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Shanghai Draw 2013 – Federer Could Face Djokovic in Quarters

The Shanghai Rolex Masters 2013 draw is out and it looks fairly decent from Roger's perspective as he's landed in Djokovic's Quarter and has some potentially nice matchups should he make the latter stages.

It's of course the first time he's played since the US Open where he played a terrible match vs. Robredo so nothing is a given in Shanghai but I am assuming he's put in the hard yards in Dubai since then and should be coming here pretty hungry for success.

He certainly looks like he's shed a few pounds in the pictures I have seen so far so I will be paying particular attention to his movement and how he defends on the forehand side. As I posted earlier in the week it looks like he's sticking with the Pro Staff 90 so we don't have a new racquet to look forward to just yet.

Federer's Potential Opponents

  • Round 1: Bye
  • Round 2:Hewitt / Seppi
  • Round 3: Gasquet / Monfils
  • Quarter Finals: Djokovic
  • Semi Finals: Ferrer / Tsonga
  • Finals: Nadal

Full .PDF draw available here.

So in terms of the draw I think it's quite tricky but surely the sort of draw Roger would want, his first match is against either Hewitt or Seppi, that's a tough one to call.

Hewitt is a tough competitor but just got dumped out of Beijing by Fognini however he did win the Masters Cup in Shanghai in 2002 beating Roger in the semi finals so playing well their isn't alien to him. Seppi is also a top player on his day so really this one is a coin flip and I'll pick Hewitt.

The third round doesn't get any easier with Roger's likely opponent being Richard Gasquet who is playing in the Semi Finals of Beijing later today vs. Djokovic. Gasquet has been in a real run of form lately making the semis at the USO so he can be a danger. I do pick Fed though in that type of match up as he's just better in every department.

The quarter finals should he make it will be extremely tricky as he'll face defending champion Djokovic who has a good record in Shanghai and should be motivated considering he's slipped back to number 2 in the rankings.

The semi is a little easier with his seeded opponents being Ferrer or Tsonga and then of course the final would be against Nadal who is still flying high post US Open.

It is always a tough draw here because it is always such a strong tournament being an ATP Masters 1000,” said Federer. β€œIt’s a difficult first match for me. It would be great to play Lleyton, we go back a long way and I remember playing him in Shanghai when the first Masters Cup was here, he beat me in the semifinals and went on to win the tournament. We have had some amazing matches. Even if I play Seppi, that will also be tough because he is a very good player. I have been coming to Shanghai almost every year since 2002 and this is one of my favourite tournaments of the year and we look forward to a good week.

My Predictions

  • Roger to make the final
  • Nadal to lose before the semi finals
  • Neither Tsonga or Ferrer make the semis
  • Del Potro to face Federer in the final

Pure guesswork with a little tennis inutition πŸ˜› I honestly have no idea what to expect from Roger but I think he will have a good tournament, everyone is quick to point out that he hasn't won in Shanghai since it became a Masters 1000 event but his record there is very good.

Even in 2010 and 2012 where he was losing finalist and semi finalist respectively I thought he played really solid tournaments and looked extremely sharp.

I think he likes the atmosphere and the court on the Qi Zhong Stadium so hopefully he pieces a run together.

Federer Zhang Doubles

Federer Zhang Doubles

It was announced a few weeks ago but I never covered it on the blog and it's the news that Roger is also playing doubles in Shanghai with Chinese number one Zhang Ze. It's really just for the fans and a great idea for the tournament so it might be quite fun to watch, especially if they play well.

Their first match is against Kevin Anderson and Dimitry Tursunov so it won't be easy that's for sure, Anderson has a huge serve and Tursunov is vastly experienced so I'd be surprised if they win that.

I'm guessing Fed will play in some form of exhibition mode so expect some audacious volleys, lobs and the like if you plan to watch.

Nadal Returns to Number 1 – Race for London Wide Open

Nadal Beijing

The main story from Beijing is that Nadal returned to number one after Berdych retired trailing 4-2 in the first set. Nadal's return to the top has no real impact on Roger but it does mean the race for London is now more interesting as Berdych will have question marks over his fitness for Shanghai and beyond.

Both Wawrinka and Tsonga failed to capitalise this week as they both crashed out relatively early in Beijing and Tokyo, but on the flip side Raonic, Del Potro and Gasquet are all right there in the mixer.

I think Roger should be able to qualify without too much hassle but if he does poorly in Shanghai he will need to take a wildcard into Vienna which has been rumoured. I guess we just have to wait and see.

What do you guys think about Federer's chances in Shanghai? Good, bad or indifferent?


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. Hi Jonathan!
      How I love the rush of being the first. Thinking: is someone else writting at this exact moment? Will they hit “post” before me..
      Anyway like you said, I really do not know what to expect from Roger or anyone else.
      My only hope is that Dull will not win the WTF. If he takes that one to… well Roger can kiss the GOAT title goodbye, even if he has the has 17 GS titles.
      I started seeing tennis like a bad soapopera, thinking that the players get a script from the ATP and they have to play it out…. like wresling.
      Like all of you my hopes are yet again high for Roger. I strongly belive in him. His grace, the way his body gets in the exact optimal possition it needs to be, will allways beat the power of grinders.
      The question is: does Roger belive he can win?

      1. Well done Tilas. Haha tennis as a soap opera I like it, with the Goat the lead calactor, would triumph in the end of course πŸ˜‰

        I also like the optimistic view from Jonathan. I believe and Fed believes he can still win the tournament. He played well in there in the past. Though this year I am just hoping some positive outcome for him starting from Shanghai, will get better and peak at WTF. Allez.

      2. Dull will still not have one thing that Federer acheived.. 235 continous weeks at No 1…

      3. Hey Wanda,

        Yeah dunno why I’m optimistic but feel like he will have a good tournament.

        Only doubles but he played well today, pretty sharp. Although Zhang was immense too.


    2. Haha maiden title this I think? I need to sort out the 1st commenter leaderboard, it’s on my to do list.

      Yeah difficult to know what to expect from Fed, I’m optimistic though so…


  1. Well I think that he has a tough draw and honestly I dont want to be let down again as I dont know what to expect this year from Roger, I will go one macht at a time, specially with the no change on the racquet

    1. Yeah but there are no easy draws in Masters 1000 / 500 tournaments really.

      One match at a time though I agree, point by point for Fed here but I think he will have a good tournament πŸ˜€

    2. I think he has a tough draw too. but I don’t think that’s a bad thing really. He needs to win a few tough matches to get his confidence back, and if he loses at least it will be to a tough opponent which will feel better I assume than some of losses he’s had this year. I’m hoping, above all, that he puts up a good fight with each match (note I’m assuming there’ll be a few:-) ) so he can feel good about the way he plays. And of course he is still the Goat, that will never be in question for me and for others too I feel once the current hoo-ha has calmed down.

      1. Sounds like what I think I’d call a “healthy” draw: as Rita says, he needs some matches against tough opponents, and I doubt any of these are likely to be easy. But I’ve still really no idea what to expect: I’ve been optimistic on quite a few occasions this year, only to be brought crashing back down to earth, so I’ll just hope he plays well and makes some inroads into the tournament.

        Oh, and at least he hasn’t got Nadal in the QFs for once: that was starting to get old …

  2. Rog should still be named the Goat as one should look at all his achievements and not just the 17 grand slams – he has won numerous awards (too numerous to mention) and has been number one for the most weeks. Rafa and Novak l have still got a long way to go

    1. Yeah, it’s not really a debate to be honest, the GOAT thing will never be settled and I don’t care tbh, people will argue all day, I’m a Fed fan regardless. Not in it for the glory like a lot of his fans.

  3. Still not used to the “should he make it” when we’re only talking about QF… But that’s this season’s reality…
    I have a good feeling about this one though…

    1. Yeah Hewitt, Gasquet etc are tough matches. Gasquet playing well but still a mental midget, no amount of training fixes that as we saw today vs Djoker. Couldn’t hold for 4-1 in first set and lost it.

  4. Hey Jonathan… This ones a difficult one to assess as Rogers season has been the most up and down compared to everyone else in the atp tour. Just when you think Rogers back on track, he then has an appaulling next round or losing to a lower ranked player where he would beat with his eyes closed‘‘!! Personally imo i think Roger will out to prove a point and if he does lose it will probably be a close match. I still think he has a better chance against Djokovic here than Nadal who is simply playing lights out electric Tennis. Yet again Nadal cimes back from the brink of defeat to beat Fognini. I hope Roger can take some of his fighting spirit to win matches. ( ps Drug free ). Anyway i think Roger will be Ok and needs to build on each match using all his past experience/performances here in Shanghai. Who knows whats going to happen, but my expectation are not high as this was shoved back in my face at Wimbledon where i really thought Rogers going have good title defence going deep. So i am already half prepared for the unexpected, that way i am not that devastated when Roger losses. But deep down i am optamistic like yourself Jonathan and hope Roger does well,gets good points and if possible win the tournament. Like Boris Becker said ” As long as Roger holds a racquet, he will always be contender for the title !! “. All the way Roger, Come on you can do it !!??

    1. Bad bad choking from Fognini, if you look at my last post Gaurav posted that he was up a set and 4-1 in the second set I think before playing a stupid drop shot.

      Point by point mentality for Fed, sure he knows what he gotta do. Dull is still on a high but will tumble. Hoping Djoker shifts the tides in Beijing tomorrow.


  5. I wish I can share your optimism Jonathan. The way the year has turned out for Roger so far, unless he has improved physically and mentally and picked up on his desire to win more, I don’t see him going past Djoker. Hope he proves me wrong by going all the way here. Even though I would love to see Dull lose in the first match he plays, I would love it even more to see Roger kick his ass. I has been such a loooong time waiting for that to happen. And to see Fed actually win a title. Come on Roger.

    1. Gotta be optimistic, he usually plays well in Shanghai too. I guess it depends how his confidence levels are right now. Crowd will be with him for sure.

      Djoker is looking good again.

  6. Toughish draw as Hewitt just playing for th hell of it and the fact he just loves competing so will come out guns blazing! Gasquet hopefully will be tired as has played a lot recently. In fact, I think Stan, Berdych, Ferrer are all showing signs of match fatigue! Nadal clearly tweaked his knee v Fognini but has achieved his goal so we shall see how his motivation continues! Federer, yes thinner and hopefully faster! Has to make SF to gain a surer foothold into London otherwise can consider his chances reducing! Needs to come out fighting from the off, point by point, ignoring all the talk, and just play for himself. Feeling cautiously good about this! All about the serve!!! Come on Roger, focus and win!

  7. Good to see that Roger finally ISN’T in Nadal’s quarter, I’m just fed up of seeing that. Djokovic in the quarter is good, considering the two haven’t played against each other this year, and it is a better match up for Roger compared to Nadal/Murray. Mind you he could crash out to anyone before the QF, Roger was playing fine in Cinci and the USO up until crashing out to Boredo, so yeah anything could happen. Berdych will probably pull out so I’ll put Delpo in the semis and will give him a chance against Rafa.

    I think Roger is fairly safe for the WTF, since Murray isn’t playing? There’s a chance that Berdych might be skipping and Tsonga is some distance away from Roger in the race.

    Oh and about the racquet, I think that Roger won’t use it again in proper tournaments until next year in Brisbane, I think he just wants the off season to properly test it with more time, instead of playing it unsure about the racquet in the three remaining important tournaments now.

    1. Do u really think Berdych will pull out? Not so sure what with Delpo virtually there after winning Tokyo and Stan, Gasquet and Milos piling on the pressure. Mind u , Stan also injured! Fed really needs 600 points here and those 3 not to gain further ground to be comfortable, but yeh, the Muzza factor has changed things slightly.

  8. Guys, don’t put too much stress on yourself. Fed clearly has taken a break in 2013 and will start competing again in 2014. Enjoy each match he is playing in Shanghai but don’t expect too much. I would be surprised if he qualifies for London.

      1. Love your blog, more and more Jonathan, thanks for keeping us, fans, busy. Mostly in those long absence of Roger on the tour with all his early loses this year!!! It would be depressing not to have something to bite… It’s always a delight to get a new post from you and the community’s comment! Thank you!

        I wish Fed plays London and I wish to be as confident as you but the numbers are quite scary. Let’s see tomorrow but it seems that from this week, Roger will now be 9 in the race?
        If I added right it should be on Monday:

        4. FERRER 5080
        5. DELPO 4365
        6. BERDYCH 3935
        7. GASQUET 3175
        8. WAW 3060
        9. FEDERER 3055
        10. RAONIC 3025 pretty close behind !!!!!

        I really hope my counting is wrong!

        It seems Roger’s had a lot of issues dealing with pressure and low confidence. The actual context doesn’t exactly seem to provide any great perspective here, even more pressure (if he cares to qualify) and no additional confidence since the Robredo loss.
        So seriously I don’t know. I hope a great shape and hours of drills and training will have him just feel good on the court and that the rest will come from that!!!

      2. Not sure those are right, Del Potro gets 500 points for winning Tokyo and he was on 3,365 last Monday. So 3,865 would be his tally? Think you have used points breakdown for a Masters 1000.

        Raonic will only be on 2,725 I think. Wawrinka 3015.

      3. Hey the web site I usually check ( already added the point of this week so it was like I doubled the numbers. OK, things look a bit better… a bit :-)!!!

      4. Most reliable website is live

        Latest race figures as follows

        No 7 Fed 3055
        No 8 Stan 2970
        No 9 Gasquet 2950
        No 10 Raonic 2680

        I am still waiting for another injury to pop up as Stan, Gasquet, and even Berdych are really pushing themselves. Thought Nadal looked knackered today and hs lateral movement was poorer than usual. Knee tweak methinks v Fog! Fed needs semis here and To win Basel! Tough but he has to believe as massive short term goal cld reap dividends for next year. Also, he needs to push back up to get to no 4 in the normal rankings so needs a good 6 wk run!

      5. Copy and paste from the ATP web site, as of sunday (before adding points of the week)

        David Ferrer
        Runner-up in 2007
        Tomas Berdych
        Looking to qualify for 4th straight year
        Juan Martin del Potro
        Finalist in 2009
        Roger Federer
        Six-time former champion
        Stanislas Wawrinka
        Bidding to qualify for 1st time
        Richard Gasquet
        Made lone appearance in 2007
        Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
        Finalist in 2011
        Milos Raonic
        Hoping to make first appearance

        Gasquet has 2815, and as he got a semi this week, he’ll be tomorrow 2995, which is still less than Roger thankfully so far !!

  9. OlΓ‘, Jon!

    “Roger to make the final
    Nadal to lose before the semi finals
    Neither Tsonga or Ferrer make the semis
    Del Potro to face Federer in the final.”

    Where should I sign it??? =D

  10. Told you guys this time they will give Roger a break…from Nadal that is πŸ˜‰ I’m pretty sure Nadal must have steam coming out of his ears, “I don’t play with Roger in the quarter final…you say that’s fair? I say no it’s not fair.”

    1. Totally unfair if you would asked me πŸ˜‰
      Apart from that and as for Roger, I saw some videos, he look slimmer which I believe he seems working on his movement. The draw is good somehow and I could see him reaching the QF at least. Could he win it all, mmmm I still has my doubt but I would keep an eye for him for the first two matches and then I can tell. Sid, I will pray for him this time πŸ™‚ as long as he does not meet Nodal! That’s fine with me πŸ˜‰

      Best of luck to roger

  11. Sky 3 at 9am for the latest Novak/Rafa showdown! They will surely be tired for Shanghai as will Delpo and Raonic?

  12. Hi Jonathan Interesting draw – pleased to see Nadal in the other side of the draw – it wil be tough – but on his day we know that he can beat all these players – he needs to come out fighting and be positive from the first point of his first match – allez – cannot wait to see him walk on court again – it’s seemed like an eternity since he last played Roger the G.O.A.T (whatever anybody else says)

    1. Hey Trudi,

      I know I’m looking forward to seeing him play. Hoepfully he plays confidently and can trust his groundstrokes. If he gets in position early enough no reason why he can’t play ultra aggressive and dictate.


  13. Djokovic just pasted Nadal in Beijing 6-3 6-4. Hopefully that should bring Nadal back to butt picking earth. It’s about time that his luck ran out.

    Bring on Shanghai!!

      1. Well done Djoker πŸ™‚ Big win yes, but one that doesn’t surprise me. It was always clear he was going to put up much more of a fight here than he did at the US Open where he had after all just played a long, tough match against Stan. And Nadal’s got what he wanted from this tournament – his No. place back, so was unlikely to kill himself to get the title. He’s saving his energy for Shanghai.

      2. Ok, don’t get carried away by Djokovic’s victory. This is nothing but a strategy from Nadal. Djokovic has taken the bait again. Nadal knows now what his opponent had to offer and will come back with solutions at Shanghai. I didn’t watch the match but trust me, if Nadal didn’t try hard, it was a loss by design.

        And also that there will be a lull after he has achieved his objective and doesn’t want to burn himself out. Especially his knees, they are really fragile. He needs to take care of them.

      3. I totally agree with you Sid, he let Djoko think β€œok I don’t need to change my game and make some adjustment! I can still beat him with my usual game plan with some focus” Which is wrong. Nadal knows it if he keeps winning, Djoko would need to work on his game especially on his net game. His target has been archived by getting back no.1 so why not to lose and just keep things stand still!
        So Shanghai will give us more insight

      4. Precisely what he did at Monte Carlo. He knew Djokovic was craving for greatness and would come hard at him in Paris. He decided not to give his best at Monte Carlo, saved his cards for Paris, and in the process, determined figured out all the riddles the Djoker had to offer. Some of you may be rolling on the floor, laughing (a.k.a. ROFL) but if you think hard about it, it was strategy. Defeat at Monte Carlo would’ve sent Djokovic hurting, and looking for answers. Instead, he fell into a false sense of security only to ultimately gift Nadal his eighth French Open. And he did it in style, bending over the net gracefully. Well played, Nadal! πŸ˜‰

      5. Hmm strategy or not by Dull, I’m backing Djoker to reverse the trend and get one over on Nadal now after a string of losses.

      6. Jonathan, here’s the thing; I watched about 5 games from their first set on the ESPN re-run, and here’s my take. DJoker played confidently because he felt no pressure. He was dealing with those sliced change ups from Nadal very effectively, and was extremely confident with his kill shots. The surface was surely a factor. But, more importantly, it’s the mentality. At a slam, or Masters, he becomes a mental midget. I guess not being No.1 will free him up for playing better, so you’re probably right.

        P.S. How are they getting all that power? Nadal simply touches the ball and it just flies like a bazooka!

      7. I get what you mean Sid. Nadal put 0% effort in that final against Djokovic. And to make matters worse, he said he was getting “knee pain” after Fognini (who is the epic master of choking might I add) as to already set up that there would be a reason for his loss to Novak which he got asked straight away during the trophy ceremony but put on his humble facade and gave all the credit to Novak. Nadal signed up for Beijing to get the ranking, nothing more, nothing less.

        I don’t however agree with what went down at Monte Carlo though Sid. Djokovic outplayed him there. And the reason I say that is because Novak should’ve won that FO semi final. Had he not touched the net or got that time violation, there is no doubt in my mind that Novak would’ve won that match and the French. Djokovic lost that match because he self destructed, not because Nadal held his cards too close to his chest. But it was all Novak’s fault. He was too complacent in thinking that one Monte Carlo victory against Nadal would be a security blanket. Credit to Dull though, he played some pretty good shots to win it.

        I’m still recovering from having to witness Nadal win a slam live, his intensity is even more scary when you see it in person. Djokovic was hitting error after error, so unlike him but this year at the slams other than Australia, he’s been off. He needs to work on his net game and overhead smashes, it was comedy worth how poor his skills are in that department for a number 1 player. Djoker will have a big 2014. All depends on the French.

      1. Statements like these from minnows don’t carry any weight or credibility. Someone from the top 10, maybe top 5 saying it would make more sense. Like that’s ever going to happen πŸ™‚

  14. Hey everyone, I’m back down under! What have I missed?
    First I have to say, I am more relieved than happy I guess that Djokovic got a win over Nadal in Beijing, way to ruin his reign to number one but from what I saw it was obvious that Nadal didn’t really care and was there to get the ranking and be on his way. But still it’s a huge mental win now for Novak to overcome after that FO and build his way up again to putting Rafa back on his leash. I’d say if Nadal goes deep in Shanghai, he doesn’t play until London.

    Speaking of London, I’m getting anxious of Roger qualifying, which I’m confident he will but this year has been a mess. He is in need of strong finish here to get some momentum for 2014. Next season is going to be really important for him, he has nothing to defend so he should be motivated. Roger has been such an anomaly throughout the year due to his lack of consistency and confidence. He just needs matches now. I’m quite surprised you think he’ll make the final Jonathan. From what I saw, Djokovic is looking close to invincible and Roger has little confidence right now so if he makes the quarters and puts in a good showing, I think we should be happy with that. But anything can happen, and I agree, despite what people say, Shanghai is still a good tournament for him, the Chinese are his biggest supporters and he always goes deep. Delpo looks to be coming back to the winners circle and it would be nice to see him have another nice indoor run like last year and if that means beating Rafa, then so be it. Honestly, I think it’s time Nadal falls and Roger rises. It feels like it’s on the brink of happening.

    Also what’s the deal with Murray? Is he playing Paris and WTF? I also heard he wants his own logo like Federer. Lol please, such a wannabe. Anyway, hope this is the tournament that gives us something from Roger, beating Djokovic in the quarters would be a nice way to set up the tone for the rest of the year and would give him a tonne of self belief which is what he needs more than ever. I actually really like the outfit, looks great on him, he hasn’t done much red this season, maybe Nike picks up their game when Fed does haha. And on the racquet, I’m disappointed he’s sticking with the 90, but it’s understandable. It was a bad combination with the back and he’s not confident enough yet to try again. Maybe in the off season but I don’t think he has that much time, especially if he is playing Brisbane which starts at the end of December.

    Sorry for the long post, thought it was the ultimate way to re-establish my presence! Don’t know if I’ll be able to join live chat though, I’ve been re-settling in and just getting used to the routine again, so I might not be able to catch Roger’s matches but I’ll check in and see how he’s doing. C’mon Roger, there’s still time to save this season!

      1. Katyani was here one day, I leave for a couple of days and when I return she’s gone…

      2. Only one guy was the genius. The other was a juiced and wore him down. I don’t know why people go all poetic about it. There was nothing poetic about it. One player showed grace, perfect technique, and artistry of the highest order. The other epitomized ugly shot making, and grunting, and desecrated the Wimbledon green with his sleeveless top and pirate pants, and used gamesmanship to slow down the game as admitted by his coach and Uncle, and received in-play coaching, again, as confessed by his Uncle. The Mallorcan used dope and stole that title from Roger Federer, just like he has been stealing titles from others. Come on folks, wake up! Don’t turn that cheater into a hero.

    1. Hey Alysha,

      How was the job in New York?

      Murray and his own logo I read that too, haha I can’t imagine what it will be like, his sponsors are desperate to mould him into a brand so they can maximise his earning potential but he’s just not that kind of person.

      Nobody can really buy into him in that regard. His fan base is limited really to part time tennis fans who back him because he’s English, they won’t buy merchandise.

      I’d be happy with Fed making the Quarters too. Although I predicted he goes further, just my feeling though, never know what to expect especially after getting dumped out by Boredo.

      No worries on live chat, sign up if you have chance so you have a login just in case you decide to jump on. It’s been pretty fun during matches.


      1. New York was fantastic other than getting to see Nadal have a crack at Roger’s slam record. That was not fun at all.

        I agree, his fans are limited to the Brits who care about the country, not him. Big difference. That’s what separates him from the others. But let’s see what he comes up with, it’ll give us something else to laugh about.

        Fed looked to shake off some rust in the doubles and maybe even gave him some confidence. Whatever it is, he needs it. His draw is pretty tough but I am looking forward to the Djokovic QF. Them two haven’t played the whole year and it could be pretty epic, the Djokovic/Federer rivalry is one of my favourites. Out of them all, Rog gives Djoker the most trouble. He’s looking really strong so if anyone can stop him, hopefully its the Fedster.


      2. [I agree, his fans are limited to the Brits who care about the country, not him]

        You nailed it! Similarly, among those who I know, the ones who are fans of Nadal are either, a) Spanish speakers, b) Those who exhibit roid rage when, c) Have rude attitudes playing. Enough said.

  15. Well as most people thought, I didn’t expect Federer and Zhang to destroy their opponents, let alone win the match. But apparently they make a good combo. And it seemed like Federer enjoyed playing with the Chinese number 1, who in turn seemed to be inspired by the GOAT. 45 minutes is lightening for a match.

      1. Loved what highlights I saw! Fed looked fast and sharp! Plsed for Zhang who played his heart out!

    1. Indeed, they both played good.

      No live chat for Doubles. It will be back on Wednesday for his match vs Hewitt / Seppi. I will tweet 20 mins or so before it opens.


  16. I’m not overly positive about the draw, but you’ve basically gotta end up beating the in-form guys to win. A good showing in the QF against Djokovic (if he gets there) would satisfy me, but I’m backing him to take Djokovic down.

    1. I don’t think it’s bad, Masters 1000 are always tough so I ain’t worried. Served quite well today in the games I saw, if he maintains a high level on that regard should do well.

    2. And one In form guy already out! Gaschoke! This time of year, always a slight lottery. Bodies are tired, minds are frayed! Fed will be the most rested, the most motivated as he had said, he needs to do well in next 3 tourneys, no excuses, no hiding place.

  17. Guys, I finally got around to doing a “first comment leaderboard”

    Kyle is currently leading on 17 titles after his dominance in the early life of this blog. He’s been declining since 2012 though.

    Scooter has been touted as the future of the sport, winning 11 titles in under a year.

    I might reset the scores for 2014 and give a prize at the end of the season, what you think?

    1. Hahahaha! I love this! Kyle’s titles, unfortunately, were achieved in a weak era, when no one really focused on winning titles. So, he picked up a lot of cheap trophies. Enter Scooter, and things changed. The scary thing is, he has more titles than Dopal this year. And considering Dopal is on PED’s, what exactly might Scooter be using? Ever wonder? πŸ˜‰

      May the GOAT debate begin!

      1. I have never ever in my life taken any illegal substances or used any illegal means in other win my first comment titles. I would never embarrass myself, my country or my family in such a manner. I’m well enough educated in the blogging world and out of blogging world to not cheat. People who write lies about other people are bad people. There’s nothing more to say about this. It’s lies and it’s just people who write lies are bad people. You have no credibility πŸ˜†

      2. You totally overreacted! πŸ™‚ I was merely suggesting that you may have obtained legal means, like, I don’t know, gluten free diets for example?

        Ok, so let’s believe that you don’t dope intentionally, but maybe you do so unintentionally? πŸ™‚

      3. It’s so strange that the comments section is disabled in the comments leaderboard page!!
        What a cruel joke.

    2. Haha! Happy to be at the bottom of the rankings! Wooden spoon anyone! No throwing yr toys out anyone, crying foul otherwise you might be defaulted a la Nalbandian!

      1. Yeah, sorry, you didn’t win that either. Katyani took the wooden spoon and hit the road πŸ™‚

    3. Jonathan, you need to display the list in a side bar and call it, “Race to London”, which will contain points only won in 2013. I’m currently at 8, but is that from 2013? I’ll have to lose a little weight, get a bigger keyboard…er…racquet and maybe win some titles to get to a comfortable 4th. I cannot afford to miss London! πŸ™‚

      1. Neither can I as hv tickets!!! Gasquet lost! Relief! Looked shattered! Overplayed! Does show that by this stage of the season, without some rest, their bodies just csnt respond! reckon we might see Stan, ferrer and Berdyxh suffer too. Like the look of pospisil! More game than his fellow Canadian! So it’s Fed v Seppi! Hewitt very out of sorts! Court too fast for him!

    4. Ok, I admit. The guilt is killing me.
      Although I only have 2 titles, the first was because I was soooo high and refreshed the page so often that nobody could have been first before me.
      BUT for the second title I was substance-free.
      So Jonathan, when are you planning too post the next article?

      1. I’d really like to see a leaderboard for most total comments made across all posts. I have a feeling I might be in the top 3, at least πŸ™‚ (Of course, Jonathan cannot include himself). What do you think Jonathan? Easy to run a query? πŸ™‚

  18. In fact given the confidence Ljubicic has given him, I would say that Raonic is biggest (!) oppo in race to get to London!

  19. I’ve been following Pospisil for a few years. He has a great serve, forehand and good at the net. He is a firey player. So, if he can manage his emotions, he will be on his way up in the rankings. Raonic doesn’t have the flexibility of Pospisil but seems quite strong mentally. Proud of the Canadians…..but they’re no Roger.

  20. Well… couldn’t watch and couldn’t see live chat, I just was unable to visualize your messages… πŸ™ Happy though he won this opening match!
    So how was it??

    1. Hey Alex,

      Live chat will always be on during matches unless I post saying otherwise. If ever you can’t get on during a match, drop me a message via the contact form and I’ll try help.


      1. Actually I had no trouble connecting, and the live chat window was open, but no messages were displayed, only a blank square… I posted one to check, but it didn’t show on my screen… did it show on your side??

  21. As per who watched the match, roger shows some glimpse of his GOATness for some moment of the match. Its good win after all πŸ˜‰

    1. Didn’t see it but just glad he won although losing serve to Seppi!! Not good! Pressure slightly less now Muzza def out of London. The organisers will be desperate for Fed to get there as still biggest draw! Very keen for Roger to beat Monfils to really see where his game is v Novak!

  22. Wow. Glad that Rog won that. I could only watch the first three games, and needless to say I left in a foul mood, after watching Roger make a hash of his service games, dump routine shots in the net, double fault, miss chip second serve returns.

    When I asked someone to message me the score, I had to double check that it wasn’t Seppi in fact who had won the match. Pity that I couldn’t watch him win. Hope to tune in for the Monfils match.

    How did Roger play otherwise?

    1. I just saw the replay and Rog was in trouble in most of his service games. Good that he fought through- it should give him some much needed confidence. But a few too many unforced errors perhaps. Although I would account that to Nadal sitting and watching his match (??!!) Roger is so the GOAT that even his biggest nemesis comes to watch him play πŸ˜› (I’m sure Nadal was watching and thinking, “God why you no give me volley skills like Rojer? My game not as beautiful as Rojer’s, no?”

      But in all seriousness, Roger has THE BEST volleys in the men’s game by a country mile. That and his smash is the best of the top 4. Nole’s is a joke, Nadal’s is decent. But Roger’s overhead skill is out of the world.

      1. He actually played pretty well, stats were solid and his movement was sharp! And hey, actually thought the outfit looked pretty good!

      2. I must say the first was on a very low level from Rogers side, and he was lucky Seppi was not at his best, because then he would have taken it. Roger looked very rusty and his shot selection was just of the radar and he looked in doubt of what to do many times. It got better in the second set for sure, but I was exspecting more to be honest. and I dont think the match stats was that great, way more unforced errors than winners and only 9 of 19 at the net?! Which I wasenΒ΄t happy to see because this has been a problem most of the season for him, coming to the net at on weak aproaches and to much serve and volleying on the second serve. I understand he needs to make the rallies short but not by any means and with the racquet and string technology coming to net needs to be on the right times.
        So I guess tomorrow against Monfils whoΒ΄s finding his groove again we will see the level heΒ΄s really at right now.

    1. I think it is the old one, I was looking really hard and it looked like the 90 prostaff, I was hoping for it maybe being a 95 but I donΒ΄t think so.

    1. Haha yeah, I was wondering if it’s really him or he has someone with him on it? Difficult to say… would like to think he is tweeting himself.

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