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Roger Federer’s Uniqlo Game Wear for 2022

Uniqlo releases outfit originally designed and developed for Roger Federer to wear in his next tournament.

The outfit that never was from Uniqlo has just hit the shelves.

Like most fans, the Japanese brand were still expecting (or at least hoping) for a comeback from the Maestro and likely had several outfits for him in the pipeline.

This particular outfit is a black shirt (which looks more navy in the picture) with a purple line across the chest and the typical Uniqlo branding.

It looks very well suited to the US Open thanks to the famous Darth Federer ensemble but was likely his outfit for the Swiss Indoors in Basel, which, until his retirement announcement, was slated to be Federer’s second comeback tournament after the Laver Cup.

You can see the outfit below:

federer uniqlo outfit 2022


Outfit Specification

  • DRY-EX fabric with a special structure that quickly absorbs and diffuses moisture.
  • Made of 75% recycled yarn.
  • Designed by Christophe Lemaire of UNIQLO U.
  • This stand collar polo shirt was developed after discussions with Roger Federer.
  • Sophisticated design with a narrow accent colour on the chest.
  • Designed with a 3-dimensional sleeve pattern to accommodate swinging arm movements.
  • Mesh holes placed in sweaty areas where heat tends to accumulate ensure breathability.

The game wear is available on the Uniqlo website, availability differs by region. And who knows, maybe the outfit will get a run out if Federer decides to play some exhibition tennis soon.

What do you guys think of the outfit? Let me know in the comments.


Editor of Perfect Tennis and a big fan of Roger Federer, I've spent countless hours watching and analysing his matches. Alongside playing the sport, I also enjoy writing about the tour, rackets, strings, and the technicalities of the game. Whether it's breaking down the latest tournament results or discussing the latest gear innovations, I'm always eager to share my insights with fellow tennis enthusiasts.

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  1. Such a pity, not sure if it looks good on Roger. Have to see it live tbh unfortunately it will never happen now.

  2. The pic looks like, like it was photomontage, isn’t it? Fed’s face looks like it was not a photo, but some Photoshop creation.

  3. Why no collared outfits ? Since 2017 , I’ve seen more standing collar outfits than the collared polo outfits being worn by Federer.

  4. Does anyone know when his contract with Uniqlo expires? I guess he will switch to On afterwards exclusively for everything. At least that’s what I hope for, although the price will be 10 times higher.

  5. I think Roger should have anticipated and make his own brand from the scratch. The outfits that Uniqlo gave him were too dull to my taste, not that Nike was great those last years but still. I can’t recall a memorable outfit since the debut.
    Lacoste would have suited him much better.

    1. Lacoste is Djoker’s domain or Lacost let him go because of vaccine stance?
      Roger and Djoker wearing (hmmm Roger only virtually) outfits from the same brand ???

  6. In the capitalist world you can sell everything. Now selling sentiments. Adding a piece of paper Federer and a small bottle with his retirement tears to exploit fans’ emotions. Ugly business.

  7. Somebody has asked here about how long Uniqlo contract with Federer is. Well, it was made in 2018, if I’m correct and signed for 10 years. So until 2028 – six years to go. 300 million dollars guaranteed over 10 years, most of them after retirement (don’t think anyone at Uniqlo did believe, Federer will play until 2028 ;)).
    they rather assessed how long the most numerous group of Federer fans can be still alive and some even continuing hobby tennis playing, so quite a nice market to sell anything with Federer’s face. Actually nobody would care about gear and apparel never used by Federer. What’s sold is his face and fans’s sentiment.
    Sure, he will probably play some exhos. One outfit per exho and at least 1 new gear a year. Good deal for Uniqlo and RetFed. The business ends with last Federer’s fan dying. Or maybe not yet?

  8. I have a scenario for Fed’s celebration in Basel.
    For tournament’s inauguration he plays an exho with Mirka, the kids and the whole team.
    Then he appears in chosen matches in many roles: as a ballkid, linespeople, chair umpire, on-court interviewer, sitting in the box of a Swiss young player (if there will be some) and kind of coaching him, doing the coin toss, what else???
    Then in the final ceremony some long speech and for the end a big pizza for ballkids and pizza for everyone in the stands.
    Some tears more, but fully relaxed and having fun.
    Who has better proposition?

  9. I’ve never been a fan of Uniqlo. Remember USO and the tomato soup coloured one? I was at the USO that year and saw the outfit in the Uniqlo store. I believe it was the reason Fed lost his match. It was a super hot and humid night match. Fed overheated for the first time in his career that I know of. The material the outfit was made of was super thick and hot.
    Lots of money came his way but Nike was better.

    1. The reason of Fed losing USO was you visiting the tournament? 😉
      New York is always hot and humid at the USO time, no?
      What was the material of the outfit? Natural wool? 😉 This outfit should be a big deal this coming winter in Europe, hahaha
      And so far I can recall, all Fed’s outfits, Nike or Uniqlo) were heavily critiqued here, unless Fed won the title 🙂

  10. I always thought, what wins matches and tournaments is the “INFIT”. But probably all the poor outfits were financed by Nadal&Djoker&Co. to make Fed’s life hard and it seems, it worked from time to time 🙁

  11. Never liked his Uniqlo stuff.

    Made him look more frumpy.

    Fed has very broad shoulders and a narrow waste; a perfect athletic build.

    They made his shirts narrow at the shoulders and roomy at the waste.

    You can see it above.

    Ruined the look of his natural frame.

    Nike at Wimbledon and IW in 2015 were perfect examples of how to do right by Fed.

    Uniqlo is poor when it comes to tailoring to Fed.


    1. Well said. His AO and Sunshine Double shirts in 2017 were among my faves but I also think Wimbledon 2015 was his best for that tournament. The only upside to his retirement is that we’ll never have to see him wear these utterly naff Uniqlo outfits again – at least not competitively.

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