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Roger Federer’s Outfit for Wimbledon 2017

Hey guys, here is Roger Federer's outfit for Wimbledon 2017. After the success of the light blue outfit in Halle, it's naturally back to brilliant white for SW19 and you can check it out below:

The Flyknit Vapors

Show here with hard court soles.


So what do you think? It's all very safe/subtle on the colours front and I can't imagine any controversies like 2013 with the orange soles. My first impressions are it's kinda what I expected and it looks decent. It's quite similar to the one he wore in 2015 in the Henley style although officially Nike call this a polo. I'm a big fan of the Heritage t-shirt for practice and the red inner on the Vapors is very cool. Will I buy it? The thing with white is once you've worn it a few times it never looks as good. Especially on the shorts the pockets get stained from dirt off the court so I'm thinking this is one for display purposes only 🙂

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


Huge fan of Roger Federer. I watch all his matches from Grand Slam level right down to ATP 250. When I'm not watching or writing about tennis I play regularly myself and have a keen interest in tactics, equipment and technicalties of the sport.

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  1. My first thought was, is this 2015 again? And it probably is hard to mix it up and i think that his 2015 collection was very good, I have many of the shirts from that year, Not sure I will buy this one but I will go to the store and have a look at least and then decide.

  2. Saw that somewhere yesterday and had one of my “Roger’s not winning Wimbledon in that” moments again, so I guess we’ll see. OTOH, if it *is* actually a polo rather than the henley I thought it was, that might improve the odds in his favour a bit.

  3. Well, at least a little color – red on the liner and the inside of the sneaker – I am sure that will be allowed. ?

    I hope it brings him luck.

  4. hahaha.. its white!!

    well not much of a comment about this one.. But love love the shoes and the practice shirt… 🙂

  5. I don’t know about the red on the heel of the vapors….he just might get in trouble with the officials.

    1. Sue, you are joking, right? Well the Swiss colors are there, showing very mini like – and in the inner shoe, hidden on play. Should be allowed, no?

  6. I’m hopeful for Wimby and the media is really hyping him after Halle, but it’s been a year of some huge victories by some close calls. I remember Fed could have conceivably lost AO to Rafa down 3-1 in the 5th and was down match points in two matches in Miami.

    So – guarding my hopes.

    The last time he won Wimby, Benneteau had him seriously on the ropes in 3rd or 4th round I think. Two sets to love and I think a break point.

    Got a long way to go still.

    1. Yes, hardly anyone mentions this but he won quite a few matches by the merest squeak.
      I’m nervous already.

      1. I’m relaxed. No matter the outcome, it’s been an amazing year. A Grand Slam and two Masters at this point in the season? We’d have killed for results like that a year ago.

        That said, I expect he’s super motivated to win this one. He skipped the entire clay season precisely to ensure he had enough in the tank for Wimbledon. He’s in good form. His new, flatter backhand (and forehand) should pay big dividends on the grass.

        And he’s had match points in every single match he’s contested this season. Only twice has he failed to convert on any of them. That’s nuts!

    2. Exactly. And the ignoramuses in the general press are talking as though it’s a done deal already. Sheesh.

  7. Someone named Ramanathan just beat Thiem on grass. Thiem, who not too long ago got the better of Nadal. Shows you what a grand surface grass it, and how much winning a slam on it means.

  8. W… imbledon number eight :
    H…ail ! He is going to win
    I… n straight immaculate sets.
    T.. he trophy cabinet’s
    E…xpansion will soon begin !

    Good evening to all from Paris where it is raining (bad for outdoor tennis but good for our lawns. ..).

  9. Looks pretty good. 2015 alike obviously but I wish they ed used the red colour for the nike logo(on the tee amd the bandana) and the RF logo too along with a red strip maybe surrounding the shoulder (like his outfit in ’06 – one of my favourites). Wish he wore a blazer instead when stepping on the court.

    Gosh he hair looks much better than what it did 2 weeka back. Hope he forgets his hair scissors for weeks to come.

  10. Nike have just released the FlyKnit version of the Vapour 9.5 with RF logo on the foot frame. I suspect that Roger will be wearing that version, rather than the regular 9.5 grass version which was being worn by a lot of players at The Queens Club.

  11. Looks likes 2015 version, can’t do much with all white rules. Don’t care what he wears so long he lifts the trophy on sunday 🙂

  12. LOVE Federer whatever he wears. Follows the rules.
    Rules are rules. They want white. Wear white.
    Hope RF can win another Major.
    Australia was awesome!

  13. One time he tried to wear orange souls on his shoes and the Illuminati that also runs Wimbledon made him forfeit in the 2nd round to Sergi.

    It “looked” like a grass court miracle but we know the truth.

    Just like Rafa has been made to lose many tournaments over the last several years for wearing neither pants nor shorts throughout the 2000s.


    1. And Nadal went sleeveless in 2008 with pirate pants and nobody gave a fuck. Fucking hypocrites!

    1. I’m not talking about that, i’m talking about understanding and respecting the sanctity of the tournament.

  14. The Wimby draw has started or should start soon…. please no GOAT Donskoy or GOAT Haas in the section of the 3rd GOAT 🙂 🙂

    1. Looks like 1st Rd Dolgopolov. QF Raonic and semi Novak. Yet to get much more details. But Raonic and Novak being out of sorts, I am more tensed about Dolgopolov 1st up. Let’s see how R2-R4 looks like once more details are there.

      1. Hey Amit, don’t worry, when it comes to the time for them to meet, I am counting on Djoko to be his full all Satan self 🙂

        About the draw….lets just see how it goes.

        To be honest… everyone is tipping Roger to win and I don’t like that….
        There is some big big JINXING going on outthere…. Let it stop please…

  15. Roger’s Potential path to a title:
    R1: Dolgopolov
    R2: Lajovic
    R3: M Zverev/Tomic
    R4: Dimitrov/Isner
    QF: Raonic/A Zverev
    semi: Djokovic/Thiem/Lopez/Del Potro
    final: Murray/Nadal/Stan/Cilic

  16. And thats the draw! Djokovic has a nightmare quarter. Murray has a fairly tough section as well I feel. Nadal seems to have an easy section. Federer’s seems pretty decent. Can’t see any massive hitters as such.

    1. I think Nadal has a couple of tough ones in R3 – Kachanov (if the Russian gets there) and QF – Cilic. Even R4 – Karlovic/Muller won’t be a cakewalk on grass. If both get to semis then Murray Nadal could be tough to predict.

  17. I think that the draw is interesting. The fact that Roger is facing Dolgopolov right off the bat, I think that it will put “the fear” into Roger so that he’ll make sure that there are no lapses whatsoever. He’ll be tense in the beginning but I think that once he gets through that one, then things will start falling into place.

    I’d love to see how things play out. In a way, facing Djokovic in the semis (out of respect – if both get there ?), will be beneficial to Roger. Plus, I think Roger beating him here can set the record straight.

    Raonic in the QF – I doubt that he’ll make it. Zverev could be awaiting.

    Overall, the draw is difficult enough to make Roger alert and take this match by match which has proven to be the RIGHT approach for him and for US – the fans.

    We shall see. Excited and nervous – usually good things happen when I feel this way.

      1. Yea he can make it. But more than enough reason to be a bit alert, right. Hopefully all days at the office will click!

  18. I love to watch Dolgo I’m not so sure I’ll enjoy watching him in the very first match. Although I expect
    Fed to win. There has been so much hype about Roger being favourite that I’m just waiting for the games to start. White socks and shoes look great as they show off Federer’s great footwork so fingers crossed C’mon RogerX

  19. I think it’s a less strenuous draw than some guys elsewhere are making it out to be. Dolgopolov is an excellent tennis player and an incredibly unlucky first round for Roger, but after that he has potential matches against players who he should match up fairly well against. I doubt Raonic gets far enough, and, oddly enough, I think the same of Zverev. Dimitrov could be a challenge in his quarter of the draw. Frankly, I’d still rather have Murray than Djokovic in the semi – but can’t ask for everything.

    Simply put, Roger is the best there is, so there shouldn’t be fear of anyone.

    1. I cannot anything but agree with you all, but I’ll grow my nails to bite in 1. round. What do you think Jonathan?

  20. I was initially bummed by the henley since I much prefer the polo look, especially at Wimbledon. But then I realized it’s probably the same shirt he wore on hard courts this year, just in all white. If it brings the same AO-IW-Mia success that the zebra henley shirts brought, I’m all in!

  21. Anyone knows whether the new aerobill hats have a different fit than the old dry-fit ones? It felt as though they are a sort of “high crown” whereas the old felt more close to the head…

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