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Serena Joins Chorus Of Anti-WADA Voices

Describes Measures As "Very Invasive"

Serena Williams has become the latest high-profile baller to come out against the new anti-doping measures aka the WADA Code

The current WTA Penthouse resident, who crushed Karolina Sprem 6-1, 6-2 in Paris today, has joined Rafael Nadal and Andy Murra in calling the new measures too extreme:

I think it’s too much. It’s very invasive. … Basically, they show up at your house on any day.

I jump from city to city all the time. First of all, I never tell people where I am because I like to do my own thing.

However, ReRe does believe the measures, though stringent, will keep the doping cases to a minimum (which they are relative to a lot of other sports):

It’s definitely the purest sport, that’s the only upside to it. We won’t have problems in tennis that we have in other sports.

I still believe testing is needed to keep integrity in tennis but the WADA measures are too extreme.


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