to a player ranked maybe 120. Sharapova to a player ranked 136 or so. Should we also not forgive them and ask them how dare they lose to someone like that??

      Rafa does not get heat from his fans, why does Roger get so much heat from his fans?

      Roger played a very very very great match. He lost on one or two points. He definitely lost on the bigger and more important moments. He lost a match he should not have lost. Period. Over. Time to let go and forget and move on to the moment we will see Roger play again. New moment, new chance to shine.

  3. Actually, Roger is still in Wimbledon. There is a short story on about it… 🙂
    Let’s hope this defeat motivates him and fires him up. He needs a great (really great) showing in both Montreal and Cincy (win at least one of them and deep run in another) to have a shot at the US open. 😀

    1. Ah just read it now. I figured he’d have left pretty quick. Guessing he paid the rent for 2 weeks on his house and decided he wants value for money!

      1. Well, he didn’t earn that much prize money so far this season so he probably doesn’t wanna be wasteful. 😉

      2. It’s only natural folks, a guy stalking his ex after a brutal break up 😉

      3. Yep, he was in WH Smiths on Thursday, my daughter ran into him and Mirka and twins after school! Jealous? Me! I wld hv fainted on the spot, and then told him to change to a bigger racquet, get home and practice cos he ain’t done yet!!!!!ps can’t stand Tomic! Arrogant !

      4. Ah cool, which WH Smiths? I was trying to figure out where he lives in Wimby so I could break in and steal some racquets.

        Tomug is a clown, Gasquet played very poorly, I think Berdych will take him down though, too big a hitter.

  4. Well, now that THAT match has officially been written off, let’s get down to the wheat and milk before we have a go at the bread and butter!

    QF streak ends, oh what a butt-hole shrink-er moment that was, eh! John McEnroe is a douche, anyone can clearly understand he was jealous of Roger and wanted him to loose. Was there a moment when he didn’t raise the QF point! The guy practically jinxed the whole bloody thing single-handedly *not that i’m superstitious*.

    161 vs 162 winners: If Roger only played one of the crucial points with authority’ maybe to save his breakpoint, or convert a breakpoint, or save the last match point. But i would say this, seeing Sergey play serve and volley, it was magnificent (and some of those reaction volleys, ufff! Classic old-school! Too bad Roger was on the other side). Nothing more to discuss that hasn’t been discussed already; backhand, forehand, return of serve, missing those awesome orange-soled Nikes!

    Changing rackets, just doesn’t feel right. If it was 2-3 years back, then i would understand *although not like it*. But now, it’s too late. I have played with both 90 sq and 100 sq rackets and the larger one feels like it has a mind of it’s own. Sure it would give him more stability, but do we really want a baseline grinding Roger. Not to mention, it would affect his serve and take a lot of time to perfect said switch. But that’s only my opinion. Would you change your K factor?

    1. Now that the burden of 40 consecutive third round appearances at slams is over, he can focus on a meaningful break to tinker with equipment.

      It’s never too late. Look at Nadal. Once he realizes he is losing his game, he disappears. For months he tries out new things, gets used to them, then returns. Whether it’s different string, or adding weight to the head etc. Yes, I’m implying that the knee problems he cites are nothing but lies. It also helps me build up a healthy head to head.

      We’ve never seen Roger do something like that…that is go away for an extended period of time, and get a feel of something new.

      1. I see your point Sid, but that would mean Roger taking at least 3 months break to even become familiar with the larger racket, let alone be comfortable to go on and win matches. But if that really is what it would take Roger to dominate again, by all means get him one right now 😀 . But please, not a Babolat!

    2. I think he could move to 95sq inch with little trouble. I don’t think he has to make any sacrifices by doing that either on his serve or in terms of control, they are still both thin beam racquets just the bigger head size could give him that bit more on the return. But anyway I don’t think I will. I’m neither for or against an equipment change, but I think he should give it a try though and see what happens.

    3. Apparently Fernando Verdasco changed racquets just before Eastbourne & his form has surged upwards. He was quoted in May, though, saying he had been trying different racquets for three YEARS. He’s now 29. It’s a Dunlop but I can’t find anything specific on what change he made.

  5. [Sabine Lisicki is as hot in the flesh as she is on TV]

    Yes! Too bad she is a Nadal fan 🙁

  6. What a shame you missed Roger, hopefully he’ll play for a few more years so you get the chance to see him in his backyard. It was hard to watch, Federer did not play badly he was just not better than Sergiy, both breaks on his serve came with stupid points, I mean the break in the 4th an easy volley, he lacked a lot of confidence. Maybe the end of the season will be better, and we’ll have an ending like 2011, he need it to be back in the top 4!

    1. Yeah bit disappointing but I’ll try again next year!

      Fed is still in the top 4 best players in the world though, no doubt about it, no way Ferrer is better, just he’s a ranking vulture!


  7. Was interested to read your perspective on this match. It was just shocking. The QF streak was going to end at some point, and I think it was going to be a surprise whenever it did happen. However, saying that I think that considering how Roger’s year has gone, and how his play has been since Cincinnati last year, it wasn’t all that surprising that it did happen this year. I hope that this will spur him into action and make him realise what he needs to do to get his ass into gear for the remainder of the season. It’s hard to know what to expect for the rest of the year but I just hope it can bring some joy for us Fed fans because we haven’t had a lot to cheer about this season!! The worst part about the loss was Federer being too timid and once again not taking his opportunities. His break point conversion truly has to be one of the most frustrating parts of watching him play- it’s not as if he can’t create the opportunities and I can never understand the way he plays on some of the break points!!

    The kick has gone out of the tournament for me as all of my favourites in both the men’s and the women’s tournaments have been beaten. I am also lucky enough to be going to the men’s final so I’m devastated that I won’t be able to see Roger in it!!

    1. [I can never understand the way he plays on some of the break points!!]

      Roger’s philosophy is simple. He completely switches to percentage tennis on break points, even more than when playing a normal point. He doesn’t believe he should gift away those points and wants the opponent to earn them. You will almost never see him got for more with the return. But then again, that strategy has brought him 17 slams and so many other records, so who are we to question?

      1. Susie, I hope Novak wins. He would deserve it after RG. Too bad that he will gain so many points that he will stay number one for a long time.
        I think Andy is amazing for what he does for his friend (Hutchinson) and the way he speaks about him, but other than that…… I don’t want Andy to win.

        I hope I don’t offend too many British commentators by this, but England is really behaving stupid around Wimby. As someone who does not live in England and has only BBC 1 and 2 to watch, do you know how discusting it is? Why doesn’t England just hand over the trophys to Andy and Laura???
        She is a great player and really a nice girl, but the coverage she gets only because she is British, just want to make you dislike her. And…. she does not deserve that, because she really is good. But England is going way too far with their Andy and Laura mania.
        As if there are no other players left. And the bad thing is, if Andy wins Wimby, England will be more “stupid” next year.

        Maybe you guys see it differently, but if you don’t live in England and turn the tv on to BBC, you will know what I mean.

    2. @Katyani I agree, the UK is a joke when it comes to media hype, the talk around Murray is already reaching unbearable levels. I think he’s favourite though but it would be a disaster as he’d be everywhere and no doubt be racking up sponsorship deals for fun.

      @Sid + BS Sid is right, Fed always reverts to % tennis on those points, it clearly has worked but why change the way you played to bring up the break points? That’s illogical. If you have 15-40 then I’d like to see him play high risk on one of them and see what happens. Least then you have a balance and give yourself another way of winning the point.

  8. Got over the loss already, but Roger could have easily won in straights, had 2 BPs at 5-5 in the 2nd and played 1 UE in that set – the shank that gave Stako SP……then could have won the 4th, to be honest when Roger saved the 1st MP I thought he was gonna get an ace/ service winner to level the breaker but it wasn’t to be.

    I thought the Almagro Janowicz match was great, Almagro served lights out in the first set and played ridiculously well, but then Janowicz was the more consistent one and hit his way through it. 30 aces in straights sets, jeez, 50+ winners in total, he’s definitely better than the likes of Raonic, Karlovic and Isner. I see him as the favourite to reach the SF now that everyone in Roger’s quarter is virtually gone. I think Janowicz, should he get there would give Murray a good test, seeing how he did beat Andy in Paris so there’s no ‘intimidating’ factor and he knows how Murray plays.

    The last thing I want is Murray winning Wimbledon, I hate this guy in the first place and the media hyping is unbearable, if he wins Wimbledon guys like Andrew Castle will literally starting creaming their pants during every match and it’s horrible to listen to everyone praising Murray like God when you live in the UK.

    Either way I don’t see Murray’s path to the final as a cakewalk yet, Youzhny is in good form of late and he definitely can play well on grass. Plus when Janowicz plays on top form his serve is literally untouchable.

    1. I’m not a fan of Murray either. I think it would be hilarious to see him lose in the final again to Djokovic.

      1. I agree with you both. The amount of grief I’d get from long-suffering Murray fans would probably force me to leave the country. I would like Novak to win and I do think he will if he makes the final. He’s looked like a man on a mission during this tournament.

    2. Agreed, it’d be very annoying. I’d go into hiding for a few weeks to avoid it. To be fair Murray has no fans, only ones who like him are just part time tennis fans who feel obliged to support him. Of course they are loud and obnoxious and with the TV / Radio doing their best to shape public opinion it makes it even worse!

      1. Jonathan, this may sound harsh but it is actually the truth.
        Had Andy not “cried” after the Wimby final last year, he would not have this many fans.
        Can you believe it, he has more than a million followers on Twitter?
        But seriously, Andy tweets everything. Roger, Novak and Rafa not that much, but Andy every day, sometimes more than once a day. Where does he get the time between practises and matches and early sleep?

        When Roger lost to Rafa at AO 2009 and cried, he was trashed for trying to keep the attention away from Rafa, when Andy does the same to Roger, he gets all the praise instead of Roger.
        Seriously, sometimes they are just aiming for Roger no matter what.
        Rafa lost in the first round, is anybody telling him to retire???

      2. Like, “Let’s just end this 7 decade drought at the hands of the unlikely hero and let Roger win it next time”

        It’s not genuine support. Maybe he’s getting sympathy from it.

  9. Olá Jon!

    We can all be relaxed because Serena Humillians will be the champion in both draws (ladies and gentlemen), simple like that!

    Djoko and Andrew will tremble!


    1. She needs to be surprise tested at Wimbledon. Maybe she’ll hide in the panic room again 🙂

    2. Silliams vs Date Crumbs lol, what a joke match that was. And she was allowed to wear orange. I guess if Wimbledon had tried to stop her like they prevented Fed it would have been construed as discrimination or racism.

      1. Yes, I hadn’t thought about this angle..
        I think u are right.
        Better no mess with Humillians, because she might want to play without her orange shorts!

  10. Surprised? No. Disappointed? Yes. I think he was up 5 games to 4 in the 3rd or 4th set and Stak’s chances on that point, literally is in the mercy of Roger.. too merciful that the GOAT got broken 😀 And again, seeing this on an IBM Slamtracker because work will always get in the way except for the finals. Reminiscent of my experience also in the slamtracker during the french vs Tsonga.

    But I’m over it. USO is still there. Most of the articles they post/write about Federer now is like reading obituaries. Which is not the case IMO. You’ll see comments after the article, which is also fun to read and the comment that caught my attention goes something like ‘obituaries are only for the dead, that they are finished. While Federer’s game although not as spectacular as before is alive and kicking.’

    And I just saw this in my facebook.. a friend posted a picture with a quote:

    “When in Doubt. Vacation. It works”

    Maybe Roger should take one? LOL look at Nadal, he won another French after a good lay-off 😀

    1. Yeah some Fed fans are a joke asking him to retire. If they think this loss is painful they need a reality check. AO 2009 is by far his most painful defeat, that’s fact. So should he have retired then on 13 slams and no career slam? lol. Jokers.

      1. Australian Open 2009 by a long shot for me. That match should have been won by Roger no two ways about it, so many chances. Nightmare outcome. Hurt him more too.

        Wimbledon 2008 wasn’t nearly as bad, the only thing bad about it was the fact it was Wimbledon, it went 5 sets and ended in darkness. 2008 was mono and bad back year for Fed and he was never even close to winning the match, always playing catch up so you can’t get too down about that. Wasn’t ever in his own hands.

        AO 2009 was though, played well there all tournament yet came up short in the final.

  11. Hey Jonathan, nice to read your article. Loved the way you explained the match.

    By the way, it is only fair to warn you ahead. I am going to ask the co commentators on this site for permission to put a ban over you. You will be banned from going to watch Roger play matches at GS and 500 and 1000 tours. When you go, Roger seems to lose !!! And it is not because of me. You and I were both at Rotterdam.
    He lost. I was not in London, he still lost. So… it is not me, it is you. You are the reason Roger loses at these important tours and slams !!!
    Oh and you are aloud to watch him at 250 tours, because no matter if you are there or not, he wins !!!

    How is Wimby for you now Jonathan? To tell the truth, whenever Rafa is not participating or has lost early,
    the GS or tour is somewhat different. But…. now that Roger and Rafa are both not there, this GS is kind of boring. There is almost no one left.

    But… what about my main man Youzhny huh??? He is really on a role. Would love if he could do something.
    Or even Berdych. But I actually hope Jerzy gets far. That guy is so awesome. He plays terrific and yet, still acts like a spoiled little kid. Love that about him.
    Ferrer will not make it far. Don’t think Delpo will either, but you never know.

    Jonathan, want to hear something??? I really really believe that if Roger had beaten Sergiy, not Andy, nor Novak could keep him from winning his 8th Wimby !!! I honestly believe that. That match would be his Benneateau match, where he fought and fought till he at the end ended up with the trophy in his hand.
    He was SO close to defeating Sergiy, had he done that by fighting more or by changing his gameplan in the middle or by no matter what finding a way to win, trust me, no matter who would have come in his way after that win, he would have won Wimby for the 8th time.

    But there is always next year. He did not win his 6th and 7th Wimby the next year, so we will have to wait another year. Yes, impossible to win Wimby next year, but doable.
    Lets just hope Rafa does not win a 9th RG next year.

    Here is Katyani again with her “Destiny”, but I honestly believe that Roger did not win Wimby this year, because there are greater and other wins written for him.
    And no, “Destiny” is not an excuse, he lost because Sergiy was better on the bigger and more important points.
    Roger was not outplayed, not outplayed at all. This was nothing like the Rome final or the Tsonga QF at RG.

    And really Jonathan, it is absurd the coverage Andy and Laura are getting……
    Do you want Andy to win Jonathan???

    1. Hey Katyani,

      Haha I’m going to Wimbledon next year so the ban won’t happen.

      Wimbledon was ok thanks, camping out was fun but the matches weren’t that good.

      I didn’t get the feeling I wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else which is what it’s like when you are watching Fed. If Sabine Lisicki asked me to meet her out back in 5 minutes I’d have gone, but if I was watching Fed and she asked that, she would have had to wait 😀

      And no I don’t want Murray to win Wimbledon, mainly because of the what will happen in the aftermath, he will be on every TV show going and his face plastered around. He’s awful to look at.

      I think he may win though, has a good chance. Guess we will find out.


      1. Nooooooooooooooooooo Jonathan, please don’t go to Wimby next year, I want Roger to win !!! Just kidding !!!

        You are worried about the coverage Andy will get after he wins? Try now. Seriously, BBC is unbearable. I don’t have Eurosport 2, so I cannot see the matches there. Belgium shows only a few. I don’t know why, but the Dutch channels are not showing tennismatches this year, so I am forced to watch BBC and on my laptop.
        You would think Andy is the prime minister of England !!! For the Andy mania alone, I don’t think he deserves to win.

        But don’t underestimate Novak. He is on a mission. I think he will not let USO 2012 happen again. I think and hope atleast he will win Wimby.

  12. Echoed our exact thoughts Jonathan. As you said, he zoned in on him and had Roger had the confidence needed to play better in the bigger moments like Novak as she showed at the French Open against Nadal, he would be winning these type of matches.

    If you look at last year, there were a tonne of matches Federer could of lost:
    – Rotterdam against Davydenko
    – Indian Wells against Raonic
    – Madrid against Raonic and Berdych
    – Halle against Raonic once again
    – Wimbledon against Julien (I think this match made him go on and win the tournament IMO)
    – Olympics against Delpo

    And then besides Cincinatti, Roger hasn’t played right in the critical moments of a match and that’s what separates the loser from the winner. Look at the WTF and Basel last year and it’s the same thing. Especially against Djokovic in London, He was up twice in both sets and played poorly when it mattered so it cost him.

    It was better for Roger to win Halle the way he did. Come from behind twice. But too little too late I’m afraid and no doubt this will be a mental set back. I’m not too concerned about the streak ending though, it had to end someday and it makes us all appreciate what an incredible run it was.

    I personally believe this is the US Open semi final 2011 all over again (it was 10x more heartbreaking) but it’s because it shocked Roger. I think after Rafa got out, Roger knew there was a window of opportunity there and it would be disappointing to say the least not to go deep in the tournament and defend his title 10 years after winning his first. It’s all about how he reacts now. I thought the season wasn’t that bad since he hasn’t played a whole lot but we’ve crossed the half way mark now and Fed should be concerned so I think the American summer will be one to remember guys.

    Even Murray says he expects a reaction from Federer at the US Open and I feel the same way. Actually I’ve felt this way the whole year. You know what they say, a lion is more dangerous when its wounded (mentally) and I will be surprised if this doesn’t spring a new fire within him. I honestly believe this and next year is his last two years to get another slam and it should’ve hit him by now that 3 slams are gone, including one where he had a real chance so US Open is where it all counts now, all up to him. Rogers Cup and Cincy will be pivitol to get in form for and now with extra rest, there should be no excuses.

    Sorry Jonathan that you couldn’t see him in action! Wimbledon 2013 has been very strange and we haven’t been privileged to quality matches unfortunately so it’s all very disappointing not from a Fed fan point of view but a tennis one. No doubt Murray is expected to win this year since he’s a much better player than Novak on grass but I just have my fingers crossed that Andy can be denied once again. I need Djokovic to be back on top after the French setback so he can take care of Nadal from here on in Because that never gets old.

    Also not surprised to hear that Wimbledon is extremely pricey and cares about its royal traditions over the fans. I’ve always said America and Australia are better slams in that aspect but to see Roger play on CC at Wimbledon would be a dream come true, so hope it happens.

    Apologies for the long post, I’ll be on my way now. But just one more question: Where do you think Roger goes from here if he also has a disappointing US Open as well?

    1. Hey Alysha,

      Thanks for the comment. I agree with everything you said. I’m hoping Djoker wins too but we shall see!

      Hmm if he a has a poor USO, not sure really, I think it would just be another quick fan reaction if he lost early. I will judge him by the end of the year not straight after the USO then I can look at the whole season.

      I think he will do well on hard courts though so hopefully where he goes from there doesn’t come into the equation!


    2. The “wounded lion” scenario had occurred to me, too. I certainly hope so. He really really needs to start picking up some points somewhere – and the Olympic ones will drop off at the beginning of August.

  13. Hey Jonathan,

    What i didnt get was why was Roger always returning d ball in the middle 3rd of the court even when he know Sergiy was serve and volleying? He did hit the ball down the line on a few points and with success.. why didn’t he try to do it more often?

    1. It depends on the quality/type of the serve. Some serves are just made to be hit down the line. Most of them are not when your opponent shows S&V.

      To answer your question, “why didn’t he try to do it more often?”. Because it’s easier said than done 🙂

    2. Hmm not sure Sahil, it’s not easy to guide a ball down the line off a first serve, it all depends on where the serve lands and the position you are in.

      For me personally I’d have like to see Roger step in and try return a bit more aggressively and make Stakhovsky have to second guess whether he could come in or not. It was too easy for him just to serve and move in behind it. But he did that really well.

      I don’t think the match was lost by poor return of serve though, just the big points passed him by.

  14. Sad that he lost so early and Qtr streak broken but that is bound to happen sooner or later. Overall he played a good match but lost at crucial points. Of course that is not the Roger we know, I think boils down to lack of matches and also court condition that day. Wednesday is a strangest day ever, so many WO and players getting injured. I am sure he would not try to be insane by going for every shot and risk slipping getting himself injury. First thing he needs to do is more training for upper body strength and explosiveness, its been lacking late. I am not sure who should I root for right now since Roger is out, its a bore to watch tennis without an ounce of emotional investment. Roger, I miss you sooo much!!!

    1. Yeah Dippy it of course sucks but just gotta take it on the chin.

      Not sure on the court condition as an explanation, guys are falling because they don’t play enough on the grass, only a 2 week stint per year for most of them which is a shame.

      Bulding muscle I guess wouldn’t be a bad idea, or trying to bulk a little but not sure what that gains him, maybe a few MPH on the serve if he works on the legs but he’s not a weakling. I think all of his power stems from footwork which sometimes isn’t clicking into place. Again that’s to do with confidence and focus. If you’re not quite there then you can’t setup to hit clean.

      I’m supporting nobody, just checking the scores and waiting for Montreal!


      1. I’m rooting for haas!! and if he falls, delpo. I don’t want novak to win it, and murray, why not (I’m not in england so I’ll just avoid the atp website for a while 😛 )

        Am I the only one really watching now?! seriously?

      2. Ops my bad, suggestion on upper body strength came from Ru-an. I think Roger lacks explosiveness and split second shot making decisions. Looking back at USO 2007, gosh all black Darth Fed mode, he is so explosive and quick anticipation. I guess it all boils down to confidence.

        Simon – I am still watching SW19 a bit but not really focus into it, just like Jonathan checking scores and news that’s all.

      3. Nah I’m still watching the interestinig matches. IE the ones where haas or delpo play, maybe I’ll watch Janowicz if he makes it far

      4. Jonathan,

        Do you think that we might not have to wait till Montreal as Fed may decide to play City Open in Washington DC? He really needs some matches under his belt. I still maintain that Fed could have won the last match had he played the very last point more sincerely. He was too defensive and didn’t go for the kill and ended up with that shank on backhand. I am still hoping that Fed will bring back those post US open 2011 moments; this match have definitely hurt his ego and it should actually. Somehow, I have a feeling that Fed is still not 100% physically because of the aftereffects of a fabulous 2012.


      5. @Jiten – not sure, he could play it for sure, not like he has played a lot this year. Not sure what he needs though, I may do a post on this.

  15. Great post Jonathan, good you’re not too downbeat over the loss. But boy oh boy was I super disappointed! After Nadal’s surprise loss, I really believed something sweet would happen for Fed this year. But just like his orange-soled shoes, Fed gets bounced out of Wimby prematurely. Couldn’t even bring myself to go online on all the tennis blogs/websites as it was too soon to face Fed’s exit. And it looks like my worst nightmare is coming true this year. I need to rent a cave to deal with the unbearable media frenzy that will ensue when Murray inevitably wins (There is legit no-one capable of beating him in his half of the draw, and if it’s Djoko he meets in the final, his overall superiority on grass will give him the victory).
    I guess what makes the loss easier to deal with is that unlike Paris, Fed played decently I thought. Just wasn’t steely enough on all the break points, which is fast becoming his trademark! He really needs an injection of confidence; he hasn’t played enough tennis this year and his lack of match-play is really proving problematic at the moment. I still believe the maestro has in him at least one more grand slam, so I’m not going to write him off just yet.

    1. Hi Ludwig, nah, don’t be so sure about Andy’s inevitably win.

      Didn’t England thought last year that Andy was going to win no matter what because he was in the final against a 30 year old out of his prime declining Roger??? What happened there? Didn’t Roger put Andy, his coach, his mum and England in their place???

      Now, they all assume Andy will win because he is better on grass than Novak. Don’t be so sure.
      No way Novak is letting Andy get away with another USO 2012.

    2. Cheers Ludwig.

      Yeah could be Murray’s year but like Katyani said don’t underestimate Djoker, I can see Murray losing a physical battle as he doesn’t look like he’s over his injury. In fact I think it may be similar to Feds back problems but due to his taxing game harder to manage. We shall see!

      1. At the moment, I’m just desperate for Berdych to get out as soon as possible! Not thinking about the final yet, although the whole country (barring the north of Scotland, which apparently doesn’t care 🙂 ) will go bananas if Murray wins, and I don’t look forward to it. I mean, we had calls for him to be given a knighthood just for winning the Olympic gold. Ludicrous.

        I don’t dislike Murray by any means, it’s just all the hype and public/media reaction which is getting totally on my nerves. They treat the lack of a homegrown Wimbledon champion as almost an insult in exactly the same way as they feel that we are owed victory in the football World Cup because we haven’t won it since 1966!

  16. ‘Dimitrov has failed to show up again which is a shame as he’s too busy with his stomach turning love triangle with Sharapova and Serena’ — LOL
    How petty were they though in the build-up to Wimbledon? Behaving like frigging high schoolers!

  17. If anyone wants to see some magic…. Today I watched the highlights of AO SF 2007 Roger vs Roddick.
    Watch that or the full match. I could not believe Roger. Definitely tennis from another planet.
    Some shots made me (his die hard fan) even say: stop it Roger, go easy on Andy, leave him alone !!!

    1. How about the WTF 2011 Round Robin vs Nadal? That was a hardcourt masterclass by Federer and Rafa can’t keep up 😀

      1. Hi Ferdie, there are many examples, but the match against Roddick……..
        To be honest….. I felt sorry for Andy !!!

        But would it not be nice to see Roger play like that again??

      2. At this time? It would be great to see that kind of Roger again.

        And we’re on the same boat, I also like Roddick’s serve and humor 😀 that’s the reason I watched him. But losing all finals to Wimbledon w/ the same opponent was just too much. 2009 was his last chance to win that or any GS in particular because he played really well. It just so happened that Fed was trying to bounce back from a bad 2008 season.. he wanted it more.

      3. [Just like an ace from nowhere LOL. Kidding!

        No, like a Roger backhand on match point 🙂

      4. *Buzzer goes off*

        That wasn’t match point. Sorry, keep playing 🙂 Like the one against Stakhovsky.

  18. Brasil! Confederation Cups Champion! Beats the Nation of sick Dopers 3-0.

    “Dos filhos deste solo és mãe gentil, Pátria amada Brasil!”


    1. Yeah, emphatic win by Brazil! To be honest I’m a fan of some players in the Spanish side and Brazil as well. But the ‘The Selection” brought it to the so-called ‘untouchables’ of the sport.

      Do You think they have already solved the tiki taka of Spain that bothered most countries in FIFA?

      And may I just add, that save of Luiz is sensational. Goosebumps. Though I’m not yet sold with Neymar, that remains to be seen next year and hopefully deliver again.

      For Spain.. they didn’t look like the champions that they were back in 2008 & 2010 but they can’t write them off yet.

      1. The “Untouchables”? You mean, “Dopables”? 🙂

        Brasil have always been my sentimental favorite. They are almost like a second country to me. There are only two sports results that make me sad. Roger Federer losing in a slam. And Brasil losing a world cup game.

        No, Spain is playing possum. By the time the world cup is played, they will be juiced and ready. That save was, goodness me, wow! Would’ve made it 1-1 and you never know how it would’ve gone after that.

        It was not the tiki taka that bothered others at FIFA2010. It was the fact that Spain just seemed too energetic right till the end.

        The only reason I can stand Neymar is because of Brasil. He is a faker/simulator. Some of his dives have been horrendous!

      2. Hahaha! Operation Puerto still in play, huh? 😀

        They were my favorites too, Brazil (Ronaldo/Ronaldinho/Kaka era) too bad the first time I watched them was from 2006 in a losing campaign.. a very likable bunch, but age caught up and Ronaldo really gained a lot of weight.. he wasn’t fit. Ronaldinho had a lot of injuries and Kaka is not that effective anymore.. until I saw that consistency back from Spain (Thanks to Fuentes in particular :D)

        The signal’s quite poor here in our place from the channel who always shows FIFA/International games. At first I was like.. Was it a self goal. Good thing there was a replay and I was like “Son of a b*tch! (In my mother tongue LOL)”. It was the pivotal moment of the match and ruined any possible comeback from Spain. Very clutch. Goosebumps.

      3. Question: What country in the world knows that there were hundreds of blood samples found at a doping doctors clinic, then decides to destroy them completely instead of trying to clean the country of it’s bad name? And gives the doping doctor a sentence of just two years which can be commuted? And refuses to give WADA the names of the players involved?

        Answer: Spain. The nation of phenomenal athletes. The likes of which have never ever been seen before on this planet. Athletes who don’t tire. Athletes who refuse to give up. Athletes who hate losing. Athletes who will let nothing get between them and victory. Spain, I salute you!

      4. Right, because on a surface like grass, no amount of juice can buy you talent 🙂

      5. You know, just a comment from a Dutch girl….

        I hope (and prey) that Spain does not win World Championship 2014.

        After 32 years !!! Holland finally made a WC final in 2010 only to lose it to…. Spain???

        No, they better not win next year…

  19. Hey guys, look at these two articles.

    This is an article from a stupid writer. What is the first thing you notice? That he is either jealous of Roger or that he really wants Roger to be gone. He uses the words ‘ego’, ‘dumped out’ and ‘arrogant’.

    Second article is what more fair. I loved the whole article, yes, of course, it too is asking about Roger’s decline, but still. But look at the first comment of Micheal9. It is a long one, but a really good one.
    I especially loved the fact that he spoke about something I have also been saying.
    That Roger should quit beeing President of the ATP Council.
    He is doing it for players (ranked lower) who are not even respecting him anymore.
    And while all the other big ones keep winning and practising, he is stuck in board meetings, etc.
    Ps: I love the piece about the banners from his fans…

    1. Loved that post on the sportsillustrated, was real comfort to the mind especially post after effects of day 2 tremors which saw our champion exit.Like others, i am hoping he will be back with vengeance for USO and more than USO, Year 2014.

    2. I’m afraid that garbage from the Express (it’s only a tabloid, after all – do any of them do proper tennis coverage these days?) is symptomatic of too much of the UK press coverage this year – sounds like something an MTF hater would write. I think that with the near-obsession this year about Andy Murray – and to a lesser extent Laura Robson, over the last few days – Federer has been perceived as a stumbling-block for Murray (after all, he freakishly denied him the Wimbledon crown last year, didn’t he) and therefore should be done down at every opportunity, even though he’s no longer a threat for Wimbledon. A lot of the coverage I saw last Thursday seemed to be less along the lines of a respectful “downfall of a great champion” and more “Oh good, that’s another obstacle removed from Andy’s path to the title”, and unfortunately the British public, possibly still in a post-Olympic afterglow, seem to be swallowing the attitude hook, line and sinker. I personally am so sick and tired of seeing it all that if Murray does win I’m going to find the resulting jubilation so nauseating that it will totally ruin it for me.

      BTW, on that Sports Illustrated article, what Matars wrote about 11 hours ago really says it all, as far as I’m concerned.

      1. Alison, excellently summed up and I completely agree with you. It drives me insane. The fact that the public form their own opinion based on those articles rather than objectively watching matches themselves is just a damning indictment of modern society. I’m ashamed to be a part of it. I honestly wish I could just wrap myself up in a cocoon until Federer retires, which will hopefully be with his tally of majors out of sight.

    3. Am I the only one here who doesn’t read these stupid articles and get my blood boiling over it? 🙂

      And as Jonathan mentioned below, the press sexes it up for sale or get hits. For them, Federer and Murray are just commodities, merchandise, or stocks if you will.

      They will play with your sentiments, and they will want you to be played, and you will gladly oblige, because you love it! 🙂

  20. Hi Jonathan

    I always feel better when I read your posts you put things in to such prospective I was really sad after fed’s loss (but at least I got to see him play) and met a lovely American couple (who were died in the wool fed fans) who actually backed up your comments about it being easier to see the big players at the American tournaments.

    What I really have not enjoyed after Feds loss is the way the press keep saying it’s the end for him – they did not say that when Nadal went out int he first round (they always put it down to his knees or whatever othyer injury he says he has) surely if his knnes are that bad supposeldy Nadal could be finished before Roger is but they never bring that in to the equation (I think what I just said makes sense?) anyway that is my rant over

    Just one other point I thought you might enjoy – sat behind me on the court on Monday was a young girl with her dad she was about 8 they had travelled from Singapore just to watch Fed – before the match ended one of the stewards told the dad where to go and stand to hopefully get an autograph – when the little girl came back she was beaming – Fed had signed her tennis ball – apparently he signed all the childrens items – thats the kind of man he is allez Roger

    1. Hey Trudi,

      Thanks 😀 glad you got to see him play, it is definitely one of things that you won’t forget even in the early rounds he lights up the court.

      The press have to sell their papers or get visitors to their website so always go down this route of retirement or decline, they have been saying it for the last 4 years.

      Ah he always makes an effort to sign things, spends forever doing it which is cool. Except when he loses of course, not sure I blame him for finding the nearest exit.


  21. Hey guys, this is something not tennis related, but I had so say it.
    Yesterday Discovery Channel showed a documentary about Lance Armstrong and how he doped and how he made sure it was never discovered. Seriously, it was so scary. How can one man (one human) have SO much power to make things happen and disappear?? He involved (and “treathened”) so many people, organisations, lied so many times right into the camera… Unbelievable. A documentary to watch.

    1. Definitely going to see that. Did they also mention about conspiracy theories, like, the secret societies behind it? 😉

      1. Ferdie, well they did mention because of money and sponsors, etc.

        But one of the most scaring parts for me !!! was that his cycling team (I don’t know how to call it, the people he was riding for) “invented” seriously !!! spent money on inventing machines and stuff to make doping undetectable. Isn’t that scary? One one hand the cycling org is spending serious money on catching dopers and preventing doping and on the other hand the bigger teams are inventing things to make it “not appear”.

        And the scariest was Armstrong lying right into the camera for years with a straight face without any remorse what so ever.
        The guy REALLY believed he did not do anything wrong.
        For the life of me, I don’t know why he is not in jail right now. For all the things he has done to people.

      2. I searched his name on google, look what he said to Le Monde (French media I assume :D) That it is impossible to win Tour de France w/o doping. What the heck is going on in the world of sports nowadays. Frustrating.

        I’m also an avid Pro Wrestling fan and doping is not new in sports entertainment. But cycling. Jesus, even cycling.

      3. Ferdie: You’re surprised there’s doping in cycling? It’s a pure physical sport! There’s no skill needed, not like tennis, football, or any other sport along those lines. The manager tells you when to take off or when to stay behind, so the only thing you need is the legs. Seems pretty obvious to me that they are doing it.

      4. I’m alone on this, maybe because I don’t watch cycling? 😐

        If it’s reliant on leg power.. yeah. This sport demands a lot physically.

        Makes me wonder.. maybe most of the winners of Tour de France should be stripped off their title because dope is a key component in winning. Not just Armstrong. But they may have more meticulous methods to get undetected.

      5. [That it is impossible to win Tour de France w/o doping]
        And, it’s impossible to win 8 French Opens with doping.

        [It’s a pure physical sport! There’s no skill needed, not like tennis]
        Tennis is headed that way too and soon, it will become all about endurance.

        [How can one man (one human) have SO much power to make things happen and disappear??]
        Look at the Spanish doping trial. The Spanish Government covered up the whole thing.

  22. WHAT THE HELL……………

    Your collective heartthrob Sensual Sabine just defeated my female hero Serena !!!

    Why? Why? Why?

    Jonathan & Co….. you all put a JINX on her….

    Serena was the only reason I still watched Wimby after Roger…..

    1. Sorry, but I have to admit I was 200% for Lisiki… can’t stand Serena. Even when she loses she makes herself look to superior and belittling the others… Sorry katyani :/

      1. Damn, this is not my Wimby. Roger out. Serena out. If Andy wins this I will try to forget Wimby asap…..

    2. Sensual Sabine haha I like it.

      First WTA match I ever watched where I actually fist pumped. Good for tennis this. Liskicki is a bit of a ball basher though but tolerable 😛

    3. Katyani, we know you love mens tennis, but once in a while it’s great to watch women play too 😉

    4. Hi Katyani

      I’m with jonathan on this so pleased Sabine won do not like Serena at all – it would be lovely to see Sabine in the final

    5. Come on! She was always the one who cld beat Serena! 2 qfs and 1 semi, huge serve! And has beaten all FO champions at Wimbledon in last 4 yrs!!! Love her, she will win it!!!

    1. Hey, I’ve used that comment years ago in FB: “Williams gone! I can finally watch ‘womens’ tennis” 😉

      Oh Sabine, you Goddess, you!

      1. Jonathan, please, please, blog about this match just this one time. With plenty of her pictures. A request on behalf of your readers 🙂

      2. Rules can be broken. Exceptions can be made. Roger lost so early, that’s an exception. Exceptional circumstances need to be handled in exceptional ways.

        I call for a vote. All those for a post on Sensual Sabine, say “Aye”. Any guy who says “Nay” needs some serious help 😉

      3. I refer you to my earlier “flaunting the rules in broad daylight is what built our society”, Jonathan :p
        We need a Lisicki write up! (or just pictures… that would be good)

  23. Welcome back Jonathan,

    Glad you had some fun there, though pity you couldn’t get to see Roger. I at least watched him live on Henman Hill on Wednesday, what a frustrating match and devastating result. People around me just went dead silent when it’s over. Too upset that I didn’t even feel like my usual wine & chocolate therapy for days… 🙁

    Great post and comments thanks guys, it made me move on fast. The match stats surprised me a bit, showing he didn’t play bad at all. It was so tense and Stakhovsky was playing insane, seemed impossible at that time. But actually he played poorly only at the crucial points, didn’t he? A bit more courage, a bit more luck maybe, it could have been different. Well, he said ‘they will be okay, because I’ll be okay.’ so I’ll be okay because he’ll be okay 🙂 Jonathan, you are so right about how great his QF streak is, not how it ended.

    I saw Murray’s match again (3rd times already) on Court 1 that day. Boy, he played solid, though I was rather bored. He or his tennis doesn’t excite me in any way. My Wimbledon is over and I’m looking ahead for the hard court season, too. Allez!

    1. Member of Dull & Co. hahaha!

      Yeah, he plays well.. but his style is too boring. He doesn’t have the charisma to be a champion. I mean he may get those titles but.. sleep fest in the making.

    2. Hey,

      Yeah, bit disappointed but I’ll be ok, because you’ll be ok, and he’ll be ok, 😛

      I saw Murray too, he’s just not likeable, I find him difficult to look at. Have you noticed how he uses the same management company as Beckham and they are trying to mould him into a likeable guy? Cheesy smiles on all his photos these days.


  24. Paraphrasing –

    “The constantly-smiling German has defeated the past [four] reigning Roland Garros champions at Wimbledon. She beat Svetlana Kuznetsova in the third round in 2010, Li Na in the second round in 2011, and Maria Sharapova in the fourth round in 2012. [And now Williams in 2013].”

    This is why, grass is the greatest surface of them all. As much as I like Sabine, I want Aggie to win 🙂

      1. God she played well v Li. Best at redirecting the ball off a power shot! Fantastic off FH!

  25. Not sure, but something I noticed. When these two, Sabine and the bitch stepped on the court to applause, the bitch did not raise her arm in appreciation and had that snobbish look on her face. Wow!

    1. Yeah no surprises, Silliams thinks she owns the world. Yet as soon as things go wrong she is back to her victim mindset chucking her toys out the pram.

  26. For the first time in the open era, the defending champions are booted before the quarters. This has been one hell of a slam!

    So sad not having Roger around in the second week. Couldn’t stop laughing at the projected QF that was meant to be Fed/Nadal.

    I’ve given up on Wimbledon this yr I’m afraid because Australia is treating Murray like its own. Can’ imagine what it’s like over there in the UK and if he wins well god help us.

    Was so thrilled your girlfried got rid of serena jonathan! I bumped into Sabine a couple of yeara ago in Sydney, the tv doesn’t do justice to her beautiful smile at all. Hope she can make the final at least. I think Kvitova will win it now.

    1. Yeah Wimbledon has been poor I think. Other than the upsets there been no drama. Dull loses in straights and Fed wimpers out in a 4th set breaker. Crowds haven’t really got into it either.

      Haha lucky you, I’d have gone out of my way to bump / trip & fall on top of her.

      1. Pity I couldn’t have spent longer with her to set you two up then.

        You heard about her crazy stat against FO champions? The last four years, she’s beaten the FO champion at Wimbledon. Crazy.

        Wimbledon will have lost a tonne of money for sure, Sid is right in saying that other tournaments will get freaked out and slow down the courts even more now (even though that’s not the problem) as an over-reaction.

      1. Did you mean, “Amen!”? 🙂

        Come on, would you rather live in a world where men didn’t like women?

      2. Uhmm…nope….

        Oke, guys, you can also have your fun….

        It is obvious we all have Roger in common, But I am ALL alone when it comes to Serena !!!
        Well let me make it clear: I like Sabine. It takes someone special to beat Serena and Sabine is thank God not like Vika (please don’t tell me one of you is her fan too…).
        You could obviously see what it meant to her to beat Serena.
        Seriously, it means so much to girls when they defeat Serena. When Vika defeated her this year at a 500 or 1000 tour (don’t remember anymore which one) she just lost it, fell on her chair, crying.
        So I do understand Sabine’s win. Totally deserved. Nice girl. And really great abs !!!

        As for Serena, well that is what you get when you are hyped up. They did not know whether Roger, Rafa, Novak or Andy would win, but they knew 200 percent that Serena would win, just like they thought that at AO this year too.

        Anyone saw Serena’s presser? She said she played well but could played the bigger points better, that is what made the difference. Remind you of Roger’s presser??

        But Serena will be back. And to be honest….. at the end of the day I AM a die hard Roger fan. Serena did say she wanted to equal or surpass Roger in GS (a sentence I did not like at all !!!) and I did not want that to happen.
        I like her, I am her fan, I think she is great, BUT if she tries to come near Roger in titles or whatever….. no that would be Serenawise it for me !!!
        Above all…. Roger.

      3. Ps: I am calling a Kvitova-Radwanska final where I would like Kvitova to win, but I think Aggie will…

      4. Oh, and Katyani, you are the one who said, “Sensual Sabine” and started the fire in the first place.

        And by the way, Williams also said something like, “She played well….BUT I also have a lot of room for improvement” and rolled her eyes. Implying, I played so bad, that’s the only reason she won. What an unmitigated biatch!

      5. Hey Sid, I only gave her the name Sensuel Sabine, because Jonathan and you and the rest were druling over her….. actually, Jonathan started all of this….

        Ps: Sid, as Director of Ranking or something, how does Roger stand for WTF?? Are we behind the likes of Simon or Stan???

        Alysha, can Sid find us any videos of Dimitrov (without Maria or druling ballgirls hanging around him)???

      6. Dimitrov is a bit too skinny for my liking…wonder how that worked with Serena hey?

      7. Katyani and Alysha, can’t you see I’m a little busy searching Sabine videos? Now, if you’d excuse me, I …


      8. Katyani, worry not, Roger will make the WTF. Gstaad has been strategically added to compensate for any slip up at Cincy.

      9. “Katyani and Alysha, can’t you see I’m a little busy searching Sabine videos? Now, if you’d excuse me, I …”


        I am jealous. So Sid… this is how you felt when we went on and on about one cute fellow Jonathan…..

    1. Ah Sid… I only wish I were drinking water at the time, so I could complete the comical spittake. Damn, that’s a nice picture. On my tenth look, I noticed the tennis court.

  27. Well well well, Sensual Sabine just won.
    Can’t blame her, she has so many admirers (male) !!!
    But welldeserved.

    I guess the girls are putting it all out there. This is the best chance they will ever get.
    No Serena, no Vika, no Maria….

  28. I’m hearing Roger is going to play Gstaad? Weird since it’s clay, but it’s in Switzerland and Roger needs more matches so I can’t say. Can anyone confirm if this is true?

    1. Gstaad seems an odd pick because of the surface; on the other hand we’ve been saying he needs match play practice, nothing surface-specific, and this will give him that. It’s probably close enough to home to drive down for the day at least much of the time, and we’re not in a position to estimate how important that might be. I’m glad he’s playing before Montreal.

      1. He should be able to get some good matches in. The field includes Janko Tipsarevic, Juan Monaco, Benoit Paire, Jérémy Chardy, Mikhail Youzhny, and Stan Wawrinka. Tournament organizers are “dreaming” of an all-Swiss final.

    2. Needs the matches but think he shld hv gone straight to US and done Washington! Prob needs the home country love!!!

      1. I’m defo not paying anything else than tickets, bring everything from home… 1 hour drive 😀

      1. And tickets reserved!! If he doesn’t make the semis I’m gonna be pissed…. 😀
        Jonathan, I’ll pay your ticket if you pay me wimby + travel + hotel next year 😛

  29. Hey jonathan,

    As there is no Roger matches and posts going on, could you make a post about what kind of equipment (rackets) the Top players use and how that helps them in comparison to Roger’s equipment. We get to discuss about that too as it’s a rising topic.


  30. And so, I will finally watch a women’s tennis match after a very long time. Sabine vs. Aggie. I don’t know who to cheer for, I simply don’t 😐

    And wow! Bartoli could actually reach the final and maybe win it? With her joke of serve and two handed forehands and backhands? At Wimbledon? Really?

    1. Me too so gd situation as want one of them to win whole thing!! Cannot imagine the corporate money loss on Bartoli v Flipper K!!!

    2. Sid, Aggie was in the first set tiebreak VERY lucky that Li behaved for once in her life stupid…
      I mean come on, she asked the umpire if she should challenge the ace that was called out.
      The umpire said it was out. And she did nothing !!!
      It is a tiebreak, the set would not have been that long anymore AND she had two challenges remaining !!!
      Why not take it? The ace was in and she would have won the first set and things would have been different.
      Same Stan/Novak story. So stupid of her. I like her, but this was….

      And what about Flipkens hey??? She made the SF beating Kvitova. Nice win from our neighbours Belgium.
      And of course who can forget Marion. Would have loved if Sloan came through, but I like Marion a lot.
      She is so…. weird, but in a good way.

  31. What is Federer’s greatest record in everyone’s opinion?! I would say 237 consecutive weeks at #1 and making 18 slam finals in 19 slams 🙂

    1. There are so many. Obviously the ones you mentioned, together with 23 consecutive SF, 36 QF. And winning 5 consecutive titles at two slams (USO, W for those didn’t know 😉 😀 ). Reaching the final of all slams at least 5 times. And many more…

  32. Hey guys, I want to show you a comment of a Roger/Novak fan called Danny Morris, who replied yesterday to the question: why is Roger playing Gstaad on clay when he should play a hardcourt event?
    You can imagine the question asked was not so polite as I am saying it here.
    By the way: love the name “Claydal” and the others.
    Unfortunately some Rafafans also keep calling Roger “Olderer”.

    Here is Danny Morris reply:
    Gstaad/Hamburg are as good as hardcourts and actually better because clay is easier on the body than even Grass/hardcourts. [Refer to claydal’s mysterious injuries]

    As usual, Federer is being the pioneer and showing the path to better managing the body so that you can have a long career. I wouldn’t be surprised if Federer plays till he is 40 and wins one or maybe even 2 slams even after 35.

    He has got the biggest ingredient for success in any field of life. Passion and Love of what you do. The guy hasn’t got burnt out mentally and a lot of people would say mental burn-out actually leads to physical burnout.

    You have got to love his positive attidue. Biggest loss of his career. He goes back to the drawing board, charts a path and comes back. He did a similar thing after he lost the 2011 USO semi-final to Novak. He flew to Australia and played on grass and everyone thought he should rest and recuperate. Less then a year later, Fed does the miracle of 17th slam, 7th Wimbledon and 300 weeks at no.1.

    Let us remember, even in all this doom and gloom, after Novak raised the bar in men’s tennis in 2011,[8years after Fed did the same] – Federer is the only one to have interrupted Novak’s total domination of the no.1 ranking. Not claydal, not the fanged one.

    You can give injuries for the clay one and psychological issues for lady forehand, at the end of the day, Federer did what those 2 are yet to do, snatch no.1 for Nole. I doubt either of the humbull hombre or perennial choker will get the no.1 ranking ever from Novak.

    It has to be a younger one like Jerzy or Dimitrov or tomic who have not been scarred and burnt psychologically, as bad as those 2 have been by Nole.

    The truth is that the humble fisherman will most likely be consigned to cooling his heels during the majority of the season like he did last year. The year before that he was 2nd best to Nole.

    Yes, he is winning clay, but really the important goals are Wimbledon and No.1 and he has had terrbile results at both of those over the last 2 years.

    Over the last 2 years, achievements wise, here is the ATP top 4

    4)lady forehand

    Rafa fabs keep denying that his 2 FO wins and MC/Rome titles are superior to Federer’s wimbledon 2012 and 15weeks at number 1 and 2011 Paris and WTF, 2012 IW,Madrid, and Cincinnati titles, but no one will buy it.

    If anyone is approaching retirement/extinction from the tour, it is claydal. In the past 12 months, he has played 2 out of 10 tournaments outside clay. It will only get worse as the knees keep melting.

    1. I just saw it in his facebook fan page. It seems he’ll be playing Gstaad and Hamburg huh.

      “Gstaad/Hamburg are as good as hardcourts and actually better because clay is easier on the body than even Grass/hardcourts. [Refer to claydal’s mysterious injuries]”

      I’m eager to see this.

      1. “Claydal” is good but the best moniker yet has to be “Kneedal”. Coined by Jonathan I think? 🙂

      2. Kneedal rhymes and associates well with Nadal. I’d put Kneedal on No.1 with 13450 ranking points followed closely by Dramadal at 12000 🙂

      3. Sid, maybe we should ask Jonathan to make a page where you can vote !!!
        Best name for Nadal. Have some options. Then we will know once and for all…..
        My vote will definitely go to Alysha’s “Dramadal”.

      4. Haha yes a poll will be a good idea.

        I didn’t create Kneedal, not sure where it came from??

        I was a pioneer of Dull though, although not sure I can lay claim to it though either as no doubt it was used before I thought of it.

  33. I definitely like Roger’s move to play a tournament prior to the American summer but clay? really? I’d expect Washington but if he gets more matches and confidence, I’m all for it. Also needs to build on points to get back into top 4 before US Open if he is to have a real shot. He’s lost out on massive points at Wimbledon and Olympic points going to drop off soon as well.

    Been thinking about the ranking and I can’t believe how many points Roger has to gain in 2014. I think he will make a final run to number 1 next year. He has a lot to gain from this point forward other than Cincy so I’m feeling optimistic that Roger can turn it around.

    1. Right now, it doesn’t matter which surface Roger plays on so long as he gets games. I’m guessing he is about 10 games behind in total games played compared to last year? I’m cool for now, with all the Clayness he has added to his schedule.

      1. Yep another clay tournament in Hamburg. I think Fed is trying to get the ranking up there. He knows he has to enter US Open as 4.

    2. Alysha, I also think he will go for number one in 2014. Maybe for the last time before he really lets the ranking go…

  34. Is anyone else watching that obnoxious mental midgetry by Berdscat? -_-
    It just annoys me even more to see him beating Roger lately. ZERO mental strength in him against top guys (of course, except Roger), ZERO!!!!!

    1. Yeah. It’s embarrassing how he gets in the groove against Fed, and then decides to take Novak on at a damned drop shot competition… I mean, the guy has to understand that hitting a ball hard is his main, and some would say only, asset.

      On the other hand, anyone seeing Delpo Ferrer? WHAT A MATCH! Would love to see Delpo win the tournament. Don’t see it happening, unfortunately, because give Novak credit, he played hellishly well.

      1. Hi John, I did not see Delpo’s match, but I did see the matchpoint. Wow, what a play of Delpo.
        To be honest, matchpoint was a “Roger specialty”. A point he makes so often, like he did at RG against Simon.

        Delpo is playing well, but Novak seems unbeatable.

        I have no knowledge of tennis, but even I know by now that if Novak is 3-0 behind in the first or second set, he ALWAYS plays the next three games unbeatable and in an extra gear. Why doesn’t the opponent and his coach anticipate that?
        If Novak is behind with 3-0, he always comes back. The opponent can practise on that right??

      2. Hi Katyani,

        It’s one thing to anticipate, another to prevent. Unfortunately, anyone who gets a double break, even Fed, even Novak himself, will likely allow themselves to exhale. It’s deeply ingrained in the tennis mindset that a double break is the magic cushion. And a small relaxation is enough for Djokovic to pounce on.

        Maybe coaches and players do predict or anticipate his upping the level of play. But if you’ve just broken Novak Djokovic twice in a row and held serve in between, you’re probably playing pretty well. Law of averages, you’re going to have a short blip. Pretty much no-one plays insane without showing any chinks for four straight games. Novak has the fortunate quality that he understands how to exploit this, and so happens to be the best returner in the world.

        I’m not sure what an opponent does to practise for the comeback. There’s only so much one can do when all serves one tries land back at you just as fast and close to the baseline. It’s simple: Novak can sometimes be unplayable. It takes someone like Federer, Nadal, or Murray, people who are capable of living with him in that mood, or people who can simply ace/serve their way out of trouble to consolidate, and as we saw in Roland Garros in 2012, even that type of player may not be able to do so.

        Also, “no knowledge of tennis”. Don’t be so modest. You love watching it, right? Then that should be enough. Knowledge comes just from the enjoyment, since the mind automatically learns easier the things it enjoys. 😉

      3. John….. I don’t know the difference between a forehand and a backhand. I don’t know what a cross court backhand slice or whatever those terms are and mean…
        I love tennis, but I have to be honest, don’t know much about it.
        But…. don’t worry, I am smart in other things….

      4. Haha but you can see what’s going on, right? That’s really all that matters. And you shouldn’t care whether you know or not. If you really want to know, just search youtube for videos of Fed hitting each of those shots, and you’ll quickly see the difference. 😉

      5. John, seriously…. no matter how much you watch Roger’s video’s on Youtube….
        It is still amazing, great to see and it never gets old !!!

    2. What is wrong with Novak that the crowd were more for Berdych???? He does so much to show a “kind of Roger image” and it does work, but why is the crowd so “against” Novak??

      Did anyone see that moment I think in the first tiebreak. Someone shouted loudly something about Andy and just as Berdych began the play someone shouted “I love you Roger” !!!
      Put Novak very shortly out of his concentration.

      But to be honest that was uncalled for. Andy and he were not playing, so why scream their name.

  35. Anyone saw Andy/Verdasco match?? Wow, it was so nerve wrecking. I hoped for Verdasco, he was really good, but at the end it was Andy again.
    And the Murray saga continues…. By the way Verdasco played some points like Rafa.
    He deserves to win, but in the fifth set….man, one game cost him the match.

    Now, Andy versus Jerzy. Wow, I really am beginning to like Jerzy. I saw him play a little bit against Ferrer in the final last year of Paris I think. I was not impressed. Not even this year with his meltdowns.
    But when he played against Roger in Rome….. have to be honest… kind of beginning to be his fan.
    He plays almost exactly like Roger. Jerzy can be a future GS threath.

    Wimby is a long time ago nothing without Roger (or even Rafa !!!) but Jerzy does make up for it.
    I so hope he will defeat Andy. Andy will have his hands full. Jerzy served like 30 aces.

    1. [He plays almost exactly like Roger]
      Are you kidding me with this? 🙂

      You know how coaches tell you not to play in a certain way, and not to do certain things because they are not good for you? Well, coaches around the world tell their students never to try to play like Roger. Because it cannot be done. They tell them to play like Nadal or Djokovic. Much simpler, much easier, for mortal human beings.

    2. I disagree, Sid. It’s clearly the case that no-one can successfully imitate Roger’s style without making modifications for comfort, but I’d still argue Roger’s form is the closest thing you’ll see to textbook, which is what coaches tend to start people off with.

  36. This is coming from someone with a kind of fresh look on tennis (with less tennis knowledge, that’s why the fresh look)…. but who ever said that Novak was the best returner in the world, did not watch Andy that much !!!

    Novak returns like the second best, because he slides and turns his body in different positions, but…. he does let balls go he cannot reach or he knows he will lose the point.
    But Andy…… Andy runs after EVERY literally EVERY BALL. The balls he lets go during an entire match, you can (in my opinion) count on one hand.
    I have said this before, but today against Verdasco… man, he really runs after AND catches every ball.
    You cannot tell me that his legs will keep up with that after he is 30??

    1. So basically the rule is, the more balls a player allows to get by them, the more talented he is. Remind you of someone? 🙂

      1. Roger, of course! He let’s so many balls go by you would think why is he not trying. That’s because he doesn’t play to “fetch” the ball.

      2. Isner-Mahut, man 😉 By the time the fifth set got to about 20-20, neither of them was bothering to return any good serves! 🙂

    2. I think that Murray might last that long. It’s not so much the form, but the strain one puts on legs. Andy may charge around the court like a crazy bull, but his balance is very good, and while he does get injured, it tends not to be the legs. I’d say his running conserves more energy than Nadal’s, especially as Rafa slides on all surfaces; this might be because it’s easier to do so on these surfaces nowadays, or it might be because he’s a freaking idiot who’s basically asking to get injured.

      1. Yep but that match is one of the classics no doubt. Even worse is that Fed should of won that final in Aus against Nadal in 09. I was at that match and it was the toughest thing to see Roger break down in front of us, even tougher because match was on his racquet and I thought I was about to see him equal Sampras’ record. Anyway, what’s done is done…

        If Fed had won that match, I think Nadal would never have won the career grand slam. Sigh.

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