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Good Draw in Shanghai for Federer

The draw for Shanghai is out and you can view it here – Shanghai Masters Draw. I'm happy with Roger's draw as it's one of those that's not stupidly difficult but not one that's not stupidly easy either.

We don't know his second round opponent yet (get's a bye for 1st round) but we know it will either be ZHANG, Ze (WC) or a Qualifier. I'm personally hoping the Chinese wild card gets through because that would be a great match for the fans, I think he will do because he just beat Gasquet in Beijing before losing to Mayer in the Quarter Finals. Gasquet just won in Bangkok so to beat him in 3 sets is a real achievement, I didn't see the match but he must have played pretty well. Maybe the fact Zhang is coached by Gasquet's former coach helped a little to know his weaknesses and that worked in his favour.

Next up Roger will likely face Istomin or Wawrinka. Should those 2 meet I think it's 50/50 who wins that one, on paper you have to say Stan but he's very unpredictable and Istomin can be tricky.

After that I think he will probably play Juan Monaco, I'm kinda excited about this match happening because if JesusFed shows up on court then he makes Monaco look like a complete mug of tennis. On the flip if Shankerer is about then Monaco will be a bit of a test. Fine margins.

Murray has landed in Roger's half again and if both men make it they'll meet in the semi's in a repeat of the 2010 final which Murray won easily. I'd pick Roger in that one after the Scot lost to Raonic in Tokyo today. There's also Isner floating around who could be in the mixer but I imagine he'll get beaten earlier in the tournament.

On the other half of the draw I think it's going to be a two horse race between Tsonga and Djokovic. Djoker looks like he's going to win Beijing (faces Tsonga in the final tomorrow) so I guess he will probably make the final in Shanghai too.

Federer in Shanghai

Like I said right at the start I'm liking this draw and I think Roger has a good chance of winning it. He played well last time out in Shanghai up until the final and I'm sure he can go one better this time around. There's some good tests along the way and obviously playing Murray fresh off his US Open win will be tricky but I think Roger can take that one and then in the final anything can happen.

Death Threat Cleared Up

Perhaps the best news is that the death threats I posted about yesterday have been cleared up and it ended up being what I said and just some clown posting stupid stuff online and nothing serious. Be interesting to know how old the guy is, sounds like something an 11 year old would do but you never know he could be a lot older.

Apparently he wrote to the the Shanghai Masters tournament organiser and said:

Iโ€™m terribly sorry. I was arguing with Federer fans and then I wrote something stupid. I hope that the organizers can understand me, forgive me, and if possible send my apologies to Federer and his family.

In other news Roger has hired a bodyguard to accompany him throughout his stay in Shanghai and you can see him in the picture below:

Federer's Bodyguard

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Found this courtesy of ZezeAM

Anyway, I'll be posting throughout the week after Fed's matches and I'm hoping for a good week. Allez les suisse!


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Decent Draw! I think Murray would loose to Fed in 3 since he doesn’t have home field advantage. If Fed wins here, he would have a 7th title and that hasn’t happened since 2007!

    Love the picture ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Good draw, really. Sad that Ferrer and Delpo will be absent; they would have spiced it up.
    In Djokovic’s draw, I’m sure Berdych will also be making his presence felt.
    I live in Malaysia so I can, after a long time, get to watch Fed in my ‘earthly’ hours and not wake up at 2 or 3 am ๐Ÿ™‚ Not that I regretted a moment of that, of course!!

    1. Yeah Delpo is always a loss when he’s not around. His body is so fragile though and he schedules like a clown. Withdraws with niggles then plays matches when he’s in pain. Foolish.

      Ah lucky you! Shanghai is 7 hours in front of me so I should be ok. Hoping most matches start late afternoon ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Tricky draw after the semis but you know, its always tricky after semis ๐Ÿ™‚
    I have just made my picks at ATP Draw Fantasy, predicting that Fed will face Raonic and Fed will win the trophy. That’s my prediction and I believe it will come true!

  4. Good draw it seems for Fed. Should make the semis without dropping a set and I’m sure he can beat Murray. Here’s hoping that Tsonga can take out Djokovic in the Beijing final and do the same in the Shanghai semis.

  5. Great post once again! I’m so looking forward to seeing Roger on court again and hoping, as you say, that he is still in Roger 3.0 mode. I’m playing ATP’s Draw Challenge again…haven’t done it in a while… and hoping some of your insight will help in my picks. ; )

  6. Interesting. Look’s like Djoker didn’t play the China open last year so he is looking to gain 500 points. I am increasingly feeling Djoker will finish year end number one. Then numbers simply favor him.

    1. Yeah, it’s almost inevitable to a degree. Roger doesn’t seem to bothered though. Perhaps not overly important in his mind. And to be honest is it such a big deal? Nobody talks about that stuff once the new season is up and running.

  7. I am so happy that the guy who was threatening Federer was caught. It should be a real relief for him to relax and focus on his game. My what an argument it must have been to get so mad that you would take such extreme measures to vent your anger. He needs to be punished and get psychological treatment.

    1. Yeah clown thing to do. Maybe he regrets it now. He could be young too, in which case it’s maybe permissible… I’ve personally seen far worse things on the internet. Hahah.

  8. I’m looking foward to a possible Federer-Murray semifinal. Would be great if he schools Murray in straight sets. I’ve seen a few articles on Bleacher Report about people’s predictions for Murray next year – something about reaching all slam finals and winning at least three of them, thats all bollocks. Completely ridculous articles.

    1. Haha yeah the hype always happens. They probably did the same for Del Potro.

      Murray is now a threat at the slams but I don’t know if he can win a handful. I don’t think he’s got the longevity and as I predicted in a post a long time ago he is a likely injury candidate. Right now he’s at his physical peak but he’s not a natural athlete like Roger.

  9. Hi,

    Great to have found your site with your blogs. Huge fan of Federer myself too ๐Ÿ™‚ Will be following your posts from now on.
    And agreed: draw is good. Creates chances. Will have a bit of a further read later on. Oh and thanks for the update on the whole ‘death threat incident’. As much as I thought you were right about what you wrote in your post, it’s always nice to see it confirmed and know they caught the guy ๐Ÿ™‚ Take care!

    1. Hi Natasja,

      Cheers for the comment and glad you found my blog. I have one question, what took you so long? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Yeah death threat was abit of a joke really. It’s kinda annoying it made it so mainstream, would have been better to keep it under wraps and just delete the post. Was always going to be an empty threat on a popular forum but shit happens I guess.

      1. I have nรณ idea what took me so long ๐Ÿ˜‰ Really nรณ clue… Now I’m glad I found some like-minded people here ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. guyz,
    federer will finish as World No. 1 at the end of the year 2012.he ready to do that.he will win shanghai to add up points which not included last year.shanghai will be extra earning point to support for federer to finish as no.1 at the end of year.he already disappointed with USO same as last 2 years and he came up playing great at indoor season.
    i beliave in federer about you….
    cmon guyz,,,beliave in you first and beliave our federer:) Enjoy!!!

    1. Haha RaO you sound confident on that.

      I ain’t sure man, he’s got a lot to defend. I mean he usually sucks in Paris until last year and now he has to defend it to end year end #1. That’s a big ask.

      Not impossible but not easy either. I’m not too bothered anyway, would take a good run as Australian Open over year end #1 anyway.

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