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Speedy Federer Makes Impressive Start in Basel

The Swiss cruised through 6-2, 6-1 to see off Peter Gojowczyk in 53 minutes.

Roger Federer is up and running at the Swiss Indoors, recording his 21st consecutive in Basel in style with a 6-2, 6-1 victory over Peter Gojowczyk.

Federer, who was playing in his 1,500th tour-level match won through in just 53 minutes, firing 34 winners and broke his opponents serve five times.

While Gojowczyk showed glimpses of the tennis he can produce, against Federer on a quick indoor court he stood no chance. The Swiss returned sharply winning 55% of total return points and limited the German to just 50% of points won behind his first serve.

Federer will next face Radu Albot on Wednesday after the Moldovan defeated Dusan Lajovic in three sets.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Basel 1r 2019

Gojowczyk won the toss and elected to receive. Federer kicked things off with a hold for 1-0 but was forced to deuce in doing so. 

Gojowczyk had no such problems, firing down a love hold to level at 1-1. Game three saw a more comfortable hold for the Swiss, with back to back aces to hold for 2-1.

Into game four and Federer sharpened up, taking all Gojowczyk's time away with some smart returning to break to love, doing so with a clean backhand winner up the line. A hold to fifteen consolidated the break for 4-1 to put Federer in full control after just 12 minutes of play.

Four excellent points from the German stopped the rot as he held in double quick time for 2-4 but he couldn't find any inroads on the return as Federer held for 5-2.

An extremely impressive set was soon Federer's as he secured the double break to take it 6-2, firing 16 winners and after a tricky first game, he was able to take full control.

Into set two and Federer moved up an early break for 2-0 to maintain his momentum from the first set but got himself in a spot of trouble down 0-30 in game three before reeling off three aces to make 40-30. However, Gojowczyk made deuce and then fashioned his first break point of the match which he converted to hit straight back.

A mishit lob from Federer got him to thirty all in Gojowczyk's next service game then a crisp volley after following in a forehand set up breakpoint. Gojowczyk saved it but a wild drive volley gave Federer a second breakpoint and he converted, showing good foot speed to whip a forehand crosscourt from the service line.

There were no problems consolidating the break second time around for nine-time champion as he held to fifteen for 4-1. Gojowczyk then found himself down a double break after struggling to cope with Federer's change of pace and the Swiss served it out to fifteen to take it 6-1 in just 53 minutes.

Match Stats

  Roger Federer Peter Gojowyczk
Aces 12 1
Double Faults 2 1
1st Serve 65% (33/51) 70% (28/40)
1st Serve Points Won 82% (27/33) 50% (14/28)
2nd Serve Points Won 39% (7/18) 33% (4/12)
Break Points Saved 0% (0/1) 50% (5/10)
Service Games Played 8 7
1st Serve Return Points Won 50% (14/28) 18% (6/33)
2nd Serve Return Points Won 67% (8/12) 61% (11/18)
Break Points Converted 50% (5/10) 100% (1/1)
Return Games Played 7 8
Winners 34 13
Unforced Errors 13 17
Net Points Won 66% (2/3) 11% (1/9)
Service Points Won 67% (34/51) 45% (18/40)
Return Points Won 55% (22/40) 33% (17/51)
Total Points Won 62% (56/91) 38% (35/91)


Thoughts on the Match

Federer Gojowyczk Basel 19

I thought the match was good. I felt like I had a good spring in my step and was quick onto the ball. Didn’t take me long to get used to the conditions. That was positive. I knew of the danger playing Peter, especially indoors. He had a great couple of qualifying matches, so I knew he’d be tough, especially because he beat Karlovic easy, who serves great. Federer on his win over Gojowyczk

A speedy start from Federer here and I thought he played a very clean match. After that close first game where Gojowyczk made deuce, Roger took full control, returning nicely and taking the German's time away on what appears to be a fast-playing indoor court. 

It usually takes Federer a match or two to settle in front of an expectant crowd but he was able to get out the blocks here quickly. Looking impressive his movement and using the speed of the court to his advantage throughout. 

The speedy court meant there were plenty of shots for the highlight reel and it was fast-paced from both. Gojowyczk is not the type of player who will die wondering as he goes big on all his shots but Federer was more explosive and has more options in his game when he needs to defend or mix it up to stay in the point.

Even though the German only won three games it wasn't like he played badly, he just ran into a player who loves these conditions and can redirect pace, slice and dice and then inject some of his own to produce some top-quality tennis in front of a full house in his home city. Job done!

Predictions vs. Albot

Next up is Radu Albot after the Moldovan defeated Dusan Lajovic in three sets. I was slightly favouring Lajovic but Albot is a tough customer and won his first ATP title this year in Delray Beach.

Federer played Albot earlier this year in Miami where he was pushed to three sets in a match that lasted 2 hours and 10 minutes. Albot is a real workhorse of a player who has great movement, a flat backhand that he can change direction nicely with and a solid forehand. So he will certainly pose Federer some problems tomorrow.

The Moldovan clearly likes the outdoor hard courts on the South East American coastline so it will be interesting to see how he fairs on the indoor Greenset Grand Prix of Europe. I expect Federer to come through with set one being a fairly close set.

What did you guys think of Federer's win on Super Monday? Predictions against Albot? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Definitely very impressive how quick and effecient barring 3rd game on second set ..that’s when I start watching but he is right back into match immediately and get it done….

      1. Yeah that was the only blemish really if you can call it that, but wasn’t like he played too bad a game, Gojo connected with a few shots and boom, broken back.

        @Samuel – Not sure what you mean? Uniqlo? Or RF?

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more, Jonathan. A very entertaining match, both played well. Roger’s tactics were a spot on, cutting Gojo down to his size with beautiful slices. Roger’s cleaning hitting looked wonderful, even the mishit lob looked like a Muzzy lob 🙂 .

  2. Roger played really well. Next round looks to be easy. Hope he can avenge his defeats against Tsitsi and Sasha and win a long overdue title.

  3. Thought it was a brilliant serving day, his footwork was on song and the slice worked great on this fast Basel court, loved it!
    A stress-free match for the 1500th. Fun to watch, fun to read the recap, a good job Jonathan 😀

  4. How special to see Fed play here once more. Hope he can thrive in the conditions as the week goes on. Great movement and some wonderful shots in this match. Go Fed!

    1. Yeah the conditions are going to produce some fast paces tennis. Good for Fed but also dangerous as like Gojo showed, 1 or 2 crisp strikes and the point is done.

  5. The lob was a mishit, alright, but he succeeded in 2 or 3 other (was it?). He also figured out that Peter (easier to write than his family name!) had a few altitude issues and earned some points with a couple of moon balls.
    Set 2 looked a bit like an exhibition match after the 3-1.

  6. Didn’t see it but sounds like the serve was firing well,always indicative of Feds form.
    I wish him all the best in his hometown.

  7. Wasn’t this such a pleasurable match to witness? Like Fed said, “a good spring in my step”. Love the match around the 8″ mark. Vintage Fed.
    Yes, Rog sliced and diced like a sleazy barker at the PNE. 🙂
    Isn’t break points saved just the opposite of break pts converted? Or am I missing something?
    Thanks for the always excellent write up, big J.

    1. Yes, but referring to different players. Fed’s saved break points were Peter’s break points. Fed’s converted break points were *his* break points.

      1. Yes, Fed’s break points.
        If Fed gets 10 breakpoints on TheOtherDude’s service and converts 3, Fed’s statistics of converted breakpoints are 3/10.
        In the meantime, TheOtherDude saved the other 7 out of the very same 10. Dude’s statistics of saved breakpoints are 7/10.
        So, Player A’s fraction of converted break points + Player B’s fraction of saved break points =
        3/10 + 7/10 = 10/10 = 1. Always.
        (This is all because a particular break point is either converted by player A or saved by player B.)

      2. Right. So, I’m not missing anything. What is the point of posing both when one can see it’s just the opposite? 🙂

  8. First match in my life seeing Roger live, his 1500th and damn, that was AMAZING. I can’t honestly remember such a sharp 1st match in a tournament in a while. I felt extremely lucky

  9. Seems to be moving well, got some nice angles & more than one pickup off his toes. Gojo had a few nice angles too. Finally got to see some highlights elsewhere during a narrow window of availability…

  10. Finally Federer hitting forehands winners at will… That’s a very good sign. It looks like he won’t retire next year.

    PD: nothing to do with the subject, and I apologize for it but I can’t be silent about it.
    What is happening here in Argentina and the whole of Latin America (now in Chile) is just disastrous and hopelessness.
    The leftists groups are destroying everything in name of their leaders. When they can, they’ll bring communism to our heads, literally.
    God, have mercy of us, if you exist.

      1. Miami 2019. There’s a theory that the 1st set lost against Radu made Fed readjust his game to another combustion mode that drove him across the field until the final, where he only lost 3 service points against Isner.

  11. Wow A. Zverev lost to T.Fritz in straight sets!
    Someone was right here saying he was too flat at the end of Shanghai and will not survive his half of the draw…
    Chum jetze Roger !

  12. Only saw extended highlights, nice start Fed! Thanks for the write up J, good stats too!
    I too expected Dudan but Radu it is! I expect Fed to come thru much more handily than in Miami but he won’t take anything for granted! I see Fritzy best Sascha, not unexpected. Sascha looked weary and said do afterwards. I hope he still makes London tho.
    Stef going from strength to strength I see…. lurking.
    Onwards Fed, we wld like that 10th title…

  13. Sorry guys, I saw just now your replies. The atmosphere is kinda not Swiss (and I am half Swiss), but Very hot! The public was also nicely fired up by Anastacia, Who was making a nice and funny exhibition before, but he was simply bliss. Very relaxed, he tried and made every shot in the book (I am kinda sure The First lob wasn’t a mishit), he obviously plays also a lot for the homecrowd, and he was also super funny in the interview. Loved The experience and I advice each and everyone of you to come also because The visibility is astonishing

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