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Roger Federer’s Most Underrated Matches

We all know Roger's played an inordinate number of great matches during his career; the Wimbledon 4th Round 2001 vs. Sampras, the French Open 2011 Semi Final vs. Djokovic, and the Wimbledon Semi Final vs. Murray in 2015 to name but a few.

But what about some of the lesser known matches that weren't at higher profile tournaments or simply never get a mention when talking about his best ever performances? There's certainly plenty out there to pick from so I thought I'd put together a compilation of the matches I think are underrated based on my own picks and suggestions on Facebook / Twitter when I asked a week or so ago. There's also a poll / suggestion box at the end of the post as considering there's over a thousand to choose from there's bound to be some missing!

Federer vs. Srichaphan, Basel Semi Final 2006

The first on my list is the Basel semi from 2006 where Srichaphan pushed Roger all the way. Fast court combined with 2 great shotmakers is always going to produce something pretty special. Even if they are playing in a weak era 😆

Federer vs. Del Potro, Australian Open Quarter Final 2009

There's no schooling like a Federer schooling and in this one he completely took apart Del Potro inflicting two bagels in the Quarter Final of  a Grand Slam.

Federer vs. Nalbandian, Basel Final 2008

Another match from Federer's hometown tournament in Basel. Again with a quick court you had Fed with his serve & forehand going up against Fat Dave with his excellent returns and sublime backhand. You can see why the Swiss struggled a ton against this guy earlier in his career.

Federer vs. Safin, Hamburg Final 2002

Federer's first Masters Series title here as he defeated Marat Safin in straight sets in what is probably one of his best ever clay court matches. He'd never won a match in Hamburg previously losing to Pavel and Squillari (a key match in his career) and had been dumped out in the first round in Rome a week earlier.

Federer vs. Nalbandian, Masters Cup Final 2005

Another match against Fat Dave on a quick court 😀 the first loss in the list too but still has to go down as a great match. Federer was on a 24 match winning streak but was making his first tournament appearance in 6 weeks after an ankle injury and perhaps should have won from 2 sets up but Nalbandian fought back to take it in a tie break after Roger came back from 0-4 down in the final set!

Federer vs. Andreev, US Open 4th Round 2008

A gutsy 5 set win in this one for Federer who'd had a tough year in the lead up to the US Open and didn't look his best in the early rounds in New York. He wasn't at his best here either; the forehand not quite firing and Andreev's heavy top spin game causing problems but he pulled out the win and the rest is history 🙂

Federer vs. Tipsarevic, Australian Open 3rd Round 2008

A heart breaker for Tipsarevic going down 10-8 in the fifth to Federer but what a match. Shot making galore from both sides with Tipsy hitting a string of awesome backhands to take a 2 sets to 1 lead. Federer dug in though and fought his way through before eventually losing to Djokovic in the semi finals.

Federer vs. Monaco, US Open 4th Round 2011

Another schooling to add to the list where Roger just absolutely mauled his opponent. I guess you could argue it's not underrated but it never really gets a mention and you will not see Fed play at a higher level in a Best of 5 sets match than this ever. On it from the word go.

Federer vs. Murray, World Tour Finals Semi Final 2012

Roger down an early break with Murray putting a lot of pressure on the return but he finds a way back in, plays that epic half volley backhand down the line and then runs away with it. I remember watching it on TV and the crowd made this match electric, probably one of my favourite matches I've watched in recent years because of that but it gets overshadowed by Slams, Finals etc so I'm putting it in.

Federer vs. Ancic, Wimbledon Quarter Finals 2006

Revenge for 2002!

Which is your favourite? Please vote below or make a suggestion and let me know in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. How about the two magicians’ contest, USO 2005 against Santoro? Or Wimby 2001 against Tim Henman, though he lost…I recently saw a video, surprised how well Tim played.

    1. Completely agree Alb. That is the match when there is a rain delay on match point. Then, bam, Roger serves an ace! Fed also was starting to throw his headband into the crowd and stopped and stuffed it in his tennis bag. Great memento to remember the match by.

      1. And Roger had a great looking shirt and curls.

        Actually, that was the year a stomach virus swept through the valley. A lot of players and fans got it including Roger. The first match I saw him play he looked rough. Also, a great close match with Raonic that year too.

      1. It only winded crazy on his side. Wind moved with him whenever he switched sides. Science still cannot explain this phenomena.

    2. Oh yeah forgot about that match, thanks Alb. Agreed with Sue, in fact 2012 was one of the best year for not just his results but hair, outfit…omg he was gorgeous throughout the year 🙂

  2. i just miss him a lot!!! All these matches are great but my fave is 2012 IW against Nadal. He is such a good wind player. if that is how you call it. Another is against Murray at 2012 WTF. Can’t wait for Jan to come

  3. Thanks Jonathan great idea to get us thinking about the totality of Fed’s greatness. I am surprised not a mention of the USO in the replies, is it the case if Roger is not there no one is watching?
    Seems the roof has its problems in amplifying the sound and the heat not to mention the booming PA system blow ups and butterflies putting Andy off. So much media hype he was the new number 1, almost like he was the new King of clay until he wasn’t ….sorry for all you Brits but he has had a good run lately by any measure. The gossip of stony faced Lendl leaving rapidly after the match is interesting. So too were the Gael Monfils tactics, inspired by Gilles Simon probably, that did unsettle Novak but ultimately did not work and JMac and the pundits really laying into Gael was awful. He gave an inspired and heart felt press conference that he does give full effort so that is bubbling away and we move onto the final.
    Stan played amazingly long and hard fought matches and Novak was the luckiest defender in the history of the game. Pity Delpo was not in his draw as he was a very welcome addition and played some good matches again. Rafa also gave value and the Lucas Pouille win putting him out was a thrilling match.
    Did anyone see Novak is letting the cameras in and being filmed for Amazon for next year so in his Presidential year of the ATP he will be immortalised in a reality show. That ego knows no bounds .

    RF’s Swiss holiday posts and films have been a pleasing diversion but when Billie Jean King opines on Twitter she wants him back just to see him play again win or lose, I think we are vindicated in our at times fanatical and obsessive dedication who is just as present in his absence as ever.
    Here’s hoping Stan has the legs left to survive the noise and heat of Ashe to hand Novak a platter.

    1. Wow. Quite a writer you are.

      Spot on comments on USO so far.

      “…hand Novak a platter”!! ??

      Sad to hear of Novak reality show. Goodness. Not needed. Don’t like how affected he seems by the culture of the crowd. Hope some day he uses his traumatic background / up-bringing in war torn Serbia to good use in the humanitarian arena. He has a powerful back story and seems to have an idealistic bent / leadership desire …and suffering folks could make use of that if he put it to good use

      Grateful Fed’s been a good example in that from long ago.

      1. Do be fair, his foundation does a LOT of work in elementary and pre-elementary education in Serbia & elsewhere in the region.

      2. Good to know Thinker. Good for him. I’m glad. These guys have such a platform and so much money. I don’t know who started the “foundation” stuff but glad for the pattern.

    2. Looks like a repeat of the RG final from last year. Djokovic wins the first set, but Wawrinka won the next two and is now 4-1 up in the fourth. Djokovic behaving like his pre-gluten-free self, wincing and stretching and grinning sardonically and getting his foot worked on by the trainer.

      Still a lot of tennis to be played but I don’t see how Djokovic comes back into this match. Wawrinka’s pace and aggression are too much for Djokovic and the Serb’s being forced to overhit. Hopefully Wawrinka can put it to bed in four sets and claim a third Grand Slam title in as many finals!

  4. Great comments, Katie. “who is just as present in his absence as ever”.

    Stan appears to have lost weight, should help in the final. Johnny Mac is an ass whether he knows his stuff or not.

  5. Fat Dave! Made me laugh! Great reminders! Actually the Monaco beat down is mentioned a bit cos it was so late, kept waiting and Fed in no mood to hang around!! Squillari, name from the distant past! I remember watching that Andreev match between my fingers… Nail biter!!
    Yep, Sue, JMac is an ass! USO has been pretty average with a couple of matches to validate it! Loved Pouille’s win and Kei but Muzz has no business losing that…
    Glad for Angie.. Proved herself and actually WTA more entertaining at the mo.
    Monf, Tsonga etc still French..?

  6. Toronto QF vs. Berdych, 2010. Remember this was Federer’s slump year when Berdych beat him at Wimbledon so Berdych came in thinking he’d win this one for sure.

    A real nail-biter. Started out easy enough, Federer cruised in the first set with some amazing tennis. Then in the second set Berdych started crushing the ball and put Federer under real pressure and broke for the set. In the third set Federer went down a break and Berdych served for the match. Miraculously Federer broke back and got into a tiebreak, which he narrowly won.

    The crowd atmosphere was great for this one, lots of cheering and yelling for our man (don’t think too many people wanted Berdych to win). The suspense was great too. Pretty much everyone had a heart attack ten times over during the match (I know I did). And it was important too for Federer to get the victory over Berdych and start getting back on track after his tough season.

    1. Was about to mention that one! It was an awesome match, and the semi against Djokovic the day after was also pretty good.

      There isn’t much in the 2010 crop that’s underrated, because Fed was either generally acknowledged to be very good, or very bad – but Melzer in the US Open that year was hella good, as was, oddly enough, I felt, losing to Soderling in the French.

  7. Some more that come to mind, either underrated matches as a whole or underrated Fed performances:

    vs Hewitt Indian Wells 2005 F (remembered for “that rally” but Fed was awesome the whole time)
    vs Nalbandian Rome 2006 SF
    vs Cuevas Istanbul 2015 F (saved set point with an immaculate BH DTL return)
    vs Henman Wimbledon 2001 QF (lost, but a great match nonetheless)
    vs Hewitt Cincinnati 2007 SF
    vs Hewitt Hamburg 2004 F (about as hard as RF has ever hit his forehand)
    vs Malisse Wimbledon 2012 R16 (the bad back match)
    vs Mayer Hamburg 2013 QF (RF could have retired with the terrible back injury)
    vs coach Ljubo Rotterdam 2005 F
    vs Gonzalez AO 2007 F (I know it’s a GS final, but many people remember the Roddick match prior, understandably so …. but the final was just as good from Roger against peak peak Gonzo. The very peak of RF’s game in my mind, and yet rarely gets mentioned as such)
    vs Roddick Wimbledon 2004 F, USO 2006 F, USO 2007 QF (all matches AR pushed RF very hard)
    vs Haas Wimbledon 2009 SF (immaculate performance)
    vs Roddick Basel 2001 QF (the ’02 match is remembered for that jumping overhead pass, but this was a great 3-set battle between the young’uns)
    vs Querrey Wimbledon 2015 2R (Fed handling Sam’s big game with ease, Nole should have taken notes)
    vs Srichaphan Bangkok 2004 SF (another great shotmakers match vs the ‘Dorn)
    vs Safin Dubai 2004 1R (facing prime Marat in the 1st round after facing him in the AO final a few weeks before? Yikes!)
    vs Coria Hamburg 2005 QF (amazing match vs a clay-court God)
    vs Nadal Monte Carlo 2006 F (their most underrated match IMO)

    That’s enough for now.

    1. Good point that the 2009 Wimby F – one of my favourites ever – was not their only meeting in the Wimby F. I remembered that Fed had denied multiple slams to Roddick, but not that 4 of them were at Wimbledon.

    2. A personal favourite is Santoro US Open 2005. I don’t know if that’s underrated, but it was one of the best, most creative matches I’ve seen.

  8. Someone here please explain the MTO for me…. How is it allowed IN BETWEEN CHANGEOVERS??? and I thought it was 1 per set, how does Novak get two?? Are my facts screwed up??

    1. As they were saying on ESPN, it has to be an “acute medical condition”, to be able to take an MTO, not during the changeover. I don’t think that was an acute conditions. He said he couldn’t stand, then showed not even the slightest hint of limping. Wow!

      1. I think he said he said “Stan – I’m sorry man. I couldn’t stand it.”

        Not “I couldn’t stand.”

      2. Umpire messed up, plain and simple. Stan directed his complaints at the official as well – shouldn’t have been allowed.

      3. Apparently The ITF Rulebook says that if a player is bleeding, the chair umpire must stop play as soon as possible, so that evaluation, treatment and a MTO can follow.

        Since the chair couldn’t possibly see the bottom of Novak’s foot bleeding, I don’t really have a problem, in theory, with it being called to his attention; but I agree that the timing was suspect at best. Why on earth not mention it at the end of the previous game?

    2. The BBC commentators last night – not for the first time – said that you aren’t allowed to take an MTO before your opponent’s service game. I don’t know whether that’s right or not? But you’re certainly not supposed to take one outside change of ends unless the problem is “acute”, and I wouldn’t say that a bleeding blister, however painful, is “acute”. But it’s up to the umpire to enforce the rules. Surely Stan did complain, though – and at length? That’s what I thought was happening from the radio commentary.

      Shades of the Wimbledon 2014 final, where the commies were asking why Djokovic was taking an MTO for cramp, which isn’t supposed to be allowed …

      1. The ESPN commentators, surprisingly, were very harsh with Djokovic. McEnroe was not amused and making some sarcastic comments. Well deserved.

        Looks like Djokovic, no matter how hard he tries, simply cannot get the love Roger gets. You can’t rip shirts during a game, then take fake MTO’s, and expect people to love you.

        It was easy to see who the crowd was supporting. They were supporting Djokovic more….than the chair umpire at least. 🙂

      2. Crowd were a bit friendlier than last year’s final to Novak. However, he’s never had a good relationship with the NY crowd. It will be interesting to see what legacy he leaves behind when all is said and done.

    1. Was just gonna mention that. To be fair, though, we used that as an excuse last year, saying fed should have won. I bet Novak won as many points or close to wawrinka, so his fans will rightfully see this as a game that got away.

      1. Sets two and three definitely could have gone either way. Last year Roger made errors on a few break point chances but Novak also played very well on a lot of those points. In the end, Novak was tougher last year and Stan was tougher this year. Tennis can be a cruel game sometimes and both those matches showed why for the ones defeated.

      2. Definitely agree. Nevertheless, it was worth noting the parallels between the two finals – I’m just a little bit sad it wasn’t Roger who emerged last year instead.

        Noticing a lot of negative comments on here regarding Djokovic taking that MTO – a fair amount of cynicism comes hand in hand with people like us, who so blindly support Federer we aren’t willing to credit most anyone who competes with him. For my part, the umpire made the big mistake, allowing the MTO pre-changeover. Novak is well within his rights to request one, and his foot WAS bleeding; it’s not like there’s a conspiracy theory from players to set up their own injuries by actually injuring themselves a few games in advance. The only conspiracy theory in tennis is doping (and I guess the court speed thing).

      3. Agree with you. Same with the time between points, it’s he unpires job to reign them in. Pissed off at the umpire, a little less against Novak ^^

      4. Yeah saw that stat – yet the scoreline was significantly more straightforward than that particular stat. Just goes to show how intriguing the scoring system in tennis is, and the weight on big points.

        The ATP evaluates a player’s ability under pressure using a special metric, taking into account tiebreak record, break points saved, taken, and deciding sets won. Djokovic comes out as historically the best in that metric, but lost his nerve last night.

      5. Just looked at the stats and in last year’s final Novak won 147 to Fed’s 145. Novak’s last service game in the third set reminded me of Fed last year. Fails to break his opponent at the end of the set and ends up breaking himself. Credit to Stan for holding it together when Djoker was pulling his usual antics.

  9. Unbelievable! Un-fucking believable! Djokovic pulled a page out of the Nadal playbook. That was abuse, pure and simple. He tries to portray himself as a a great sportsman, a great champion. But the fact is, he is nothing but a thug.

    Way to cheat, Djokovic, to throw Stan off. I’m just veely veely happy Stan held and went on to take the title.

    A big setback this for Djokovic, in his quest to overtake Federer’s 17 slams. He has to first win 5 to reach 17, and statistically, he will need to be in about 9 finals, likely and all that when battling age. Ain’t happening.

    1. I wondered while watching the fourth set whether or not this could be the slow glacial decline of Djokovic. Federer started really declining at 29, and Nadal at 28. Novak has played more tennis than anyone over the past 6 years and I wonder if he’s going to have more health problems next year and beyond.

      1. At the end of last year I suggested Djokovic may have likely peaked, and he would not have another year like it. So we have seen, in the second half of this year. He will not reach Roger’s number of slams.

      2. Heaven help men’s tennis, then, because Murray’s the same age as him, and as we keep complaining the generation below haven’t stepped up to the mark.

      3. Richard, says who Novak isn’t reaching 17 slams? He is still 29 and if he can play the next few years at this level with no one else in the way to stop him then it’s very likely he will equal or surpass him.

    2. That’s what rankles the most , the sportsmanship ethos he purports to embrace, but then he does whatever it takes and apologises after. Didn’t he do that questionable MTO in 2014 to Fed and forever break Katyani’s and many of our hearts? As number 1 he should play hard and be more than fair at all times….what hope when BB advising you and bringing all the bad bits back from his crooked eraLOL.

      Enjoy your platter Djovak Nokovic or whatever that US announcer called him. Still had a better year than everyone else so he will be back. But it was refreshing even if it showed the rest of the tour their deficiencies….next gen and the young guns time to step up a bit more.

  10. The way Stan and Novak treated each other tonight made me proud of tennis.

    I don’t think Novak should have been allowed what he did. But I liked that he apologized to Stan from the chair and the net. I liked how he admitted Stan was more courageous.

    I loved the way Stan talked about and treated Novak.

    A lot of great sportsmanship on display. I think Fed would be proud of Stan. And I think the way they treated each other was Fed like.

    1. Also really surprised at Novak’s honesty here:
      “”I lost my nerves in the important moments. He kept his cool. I think that’s what decided the match,” said Djokovic. “I guess sometimes it happens, even though you have the experience and know what to do. Just the heat of the moment and importance of the match, I guess, was too strong for me at certain periods of the match. Just if you lose your cool, the match can go away.”

    2. But I also think Fed would have been royally pissed at Novak and even more so the chair allowing that MTO before the changeover.

      1. Definitely and he might have even pleasantly sassed the chair Ump perhaps, but yes Stan played how people want tennis to be and the sooner officials remove the elastic standards and grey areas the better. Many players and pundits were tweeting about the greyness of the rules today and it is a bad and confusing look for tennis. Stan showed its not hard to play decently, sportingly and win. Hope he gets the Edberg award for it if Fed is ineligible.

  11. Watching today makes me wonder if Fed was healthy this year, he would be holding some trophies including the USO. Sometimes we can dream.

    A sense of relieve. I’ve been thinking of who is going to take out Djokovic. Surprised it was Stan. He has had a pretty lousy year until now.

    Alb, I think Fed would have been pissed at the MTO. Interesting that JMac didn’t rant and rave about Djokovic the way he did about Monfils. A definite double standard.

    1. Yeah Sue – Fed would probably have called him out on it. Novak really not at all apologetic in the presser – very resolute it was fair and seemed to stare down the question. So why apologize to Stan earlier ? Maybe he came to believe he was justified.

      Anyway – VERY PROUD OF STAN!!!

      Keeps tennis interesting.

      Good question on what if Fed was here and healthy. But is there something about the match up that favors Stan? Fed would have taken out Stan, but not sure about this Novak. Stan has such a heavy ball and that seems to shake Novak in a way it does not shake Fed (usually).

    2. I suspect Jmac probably gets that Djokovic was injured, and that the fault, if any, lies mainly with the chair umpire for allowing the MTO – which itself is a dubious claim, given that the definition of “acute medical condition” isn’t exactly obvious to anyone but, it seems, most people here.

      It’s not that I’m defending Djokovic, but what Monfils did (or allegedly did), which was not even try, was by far more unprofessional, and he got critically panned for it, not just from Jmac.

    3. I think thinking Fed would have won USO this year if healthy is wishful thinking. Had a big chance last year and didn’t take it. I guess he might have won something big-ish but far from a given. Wimbledon would have been the interesting one, I think he would have made the final then it’s the big question of whether he can get over the line?

      1. After that US open final last year, it’s really slim chances for Fed to beat Novak in a slam again.

      2. I definitely wouldn’t say it’s a given, but let’s face it, a lot of the top players have been distinctly crumbly the last few months, and the way Roger was playing before he got injured – or if he’d carried on making progress post-injury – it’s not inconceivable that if he’d been fit he might have been able to take advantage. Alternatively, he might have flaked, of course 🙂

  12. I just realized neither favorite won. So glad to have new champions!!!


    Keep it coming!!!!!

      1. What?

        I have no idea if it’s clean.

        I’m glad we don’t have to rehearse another Novak/Serena major.

        That’s all in taking about.

      2. It was a joke. I’m bored by Serena and Novak. Really not a fab of their tennis at all and really tired of their monotonous domination.

        So I meant, for my tastes, Stan and Kerber “saved tennis”.

        Of course I have no idea what players may or may not get away with.

        Any of them.

      3. Kerber will be a prime candidate for Richard to look at. Got massively fitter late in her career and bags 2 slams. I must say she looks better for it 😛

  13. What a win by Stan, he played within himself, match stroke for stroke and it’s fearless. Thankfully Stan was able to remain calm and focus by untimely Djoker MTO. Clearly its a bad toe injury but I would fault umpire for allowing it. If not for Stan, Djojer would have won 4 Slams in one year and probably gotten to 14 GS titles by now. He is consumate bogeyman for Djoker.

    On a side note, noticed Jelena looks unhappy. Not at all concerned about Djoker’s injuries or cheering him like how she used to. Wonder if rumours about their marital issues are true cause her expressions and face are very telling.

    1. Probably even 15; AO 2014 Nadal played great, but I don’t believe he would have beaten Djokovic on Plexi.

      I’m just waiting for the obligatory Louisa Thomas article, like “Courage and a prespoterous pair of shorts” from last year.

    2. All just rumours about Djoker. Who knows what the ‘issues’ were. I don’t really care tbh. Gives people something to gossip about though. I’ll go for he banged a New York stripper.

  14. Stan’s perfect timing was as sweet as a SWiss clock
    The djoke was on the Djoker as HE needed the doc

    Nothing really went for Novak according to plan
    He had no clue about how to beat Stan the Man

    In the end, it was Stanislaus WOWrinka’s day
    Though the better match was the one on clay

    1. That bitch is allowed to take whatever the fuck she wants to take to help her beat up poor girls in the WTA, and steal titles and money from them. As a bonus, she also gets to curse against players on court, and line judges. And when she loses, the TA/USTA heads writes apologies.

      And the same treatment is given to another super bitch, Hillary Clinton.

      What the fuck is wrong with the world!

    2. Sharapova is such an angel compared to these cheats. At least she had the guts to admit it. Didn’t occur to her that she could have applied for a TUE after, like the great Serena did, apparently in RG15? Too bad she’s not Amerian so probably not a chance it would be approved anyway.

      Yeah truth is here now. Such a shame to WTA. Half of Serena Willaims titles should be scrapped.

    1. Nothing untoward has been disclosed Sue. I’ve no idea why Sid dislikes Serena and Venus too, but he never misses a chance to spit venom at them. I like them both; they are great champions. Considering he *appears* to support Trump and (from something he said on a past thread) supports his stance the ‘wall’, together his unpleasant attitude towards Mexican immigrants, and his crack about ‘only black athletes matter’, one can only assume that he *is* actually racist.

    2. Doesn’t Serena normally run to a panic room for drugs tests? I haven’t read much about it, most of them are exemptions. I see Simone Biles has one too for the fictitious condition ADHD.

      Slamdunk is always throwing out you must be racist line, but hasn’t got a clue when it comes to common sense matters.

      I remember I got called it for saying unskilled, illegal and unchecked migration has basically ruined the lives of many British people. With no valid reasoning other than COS RACIST! 😆

      1. You should try living upstairs from someone *with* ADHD before you start calling it “fictitious”, Jon. Especially when they spend the evening bouncing off the radiators (which of course are shared throughout the block and therefore transmit the noise *so so* very well) 🙁

      2. You keep swinging with the totally generalised and unsubstantiated comments Jonathan. I gave you plenty of examples re Trump: all coming straight from his loathsome mouth, not media myth or exaggeration. As far as I remember you had no cogent or coherent response, merely that I lacked ‘common sense’ – which is once again your ‘argument’ this time. You can’t just say that migration has ‘ruined the lives of many British people’ – that’s just your opinion, which you are entitled to naturally, but where are the facts to back it up?

        I’m sorry, but Sid has made several statements in the past as well as in this post which suggests strongly that he IS racist. He’s another one who simply makes statements based on his opinion only, with absolutely no basis in fact whatsoever which are also deeply unpleasant to say the very least.

      3. I can just say unskilled, unchecked and illegal migration has ruined people’s lives because it’s true.

        Please answer my next question from the perspective of a 50 year old construction worker. You left school at 16 and have worked in construction all your life.

        You have 2 kids, a mortgage and a small amount of savings. You’ve had a fairly comfortable life. Nothing flash but paid the bills and had a holiday once a year.

        However thanks to open borders, you now can’t get any jobs due to the influx of eastern europeans willing to work for peanuts.

        Can you tell me how you or the UK wins with this scenario? You were a self sufficient tax payer but you’re now reliant on state handouts. Whilst the people who replaced you are living like peasants with 20 of them living in a terrace house with next to no living expenses; allowing then to send the bulk of their £2.50 an hour back home.

        What do you suggest here please? Im looking forward to you finding a newspaper article to counter this one. Do they cover real world scenarios like this one? ?

      4. @Alison – There’s quite a lot of info out there to suggest ADHD is a bit sketchy to say the least. You have drug companies making billions from ADHD medication and then you have parents keen to get their naughty kids diagnosed with it so they can get some form of perk or benefit to help with childcare. So it’s the type of thing that various people almost ‘want’ you to have. That doesn’t lead to accurate diagnosis.

      5. So, I am a racist now 🙂 Ok, if you say so Slamdunk.

        I agree with all of the points Jon made on immigration. The duty of a government, that is elected by the people, is first to its own people. It is not to corporations that can save money on cheap labor.

        I care about those who are unfortunate. I was one of them. I worked very, very, very hard, and I’m hugely thankful to God with where I am now. There are still those who are a lot more unfortunate than I ever was, or can ever imagine. I care about them. But I won’t be able to help them, until I’ve helped myself, and those who I love. Democrats here don’t understand that. All they want is votes, and to that end, they will sell America to the highest bidder, or in this case, the lowest bidder.

        Illegal immigration destroys the lifestyle of a country. All those 50 year olds that Jon talked about, they won’t have social security left for them at retirement. None. What the hell are they going to do?

        Slamdunk, you have a home right? Tell me this. Does your home have a door? Does it have walls around you? It protects you from elements. But it also protects you from something that can hurt you even more than rain, or sun, or snow, or hail. All you educated, intelligent Democrats in America, why don’t you buy houses that are say $50,000 cheaper than your dream house, and donate that money to buy a house for an illegal immigrant family? If each one of you could accommodate one illegal immigrant as a non-paying guest in your homes, we would solve this whole problem.

        People like Obama, and the Clintons, they don’t care about the real America. They care about themselves. Their personal wealth. Their foundations. I’ve heard Obama’s wife is considering a Senate run, which will eventually be a Presidential run.

        Less than 5% Blacks are voting for Trump. Why? 16 of the last 24 years have been under Democrat rule. The last 8 were under a Black President. Why are unemployment and crime still so high in their communities? I want you guys to think about this: Why are they still voting Democrat. I won’t answer that without risking being called a racist.

      6. Serena Williams actually is a racist bitch. Ever heard what she yells out at her “white” opponents during match play? Probably part of her Crip gang rituals. That explain the crip walking she has done in the past. Have you ever, ever, heard a tennis player threatening to kill a lines judge? And that too a woman?

        She gets away with everything she does because she is Black. People apologize to her when she loses, for fucks sake! How much more blatantly partisan can you get?

        Yeah, go ahead, call me racist, which has become a synonym for honest these days.

      7. Whoa that escalated quickly guys. I have no real substantial opinion on the matter, but if I may:

        Slamdunk, Sid may phrase things a little over-graphically, but his comments are rarely if ever derogatory. End of the day, I understand if you find him unpleasant, but there’s no need to throw up a full racism argument – Sid has a point at least when he (overstates) the role of racism nowadays – any comment can set someone off, however statistical the point. I guess this prevents the discussion of what racism actually is, which is a big issue for me.

        Jon, I don’t claim to know all that much, and being a privileged person myself, albeit a minority, I do not know that 50 year old guy. But, firstly your point is specific, which loses it credibility, even though I get what you were going for. Secondly, it doesn’t address who is helped by migration into this country. It is notably void of that consideration, which I imagine makes it harder to see as balanced (.I assume that’s what you were going for 🙂 )

        Sid, no hard feelings against you, mate, I understand your partisanship. It is true, however, that you fire off a lot of abuse at the Williams, little of which is for a particular thing; it’s not so much that I would ever stifle that freedom of speech thing, but a chunk of it is “unnecessarily strong”, shall we say.

      8. I don’t think that is a flaw, if anything it gains credibility surely? My point looks at one employment area (a huge area though when you consider the size of the UK construction industry) and how it is effected by one huge problem – unskilled, unchecked and sometimes illegal immigration.

        If you take Slamdunks approach and bundle ALL immigration together as one and call it a net benefit, that’s where you lose credibility. Because you’re putting everyone in the same pot. That is flawed. I’m pro immigration, pro strong borders and pro sovereign state. I’m certainly against uncontrolled immigration.

        It doesn’t need to address who benefits really. Who do you think benefits if you pay your work force (who are btw contractors) £2.50 an hour? 😆

      9. But by the same token – you can apply my scenario to any sort of low skilled employment. They all suffer the same problem caused by unskilled, uncontrolled and sometimes illegal immigration.

      10. [Sid may phrase things a little over-graphically]

        John, that is an understatement, but thanks for being kind 🙂

    3. Painkillers and anti-inflammatories which are so powerful that they count as PEDs must be pretty strong. Perhaps if you are literally taking them as and when just when you are suffering badly from pain/inflammation it might be necessary to get a TUE retroactively if there’s no doctor available when you need to take one? I don’t know how these things work, and I haven’t seen the report, but it seems to me that that might be conceivable. I wonder whether Roger has been taking anything for his knee?

  15. O MY CRAP.

    Watch the 2nd set of the USO Final from 4-3 through the end of the the set. Just 3 games.

    Stan’s pace is INCREDIBLE. Mind-blowing ball-crushing hitting.

    I have NEVER seen anything like it. Honestly.

    He loves Novak’s pace and the way Novak’s ball comes back from Stan – it just sits up there like a helium balloon and Stan just CRUSHES it again and again and again,

    Fed is the GOAT, but I’ve never seen such consistent pulverizing pace come off a racquet as what Stan hits off Novak.

    He is Novak’s very own Nadal. An unstoppable unsolvable wall in the way of his total domination.

    Thank you for crashing the party Stan.

    Hop Suisse!!!

    1. I watched that segment you were talking about, Alb. There is this point, with Djokovic service 4-5, 15-30. Stan yanks Djokovic from side to side, and finally find a cross court to open the court, and hit a line painting winner to get two break points. I think that was the defining point of the set, the match actually.

      Stan then does something similar during the game he serves for the match. Down 0-30, he gets another line painting winner.

      If I weren’t busy with work, I would’ve made a post on this match.

  16. Totally forgot about that match Fed played against Delpo in Melbourne in 09 which makes it all the more remarkable that Fed lost that US open final 8 months later!

    Huge win for Stan over Jovak Nokavic. For the third straight season he comes out nowhere and takes it all. Yet again we saw some questionable decisions from Djoker in a slam final but as you said J, Stan saw it all before from Nadal. A lot of people saying he’s unravelling in the second half of the season but after he finally won RG and held all four slams, it’s no surprise that he may be having a let down after such emotional and physical dominance. Stan’s ability to break through Novak’s defences never fails to amaze me and this could become a huge rivalry if Stan was more consistent.

    Other than that, tennis is as dull as ever. Olympics court looked slow as hell and not even Delpo’s teary efforts could make me sit through it. It seems this summer has opened another can of worms regarding men playing BO5. Getting a bit old at this stage. If you don’t like it then watch another sport. Hope to see some more posts from you J in this lingo…

  17. Anyone watch Delpo vs Murray? Was it good match, worth looking for highlights? Or just overhyped because of 5+ hrs and Delpo? ^^

      1. Understand we’re all biased, but Murray put in a highlight reel of shots as well – one lob and one passing shot in particular. Man, Delpo is a monster though. Helluva match – would for sure recommend you catch the highlights!

  18. Thanks Larry Ellison for raising the prices enormously AGAIN for Indian Wells. More than doubled in the last few years.
    Should I go? Will Fed be there FOR SURE? Will this be his last year? What should I do guys?

    Maybe everyone here should move to Canada. Peace and love abound. BUT you’d have to live in an igloo and travel by dog sled.

    1. Elect Hillary as President of the United States of Mexico, and pretty soon everyone will have to. Maybe then the Canadians will start thinking about building a wall.

    1. Slamdunk, that’s good to know.

      Just so you know, not too long ago, I was a Democrat. Educated, well off, and you know, all those things that all these coastal Democrats are like? I don’t belong to that uneducated, not well off, “deplorables” basket that Hillary Clinton would put me in. Yet, I care about the average American. I will say this again, the duty of the elected government is first to its citizens, and legal immigrant…and only then to those who got here illegally.

      You can’t be running of social security, be deep in debt, have certain demographics well below the poverty line, with high unemployment and crime rates, have a horrible health care system, pay no attention to educating the unfortunate “deplorables”, not actually do much about the condition of women, and then make a case that illegal immigrants should get amnesty.

      Fix your own problems first, then worry about the problems of your neighbors. We are not even close to being a great country, and want our neighbors to be great.

      1. I knew you were once a Democrat Sid. The ‘deplorables’ Hillary Clinton mentioned were Trump supporters were they not. Was it an attack on the uneducated? I guess many who find Trump as loathsome as I do – and there are plenty of them – would perhaps automatically assume that they were stupid, based on the fact that right from the start he was considered a clown; at the very least a bit of a joke. I am not alone in being shocked (and horrified) that it has gone this far and no other sensible candidate was found among the Republican party. I make no secret of the fact that I am actually very concerned that this man might actually be made president. From what I have read and heard, he is a deeply divisive character and I truly believe he could wreak havoc in your country. I also believe he will do nothing for those at the bottom of the heap.

        But (to my mind) it’s far too simplistic to say that illegal immigrants are the cause of all problems. BTW I am not against controls, merely the tendency to use them as a convenient scapegoat for all the ills in the country.

        It seems to me that many Americans are deeply unhappy with the ‘choice’ they are faced with, and I appreciate that Hillary is not exactly popular. At best, she is perhaps the lesser of the two evils.

        Anyway, I wish you luck Sid, whichever way it goes.

      2. slamdunk, I think this will make you think for a while.

        How can a person have pneumonia if they have already got a couple of seizures?

        Clinton is hiding her medical reports because she will do anything to become president. She cheated vs Bernie Sanders. Expecting that she will try to do it vs Trump too.

      3. Hillary Clinton is NOT fit to be president. Democrats just pushing her to get president, hoping she could stop the Trump train.

        slamdunk, Trump voters are voters who want the best for their country and not for other countries. They want MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Since when America was great after the American dream?

        Trump wants to restore the American dream because HE CARES about America, America and America.

        Clinton should stop hiding things from her supporters and public because if she continues like that Trump will seriously become president. When Trump becomes president, Clinton will be damaged by Trump. Trump has said some very rightful words about Clinton there. People think if you support Trump you are racist, anti-immigrant person, bla bla bla bla bla bla… Noooo, Trump has never been racist. He wants to remove the illegal immigrants and KEEP the legal immigrants IF they respect the AMERICAN LAWS. Since when is that racist and anti-immigrant? A country should ALWAYS consider ITS NATIVES first and immigrants second. But both of these should be RESPECTED equally. Trump said we WILL RESPECT EVERY LEGAL LIVING PERSON IN AMERICA. Considering Americans first of course. Trump cares about America and it’s normal for him to propose this simple but yet people still don’t understand rule.

        Fact is Trump cares for America. Clinton doesn’t.

        P.S. I would not be surprised if Trump supporters are more intelligent than Clinton ones.

      4. Who is the bigger asshole? The one who is not educated, and acts like an asshole? Or the one that is highly educated, and acts like an asshole?

        The first can be forgiven. The second is an asshole by choice, and should never be forgiven. That second one is the Democrat. That’s the asshole who will cast their vote for the biggest asshole of a Presidential candidate ever, Hillary Clinton.

      5. Not interesting at all with all this ass-holing. One is allowed, being a genuine asshole and should therefore have the most powerful employment in the world? My foot! Well how I miss interesting tennis comments, i.e. about Roger Federer. SIGH!

      6. Who is the bigger asshole? The one who is not in public service, and been an asshole? Or the one that is pledged to public service, and put her personal interest above that of the country, and put national security at risk (and a list of other horrible things only an asshole in that position would do)?

        Seriously, muser? Have you done your research?

      7. Vik, I know of course about his pausing. But still I miss some more intelligent comments and posts, and those have mostly been about Fed’s tennis.

      8. Hillary Clinton is a politician. Maybe 99.9% of the politicians are corrupted.

        At least Trump has said that he is not a politician. And this was a brave act from him cause saying that you are a businessman in front of Americans and his supporters during elections just says that he’s not like the rest.

      9. Slamdunk, I never said that illegal immigrants are the cause of all problems. I’m simply saying that you first have to address the big issues that face the country, and only then even think about amnesty. Someone who is not a Latino, and gets to the US illegally, will be summarily kicked out. Why not the illegal Latinos? Because…Democrat! They are securing the White House, and also the votes of future generations, at the expense of hard working Americans.

        Democrats are the ones who are unpatriotic.

      10. And republicans do not? Well a lot of disagreement is there! A simple definition of moral and patriotism. Republicans think something, democrats other. Who has the evident truth? Who wants to help sick and poor? Who wants only to help themselves? (And IMO just to help oneself is NOT to help oneself – construction of social collaboration is helping ALL much more in the long run? – Or do you want a great majority sick and poor, fighting desperately for life, and thus in rising degree frightening wealthy citizens?) – – For sure both candidates do what they can to win the election, that’s their right. Has a businessman per se more of moral than a politician? Or vice versa? I greatly doubt it.

      11. Muser, Democrats can’t even protect the life of the unborn. Life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Life comes first.

        Social collaboration and Socialism are two different things.

        A Businessman by definition wants to make money. A Politician by definition is meant to serve the electorate. Yuge difference!

        Trump is a businessman, and you don’t even know if he will be a bad public servant. Clinton on the other hand is a disgrace, a pathological liar, a felon, who was pardoned by Lynch (who was returning Bill’s favor of getting here to the NY AG position), and I have no doubt the influence Mr Clinton had on Obama to make her the AG of the US. Now, after forgiving Clinton, see how Mrs. Clinton gets her to the Supreme Court. Have you forgotten Lynch’s private date with Mr Bill in her plane?

        And we haven’t even talked about how the DNC rigged the Democratic primary. Clinton wouldn’t even have won the primary if Debbie hadn’t done Bernie.

        Muser, the list is endless. That’s not what you expect from a public servant.

        This is not about disagreements. This is about truth. I really want to insult you at this point for your ignorance, but I’m not going to. Jesus, Muser! Please try to truly understand Clinton.

      12. Sid said it just right. Clinton is a disgrace, Trump is an unknown nominee.

        muser, I wanted to say that Trump “at least” says that he is different than the others. Cause he REALLY is.

      13. Vik, that’s YOUR opinion. You may be right. Or I may, thinking the OPPOSITE! And all, I hear, read and see is supporting my opinion. Unfortunately also your writing…

      14. Muser, Serena Williams is a great sportsman. Fact, or opinion?

        I’m not going to argue with you anymore, as nobody can win an argument with you.

      15. muser, Every one is for Clinton cause most of the people see Trump as a racist. LOL, my writing is quite normal, sorry for that. There was really no need for you to write with capital letters. Were you SHOUTING? I capitalized important parts of my text that many people deny of. And I was not shouting. I was just being polite and wrote things that Trump said. (which are denied by the media and the democrats)

      16. The fact is, Vik, Serena Williams is the worst sportsman out there. I put her below Nadal, and that’s saying something. When someone says she is great sportsman, it’s not an opinion, they are flat out wrong.

      17. Vik, you write as if you are sure to know the truth. Yes I was shouting, because somebody with different opinions than you may also be right, which you don’t seem to acknowledge, and that is IMO not very polite. Most people who vote for Clinton may do it, because they think she is more clever and experienced, esp. in foreign matters. I think so too. – That Trump has expressed racist and sex-discriminating opinions, is only one thing among several, which annoy and frightens.

      18. [That Trump has expressed racist and sex-discriminating opinions, is only one thing among several, which annoy and frightens.]

        Here we go again: –

        Hillary Clinton – “I have a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off the reservation in the way they behave and how they speak,”, insulting American Indian men.

        Hillary Clinton – ” They are not just gangs of kids anymore. They are often the kinds of kids that are called ‘super-predators.’ No conscience, no empathy.”, says the woman whose husband passed a law that increased incarceration rates of Blacks.

        Hillary Clinton – ““I suppose I could have stayed home, baked cookies and had teas,”, as if there is something wrong with women who do all those things.

        Hillary Clinton – ““We Came, We Saw, He Died”, on deposing Gaddafi, and Libya turning into an utter failed state subsequently. So much for diplomacy.

        Hillary Clinton – “You can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables,”, effectively insulting millions of Americans

        Hillary Clinton – “You mean like with a cloth?”, when asked did she wipe the server. Then said she turned in all work related emails, only for the FBI to later recover over 10,000 emails.

        Hillary Clinton: Blaming the deaths of Americans in Benghazi on a video, then lying to the victims mother, and later saying “What difference does it make?”, and, “It’s time to move on!”. So much for empathy. Why do we even remember 9/11? Why don’t we move on already?

        Trump says things he hasn’t done yet, and is highly unlike to do. Hillary Clinton has done so many bad things she never talked about before doing.

        Trump is way better. Unfortunately, just like she rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders, Barack “Hussein” Obama will rig the general against Trump.

        I hope for your sake you grow up Muser.

      19. I can’t even give Muser a response 😆 it’s just a typical politically correct liberal response. It’s extremely dangerous IMO.

        “Because they think she [Clinton] is more clever and experienced, esp. in foreign matters. I think so too”

        Clueless. Please do some fact checking Muser away from the liberal media and take a look at her record both at home and on foreign policy. It’s a disaster.

        Regardless of opinions on Trump, Clinton is just a seasoned, bullshitting politician. Like Trump says – all talk, no action. You’d have to be mad to vote for her. Can anyone give examples of ‘good’ work she has done in her 26 year career?

        I just watched the debate as well. Hillary sounded a bit scripted almost like she was wearing a wire? 😆

      20. muser, I don’t know the truth. I am just writing my opinion. BTW you don’t need to treat me like a Trump hater. I acknowledge other people’s opinions. I was just talking about Trump vs Clinton. Actually, you don’t seem acknowledging other people’s opinions!

        Clinton is more racist than Trump.

        When Louisiana flooding happened, Trump went there and gave food. Obama was golfing most of the time and went for a very small period of time. Clinton stayed home.

      21. Trump won the debate, for me. He talked very wisely and he was very polite.

        How the fuck can Clinton name Trump “Donald” when Trump named Clinton “Secretary Clinton”?

        Clinton was really unprofessional.

        The moderator was shit. How can he question Trump about his personal issues but not question Clinton about Syria, Isis, her husband, e-mails and so much more? Reality is the moderator is probably a Clinton supporter.

        I liked when Trump interrupted Clinton when she talked. Fact is Clinton is scared to interrupt Trump cause she knows he is speaking the truth.

        Trump spoke about Hillary’s issues and he said that she supported ISIS.

        Hillary’s response? Donald supports the war. We don’t know if Trump really supports the war. We know that Clinton supports ISIS.

        Clinton was speaking like a robot. She was so programmed and unnatural in the debate. She even calls herself ready for ”president”.

        Why didn’t Hillary respond to Trump when he mentioned issues on security, immigrants and at some degree economics?

        Clinton wanted to show to Trump how business is done and how to improve the economics. Seems like Clinton maybe forgot that Trump is a businessman.

        Why did the moderator interfere Trump when he spoke but he did not do that to Hillary?

        The debate was rigged. They made it too easy for Clinton so she could win this.

        Seems like Trump is still the underdog. Anyway, Trump crushed her on some moments of the debate.

        Why is CNN the only poll showing dominating results for Clinton?

        Why is every other poll more or less equal (some won by Trump)?

        Is CNN really “Clinton News Network”?

        Anyway waiting for the second debate (October 8?) I hope Trump can damage Clinton even more. He even said that he would maybe try to do it.

        Democrats have counted that Trump lied 55 times in the debate. ROFL. How much times has Clinton lied during the debate? I’m sure the same amount or even more.

        Why do people say Trump was sniffling and that he is sick? Seriously? Never saw him sniffle. I watched the whole debate! Who invented that lie?

        And who said that Trump could barely walk after the debate? Let’s say it’s true. Standing 1h30 talking in front of 100m people ain’t easy. I guess he was nervous cause it was his first time. I also guess that standing so long made him somehow tired. Remember he ain’t 40.

        Trump won, Clinton lost.

      22. CNN=Clinton New Network

        A guy with no political debating experience goes against someone who has been doing that for well over two decades. Given that big a chasm in their experiences, Donald Trump did excellent.

        And you’re right, almost all polls are calling it even. It was a tie, which is a great result for Trump. He can only gain from this in his next two debates. He is winning the next one.

        “Good judgment comes from experience. Experience from bad judgment.”

        Clinton should be ashamed she could not put away Bernie Sanders without rigging the primary. And now a nobody is running neck and neck with her.

    2. Trump is not at all unknown any more. And IMO as much a disgrace as the other nominee, if not a lot more. “Different” may be worse. –

      1. Trump is still quite unknown if he becomes president. What will he do if he becomes president? BTW, Clinton is always one step ahead of Trump at stupidity.

    3. Folks: Follow the proved facts, follow the manner of debating, follow the proved statements in serious media – and judge for yourself.
      To Jonathan: Thanks a lot for the many good videos with Federer – here and elsewhere. Gold, really.

      1. Muser, no retort to the the Clinton statements I’ve listed above? Oh and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, for someone who dodged sniper bullets in Bosnia 🙂

  19. Jonathan: Happy to oblige. 😆

    1. ‘The Office of National Statistics says that while the numbers of EU workers in Britain has risen by 700,000 since 2013, they are outnumbered by the extra one million Britons who have gone into employment in the same period. The number of British citizens working in the UK labour force is now at the near-record level of 28 million. That compares with 3 million foreign nationals.

    As the economist Jonathan Portes has pointed out, it is not a zero-sum game in which there are only a fixed number of jobs to go round: “It’s true that, if an immigrant takes a job, then a British worker can’t take that job – but it doesn’t mean he or she won’t find another one that may have been created, directly or indirectly, as a result of immigration.”

    HMRC figures also show that EU migrants more than pay their way. Those who arrived in Britain in the last four years paid £2.54bn more in income tax and national insurance than they received in tax credits or child benefit in 2013-14. The Office of Budget Responsibility has estimated that their labour contribution is helping to grow the economy by an additional 0.6% a year.

    The UK Statistics Authority also stresses that the number of people in work is not the same as the number of jobs in the economy. The ONS figures are estimates of the numbers of people in employment, so it is nonsense to talk about them showing “foreigners taking British jobs”. They also stress that the figures do not reflect new migration, since they only cover those migrants who come to work, and some of those newly employed may well have been in the UK for some time.

    What about the claim that they are depressing wages, particularly for the low-paid?

    The most recent research from the centre for economic performance at the London School of Economics says “the areas of the UK with large increases in EU immigration did not suffer greater falls in the jobs and pay of UK-born workers. The big falls in wages after 2008 are due to the global financial crisis and a weak economic recovery, not to immigration.”

    Several studies have shown a small negative effect of migration on the wages of low-skilled workers in certain sectors in certain parts of the country, particularly care workers, shop assistants, and restaurant and bar workers. The effect has been measured at less than 1% over a period of eight years.

    The LSE’s Jonathan Wadsworth said: “The bottom line, which may surprise many people, is that EU immigration has not harmed the pay, jobs or public services enjoyed by Britons. In fact, for the most part it has likely made us better off. So, far from EU immigration being a “necessary evil” that we pay to get access to the greater trade and foreign investment generated by the EU single market, immigration is at worse neutral, and at best, another economic benefit.”

    1. I think this just further highlights my clueless comment 😆 I just don’t think you get it, run off to Google and pull up fudged numbers from your favourite biased political publication the Guardian that are passed off as research.

      I’m reading these quotes and they are all funded claptrap. Wasn’t LSE fully behind Remain in the referendum because they rely heavily on EU funding and foreign students to survive? It’s hardly a credible source. And ONS numbers that are off in the the millions when compared to National Insurance numbers dished out? A supposedly independent organisation can’t even give us the facts. Anyone can publish statistics and bend them to fit a narrative. It is just like Sid argued about the Brain Game Tennis Articles one time.

      I’m not using fudged numbers, I’m using what I see day in and day out. In my original post I asked you to answer from the perspective of a 50 year old construction worker but you avoided it completely… which is what I expected. Can you answer it please??

      Please do some thinking here on basic economic principles of supply and demand. If you’re a brickie who can’t get a job because there’s a queue of eastern europeans willing to work for £2.50 an hour. Has your life got better or worse due to unskilled, unchecked and in some cases illegal immigration?

      You were once a tax payer putting most of your money into the local economy. You’re now jobless and living on state benefits. How does this benefit you or the UK exactly?

      I suppose with your way of thinking, you’d say, the 50 year old construction worker should retrain as a Brain Surgeon or Economist 🙂

      1. You didn’t mention the HMRC figures I noticed?

        I did actually respond to your construction worker scenario in a second post which for some reason didn’t post. I split my comment in two because it was rather long and it wouldn’t take the whole post the first time. I tried a couple of times without success. I’ll try again:

        2. The fact is most Brits are not interested in doing the type of work, much of it seasonal (i.e. veg harvesting), that immigrant workers are prepared to do. TBH I find it hard to criticise a person prepared to live in less than ideal conditions to improve the lives of their families.

        I prefer to base my opinion on facts rather than (at best) an anecdotal, or hypothetical scenario to suit your opinion. If you want a story, I particularly remember my grandfather telling me of the immense courage shown by Polish fighters during the war, particularly during the Battle of Britain, and his admiration for their energy and hard work. I’d like to see evidence of construction workers receiving the totally illegal rate of £2.50/hour!!

        The fact is that more jobs (of all skill types) are being (and will be) lost to advancing technology/automation, than will ever be lost to immigrants.

        I can honestly say that nothing has changed for the worse in my life due to immigrants. I have worked, as has my partner, and brought up my kids, just the same as millions of others. As usual Jonathan, you sneer at every piece of research that doesn’t fit with your opinion. It is pointless arguing with someone who can see no further than their own prejudices.

      2. ? Still haven’t answered my question with any real suggestions. If you’re a construction worker who has been working for 40 years but now can’t get work because Eastern Europeans are flooding the unskilled labour market and working for a third of the minimum wage. Are you better off because of this? Simple yes or no please. Or feel free to make some suggestions as to what would you do in this scenario.

        “TBH I find it hard to criticise a person prepared to live in less than ideal conditions to improve the lives of their families.”

        Who is criticising them personally? I would do the exact same in their shoes. I am criticising unskilled, unchecked and illegal immigration. It isn’t about immigrants, it’s the fact it is allowed to happen. Politicians and the UK government are fully to blame. I never said once immigrants are to blame, but that is just the angle you like to go down.

        The story about your Grandfather praising Polish soldiers is just irrelevant bordering sad. They also broke the Enigma code, but it doesn’t mean the UK government should allow them to pour in and take unskilled jobs for buttons does it? The Ghurka’s were brave too, but look at the treatment they get since they are non EU.

        “I’d like to see evidence of construction workers receiving the totally illegal rate of £2.50/hour!! And what is the point of employing them if they are unskilled.”

        It’s not illegal, it’s easy to find various loopholes around this as you can employ anyone as a contractor which isn’t subject to minimum wage laws. And surprise surprise people break the law. Although you seem to be ok with illegal immigration as they’re hard working, so I’d assume no issues with breaking minimum wage laws by paying people off the books in cash? ?

        “And what is the point of employing them if they are unskilled?”

        You are coming across as pretty naive on this. I think your last paragraph is why – “nothing has changed for the worse in my life because of immigrants.” It hasn’t for me either, but I live in the real world and look at what is going on.

        It doesn’t matter if they’re unskilled. They might work slightly slower or at a lower overall standard, but the bigger picture is the savings involved. In my construction worker scenario, the 50 year old might be faster, but you could just employ 2 Eastern Europeans to make up the difference and still spend less cash!

        Looking forward to some good suggestions here and not vague politician style answers 🙂

      3. And I didn’t bother with the HMRC figures. The statistic is trying to show ALL migrants are net contributors to the public purse which is just ridiculous 😆 Just like not all UK nationals are net contributors.

        The only thing you have put which is true is “The fact is most Brits are not interested in doing the type of work”

        I agree to an extent. This is a big problem with our benefits system, you can basically leave school and never have a job and there is very little stopping you doing so. Sure you won’t have a great life but you will be housed, have enough cash for getting by and Sky TV. Which some people are happy with.

        You have to solve it from both angles – prevent unskilled labour entering the market, and ensure the system forces people to work.

      4. I made my comment on the basis of your assertion that immigrants ‘[have] basically ruined the lives of many British people’ not on your later suggestion that there must be some control; I have said before that I have no disagreement with that. I have read that most immigrants come to this country with a job already in place, or actively seeking it. As for refugees, it would be naïve (and wrong) to expect the rest of Europe to pick up this particular tab.

        I had understood (from the news not so long ago) that the construction industry were struggling to find workers to fill jobs. I find it difficult to believe that your 50 year old man with all his experience would struggle to find such a position. Naïve or not, I would imagine a large construction firm would find it difficult to ‘hide’ the fact that they were paying several of their workers an illegal rate of £2.50/hour ‘off the books’ for very long and get away with it. However, there will always be those who are prepared to ‘bend’ the laws as you suggest; so surely it is them who are the real problem, and not the immigrant workers desperate to improve the lives of their families? People lose their jobs for various reasons – most lately have come from firms going bankrupt, and other reasons, not because of the immigrant ‘problem’.

        Immigration is an immense headache. I am flattered that you think I am able to come up with solutions! People far cleverer than you or I have failed so far. Never mind, you can look forward to the nirvana that will be Britain post-Brexit when all your troubles (and those of the 50 year old construction worker) will magically vanish. 😆

      5. Where did I say ‘immigrants’ themselves? That’s just how you like to interpret it. I also said I would do the exact same thing in their shoes. But again more selective quoting.

        My whole point is that uncontrolled, unskilled and illegal immigration has ruined the lives of many British people. Not immigration as a whole. But you seem content to just bury your head in the sand with a mindset of if it hasn’t effected me so it isn’t happening.

        Instead of I read this, I read that. Why don’t you go out and speak to people in this trade? Am I going to believe some statistics (newsflash averages lie) or a number of construction workers I’ve spoken to? Interestingly many Polish immigrants have suffered the same fate as they were priced out of the construction market by Romanians. I suppose you will acknowledge their plight though as they were brave in World War II? 😆

        Make a trip up north, I’ll give you a tour of some local hand car wash places and we will see what their employment status is. We will follow them home at the end of the day too and see how many live in the same house. They’ll be here for a few months then it’s back to Bucharest to build a mansion. No doubt you will deem this abhorrent or racist, but the reality is, it’s true. As stated- I would do the same, as they are just improving their standard of living but it shouldn’t be allowed to take place. And the root of the problem is open borders.

        As pointed out construction firms don’t need to hide anything. What they are doing is legal. You can employ anyone as a contractor and not pay minimum wage.

      6. Like I said Jonathan, more jobs have disappeared and millions more will vanish, because of advancing technology/automation than have ever been lost to immigrants, legal or illegal. Friends who have lost their jobs over the last few years have lost them because the firm has been able to reduce its workforce to a minimum because of technological advances (printing, for instance, is disappearing) because of this and because publishers get their printing done overseas; true for many manufacturing businesses also, or because of bad management, or inability to diversify or grow their business.

        Illegal immigrants would, because of their status, only be picking up (for the most part) work that Brits do not wish to do. That is also a fact and one which you agreed with. I hardly think that someone earning your suggested £2.50/hour (if they worked a 10 hour day), and thus earning £25 per day would be buying a mansion any time soon! Even living in terrible overcrowded conditions and paying a small amount of rent, it still has to be paid, they still have to eat (and pay our prices) and pay for travel do they not?

        Like I said Jonathan, you are entitled to your opinion, as I am entitled to mine. We all know what happens when hatred against an obvious scapegoat gets out of hand. And you still did not supply any evidence of this hypothetical £2.50/hour. At least I have given you some facts, even though you choose to dismiss them.

      7. More politician style answers with no workable solutions :S do you work in a job where immigration massively helps your employers bottom line??

        I don’t think you can grasp the concept that this is happening. Dunno what it is but it is like you have to bundle everything into one pot and then treat that as the sole reason?

        Job losses = advancing technology!
        Immigrants = Awesome!
        Wanting to control immigration = Racist!

        My take is:

        Job losses – a mixture of reasons
        Skilled immigration – fine
        Unskilled immigration – requires control

        Many immigrants indeed do the jobs many Brits are refusing to do. As I’ve said, our benefits system needs an overhaul to prevent this happening. But what happened before open borders? Were crops not being picked? 😆

        If a 50 year bloke managed to earn a living for 40 years laying bricks but is now unable to find work. What is your suggestion here please?? Did he suddenly lose the will to work with thousands of his other fellow workers? He didn’t lose his job due to automation that’s for sure.

        If you can grasp supply and demand you don’t even need to see it first hand to realise this happens but you obviously can’t so like I keep suggesting – go out and speak to people who work in these industries and find out.

        If you have 20 people living in a run down terrace house with next to no living expenses earning £25 a day and they are each able to repatriate £300 a month to Romania, do you know how far that money goes there? If coming here and paying rent, our food prices and transport costs wasn’t viable. They wouldn’t turn up would they.

        My final question for you to avoid answering slamdunk is if unskilled migration is a net benefit for the UK as you seem to make out. Why has it not driven up the overall wages of the low paid??

  20. Federer’s most underrated match? I would say vs Kuerten FO 2004. It was easy to see that Kuerten was a great clay-court player, and perhaps Federer an average one. (Even in his prime years)

    By the way, Serena Williams doping doesn’t surprise me at all. She will always be a doper.

    P.S. I actually discovered this blog quite a long time ago. I have finally taken the courage to write my first comment :D.. Anyway, big thanks to Jonathan for keeping this blog up!

    Cheers guys!

    1. Thanks!

      I think it’s unfair to call Fed an average clay courter?! It is his worst surface but he won the French, has beaten Nadal on it and generally has good results. I’d say he’s a very good clay courter.

      1. Well I guess he had his good clay moments. But I just think that most of the time he is average on clay. BTW I accept that Federer had some good clay matches but I like to rank tennis players a bit severely so for me a very good clay courter is for example Rafa…

    2. There is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that Serena Williams is a doper. The only thing that appeared on leaked documents as painkillers and anti inflammatories. You must not heed Sid’s scurrilous outbursts which stem from his unreasoning dislike of her and do not have any basis in fact.

      If you think that a man who has 9 RG titles and won at least 5+ times on several clay court Masters tournaments etc. is only ‘very good’ then you want to open your eyes a little wider! Who else EVER has achieved this?

  21. Hahaha… Federer is an exception 🙂 Honestly he doesn’t suck but he was never excellent. Except the Coria match and Nadal match in Hamburg..

    Why are my comments erasing themselves after I quit the page???

  22. Brexit ain’t good for the UK, I think. Scotland is pro-EU and would certainly want their independence in order to join EU. UK will also lose a lot of jobs because of their EU exit. Skilled immigrants is a good thing for UK. Unskilled immigrants and unskilled Brits should not take jobs of skilled immigrants and skilled Brits. I won’t even say a word for illegal immigrants… Oxfam said that UK is one of the most inequal countries and they are right. UK has way too much illegal salaries which are too low in order to live a normal life. With Brexit things will become worse as normal people will become even more poor. The simple thing is that the government has to make sense with the laws (they wont). They should tighten a lot of things in the country but they wont. Brexit will damage UK a lot. Because most EU citizens are skilled and some of them go to the UK to find a better life. Remember the government should vote in order to confirm Brexit. Brexit is not yet confirmed and there could be some things that can veto it.

  23. For the record, some of the comments I’ve made in this post are in relation to illegal immigrants. I will never say anything negative about those who have worked hard, followed the rules, and made it to this country legally.

    So, if anyone has anything to say about my opinions, remember that.

  24. Nadal doped according to documents… That’s sad cause he is however a likeable guy. (still not as humble as Fed) Please, I hope there is a document with Djokovic doping… His peaks and his lows in his good seasons are just incredible. He can either be invincible or practically lose to nobody in the first rounds.

    When have we saw Federer in his good seasons having some slumps like that? I guess never. (maybe I’m wrong, I don’t remember a lot of his matches 2007-before to be honest)

      1. I think Vik is referring to his WADA record file, released by hackers two days ago. It shows a list of two exemptions for normally banned substances (TUEs), which the records say he was only prescribed to take on the length of a few months.

        I personally think PEDs need to be taken consistently for a fairly long period to truly have an effect, so this isn’t any real evidence in my opinion. It is, however, worth noting that Nadal’s two exemptions came in August 2012 and August 2009, both dates which are coincidentally six months before he dominated the men’s game. Both six months before his very career peaks.

    1. In 2005/06 there wasn’t much. For 07 he lost to Canas twice, Volandri once, and Nalbandian twice to comprise all his early exits that year – I would say the middle one is a nobody.

      It’s definitely true, though, that Djokovic plays a style that means he sometimes can just be fatigues, run out of steam going into a tournament, hence his early losses. Worth noting that 2011/15 were years in which he didn’t lose early round matches to nobodies, and even this year he really only has Vesely as a proper loss – Lopez in Dubai was quarters and injury, Querrey in Wimbledon was completely understandable, and DelPo at the Olympics is the toughest first round draw he could have got, and vindicated by DelPo’s performance since.

      1. Djokovic was due to have a lull, so it’s no surprise. I’m glad Nadal didn’t get to vulture on a slam or two in the meantime.

        I think Djokovic has a good 2-3 slams left in him. Probably two next year if he stays fit, and another one in 2018. After that, his struggle for the elusive last slam will begin..

  25. Sid, I was referring to WADA files. But I cant really add to John’s response cause he remarked the same stuff I did.

    I however agree with John. 2011-2015 Djokovic hasn’t really lost in the first rounds to nobodies. He had a couple of lost matches but hey who doesn’t have?

    I miss Fed, I just cant bear watching tennis without him around. Currently tennis is boring, the only way I treat myself is knocking the door at Mr.Youtube and watching his great vintage matches… Oh what great times they were.

      1. Federer didn’t start winning Cincinnati multiple times until later in his career. Too bad he couldn’t have played this year because he would have been making a bid to become the first player to win it 3x in a row. He’s had a chance to do it twice. He has been beaten Novak 3x to claim the title (2009, 2012, 2015). Roger Federer 7x Western and Southern Open champion (2005, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2015).

      2. That’s why Federer can still dominate on fast courts. I guarantee you if all courts were fast like they were before 10 years ago, Federer would still be 1st. Cincinnati is maybe the only true court remaining in the ATP. Each time Fed and Djokovic play there, Fed kicks Djokovic’s ass on the court.

        Before 10 years, Wimbledon was a very fast court. Now even clay-courters can win it. Wimbledon is like green clay. Even on flat shots, the ball is bouncing unusually high for a grass court. What kind of sorcery is this ATP?

        The AO was also a good court before 10 years ago. Today it’s crap. Balls are bouncing slowly and high. Perfect conditions for a guy named Novak Djokovic…

        French Open… I don’t even want to talk about it. For me, clay is shit.

        US Open courts have evolved just like AO. US Open courts were some nice and quick courts. They somehow resembled to Wimbledon in speed (10 years ago).

        People will blame me for conspiracy but I guess ATP did this in order to stop Fed domination.

        We have to remember a very important thing. Fed vs Djokovic on fast courts – Fed dominates. Fed vs Djokovic on slower courts – Djokovic gets an upper hand but Fed always gives him a challenge no matter what. Just look at Wimbledon 2014.

        Djokovic is very lucky. Currently his only real competition is nobody. Murray struggling, Nadal struggling, Wawrinka beating him once a year (not enough!) and there’s Federer who was practically his only real competition 2012 and 2014-2015. How the fuck can the only competitor of a prime player be 35 years old when most at this age are gone fishing home??? Just shows how great Federer is.

    1. LOL! I voted for him again. Federer got a chuckle at the fact that fans can vote more than one time even though it says one vote per person on ATP website.

  26. Watched today Fed vs Djokovic 2015 US Open and Wimbledon finals. I am puzzled. Why on earth US Open court is faster than Wimbledon court???

    Grass court should be quick with low balls. Not floating like “hello green clay”…

    1. Quite agree about grass courts: I wonder what the results would have been if Wimbledon did actually play like proper grass? 🙂 I certainly contended that Djokovic wouldn’t have had 3 wins.

      But you’re serious that USO – at night, in the damp – played faster than Wimbledon? I was actually thinking I liked Roger’s chances – daytime, heat, and Djokovic known to suffer from the latter – until that rainstorm appeared 🙁

      1. Pretty serious about USO. The court was quite faster than Wimbledon one.
        Wimbledon is slow these days. Everyone can win it now.
        Fed didn’t play bad at USO 2015. To be honest it was a better final compared to Wimbledon 2015.

        Fed had a good rhythm at the start of the match but I think the rain delay made him more nervous and especially more tired. I guess it also broke his rhythm after his practice.

        USO 2015 F –

        WM 2015 F –

        Clearly USO is faster than WM…

        If Fed can beat Djokovic easily at Cincinnati then at a REAL grass court Fed can basically destroy him…

  27. I also reviewed all Djokovic won slams. Except for slow AO which he won 6 times, he is quite average to say. 1 title in RG, 3 in WM and 2 in US Open.

    Fed way more balanced in this aspect…

      1. No no Wikipedia does the trick. You think I am going to watch Djokovic’s finals??? Hahaha… Never…

        Djokovic’s finals are just boring. I’d rather watch grass grow or paint dry cause it’s more “exciting”. Djokovic ain’t exciting.

      2. Novak’s matches are exciting when he’s playing Fed or Stan though. He’s a good foil for their aggression; Fed’s tactically, Stan’s physically.

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