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Rome Masters Draw 2014 – Federer Expected to Play

The draw for the Internazionali BNL d'Italia in Rome is out and we're still in the dark as to whether Roger will be making an appearance. According to his agent Tony Godsick he will make a last minute decision and should everything be running smoothly with Leo and Lenny then he will most likely play. I personally think he'll definitely be there so we'll be seeing the GOAT on court for the first time since Monte Carlo in April.

Godsick also revealed that Fed hasn't missed a beat in training and there's been several short videos of his sessions floating round Instagram over the last few days. They look fairly intense with medicine balls and hurdles so there's no way he's been taking it easy.

Onto the draw and just like Madrid it's another decent one with some testing matches early then a potential semi final match against Djokovic. That's assuming Djokovic will play too as he's been struggling with a wrist injury. He's been pictured training in Belgrade without any strapping on his right arm so like Fed I think he's definitely making an appearance here.

Federer's Projected Opponents

  • R1: Bye
  • R2: Robine Haase / Jeremy Chardy
  • R3: Fabio Fognini
  • QF: Milos Raonic
  • SF: Novak Djokovic
  • F: Rafeal Nadal

Full .PDF draw

Thoughts on the Draw

Federer, Rome 2013
Federer, Rome 2013

I think this is a nice draw as it will give Roger quite a few different tests, first up he will face either Robin Haase or Jeremy Chardy. Both those guys are competent clay court players but both are chokers. I can see them putting up some resistance, like we saw Chardy do in Brisbane back in January but if they ever get close to the finish line I doubt they will cross it.

After that Roger could face Fognini playing on home soil who will have the crowd behind him. I've enjoyed watching Fognini lately but his outburst at Lahyani in Madrid earlier this week was a joke. In my opinion he should be banned from playing Rome; it would send the right message to all players that you can't get away with threatening behaviour to the umpire. There's talk of a fine but that means nada to someone ranked in the top 20, it will be pocket change.

In terms of matchup Fognini faltered in Madrid and I'm not sure he has enough to take out Fed as he can't really hurt him in many areas. I always see him as a bit of a tailor made opponent for Roger but we'll probably find out next week.

The quarter final seeded opponent is Raonic but he's never won a match in Rome before in 3 attempts. He's obviously improving though so I'd expect him to make the third round, losing to a serve bot on clay is unlikely so I'd pick Fed to come through that one.

Then we're in the business end of the tournament and Roger has landed in Djokovic's half. I guess there's some question marks over Djokovic's forearm injury but I think he will be fine and his only real test will be Ferrer in the Quarter Finals. Ferrer has looked in tip top form in Madrid this week so he will definitely be a big test for Djoker as he will chase down every ball. Ferrer leads the H2H on clay 3-1 too so it could be an interesting one.

The final would then most likely pit him against Nadal who has a relatively easy draw but could face Murray in the Quarters then Wawrinka in the semi finals. I'm dying to see Murray play Nadal as they haven't played since 2011. That's just a joke to say they have both been in the top 4 for that amount of time. I'd expect Nadal to take him apart on clay but is the gap closer or wider than it used to be? Who knows.

Wawrinka is way too unpredictable to really predict at the minute, wins Mickey Carlo, loses 2nd round of Madrid. He made the final of Rome in 2008 so not unlikely he plays well here but I can't say with any sort of confidence how he'll perform.

Based on freshness I'll back Fed to make the final. He's defending final points from last year and he should be feeling pretty good after the birth of Leo and Lenny. Based on reports and video's he's been putting the hours in on the practice courts too so this is an important tournament for him ahead of the French Open. He's of course never won it so there's always a chance of taking his maiden title and he needs a good performance to aid his rankings for Wimbledon.

It looks like Ferrer will be able to take the 4th seed spot for the French however as the odds are somewhat in his favour. But it's going to be close.

My Darkhorse Predictions

My Madrid predictions didn't pan out too well as all of them crashed out early. Berdych however was a lock for the tournament if he didn't have to face Nadal who owns him :D. Not sure Berdych will ever beat him again really. Mental midget.

  • Ernests Gulbis
  • Albert Ramos
  • Kevin Anderson

I see Gublis being a potential finalist and Ramos just a guy who might make the Quarter Final if gets through qualifying πŸ™‚ . Anderson is due a result on clay soon so maybe Rome can be a tournament he makes an impression.

What do you guys think of the draw? How far can Fed go?


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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      1. Haha same. Wasn’t sure which email i used last year (during rome masters). So when i saw my comment was awaiting moderation i used my 2nd email. You can delete either one πŸ™‚

  1. Yes! πŸ˜€

    Like I said on twitter, this is a really good chance for Roger to at least make the SF(defend a lot of those points). Positive thing is this is the last “major” amount of points he has to defend through the end of the season πŸ™‚ He has to try to keep that top 4 ranking for the French. But keep eyes on Wimbledon! Nice post, thanks for writing them all the time Jonathan!

  2. Oh, I heard rumors that Roger might play a 250 clay tournament. I don’t think that’s true, just to let everyone know

      1. Not sure what he wld gain tho, agree with u, play now, grab a weeks rest and go primed into Paris!

  3. Hmm. I don’t see the draw on your site or ATP. Looking at the photo of Roger last year…..bad,bad haircut. I hope he learned his lesson….long hair=good results.

  4. Looks like quite a good draw for Roger. Just need confirmation he’ll play now. Would love to see a photo of the babies, though they tend to all look much the same when very little.

    1. Hey Rita, you are right about the word ‘slowly’. I know you mean something else, but taking average 28 seconds between points and then even 29 seconds with no consequences. If they are so scared of him, why not abandon the rule at all? Rafa just laughs about it. I think he is more surprised in a match when he does not get a time violation. Unfortunately he will win. Is less tired and injured….

      1. Agree. Is it something hard to execute? But then, if there’s a rule, there should also be a way to execute it. I don’t see any other player who regularly takes so much time between points. He just breaks rhythm of opponents. So, yes, abandon the rule… or apply it.

    2. Hmm, his oppo hvnt been great and he owns Berdych. I am still reserving judgement. He doesn’t look that happy in his pressers and I sense tension within the Nadal camp?

  5. As usual, I pick Fed to win the tourney as always πŸ™‚ I’ve got to get lucky soon ain’t I? I also say an all Swiss final.
    I’m hoping for Nishikori to win Madrid as well πŸ™‚

    1. I think Nishikori has a bit of a chance. Nadal not really been challenged much so far so might be a bit of a shock for him. Hope so anyway. Of course he has to get past Ferrer first.

      1. Need to ask Vibhu, stat man, that question but I think Fed shld play, even if he only gets thru couple of rounds! And presumably not scheduled til Wed next? That said, the Fog is a stiff test on home soil! Nadull has a joke draw whereas Noles quarter is absolutely loaded! I wld be v happy with Fed making QF, as MUST hold onto no 4! I hv stuck my neck out on Nishikori to beat Ferrer today and to tbh Ferrer must tire at some point!!

      2. Susie, yes I have put money on Nishikori to beat Ferrer – all of 2 francs πŸ™‚ We’ll see. Ferrer fired up at the moment.

      3. Nishikori won! Congrats Rita! Hahaha

        But it takes so many match point to get it done. I don’t know if he can beat Nadal or he will be too tired.

      4. Painful wasn’t it. 9 match points! Kei is getting better though and David is tenacious to say the least!

      5. Hey guys, maybe I am the only one, but I really wanted David to win. He is so good. Really a fighter. I like him so much. Nishi won, but will he be healthy for Rafa after 3 hours?? Assuming he won’t withdraw like he did after Roger’s match….
        Come on Kei, work your magic for one more match……

      6. Nishikori might have had a chance had he won his semi in straights. Now he will be finished in straights. Won’t be surprised with a pull out

  6. Agree with you, Jonathan. It is a good draw. Roger should definitively play, if he could, to avoid a potential ranking complication to RG. I feel that it is important for Roger to have his quarter so that he won’t have to peak in order to go through Nadal or Nole in quarter. The 2012 Wimbledon worked out quite well. Roger should definitively look ahead and duplicates that strategy. Allez Roger!

  7. Hey Rita, gd pick by us on Nishikori!! Pity the match was so long as I think he has a shot at Rafa! But might be a touch weary!! No 9 in rankings next week! Really good to see him emerge! Such speed of foot and quick hands! Come on Kei! Take Rafa down!

  8. Hi Jonathan

    I have to say I like the look of Fed’s draw and would hope he could possibly make the final looks like he has been working hard even with the arrival of the babies, allez Roger

    1. Anything to avoid all the nappy changing!!!
      Ps does Severin live with them??? Does he have another life?? Dedication!

      1. Hey Susie, as bad as this may sound…. be glad Seve does not have another life πŸ™‚

  9. Anyone here into Eurovisie Songfestival?? Austria won (very very deserved) and Holland was second. Yeah πŸ™‚
    Goodnight all πŸ™‚

      1. No Brother Jonas, I don’t have a beard πŸ™‚ But then again…… I am not a man πŸ™‚

      1. All terrible! It is a complete pantomime and not to be taken seriously! Winner looked like Dana International from yrs back with a beard or as some tweeters said, Kim Kardashian with facial hair!!!Gave up after 5 mins!

      2. Hey Rita, to be honest… we came second, but I didn’t like our song. Last year we had a great song (Birds by Anouk) which was 30 times better and we ended up nr 9 I think πŸ™‚
        But…. I am happy for the duo. Ever since it was announced in Holland that they would go to ESF, they were really made fun off. And when they heard the song, Holland was really trashing them. Then suddenly after the SF the bookies give them a chance to be 2nd or 3rd and… suddenly Holland loved them…. Go figure πŸ™‚

  10. With Ferrer out, Roger has a better chance at staying #4 for RG. Don’t know if Nishikori will have enough left to beat Nadal. Might be interesting.

      1. See below as calculated by Vibhu!
        Ps most impressive yesterday was actually Shazza demolishing Aga! However, as I hv called Kei to win the men’s if he shows up, I am calling Halep to win the womens. Feisty!

    1. Out of curiosity, I try to calculate the point

      After Madrid the gap between Fed and Ferrer is 775 pts.
      Considering Fed is a finalist and Ferrer is QF last year in Rome, even if Roger is withdraw, Ferrer has to go to SF to take over #4 (if I am not miscalculate)

      Looking good πŸ™‚

      1. Check out Vibhu. If Fed doesn’t play Rome he Wld only lose no 4 if Ferrer makes SF or Berdych wins whole damn thing!

        However, I hope he plays and gets at least to QF!

        Nishikori will undoubtably miss Rome and had a tough first round in Gulbis. If he pulls out today he risks a big fine, but more than that, Wld not do his growing popularity any good.

      2. Yup, almost forgot about him πŸ™‚

        after Madrid the gap between Fed and Berdych is 1205 pts
        Last year Berdych went to SF at Rome, so he can get #4 only if Fed withdraw/lose on R1 and Berdych wins.

        I just can’t imagine that situation happen

  11. Hey All,
    Have you noticed the list of popular posts appearing on the right of this page? A list of Federer’s losses. Just don’t like to see it everyday… and it’s not right either. I guess it is based on the number of comments. But this happens as after each loss people get more time and they don’t have a new post to comment. The views on other matches and off-season discussions make the comment-list bigger. This can’t be a measure of popularity. If there’s nothing else to figure out popularity (I can’t find any, please suggest if you people have any idea), please remove it Jonathan. The most popular posts of the best Federer blog should not be a list of losses.

    1. Haha I am surprised nobody mentioned that before πŸ˜‰

      The simple answer would be to comment more on his winning matches though. I think number of comments is probably the best indicator of a posts popularity so I’ll be keeping it as is for now. If Fed wins a slam I’m sure it will change, that should serve as motivation for him πŸ™‚

      1. Yeah, that always feels like a downer to me. The posts are “popular” because people feel better when they talk about a bad loss (life in general).
        So, I wouldn’t call them popular, just people venting to feel better. I wouldn’t mind if they disappeared.

      2. Jonathan,
        Thanks for your efforts!
        Specially for the first time visitors, occasional visitors, or haters like Pablo, having Roger’s losses as most popular isn’t good at all, and it is NOT a true reflection of our affection for the Maestro.
        The reason those losses get lots of comments is because once Roger loses, usually you do not post anything new for a long time & people keep commenting about the new developments on the last article.
        Case and point here, most of the discussion is about Dopal & Kei, not the Rome draw.
        But in a few days, you post a new title again & everyone starts commenting in the new article, like the due date drama was all discussed in the Madrid draw article.

        Why do we need to be reminded of Roger’s painful losses? Again, the average days between posts contributes most to how many comments an article gets.
        Otherwise, Roger’s Wimbledon 2012 Victory should have had the most comments.
        I hope that you take your reader’s suggestion to heart and take the popular tab out.

      3. Just checked, his Wimbledon 2012 had only 55 comments

        And you had posted another article in 48 hours, that one also just had only 55 comments.

        And I bet that winning Wimbledon is far more popular with us than Roger losing in the 2nd round to Stahkovsky.

        Not to mention that those logs were far more interesting than just a pre-match thread created for open discussions, it had 349 comments because due to the loss, there was no post until 4 days later, therefore last available article (venue) to talk, vent out, and post updates.

      4. I think those articles would be popular but the blog had a smaller audience in 2012 compared to 2013. If Fed wins a slam this year, it will easily be the most popular article πŸ™‚

        I’ll keep the popular tab, and if Fed wins some titles, we can replace them πŸ˜‰

      5. As I was saying before my broadband cut out again and I lost it all, I agree with Mac: it doesn’t look good that the most “popular” posts are largely for Roger’s losses. Would some sort of ongoing “general discussion thread” for the “inbetween” stuff be viable, or would it become too heavy to load?

      6. Well, this is 188th comment to this post. And I have made this post more ‘popular’ than Dubai title post!

    2. Hi Ankur,
      It appears that Jonathan is more stubborn than Roger, as we both explained the number of comments a post gets has nothing to do with its popularity. In 24 hours, everyone will be commenting on the new article about Roger’s win against Chardy, wishful thinking.

      Dubai title win is very recent, March 2nd, 2014, Roger’s first title since May 2013, and it only had 187 comments.

      Jonathan, you may know tennis but looks like you need help with math & customer satisfaction.
      Now that you are advertising on your blog, you might want to listen to your readers more as they are the ones who could help the popularity of our blog and help you break even and perhaps make a fortune.
      For example, Perez Hilton, with a Trash β€œCeleb Blog” has made millions, net worth of $30 Million, so the potential is there.

      It’s your blog, not mine, one who lives by the sword, dies by the sword!

      1. Ya really… there’s hardly any fed-fan who would love to see a list of losses in the POPULAR tab.

        And another ‘popular’ post is coming… After today’s shocking and painful loss against Chardy and with RG two weeks away!

    3. Ankur, help me out, manual labor, together we shall make the Madrid Draw Post, which is all about Leo & Lenny’s Birth, most popular post EVER, until Jonathan comes to his senses and removes the tab, which is totally misleading people as what is popular on this Blog.

      So, pls. go and comment on Madrid draw, we have 43 more dummie comments needed to get to 350, surpassing the loss in Wimby.

      As die-hard fed fans, we love to be reminded of his worst losses EVER, Sure! πŸ™

  12. Hi guys, sorry I haven’t commented in a while, been busy with exam revision and my own tennis. Oh that reminds me, I’m currently on a 5 match win streak, 4 singles and 1 doubles. The doubles I won from 4 match points down!

    Anyway, I am not at all disappointed about Monte Carlo, because remember we didn’t think Rogerwould play at all! Provided he plays the Fo, Halle and Wimby I am not too bothered whether he plays Rome or not. He has 600 points from Monte Carlo so his points overall from the clay season would be about equal with last year, even if he drops all 600 points in Rome by withdrawing. Obviously the French Open quarterfinal result from last year can be improved upon. I’ll say that I think Roger will make the FO semis and lose to either Novak or Rafa, but below is what I really want to happen:

    French Open Final 2014: Nadal vs Federer. Nadal comes out quickly and wins the first two sets 6-4 6-4. Federer comes back and wins the third set on a tiebreak. (anyone guessed where this is going yet?) Nadal has two match points in the fourth set tiebreak, Federer saves one with a winning serve and the second with a backhand passing shot from way behind the baseline. Federer eventually wins the set to level at 2 sets all. The fifth goes with serve to 7-7 and then Nadal breaks. Rafa gets to 40-30 and a third match point, which Roger saves with a backhand return winner. Nadal gains advantage again and then Roger has a lob put over his head and he hits a tweener past Rafa at the net. Deuce. Federer then unleashes two big forehands and wins the game for 8-8. He holds serve to love with four aces in a row, followed by four successive return winners in the next game. Game, Set, Match Federer: 4-6 4-6 7-6 7-6 10-8, for an 18th slam and a double Career Slam.

    Anyway I guess we’ll see if Federer plays Rome or not in a few days.

    PS: Tell me when you figured out which match I took most of the stuff for the imaginary French Open final from!

      1. This was one of my fav match of all times, not because of the quality (I have seen better match in terms of quality than this, AO Semi between Rog and Safin is an example), however, it was because of the hype that was created before the encounter and the drama plus rain delays and because it was between and artist vs. gladiator!
        I was so intense and I do remember every details of that match, that’s why I was able to recall it when Universal123 stated the obvious πŸ˜‰

    1. Have faith Universal, that will happen…. at RG and Wimby…. with Roger as the winner πŸ™‚

  13. Hey Jonathan and all, have you all given your mother a great day for Mother’s day??? Hope so.

    By the way, I am hoping Rafa will totally underestimate Kei as much as he underestimated Stan at AO πŸ™‚

    Come on Kei πŸ™‚

    1. I don’t celebrate it, it’s a marketing ploy and all a big con :D. Last time I checked my Mum is my mum for 365 days a year, not just one πŸ™‚

      1. To some extend, I do agree with you Jonathan.
        I don’t need a special day to remember my mum and celebrate! however, I do celebrate it just because of family gathering and all that, it makes it special day to some people, so joining them its kind of joy πŸ™‚
        but yeah, not just once as you juts mentioned πŸ˜‰

    1. Yep dudes, even the “so called” Greatest of all time (according to Agassi) is getting older and beatable. Come on Kei πŸ™‚

      1. What Agassi, the druggie, says, has no weight. Greatest for what, 21 of 27 Masters on Clay? 8 of 13 Slams on Clay? No Year End Masters titles? Not even a semblance of consistency at slams? There is only one person who has the right to say who the gretest of all time is. That would be Rod Laver. And to a certain extent, Pete Sampras. Whoever gets a nod from both of these, is the undisputed greatest of all time.

        Some trolls may say that well, Roger is a hard court bully. Numbers suggest otherwise. Nadal has a 92.3% win record on clay. Of his contemporaries, Roger is next best at 76.7% (at 16 point gap). And Djokovic, who owns Nadal everywhere else except Clay, has a 77.3% record on dust. That’s a huge gap, clearly suggesting that Nadal is a clay court bully.

        Now, I’ll prove that hard courts are the most neutral surfaces that can be. Novak is 82.6%, Roger is 82.1%, Nadal is at 78% (a gap of just 4 points from the leader), and Murray, 77.7%. These statistics prove that Roger Federer, contrary to what many believe, is not a hard court bully. He has to work as hard as the other guy to get those wins.

        You can’t be considered the greatest of all time if a vast majority of your wins have come on a surface that is the least rewarding for all court play. You are the greatest of all time if you are the best on a surface that rewards all playing styles equally.

        Note that these percentages represent their records vs the “rest of the field”.

        I don’t know what Agassi was smoking but if this doesn’t make sense to him, he is an idiot of the highest order.

        Just for kicks

        Nadal is 13-3 vs Djokovic on Clay
        Nadal is 9-15 vs Djokovic on all the neutral hard courts.

        Djokovic is already a better player than Rafael Nadal.

      2. Nice and enlightening statistics you had just brought to the table Sid πŸ˜‰ nicely done
        To comment on this, first of all I don’t believe of GOAT thingy! I do believe in the best of the era
        Every era has its own best, and we can’t compare those era. Playing style, equipment’s, tools etc make a lot of differences
        So taking this era into consideration, Roger is the best without any doubt, at least so far.
        with that been said, if you are taking Pete point of view, I recall he once said that Nadal is in the conversation, and you can’t take him out πŸ˜‰
        However, as I said, I never bought this GOAT idea

      3. Hey Sid, you don’t have to convince me dude πŸ™‚ For me Roger IS the Greatest of all time, whether there is one or not. Oh and Mr. Laver ofcourse, such a sweetheart. I think he makes a very nice grandfather πŸ™‚

        By the way, Jonathan asked me last if there was someone I don’t like (because I am like the only one on the planet who likes Berdych, Serena, Venus, etc πŸ™‚ ) Well…. I don’t like Rafa and Agassi. I admire the things they do with their foundation, but other than that, nothing….
        Dangerous, d-word dudes, who are not humble and are “fake nice”.

      4. Speaking about Agassi…… Jeremy Eckstein wrote a good article on BR “Winners and Losers at 2014 Madrid Masters”. He started with: “Loser, Andre Agassi’s Goats Comments” and ended with: “Maybe Agassi just needed a little press. He got it.” πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      5. Shamtoot, I smell saracasm πŸ˜‰ You don’t agree with the numbers? One correction though, I think it’s 18 or 19 clay Masters out of 27, not 21.

        I know the reason why Agassi thinks that way. Graf is a Nadal fan. You can figure out the rest πŸ™‚

      6. sarcastic!! mmmm yeah, I was πŸ˜‰
        you always figure out things quickly, touch the wood πŸ™‚
        anyhow, yeah I see your point about Graf and I agree with you.
        bye the way, Graf is my GOAT women, assuming I buy that GOAT idea πŸ˜‰

  14. Well well well… I left home thinking Nadull would thump Kei, but visibly I’m wrong…. He’s shaping up pretty nicely: a newer/ younger/ better version of ferrer πŸ˜‰

      1. You have to admit, Rafa is one lucky dude….. Still congrats Kei, you tried. Just don’t give up. Make him work for it. You were better and Rafa is luckier….

      1. So hope the writers will write that. But atleast now Rafa knows, he would have lost if Kei wasn’t injured….. really…. one lucky dude…..

    1. I feel really sorry for Kei πŸ™ He was on fire for a set and a half but this Rafa is such a lucky guy!

  15. Nishikori!!! Wimp!!!
    Well, I hope ds tells everyone dt Nadal can be outplayed on CLAY.
    Now, to Rome… Fed pls play… Rome is yours to win!!!

  16. Madrid Masters record, first player who wins it back to back and 27th M1000 for The King of Clay. Simply unbelievable.

    1. Come on Pablo. First, welcome back. Second, even you have to admit, this win is tainted. Rafa would have lost if Kei was not injured and tired. Atleast Karma is paying him back for what he did at AO to Stan.
      Someone should have ask him in his presser how he felt seeing Kei acting like he himself acted at AO.

      But…. kudos and really respect for Kei. Next time he will beat Rafa. For sure.

      1. By the way Pablo, I don’t know if you are from Spain or Madrid, but what an afwul crowd. Even the Basel crowd is not like this. Screaming in the second set at 4-2 or 4-3. And Rafa making it worse with his discusting over the top fistpumps.

        THIS is why I can never never never ever ever ever be a Rafa fan. Even if you take the d-word away, his gamesmenships and the way he treats opponents is so disgusting to me. What good does it do to applaud your opponents when they leave the court after a loss or when you won, when you treat them like this DURING the match. Really, he can learn so much from Roger, Novak, even Andy and all the others….

      2. Hey Pablo, you’ve returned after taking in another dose of Rafael Nadal’s protein shake. I see that’s working out very well for you πŸ™‚

        If only your mother had kept them together, the world would’ve had a slightly higher average IQ.

      3. “You should vaccinate for Nadalitis, it is getting worse and worse.”.
        Not fair Pablo, atleast be nice. But look at it also from our point of view. You make a lot of comments when Roger loses, and when Rafa loses you are missing in action, only to return when he wins…..

        But…. fair is fair, you are a “VIC”. Very Important Commentator. Even when you don’t comment, we wonder where you are and what you would say πŸ™‚

      4. Katyiani, you didn’t say anything when the blogger removed my comments.
        Jonathan, I agree. There are not complete players appart from Rafa or Nole (just in the last 3-4 years). Now it is all about fast court players and all of the with the same pattern (Serve and Forehand). So boring tennis

    2. Hi all,
      Really sad that Nishikori couldn’t finish what he started, he was really on fire for a set and a half. It’s just a shame that Nadal won.
      And Pablo where were you in last month? When Nadal lost to Ferrer and then Almagro, you didn’t have a comment back then? Now that Nadal won (unfairly) you come here bragging? If you saw the match you would know that Nishikori would have destroyed Nadal if he wasn’t injured. Your comment is just inappropriate. As a Nadal fan, you shouldn’t talk at all about this title, consider it a gift and shut up.

      1. Not sure if the AO was a gift to Stan, but I’m sure that you were your mothers curse to this world.

      2. Love your comment Anna. Just love it πŸ™‚ It really was a gift. Period. Just lets move on. Lets not get our bloodpressure high by discussing this joke win. So injustice.

    3. Oh Pablo, one last thing. Rafa won 26 ATP 1000 tours. This one doesn’t count. It’s a gift/joke/mockery/….
      But you are right about one thing. King of Clay, That’s all he is and will ever be.

      1. Hi Katyani
        I can’t find the replei button in Pablo’s post so i replie in yours.
        In the AO, it was Stan who was winning for a set and a half BEFORE Nadal’s injury not the opposite.
        (@Katyani : I really like all your comments)

      2. “But you are right about one thing. King of Clay, That’s all he is and will ever be.”

        Haha, you sweet Katyani, a thumbs up comment πŸ˜€

      3. Hey very very sweet Anna and Wanda. Thank you. I try πŸ™‚ I also like all your comments and your avatar still makes me laugh Wanda πŸ™‚

        By the way, you all are very lucky I had to work today and had to get up early. Otherwise yesterday after the match I would have commented ALL my frustrations about the match. Seriously, when is enough just enough?? Does he have to win everything and be a schmuck about it?? And the worse part, still his fans say that he is the greatest, that he deserved it because he fought back and that he was so humble about it. THAT bothers me the most, after everything they still see him as humble…..

    4. Hi Pablo,

      How are you feeling that Nadal just won ATP250?
      Must b happy right?? LOL.

    5. Rafa was poor and if you know tennis, you shld recognise that. (We can acknowledge when Fed is poor).
      Rafa was pushed further and further back behind the baseline because Kei takes the ball v early often at shldr height and has very quick hands so tough to read the direction. He successfully pinned Rafa into the BH corner but then didn’t necessarily go x court I to the FH, instead he kept driving into the same point til Rafa’s shot got shorter and shorter, and he cld put away. Also he served brilliantly down the T which Didn’t give Rafa a FH angle to start the rally with ( both sides). Massively intelligent play. His inexperience showed when he wasn’t brave enough to drive volley or smash away the higher defensive balls Rafa was forced to throw up and this did let Rafa back in at 3-4.
      Rafa didn’t employ the FHDTL at all and kept trying to out x court Kei on the BH! And finally his second serve had no bite.
      He knew he was lucky!

    6. He would not have won if Kei had not got injured – what would you have come up with then as an excuse for him losing – as I have said before once a plank always a plank

  17. We all already know Nadal often wins matches and championships he doesn’t deserve to win. This just takes it to a whole new level.

    Beyond disgusting.

  18. I am watching the match with one of my friend, Nadal fan. He was grumpy for the first one and a half match. He even almost decided to stop watching. Then Nishikori took an MTO. My friend started to smile again, especially when Nadal won the second set.

    The third set, sorry I have to say this, but for me Nishikori act a little bit too much. I know that he might be injured and in pain, but it is just reminded me of another player who always did that when he started to lose (guess who?)

    So I stopped cheering for Nishikori and said something like “stop acting”, “nobody does that to another player”, “if you want to stop, just stop”, “what a low attitude”, etc. Then I just realised that ‘Nadal did that’. And at the same time, my friend seems a little bit angry at me, even though Nadal won. Oops, sorry buddy…

    Hi Pablo, it’s been a while…

    1. Nah he really was injured. Did you see his serve + movement from middle of second? I don’t think he was over reacting. What made me want to puke was Rafa fist pumping and yelling when he broke, when Kei was rolling serves in.

      Pablo, funny how you come here just when he wins… visibly took his pills this morning πŸ˜‰

  19. I had a small bet on Nishikori to win and for a while, just for a while, I thought I might get lucky for once! But alas it was not to be. The sad thing is that this win for Nadal still goes down as a win! Doesn’t seem right somehow does it. Still, it’s all in the game I suppose. Just a shame Nishikori didn’t pull out when he had a groin injury playing against Roger.

  20. Heart broken end for Kei πŸ™

    I was unusually glued to this non Fed final after realising my country man started amazing. Even felt ashamed of predicting an easy win for Nadal. Kei played incredibly well for a set and a half and his angled BH were awesome today… So it’s really shame. He might have won if he didn’t have the massage just before he was finally broken? I actually stop watching when he lost the 2nd set. Poor guy, he’s a little delicate flower but with the strong spirit, isn’t he? Proud of him, well done.

    As for the Rome draw, I think it’s a decent one for Fed. I believe he has a good chance of the first title there but just hoping for him to show up in time. Allez!

      1. The reason you haven’t anything in the media yet because Roger hasn’t confirmed he is even playing Rome.

      2. LOL!! I knew my comment would snag someone, I just didn’t know who. No, No, wait, I think at seen him at the airport.

      1. Yeah the sign was him actually being in Rome and confirming on tweeter not fake sightings like Madrid.

  21. Speaking of hypocrisy… few months ago Nadal fans were all over the place saying Stan didnt deserve the title, Rafa was injured etc. Same people now say kudos to Nadal for being a fighter and staying focused in the match. Wow people. And btw Nadal wasn’t really injured back then, no injured player wins a set and keeps it competitive till the end.

    1. I would say it loudly :
      Nishi is hell of player, he really deserve to win yesterday and not Nadal, Period πŸ™‚
      and I said it before, Stan deserved the AO as well πŸ˜‰

    2. ohh by the way, I didn’t read your last statement, Nadal was injured, period πŸ˜‰
      you can tell who is injured and who is not, but Stan the Man deserved it

    3. Yeah dull was defo injured, painkillers started kicking in near then end. Did you see how he was rolling serves in?? that’s almost my serving level… πŸ˜‰

      But Stan deserved it all the way, and Kei prob would’ve thumped him had he been in shape πŸ™

      1. well we have analysed this ad nauseam in previous posts but you guys seem reasonable πŸ™‚ here’s my arguments: Most if not all severe injuries have catastrophic effects on a player’s game, for example Federer last year kept losing to journeymen; Nadal has a lot of shenanigans in his record; his groundstrokes were mostly unaffected; his serve and lateral movement were affected yet he managed to win a SET and keep it competitive till the end while Stan was playing one of the best matches of his career. This implies that a healthy Nadal was outplayed in the first set but a severely hampered Nadal won the third set. My interpretation is that Nadal wasn’t severely injured but he lost to the better player that night. No surprise there since Nadal’s level post-US open has been really low for his standards, even on clay as we’ve witnessed the last few tournaments.

      2. @ Gargantouas
        Nadal win a SET not because he played well!! he won it because Stan was distracted, when he focused again, he reigned πŸ˜‰
        and he kept it competitive at the end because of the painkiller, that’s all πŸ™‚
        the last statement ” My interpretation is that Nadal wasn’t severely injured but he lost to the better player that night” the first portion is not quite right, the second portion, I totally agree

      3. Shamtoot…let me put it this way…ok, never mind…your post makes a lot of sense, considering you are a Nadal fan. You have my respect for making your points politely on a Roger Federer fan blog…unlike some others here πŸ™‚

        Also, when you said, “the first portion is not quite right”, did you mean that Nadal wasn’t injured at all? That’s what I thought πŸ˜‰

      4. Okay, guys, gotta calm down. Pablo is instigating large amounts of hate here. In the same way as we all vehemently defended Stan’s victory when Nadal got injured (I’m still convinced he was injured, yes, even though he would have lost no matter what), in this case you gotta say injury is part and parcel of the game and hand the title to Nadal. It’s not tainted, any more than Stan’s was (which is not at all), and is a fully deserved title.

        We’ve spent years saying people who are not fit to take part doesn’t detract from Fed’s form, for instance, especially when others point out his opposition in slam finals, or his record against Nadal and whatnot. So in this case, Nadal took advantage of a weak draw and won; sue him.

        I’m of the opinion Nishikori did nothing to shame himself in that final; he played lights out for a set and a bit before the injury kicked in. And I believe he would have won without it. Nevertheless, it’s not down to Nadal to keep him fit, so let’s not detract from the victory out of our own bias (trust me, I have tons of it too).

      5. Hey John, I agree with you. It was not Rafa’s fault that Kei was or got injured. The thing that bothered me the most, was the way he “celebrated” it in the second set 4-3 and further.
        That bugs me. Roger won a set off Benneteau at Wimby 2012 and Delpo at RG 2012 when they were both visibly injured. He knew it and saw it and took advantage of it. Which is natural and he should have done that. So should Rafa. But Roger did not “celebrate” it like Rafa did. And that is the difference…….

      6. John: “fully deserved”? Hmm. I’d say Nadal had been extremely fortunate all tournament, first with the no-shows, then the knock-outs. I said very early on that if he didn’t win the tourney under those conditions, and given his draw, we’d know something was definitely wrong, but it certainly looked as though Nishikori had the beating of him until he got injured, so can we still be sure that nothing is “definitely wrong”? Agree, though, that unless there is something inherently wrong with Kei’s body then his physical conditioning ought to be down to him and it’s something he needs to pay attention to. I mean, this, following on from his default from the Miami SFs is really pretty ridiculous.

      7. I agree with pretty much everything you said John, just I think Nadal would have won the AO if he was healthy.

      8. [It’s not tainted, any more than Stan’s was]

        Jesus, John! Are you out of your mind? Nadal’s behavior during that AO final was an abomination. It was the ultimate act of a loser taking every ounce of credit away from the winner. And as if to ensure nobody thought otherwise, he confirmed it verbally in his post match (post loss) speech.

        I’m appalled that you have even dared to compare these two results.

      9. Nevertheless, Sid, his on court and off court behaviour may be questionable, or downright disrespectful, whichever you like, but that doesn’t affect the fact that, easy draw or not, luck or not, he won. He may have won badly, he may have acted poorly, but bottom line, he won. Now, the end doesn’t justify the means, we all know this, and that’s why none of us here like Nadal, but a result is a result. To try to find excuses for it or to detract from it is just pointless.

        And in any case, my earlier comment was as a response not to, say, Katyani’s assertion that Nadal overacted with the fist pumps and whatnot (I agree, as it happens), but as a response to those saying this title was worthless because he won it against an injured guy who was beating him. This title is the same as any other masters 1000: worth 1000 points and a +1 to the masters titles tally. To say it was an irrelevant tournament is disrespectful to all the guys entering the draw, and perhaps even more disrespectful to those who wanted to but couldn’t.

      10. Hey John, ofcourse we know this title counts. Rafa has 27 ATP 1000 titles. First I could not agree with it, but I do see it and it is true, you can only beat the one who is on the other side of the court. Like I said, it was not Rafa’s fault that Kei was or got injured. But those what I call celebrations….

        And to be honest, I said this title did not count, but that was more a response to Pablo. He doesn’t show up for Roger’s wins or Rafa’s losses, but when Rafa wins, he comes and that too with such a comment…. That is why I got a little annoyed…

  22. Maybe Nishikori didn’t truly believe he could win a tournament this big. Our minds do powerful things to our bodies. Happy for him that he got this far though. The broadcaster is showing the match here 8 hrs later. Maybe I’ll watch the first set and 1/2. Definitely not the trophy biting ceremony.

    1. I didn’t see any of it but physical condition is a big part of the sport. He’s very fragile. Withdraws after beating Fed, retires playing Dull. Poor record.

  23. How are you all?

    It’s been a while I have commented on this post. Because when Pablo left, I thought my job here is done but since he has come back, I thought I should also join to make him disappear again.
    First of all, congregates to Roger for new addition in his already beautiful family. Hope he is recharge and ready to hunt for his maiden Rome trophy.
    Since Madrid 250 is over, we can focus in Rome and I hope Federer will play the tourney as it is very important before RG. All the best to GOAT.

    Thank you for the post Jonathan.

  24. OKAY! Someone wake me up when Fed confirms to play Rome.
    As for Pablo, you should be biting your nails as Nadal has only two titles on clay to play for, scratch that : one , as he’s not winning the French Open this year. SAD!
    Pablo, when is his 28th birthday again, I will be glad to celebrate #old

      1. Interesting to note how Pablo made his presence felt the moment Nadal won a tournament. Funny how you’d disappeared for almost the entire year uptil now.


    Never really an Andy Murray fan, but this is quite a nice Head commercial. The trick shots are probably fake (especially after seeing the video in which he fails to imitate the Federer William Tell trick shot on a live TV show where there is no way to edit the outcome in post production)

    Plus Andy seems to be maturing into a nicer guy. He’s definitely made an attempt to make his humor (which he apparently reserved for everyone BUT the public) a bit more obvious.

      1. I still think it’s real πŸ˜€
        Otherwise the film editors at Gillette did an outstanding job πŸ˜‰

    1. Easier, because Roger is in a much better place. At Brisbane there were still all these question marks left over from 2013. This year, thankfully, has proven to be different, with improvements continuing. Plus Roger is high on adrenaline & testosterone from the new babies. Don’t want to jinx anything, but I have high hopes. (Provided he gets enough sleep!)

      1. Hey Thinker, Madrid is forgotten. Rome here we come with Roger πŸ™‚ Man, I really missed him for some reason. I am calling it: Roger/Rafa- final where Roger will win πŸ™‚ Or Roger/Stan-final where Roger will win πŸ™‚

        By the way, anyone thinks there is a chance that Andy will hire Annacone??

      2. Erm, I can’t remember exactly what I read recently about testosterone levels in new fathers, but I thought if anything it was in the other direction πŸ™

      3. Interesting Alison… I confess I just made an assumption, & perhaps I shouldn’t have. In any case I hope & trust he’s over the moon about the babies & that that will give him some added “oomph” (not, of course, replace hard work & practice & strategizing, which we have reason to believe he’s also been doing…)

    2. Honestly think easier. Brisbane was a lightning fast court, Roger still getting used to his new racket maybe? So I’m thinking he should pull it through fairly easily.

  26. does someone know why does Federer play nearly always on Wednesday instead of Tuesday in Masters 1000?

    1. I am American. No Americans in the Mens draw after Isner lost to Melzer? American men’s tennis has really fell off . Not only American men not performing in slams but ATP tournaments as well. I think Andy Roddick and other American male players not winning more slams to keep tennis popular in the US after Pete and Andre has hurt American tennis.

      1. Yep all about success and money. Colleges target football and basketball scholars. Tennis very much the poor relation. Read Barry buss on college tennis

      2. Roddick’s first mistake was letting Roger get the #1 ranking in 2004. I don’t think Andy and the other players during that era were anticipating the level needed to get a single slam or be ranked #1. Also what hurt American men’s tennis was Roger taking over the records once held by Pete except the record of year end #1. That year end #1 record I bogus. Pete coveted the most GS titles and weeks at #1.

      3. KFedFan,
        “Roddick’s first mistake was letting Roger get the #1 ranking in 2004” I don’t know how you see it a mistake!
        does Roddick had an options not to let roger get #1? Rog was booming and the only player I could see stopping him was Safin, however, Safin is moody and lack consistency

      4. Calm down. I don’t even like Roddick. I was saying Roddick made a mistake of not backing up his US Open title losing the #1 ranking after that is history. When Roddick didn’t win more slams and hold onto the top ranking and also losing those matches to Roger it slowly caused the decline of American tennis.

      1. Ah, but what we celebrate in the UK is actually Mothering Sunday, not Mothers’ Day. Back a century or whatever ago, when a lot of young women would have been in service, this was the Sunday they were allowed off to return home and attend their home (i.e. Mother) church, and presumably see their families at the same time. It’s only since commercialism took over that it’s got as bad as it now is (back when I was young I used just to take my mum a bunch of daffs or tulips) and has been conflated with Mothers’ Day.

        And we never used to bother with Fathers’ Day, either. Commercially speaking, that’s an even newer invention.

  27. Hey! I see Stefan is in Rome too! Excited!
    Rumours abound he has brought the whole family with him… Gulp! If so Mirka deserves a medal!!

      1. Hope so!! You r right re Mother’s Day! Just glad we hvnt got same date! Complete madness!

  28. And what has happened to the Dog and the Fog! Early season promise rapidly fading away…meanwhile Giraldo and Bautista-Agut making the most of the clay to rise up the rankings!
    And pity Thiem missing. I expect good things of him on grass!

  29. Just read an interview on the swiss news site where Roger said that he had other priorities other than tennis now. He might just lack the will to win against tougher opponents… We’ll see won’t we? πŸ˜›

    1. He might be just saying that, though obviously family first. Hopefully once back on the court he’ll be able to give it his full attention.

      I have to take someone to the airport tomorrow at 2pm so will miss the beginning of his match against Chardy at least. Hoping to be home before the end, but if not hoping for good news when I get home. I’ll be relying on ATP updates in the meantime πŸ™

      1. Was not a criticism! I totally would have lost some respect if he had said his family was second important πŸ˜‰

      2. Simon, I didn’t for one moment take it as a criticism. I agree he might lack the will to win, although Stefan being there is encouraging. Was just thinking he might doubt his own ability to stay concentrated right now so was covering himself in case he loses early. We’ll see quite soon now anyway.

  30. Just saw on CNN they have smart technology racquets. That sends information about the racquet and all to your bluetooth and can be used as soon as RG. Made by Babolat. Really?? Why can’t a racquet…. just be a racquet πŸ™‚

    1. Because tennis is now more a game of equipment, and people love it. You’re able to hit a passing shot winner with barely any preparation or swing.

      There used to be a time when it was the man on the court that mattered, not a the racquet in his hands. Agassi, that idiot, wouldn’t have won a single slam during Roger’s time with a 90 sq in racquet.

      1. true, but Agassi’s style of play did not want a 90 sq inch racket. You can’t just take anyone back and compare them to Roger. It’s the same for rafa and nole, give them a 90 sq inch, they’re lost in the dark πŸ˜‰

  31. Given the circumstances, QF wld be great achievement as he must be in the phone/Skype the whole time! Can’t wait for the reception he will get tomorrow!!

    1. “… it’s not a coincidence, because you’re just so excited & so happy on the inside, so that also shows in your game.”

      πŸ˜€ What he said.

      1. Hey guys, I so hope someone posts the match on YT, or atleast the reception he gets. I will be at work, so cannot watch. But I would love to see atleast the applause he gets. Come on Roger. Just work this week hard, then you have a week off with two times the twins πŸ™‚

      1. Oh God, Roger is starting the third set first. PLEASE don’t lose the first game Roger.
        No worries you lost the second set, just time to focus again…. Come on Goat πŸ™‚

  32. Aww, Fed just needs to work harder, shake off the rust…and get himself back into play. The transition from swapping twins for Jeremy Chardy dint work quite well. I suggest he gets another tourney to warm up before RG

  33. He was close but very rusty…I’m sure he sees that he needs no more practice courts but more match play

    1. I think he’s going to play Dusseldorf next week to get more court time ahead of the French.

  34. That was THE most embarrassing match I have watched Federer play in a while. Yes, no one was expecting him to play at his best given his lack of match play and the birth of his kids, the weather and what not, but come on. That was pathetic. He can’t even put a half decent return in play. How does he expect to win matches like that. And to send second serve returns long on match point!!? Criminal. Unacceptable.

    1. Calm down man.Did you see the conditions there ? It was so damn windy.No point in getting angry at Fed.He just had his twin borns and he had inspired opponent with the worst possible conditions on clay.So give him a break will you ??

      1. Yeah I get what you’re saying Ajay. I have to admit, that I’m being too harsh on him (as I mentioned in the comment) but still man, match point on your own serve. Timid play. Lack of returns. That’s the same old story. It’s nothing new.

  35. Jonathan please tell me what happened today? A match point and lost. Please tell me what happened. A win for Chardy in a tie-break Jonathan? Please tell me what happened. Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh Jonathan my stomach, tears, tears, tears,

  36. It is so difficult to love and be mad at Roger at the same time, but I am going to try anyway πŸ™‚

    1) Why o Roger why did you even come if you were not ready or your head was not in it??
    Now they all will trash you a bit about you not wanting it that much.
    2) You should have won, but you didn’t. But at the same time, you did break back and you made the 3rd into a TB, so kudos for that.
    3) But please Roger…. focus !!!…. and please work on TB, that used to be your forte. No matter if you came to a TB, 9 out of 10 you would win that.
    4) Nothing has changed. Still love you… but sometimes Roger…. you make it so difficult πŸ™‚

    Ps: Anyone notice that whenever Roger has MP on the opponent’s serve, he gets a few opportunities and doesn’t make it, but when the opponent gets a first opportunity he always makes it…..

    Still, no worries, we will get Rome next year. Now lets focus on RG πŸ™‚ Go Roger Go Goat πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Katyani,
      Although it was a shocking loss, I dont think there’s too much to worry about. The conditions were really hard to get into a rhythm. It can nullify the difference in quality of two players. Roger fought till the end.

      Today’s match point was in his OWN serve. He did everything correct in that point and almost won it when Chardy hit an absolutely incredible forehand to save the match and then with the sudden shift of confidence won the next two points to win the match.

      But you are right. Roger may the player who lost most number of matches after having match-point opportunities.

    2. Hey Ankur, I watched the live scores at work, so was really happy Roger won the first set 6-1. When he lost the second set (although I think with a lot deuces) I was worried. Especially when he started first in the third. I mean, come on, Roger had a nasty habit of losing the first game in the third. But he didn’t. Was behind, but Ankur, he did level it !!!
      I mean it is not like he lost with 2 bagels. He could have won. Didn’t. It hurts a little bit, because he is again the first one to be out. But like I said, no worries.

      I am not giving up. The dude is not getting rid of me that easily πŸ™‚ He played good, great, just didn’t win.
      I only feel bad because Roger is the one having to answer all the questions again.

      But… not giving up on RG. He will win that. I am sure of it. Believe and faith in the Goat πŸ™‚

      1. Well I’ll be in RG for my first live tennis tournament ever… So he has to win it, right Katyani?

        Was disappointed today but only for a few minutes though. He just had his baby boy twins a week ago, he hasn’t played a competitive match for weeks, and it’s not like he lost that badly!! Kuddos to Jeremy who was inspired today and took his chances.

        Yes it is a bad habit he’s got lately of letting his chances pass him by, and I would have been the first to be mad was this RG, but it is not RG! RG will be another story… With the Maestro holding the Coupe des Mousquetaires in his hands, and then Katyani, I’ll be more than happy to hear you cry out loud: Told ya!

  37. Only saw the last few games but it was a bit of a downer, wasn’t it. I guess Roger was hoping to get more match practice than that. Ah well, never mind. Needs to really work and focus now for RG.

    1. Hey Pablo,
      Knowing haters like you, trolls, morons with no life, I bet you check back every 30 minutes to see how many Fed fans fell victim to your nonsense; the more people who you irritate and instigate a hateful response back, of course the happier you feel inside, Yay, what a great hobby!

      That’s the psychology of trolling, so sorry to spoil your fun because I am not upset at all. I just want to save your soul, I’ll open a slot on my calendar, just for you, that’s if you have enough courage to talk to a psychologist, aka Shrink, compliments of A Roger Federer Fan.

      I’ll do Webinar, aka Skype too, so no worries about the ocean between us; I can help you, so that you’ll enjoy your favorite Steroid Stud; without carrying all that hate inside you. It must be weighing you down, you poor victim of Federer’s success.

      Quote from Roger after his loss to Chardy, more ammunition to fuel your fire, Roger is so happy!
      “I’m aware it’s going to be a lot of work. But this is not a time where anybody needs to feel sorry for me or get worried. It’s super-exciting. With Myla and Charlene just being there and being with them, observing, just doing it all together, it’s so cool. I’m really looking forward to it all, and the future is beautiful.” Roger Federer, 05-14-2014, press conference after loss to Chardy

  38. I can’t believe the only day i was able to watch free live streaming of a tennis match, which I managed to do while I was at work, Federer lost! :), well, I’m not to beat up about that…I hope it aches his heart and makes him very hungry for Rome

  39. Too soon to rejoice Pablo, way too soon I warn you..mark my words!
    Guarav, don’t be too hard on Federer. With the practice he had, I feel he was still unsure of where he was on the match courts. I guess he saw that today. In his interview, he said the decision to play was made on Thursday, maybe that is why he was a tad doubtful. He’ll step up.
    And please next time Edberg, Federer’s sparring partner should be competitive e.g Wawrinka. I wonder why he dint warm up with Federer yesterday.

    1. Yeah I admit. I am a bit hard on him. But the point is that it’s not like this is something new. It’s the same old story man. Shit returns (missing a second serve on a match point!!!! There is NO excuse for that) That’s the one aspect of his game I can’t understand. The lack of returns he puts into play. It just baffles me.

  40. Why Dusseldorf, why not NICE
    Hi Jonathan, I don’t think we need an analysis. Let’s just pretend Fed didn’t show up in Rome πŸ˜‰

  41. Clearly, Rog was not match fit and perhaps was a bit emotionally drained. Disappointing that Roger lost but the up side is that Rog came to Rome and tried. Glad that this is not RG.
    Utch, Dusseldorf might be closer to Basle than NICE ?

  42. You know guys, this comment is maybe a little bit weird and premature, but lets remember, Roger is on his way up, improving, hungry. Lets just wait and see what the others do at his age…. Eventhough I am also disappointed, he is trying….and at RG he will succeed….

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