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Shanghai Masters Draw 2015 – Roger, Rafa, Nole & Andy Vie For The Title

Hey all! It's been a while, hasn't it? There hasn't been any Federer since the US Open so naturally the blog has had a bit of a down period. But after Fed-less tournaments in Metz, St. Petersberg and now Beijing & Tokyo the Shanghai Masters has finally arrived and the draw came out a few hours ago.

Roger is of course the defending the Champion after defeating Simon in last years final and he's landed a par for the course draw. You can see his projected opponents below:

Federer's Projected Opponents

  • 1st Round: Bye
  • 2nd Round: Sam Querrey
  • 3rd Round: Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
  • Quarter Finak: Kei Nishikori
  • Semi Final: Stan Wawrinka / Rafael Nadal
  • Final: Novak Djokovic

Full .PDF printable draw.

Thoughts on the Draw

Federer Shanhai Draw 2015

After the luxury of a bye in the first round the likely opponent in Round Two is Sam Querrey. Querrey faces a qualifier first up so he should come through and I have no real worries about him. It's more a case of will Federer pull off another between the legs lob en route to victory? πŸ˜† Querrey has never been past the third round in Shanghai so I think Fed gets it done. Hopefully in a non-Mayer kind of way.

Round 3 could then be Tsonga, he crashed out to Haider-Maurer in Beijing after winning yet again on homesoil in Metz a week earlier. His form as usual is hard to assess but he's been on a downward curve this year so I can't see him really been a threat. Robredo's steady grinding could even see him off in the first round if he's not playing well.

After that the quarters is seeded against Nishikori who again lost at the hands of Benoit Paire in their Tokyo Semi Final. Kei took the first set against his US Open conqueror 6-1 but then faded rapidly to lose 6-1 4-6 1-6. Not great for him and he's struggled of late. Despite neither of them having a great record in Shanghai I'll pick Fognini or Anderson to make the Quarters from that section.

The semi's is then likely to be against either Stan or Nadal. Both guys are playing for titles this weekend in Tokyo and Beijing respectively. Hard to really predict who comes through that section as there's a few potential banana skins – Karlovic, Raonic, Dolgopolov, Cilic, Coric and Chardy are all dangerous. If Shanghai is low bouncing like it was last year I don't fancy Nadal's chances though as it won't suit him. If he somehow wins Beijing then he could ride the wave but it looks unlikely with Djokovic one win away from the final. As for Stan he has one solitary Quarter Final appearance in Shanghai to his name and should he win in Tokyo, he rarely follows it up by doing well in the next event he plays.

The final is then of course seeded to be against Djokovic who's pretty much schooled all comers this year. No point looking that far ahead though πŸ™‚


It's always tough to predict in Shanghai because a number of players have barely played since the USO and the rest are very much deep into the Asian swing so I'm expecting a few weird results at the Qizhong Forest.

As for Federer it's tough to know what to expect. He's had around 4 weeks off since the US Open and has been practising in Dubai after holidaying somewhere post New York. He arrived in Shanghai Friday so will have a few days to hit on the surface before playing his first round either on Tuesday or Wednesday. There's no family in town and no Luthi either so it will all about the Skype coaching lessons this week πŸ˜†

  • Djokovic to win the title
  • Nadal to fall before the Semi Finals
  • Verdasco to make the Quarter Finals
  • Murray / Goffin to meet in a pre Davis Cup showdown

Let me know what you think of the draw.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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      1. Thx πŸ˜‰

        It’s all but an easy draw. A lot of banana skins as Jonathan says (And I am preparing bananas as I am writing this lol)
        Anyway, hope Fed makes the final at least so that he doesn’t lose a lot of points (a title of course being the best outcome πŸ˜‰ )

        And I am hoping to see him in three weeks as I bought 1/8 night session tickets for the Paris Masters πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  1. A testing draw for RF, let’s see how he copes ….a bit like Istanbul with no one there for him, but the fans look pretty keen at the airport to meet him and give him the lift. It’s time to get the “riddum” flowing again and make some magic memories and see how that pretty pale blue outfit works for him, as the fuchsia did in Cincy.

    Conal’s highlights and the break makes me so very acutely aware of how much his presence on the Tour is as Stefan says “so good for the Tennis!” . Did anyone see where the final match with Nieminem sold out in 3 hours?

    Wednesday seems an eternity to wait let’s hope these finals pick up and exhaust the opponents should or when they meet. The air quality in Beijing looks horrendous and I have never seen a blue sky in Shanghai either, so hope he feels refreshed and motivated and the scheduling pays off. Go Fed!

    1. Yeah some players suffering with the smog supposedly. Think I’d play Tokyo instead if I had the choice, looks a nicer place πŸ™‚

      Is anyone here going to the Nieminen match?

  2. Not bad draw for Roger to reach QF to start with.. Hopefully he uses it reach deep..

    Yet another Jonathan’s prediction for Veranda.. Hopefully he makes it true this time at least ?

      1. Maybe veranda is appropriate and the iPhone knows better ….he is a bit of an ornament to the game, looks pretty, has the shots, but hangs onto rather than holds up the main action.

      2. By the way J, nice pun on the title of article…I wasn’t aware of Twitter cry earlier when I read article here…oh boy! what a fun to read that …

      3. Haha nice analogy Katie.

        Yeah it made me laugh that. It’s what happens when certain fans are on day release with access to the internet πŸ˜†

      4. What was that? I don’t look at Twitter very much. Is it related to the “tournament being disrespectful to Nole” business?

      5. Yep, Exactly that….Tournament’s tweet handle tweeted saying come and watch “Roger, Rafa, Novak and Andy”..Then they all over saying its 2015 not 2008 and who is Top Dog…reading conversation you have to feel for Tournament’s tweet handle…

  3. Hope Roger can retain title but still got to get there first, Djoker looks solid but let’s wait and see how it goes. Our man flying solo at Shanghai. Jon you can also assist with Skype coaching???

  4. Well, I very much doubt that Fed is going to defend his title here, for a start. It’s always a bit dodgy when he’s been out of competition for weeks, but I’m hoping he should get through his first match all right – although I think Querrey has been playing better of late. Not the easiest draw – on paper there are quite a few big names in there (if they get there) – but then it is an M1000. I only hope that if he does end up playing a Fedal semi that he’s played himself into decent form by then, because the last thing he needs is a sub-par performance against Nadal.

    I expect Djokovic to win this one – but then that’s nothing new. And he has points to gain here …

    1. I don’t think you can rule it out but Djoker looking so good this year. Guess he could be derailed if he loses Beijing but seems unlikely considering he never lost there.

      Querrey sucks – 2nd Round USO, 2nd Round Tokyo. He hasn’t won more than 1 match in a row since Nottingham before Wimbledon.

  5. Hi Everyone!

    Nice to be back on this site (even though I got no job leads :-))

    I think Fed has a fighting chance here and that although Djoko is the man to beat, probability says that he cannot win ALL of the remaining tournaments; so that also means that Fed will be there to pick up at least 1 or 2 more titles–the only question is where those will come.

      1. John,
        When we were all last posting after the loss at USO I mentioned that I am looking for a new job in NYC–moving out of publishing to public policy, non-prof, academic, etc. PhD in Eng, 18 years’ exp if you know of anything! ha!

      2. Ah right. Well, sorry to hear about it, it’s always a tough period looking for jobs πŸ™ and I’m also afraid I can’t help you. If you wanted academia, I could put in a good word for you at oxford, but it doesn’t seem you do, and my influence there is limited to the extreme anyway. Best of luck with your job hunt, but sadly, I can’t do much for you here in London.

      3. The best time to find a new job is usually when you’re in a job.

        But no idea really what the best way of finding one is in 2015 – from what I see they’re usually given to those who can spout the most bullshit πŸ˜†

      4. Jon, isn’t Perfect tennis hiring therapists? Will be in great demand in 2016. πŸ™‚

  6. Fed says he misses his family when away from them. With Luthi not there, who is with him, Edberg? He seems to play better etc with people around.

    I’m picking Djoker for this one. I guess it depends on the court surface though.

    1. Ah well it’s just a week+, skyping is there and I think he last year was looking forward to come home and show the trophy. And some good old friends are competing, and may be supporting when not. Tommy Haas is there, I’m pleased to see. And I’m sure other friends as well. Family? Parents? Well a lot of fans cheering and wanting speak, and maybe lots of interviews? Some of them for sure by old time fan-journalists? But WE will miss seeing Seve in the Federer box, and will be keeping our eyes on other possible supporters?

      1. Is that a first? No coach, Mirka, etc. I’ve been to Japan. Nice, people dutiful and polite. No desire to see China.
        So far my predictions are spot on as the Brits say.

  7. We already discussed humidity question, i.e. does *not* meant slower court, and the Srixon balls (low bouncing), so hoping they use the same as last year. Federer probably needed a good chunk of time off, so he will be refreshed, and he’s got a few days to get used to the court and the conditions: I hope that’s enough.

    The way Djokovic is playing, boring as it is to watch as far as I’m concerned, he’s got to be the favourite. But then, he was last year also, and who knows, maybe Murray can do something again; after all, he did beat him in Toronto. So our champ is in with a reasonable chance. I hope. πŸ™‚

    1. I think balls are the same brand. But no guarantee they will behave the same way as last year. Anyone seen any matches yet to tell? Main draw is underway…

      1. Saw most of Wu Cilic. To my rather blind eyes the balls seemed very alive, Cilic was hugely pressed by the swift Chinese ranked 227 (I think). (There was 3 sets, doubt and TB at the end of the decider)

  8. 4 weeks have passed and I haven’t watched tennis at all.Watched Nadal and Djokovic a couple of times on TV in these past couple of days but just couldn’t watch more than 3 or 4 points.The vacation is over and now Fed is back . I was full on optimistic and passionate about US open/Wimbledon and our guy gave us a great show.I don’t have big expectations from Shanghai .Djokovic looks superb and its his tournament to loose.I just want to see Federer bring his magic on the court and amaze us with his tennis.
    I am not feeling too excited about Shanghai and hopefully it will change after Fed’s first match.
    The draw is tricky and am I the only one who thinks that there is a psychological advantage if Fed plays Djoker in semis rather than finals.Fed has been schooling others lately so I think number 3 ranking would be more of a blessing than a curse.

    1. Yeah. I all ever write on this blog anymore is how if Fed wants to beat Djoko he needs to be in semi-finals against him. Less pressure, fresher legs.

      Better chances for Fed if he were to be world 3 or 4 than no chance but to be in the other half from Djoko-bot.

      I’m a broken record around here.

      Blah blah blah blah blah…..

      1. Me too πŸ™‚ – except that I wonder if it’s actually down to Djoker being less fired up in SFs.

    2. Yeah I’m not overly excited for Shanghai either. Never been like one you always looks forward to It’s been dominated by Djoker and Murray really which is probably why.

      Last year it just took off after that Mayer match, then the fun match vs Benneteau made it way more exciting.

  9. If Djokovic is to win Shanghai I don’t want to see Fed on the other side of the net. I simply can’t bear another loss to that guy. Imagine all the fuss from his fans about finally the leading h2h and xth win this year blah blah blah

    Of course ND will win, what can’t he win? He’s a machine and wins everything he enters. No one has been able to take more than 3 games each set from him in Beijing, let alone winning. I’m so sick of this.

    1. I think people said similar last year? And what happened? And in Dubai and in Cincinatti? I don’t think Djoko is a machine other than he knows about keeping strong and focus on that. Djoko and Roger are greats, having challenges and learning from each other. Djoko seems at the moment slightly stronger, but Roger for sure more creative, brave and exciting. And I SURE want Fed to be in final, confronting Novak or not, winning or not. Well of course I want Roger to win, and will grieve if not. But anyway comforting myself that Roger’s performance is still there, exciting as ever. And the more the better, so ALLEZ, ROGER! For the final at least!

      1. πŸ™‚ April – nothing to admire! Simply choice of focus: – the hate of Nole’s possible strength, or the love of Roger’s wonderful art?

    2. “the hate of Nole’s possible strength, or the love of Roger’s wonderful art?”

      Well said Muser.

      Djoker is ridiculously good, but his tennis is boring for me. Never in a month of Sundays would I rather watch him over Fed.

      Most watchable players are: Fed, Wawrinka, Kohli, Brown, Lopez, Fog, Fiasco.

      1. Gotta fear threats, and Djoko is ridiculously good. He’s dominating as well as fed did those years ago. Except of course everyone hates him πŸ˜€

      2. I would totally put Lopez, right after Federer on the most watchable players list. I’m a Fed-Lopez hybrid, so I might be biased. πŸ™‚

        So, I saw Pablo is back. Is that the Pablo? πŸ™‚

      3. Feli is more old school than Federer, I would argue. He doesn’t have the talent, or the mental make up of Federer, or he would’ve had many slams by now. It’s sad he hasn’t done better at Wimbledon. Some of it has also got to do with how the courts are these days.

        John, think of all the good things you like about Federer (including SABR), and Feli. Well, I use all of those. But I’m not good with difficult overheads, and slam dunks, unfortunately. It’s not about enjoying winning all the time. It’s about playing to enjoy all the time. πŸ™‚

      4. Monfils? He moght be frustrating, but definitely entertaining. Fabrice Santoro was, of course, the most watchable of all time. Amazing guy.

  10. I can’t stand this Djokovic. Without him Roger would dominate this season. He is killing everybody else, his stats are better than ever. Then, he faces this guy and looks lost. Djokovic even stop celebrating wins over Roger, no screaming, chest pumping, shirt ripping. When he beats Roger these days he looks like he has just done very ordinary thing. He was more bothered by the crowd than by Roger.

    1. Well, hard to admit it, but he has the right to do so! He is dominating the ATP and he is in different league. Unless someone can really give him hard time, this will continue.

    2. Yeah Djoker is the rightful number one right now – level above the rest this year. He just never misses and moves too well.

      Imagine if he could volley? πŸ˜†

      1. He is a better volleyer now than ever. I think it only gets better. Imagine that?

    3. I think that Djoko got some misfits by doing all those triumph celebrates, so he tries now to show some respect instead, to get more popular…knowing the audience love Roger more! And now this is wrong too…! Poor Djoko, can never please us, how much he even tries!!

  11. Jon, I think you’re underestimating Tsonga a bit here. Remember last year where he came out of nowhere and peaked in Toronto 1000 to win the event? Jo having a purple patch at a given day can trouble Federer as seen in the past. The last 2 meetings between them have been tough for TMF.

    Other than that, sound predictions from you. I actually want a Fedal encounter this tourney. These encounters in my opinion are a good way to gauge their current playing level from both perspectives.

    1. Any player in the Top 100 having a purple patch can trouble Federer though or Djokovic, Murray etc.

      Tsonga is just not as big a danger as he about 3 years ago. 16 in the world now. He’d need to play above his level this year to win IMO. Just 3 wins against Top 10 this year – Berdych, Nishikori and Simon.

    1. And against Tomic (the Tank) too! Ah well, you can’t get them all right Jonathan; you do pretty well generally. I see poor Dog is out against Coric πŸ™ Talking of players you like to watch – the Dog is one of mine. Such a shame he has Gilbert’s Syndrome. Effectively blocked his career.

      1. Dog if feisty. Never really like his playing style. Wouldn’t recommend anyone to play like that. You can never be consistent with that kind of play.

      2. Still don’t understand why it’s called a double handed backhand. It’s not a backhand at all, it’s a forehand, with your non-dominant arm. And your non-dominant palm faces the net. So, it’s not a backhand.

    2. It’s called that way because the reference is the side of the dexterous hand that faces the ball at the moment of impact. It’s a matter of geometry, not energy: Now, if the clumsy hand transfers more kinetic energy to the racquet than the dexterous one in the 2HBH, that’s a different matter, and this could go on forever and we could get lost in translation (but if it were in Scarlett Johansson’s company, I’d be fine with that..)

      1. Technically, it’s the non-dominant arm that generates the power in the two handed backhand. For a right handed player, it is like having a left handed forehand, which is the main reason a fully open stanced “backhand” can be consistently hit, with power.

        But what do I know, I have a SHBH.

    3. Can’t believe u even picked him!? I think the draw is tough! Novak/Muzz only hv each other to worry about! Everyone piled into bottom half! Just hoping Kei/Stan/Nadull all weary after last week. From Isners result it looks like the big serve is favoured but Querrey lost so…..I pick Fed to make SF at least and once there wldnt bet against him!

  12. I don’t see Nadal getting past the quarters or even playing at all in Shanghai. Seems to have picked up yet another injury in the final. I’m predicting a Djokovic v Federer final and Djoker to win in 3. Hope to be proven wrong, however!

      1. Saw the extended highlights. He looked ok, and actually he played good tennis and shows some flashes of old Nadal.

  13. Watched some highlights of the Djokovic-Nadal match. So much for “Heisenberg’s uncertainly principle”. πŸ™‚

  14. I watched the whole Djokovic – Nadal final in Beijing. Hate to say so, but Nadal seems to getting nearer and nearer his old form, although you wouldn’t say so if you see the result (6-2, 6-2).

    1. Agree, the score is misleading, some or most of the games played were close and Novak was playing his A+ game and wining the important points. If he was playing the same match he played Ferrer, I would say Nadal could get a set with from Novak.

  15. When I got to watch it, Nadal was limping and grabbing his right foot. The game was interrupted for a MTO. I shut the computer off and went to have lunch. ‘Nuff said.

  16. OMG whats going on here with Federer. .. blooming heck Albert Vinolas has pulled off the upset. I haven’t seen the match or highlights but me guessing Federer must of played crap and most likely couldn’t get the vital break points! !! As usual. Costing him to lose a lot of points. Damn another easy fixed road for the Serbian Hybrid clone of a Tennis ball basher to get another title. To which only the Serbians and neighbours will celebrate and the rest of the world will shun him as the Boris/Djokovic team that don’t like or respect. Lol ha ha so much for the ” The unloved champion”
    What makes this worse is after the us open it seemed like a really long time since federer played a proper tournament. Oh well will now have to wait for this to finish and hopefully Federer plays better.

  17. At work, just checked…shit, shit. WTF happened? Oh Feds, seemed like forever since you played, and no more for this tournament. Can’t believe it. Ramos??? Jeesus! πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  18. Roger played not that bad – actually in the statistics he won on most every item.
    Ramos however played the match of his life. Very consistent and playing (being a lefty) very much to Roger’s backhand.
    This last thing makes you wonder whether Roger even in these days will have a chance against Rafa…

    Nonetheless: a big bummer. My week is spoiled already.

  19. For Slamdunk and Simon…. I can’t believe it myself! !???? Last time fed schooled him with bread sticks along the board. Damm damn damn. Flipping heck federer why do you do this to us?????

  20. Bounced in Blue!

    Roger Federer, holder of 17 Grandslam titles and numerous masters 1000, 500, WTF titles was bounced as the defending champion of the 2014 Shanghai Masters 1000 tournament by a QUALIFIER.

    Roger Federer you cannot be serious.

  21. Lets wait a second and Jon will add article about the game with all color ..

    From my point of view Ramos will not be able to repeat such performance in very long time

  22. Watched whole match, not sure how to describe this…He isn’t definitely outplayed…Played solid mostly but without convincingly? lost first set by one point in that TB…Similar story on 3rd set too…just lost most important points hence match too…Weird feelings..

  23. Roger played well, just no clutch at crucial times. When he sees a lefty Spaniard bad memories seem to take over. There is no shame in seeing a psychiatrist. Not to mention a small technical detail that lefty forehand goes into righty backhand (guess who is going to blink first).

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