Roger Federer

Roger Federer’s Schedule for 2022

Federer's final tournament is the Laver Cup London.

On September 15th 2022, Roger Federer announced his retirement from professional tennis.

The Laver Cup will be his last ever tournament, and it takes place from September 23rd to 25th at the O2 Arena in London. Federer’s final match is on Friday, September 23rd and will be around 9 PM local time.

Before his retirement announcement, Federer had planned to play the Swiss Indoors in Basel, but sadly his rehab from multiple knee injuries has not gone the way he wanted, meaning he cannot compete at the level required for an ATP 500 event.

Roger Federer’s Schedule for 2022

Federer Tournament Schedule

Here are the tournaments Federer will play this season. It is, of course, provisional and subject to change.

Date Tournament Location Draw Size Classification Surface
23 – 25 Sep 2022 Laver Cup London SGL 12 / DBL 12 Team Event Indoor Hard (GreenSet)

What Tournament is Roger Federer Playing Next?

Federer’s next and final ever tournament is the Laver Cup. He is scheduled to play Doubles on Friday evening with Rafael Nadal. The Singles start at 7 pm, followed by the doubles around 8.30 pm / 9 pm.

Roger Federer’s Performances in 2021

Federer Ao 2020 Qf Sandgren
Tournament Stage Outcome Opponent Score
Qatar ExxonMobile Open Quarter-Finals Loss Nikloloz Bashilashvili 3-6, 6-1, 7-5
Gonet Geneva Open Round of 16 Loss Pablo Andujar 6-4, 4-6, 6-4
French Open Round of 16 Loss Matteo Berrettini Walkover
Noventi Open Round of 16 Loss Felix Auger-Aliassime 4-6, 6-3, 6-2
Wimbledon Quarter-Final Loss Hubert Hurkacz 6-3, 7-6(4), 6-0

Are you guys happy with this 2022 schedule so far? Let me know in the comments.


Editor of Perfect Tennis and a big fan of Roger Federer, I've spent countless hours watching and analysing his matches. Alongside playing the sport, I also enjoy writing about the tour, rackets, strings, and the technicalities of the game. Whether it's breaking down the latest tournament results or discussing the latest gear innovations, I'm always eager to share my insights with fellow tennis enthusiasts.

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      1. I thought he said he won’t be playing as much as he did this year, impliying he won’t be playing Madrid and Rome.

  1. I find it odd he is not playing any warm up tournaments before AO and RG. Going in cold is a big risk in my opinion. Skipping Miami and Shanghai isn’t a surprise. I feel this year is when Fed slides down in the rankings. Seems like he is sacrificing ranking points for exhos, Olympics and family. Maybe at the last minute he will play in Estoril with Rui as his hitting partner.

    What’s going to happen to the Russian tennis players in the Olympics? Will they be exempt because to the testing already done?

    1. It sounds like the Russian players will be able to compete as independents, but if they win the Russian anthem won’t be played, etc. They are fortunate because they were subject to testing that did not involve the corrupt Russian system. I hope they do decide to take part, there are so many exciting Russian players right now.

  2. The schedule is right but I think he must no play Halle neither; one week for rest before of Wimbledon is too little to a sportman early 40s.

      1. It is not always necessary. Look at Djokovic, he won his 5 Wimbledon tournaments without playing any previous tornamiento; and that he is 6 years younger than Federer.

  3. Jonathan may I ask you – Roger hasn’t announced anything official according to his upcoming tournament schedul for 2020 thus so far your article assumes a schedule based on an educated guess by yourself, right ?

    1. Nope based on what he said in press when asked and when interviewed earlier this year in the US. No guess work, all tournaments in the table are part of of his provisional schedule.

  4. If I were him I would add

    – Miami
    – one of the early ATP 250 clay court tournaments (Estoril/Budapest)
    – Shanghai

  5. If he is out early round BNP IW then he will play Miami. If he feels good, a schedule adjustment for Roma would be in the works as well. The Eternal City loves Roger. On his return this past May, the crowd went nuts in his comeback victory over Coric. I know, Madrid is the faster surface for his game…. but he really loves the Romans.

  6. 4 titles and no 1R (opening) match lost in 2019, pretty impressive season for a grumpy old man. At least one Fed live to see a year for me, hope it will continue for 2020, too. Any plans, Jonathan?

  7. I don’t see him doing Cincy after the Olympics, I see him doing Miami based also on the fact that he has and want to defend those 1000 points.

  8. Seems strange that he might have a two-month gap between IW & RG. Has he got a big charity tour of Africa planned again? Assuming he hasn’t, surely he’ll play Miami, i.e. a hard-court tournament where he’s defending 1,000 points? Can see him playing Madrid too (and Rome if he goes out early in the Spanish capital). Let’s not forget the WTF at the end of the year as well.

    1. He revealed that he was playing Miami and his full schedule to Simon Graf in their recent interview, that is where tennisnet have it from. On my list to update now he’s had the team meeting to decide it. No surprise to see Shanghai, I just didn’t add it as it wasn’t confirmed either.

  9. I haven’t added any clay events into this schedule like Madrid and Rome because they are all rumours and most likely done by tournament directors looking to shift some tickets! According to more reliable sources, he won’t be playing Rome as Eurosport decided to publish.

      1. Is there any way of knowing how soon he’ll make that decision before Cincinnati?
        Trying to make some plans to see him play this yr

  10. I see, many of you assuming, Fed will play The French. But there is no clay at all in the provisional schedule presented by Jonathan. IMO to play The French with his preparation so far would be only a ticket-selling thing (staying on the list and very close to FO withdrawing or playing but exiting very early to have time to prepare for grass.
    And – anybody knows, what will be the surface in Tokyo? Hard?

  11. So Fed not confirmed for Madrid as of yet, looks like it was just a ticket seller. Marcia says unsure if he plays.

    Geneva is hoping for a Fed appearance.

      1. Ah yes, you were quicker 😉 Thiem’s official website.
        I’, mot surprised. IMO it’s neither the foot, nor knee. It’s mental crisis, started after US open. Thiem is sensible. He lost motivation because of weird circumstances of his first (always most important) Grand Slam win, achieved in total silence. Then AO with it’s crazy bubble and without Massú.
        I’m not surprised if he retires from tennis at all and looks for some real life, family, friends, supporting wild nature, oceans a.s.o. Maybe first after Paris, where he has something to prove. Then maybe no more.

    1. Just found it on Ubitennis when looking for Thiem and Belgrade. But this was probably never really planned.

  12. I am anxious. Should we feel anxious now, for hearing no news from him as we are moving towards late April? I don’t mind if he plays clay or not because our man surely knows what he’s doing, but the silence? It seems that nobody even knows whether he’s still in Dubai or whether he’s still practicing like there’s no photos getting out, no nothing. Probably me being overthinking, but do you guys share some same thoughts?

      1. I would guess, Doha was some setback, physical and/or mental. He probably needs first to take a step back, rest, recover from the surgery, if it’s still needed then start with the fitness prep and finally go back to practice court.
        First after this all succeeds, he can rethink the schedule, his season’s goals being actually only Wimbledon and Olympics (if there will be Olympics). So we don’t need to rush with speculations and building up expectations.
        A hiuge factor could be which tournaments will have some crowd – I don’t see him playing any tournament or Olympics without a crowd, even Wimbledon. Some can somehow adapt to empty tribunes, but not the crowds darling Fed.
        I would compare with Thiem. Of course reasons are different. But Thiem started AO on a high level and produced epic vs. Kyrgios. Right after that it was again empty stadium and he lost not even showing motivation to win against

      2. Sorry, I cut somehow the post in the middle of the sentence.
        Here’s the missing part.
        … Grigor. Since then he was not able/willing to show bis level (he did it against Agut in Doha but seemed not to be interested in winning). This is still going on and he withdraws from one tournament after other.
        I guess, Fed’s sensibility in this aspect must be even greater.
        He will follow news about crowds on tournaments, he would eventually play in and the decide.

    1. I don’t get why he’ll compromise the grass season because of RG. If he goes the distance there, no chance he makes the change of surface in a couple of days.
      We already saw in 2017 what it should be done to win Wimbledon. Playing Sttutgart and Halle was the safest bet.
      Now, everything’s hanging on how he performs in RG and how his body is going to react if he plays Halle.

    2. Good choice. He will build his physical condition until end of May, build some match confidence in the two tournaments, and then we go all in with Halle and Wimbledon. Surely he doesn’t expect to go far in Paris so I guess everything will go according to a precise schedule

  13. Just after 2x Masters, so the field would not be too strong – better opportunity to play more matches. Then a week of pause and FO. Looks optimal to me.
    Anybody knows, if Fed got a vaccine? Maybe not yet available by Swiss standards, but for sure available by Fed’s financial standards 😉
    Whatever everyone thinks about the whole Covid story (let’s even assume, no such virus exists), it’s unavoidable solution for people, who must travel because of their business.
    Still wondering, why they don’t organize this for the whole pro tennis community. This would make bubbles, quarantines and steady testing, wearing masks when going for a toilet break or getting help from physio a.s.o.

  14. Forget Olympics. It’s going to be cancelled or will be a crazy bubble, Maybe it will be boycotted by Japanese fans (others will not be able to come).
    Instead he could play some lead-in tournament on hard court, maybe Cincy?

    1. 64 singles (best of 3 tie break sets), 32 doubles (best of 2 tie break sets + match tie break 3rd set), 16 mixed (best of 2 tie break sets + match tie break 3rd set)…

      With Nadal and Thiem out, Federer currently would be 6th seed in singles…

      I have a feeling Federer will also play mixed with Bencic, well I hope so anyway…only 3 wins in mixed will get him another Olympic medal

  15. Jonathan maybe add the Laver Cup…I think he plays for sure

    I also think there is a decent chance he plays Basel

  16. Play for love and you will give all that can be given to our world, and that is what will come back to you!

  17. This schedule makes me thing, it’s just the kind of farewell to the tour in Fed’s style. Playing every slam not caring much about the result and avoiding any theater. No more lead-in tournaments to be fresh and somehow fit to play some matches and not exit in the first. The only question for me is – will be USO the last or Australia 2022 (because it’s only AO he missed in 2021).
    Just read on Thiem’s Instagram, that Berrettini joined TeamEurope for LaverCup. Will bed RLC 2021 the first with Fed as non-playing captain? No more Fedal, I guess. But can’t imagine, RLC to go without Fed at all. Maybe two other younger guys? Tsitsipas and Zverev or Medvedev or Rublev?

    1. Federer will say goodbye in Basel next year without saying so, rest assured.
      Probably will go to a few small tournaments he never played in before. I hope he tries to catch Connor’s record, at least the wins.

      1. Well, then I’m offering him WildCard into best challenger worldwide in Poland (once won by Nadal, so maybe time for Fed?)

    1. Ask Fed 😉 So far he has only USO and RLC in the schedule.
      Cincinnati for what? To try to win it, with ailing knee and days before USO?
      Fed will not win USO but he wants to participate there. That’s all IMO.

      1. I don’t know, Wimbledon came to soon for him and yet he still made the quarters. It seems with a little more time on the match court, he might well be in with a chance in New York. Clearly, we have to wait and see just how severe this ‘setback during the grass court season’ actually was, but a part of me suspects it was more of a diversion to escape going to Tokyo, which has most unfortunately lost its charm. A real shame because I, like so many I am sure, was looking forward to these Olympic Games tremendously.
        Anyway, as for Fed, we’ll soon see what he’s got up his sleeve, if anything eh. 😉 I’d like to think he’s focusing big on the US Open, and that he may actually have a chance, even if it is an outsiders.

      2. Don’t want to be realistic? Better be realistic and then get a nice surprise. QF or SF in New York would be tremendous surprise and Fed would be happy. He was expected to win Wimbledon, not The French or USO.
        He was going to skip Tokyo for a lot of reasons. The setbacks were evident, even if we don’t know, what was the direct cause. I guess, And I think it’s no more that important for Fed. After 2 years setback with age, injury, long rehab with results not even close to expectations, he wants to be there. Somehow to say Farewell in the most important places. After New York it will be only Australia, if we don’t have another heavy lockdown there. Then he can play anything he wants, not caring about the results but simply to meet loving crowds once more. If QF ion a slam is now a success for him, what’s the idea to continue, with the only perspective of falling in the rankings, of having less and less chances to reach some great result. No more fun for him and for fans.
        Now we would like to see him having some great win and directly after that to stop (nobody likes the word “retire”, but it’s the same).
        I want to see him happy in New York and Melbourne with loving crowds, but this cannot be a never-ending story. Then I would like to see him doing something great in tennis (coaching, whatever), if he still likes travelling on tour in this new role.
        In US Djoker will be probably battling for a Golden Slam. Nadal will try to win maybe his last slam. And there will be a lot of some 10 hungry guys, everyone able to beat any of the Big3, maybe not yet The Djoker. How can Fed survive there and go all the way?
        Lead-in tournament like Cincy, would have no sense or only to play 1-2 matches. But every effort before US could shorten his presence in New York.

      3. Certainly agree with you on being realistic with the possibility of a surprise. Philosophically, I think it the healthiest mindset and will allow us to truly appreciate Fed for the God he is until the day comes when he hangs up his racket for good. Uncle upon a time, fending off Rafa and Novak for the most slams was a real motivation, but that battle seems inevitably lost from Fed’s point of view. The defining moment; the 2019 Wimbledon final. Took me two years to truly move on. However, moved on I have; something seems to have clicked in the past few weeks, and I’m calmer, more appreciative and happier for it. And there is something quite extraordinary about the three of them sharing 20, at the same time. Seems fitting, even if it surely won’t be the final chapter, if Novak has anything to do with it. Rafa, barring injury, I wouldn’t put anything past him at the French. He was, after all, a point away from taking the third set in Paris, a set which has to be the most astonishing I’ve ever seen. Anywhere.
        Whether Fed’s got a spark left, time will tell. I know that he won’t wish for his farewell to be like this, not with the world crippled. Unfortunately, it’s out of our hands and we can only hope for the best.

      4. Yeah Theo, Hope for the Best and Be Prepared for … Anything.
        And think of this. Great people have great wins and great losses. There are always big rivals (at least in finals) on the other side. Only one can win. If it comes to match points an the very end, everyone can miss a ball or just have a bit of luck. What just hurt’s Federer’ fans, at the same time means great happiness for the fans of the rival. And the opposite.
        GOAT is only medial noise. Over years Fed’s fans thought, he is and will be the greatest because of most slams won. But his greatness (and the greatness pf Rafa and Novak) will not disappear after someone has more slam titles.
        Father Time just says – Mr. Federer, you have done great. Now it’s time for well deserved rest and enjoying life “after”. The same Father Time will tell the same the rivals. Who knows, when? Who knows, how many slams they can amass? Is this really so important.
        And the Father Time will make very soon Federer and his fans relax and maybe relive the best moments together. And enjoying Federer to take new life’s tasks, whatever it is.
        Before this inevitably comes, we may still hope for him and to show the world some tennis beauty in different dimensions.
        Hard to not be sad seeing this coming. But this is a kind of “happy sadness”. Maybe the end of watching tennis for some. Maybe following Fed’s pupil, should he go for coaching someone?
        For now we have still USO and RLC this season. Now we have a break for OL but the last ball was not hit yet 🙂

  18. Just read in a tweet from Jon Wertheim, ATP does not plan to offer ranking points for Wimbledon and other British grass events, Someone can confirm?

  19. Can’t wait to see him play again BUT, only when he is ready! He is the GOAT for me and for many tennis fans. I like many don’t want him to further injure himself. When he is in top form again, I would be so excited to see him play. Go Roger!

  20. The tennis world, especially the fans, have missed Roger Federer so much! Tennis competition is just not same without him! Welcome back Roger, here is to many more matches since you are the best….ever….

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