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Rome Draw 2016: Federer Set To Play at Internazionali BNL d’Italia

Hey guys, the Rome Draw has just taken place and Federer is once again in the mix. After withdrawing before even hitting a ball in Madrid the Swiss said the goal was to play at the Internazionali BNL d'Italia and it looks like his back has sorted itself out in time for him to take to the courts. You can see his projected opponents below in what is a packed top half of the draw:

Projected Opponents

  • Round 1: Bye
  • Round 2: Alexander Zverev / Grigor Dimitrov
  • Round 3: Dominic Thiem
  • Quarter Finals: Kei Nishikori
  • Semi Final: Novak Djokovic / Rafael Nadal
  • Final: Andy Murray

Full .PDF Draw

Thoughts on the Draw

Federer Bellier

Roger's landed in the same half of the draw as both Djokovic and Nadal and his section is loaded with high quality opposition. Roger's first match will either be Alexander Zverev who's on the up or Dimitrov, who after getting defaulted in the final of Istanbul, is seemingly on the down. I can see Dimitrov winning that encounter if he's regrouped after his meltdown but it will be a close one, probably 3 sets.

Who would Fed rather face? Probably no real preference and both guys will be something of a test in his first match for 4 weeks or so. He's only ever faced Zverev in practice though so that's the match I'd like to see.

Into the third round and like Madrid, Dominic Thiem is the seeded opponent. The Austrian looked a little tired in the Spanish capital when he lost to Del Potro and he has to overcome Dolgopolov in his opener who can play well on all surfaces. Sousa is also in with a shout after making the Quarter Finals in Madrid (l. Nadal). I don't really see any of them causing Fed too many problems though here; potentially Sousa if he red lines like Halle.

The Quarters would then be Nishikori who's had some good wins in Madrid this week, beating Fognini who served for the match and then defeating Kyrgios from a set down in the Quarter Finals today. Never an easy opponent as he moves like grease lightning and when he's ‘on' there's few better early ball strikers.

If Federer makes the semi finals then it's hard to see his opponent not being either Djokovic or Nadal. Both guys are in the Madrid Semi Finals tomorrow and both look to be in decent form so I guess whatever happens at the Caja Magica in the next 2 days will play a part in who comes through that one.

Final is then Murray who only really has Berdych in his quarter of the draw who has crumbled this year as soon as he runs into Top 10 opposition. Stan usually plays well in Rome so I'd make him my favourite to make the semi finals from the other Quarter and then it's anyone guess.

Expectations? Zero. After last week I'm just hoping Federer can step onto court for a change and show us all some tennis worth watching 🙂 Let me know what you think of the draw in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. Wow, my 1st win in ages. Watching Djokovic vs Raonic…painful. Anyway, the last paragraph sums it up for me. Just happy to see him on a tennis court holding a racket. Difficult draw.

    Who is Antoine Bellier…new Swiss kid?

    1. ‘ve googled AB a bit. Seems a talented and really very sympathetic SBH’er. Exciting to follow (just now 18 year old 300-something ranked 🙂 )

    2. Yeah he played last Davis Cup tie for the Swiss in a dead rubber I think. Not a bad game but doubtful he can make Top 100, prob not even Top 200 from clips I saw.

  2. At this point any number of matches played is better than nothing for Fed. His season will truly begin on grass.

  3. Agreed on Expectations…. All seems quality opponents on his side…so hope he gets match practice this time…

    I also like to see Zverev rather than Dimitrov on second round.. lets see…Kei definitely tricky opponent…QF would be great result i think…

    On the lighter note, predicting Novak in Semi on Madrid while he playing against Milos :-)…[Not that you going to be wrong any chance]

  4. Wow i said federer was going to win here semis/ quarters is now more realistic i guess. Novak is playing solid tennis in madrid at the moment i guess hes the one to favour in rome also. For french Open Wawrinka is our only hope of dethroning Novak.

    1. Last year though Stan kinda won it out of the blue. Maybe a winner can come left of field again this year. Can’t rule Nadal out either but if he starts dropping sets in the first week I’m not sure he can win the whole thing.

  5. I am quite happy with this draw because the Nadal-Djokovic match is almost certainly happening in Rome. From Fed’s point of view if he plays and that is a big if, he should try to make the semis because nishikori will surely be tired out by the time he faces Roger and beatib Thiem would mean he is ready to at least have a shot at the coming tournaments. If he doesn’t play I might not be too disappointed either because like most sane people are saying his year is won or lost from Stuttgart to the US Open and being fresh there won’t be a bad decision at all.

    1. Yeah I don’t mind his draw either, just a shame that the top half is so loaded, the bottom half is a joke tbh. Murray should walk it.

  6. It’s a tough one to call tbh. I know despite saying we don’t really expect much that we all looked straight at that djokodal quarter. The reality is there’s probably ten players who are in the sort of form to beat Fed, albeit one we haven’t seen much of. Bear also in mind that even at his best, I would find it difficult to back him against either of the monsters here in Rome. For that matter, nishikori is getting close. He’s found some consistency and always seems to pose a challenge to the top guys now, and given fed’s clay court record since 2012, it’s not exactly a match is back him to win.

    I would love to see him get to the quarters though. In fact, I’d damn well expect it after being deprived for so long 😛 his early opponents could all beat him but equally we underestimate how clever fed is on this surface. He may have lost some stamina and firepower, but tactically he’s as good as ever.

  7. All I’m really hoping for from this is a few wins and a good run. I’d hope the level of play is a bit higher than Monte Carlo, if he an look closer to his best and show progression I think it’ll be a positive. After the setbacks, the clay court season should be used just as a stepping stone back to some good match practice at this point – if we get to Halle and he is at least match-hardened I think we can kick on from thhere and start talking about winning tournaments.

  8. Federer can’t get a break. Anything can happen at this point. He is not match-tough and confidence is probably not at the it’s highest. Very tough draw, he could lose in the second round or the final. Hard to make a prediction on this one. Hoping for some good matches and great tennis I have been missing. Looking for to Nadal and Djokovic seating each other up in Madrid.

  9. Ugh, minefield! What a draw. I feel that his final opponent as written (Murray) is the easiest of the bunch! I am not even watching tennis without Fed…Hope we get at least one more GS final…

  10. I am not sure if it’s only me.. Federer seems like have gained weight .. Which is also a vital factor for his back problem.. He looks like 2013 French open, Wimbledon +back problem.. After which he looked like he lost weight that year ..Again might be completely wrong..

    1. I suppose it would be normal to put on some weight if he hadn’t been playing competitive tennis for the best part of 3 months?

      1. Right, he likes good dinners with champagne…and I like him for that too 🙂

    2. I haven’t really noticed. He was in terrible shape for French Open 2013 though, carrying, by his standards, a lot of weight.

      But he’s bound to add a few pounds when not playing day in / day out.

  11. I’ll take it.

    Even a ridiculous half with Rafa and Novak. Hilarious.

    I have figured out conclusively – with his absence – that I love watching tennis now almost exclusively because of Fed.

    His game and personality make it fun.

    Nothing personal, but I am very very very very very tired of seeing the same guys at the end of every single tournament. Particularly these guys.

    Years ago – as a kid – I loved Mac and Connors rivalry, but now I realize I only see that same people over and over again. SO little seems to change and without a character like Roger its become seriously boring and anti climactic to me. We pretty much know who is going to win these matches and its almost always playing to script. Especially now.

    Without him – there isn’t much fun for me in these players – and tennis is def a game where it is the same faces again and again and again and again. I’ve never been a fan of a sport where so many of the same people so often win the same things every year at every contest.

    I hope some new blood starts hitting the tail end of these tourneys soon. Once upon a time it was Del Potro and Tsonga, then it was Berdych and Tomic, then it was Dimitrov and Milos, then it was Kygios and Bornic.

    Now after all that it’s none of them…it’s Nadal and Novak in the front of the car as ususal. With Andy in the child seat every time.

    1. After today, AM seems t have grown up, thrown a hissy fit and pushed Nadal out of the front seat. 😉 Improvements (more speed) on his second serve (not before time!) could be the answer. Not jumping to too many conclusions though; Rome and RG completely different.

    2. I find tennis boring without Fed too. Not as good to watch.

      Thiem looks most likely to break through based on results. Kyrgios can only do it in patches, doubt he sustains a top 5 ranking. Coric? Not done anything yet.

  12. Analysing the draws already…I’ll believe he plays when he steps on court in his first match…

    1. Sue, are you kidding? Probability possible? Consolidating his ranking? And so making Fed have bad seeding for even longer…?
      But of course I guess that even less desirable with Djoko winning..

      1. Ugh, choosing between Murray and Djoko is like choosing between Trump and Cruz. Blech!

      2. And Federer would be Billary? Who would you choose between Trump and Billary?

      3. SidTCT – haha – well Fed will be Fed, unique as he is. That’s sufficient for me. A universal consoling bonus for each of his winners!

    2. Crooked Hillary or Trump?

      Trump every time for me. Anytime I’ve heard him speak most of the stuff he’s saying makes sense.

      It’s fairly obvious with the amount of flack he’s taken from the media, establishment and the progressives that he’d do a pretty good job.

      First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

      1. Noooo Jonathan you run a great blog please dont spoil it by letting us in on your political views ….

      2. I agree with Jonathan. I think some people are more put off by his mannerism than what he actually says. Trump can be a little obnoxious, but I can look past that since he’s the only one who makes sense on important issues like foreign policy.

        But at the end of the day, the only question that really matters is: Who’s funding the campaign? After all, he who pays the piper calls the tune. The fact that Trump is funded mostly by his own wealth rather than banking institutions like Goldman-Sachs gives me a little hope if he were to win.

      3. That quote is by Gandhi, isn’t it, Jonathan?

        So, here’s a lifelong Democrat, yours truly, well at least from the time I could tell the difference between an elephant and an ass. I’ll tell you this; Hillary Clinton is a world class Superbitch. As bad as Trump sounds, he simply says what Democrats think, but don’t say. Do you think the Clinton’s love Blacks or Hispanics? Fuck no! The say it because these two demographics make up about 25% of the vote, a vast majority of them being Democrats.

        As Trump said in an interview, “When I said those things years ago, I didn’t intend to run an election.” There is a bitter truth in those words. These so called Democrats are no better than Trump. I’ve found Democrats to be some of the most rude and racist. Think Boston. Think New York.

        I think Trump will tone down his rhetoric, now that he has the nomination. I doubt it will help because the freeloaders are never going to vote for him, and by that I mean the Blacks, and Hispanics, who want citizenship for their fellow countrymen who crossed the border illegally, while tons of legal immigrants I know in the IT world are waiting for over 14 years for their green cards.

        What has Hillary Clinton done for women? When she had the chance, she was busy with National Security, and setting up private email servers, and getting people killed in Benghazi. and accumulating speaking fees from the who’s who of the financial world. She has done nothing for women. She is simply a feminist who gives feminists (like me), a bad name. She and her party allowed this beast we called illegal immigration to get out of hand, and are now standing in support of it, leaving the burden on taxpayers like me, who by the way are not going to get any social security. She and her party couldn’t do anything to make education in our country better, or to prevent the middle class from dwindling, but used all their power to make gay marriage a reality, because that’s the bigger of the two issues. She and her party got a healthcare reform passed, and average people like me are now having to pay more that what we used to pay earlier. Her husband passed a law in the 90s that allows harsh sentences for petty crimes, which resulted in high incarceration rates among Blacks, and now she is suddenly Martin Luther King.

        Democrats are fucking hypocrites.

        In the end, if Trump can convince that she doesn’t really stand for women, or Hispanics, or Blacks, he will win. A near impossible task, given the better Democrat ground game. It if happens, I will be pleasantly surprised. I’d rather go with an outspoken Trump, than the wife of a President who had extramarital affairs inside the White House.

        I’m even willing to give up one of Roger’s AO slams for a Trump victory. 😉

      4. HooHa – time to get back to tennis, better dispute? “…than the wife of a President who had extramarital affairs inside the White House..” – what kind of argument is that?
        My tennis friend tells that his tennis mates are the most racistic and fascistic persons he ever met. Maybe the tennis brains are different from other people’s…Sid, I enjoy your acid comments always, I rarely agree though, and I’m surprised you call yourself feminist – a really special kind, but as I love diversity, I welcome you to the f-farm…

      5. Muser – agree. Who gives a flying f*** about extra marital affairs? Well, obviously a good few hypocritical American men who naturally wouldn’t dream of it. 😉

      6. @Ian – I don’t really follow US politics a whole lot, just an outsider view 🙂

        @Bjorn – I agree as well, the fact he self funded his campaign so far is impressive.

        @Sid yeah it’s Ghandi.

        I don’t know a lot about Hillary, but based on some of her decisions (out there for all to see) she’s incompetent.

        If you look at how the media and the establishment are all very much anti-Trump then if you’re not on Wall Street or massively wealthy, it’s pretty obvious who you should vote for if you want things to change.

        But having seen how things pan out in the UK, not many people are capable of voting for change. Unfortunately most of the electorate are misinformed and can’t see the wood for the trees. It gets worse when the media know how to manipulate things even further and exploit the knowledge gap and never report on facts.

        I mean look at the EU referendum over here – the whole campaign to stay is based on fear. If the system wasn’t rigged beyond belief then people should be able to see just the facts side by side and make an informed decision. I think some people are waking up to the fact that it’s all very dishonest, but a lot of people base their decisions on what celebrities on Twitter tell them to do 🙁

        There’s a study that shows 90% of decisions are emotional. Voting is no different so I’m pretty sure Hillary will win and then 4 years down the line people will be wondering why they’ve been earning the same wage for the last 20 years whilst the cost of living has risen significantly. Think ‘oh we better do something about it’ Hillary will say we gotta raise wages. They’ll vote for her again. Rinse and repeat 🙂

        As for Trump specifically, I’m yet to see one credible argument as to why he’s dangerous or any of the names he gets called daily. I see “he’s racist” or ‘he’s sexist’ but what is this backed up by? All goes silent when you question more.

        I hope he wins as it will be a big shake up. But I’m not sure it will be allowed to happen.

      7. Those who are criticizing my, ” the wife of a President” comment have entirely missed the point I was trying to make. But that’s alright. You’ll figure it out.

        As for the, ” good few hypocritical American men who naturally wouldn’t dream of it” – because nothing defines your manhood more than cheating on your wife now, does it? To be more precise, we are talking about a President inside the White House. Not Tiger Woods. Not your the husbands of the girls here.

        Trump is 100% correct on immigration. Do they get her lawfully? Do they go through any kind of background process?

        As for the Moslem comment, he did go over the top but what he means is, when you get hit by a particular religion so many times, there must be something wrong with it, an something must be done. Wait till the oil runs out in the middle east, then we’ll see what Democrats say about them.

        But the Democratic hypocrite asses won’t understand. They simply want more planes hitting buildings, hopefully under a Republican President, so they can blame him.

        Oh and by the way, I’m a Democrat. Not any more I guess.

      8. Regarding the EU referendum, it’s all a little pointless. The end result likely won’t change much aside from give the civil service an extra six months of work smoothing it all out. Britain contributes economically to Europe a lot; true, they don’t need us, and untrue, we don’t need them, but the reality is, we will end up cutting deals like all similar situations. People want independence and their own identity, but they don’t want to give up their stability. Just grit the teeth, make a choice. We quit, we end up fixing it all at roughly the same rates in no time. Subsidy for our science just goes to our government instead of abroad (people saying we wouldn’t fund it, come on; we just don’t because others will, so why do it), trade becomes a little erratic for a few weeks before every government involved sees sense and takes our money at a marginally higher rate or fee, and businesses won’t see London as suddenly unpalatable for investment (Jesus it’s got the third biggest financial services turnover). We stay, nothing changes. It’s a vote made purely on principle, and the principle doesn’t even matter,

        Trump is interesting. The fact of the matter is: a lot of people don’t like him because he’s rude, outrageous in his directness, and sounds like a fucking idiot when he talks. He’s spent all his campaign having essentially one policy, unifying his people into an us against them scenario. But for heavens sake, you don’t get where he’s got without being a genius. His supposed idiocy is just probably good speech writing. Give the people someone less PC and less uptight and you give them someone who stands out. I don’t personally care much for trump, mainly because he’s quite obviously an ego maniac, who would likely get more offended if someone insulted his hair than if someone invaded America, (and I prefer my leaders at least caring about their cause and ideally not wanting to be leaders) but he’s more likely to change things, and since everyone harps on about change being necessary, why not?

        It’s difficult for me, for two reasons. Firstly, I don’t understand American politics, but politics are largely a game of lies and manoeuvring in practice. In principle, they’re a game about ideals, and therefore I can’t just defer to whoever knows better than I; ideals can differ. Secondly, I consider myself pretty capitalistic, and certainly very conservative. Yet the American version of left wing is significantly to the right of the British version of right wing. Our political scales don’t match up in general, and it becomes hard to apply our own views to your more extreme contests. We live a different mentality. The American plateau of freedom is something I find tedious and pointless. the constitution, great in its times, is not written by alien geniuses who knew what would happen in 200 years, and yet I see too much attachment to it. End of the day, America is the global superpower and one of our closest allies; I wanna see the results go well. But neither candidate thrills me, neither candidate is substantial enough in their policies for me to judge them on anything other than their character, and that means I can’t be convinced by either.

      9. [The constitution, great in its times, is not written by alien geniuses who knew what would happen in 200 years, and yet I see too much attachment to it]

        And a grand total of 27 amendments in 230 years?

      10. Please, Sid, I don’t mean to bash it. I’m not referring to the changes or even the policy on it. As it happens, it actually all seems reasonable to me still, with a few bits of PC making it more dubious. I don’t mean what it says. I mean the fact that people know what it says and the fact that it seems the only country where people regularly use it as enforcement of their own ideals, as opposed to other places, where constitutions exist but barely anyone actually cares what’s on it.

        In any case, I’ll apologize if what I said seems critical, mate.

      11. @Alison – thanks for sharing that site. I had no idea it existed. It’s obvious this won’t be a level playing field for both sides. I’m fairly sure it will be rigged anyway to stay as there’s too much to at stake for a lot of people who hold a lot of power.

        @John – “Regarding the EU referendum, it’s all a little pointless. The end result likely won’t change much aside.”

        If we were to leave then things would change heavily in terms of open borders, our ability to make our owns laws and employment legislation. So whilst it might be pointless in terms of how it effects you, for a large chunk of the population there’s going to be a lot of change and most of it for the better.

        I like visiting Europe, I work with many Europeans and I’m yet to see any benefits of a political union. And there’s no credible source of information that can really prove there are any…

        “People want independence and their own identity, but they don’t want to give up their stability”

        Weak. Proof the fear tactics work 🙁

      12. Agree with you on the weak point Jon. Definitely a problem.

        Regarding employment legislation, I’m currently contracted in Dublin from a London based company. The thing is, all you say is true. However, aside I think from the border control issues (eg asylum laws as well actually), the more we devolve ourselves, the more we end up surrounded by nations that agree to act differently. Because of this, it isn’t so much that I think we should be scared, but even if we leave, things will tend toward being similar. The things that won’t are the reasons we leave, the items you mention above. Our own laws will also largely be the same as the EU, except in the case of criminal law, which, and this is the bit where you correctly assume things about me, I am not.

        I appreciate we can have different opinions, but please don’t conclude I don’t stand as an affected party just because I think the leaving would still be a futility.

  13. Not the easiest of draws after so long off the court. I really like Zverev (so long as he doesn’t meet and beat Feds of course!), and he’s definitely in with a chance to win against Dimitrov. Again, I’ll be happy to see him step onto the court. I noticed there was a bit of a panic on twitter a little while ago as he was 40 minutes late for practice! 😆 He did turn up eventually (apparently signing autographs), so panic over. Allez Feds! 🙂

  14. Well, lets hope the next is not the last update for the Rome draw. Presently, not sure of what to expect

  15. “The Serb, who previously triumphed in 2011 (d. Nadal), has now swept through 14 straight matches against fellow Top 10 players, notching 30 of 31 sets during that stretch.”


    1. Holy shit that’s impressive… -.- Whom did he lose that set to? Can’t put my finger on it

    2. Actually, that stat seems wrong… He lost two to Simon like Rui pointed out, but lost 1 to Rog at the AO (Wasn’t thinking clearly last night…)

    3. Visibly not thinking straight tonight either… Simon not in top 10, only Roger got a set off him. My bad!

  16. To all Fedfans Mothers that come to Jonathan’s Page, wishing you a

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    1. Thank You, Sue. It is a beautiful day here in northern USA! Am so anxious to see Roger play again, have hardly watched any tennis at all, do follow scores and Jonathan’s blog, so many good comments are made here. Good Luck to Roger on either Tuesday or Wednesday when he plays his first match. Did see him practice in Rom and was so pleased to see the sounding welcome he received from the Italian fans and this was just practice session. Roger is loved all over the world….

      1. Dolores, thanks for nice energy. We need that in our long missing our favorite young man….

  17. I think that its going to be hard and Roger had had an toughe year so far and he needs luck and good play but sadly i think he will go out in the 3rd round. He hasnt played enoughe matches this year and Clay isnt really perfect for his good attackinggame. I hope of curse that he can make it to the semis at least but then I would be more then happy.

  18. Look’s like the Ljuberer partnership is working. Roger is #2 in the world! Rejoice, my fellow Fed fans! 😉

    1. And all done without lifting a racquet. 😉 He could have done with being seeded 2 in Rome and had Murray’s draw. As it is, unless he gets to the final, Murray will almost certainly take it back since he did not play Rome last year.

      1. Muzza didn’t play Rome last year? Why on earth not? He skipped MC to get married, but I didn’t remember him skipping Rome as well. Oh well, that’s definitely goodbye to the No. 2 spot again, then. Andy having 1000 points to potentially win, and Roger having 600 to lose.

      1. I think if nadal gives novak an outstanding quarter challenge then novak may struggle against a refreshed federer. Stan needs to play well this masters

    2. I think it’s a bit unfair that 2 players on the same no. of points don’t share the ranking. I don’t mind formulas to decide which one’s listed above the other, but Roger and Andy should be 2=. In fact, I thought they were until I saw the rankings this morning – saved for posterity, just in case.

      1. So what broke the tie for second place? I mean, what puts Roger above Murray?

      2. Andy got his points by playing 2 more tournaments. Fair enough that the one with the points from less tourns than the other gets the advantage.

      3. That’s really interesting! Never personally noticed that. Don’t know why, just never occurred to me tha same points would happen (and I did a maths degree OMG). Reckon Murray will of course overtake fed in Rome. But i wouldn’t mind too much either way. It’s not that I’m jumping on the semifinal bandwagon and saying Roger has a better chance there, but at Wimbledon he’s gonna have to beat at least one of them, and probably both either way to win the tournament. May as well do it the hard way.

      4. If two players have equal ranking points, then the player who has earned more points from the mandatory tournaments, i.e. Slams, MS1000, and WTF, will be ranked higher. So in this case, Federer earned more points from those tournaments. Hence he’s ranked higher.

  19. Wow, I thought I was among like-minded persons on this site. NOT!
    Who knew there were so many right-wingers that are pro-Fed? I might have to rethink my entire stance on life…
    Taking a break from this site for a while. I get enough vitriol everywhere else.

    1. Hating others for not believing in what you believe in? Typical Democratic hypocrite. Precisely the reason I’m leaving the Democratic party that I campaigned with several times.

      Buh-bye, Emily!

    2. Ah well Emily, many strange creatures around. Sharing love for Roger(‘s tennis) no one can be all bad! – I’m not quite sure Roger is leftie in pol. sense, but he likes – and contributes to – african children going to school, and I never watched him as happy as visiting them…

    3. I hope Federer puts out some pro-Trump tweets later today just for laughs 😆 I’m going to build a wall on the baseline at Roland Garros, and Nadal fans are going to pay for the wall!

      @Muser – unfortunately virtually every high performing sports star runs some form of Foundation or Charity so it’s devalued them quite significantly IMO as many of them are just PR plays and a tax break. Sad but true.

      “I never watched him as happy as visiting them” Maybe that’s is true but the fact you were able to watch it means there was a camera there the whole time. That alone means you have to take it with a pinch of salt 🙂

      @emily – I’m not right or left wing. I’m just common sense.

      1. Here’s one on his sexism There are plenty more, not least his suggestion to make abortion a criminal act – later backtracked on that. Apart from the infamous ‘wall’, there’s plenty more:

        In fact there are so many the internet is awash with them.

        And John, ‘But for heavens sake, you don’t get where he’s got without being a genius. His supposed idiocy is just probably good speech writing.’ You might like to reflect on this: ‘While many question how successful he really is, Trump is certainly not a self-made man. The brash, pugnacious 69-year-old tycoon and reality TV star was the fourth of five children of one of New York’s most successful property developers, multi-millionaire Fred Trump and his Scottish-born wife, Mary.’

        Jonathan – I actually thought you were joking! 🙁 I honestly don’t know how anyone could remotely defend such a loathsome man.

        Sid: I was certainly not defending cheating on your wife, merely people’s general hypocrisy. I felt overall he did a good job in government, and contributed a great deal to the peace process in Ireland. I’d rather judge someone on this, than some sexual weakness. None are perfect, but I’d much rather him than Trump. Should he get in, all I can say is ‘God Help America.’

      2. Slamdunk thank you for expressing so clearly opinions which I share. This man Trump declares he will MAKE USA GREAT AGAIN. This is scary for me on the background of his other views.That’s what he will make great. And go to war for? – Reminding of some European political leaders from 1933-45. Give me some smart and pragmatic leaders for EU and USA, please.
        By the way, is Trump a fed-fan?
        By the way, the way Jonathan leads this blog I would vote for him as sports-PRESIDENT 🙂 REALLY!

      3. Yes, Jonathan, I know about the camera in Africa of course. And taking pinches of salt is good for health and grounding! But it showed (among others) his genuine enjoyment of the kids playing with his hair – and his all-time smiling seemed no effort to produce for him…This said, I don’t believe the political power-play is very interesting to him –

      4. I read articles like that and all they do is make me realise why people are going to vote for him 😀

        That one about sexism is just a poor article. There’s nothing sexist about his comments. This guy was a businessman and in recent years pretty much a celebrity, not a politician. He has a history of saying what he thinks about people – men or women. It doesn’t make him a misogynist or a sexist. Here is a comment about from someone who worked for him for 10 years:

        Did you feel he treated you differently than your male colleagues?
        No, he did not treat me differently. He was tough on everybody. He was either the best or the worst, like he is today. I mean, everything is either the best or the worst, and sometimes he was really good and sometimes he was really bad, but he was tough on everybody. He didn’t treat women any differently from men, not back then. Again, you’re talking 25, 30 years ago.

        Trump is a loudmouth no doubt it, but that doesn’t really impact on his ability to run a country. He’s far more qualified than any career politician. Whether he called some girl a fat pig or said his ex wife had a good rack is a non issue for me. He should be judged on whether he can do what’s right for the country and the people in it.

        I mean you just said to Sid that you judge Clinton on how he handled the Ireland situation not that he was caught banging Lewinsky in the White House and was the first US President to be impeached. But you judge Trump as loathsome by some comments he made about some journalist? 😆

        Lots of our MP’s are seemingly great family men, strong anti-sexism activists, well spoken and good citizens. Yet they touch kids. So I’d rather have someone who calls a spade a spade thanks.

        As for the second one can anyone tell me what is racist about this comment?

        “The U.S. has become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems. … When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

        It’s backed up by facts and figures. Yet people are so tied to their beliefs and ideologies they can’t seem to accept it.

        Now where are those loathsome female commenters who said Fed has a nice ass and that Djokovic was hormonal one time he smashed his racquet? They are sexist and anti Serbian!

      5. Jonathan, if I thought for one minute that this man had anything to offer other than his personal self aggrandisement, or if it was simply a remark about a particular female journalist, then clearly it would have little bearing on the discussion. But it was not. He has made plenty of remarks – on camera for all to hear – on women, that have been patronising, derogatory, and just plain vile. Not least (even though he later retracted), the suggestion that doctors who performed abortions would face a prison sentence, and there would ‘some sort of punishment for women who had abortions:

        And this one on Mexican immigrants:

        And you actually quoted this!! Perhaps you’d like provide me with the ‘facts and figures’.

        How about this: for his opinion on the people who voted for him in Nevada. And if these so called ‘blue collar workers’ think he has anything other than contempt for them, they need to think on this:
        ‘Donald Trump has called for the elimination of the federal minimum wage, as he retreated from primary promises and once again refused to release his tax returns because of “a link” to an audit.’

        In fact, he changes his position and opinions day by day, even within the same sentence!

        And just in case John thinks he’s going to continue to self-finance, think again:

        ‘Donald Trump took steps to appropriate much of the Republican National Committee’s financial and political infrastructure for his presidential campaign on Monday, amid signs that he and the party would lag dangerously behind the Democrats in raising money for the general election.

        Mr. Trump, who by the end of March had spent around $40 million of his fortune on the primaries, has said that he may need as much as $1.5 billion for the fall campaign, but that he will seek to raise it from donors rather than continue to self-finance.’

        No doubt, he’s looking to refill his coffers. 😉

        Judged by every word that spews from his mouth, this man cares for nothing and no one other than himself. He’s an egomaniac and a hypocrite. If I were a *sane* American, I’d be very worried indeed to think that he may become president.

      6. Ah come on you’re just producing cherry picked articles from some of the most dishonest media outlets going with no further fact checking. I’ve just skimmed that Washington Post one about Mexican immigrants and it’s so badly presented it’s untrue. 2011 data, which she says “is incomplete” it’s not a good basis to form an argument.

        That article was in fact so bad it’s been completely debunked without any sort of opinion thrown in, pure numbers:

        You always have to question more and dig a little deeper. I wouldn’t buy into anything written by the mainstream press. It’s rife in all fields I’ve just seen Ben Rothenburg try to do a bit of a stitch up job on Ion Tiriac. So bad.

        Unfortunately I also need to point out the word Illegal in the term illegal immigration :(. So sad you can get called a racist for bringing up a few facts that aren’t quite deemed politically correct.

        People read stuff like that Washington Post stuff and assume it true. This is why nothing ever changes and for the most part peoples quality of life is going way down. Dishonest media, inability to think for themselves, big knowledge gap all adds up to bad news and governments getting away with the same old stuff day in and day out.

        I’ve also just watched the video about abortion and I think he got done up a bit there by that interviewer. The guy was trying to trip him up every 2 seconds throwing out hypothetical stuff and butting in. Not a good interview IMO. Was a trap and he walked right into it. Who knows his real views on it. He should have refused to answer it tbh as it’s way down on problems we are facing right now. Guess it’s like in the UK, they tried to make gay marriage a burning election topic when it effects such a small minority. You can sort things like that out with experts and people who know the problems first hand from the coal face.

        As for the self funding part it’s kinda obvious he’s not going to cough up for the entire election campaign. Because the guys not an idiot. The fact he spent $40 million so far is impressive. I just read Jeb Bush spent 58.8 million dollars, 20 of which on negative ads on Trump lol, it’s hilarious and he dropped out of the race months ago. It shows how unresourceful these guys are. Whereas underspending all your competition and outperforming them is a glowing testimonial. Yet the press are trying to put a negative spin on it 😕

        I must look like I’ve got a Make America Great hat on 😆 but like I said I’m just common sense and pro facts. And I can spot instantly that a lot of the media stuff on this guy is a pure stitch up job and whenever stuff like that is happening it’s when certain people, who don’t have the man on the streets best interests at heart, have something to lose.

      7. ‘I think he got done up there a bit by the interview’. Really? Well they were his words, not the interviewer’s. And who’s Randell Hoven? Some retired guy who’s probably pro guns etc., voted for Trump, and has his own axe to grind. OK, he provided some statistics but his analysis of them is, at the very least, dubious. How is his analysis and opinion any more valid than the Washington Post? The Guardian article quoted his words. What he said about those voters in Nevada are *his words*. I’m sure if I could be bothered to keep looking there would be plenty more. Even his own republican party are seeing his nomination as a disaster.

        Common sense? *Your* sense, but not necessarily *common* perhaps. We’re all entitled to our opinions and frankly you have done nothing to persuade me that this man is fit to be president. I don’t like, and rarely agree with Cameron, but even he has described his comments as ‘divisive, stupid and wrong’. Your implied suggestion that Trump cares one jot for the best interests of ‘the man on the street’ bearing in mind his comments on camera is derisory.

      8. “Guess it’s like in the UK, they tried to make gay marriage a burning election topic when it effects such a small minority.”

        Actually, no. Nobody so much as mentioned it in any of the manifestos, or most of the run-up to the election – that’s why so many people complained about the Coalition not having a mandate.

        Anyway, back off the politics. I’m getting really worried about Fed.

      9. Some are longing for change. Remember, could be for the better or much much worse. The means for both are there – in abundance. World war III.
        “Make America Great” – well – not “make equal rights”, not “make school murdering disappear”, not “make pollution diminish”, not further wisdom about how to “diminish hate and fanatic violence and terror” (except maybe killing – which will escalate all hate, (and setting a horrifying example), for example from all those having families and friends being innocently murdered in wars, starting with this in Iraq…)
        Terror has to be fought – violence generates more violence. To set an example of equal rights, more individual freedom of existential choices (not just economical, which in the great scale might LIMIT other people’s happiness, creating abusing jobs, pollution, poverty, other stupidity for the common wealth) – respect for life and non-violent opinions – THAT might be the WEAPON and it’s high time.

      10. “And who’s Randell Hoven? Some retired guy who’s probably pro guns etc., voted for Trump, and has his own axe to grind. OK, he provided some statistics but his analysis of them is, at the very least, dubious”

        Does the fact he might be retired and pro gun effect his ability to interpret data? 😆 I have no idea if he is any of those things, have you looked him up? I didn’t even look at who wrote it or his background, I just looked at his numbers, checked the sources at the GOA and FBI on the data provided and he’s right.

        Can you show me what part of his analysis is analysis of them is, “at the very least, dubious” Specifically which part?

        I mean look at this from the Washington Post: “Data on immigrants and crime are incomplete, but a range of studies show there is no evidence immigrants commit more crimes than native-born Americans.” That’s so bad, it shouldn’t even be published.

        I’m not trying to convince you Trump should be president or he’s a stand up guy. All I am saying is that whenever the media are pulling these kind of stunts it’s a sure fire sign that the establishment don’t want someone like Trump to get in. And as a result that can only mean he’s going to be good for the man on the street.

        There’s only one type of common sense and whether you like Trump or not, he’s got it. To prevent the flow of drugs and crime, you have to put up a barrier. His solution is a wall. Can anyone tell me a better one?

        @Alison – Labour, Cons and Libs all had LGBT stuff in their manifestos. What I was trying to say is that in many of the interviews I watched with Farage, Clegg etc, many of the interviewers chose a line of questioning on topics that effect such small minorities such as gay marriage. It’s all classic stitch up stuff to get a poorly worded answer.

        @muser – those are nice ideas but if you live in the real world then they’re not going to get anything done. The problems are there (many caused by ourselves) but they need sorting, otherwise things will get worse. Not better.

      11. I think that data from several more reputable sources than either of our examples would probably be better. But there is nothing to suggest that this random old geezer is not manipulating the figures (so easily done) to suit his own agenda.

        The examples I gave of Trump’s comments were HIS WORDS, not the construct of the media which is not new of course – Clinton has had her share of mud-flinging – that’s politics after all. So even if your suggestion (completely unsubstantiated) that he is not liked by the establishment is true, how does that equate to him being good for ‘the man on the street’. That’s just ridiculous, and not backed up by the fact that he has already reneged on his primary promises and intends to eliminate federal minimum wage: how does this help the man in the street?

        Clearly we are never going to agree Jonathan. I just hope that not enough Americans think like you! 😆

        Muser: A wonderful dream, but sadly the NRA have too much money and power and ensured that Obama’s attempt pass at least some restrictions on gun ownership failed. By October last year there were 1056 mass shootings in 1066 days. Sadly, it’s unlikely that this will figure on Trump’s agenda.

      12. Jonathan: “All I am saying is that whenever the media are pulling these kind of stunts it’s a sure fire sign that the establishment don’t want someone like Trump to get in. And as a result that can only mean he’s going to be good for the man on the street.” This doesn’t prove anything to me. They might not want him for other reasons than being good for the man on the street. What has he said in this direction? He wants to put up a wall?
        He seems very very old-fashioned to me in respect for individual “street-persons’ ” possibilities. Maybe that’s the wall, actually. Gay marriage may be only for a (big) minority, but still it says something about your liking equal rights or not. To me the main problems are climate change, pollution, violence, war, terrorism. To build a wall is not enough. A man with his opinions about human’s rights won’t be able to make any steps forward, I’m afraid.

      13. “But there is nothing to suggest that this random old geezer is not manipulating the figures (so easily done) to suit his own agenda.”

        Nice bit of agism SlamTrump. He’s quoted publicly available figures and given exact percentages. I don’t think he can be any clearer on it.

        It doesn’t take a genius to work out that drugs and crime are coming over the border – how do you propose that problem is solved? 90% of heroin in the US comes through the Southern Border.

        In an ideal world you’d do a Muser and put a nice row of Tulips on the border so traffickers hearts would melt and they would have a change of heart about it. But seen as though that’s never going to work a wall seems reasonable?

        Minimum wage – I’ve not seen him speak about it. But the way the minimum wage works is flawed as it basically becomes the maximum wage. When you start to jack it up you also become uncompetitive so it’s not good for anyone. The real issue is not minimum wages anyway, it’s the availability of decent jobs. From what I’ve seen that’s one his main policies – to bring jobs back. If he does that – everyone will be better off. We suffer the exact same problem in the UK.

      14. Jonathan: “The real issue is not minimum wages anyway, it’s the availability of decent jobs. From what I’ve seen that’s one his main policies – to bring jobs back. If he does that – everyone will be better off. We suffer the exact same problem in the UK.”
        Right – so what is decent job? And maybe a decent pay too? Hitler did that in start of Nazi Germany, but for sure that’s not enough to make world better.
        “Tulips at the border”? What a nice idea, Jonathan – yours, not mine! Of course that’s not enough either.
        By the way, Roger won – and played well IMO, so I’m impatiently waiting for your message, opinions, and more about that!
        And we don’t know if he’ll continue this tournament. Does he know himself? But how wonderful to have him on court at least today!

    4. To be fair, we discuss all manner of things on this site. Because some people have different political views as you as no reason to leave. To refer to it as vitriol, when in fact all I’ve read is debate, is also unfair. And, as it is, how does politics affect support for fed? What, you have to be massively socialist to like watching him play? Is it a surprise that everyone dies regardless of ideals?

      1. We are waiting for Rome to start, may as well go off topic for a bit until Fed hits a ball.

        Many people are pro freedom of speech, but only when they agree with it 😆

      2. “Many people are pro freedom of speech, but only when they agree with it ?”


        I’ve seen this very much arise on both sides of the isle in the States. Scary times over here.

  20. Who is the only player in the history of tennis to have more Masters 1000 titles than his age?

    Djokovic: 29 titles.

    At this rate, he will have more titles than his fathers age.

  21. Cought a bit of live stream of Fed’s practice yesterday. He seemed a bit stiff and was mostly taking it easy. Even while serving he wasn’t bending his knees freely. The good news, however, is that he practiced for 3 days in a row, and scheduled to practice on Tuesday too, making it 4 in a row. But I’m not sure if I want him to play when he’s not 100% and risk further damage to his back.

    1. I just missed it so not seen much of him. Was it a practice set or just hitting? He usually takes hits way easy, will foot fault on most serves etc and just roll them in…

      1. He was just hitting with Ivan on all 3 days. Maybe he’s not fit enough to play a full practice set?

      2. If he’s not fit enough to play a practice set then I don’t think he should play a proper 3 set match 😆

        Watching a bit now. At far end to hard to see.

  22. Is Roger still there or is he gonna call it off 🙁
    I really need some Roger sugar in my life right now.

  23. I’ve just seen the footage of match point. Roger’s expression afterwards looks mighty similar to how it was after that dreaded WTF match against Wawrinka. I hope that’s not a bad sign.

  24. After the match, Federer said in his presser that he wasnt sure that he would win today. Also that he might not play tomorrow and would take it on a practice session to practice session basis. He’s being cautious in his come back. Guess it makes sense for him to withdraw now against Thiem and not jeopardize his RG chances.

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