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Roger Federer’s Schedule for 2019

What Tournaments is Federer Playing This Season

Below is Roger Federer's schedule for 2019 so far. It is, of course, subject to change and I'll be keeping this updated throughout the 2019 season with any updates.

It's now in the top navigation for quick access and I'll be adding in events as soon as they are announced.

You can see his full schedule below along with the tournament he's currently playing, who his next opponent his and his results in 2019 so far.

Roger Federer's 2019 Schedule

Date Tournament Location Draw Size Classification Surface Prize Money
29 December 2018 – 5th January 2019 Hopman Cup Perth, Australia Team tournament Exhibition Outdoor Hard (Plexicushion)  
14 – 27 January 2019 Australian Open Melbourne, Australia 128 players Grand Slam Outdoor Hard (Plexicushion) $62,500,000 AUD
25 February – 2 March Dubai Duty-Free Tennis Championships Dubai, United Arab Emirates 32 Players ATP 500 Outdoor Hard (DecoTurf) $2,887,895
4 – 17 March 2019 BNP Paribas Open Indian Wells, California, USA 128 Players Masters 1000 Outdoor Hard (Plexipave IW) $7,972,535
18 – 31 March 2019 Miami Open Miami, Florida, USA 128 Players Masters 1000 Outdoor Hard (Laykold Cushion-Plus) $8,359,455
5 – 12 May 2019 Mutua Madrid Open Madrid, Spain 64 Players Masters 1000 Outdoor Clay €6,536,160
12 – 19 May Internazionali BNL d’Italia Rome, Italy 64 Players Masters 1000 Outdoor Clay €4,872,105
20 May – 9 June 2019 French Open Roland Garros, Paris, France 128 Players Grand Slam Outdoor Clay €42,661,000
17 – 23 June 2019 Noventi Open Halle, Germany 32 ATP 500 Grass €2,081,830
1 – 14 July 2019 Wimbledon London, England 128 Grand Slam Grass £38,000,000
10 – 18 August 2019 Western & Southern Open Cincinnati, Ohio, USA   Masters 1000 Outdoor Hard (DecoTurf) $6,735,690
26th August – 10th September 2019 US Open New York, USA 128 Grand Slam Outdoor Hard (DecoTurf) $57,238,700
20 – 22 September 2019 Laver Cup Geneva, Switzerland Team tournament Team Tournament Indoor Hard (Rebound Ace)  
6 – 13 October 2019 Rolex Shanghai Masters Shanghai, China 64 Players Masters 1000 Outdoor hard (DecoTurf) $7,473,620
21 – 27 October 2019 Swiss Indoors Basel Basel, Switzerland 32 Players ATP 500 Indoor Hard (Greenset) €2,082,655
10 – 17 November 2019 Nitto ATP Finals London, England 8 Players Masters Cup Indoor Hard (Greenset) $9,000,000

Roger Federer's Exhibition Schedule 2019

The Swiss will go on a tour of South America in November, followed by playing at the Hangzhou Invitational in late December. You can see his full exhibition schedule below:

Date Event Location Opponent Classification
19 November South America Tour Santiago, Chile Alexander Zverev Exhibition
20 November South America Tour Buenos Aires, Argentina Alexander Zverev Exhibition
22 November South America Tour Bogota, Colombia Alexander Zverev Exhibition
23 November South America Tour Mexico City, Mexico Alexander Zverev Exhibition
27 – 29 December Hangzhou Tennis Invitational Hangzhou, China Alexander Zverev Exhibition

Where is Roger Federer Playing Now?

Federer is currently on his tour of South America where he is playing a number of exhibition matches. 

Who is Roger Federer Playing Next?

Federer is playing Alexander Zverev in all his exhibition matches. 

What Tournament is Roger Federer Playing Next?

Federer has yet to confirm if he's playing a lead-up event ahead of the Australian Open in 2020 having withdrawn from the inaugural ATP Cup.

Federer's 2019 Tournament Tracker Map

Roger Federer's Performances in 2019 So Far

Tournament Stage Outcome Opponent Score
Australian Open 4th Round Loss Stefanos Tsitsipas 7-6 (11), 6-7 (3), 5-7, 6-7 (5)
Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships Final Won Stefanos Tsitsipas 6-4, 6-4
BNP Paribas Open, Indian Wells Final Loss Dominic Thiem 6-3, 4-6, 5-7
Miami open Final Won John Isner 6-1, 6-4
Madrid Open Quarter Final Loss Dominic Thiem 6-3, 6-7 (11), 4-6
Internazionali BNL d’Italia Quarter Final Walkover Stefanos Tsitsipas W/O
French Open Semi-Final Loss Rafael Nadal 3-6, 4-6, 2-6
Noventi Open Final Won David Goffin 7-6 (2), 6-1
Wimbledon Final Loss Novak Djokovic 7-6 (5), 1-6, 7-6 (4), 4-6, 13-12 (3)
Western & Southern Open Third Round Loss Andrey Rublev 3-6, 4-6
US Open Quarter Final Loss Grigor Dimitrov 6-3, 4-6, 6-3, 4-6, 2-6
Laver Cup Team Event Won Team World Team Europe 13 – 11 Team World
Shanghai Masters Quarter Final Loss Alexander Zverev 3-6, 7-6(7), 3-6
Swiss Indoors, Basel Final Won Alex De Minaur 6-2, 6-2
ATP Finals Semi-Final Loss Stefanos Tsitsipas 3-6, 4-6

Last updated: 18/11/2019.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or tweeting about tennis I play regularly myself and use this blog to share my thoughts on Federer and tennis in general.

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  1. Do you know, why all the Tour has vacation on Maldives? Together with a million (in a year) of luxury “tourists” from Germany. And lots from other nations?
    Have tennis players never heard about slaves from Bangladesh working for them there? Or they all don’t care?
    I don’t mean just Federer. I know about very many ATP/WTA pros doing holidays there.
    I was a bit surprised to hear, Federer to be so eager to spend vacation together with all the tour 😉 I though he would be a bit more specific.

    1. Yeah it’s popular with the players. Looks nice, but it’s full-on Sharia law there and like you say the people who live there are treated poorly, flown in from Bangladesh to work on slave wages. Obviously, the resorts are like a different world but not a destination for me.

      1. Sharia would not bother me so much. Who goes there, does this to live some time in a kind of paradise and do nothing (just like in Paradise).
        There are worse things (maybe you don’t care?) – look here under Environmental issues, Marine ecosystem and Protected areas. It’s a kind of apartheid between local people, most of them “imported” and having status of a slave (does Federer and company care about that? I would imagine, Roger does, but maybe Luxus is worth more even for him?) and they collect on one of islands un-sorted not recycled garbage produced by the luxurious guests. Well – this was a side not only.

    2. Roger Federer is amazing I cannot wait to every time he plays I will be his biggest fan ever I love you Roger Federer you are amazing and wonderful to the tennis world keep up the good work

      1. Roger is an ambassador for world tennis I have followed him for fifteen years , love him and his family good luck with future matches .Diane

  2. Never knew about the issue with slavery in the Maldives. Do these players know about this? Roger, why aren’t you surfing in Hawaii instead?

    1. Lot of information about this. Here is an article in Wikipedia, But I have read recently an article about that in a Polish mainstream media.
      Hard to assume, tennis pros don’t read media. Especially strange for Roger, just because of his aid for Africa.
      But I can imagine, they don’t know and at least some would not spend vacation there, if they knew.
      Slavery is not the only problem there. Also environmental issues. They don’t do recycling of waste “produced ” by the tourist “industry” in the country. They simply collect everything on one of the isles. Of course not the one, where luxury guest are .spending time. It’s Paradise and the Hell. BTW – because of climatic changes Maldives are assumes to be abandoned by humans by the end of this century.
      Maybe you have read Galapagos from Kurt Vonnegut Jr.? Maldives is just another Galapagos.
      I guess, many players, involved in helping to solve human or environmental issues in the world, would not go there, if they knew. BTW – you find similar problems in every tourist “paradise”. Why not to spend holidays in home country? it’s IMO a kind of trend or mob rules. Celebrities cannot spend vacation in some regular place 🙁

  3. I’m guessing Fed plays AO, Rotterdam, IW, Miami, Rome, Stuttgart, Halle, Wimbledon, Cincinnati, USO, Shanghai, Basel, WTF (assuming he makes it of course).

      1. Fed will add tournaments to the schedule one at a time, depending on what has happened before. Rome would be good idea. After Rome he has still time to decide if he plays RG, knowing more about how good are his new inventions for clay 🙂

      2. If he played Rome, it would mean he planned to play the French Open. Like he is going to do a load of clay prep for a one-off Masters 1000 to skip the FO.

        Sure, he might play Rome and think no thanks, FO is off the cards. But if he enters Rome then he’s clearly planning to play RG too.

        Maybe he plays a Clay 250 to get 100 if he has a bad start to the season 😀

      3. @Jonathan
        Roger is used to have good starts to the season. But it will be difficult to get the 100. in slams (where probably Djoker will reign. Maybe Rotterdam or Hamburg are good candidates. If not, he must probably wait for grass. Don’t see him playing 250 for 100. Or he opens first ever ATP 250 in Poland (like Istanbul some time ago) and uses the opportunity to get 100. in a somehow special event 🙂 2004 Nadal won his first ATP title in Sopot – it was then a tournament in category “International Series”. Since 2007 we have only Challengers, so nice opportunity for Fed to revive ATP tennis in a distant land 😉

  4. Thank you, Jonathan. Your blog is really the last place on Earth fighting for freedom of opinions and never banning anybody or censoring posts. That’s why my post about Maldives “awaits moderation”. “Go Roger” (for Maldives???) is good enough and must not be moderated. Hahaha …

    1. Wrong, again. It’s because the post contained multiple links and it thinks you’re a retarded spammer so it holds it in a moderation queue. 2 out of 2 from Akismet on that one.

      1. Sorry, Jonathan, I was confused to see this non-controversial post to wait for moderation. Didn’t know about such behavior of Akismet. I have Akismet too on my blog, but have never seen this. It’s OK – my apologies for a bit nervous reaction 🙂

  5. I thought about going to Hopman Cup – apparently it’s the last time isn’t it? But as soon as they announced Serena Williams and she’ll be in the same group as Roger as well, I gave up the idea. No money in the world will make me watch her.

    It will be AO20 for me after going this year. Please keep playing Roger!

      1. You’re right. I wouldn’t mind watching that particular bit and I hope the men won’t tank their serves!

      2. Isner can make everyone look like a donkey 😉 But some can make Isner looking like a donkey too. I guess, Serena can serve so, to make Isner looking like a donkey, not able to return women’s serve (whatever you think about female features of Serena).

  6. My guess under current state of knowledge and rather optimistic assuming he really intends to play more tournaments instead of training… :

    Roger might play
    * Hopman Cup
    1. AO
    2. Rotterdam/Dubai,
    3. IW,
    4. Miami,
    5. Madrid
    6. Stuttgart
    7. Halle
    8. Wimbledon
    10. Cincinnati
    Laver Cup
    12. Shanghai
    14. Paris-Bercy,
    15.WTF (hopefully)

    Somewhere in between there will be a match for Africa in Tokyo, maybe before/after the Shanghai Rolex Masters ?

      1. Why not to do crazy things? But I guess, Fed will update his schedule one tournament at a time. Still we can have fun to develop ideas. I think, Fed is just ready for crazy things. For instance play (and win RG) and then skip grass 😉

      2. because it’s the most untypical clay tournament. Madrid is much faster than all the other ones which might be a good compromise between hard- and grass-court and staying in competition at the same time…

      3. The ball is obvs quicker through the air in Madrid, but much faster? Doubtful tbh, it was won for the first time by someone outside the Big4 last year for the first time.

        I agree with PRF for once, he has a loose schedule planned out by the start of the year (with a decision on clay made before the end of 2018) and just add/remove tournaments depending on what he is thinking.

        I think Rome is likelier than Madrid. But if he plays any clay event, it will be done with a view to play the French Open. There is zero point changing your entire training blocks and training required for a 1 off Masters 1000 to then go and play on grass. It requires a lot of different strength training on the legs.

      4. @ DrEvil – thanks for sharing your reasoning behind Madrid. Certainly as a possibility for a title it seems like it could be a better bet, but as prep for RG less so – and as somebody said, the considerations of the boys’ birthday may well factor in as well.

  7. “Haha this is crazy” appears quite rude to me, I don’t appreciate this and feel the need to express it. No drama but it’s unkind regarding how I got to know you here…

      1. A simple “sorry, I didn’t want to offend you” would have been my answer if the whole story happened the other way round and you indicated an irritation coming from me….

    1. Jonathan meant obviously the schedule, not you 😉 Even if he thought, you to be crazy to speculate such schedule, what’s wrong in creating crazy concepts?
      Jonathan is very kind person and you see, ho calm I react to him calling me low-level troll or someone unable to understand CPI concept I think, we should even allow each other to use djokes, provos and similar things or we start to play a Seppi vs, Seppi match.
      Back to the matter. I agree with Jonathan, Rome is likelier because of some similarity of Rome and Paris courts. and probability to have some decent preparation for Paris, should he decide to play there. Still I don’t see Roger going for Paris ort he invents how to play to have chances at least for the final. but I’ m accepting now every crazy thing for Fed . Times of going through the schedule with the goal to end no.1 or beat some specific record are over, I guess. How can he know now, how he will feel in June? Again – playing Paris with resulting risk for grass, would be another crazy thing but I would like it. If he si far never did skip Wimbledon, why not do it for the first time, whatever the reason?
      I agree again with Jon (what an peaceful day ;)), Madrid is very special clay court because of altitude and for this reason maybe the best one for Fed to play just for play clay once more, without thinking about Paris.

  8. Just read some of the players for Rotterdam, no Roger as yet so maybe he’ll play
    Dubai instead. Don’t think Miami will be on the cards as he has no points to
    defend this year, so perhaps if he plays clay (1000) it maybe the two he hasn’t
    won. Madrid ‘we need a clown for this circus’ is the week of his sons birthday,
    personally I would like to see Fed play on clay again because how many times
    will there be for him to do so, but I wouldn’t care if he didn’t play RG….if he
    makes some points on clay he may miss Stug and only play Halle and Wimb.

    1. Does Roger anything to defend really? I think, he plays for MOMENTS rather than points. MOMENTS< can come in every tournament. MOMENT can be also a loss but still showing RF Magic, no?

      1. You my friend are so right he really doesn’t have anything to defend, or
        indeed to prove to people who love watching tennis. Letting it slip,
        are you mellowing? Haha x

      2. Mmmm… except he has said himself that he plays for titles. At least so far. I do think we as his fans are getting better at appreciating moments, which as you so rightly say can be moments of magic even in the midst of a loss.

      3. @elizabeth
        I’m full of surprises like a gingerbread 😉 And of course I’m mellow by nature 😉 That’s how I understand Roger latest years and upcoming. Maybe I was able to accept and love this earlier than most of you (which I of course understand).

      4. @Thinker
        My understanding of Roger was like this since ages. Creating moments, when hearts stop to beat, if you are his fan or not. If they are many, he inevitably wins. If not, he still delivers happiness. Being an inborn winner, he is always a bit disappointed, when playing well and still losing. But I see, he is going this way – these moment mean every year more and are still worth to continue 🙂

      5. @Elizabeth
        They say (once a doc said me too), whoever was “sharp” over the main part of his life, is going to mellow when ageing. It’s now only Fed affected by age, hahaha … (sorry to speak so much about myself – it’s also a symptom of ageing).

  9. Wasn’t the contract with Stuttgart for 3 years? So that would leave one more year to go. I don’t honestly see how he makes the clay > grass transition while still playing Stuttgart, because it starts immediately after the end of RG. And I agree it doesn’t make much sense to play lead-up clay torneys & then skip RG. I could see him doing Munich (close to home, good gauge of what his clay form is), then possibly Rome & RG. Conceivably, but less likely, Munich & Geneva (both close to home), then RG. I don’t really see him yet at the point, though, where he would play 2 250s when there’s a 1000 on the schedule, even if they are closer to home. Possibly Barcelona, as a 500 rather than a 250; still, that’s pretty hardcore clay. But if we accept that, if he plays any clay at all, he’s probably planning to play RG, then I think we have to be prepared for him to pull out of Stuttgart if he goes deep, contract or no.
    I don’t expect him to play Miami at all.
    Rotterdam is an interesting question. It sure worked out well this year – but did it possibly leave him with not enough left for IW? Considering that he had a point to win that title too, I don’t think so. Rotterdam also has the advantage, if the family is in Switzerland as they were this year, of being close by: less time zone adjustment (than Dubai), not just for him & his play but for the kids too. (In fact it’s easier to just leave the kids where they’re already settled if he’s just going to the Netherlands. Heck, I don’t think he’d do it, but it’s close enough for him to commute daily via NetJets if he wanted to.) On the other hand is prep in the desert of Dubai better preparation for the desert of IW? Dunno. Anyway, we shall see what we shall see.

    1. @ Thinker: Fed has played Stuttgart already 3 years in a row. Lost to Thiem in the Semis 2016, then to Haas in R2 in 2017 and finally won the tournament this year…

      1. But the first Stuttgart win was accompanied by the first loss in Wimby, so … everything is open.
        I believe, Fed is still working on his game, adapting to ageing (not nice word, but how can you skip it?). Improving serve and return (is this possible???) would let him shorten the matches, which is now must-be to have chances in slams.
        But does he think about chances? He’s not an accountant by tennis passionate. Records are nice, but they come almost every match he plays.
        And at this stage of his career, the biggest opponent is always himself. So to see him battling against this internal opponent and of course not always winning, would be some new value – for him and for family and fans (being a part of big FedFamily).

  10. What I’d like to see is:
    Hopman Cup
    1. AO
    2. IW
    3. Monte Carlo
    4. Rome
    5. RG
    6. Halle
    7. Wimby
    8. Cincy
    9. USO
    Laver Cup
    10. Shanghai
    11. Basel
    12. Paris
    13. WTF

    I have a feeling that the calender for 2019 will be similar to 2018 something like:
    Hopman Cup
    1. AO
    2. Dubai
    3, IW
    4. Miami
    5. Stuttgart
    6. Halle
    7. Wimby
    8. Cincy
    9. USO
    Laver Cup
    10. Shanghai
    11. Basel
    12. WTF

    1. This is deeply subjective choice, but I think, Fed didn’t have many big matches 2018. Defeating Cilic at AO was not a big match with hurt Cilic. Rotterdam final against no-level Dimitrov was also not a big match.
      Well, they took Thiem’s Nadal defeat in Madrid ranked 4 but IMO his lost match to Nadal at USO was a lot bigger in terms of tennis show.
      We should not get too serious sich listings. Ask spectators. But how? Fans are always more happy because of dominating win of their idol than of him losing an epic 😉
      I guess, if Thiem had won the USO thriller vs. Rafa, it would have been No. 1. Or not. Because then Rafa fans would ask the same question you do 😉

  11. I’d like to see him play
    Laver Cup in Geneva (plese don’t retire there)

    1. Yes, it’s Montreal 2019.

      We can expect, what we want 🙂 I guess, Roger doesn’t really know more than AO and then everything depending on so many factors … ONE BIG TITLE AT A TIME 🙂

  12. Here is what I think his schedule will be….


    No point guessing. Based on his last couple years, the only thing you can say is that he has some plain in mind but it will change based on how tired he is. For example, if he goes deep in one tourney, he won’t play next one unless there is enough gap to recover and even then the next trouney is big one like a slam.


    1. Fed will play what he can and wants to and thinks he can win titles at. Health is wealth and surely he doesn’t want to embarrass himself or start pulling out during a match or half dieing as in USO.
      Fed didn’t want to have Wimbledon 16 as his last image of tennis falling literally to Rao. I think these considerations drive him now as well as titles. and let’s face it after Sunday all the pundits say Nole is goat already on 15! Even Laver was on the bandwagon unless he was misreported and he said Serena was goat too before she even beat Margaret Court’s total. Just enjoy what Fed brings when he leaves a tourney they all go bonkers, imagine when he actually leaves for good?

  13. I think Federer should play the clay court season especially at the french open and beat Nadal and prove that he is number one.

    1. Thanks man, that’s a valuable information.I’m looking forward to it. I read R.Krajicek tries desperately to hire Djokovic for Rotterdam…

  14. Still it’s going to be an ambitious schedule for Fed from there on having kind of back to back tournaments Dubai-Indian Wells-Miami (the latter two Masters Tournaments are extended to 11 days each and there is a few day gap between them…)

  15. I’m surprised at Dubai, given how well Rotterdam worked out last year; and it seemed to me that Rotterdam might work out better for the kids too. Shows what I know. Of course his presence in Rotterdam also made the crowds reportedly insane for those attending. Dubai may be slightly harder to get to, & is it a physically bigger venue too? So maybe more manageable. And of course it’s not cheap to get Fed. Let’s stay in Australia first for a bit though!

    1. He has been doing the Melbourne-Dubai Combo for many years, as there is a month between these two tournaments. Rotterdam starts two weeks earlier which is usually to close together. Last year was an exception as Fed said he spent less energy than expected at the AO which led to the idea of attending in Rotterdam…

  16. Well, I think it’s the best post to write some general 2019 stuff.
    Cool numbers we might see this year:
    Roger is going for title number 100 this year, but also for another 100 or maybe a couple of them:
    100 wins at the Australian Open & 100 wins at Wimbledon. He needs to get to the championship match down under and to the semi-final in SW19. Let’s hope for 101 & 102. 🙂
    He will be the first to have 100 wins in a single grand slam tournament if he does that.

    1200 career wins – will probably happen this year. He’s only the second player in open era to have 1,100 wins to his name (Connors). There’s a good chance he stays second to do that for a long time.
    Nadal (918) and Djokovic (839) have a long way and will need another 6-7 full season to get it done, assuming they keep winning a lot of matches. They might get to 1,100 though.

    1,500 career matches – If Roger plays 60 matches this year he will get there. He played just under 60 matches per year in the last couple of years so a small chance it will happen in 2019.

    If you have other cool stuff I’d like to read it. 🙂

  17. Roger Federer is the greatest tennis player of all times. His accomplishments and achievements throughout his career is something anyone would wish to have. I like his style and finesse along with the wonderful personality he has. I ❤️ u Federer, u are the best and always will be!!

  18. Hi Jonathan, Thank you very much for providing all of this information for RF fans! Just wondering if you have any guesses as to when he is likely to be playing in the French Open, is he likely to play the opening day? Thank you!

  19. Interesting.
    Laver Cup has entered the ATP World Tour calendar.
    As a result, Roger’s singles wins on LC count as tour wins.
    Meaning, he suddenly has 4 more wins and now, including the one against Millman, has the cool number 1212 on his win column.

    1. He said in his pre basel press conference “maybe Paris”. Said he likes playing there.

      I guess with each match win in Basel, it looks unlikelier, but so far it’s been very easy physically, just 5 games lost!

      1. That’s true – given he was just handed a walkover into the semis with Stan the Man pulling out with back issues.

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