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Roger Serverer Takes Out Muller in Wimbledon 2nd Round

Hugely impressing serving display from Federer here as he out aced Gilles Muller 6-3 7-5 6-3 to make swift progress into the Third Round. Going into this one it was the Muller serve that was expected to force the issue but Roger hit precision serves from the word go, only dropping 9 points on it throughout the whole match, firing 25 aces and putting 77% of first serves in play to run away with it in 1 hour and 34 minutes.

A serving master class really and he looked in great shape throughout despite having to cope with a short rain delay and the roof coming on. It was a much better returning day too against a 6ft 4″ lefty which is again a good sign for later in the tournament should he continue to progress through the rounds.

Quick Match Recap

Federer Backhand Muller

Muller kicked this one off with a double fault but held to lead 1-0 and make a somewhat confident start. Not to be outdone Roger then stepped up to the line and fired down what was to be the first of many love holds to level.

At 2 all Fed then had his first break point chance which he converted at the first attempt before holding to take a 4-2 lead.

4-2 was soon 5-3 and the Swiss converted another break point to take the set 6-3. Dropping just one point on serve and serving at 71%. Impressive stuff.

The Luxembourgian started the second set confidently with some big first serves and Roger was unable to get a racquet on them. Muller's first serve was always going to be key if he was to make an impression and he reeled off consecutive love holds to level at 3 all.

With Federer leading 4-3 the heavens opened and that meant a brief rain delay. The Wimbledon Committee decided to put the roof on almost instantly and 30 minutes later and the players returned to court. Indoor conditions favour Federer but it also makes it easier for big servers like Muller as there are no elements at play so really it was an even trade off. Fed lost a little momentum but the rain didn't really come at a critical juncture in the match so neither player really benefited or lost out a great deal.

When play resumed Muller held comfortably and the score was soon 5 all. But then at 6-5 Roger finally made the breakthrough, hitting a sweet backhand cross court to setup set point. Here a Muller approach shot was called wide but Federer hit a delicious lob that landed flush on the line which would have been a clean winner. Muller of course challenged and the ball was in. The point was replayed which was unfortunate for Roger but a short return drew the error from Muller and he was 2 sets to the good.

Into the third set and there was zero chance Muller was coming back from a 2 set deficit. In fact the only drama in this set was when Roger slipped over badly at 1-1. It looked nasty but he was soon back up and there didn't appear to be any ill effects as he broke in the very next game to lead 3-1.

More imperious serving followed and Fed served it out to love 6-3 in the third. Clinical on serve, better on the return and disposes of a solid grass courter in straights. Allez!

Match Stats

Gilles MullerΒ (LUX) Roger FedererΒ (SUI)
Aces 12 25
Double faults 5 1
1st serves in 62 of 92 = 67 % 53 of 69 = 77 %
1st serve points won 46 of 62 = 74 % 48 of 53 = 91 %
2nd serve points won 11 of 30 = 37 % 12 of 16 = 75 %
Fastest serve 125 MPH 127 MPH
Average 1st serve speed 112 MPH 113 MPH
Average 2nd serve speed 97 MPH 97 MPH
Net points won 21 of 38 = 55 % 7 of 9 = 78 %
Break points won 0 of 0 = 0 % 4 of 6 = 67 %
Receiving points won 9 of 69 = 13 % 35 of 92 = 38 %
Winners 30 44
Unforced errors 22 5
Total points won 66 95

Thoughts on the Match

Federer Muller Wimbledon 2014

An impressive victory here. Not one for the fans who want to see extended rallies as it really boiled down to who could serve better. The answer here was Federer who had great rhythm serving 25 aces in a 3 set match which is top drawer serving.

He never gave his opponent a chance to break serve and that translated to more pressure on Muller's own service games, a couple of double faults at key moments showed the pressure was too much for him to handle.

As you can see above all the stats make good reading and I thought Roger did a good job on the return today too. Muller served and volleyed a fair bit but Fed put in some tricky low returns right at his feet which drew the immediate error or left him with an easy passing shot.

Obviously there's no real way to assess how Fed can handle the extended rallies on grass yet as this one was all about short points. But those matches are in the pipeline and every match is different so it's all about beating what's in front of you. No drama today and I think when you see Fed serve like this you have to fancy his chances on grass even at age 32. Once he gets into a lead and can pick off all 4 corners of the service box he's hard to stop.

Predictions vs. Granollers / Giraldo

Federer - Granollers

Next up is either Marcel Granollers or Santiago Granollers who are locked in a fifth set battle which resumes later today. Roger has a winning record against both those guys and neither of them have a good record on grass.

In fact both of them are far more suited to clay and whoever wins will have their best ever showing at SW19. I'll pick Granollers to go through as he can be pretty gritty in matches but it will be close.

Either way Fed should dispose of either of them comfortably. It will be a very different match to the Muller one and we'll probably see some longer rallies as both guys like to stay back. Giraldo is the more attacking of the two whereas Granollers is more consistent. There's probably a small physical advantage for Fed too seen as though their match is a 5 setter spanning over 2 days which means they won't have a days rest.

Fed in 3. 6-2 6-4 6-2.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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    1. You see folks, the grass is so slow these days, every Tom, Dick, and Waleed can win Wimbledon πŸ˜‰

  1. What sublime serving from Roger. if he cud do this consistently I don’t see why he cant win an 8th.

  2. PeRFect serving! It was also really good the winners to unforced 44-5! Wow! Do missed passing shots count for Unforced?

  3. As chuffed and happy as I am for Fed’s comfortable win today, it’s time to get back to reality.

    So Rosol couldn’t do what needed to be done…so who else could possibly do us the favour?
    I’ve never seen Kukushkin play so I’m keen to know if his game will give Nadal problems.

    I just have this gut feeling that if Roger wants to win his 8th he’s going to have to face and defeat his biggest demon…Rafael Nadal.

    I get nervous just thinking about the “most likely to happen” SF clash.

    1. Doubtful Kukushkin causes any problems.

      Nadal is favourite for the tournament. No doubts about it.

      I heard he has also asked to play the first match every day to avoid the roof on a night.

      1. Well, if that’s true, I hope they don’t give into him. (I did wonder why he was on first, before Roger, I must admit). Or if he wants to avoid the roof, why not put him on Court 1? Yesterday evening, it was getting really chilly out there, and I was concerned for Roger, given his previous physical problems in cold weather.

  4. Really happy with Fed’s performance today, great serving and his backhand was on song today (had concerns about that wing after his first round match). Also loved his post-match interview when he talked about how pointless it is taking longer than ten seconds between points, the Nadals and Sharapovas of the world honestly take the piss in their service games, and Roger made a valid point about the importance of taking us, the spectators, into consideration! I know that I don’t care for watching Sharapova et al touching their faces a bajillion times!

  5. Was a serving contest to the bitter end, I guess majority of us probably overrated Muller here but no complaints, Fed is looking pretty sharp and for such a match he took his chances for the most part and got the job done nice and easy, Allez! Had not seen that video of Fed post match and he is absolutely spot on yet again, shame that the umpire doesn’t enforce the rule at all and you have players like McEnroe saying that Nadal is an exception to the rule because he sells tickets? Ugh does this guy get any worse?

    Speaking of Nadal, Rosol should’ve won that second set but just a testament to Dull’s mental fortitude, quite astonishing to see him will himself back into matches and take control, scary actually is the right word, looks to be getting back into rhythm on the grass now and is a real threat in this comp, his draw has opened up quite a bit, should be seeing another Fedal meeting here if Rog can hold up his end of the deal. Elsewhere can’t believe Gasquet choked away 9 match points against a teenager, no offence to Kyrigos but really? So sad to see talented players go down like this.

      1. McEnroe is a two-bit whore who is trying to stay relevant. He was spurned by Roger, as we all know, so he has decided to hit back by jumping the Nadal bandwagon. Does he truly believe all the things he says about Nadal? Not a chance. But he is a journalist/commentator who has to evolve to stay relevant. His temperament during this playing years, and the fact that he is going senile, isn’t helping his cause much though. He should be sent, effective immediately, to a retirement home with a tennis court in the backyard.

      2. McEnroe talking about actual tennis in terms of tactics etc is pretty good. But when he brings politics into it and which players he supports its painful to listen to.

        Like you say just trying to stay relevant.

    1. One of the commentators on the website today was commenting on Nadal’s change in body language. He said he looked like a man who’d had a big weight taken off his shoulders. Uh-oh …

      1. Alb, McEnroe has been giving unwarranted advice to Roger for several years. He even offered to coach Roger. From what I know, Roger declined, maybe not directly, but by ignoring him. That’s just the short version of it. Their relationship is, for lack of a better cold. I think it might have been early 2012 when he jumped off the Roger ship. Now, he spends as much time as he can to praise Nadal, and chastise Roger. I mean, he recently made a statement that, “other players should get used to Nadal taking longer between points, because he sells a lot of tickets”. This is what tennis has come to.

      2. Wasn’t it Mac who a little while ago made some comment about how he didn’t think players needed to take a bathroom break during matches? Wonder what he’d say about Nadal “needing” to take one after only one set. I don’t remember hearing him say anything about it.

    2. As we hv said many times about the French! No point in style, technique etc unless you hv will and mental strength to win! Not in their training manual or on court psyche!

    1. Epic! When Rosol was bumped, nobody said anything. I’m sure McEnroe would say, “The amount of tickets this guy sells, if he bumps someone once in a while, so what. Players should get used to it.”

      Gaydal fans are chastising Rosol all over the place, I have no doubt. After all they are hypocrites, these Nadal fans. One of them is lurking here on these blogs.

      “I don’t take 2012 as a loss [to Rosol]”. There, there’s your gentleman you stupid fucking Nadaltards.

    2. Classic from Rosol. I like him, he’s chilled out and isn’t intimidated.

      Botched that volley in the breaker otherwise he wins the breaker.

      1. In 2012, I remember Rosol was jumping on the baseline on a few occasions when receiving serve. Nadal did not like it, not one bit, and he showed his displeasure. Does the Spanish thug now realized how irritated the other players are because of his rituals? In the final game, right after Rosol aced him, Nadal went to towel off, after an ace! And then he made Rosol wait at the line for his next serve.

        I mean, there are assholes. Then there are legendary assholes. Then there’s Nadal.

    3. Nope, I haven’t seen the match yet: still playing catch-up.

      Other interesting comments (still on Nadal on the practice courts) were how untidy he is there: kit scattered around, bottles all everywhere (my phrasing). It’s only on match court that you get the obsessive behaviour.

  6. I wonder if not many of us are thinking, yes, nice stats but can he do it when Nadal is on the other side? But still, I don’t remember that I’ve ever seen 44 to 5 Winners to UE. This is a first but I guess the majority of those are after a barely returned first serve. Still, nice stat to see.
    We have seen nice serve stats from Roger before, stats that did not deliver later in the tournament. Lets keep our fingers crossed this tournament will be different. At least I’m doing my part not watching his matches because every time that I do, he looses.

    1. Oh yes, I’m certainly thinking it – but then I’m also thinking let’s see if both of them actually make it that far.

  7. Wow. Fabulous numbers. Glad to see the low UFE number in particular. Looking at the highlights, it looks like he’s doing a better job putting the ball where his opponent isn’t, as well. Too bad this kind of tennis can’t be more fun to watch – really reminded me of the Sampras era which was frankly boring – but glad to see positive signs in areas other than serving, and obviously he needs his serve as well – guys later in the tournament will be getting more of those back.

    I like the same-color pinstripe on the shirt, too!

    1. I grew up in the Sampras era so I quite like that style of match. Muller served and volleyed a fair but, no others will do that in the tournament.

  8. 2nd W with 5 more to go. Muller is another tomato can opponent who ‘gifted’ a lot of points to Roger hence low UEs. Roger is sharper than previous match which is a positive point but its strange that he only came to net 9x. Probably wrong of me to assume that he will come in a lot more against Muller and build rhythm of attacking the net.

    1. I wondered about the low net numbers too.

      Interesting take on the UFEs.

      I confess I don’t understand this “tomato can” analogy – ?

      1. Ha ha its a funny analogy – tomato can means relatively soft opponent which one can beat to pulp. IMHO, low UEs as Roger was never in back-foot, bossy Muller around and not under a lot of pressure.

      2. Ah! Thanks for the explanation.

        Of course we didn’t know that was how he was going to play until we saw him. I imagine Fed being so impressive on the other side of the net may have had something to do with that too.

      3. Didn’t need to come to net as Muller incapable if extending rally beyond 3/4 shots!

    2. Enough with the obsession with S/V. This match did not require him to make a lot trips to the net. Muller was never going to beat Federer off the ground or break Federer’s serve. I think it’s funny that fans was hyping Muller up then when Roger beats him convincingly he’s a “tomato can” and the win doesn’t mean anything. Also enough with wishing Nadal will lose. If Federer was to beat Nadal to get a chance to win Wimbledon, then so be it. I wish Fed fans “grow a pair” and root for Federer to win. Stop being so cowardly. If anybody has a problem, too bad. Also Federer hasn’t played Gilles Muller in six years. The last time 2008 US Open where Federer again was trying to win a GS.

      1. Agree. If Fed has to get through Nadal for once – as opposed to Nadal not making it, as he has on several occasions this year when I thought Roger had a decent chance of beating him – then so be it.

  9. amazing preformance… everything was absolutely great except bh passing shot…. That is one thing he must working on…
    but as i said i am very very pleased with his preformance πŸ™‚

  10. 25 aces, Nadal made 11 and here people saying Wimbledon’s grass is slow and plays like clay…. No idea about tennis, just fanatics

    1. if you are saying that this year grass is fast than you have no idea about tennis… go back and watch 2000 or 20001 wimbledon and you will se the difference

      1. Ok all you grass experts, we are lucky enough to hv grass at our club! 2 yrs ago they changed the grass from traditional meadow grass ( yr basic garden lawn) to rye grass to emulate Wimbledon as harder wearing, dries quicker and re seeds quicker. I hv therefore played a lot on both! It is completely different!! Rye takes top spin well and the ball sits up much higher. It plays much more like a hard court(slower) and is tougher for trad grass court players who like to hit slice and generally take a lower bounce. It is therefore harder to put the ball away as it does not shoot thru as fast. You cannot comment accurately unless you hv experienced both!

    2. Pablo, we are not the only one that the court is slow. Many players (that actually played on that court, fyi) saying that the court is slow (and resembles clay) too. In fact I haven’t heard any of the player complain that wimbledon court is getting faster, none. Are you calling those players have no idea about tennis as well?

      Unless you are sitting on the court with the speed gun to prove your point, stop calling people (and players in this case) fanatics. Aces happen not only because of the speed of the court, but also a lot of factors (ball placement, precision, direction of the balls, receiving point, receiving height, opponent capabilities, etc). Maybe you are the one with no idea about tennis.

      Again, stop acting like a baby, or else play with your toy and leave.

      1. It may be slower than in the past but still fast like grass has to be. If you don’t see the game is totally different between grass and clay like I said you are fanatics.
        25 aces in 1h and a half or the 11 aces of Rafa are clearly the proobe.

      2. Your comment above is just the prove that you are just a kid who didn’t want to listen. I just mentioned it above, this comments (that the court is slow) was made by the player (that actually play on the court). So what is your capability to say it is fast like grass has to be? Are you a player on that court too? Are you sitting down there with the speed gun?

        About the Aces, another proof that you’re just ignorant, I mentioned it as well above, the court speed is not the only factor, and you just close your eyes and ears by saying “25 aces in 1h and a half or the 11 aces of Rafa are clearly the proobe” without any explanation. Meh!

        Go play with your barbie

      3. Amar, don’t bother with this Spanish motherfucker. In Spain, parents teach their children to go to someone else’s house, and insult them. It’s Spanish culture. Going to a rival blog, just to insult rival fans and for sadistic pleasure, is the true sign of a psychopath. Spaniards are born Psychopaths.

      4. Spaniards are mean! Spaniards are demons with horns and tail and will kidnap your children!
        Ridicolous… Did you go to the school?

      5. Trying to escape for an argumentation while you don’t have any prove to say, No?

        Anyway, You are the one who say Pablo, that Spaniards are demons with horns and tail. And if we judge Spaniards only based on what you’ve wrote on this blog, I have to agree with you on this.

        I have a lot of friends from Spanish, they are good people. It is so unfortunate that they have to share the same nationality with you. You are such a shame.

      6. Folks, I had no idea Spaniards were pedophiles too. It’s “ridiculous” what a lack of education does to people. Jeez…lemme alert my neighbors.


    3. Obviously grass and clay play differently. But grass is way way slower than it used to be. You don’t have to really change playing style to adapt.

      Kuerten made one QF. If he was playing rigth now he’s probably making the final.

      1. Kuerten was a fantastic player, he could get in the Final at that time as well. Remember baseliner players like Agassi or Hewitt used to play very good on grass and they didn’t have the quality of Nole or Nadal.

      2. Jonathan, you’re right about Kuerten making the final at Wimbledon in this era. The guy had three French titles, three! And he never made it past the QF anywhere else, and not even past R3 at AO.

    4. The serve on grass depends not only on how the surface plays but on how well your opponent can return- come the second week, watch the aces decrease.

  11. Happy with the way he played, however I’m a bit worried because I don’t think Federer s bringing back enough balls in the return; I know today was hard, but I’m talking generally …

    1. Guess we have to judge after more than 2 matches. Muller has a tricky lefty serve so hard to really say. He can get away with it in these matches it’s going to be very important later in the tournament to take pressure of his own service games.

  12. “Serverer” pretty much defines this win. The serve is the one shot that can give Roger the title. He must take care of his serve. The bigger frame will most definitely help. At Wimbledon 2012, Roger won 97% of his service games. He needs to be around 95% this time around to have a chance.

    It’s amazing that despite all the great things Roger does on the tennis court, he would be a nobody without a great serve.

    Serve, serve, serve, serve, serve…the most important shot in the sport of tennis. And even more important at Wimbledon.

    P.S. The Serve will win him Wimbledon 2014, or it will destroy him.

      1. LOL What do I have to get this Spanish retard (comment below) off my tail? Help me please, Jonathan πŸ™‚

        The serve is “not” the most important shot in tennis? LMFAO I was reading that brain game section on ATP World Tour. From 5-6 down in the second set, the writer said, Nadal served to Rosol’s backhand, which eventually led to a forehand winner. The next serve again went to the backhand, he continued, and drew an error. The serve is what gives you the opportunity to construct the point, to bring your opponents return into exactly the area you want, so you can play to your strength. The serve is what decides the texture of a point.

        Hey Amar, by the way, here’s what Roger said about those Aces in the video above. “Different day, different opponent, maybe in the next round I might not serve that many…first serves…that many aces…my opponent reads my serve”. Clearly, Roger knows a thing or two about tennis.

      2. The Forehand is the shot that gives you the edge. It is where you can make the biggest difference. The clear example is Nadal who easily has the worst serve within the top20. and is the best player.

        Other example is Roger, his best shot is not his serve it is his forehand that allows him to dictate and finish the points.

        Many players serve very well but no so much have the forehand to dominate his rivals.

      3. Jonathan, can you please kick this world class idiot out of this blog? Heck, if you do that, I’ll send you one of the following: –

        1 – A Pro Staff 90 that I own OR,
        2 – A brand new RF polo (a really awesome selection to choose from).

        Choose wisely πŸ™‚

      4. Sid,
        He play tennis with his brain, that what makes his game beautiful.

        Not a grunting-stay-at-the-baseline-forever-until-the-opponent-make-mistake-after-a-long-and-boring-rally kind of game

      1. Please pablo I’m spanish and you are just making people think that we are like you. Can’t you just go to Spanish websites, where you can comment how much you like Rafa and how good he is.

      2. Luisriley,
        I am very sorry for you (as I am very sorry for a lot of my good spanish friend) that you have to share nationality with Pablo. I mentioned it already.

        I am sure there is a lot more like you reading this blog and feel the same.

        Pablo, for once, hear them out. Shut up and leave. I am sure you can find Rafa fan blog that more than happy for your comment

      3. Luis, love your comment. You said it with no prejudice. Thanks!

        And while I’m talking with someone rational, would you agree that regardless of the headaches Roger faces with that forehand-backhand pattern, it’s Nadal’ serve that hurts him the most. The absolutely horrendous break point conversion hurts him. Nadal can go to Roger’s backhand corner with a serve tailing away, anytime he wants.

        What makes Nadal’s serve effective is not the speed, but the lefty pattern of serves, the placement, the bite he gets, particularly stretching Roger to his weaker single handed backhand, and the bonus of the implied threat of going to his forehand. Think of how Nadal stands right on the T, is able to create the wide angle, and still have the luxury of going smack down the middle. Without that lefty serve, the H2H would’ve been exactly the opposite of what it is right now.

        It’s Nadal’s serve, not Nadal’s forehand, that kills Roger. Without that serve, Roger would’ve won at least four more slams.

      4. (It’s Nadal’s serve, not Nadal’s forehand, that kills Roger.) Unbelievable.

      5. Totally agreed Sid. Nadal, without being a good serve, has that incredible advantage of being a lefty and creating that angles.
        Also, In my ignorance(I’ve been following tennis for not much, and as many here started because of Roger) Federer hasn’t managed a way to neutralize Nadal’s shots to Fed’s backhand. He know’s it’s doing a lot of damage on their matches, isn’t there like a way of training it or something? I know this might sound stupid, but I’ve always asked that question.

        Thanks to Sid and Amar for the nice comments πŸ™‚

      6. That’s what I hate about Roger. You would think after all these years, Roger would’ve found a half decent way of solving it? It’s only recently that he changed his equipment. Sorry Roger, too little, too late. Those measure should’ve been taken way back in 2010, or 2011. I guess the mismatch is way too debilitating for Roger to find any sane solution.

        The other aspect of training is that as a right handed player, a vast majority of Roger’s opponents are right handed. It’s not easy to suddenly play well against a lefty. If he focuses purely on Nadal, he risks losing to right handers. Nadal on the other hand has the luxury of designing his game around right handed players.

        Look, I’m a right handed player, and it seriously sucks running into a left hander, who have been nightmare. They think they are better, but they don’t understand that’s it a serious pattern mismatch advantage they hold. Not an excuse, just an explanation.

      7. You are an idiot… The serve is the ONE shot in tennis you can hit WHERE YOU WANT, at over 160km/h, and the opponent can do nothing to stop you (except maybe throwing your racket form the other side of the court…)
        It starts the point for fuck’s sake!! Start it on the front foot –> win the point a lot easier. Vice versa as well…
        So yes, Dull’s forehand has killed Roger, but open your eyes and look at the serve… Roger’s return off the slice to his backhand is TAME. Which means Dull starts on the front foot in almost every service game! What part do you not understand about the serve being the most important shot?! Why is Raonic close to top ten as he has NOTHING but a serve?!

      8. Lefties may have a big advantage. That’s why the top20 of the last let’s say 20 years is full of lefties… Excuses.

      9. Pablo, I piss on you, I piss on Espana, I piss on your King, and I piss on Nadal.

    1. Cld not agree more! I think you and I focused on this shot more than any other when we analysed his game post 2013!!

      1. That’s correct. We did do that analysis last year, I remember πŸ™‚

        “I piss on you Espana, I piss on you King Felipe, I piss on you Nadals.”

  13. Hey Sid (and also some others), please relax and take it easy. You all are going to give yourself a little heartattack by getting so worked up about Pablo and “some other Spanish people”. Especially you Sid, the way you react in your comments…. stay calm dude. It is the day of Rafa fans. Please let them. Their hero looks invincible and gets away with bad play. Obviously this is Rafa’s and his fans’s world… we are just living in it πŸ™‚ But what Rafa and the Great Uncle Toni and the Rafa Fanatics don’t understand and get is that…. OUR TIME will come. Roger’s time will come.

    Roger is trying and is getting stronger with winning every match. Not a prediction, but I can really see Muzza and Roger in the final and Roger holding his 8th golden Wimby trophy. Not only because he is the one who deserves it the most, but because he has and will earn it the RIGHT way. Go Roger. Still bel18ving in you πŸ™‚

    1. Meanwhile Venus is out, Hewitt is out, Li Na is out…. and now Birdy is out. I cannot see the match tomorrow, but hope Roger gets it done in straights. And Rafa vs Kukushkin….. I think Rafa will give him atleast one bagle πŸ™‚

      1. No I am not Pablo, I am just one of his millions fans, just like most or all here πŸ™‚

    2. Oh and I forgot to mention, Rosol may have lost the match, but he gave Rafa a “Roger lesson”. His last game was in less then 40 seconds I think. It was so fast, Rafa looked confused πŸ™‚ Make a big deal about it or not? Lets look at the Great Uncle Toni what he says πŸ™‚ Well done Lukas πŸ™‚

      1. Peter Fleming: “Nadal is one of the best volleyers in the game, no question about that”

      1. Hey Ajay, not EVERY word I write is a prediction πŸ™‚ It is just my personal hope and wish for Roger. Go Roger πŸ™‚ You can do it πŸ™‚

    3. Katyani, this is not about him celebrating Nadal, this is about making stupid statements on this blog, and insulting Roger fans for their thoughts.

      Recent example: Gaurav said something about Roger’s volley being the best. Regardless of whether he is right or wrong, there is no reason for a Nadal fan to insult him. This is still a Federer blog, where we celebrate all things Federer. We don’t want to be constantly insulted and needled by Nadal trolls. Go away. If you trolls have even a smidgen of dignity, leave us alone.

      Show me a single blog that is dedicated to Nadal, where a Roger fan can get away with praising Roger and insulting Nadal. You will get obliterated.

      Jonathan has been too kind to these trolls. There comes a point when simply ignoring doesn’t cut it. You can do it only for so long. Any sane or objective conversation is being destroyed by these trolls. It’s about time Jonathan started making some tough choices, for the sanity of his readers.

      1. So let him Sid. He believes in Rafa and we believe in Roger. We know our guy is not perfect but still as a person a million times better than Rafa. And Rafa fans know the real Rafa, no matter how much they close their eyes for it πŸ™‚

  14. Jonathan, BTW, is that a vague multilingual pun in your title, or just coincidence?

    Oh, and I meant to mention earlier, but you’ve got 2 different Granollers in that last section πŸ™‚

  15. why so much hatred is directed towards rafa?the only reason for this hatred is his h2h against mythical deity roger.sid and all fed fnatics whinning about grass being slowed down forget thw fact that this is the same grass on which roger won his 7wimby titles..atleast try to be some objective and don’t let hatred cloud ur mind.

  16. Hey Guys,

    This is the first time I am commenting on this blog ( the reason will be stated in the last line). It was a blowout performance from Roger as far as the serving was concerned. His stats on points won behind the first and second serves along with his first serve percentage this season are among the highest he has had in his career over a grass court season (though the season itself is only about a dozen matches at the most).

    Dull may or may not want to play under the roof. The organizers may have given into his demands, but if he faces Roger in the semis (assuming both of them make it that far), the match will be played in the evening. And I hope it F&^$ing rains then, just so that Dull gets what he deserves for all the gamesmanship he indulges in.

    I hope keeps up this level of performance for at least a couple of more weeks. Giraldo is going to be cannon fodder today. The guy just played 5 sets over 2 days. Doubt he can keep up with Fed.

    Last but not least, Pablo- Pls get the f out of this blog. You are a real pest.

    Yours sincerely,


    1. Don’t know about it being played on an evening for the Semi Final. There is only 2 men’s matches on Centre all Day, 1pm Start. Second match starts at 4/5pm at the very latest and he might be on first.

      1. Won’t they carry on putting Andy’s side of the draw on first? That’s what I was assuming, and if it turns out to be Andy vs. Novak it’s a fair bet that the other semi won’t be starting any time soon.

  17. Hey guys,

    This is just a clarification here in case any trolls decide to give a me a reply. I hate Nadal only for his gamesmanship strategies. Its not because he has beaten Federer 23 times. There have been times where I appreciate his intensity and all the effort he puts, but seriously consider the following-

    1) Does he require time to towel off when his opponent serves an ace?
    2) Does he have to go over that painful ritual oh his every time he serves, that too once for the 1st and once for the 2nd serve. That tends to derail the opponents momentum.
    3) Why the hell does he take an additional ten seconds to prepare himself when he serving on break point or his opponent is serving for the set.
    4) Why must he take a medical time out when his opponent has all the momentum in the world?
    5) What’s with the fake humbleness?

    Such ridiculous antics of Nadal make me hate him totally. Consider this, Djokovic has been beating Federer 2:1 since 2011 (12 out of 18 matches) and honestly speaking I have the utmost respect for him despite that. He is a great player, a wonderful human and he DOESN’T INDULGE IN RUBBISH TACTICS. He beats Federer fair and square. Dull on the other hand- Does anybody remember 2008. It was some clay court tourney, I don’t remember the name. Roger vs Dull, and Roger was leading 5-0 in the first set. What did Dull do- he took a freaking medical time out for no good reason. He came back and won that set 7-5. Did he have to take that time out, especially at the business end of a set??? That my friends is total BS.

    Didn’t Dull challenge his own 1st serve when Djoker hit a return winner of it in AO 2012. Dull bumps Rosol, and his fans don’t battle an eyelid, but Rosol kicks Dull’s bottle, they raise an uproar. There are several such instances of Dull’s antics being ignored by his blind fanatics, while they find reasons to hate his competitors.

    Dull requests for slower courts and a 2 year rolling system for rankings, that is supposed to be in the interest of the game. Roger asks referees to enforce the rules, that is supposed to be self serving???
    Dull wanted a change in the rules to ensure he could have a longer stay in the rankings. He gets injured more often and is often beaten left right and center by nobodies on quicker courts. Fed did not ask for a change in the rules. He merely wanted the rules to be enforced strictly. That is not wrong. It is sensible.

    Yet again, last but not least Pablo- Pls get the f out of this blog. You are a real pest.

    Yours sincerely,


    1. You know what is so funny about this trash talking between Fed and Rafa fans? Neither player is thru to the 4rd round yet.

      1. KFedFan,

        I wasn’t trash talking Nadal in my comment. I just made some observations and justified my position about why I hate him. Tell me if any of my statements were factually incorrect. I doubt so. So please read through and do point out any statements you find to be untrue. If so, I will issue an apology on this blog.

        Yours sincerely,


      2. Did I say you? I meant in general. I think both Fed and Rafa fans are both jumping the gun with the trash talk.

        Here is a quote from a fan in the comment section of an article on where Roger talks about how the ATP will address time violation enforcement:

        “Federer…shut up. You’re washed up and scared your little record is in jeopardy. Keep having test tube babies with your weird wife that seems more like a good friend who’s covering for you.”

        Hmmm…….Those words are kind of harsh. Why did that fan feel he had to go there?

      3. I have just seen the same comment on one of my YouTube videos crop up. Must be someone with an issue and also no life.

    2. I agree with all your points Ani. I’m not a Nadal fan but I can appreciate certain qualities. However he does flout the rules of the sport which is seriously annoying. Weak umpiring is also to blame, they are running scared.

      I would time violate him every point until he was handing over full service games for failing to abide the rules.

      1. I think it’s funny players use stall tactics or slow play all the time to gain an advantage. Berdych vs Cillic is an example. Berdych tried to stall in the third set so the match can be called due to darkness. He was down two sets. They didn’t have hawk eye because of darkness. Monfils does as well when he’s down and pretends he doesn’t care then next thing know he back in the match because of his antics. The thought of eliminating the slow play makes some fans nervous.

      2. Jonathan,

        Smile now. The timing is perfect. The roof is closed. Dull loses the 1st set as expected. Guess what- he takes a bathroom break immediatly. πŸ™‚

      3. Jonathan, try time violating him regularly and he will start boycotting tournaments. Yeah…that’ll teach the organizers πŸ™‚

    3. Ani_Sundar, what do you expect. They are Nadal fans. Here’s a list of their qualities: Arrogant, discourteous, cheats, liars, sadistic, delusional, hypocrites, the list goes on. These are the type of people who would kill you, if they could, to win. There are exceptions, as always, but those are the basic qualities of Nadaltards. There is one who trolls this blog who fits that description.

      1. Sid, his name starts with a P and ends with an O, and I want him to get the f out this blog (irrespective of how repetitive it sounds)

        Yours sincerely,

      2. Maybe to end this debate for once and all I should play Pablo in a best of 5 set match. Loser has to quit the blog.

        What you say Pablo? You are in the UK. We can play on hard court as it’s probably the most neutral.

      3. Right you are Sid. Yep Jonathan wins by a scoreline 6-0 6-0 6-0. But please remember to towel off after every point, take a bathroom break when you are serving on break point.

        Ensure you don’t serve before 30 second mark. Also take a 20 second break between the 1st and 2nd serve. Refuse point penalties. Grunt and distract Pablo. Keep moonballing to his back hand and extend the rallies as long as possible.

        Try to schedule the match as you see fit so that weather conditions don’t affect you. Do everything possible including adopting underhand strategies to disrupt Pablo’s rhythm. Follow an elaborate ritual before playing each point. Take your own sweet time to play. Then beat the shit out of Pablo 6-0 6-0 6-0.

        I am sure he will have no complaints or problems with the usage of the aforementioned strategies or the manner of the defeat. If possible try to play down the fact that you are the favorite by pretending to be humble. Vamos Jonathan. πŸ™‚

        Yours sincerely,

      4. A 200 mile trip for me that. Would need to tie it in when I’m down in London anyway, don’t fancy a 3 hour drive for a 3 hour match. You any good?

      5. Pablo, send me your Mom’s address. I want to send her a box of condoms. Maybe she will be more careful next time.

      6. β€œThere are exceptions, as always”,
        Yeah I know Sid you said that, just wanted to make some noise out there πŸ˜‰
        Anyway, out of tennis, yesterday I was about to die, Brasil almost killed me man πŸ˜‰
        They need to regroup; playing like this won’t win them WC. But somehow, I had a feeling that FIFA doesn’t want Brasil to win it!! The referee made sure we struggle yesterday, the cancellation of the legit goal and other stuff were almost made sure Brasil is out!! The only different is, GOD was in our side πŸ˜‰ not to concede a goal from that last minute astonishing shot, was woooooooow

  18. Jonathan,

    I hope you or online and in a position to respond ASAP to my query. Is it raining in London now???? I checking scores online and it looks like none of the matches have started yet??

    Yours sincerely,


    1. There are easier ways to check the weather in Wimbledon than relying on me πŸ™‚

      Yeah it’s raining. Roof on for first match on Centre.

    2. Look Kukuskin may not win or whatever. But McEnroe was totally out of line because he basically called Kukuskin a “tomato can” in an arrogant way. Chris Fowler knows about calling players “tomato can”(Stan). Even if a player is a “tomato can”, you don’t say it on the air while calling a match. McEnroe’s act is starting to wear thin and he’s unprofessional.

    3. McEnroe has no idea. Kukushkin had never won a match at Wimbledon before until this week but he played a very good first set with some sweet winners. After that Nadal’s retrieving ground him down.

      He also looked beat up physically which probably didn’t work in his favour. Nadal then was able to play more aggressive, returned better and once he got the lead he can play more aggressively.

      1. Nadal Breadsticked him in the third as well. Up a break in the fourth. And why the hell does the camera pan to uncle toni, every minute???

  19. After Rg I thought that we can ger rid of dopdal but this desperate mug just doesnt want to go away.God why are you do this to us?

    1. The refs have been told not to show so many cards, and Howard Webb being a British ref lets more physicial stuff go. Great game mind you.

  20. Seriously Jonathan you should ban Pablo. So many of us are wasting our time reacting to him.I think its not fair to us..

    1. I agree. Jonathan should have a democratic vote. Everyone email him if we want Pablo out, or not. Regular commenters should get more weigh. We are spending time fighting him off instead of celebrating Federer.

      Let’s do it πŸ™‚

  21. J Mac pretty sweet on Fed today while commentating his match. After the end of the match: “Maestro looking like he may win it” – meaning the whole tournament.”

    Gotta give him his due as well as his digs.

    1. Oh for crying out loud, he is being paid to comment on the match, of course he is going to say nice things about the “Maestro”.

    2. McEnroe is pretty good to listen to most of the time as he is good at talking tactics and things players are doing well / poorly or what they should try, but he just bandwagons too often. In love with Nadal one minute, Djoker the next and quick to ditch them if one loses a few matches.

      If he could ditch the blowing smoke up players asses and just stick to what’s happening on the court then he’s pretty good.

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