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Roger’s Cup Draw 2014

Hey guys, feels like a lifetime since my last blog post but I'm back for the hard court swing which starts next week in Toronto. Since Wimbledon there hasn't been much to blog about and I've been working on a few different things ahead of the US Open and indoor swing. Like they say: No Roger = No Tennis so there hasn't been a whole lot going on other than some smaller events in Europe and in North America.

Onto this post and first up is the draw for the Roger's Cup. It's Fed's first tournament back since Wimbledon and as far as I'm aware he's been back in Switzerland relaxing, giving Gwen Stefani a guided tour round Zurich and hopefully putting the hours in on the practice court.

The big news pre tournament is that defending champion Nadal has withdrawn with a right wrist problem. This guys injuries are like clockwork and it seems unlikely he will defend a hard court title again this year as the USO his is only shot. I am now hearing he is using some blood spinning technique to quicken the healing process, legal but highly controversial. If you do some Googling on Premiership Footballer's flying out to Spain and America for these treatments your suspicion radar will be going into overdrive. But back to tennis ๐Ÿ˜‰

Roger's Cup Draw 2014

This is Roger's first appearance in this event since 2011 and it's never been one of my favourite tournaments to watch. Fed is a 2 time champion but I wouldn't say it's one of his best hard court tournaments; he lost to Tsonga last time out here and Murray the year before that in the final. The good news is that it's 2 years since I really paid much attention to this event other than last year's Semi Final and Final so I might be in for a pleasant surprise.

Federer's Projected Opponents

  • 1st Round: Bye
  • 2nd Round: Peter Polansky / Jerzy Janowicz
  • 3rd Round: Marin Cilic
  • Quarter Final: David Ferrer
  • Semi Final: Tomas Berdych / Milos Raonic
  • Final: Novak Djokovic

Full .PDF Printable Draw.

First up for Fed could be a very tricky opponent in Jerzy Janowicz, he's had a poor year but with a serve like his then he's definitely a danger. He played both Bastad and Hamburg after Wimbledon but only won one match in both those events and he's 13-17 for the year. Not sure he can cause the upset if I'm honest but Fed will probably be a little match rusty after no competitive play in 4 weeks.

Third round could be against another big server in the shape of Marin Cilic, he looked good at Wimbledon with Ivanisevic as his coach but he's mentally poor and just lost to Robredo in Umag on the dirt. Definitely has the potential to give Fed trouble but lots of question marks over his ability to close out matches. I think he'd have to win in straights to come through.

Quarters is seeded to be Ferrer who's form has been patchy at best this year, a poor Wimbledon and then he lost to Leonardo Mayer in the final at Hamburg. Ferrer would usually be able to vulture a title where none of the big names are playing with ease but he was unable to stop Mayer who won his first title. Fed owns this guy on all surfaces so it should be routine on a hard court, especially if he's not playing at his best level.

The semi final is seeded to be either Canadian Milos Raonic, who lost in last years final to Nadal or Berdych. Fed schooled Raonic at Wimbledon but he's likely to be a tougher proposition on hard courts, especially with the crowd behind him. Berdych is up and down this year so I have no idea what to expect from him, he can be lethal on a hard court but he's lost quite a few matches to lower ranked opposition this year.

Then based on seedings we could get a repeat of the Wimbledon final against Djokovic. He has a pretty tough half though with Gasquet, Murray, Wawrinka, Nishikori, Tsonga and Dimitrov all in the mix. And of course Fed has to get there too, his last outing in Canada wasn't the greatest but if he continues his Wimbledon form I think he has a decent shot at making the final.

Tough to really make any predictions as none of the top guys have been in action a whole lot since the grass. Raonic is currently playing Washington DC so he's had an outing on the hardcourts, as has Berdych but he lost to Pospisil in straights. But Fed, Djok, Murray, Wawrinka haven't played. And those that have like Ferrer have been on the European clay.

Federer's New ProStaff RF Autograph 97

Federer ProStaff 97

It's been a long time coming but Federer's new racquet is finally available to buy off the shelf. We all thought he was using a 98″ model when he first made the switch but this obviously wasn't the case and you can check out some of the specs below:

ProStaff 97 Specs

Personally I'm not a big fan of the paint job on this one and I much preferred the whole matt black look. The red just doesn't look quite right in my opinion and I wish they had just kept it one colour. When I see this shade of red and black used together I instantly think cheap product. It almost looks like a fake Wilson you can buy on eBay from China.

Interestingly whilst writing this I just received an email from Wilson's PR team about the racquet, and the design was done by a Tennis Fan / Graphic Designer whom Wilson discovered on a forum and then hired for a year. If you're reading this Wilson, next time run the design via the peRFect Tennis Quality Control Panel and Feedback Group, you'll be better for it ๐Ÿ™‚

Interested to hear what you guys think of this paint job in the comments.

Tennis T-Shirts from Color13

Federer T-Shirts

Finally, earlier this week I was lucky enough to receive some T-Shirts from Laurent, the owner of There's a big choice of t-shirts with an entire range dedicated to Federer. You can see some of the designs in the image above but I would recommend heading over to his site and checking some of them out. There's a ton of colour and sizing options available.

Color 13 Shirts

Quality wise they are very well made, wash well and are perfect for the practice courts. Cool packaging too and I've never seen a T-Shirt packaged like that before. Check them out at

Anyway Live chat is of course back for the US Open series and will be open for Federer's second round match against Janowicz or Polansky which will most likely be on Tuesday or Wednesday.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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      1. So does Roger ๐Ÿ™‚ I liked the racquet paint job, I mean, if you take a look around you won’t find many better ones, it’s not the best Federer had, but it’s a nice call IMO.
        Prediction: Federer out in semis (loses to Milos).

  1. Hi Jonathan from sunny Spain where I am honing my dirt skills and reading the latest about homeboy Nadull and his latest ‘injury’!
    So psyched for Feds return and like you, finding it hard to read the draw form with so many of them not playing lately!
    Very possible that Novak might have a post honeymoon blip and I do think Raonic is the danger man on hard and at home! However he may be a tad weary coming in.
    Taking Fed to reach SF at least and looking forward to some Fed tennis at last !

      1. Pretty low key actually given the whole country is on holiday! More about football transfers than anything else!

    1. Why are you playing on clay? If anything it should still be grass court season and if not hard courts. Traitor ๐Ÿ˜€

      Emperor Rao has a shot, but looks like he will be playing today and tomorrow in Washington DC so could be tired.

      1. Padel haha good one Jon ๐Ÿ™‚

        Susie playing on the dirt is not all bad do you think?

  2. As draws go I think this is very reasonable, nice to have him bumped up to #2 see by Nadal’s withdrawal. I’m getting more & more unhappy about the whole Rafa situation; I’ve tried really hard to give him the benefit of the doubt but I’m starting to feel crushed under the weight of repeated circumstance. This isn’t the first time for this blood-spinning thing for him, is it? It’s ringing some distant dusty bells….

    As you say, for most of those we might expect to see in the later stages, it’s going to depend a lot on whether they’ve been able to shake off the cobwebs. How will Djokovic’s marriage affect him if at all? We know for Fed he had a lot of confidence the year he got married. Didn’t he make all 4 Slam finals in 2009? Won 2, lost 2. I was glad to see Roger practicing with Kyrgios… today? Janowicz has been having an appalling year, but what if this is where he starts to turn around? Milos really seems to be playing himself into some hot form in DC, and this is his home tournament, and he was upset with himself for not doing better in his match with Roger at Wimbledon – could all be factors.

    When I first saw the new racquet’s paint job, I thought, ew, too much red – but it’s growing on me already, so I expect a lot of it is just getting used to the change. I do wonder if it will clash with non-red outfits though. Guess we’ll find out about that pretty quickly.

    So glad to have Roger back on court!

    1. Oh yes – just noticed earlier today that the outside of the racquet rim is still black – nice touch, I think.

    2. Thinker, those bells aren’t that distant … AO 14, that blister on his hand? You know, the run where he played not at all well against everyone but Roger (just after he’d had the process, I think)? Amazing what a placebo effect some things can have, isn’t it?

  3. I went to watch the Van Open yesterday….challenger event. Saw Baghdatis, Bogomolov, Kokkonakus play. Pospisil won last year. Beautiful setting there. One hundred points for the winner.
    I really like Pospisil, great forehand, so satisfying to see him blow Berdych off the court. One of the nicest guys on tour.
    I prefer the all black racket as well. Looks more lethal.
    Looks like a good draw for Roger but as usual who knows after the break. Raonic playing well in DC. That would be the biggest test especially after Wimbly.
    I guess I better start deleting some matches off of my pvr. No room for the us open series!

    1. James Ward is in the mix there too as he took out Kokkinakis.

      Do you ever watched old matches? I don’t think I have ever watched an entire re-run of a Fed match just YouTube highlights where it’s GOATness after GOATNess.

      1. Now that’s a great question! I hv re watched his 2012 Wimby final a lot! One of the best to watch all the way thru! And the semi v Novak!
        2008 I watched sets 3 and 4, can’t bear to watch set 5!
        French 2011, SF hv watched as much as poss but so hard to find!
        2009 French final the same! French protectionism!
        AO 2010 v Muzza also great all the way thru!
        Cld go on for ever!!love this question!

      2. Yes, Jonathan, I do watch the whole match sometimes. It’s like a good movie to me….call me weird.

      3. Haha, in that case I’m wired too, Sue. I prefer watching Fed’s whole matches to any mediocre movies. Thing of beauty with full of drama. Wimby 2012 final is one of the best but I enjoy Wimby against Sampras. WTFs are also fun to watch, especially agaainst Nadal both 2010 and 2011. When I feel down, I watch USO 2011 against Monaco, it’s JesusFed in full ๐Ÿ˜€

      4. ๐Ÿ˜€ Yes, me too! I’ve watched Roger’s RG 2009 run and Wimbledon 2012 run from beginning to end several times – just love them!! Also several of the WTF matches. I like to record his wins onto DVD if I can – there are times when I much prefer to watch Roger than any film! ๐Ÿ™‚

      5. I just go with extended highlights rather than full match. USO vs Monaco is an epic highlight reel, such a clean match and utter desctruction.

  4. Does indeed feel like a lifetime since Roger or tennis in general has been given a thought. But good to have it back and I for one am really looking forward to what happens in the US over the next month and a half. Had no idea about Dull withdrawing, when did this wrist injury happen, was it just strained in practice or is he just saving himself to try and defend New York?

    Not sure what to expect from this tournament. I always find Rogers Cup really dull because a multitude of players either don’t play or are too rusty to display any type of quality tennis. That and also because I always find myself looking forward to Cincy way more. Roger has a pretty decent draw but as many people have echoed, it won’t really matter because he has to find his form again after not playing competitively since Wimby. Hope he can still ride off the momentum he gained in the grass court season and tune his game the more he plays. Happy US hard court season everyone, let’s hope it’s one to remember!

    1. Yeah, most M1000 are tournaments in their own right, but the way Roger’s Cup falls means it is like a tune up event.

      I dunno much about either Montreal or Toronto as a venue, gonna try watch quite a bit this week and see. Although time difference is annoying.

      1. Ha Jonathan. Finally a few tournaments where the time zone isn’t such a factor for me. I don’t feel sorry for you in the least!

      2. Yeah? The time difference is annoying? Tell that to those of us living in India!! We have literally NOTHING in our time zone .. Haha. The only same timings fall in the European Swing. And thanks to clay, it’s the least entertaining part of the season!!

      3. You have the Chennai Open in January so stop complaining ๐Ÿ˜€

        Day matches are fine in North America just night matches are a killer.

  5. Agreed, black is definitely a better color. I am just happy to see him back on court after 4 weeks of hiatus. Roger has quite a tricky draw coupled by match rust. Hope he can get a few good match under his belt for USO14

  6. Hi Jonathan, welcome back! Huhโ€ฆwonder what’s you’ve been up to all those Fedless time? Anything we can also involve and enjoy? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Sure a good draw for Fed on paper, though no idea how recharged top guys will play including him. It seems some joyful air around him and spreading some fun vibes to the tennis world. I’m just happy and looking forward to seeing him, hopefully live online.

    I’m in Spain too and read about Nadal on El Paรญs, used Electroestimulaciรณn to speed up healing, practicing normal and aiming for USO. I’m no longer surprised by him anything anymore and I don’t care. My landlady here is one of the loveliest people I’ve ever met and says Nadal is their country’s hero…how could I disagree?

    Yeah, some really great T-shirts there, particularly love the subtle design of the Revolution-Roger!

    As for the new PSRF97, DISAPPOINTED. Too much Ferrari red, way too shinning for me. The mat black was unique, a lot cooler and goes with any outfits. Well, not that I would buy it for myself if it’s black anywayโ€ฆ

    1. Not really haha. Well at least not yet anyway.

      I heard from quite a few Mainland Spanish folks that Nadal isn’t that well liked over there? I dunno if that is true though but I know a few that support Ferrer / Robredo more.

      Agreed on the Red, too bright a shade. Looks tacky.

      1. Jonathan there is no question about Nadal being loved in the world, much less in Spain. Ferrer is very admired as well but Nadal is in a complete other level.

  7. Hello all, does seem like ages since we saw Roger play. Looks like a good draw – on paper at least. I’m guessing he’ll want to do well to debut the new racquet. I prefer the all-black version too but I’ll get used to the red I guess. Just looking forward to kick off!

  8. Well, I’m one of those who always liked the non-paint-job, actually: thought it looked classy in black and white. Not sure about this one, but I may get used to it. Personally, I think I might have reversed the red and the black around the head: I’m wondering if it’s going to be a bit visually distracting?

    Anyway, I hope Roger does well here: apart from anything else, it won’t look too good if he doesn’t win much with his debutant racquet, will it?! On the face of it, he probably has the easier draw, and Djokovic the tougher one, but the post-Wimbledon break could well call quite a few things into question. Anyway, he hasn’t got any points to defend here, so that’s good.

    1. Who for? TV viewers or the opponent? Might look a bit garish but it’s hard to really see any details on a racquet from afar.

      Won’t make a difference for Fed I don’t think, if he was looking at his racquet when playing shots then I don’t think he’d be a very good player ๐Ÿ˜†

      1. Why did fans think Roger’s new racket was going to have a all black pj? Do fans think wearing all black clothing and using an all black racket makes the player look “lethal”. What makes a player lethal is winning.

    1. But based on the whole marketing behind it so far then Fed’s actual racquet will be a 97″ too. Perhaps that was one of the tweaks he wanted when he stopped playing with it after Gstaad.

  9. Definitely disappointed with the paint job. I was looking forward to buying the new RF 97 racket, would have preferred the all black look to this monstrosity. You would think with all the hype around the new racket Wilson would have got this right.

    1. Raonic Cld be the danger man in Toronto! Unless weary!
      Read the Fed intro to the Laver book. So good, so genuine!

      1. Raonic is only dangerous for a player who can’t return, rally or hold their own serve.

      2. Well he made the final here last year. I think you are underestimating him. He’s not a great mover but is decent off the ground.

        Isner has beaten Djokovic plenty times on hard courts.

  10. “This reminds me of Djoker when he comes up with a good shot vs Fed but the crowd are still chanting “Roger!”
    “Are you not entertained”?? ๐Ÿ™‚ Good one, Jon. Don’t you have a vid where someone is asking “Why don’t you love me? What do I have to do to make you love me” ๐Ÿ™‚

    I hope Roger or Andy wins Toronto. Anyone else but Novak. I lost all respect for him. Roger and Andy seem to be the only top “honest players”… my opinion ofcourse…. Hope you take the trophy home Roger. Counting on you ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Why have you lost respect for Djokovic, Katyani? Karen, if a player can’t return, rally or hold their own serve, they aren’t winning many matches!

      1. LOL! My point is Raonic can get away with just out serving his opponents and win matches but the very top players will able to neutralize his serve and make him look lumbering. Raonic is not a consistent threat on return. His ground game and movement can be exposed. Djokovic is annoying with his constant need for admiration.

      2. Hey Sue, Novak deserved many parts of the victory. He played great, most of the times he played better than Roger. He would have won anyway. But…. that last MTO was totally uncalled for. I don’t like these kind of gamesmenships. Use the MTO if you are in so much pain that you cannot play anymore. But don’t use it to get a massage and uprupt someone’s momentum. Roger should know by now that others may use a MTO against him, so he should not have let it bother him, but that is easy said than done.
        I am sorry, Nole was one of the players I liked a lot, but with this action I lost respect for him. But again, that is my personal opinion.

      3. Bad excuse Katyani. Novak asked for a MTO because he was allowed to do it. It didn’t change anything, he should have won in the 4th, he played poorly and was shaking.

      4. I didn’t give an excuse Pablo. Novak would have won anyway. Roger was in the 5th set kind of struggling to keep his games. So why did Novak need a mto? It might be allowed, but why use it to take a breath? My collegue is totally a Tour the France freak. He watches the whole thing. He says himself, if cyclists fall down, they don’t stop the Tour, the others ride along. So why take an unnessacary mto? I thought after the 4th set that Roger would win. But Novak just upped a gear. So…. stick to that !!! Don’t use “Rafa tactics”.
        Anyway, I just hope Roger wins…. It’s been a long time since he played… seems like that ๐Ÿ™‚

      5. If you wanna complain to someone, complain to those who make the rules if you dont like them. There is no point comparing cyclism with tennis, it doesn’t make sense, according to you tennis shouldn’t have any break, should it? because cyclists dont stop. Let’s be serious.

      6. Hi Pablo, you may have read some of my comments before, so you may know that I often defend you, and never am rude to you. Because of this, I hope you take note of what I say. I think that in this case, to be fair, Katyani has a point.

        Rules have always been made to be strict. If someone steps over it, they’re punished. If not, it’s fine. But while I acknowledge Novak didn’t break a rule in this case, he did “abuse” it against the spirit of what it was really meant for. It may be legally fine, but I think it fair to show some outrage if the abuse of rule is against the spirit of the game, as was the case here (as is all gamesmanship, really). It is the responsibility of those who make the rules that they make them well, true, but also I think with sportsmen, respected athletes, who are role models, they have some responsibility themselves to follow the idea behind a rule rather than the rule itself.

        The comparison with cycling is, as you say, not pertinent. Different games, different sport (one races for time, the other is based on a H2H battle).

        I should also add, I suppose, in the interest of balance, that I too don’t think the MTO made a difference and that some people on here make a lot more of it than they should. It violates spirit, but there would be no such uproar had Roger won, in which case, the result DOES influence its effect. Which means that if the result did not change BECAUSE of the MTO, then also it’s fair for there to be less made of it.

      7. “but also I think with sportsmen, respected athletes, who are role models, they have some responsibility themselves to follow the idea behind a rule rather than the rule itself.”

        Hear hear.

        Not sure whether I shall still be awake at midnight for this match, so I guess Roger may have to get through without me.

  11. I was out of the room (busy cleaning the bathroom!) when the MTO took place, so was listening to it on the radio at that point, and the commentators didn’t seem impressed with Djokovic for taking it. I’d have to go and get the video and rewatch, but I have a feeling that it *may* have changed something, only maybe not what Pablo thinks. It’s too late to do it tonight, though.

    1. A strategic timeout in that moment, when you’ve just choked away a chance of winning, is crucial. Contrary to what some of the tennis illiterates think, it makes a huge difference, particularly in games with such thin margins. Every bit of physical and mental energy matters. Some may argue that Roger still held the next game easily. Duh! As if Roger had to be broken for that timeout to be effective.

      1. Hey Alison, Sid and Sue, in time I will get over this Wimby loss. Just not right now. Still hurts too much. Especially since Roger deserved to win ๐Ÿ™‚ Did you know that the mto took 8 minutes and 3 seconds? What if they played along and Roger broke Novak in that time?? It could happen. But Novak took that away from Roger by misusing it. And the worse part is, he really did not even need to do it… he would have won anyway (unfortunately). BUT…. Roger should be honoured…. some guys a generation younger don’t have what it takes to beat him, so they opt for gamesmenships ๐Ÿ™‚
        Hope Roger beats Novak in Toronto and Cincy….

  12. The London Times reports that of the 11 fastest 100m times run this season only two were from athletes who have not served a doping ban. By the same rationale 8 of the top ten players in tennis will have doped. (Tennis has a much weaker drug testing regime than track.) In the meantime we are debating the colour of Roger’s racquet. Let’s find some sand and put our heads in it, shall we?

    1. I’m not sure you can produce such a precise correlation between 100 m sprinters (who are pretty notorious for doping, after all) and tennis players, Richard. Sprinters as a whole, perhaps? (but then, how many 400 m sprinters have been found to be doping? Not many, that I can remember).

      Oh, but do remind me who the other 100-m guy is who hasn’t served a doping ban? It’s annoying me that I can’t remember. Bolt, obviously, is one of the two. I’m assuming there are no Brits among the 11 fastest this year (or if there are, that it’s only Dwain Chambers).

      1. While I agree that you can’t make a direct correlation, the fact that doping is virtually non-existent in tennis, gives Richard’s assertion enough credibility. Players also get away by giving strange reasons like, “I thought it was a cough medicine and wasn’t aware of the traces of banned substances in it”. You see, nobody dopes intentionally.

        If a tennis player has strong reasons to believe that he will not be caught, why would he not dope to win a title and millions of dollars?

        Hey, if I didn’t risk getting pulled over, I would do 160 mph every day on the freeway ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. Alison, I am not seeking to make a precise correlation but a more general point. All pro sports are likely to be rife with doping. I agree with Paul Kimmage (who went after Armstrong) that tennis is likely to be be amongst the worst for doping because of the determination by the authorities not to try to clean the game up. And the fans don’t want to know. Sid is on to it. I find it impossible to watch the game now without profound scepticism about what I am seeing. Some players are so blatant it’s sickening. I have loved Roger’s game (except when he folds) but I couldn’t be sure if he hasn’t at some time sipped from the poisoned chalice.

      3. P.S. Only Usain Bolt matters. The other guy (I don’t know who he is) no one cares about. But if Bolt is busted track is dead. You ask about 400m runners – well one of the favorites in the women’s event at Glasgow (Amantle Montsho) just got busted. The current men’s world champion LaShawn Merritt came back after serving a doping ban. It’s everywhere.

      4. “Hey, if I didnโ€™t risk getting pulled over, I would do 160 mph every day on the freeway :-)”
        If the only reason you don’t drive 160mph is because you would get pulled over just says how unconscious you are. Don’t try to generalize and make assumptions for tennis, not everybody is like you.

      5. โ€œI thought it was a cough medicine and wasnโ€™t aware of the traces of banned substances in itโ€.

        Maybe you should try Googling Alain Baxter, Sid. It *can* happen by accident, as well as by design, especially if you’re not aware – as many weren’t back then – that different pharmaceutical approval bodies in different countries approve different formulations for OTC medication.

      6. You’re missing the point, Alison. It can happen by accident. However, reasons like those have been used consistently, and unabashedly. You end up blaming the one who administered the drug to you, making him the fall guy, while you get a slap on the wrist amounting to a silent ban.

      7. I take cough medicines. I can now leap over tall buildings in a single bound. It’s amazing what those medicines contain nowadays.

    1. He’s apparently the guy who fell out the window in Mexico City back in 2006, so several of the last 8 years were spent recovering. Speaks well of him that he was able to get back in Masters 1000 form, but doesn’t sound like he should trouble Roger.

  13. I’ve seen Polanski play a few times. He beat Janowicz by just waiting for the errors. Smart tactic really. Nothing too special about his game. Fed has used him as a hitting partner when he comes to Canada. So they know each others game a bit.

  14. Hi everybody,

    Long time , but I m always around!
    I have seen a lot of Polanski and I like him a lot.
    Chinatown, the Pianist and Rosemary s baby. This last one should be my fav.

    Tennis wise though I think Fed ll have no problems.
    Nothing to add about the racket. I donโ€™t like it either. I just got me a betterer t-shirt
    and its really cool !

    I watched a little bit of Cilic vs Istomin yesterday. Not very good tennis. Chardy against Del Bonis was better I think.

    What is that other blog that was compared to this one as one of the best Fed blogs in a link someone sent? Thatโ€™s a joke of a blog . It hardly has any comments in it.
    Of course now I know were I ll go when I want to be a champion first commenter ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. You should google Peter Polanski. He had a nightmare thinking an intuder was in his hotel room. He kicked out the window (while sleep walking), severed an artery in his leg and fell 3 stories. He landed on a hedge. Lucky to be alive and able to play tennis again. Polanski didn’t play well today and Roger was Roger.
    Kaytani, Roger has moved on from Wimbledon, so must you.

  16. Is Stan playing doubles with Djoker for real? What’s up with that? At least, he is not playing against Roger. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Didn’t last long, did it? I must admit I was a bit surprised that Stan and Roger didn’t take the opportunity for some more practice, but there you are …

  17. I forgot to wake up for the match, but from the highlights, it’s been a while since I’ve seen Federer hit his forehand SO hard. This was a different forehand/ game from him. The returns seemed monstrous, the game seemed bigger, it seemed like he had a lot of confidence in his game. Given he was playing against cannon fodder of an opponent, but you could still see Fed putting all that much extra into his shots. And it’s wonderful to watch. I dare say this was the best I’ve seen him play in years. Aggressive, hitting the ball hard playing with conviction- just solid through and through. A pure clinic. A masterclass

    1. A killer forehand has been missing from Roger’s arsenal for some time (as at Wimbledon, when he had more what I would call an “into the back fence forehand”). Interesting if it seems it has returned.

    2. Agreed Gustav.

      Roger’s forehand was almost shocking in its ferocity today.

      His game was just mean. I can’t recall seeing this much speed and aggression from Roger in a long time. It was like he was pissed! Was trying to figure out if it was just me not seeing him play on s few weeks – i just could figure out who this guy was.

      1. I liked PP’s comment about the difference between hitting with Roger and playing against him: “Right off the bat, the first ball he’s trying to kill ya.” ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Hey guys, I watched the first half hour of the match (then I had to go to sleep). First of all, wow… you never know how much you miss seeing him play until you do. He played great, looked greater ๐Ÿ™‚ and the paintjob on the racquet is not that bad.
    But oh my God, our dude hits hard !!! One of his returns in the beginning was…. smashing hard ๐Ÿ™‚
    Come on Roger, take your cup (Roger’s cup) home for the boys ๐Ÿ™‚

    By the way, is it just me or has he lost weight again??

    1. Right? Right? I haven’t seen him hit this hard in a long long time. Each shot was hit with conviction. Loved watching it. Wonder if he can keep it up or will he relapse into the neither here not there kind of play that has started to cost him.

  19. Hi Guys, It was so good to see him play again. Katyani, I too thought he lost some weight. He looks great and he was crushing the ball. Hope he goes all the way.

  20. Kyrgios was disappointing. As usual, Murray sapped the errors from his opponent. Tedious to watch. Steroidal court speed helps.

    1. Yeah, Richard disappointing match. I like Krygios too, I know he’s young but he needs to learn to keep a lid on his emotions at times. Perhaps more training weeks with Fed? ๐Ÿ˜€

      “Steriodal Courts” ๐Ÿ˜†

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