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Slick Federer Serves His Way Into Round 3 at SW19

Another day, another straight sets win at the All England Club for Roger Federer who eased past the Slovakian Lukas Lacko 6-4, 6-4, 6-1 in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The Swiss has now won 26 consecutive sets at Wimbledon and put in near peRFect serving display dropping just 9 points behind on serve whilst firing down 48 winners to just 11 unforced errors.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Round 2 Wimbledon 2018

Federer won the toss and elected to receive. Lacko then kicked off with a hold to 30 before the Swiss matched him for 1-1. In game three Roger again made it to thirty all but after a lengthy service game, Lacko held for 2-1. At the changeover, the Slovak was breathing hard after some testing rallies and in game seven Roger broke through to lead 4-3 en route to taking the first set 6-3. Landing 78% of first serves and hitting 19 winners to just 5 unforced errors.

Into set two and Roger was able to start injecting more and more pace into his game as he broke in game five for 3-2. He then consolidated for 4-2 and maintained his advantage to take the set 6-4 not dropping a single point behind his serve.

With Lacko looking tired Roger broke instantly at the start of set 3 before consolidating for 2-0. A second break followed in game five and the Swiss soon made his opponent eat a breadstick taking the set 6-1 dropping just two points behind his serve.

Match Stats

R. Federer L. Lacko
Aces 16 6
Double Faults 0 4
First Serve % In 43/61 (70%) 52/89 (58%)
Win % On 1st Serve 40/43 (93%) 35/52 (67%)
Win % On 2nd Serve 12/18 (67%) 16/37 (43%)
Net Points Won 17/21 (81%) 6/10 (60%)
Break Points Won 4/8 (50%) 0/0 (0%)
Receiving Points Won 38/89 (43%) 9/61 (15%)
Winners 48 0
Unforced Errors 11 0
Total Points Won 90 60
Distance Covered 4879.0 Ft 4626.3 Ft
Distance Covered/pt. 32.5 Ft 30.8 Ft

Post Match Interview

Thoughts on the Match

Fed Lacko SW19

I think I played very well, I felt good, fewer nerves than the first round which is normal. I'm happy with  how I am hitting the ball along with good concentration on my own serve. Mixing it up with some slice, hitting over returns is a good combination.

Another routine win here for Roger who played pretty much flawless stuff out there. Lacko started competitively but from 3 games all in the second set Roger took complete control at one point winning 35 points in a row on serve.

Lacko has played a lot of matches in recent days and when the camera panned onto him you could see him breathing heavily at the 2-1 changeover in set 1. Not the best sign for him and you could tell it was only a matter of time before Roger's pace of shot and aggressiveness took his legs away. I know the numbers show Fed covered more ground overall but his movement was just way more efficient, he's taking one or two crossover steps to cover 2 to 3 metres of court, whereas Lacko was having to scamper more from the baseline. Despite being on the back foot he actually played pretty well too but Roger just had the measure of him, and when you can't really get a look in on the guys serve the pressure on your own serve builds and builds.

So just like round 1 today went nicely to play, quick match, hitting the spots on serve and wasting zero energy. Job done, onto the next round.

Predictions vs. Karlovic / Struff

So next up is Jan Lennard Struff who came back from two sets down to beat Ivo Karlovic 13-11 in the fifth in 3 hours and 55 minutes.

That's a big win for the German and only the second time he's come from 2 sets down his career having done it again Kukushkin at the US Open four years ago. I didn't watch but I assume it wasn't the most physically draining match against an opponent like Karlovic but mentally it will have taken a big effort to come through so it's very much advantage Fed on Friday who had his feet up long before Struff finished.

Roger leads the H2H 2-0, winning at this years Australian Open in straight sets but both their encounters have featured a tie-break set as Struff hits a heavy serve. Both he and Karlovic didn't win a match on grass pre-Wimbledon so I'm not sure who the tougher opponent would have been here. Karlovic certainly has the more awkward serve due to the height it's delivered from, but Struff hits a heavier ball and offers more from the baseline so I think the German will be more of a test. Pickin Fed in three.

What are your predictions? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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      1. Hope he can make it that far. 🙂 UNIQLO now doesn’t seem as a shock though. 😀

  1. He’s looking pretty good, but then he wasn’t pushed terribly hard. Noticed Lacko had some massively hard 1st serves Fed couldn’t even get back though, & there were some fun all-court points.

    What a battle between Karlovic & Struff for the honor of facing him next!

    Further thoughts on Uniqlo – the sleeve logo is bothering me less. The massive red square in your face is bothering me more. If you really want something in front, shrink it a bit & put it at the bottom of the neck placket, actually connected to the pinstripe. Use the visually superior (looks a bit like a flower) Japanese logo. Then it’s a design element instead of an incredibly cheap billboard just plastered on. Speaking od design elements, I wish they had a hint of the pinstriping on the back to tie it all together. Around the neckline, or all the way around the sleeve, maybe.

    Apparently Fed himself prefers the stand-up collar, which is too bad.

    Cilic continues to look very good.

      1. Too big? Only the front one on the shirt is big (not that big), the other ones on the sleeve are good and the red squares on his bandana for example are tiny. Too many? IDK, I mean that’s their logo, I don’t think they will change it for Fed only. TBH, the way that they put their logo on the shirt is the same as every other brand that probably exists. Nike could also be described as a billboard, but people just say that to UNIQLO because it’s a square. Like it or not, they will continue to implement the same design. Don’t focus too much on the logo, focus more on the apparel design and looks.

      2. Never liked the Nike designs where the logo overpowered it, either. Seems to me the logo IS a part of the apparel design and looks. Thought it was interesting in his presser one of the journalists asked Roger about his (rather nice) teal t-shirt, and he said yes, it IS a Uniqlo shirt, it just doesn’t say Uniqlo all over it.

      3. Yes. Go to the UNIQLO website if you are interested and basically all the clothes they make have no logo except maybe for a couple of graphic t-shirts.

      4. I for one is a uniqlo fan. Their stuff has incredible quality and very reasonable price. Design wise not the most stunning but I like Fed’s shirt. You only need to look at what Nishikori is wearing to know Fed’s IS indeed a designer quality

      5. TBH, I don’t think Nishikori’s outfits are bad. I like the polo he is wearing currently at Wimbledon. I can’t really recall a tournament where UNIQLO have made horrendous kits for Nishikori and even for Djokovic.

  2. Speedy match even tho ten minutes longer, congrats Fed & thanks Jon for the fastfed like turnaround! Can’t wait for the 5 setter winner tba, that’s handy too. Hopefully we get to the weekend ! All happy so far and very enjoyable, outfit looks good although the pants seemed tighter, hope he liked the fit ! Uniqlofed seems as well launched as his shots so far!

  3. Thought Fed seemed rather sluggish early on in this match, but he improved as the match went on (I was only partly watching as I was working). Also worth crediting the 35 points in succession on his own serve!

  4. Jon, to reply to your question about UNIQLO, and the Swiss flag, if Roger will play Davis Cup or Olympics, I think that UNIQLO will do something similar to what they did with Nishikori’s shirt when he played the Olympics. (even Djokovic’s, they used the same logo and flag positioning)

  5. Is the 35 points in a row on serve some kind of record? Astonishing.

    I thought he looked supreme today and if he serves like that he will be tough to beat over 5 sets!

  6. Roger is fine, doing his job perfectly. The shirt and shorts haven’t done any evil. Classic in my eyes, suiting him perfectly. The squares…well they have to be there. Never liked such, but otherwise I think the deal is fine. Miss the RF logo of course.

  7. Won’t be able to watch any matches (though in some ways a relief) so relying on Jonathan’s write ups and you guys
    comments. I would say he’s doing pretty good so far.?

  8. Great serving and movement from Roger. I wish it was Ivo that he had to play as that would have been an easier opponent for Roger. Struff is pretty good as a player and especially on grass he could be a threat if Roger had one of his off days. I hope Roger just gets stronger round by round and wins #9.

  9. Loved the match. Wicked drop shots, variety, great serving. Onward we march. Hey, the ESPN interview is nice, no talk of Nike, lol. Watched the 2 hr show Strokes of Genius put together for the anniversary of 2008. Showed some old footage of Fed being so hard on himself. Smashing rackets, etc. His poor parents put up with a lot! Not to excuse his behaviour back then but look at NK. He is plain crude and will get away with it because people like his game.
    Happy for Uniqlo, a nice change. Nike is off track and who was it that showed what Roger would have worn at the USO. To me, so ugly. And the drama continues, so much fun.

  10. I think Germany’s Jan-Lennard Struff, who edged past Ivo Karlovic in five sets, to earn his place in round four against the Maestro, in 3 hours 55 minutes, should be little tired. Though Jonathan is spot on when he suggests it probably wouldn’t have taken too much out of physically. But he also played five sets in his victory over Leonardo Mayer in the first round which took 3 hours 29 minutes. I am hoping that fact will reduce the time the great man spends on the court to conserve his energy for the second week hopefully.

  11. All the announcers were saying Fed would much rather face Struff than Ivo due to the huge serve and practically every set in their history going to a tb. Agree, though Struff hits a nice ball. He will be spent, too. Fed looked majestic today.

  12. Glad to see the flying ants had the common decency to wait until Roger had departed before invading Centre Court 🙂 Classy.

  13. Thanks Jonathan as always for the timely reporting. Comprehensive win by Fed. Looks much sharper than at Halle. The courts do not look that fast, one commentator said that centre court should become faster as it becomes more worn. That should be to Fed’s advantage as he moves forward.

  14. what could be better than watching Roger win his ninth Wimbledon to make 99 titles by beating nadal on the 10 anniversary of that tough loss in 08. Just for that, I wouldn’t mind if dull reaches the finals. But too early to talk about this. Struff next. If Ivo could take 2 sets then I don’t see why Roger can’t take 3 easily.

  15. I really don’t like to see Rogers backhand nowadays. Its all racket action. It looks a bit .. jerky. Am I the only who thinks its is substantially different from 2017?

    1. I think that’s probably down to the quicker/ slicker grass surface. I’ve always noticed his backhand is almost ‘stabby’ on grass. His backhand looks very different on hard courts.

  16. I hope Roger continues to hit the ball and serve like he’s done in the first couple of matches.
    I like his chances if he does.

    Seen some of Struff-Karlovic.
    5th set with to big serving players seemed like a potential 5-6 hours match, but Struff managed to get the break before the rain started. Had the advantage of serving first in the fifth set. Also saved a match point on his serve at 5/6 30/40.
    Most of the games were under 2 mins, so not draining. Struff is quite young so he’ll recover. Plus the match ended yesterday so he’ll enjoy a day off.
    He’s quite solid on his serve. Can play aggresive, do some serve&volley and overall can mix it up a bit.
    Roger shouldn’t drop more than a set if he’s playing at a reasonable level. Probably win it in straights, but it will be tighter so he will have to be focused on the big points.
    From now on it really becomes harder every round and I hope Roger will be able to move up the gears when needed.

    Seen some of Stan’s match. He lost his edge, I feel. Couldn’t convert five set points in the first set tie breaker (although Fabbiano was very lucky at 5/6) and lost the second set as well. The rain might have saved him, who knows. Fabbiano is solid and has some balls, but is not a top guy and it shouldn’t be so complicated for Stan.

    1. I had a feeling from watching the scores that Stan was just getting back into the match when the rain started?

      1. Oh well, he’s out now 🙁 Should have been a winnable match, I’d have thought.

      2. Stopped watching a bit earlier so I don’t know.
        Today he had two set points at the breaker but couldn’t convert and lost the match.
        Didn’t see it, just watched the scores on that point.

  17. Thanks Jonathan, all good so far. Roger just needs to concentrate, that’s all. Two down, five to go.

  18. Rog looking very sharp in this match and focus too. Some delicious BHs and dropper almost god like mode. Next opponent will be a bit tricky, Struff has a decent game. Should be interesting for Rog.

  19. Carlos Bernardes, umpiring the Nadal/Kukushkin match, giving Rafa a time violation before the match has even started 😀

  20. Cilic is out!
    Now that’s an upset!
    Yesterday he had 2-0 sets lead, today he lost the match. Unbelievable!

  21. The tennis god’s love Roger and that is a guarantee. Cilic is gone after what was headed to be an easy and quick win. But a day later, things changed dramatically. I see Roger if he maintains his current level he will make it to the finals and hopefully well rested because I just don’t see any 5 set games till the finals.

  22. Interesting, Cilic out in the 5th set (he was serving second). Pella being left handed gave him an advantage, but you would have thought Cilic would cruise to victory. Too many errors off the forehand.

    Struff gave Fed a tight set or two when they last played, he’s a bit like Kachonov, a tall big serving, big forehand young player. He could win a tiebreaker set and clearly must be a decent returner if he broke Karlovic a few times.

    So it looks now like if Fed made the semis then his likely opponent is Raonic, which is always tough. Djokovic is sailing through quietly. I have a feeling him and Nadal will meet (QF or SF – not sure where they could meet).

    1. Novak-Rafa can happen only in SF.
      Novak had a very easy draw with two players that have little to offer on grass.
      Next up might be Edmond. Will be intersting.

  23. If Roger plays somewhat well I only see him possibly loosing against Del Potro. I don’t see Novak or Rafa performing like the old days on grass.

  24. What do you guys think about Medvedev ? I think he is the types who can send Nadal packing in the first week of Wimbledon but unfortunately this time he is Federers 4R projected opponent……

    1. Inexperience would probably make him lose the match, like Coric did in IW, if Fed play a sub-par match.

  25. With cilic somehow losing his only potential roadblocks look to be Rafa Novak and delpo who all are on the bottom half. He should cruise to the quarters maybe even semis as long as he doesn’t overlook anyone. Also are you sure lacko had 0 winners and 0 errors? That seems strange ?

  26. @Vik,
    You sadist?
    I don’t think that I have ever seen him play.Was he the one involved in that incident where he was throwing money on
    The court?

  27. Super well done for Fed..
    My country in the semis in the Russian World cup…
    The sun is shining …
    What a day ! 🙂

    1. Agreed re Fed.
      The odd thing is,we were in Italy when Italy won the World Cup,In Spain when Spain won the World Cup and this year we will be in France!Third time lucky?

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