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Roger Federer’s US Open Outfit 2015

Hey guys, here's Roger Federer's Outfit for the US Open 2015. As usual there's a day session and night session outfit and the only thing I'm missing are the night session trainers (which are probably limited edition). I'll add them in once I find suitable pictures.

Nike have reverted back to the Polo for this one and everything is based on Hot Lava. Check them out below:

Roger Federer US Open 2015 Day Session Outfit

Roger Federer US Open 2015 Night Session Outfit

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. OMG, I’ve just finished dinner and washing-up, then I felt some kind of telepathy telling me to visit PeRFect Tennis. Is it from you Jonathan? Not mush rest after Cincy, hah?

    Thanks for the post, though you didn’t tell us you like the outfits or not? Saw him wearing the white one (are you sure it’s the day one?) at the Nike street tennis event on the web. Not my favourite but both outfits look good on him I think.

    1. I don’t mind the outfits, not my favourites.

      And I’m not sure if the white is for night or day. I read a few places night session but could be wrong.

  2. Really like the day outfit. Has got a retro look to it and the vapors are terrific. As for the night outfit, the polo would look much better if it is paired with black shorts (there is one such picture of the polo with black shorts that did rounds on the internet earlier). The night session vapors are a big no-no. Really don’t like the way orange is splashed on them.

    1. Opinion seems split on them. A lot are saying the day outfit looks like something Dimitrov or the other Nike tag alongs would wear.

      I don’t mind either of them.

  3. I really like the orange colour one and the day one. I like both. He wore the orange one at the Nike pro mo video in New York which I thought Fed looked cool. Can’t wait.

  4. As regards Fed’s outfit, I don’t really care
    As long its not Tommy Hilfiger underwear
    That’s but purely Rafael Nadal’s domain
    Although all that tugging will be in vain

    Showing up always is what really matters
    Though your game maybe still in tatters
    Up his sleeve Federer still has new tricks
    Though this is Grand Slam no. sixty-six

    Tough to comprehend, hard to believe
    That Fed not giving anyone any reprieve
    This time the US Open is for Fed to take
    And of all the others – let them eat cake

    1. Genius ๐Ÿ˜€

      You like the outfit or not, aren’t we all agree Fed is the sexiest, even without stripping? Sorry Rafa, or Stan/Tomas, all great bodies but Roger’s tennis is far more sexier to me.

  5. Hi Jonathan

    Love both of the outfits he will look stunning in both of them. I will actually be in New York on Sunday and Monday but unfortunately do not have tickets but at least I am in the same city!!! Sheer fluke we booked a holiday and are start point is New York and end point Las Vegas but when we booked did not realise US open started that week !!!

      1. If I can talk my three travelling companions into a night session of tennis I will certainly give it a go!!!!

    1. General admission, ie not reserved seating, is apparently a heck of a deal. Don’t get to see marquee matches as a rule, but you see all kinds of players just around the grounds. See Jon Wertheim’s tips for attending the USO, over at

  6. I wasn’t wowed by either of them but when I saw him at the Nike event last night the orange/white looked great. Let’s face it, he can make a sac look elegant.

  7. What happened to Darth Federer? I always like black/ dark blue for night session.

    Trudi, enjoy New York….one of my favourite cities…great vib.

    1. Thanks sue I will, have been once before but my daughter and her partner have never been only there for a couple of days then to Denver and road trip to Vegas

  8. Thanks Jonothon, it is always great to geta a sneak preview of the new look. I agree, both versions look cool. I like the orange and the small collar on the polo shirt. I am, however, a bit sorry to lose the raspberry/navy (or was it charcoal) outfit from Cincy. That may have been my favorite for the year. And it brought him good luck. I hope he continues to play at a high level for the next two weeks in NY.

  9. Not digging either outfits to be honest. The day session one has cool colour layout but not sure I’d put it on green shorts- looks like something Dimitrov does. Shoes look awesome though. Night session all white? Reverse Darth Fed. Kits tend to look better on Fed than when they do in photos but still not my favorite. Cincy outfit/Pinkerer would’ve looked great in NY Starting to think Fed has nothing to so with what he wears anymore and have given Nike full control.

    1. Yeah not 100% if I have them the right way round, guess we’ll see Monday or Tuesday.

      Yeah I wonder how much say he had, at the end of the day they are going to want to produce stuff that sells…

  10. Really love the white w/ pomelo like color…. I saw it in twitter and he looks good!! Nahhh… He always looks good. In the green polo, at first I love the combination. But when I imagine it to Federer, I started to doubt…. anyways, I hope Im wrong… But overall He’s freaking amazing!! Go Fed!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Actually the Emerald Vapors are the Limited Edition. The cool thing is that they have the RF Logo as well as the U.S. open trophy on the Right show with the Number 5. I know that they may become obsolete if Roger wins the Open this year (I wish, right) but they look awesome. I don’t recall any RF shows that have gone on sale with the number of titles on them. These look cool. My wife bought be the shoes with which Roger won the Australian Open in 2010. She just bought me these. Hopefully Roger can win again here.

    I also like the White with the Lava. It looks pretty cool.

    Anyway, I think that Roger can potentially do very well here. He is Fresh (which is ABSOLUTELLY key) and he is in great form but hasn’t peaked yet. If the draw puts Murray in Djoker’s half and puts either Ferrer or Nadal in Roger’s quarter, that’s all we can ask for. If he can also avoid an early test by a Kyrgios or someone like that he should really jump on it and cruise towards the final and then hopefully the title. It’s about time that Roger makes the Finals again. Let’s go. Hopefully I’ll be there to witness it if it happens.

    1. I wear a pair of Nike Vapors with the number of titles I have won emblazoned on them too ๐Ÿ˜†

      Have you got tickets for many days at the Open?

  12. I really like the white/lava night outfit, I think it will look like lightning on the court. My theory is this was the design for Wimbledon, but when Wimbledon went all absolutist in their rules, they had to back off.

    I like the front of the day shirt, but I HATE it when manufacturers make the back of a shirt completely different from the front. It feels two-faced, somehow. Hey, I’m wearing a green shirt! No I’m not! & I’m not sure the colors will work well (when we get the colored side) against the NY courts.

    Both sets of shoes are kind of cool.

    This year’s shorts design is growing on me. It’s a good length, it’s not transparent (!!!) like some of last years’, it moves reasonably well with him. Still not wild about the shiny stripe, though I’m ok with HAVING a stripe – it doesn’t actually look shiny in these photos, though it could turn out to be shiny anyway when we see the actual shorts.

    1. Maybe, although the rules around colours haven’t changed at Wimbledon. After the Orange soled trainers got banned I think they’d know what is acceptable. They design a long way in advance too, I saw the Wimbledon outfit for this year in like March or something.

    2. mmm, Fed was quoted as saying something like he thought Wimby had got too strict. Remember how Kyrgios had to turn his Wimbledon-branded sweatband inside out this year because it didn’t meet the tournament’s own criteria?

      Maybe it’s the interpretation that varies from over time, rather than the actual wording of the rule.

    3. I didn’t see the Kyrgios thing. Was it like a Wimbledon shop bought sweatband?

      I think some brochures with renders in were leaked earlier this year though with both designs already in. He was probably referring to the Orange Soles of 2013.

    4. Yes, exactly, he’d bought it in the shop.

      I didn’t mean that they would have made the decision to use it for NY in June, but that back last year some time, they might have thought to use it at Wimby, then realized they couldn’t, then thought, well, let’s not let it go to waste though!

      Really hoping it will look as good on the court as I’m imagining. Of course a lot of that depends on Fed!

      1. And meant to say, re the headband, that there have certainly been years since I’ve been watching tennis when a player could have worn something like that on court. Mostly white, prominent purple & green stripes w/ the Wimby logo.

  13. Not especially enamoured of either, but I really do like the (day) vapors. I loved the raspberry shirt, but I’m not generally a big fan of two-tone, especially not dark front/white back. But in the end, I don’t much care either – a la Murli. They’re always beautifully cut which is important – made to measure from Savile Row? ๐Ÿ˜†

  14. My first reaction was a bit similar to Jonathan. ” ”
    But when I saw the pictures of Roger at New york street tennis club or whatever it was. I was like hang on Roger doesnt look bad in it plus the stubble look, reminiscence of wimbledon 2006 for some reasons or maybe its just me. The day outfit looks pretty good too (better than last years I think).
    I still miss Darth Federer.

    Rafa looked more like a crocodile representator. I guess the first week predators will be after him sooner or later anyway. :pp

  15. Thanks Wanda, Slamdunk and Jonathan…

    Never knew about the ghost-tweeter for Gary
    In my case, unfortunately, quite the contrary
    In all humility, the inspiration is none but Fed
    As long as he plays, lines tumble from my head

  16. I’m liking these two polos. Its nice he gets to wear all white for a tournament other than Wimbledon for a change, can’t remember the last time he did so (maybe Cincy 07)?

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